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Millbrook round table. (Millbrook, N.Y.) 1892-190?, October 22, 1892, Image 1

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M illbrook R ound T able C O l V S T J k N T J L i l f 3 D 3 E V O T T E X > T O T H E • I K T O B i e E S T S O E C E J V T H A - E O U T C H E S S . VOL. I. MILLBROOK, N. Y,, SATR|iBAY. OCTOBER 22 , 1892. FRANKLIN AVENUE. 17. E. SMITH, General Merchandise. jr. J, DONALDSON, Presideut, Bank of Millbrook and Land and Improve­ ment Company, Limited, _________ RICHARD SCOLES* Cashier, Town Clerk, NotaryRublic., JA M E S REARDON, . Stoves, Hardware, Farm M achinery, <C. B. REARDON, Furniture, Carpets, Mattings, Trunks, Etc, l l M R a J. R, HC?RTON, Millinery and Fancy Goods, J . MILTON OSBORNE, Clothing, H a ts and Caps. r MERRITT & COLVILL, Stoves, Tinware and Plum b ing, 8 , V A N VLAOK, “ The” Grocer. CHARLES OLIVET, Shaving a nd Hair-cutting. VALENTIN RICKES, Blacksmith. 8 . I. JACOBUS, M. D., Office Hours until 9 a . m ., 13 t o 3 and 7 t o 9. H E L E N BOYOE^ Boarding House. Hal! and Library. A S A LOVELACE, W atches and Jewelry. W. 8. TRIPP, Presh and Salt Meat. W ILLIAM GEMMILL, Boarding House and Livery Stable. FRONT STREET. N. D. & C. R- R, Freight and ^ a J . TRIPP, M eat a nd Fish, Fruits and Vegetables. R, T. MONFORT, Justice o f Peace, Hardware and Farm Machinery. E. H. ANDREW S , Drugs, Soda Water, Ice. W. R. THOMPSON, Shoemaker. F. W. SW IFT, 5 and 10-cent Goods. Plumbing. J. B, HORTON, Restaurant, Ice Cream, Oysters. D E A N BROTHERS, General Merchandise. CHARLES I, SW IFT, Contractor and Builder. P H IL IP H . MERRITT, Notary Public WASHINGTON AVENUE. 8. M, MASTIN, Wagon Maker. SILA S S. M ARSHALL, Coach and Carriage Paint T. McGEE, H. WOODHOUSE, Contractor and Builder. NORTH AVENUJ. M ILLBRbO^ INN CO., Millbrook Inn. JOSEPH HOLME s T \ Harness Maker. J. S. Bedford and Pub Burch, acquitted o f horse-stealing, were killed b y an armed mob near Bonanza, lifyo. ----- The skeleton of a man believed to be J . A , Launtz, of Grant Neb.,wasfoundhalf burled near an Alam« county village. Identifications was eflfeoted tlu-ough a valise,which w as dug up near the same place.— Forty thousand dollars’ of fine hor near Dallas, Tex, ------ A gang of ton? W yandotte, Mich., attacked Salvat lUghs in itionists large of ?orty thousand dollars’ worth lorses were killed in a freight wreck attacked and seriously hurt a number of them.- Stephen Hahn, arrested on the char; train robbery^ escaped from the dentown, N . J .------Two boys, having stolen gold from the father o f one of them, blew up the house. No trace o f the boys has found. ----- One hundred cigar-makers a t Dunn & Co.’s factory, in Bphrata, Pa,, struck for higher Wages. Work at the fac­ tory is temporarily suspended.—-^-Tho tele­ graph operators on the Santa Fo Railroad have gone on strike. ----- In a fight between Ians and Italians near MilnosvUlo, weapons were used, and one killed and h alf a dozen wounded. and a com] pounds of er’s house, wrecking it and the buildii joining, but his father, mother and brothers and sisters whom he had intended to kill for a fancied grievance, escaperL A t Sublette, a hamlet, not far frolh Bt. Louis, JosieSimmonj a g irl o f sixteen, was outraged, and then murdered, b y thieves. ■ ----- Fire broke out In George Chester’s flour­ ing mill, Lockport, N, Y ., spread to John Little’s flour and feed mill, adjoining, and totally destroyed b oth establishments. Loss at nearly $150,000. ----- ^Firo broke o u t ln th o hold o f the British steamship Knutsford, loading cotton at Galveston, Texas. Eight hundred bales were totally • partially destroyed, w ith no damage to 10'ship.------Tho Galveston Creosote W orks were burned. Lo»s, $75,000; no insurance. ■Frank Bindfleish, aged ssventy-two 'rear*, was killed by a car on the Schuylkill • Slectrio Railw ay ip Pottsvill*, Pa.------Two men were killed in Durango, Col., by the ex­ plosion o f gas in a mine.->— Tho tra'nmen on tho Connecticut branch of the Philadel­ phia and reading aro excited o v er an order W . 0 . LESTER Flowers, Trees and Plants. W . L. SW IFT, Engineer and Surveyor. m i l l b r o o k p r i n t i n g CO., Round Table. Joh Printing. 8 WIFT BROTHER r \ ~ Lumber, Cqnl, Li;ne, Cement, Gates. iisE N E Z E R EDMONDS, Grist Mill; Flour and Feed. fo u n t ain p l a c e . FR AN K AVELLINQ, Contractor and Builder. W. J. BEARDSLEY, Architect and Draughtsaian. liE A CH & GARDNER, Painters, -Herm an Truman, aged eighteen years, ’ - -im panion, exploded two hundred if dynamite in a shaft near his fath- rcquiring a ll conductors and give bond of $300 on pen *n that apotters They also complain th a t s Prof. Mam-ice Adams, shot WlUiank J. H t - Kenzie, at IJrig’s Cave, Mo., while # was in progress.------A mountain of carbo­ nate o f zinc has been discovered near HU New M exico. ----- Fire destroyecl tlUl- block in W est Pqint, Miss. Low, 000; insured for half,- n a fit of jealdna^ >rk, shot his'w ife T W agner, in New York, e and then killed himself, ---- The Chlllian refu­ gees who Were sheltered by Minister Egsli: have had made a handsome testimonial,-—t- Judgement was entered against tho R ilsiql (Pa.) Rolling Mill Company in favor qt tike Farmers and Mechanics’ National Bank BuSks county. Uther claims being ui^pel, the mills su^pended operations indefinite|r at noon, throwing 150 r The m ills form erly manufactui out of ill mjiii am. A Himdiiras Setooner Lost in a Hurricane, Thirteen Passengers, laoluding Seven Women and Three Children Prowued, A despatch from New Orleans, La., says: The Norwegian steamer Washington, Cap- tein Salveson, from Boca Del Toro, arrived in port. She reports on October 10th, lati- tude 1A46 north, longitude 83,26 west, en­ countered a hurricane from north northwest until 2 A. quantities of cotton ties for the -I markets. ------ The monument to the Maryl«|ki Line, erected o n the Guilford Battle GroiHtH North Carolina, by the Maryland Historical, Society, was unveiled with appropriate monies. Professor Edward Graham D a v % of the Johns Hopkins University, deliverbl^ the oration. ------ ^A cable car ran into a p o l ^ cal procession in Pittsburg, and one i n t o , was killed and four seriously injured.——< John S. Lockhard, of Wilmington, Deli, a«H cidentally shot and killed himself, w l^ e hunting a t Max Meadows, Va.------Pool,'the. Republican nominee for Congress in the First North Carolina district, has withdrawn in fqvor of J. J. Gatling, People’s party candidE —While workmen were repair­ ing a mill a t Seneca Falls, N. Y ., a high ^ toppled over, and buried seven men in t h e , ruins. Three were taken out dead, and the others were seriously hurt. Sam Leo, a Chinese laundry man, was mu A derousdy assaulted and sustained a fracture o f tho skull in Galveston, Texas, from which he w ill die. The attack is laid to Highbind^ ei-s, several local Chinamen being known to belong to that order.------Tho little town of Salix, fifteen miles South of Sioux the Northwestern Rond, w moun- vessel shipped much water and b oat covers and movaables on deck swept a w ay and cargo slightly damaged. The c aptain and first officer were injured by haing knocked about by tho heavy sea and the rolling of the vessel. la e Norwegian steamer Agnes. Captain F. Hanson, from Blueflelds, Nicaragua, ar- reports having, October 10th, at ----------- ^cks fore and aft. Tho vesse _____ ‘ffiove to” until 4 A. M., October 11th, when the weather moderated. It also reports that at 7 A. M. there was sighted what appeared to be a bgat In which wore tw o men, the w aves a t the time W n g Very high, hauled the ship up, and drifting down to them found they were two sailors clinging to part o f a boat. “Passing near them,” the captain said, “we imcceeded in throwing them a line, to which they clung and were drawn aboard the ship in safety, \The men belonged to the Honduras. Khooner Stranger, which had capsized a t 11 P. M. on October 10th. “She had 17 passengers, including seven women and three children, also a crew of ttve men includm g tho captain, all of whom, with the exception of the tvm rescued b y us, were drowned. The schooner was bound fire o f unknown orgin. The six h u n d t ^ iii-. habitants aro m ostly homeless.-----^The w ofks off thehe Sicilianicilian Asphalt Paving Compapy in New Y o rk were destroyed by fire.-— ^Dr, o t S i ■ing Compapy in itroyed b y fire.-— ^Dr, P. Miller and W illiam Chandler, of P l ^ iped into a steam pit ip the o« W 1 ► owned in Ruatan. The men i-escue (Thomas Conner and Charles Scott.” ^DiSASTEES k m OASUALTBES delpbia, jumpe trol New Jei- p i tip th e o ^ > Depot,-'— TWr ^ thirteen ladies a t t h e ' destroyed the Plantt Chicago parac i o f the Rich by o f dismissaL li have been put on the road, some working a s brakemsn ap4 Qttietat to j?n»«ryt»rs.-rr-r;:^A, freight tr* in ran. into a cable car in Kansas City, killing four persons. ------ Tho house o f John Fox, a non-union man in Homestead, was firpd, and tho fam ily just managed to escape their lives. ----- An oyster schooner, commanded by Captain JohnM awh, of Ao- comac county, Va., capsized during a storm on the Chesapeake, and i t is feared that the captain and two other m tn on the boat wars drowned. Mextean o utlaws attacked tho ranch of PrUdencio Garcia, IruTexas, killing him a nd ; one of their own number. ------ B y a lad collision on the New London North­ ern Railroad, five mm and four race horsea weffo killed. ------ Tho Indian conference at Nohonk Lake, N. Y ,, was begun. ----- A fire broke o u t in the Greenock cereals works, trio Heating Company in Mount Vernon, New York. ------ Charles Lackey, charged w ith murdering h is 'father, mother and sister in Killoy township, Ont., was found g u ilty by tho coroner’s jury and committed fo r t r i s t — i^oeeph A . Pariter, opa of Potershi k»nw » jiahabitanta, » * « , -tnrj»d > , -rittder the back porch o f his residence, shortly porch o f his residence, shortly hoforo m idnight b y his wife, on her return homo from a performance at the Academy of Music. ------ ^The Court o f Appeals o( the State o f New Y ork decided the apportion­ ment law ccustitutional, ------ ^The Marlon county, Indiana, grand jury has returned seven indictments against seven suprems o f-' fleers o f tho Iron Hall. ------ ^An explosicnof mine gas occurred a t the Philadelphia and Reading Company’s Sterling colliery, tear Shamokin, Pa., by which Thomas O’Ghrra was killed and a. i burned. * Is number of others hdly lity hot gas on retiring. |WlliiJAit SwKAZEB, of Bloomsburg, N .J., was knocked down and run over in the y a r d ;Ol the Central Railroad of New Jersey, at W U ipshurg. H is head was cut from tho ;T h « burning of the barn o f M. 0 . Plum lier, •tFraderlekibutg, Iowa, resulted in- Ito detoh of Hv. Plummer’s young son and ■flww, whp were p laying in the struc- _ an explosion o f g as ia the Chtopiou* Tunnel Mines at Durango, Colorado, Andrew Shore and M. J . McCluskey were killed,and W illiam Gill and Thomas Gillwere badly in- E nginbxk S amuel M illkk , Fireman 0. C, MicCune and Head Brakeipan Archie Buchanan were killed in a freight wreck on the Santa Fo Railroad, near Pueblo, Color­ ado, on Sunday. M ichael F ohlon - g and w ife were killed at New Brunswick, New Jersey. They were walking on tho Pennsylvania Railroad track, and, to avoid a freight train, stepped to an- m m k m woekeks . and the structure was almost entirely Tho loss amounts to $150,000.- ladian barge A . Graneb was sei by custom-house inspectors. A dozen China­ man, who wero being smuggled aero: Canadian barge A . Graneb was seized a n , who wero bein board. ----- Peter ' :er Galler was killed by a fp i while escaping from tho Philadelphia J. jusa of Correction.------The board of edu­ cation of Detroit passed a resolution that practically declares that o nly such as were educated in the schools o f that c ity can teach there. ----- A driving snow-storm out W est has blocked the railroads, and been tho causa -A faint comet was ob- of some accidents.— served by 1 D r. Barnard a t Lick University, dge John \Wickham a' prominent member of tho St. sixty-seven, of paralysi on the Lebanon Valley j.\.uiuuau, lui gineer of a freight train had orders t Vickham, a ' prominent Louis bar, died, aged alysis.------A t Sheridan, Railroad, the en- on to a siding, bub before he got thero stt freightreight fromrom Reading,eading, boundound fcor burg, dasbed into thofrolg) fas f f R b f Harris- sring a heavy fog. The crash was terrillc, and the i gers wero hurled from their seats andi over each o ther in great coni-osiou. No one was iujurad. 1ft., a fine in the death T he tolograph operators of the Baltfaora and Ohio R ailroad have asked for a in­ crease o f pay. T he tending boys in the Vinoland .^. J.) Green Glass AVorla struck ag.-iinst a educ­ tion of wages. I A t a trades union meeting, at GhWgo, a committee o f 21 was appointed toraisfunos for tho Homestead strikers. ' T he Iowa Iron Works, of Dubuqe, has received the contract for building th< vessel W illiam W indom for tho Federal (overn- about - --------- ices, w ill teko FErry-POOR^ mouh A s r S t T f ' I I S r C t e , N. “ I quit work because the company woduced a new automatic time recorder, he com­ pany e xpect the men to i*etm’n and iticipata no trouble. ti Central '**unio»ixa the building trades, le Union ' decided to first request a writteatatement m the United Labor L?-\\” MERRITT AVENUE.. 8IL A B D. HART, Painter and Paper Hangar. I,E E & BALDW IN, Painters. A t a C3.ke walk in Anniston, Alft., fight was inaugurated, resulting in the d of H enry Adamson and John Brooks, the serious injury of half a dozen others. ----- - Tho Supreme Court o f MissovJi has affirmed the death sentence imposed on Peter Ren­ fro w, for the murder of Charles D. Dorris in July, 1S88, and sentenced him t o be hanged November 2 4 ------George W . Coghill.of the firm of Somers & C< l:i»jvarn. Ot burg, Va., by cutting his throat wItE a pocketknife. He was fifty-six years of ago, unmarried, and had carried on business in Petersburg for more than twenty-five years. — At Burlington, N. C., burglars disturbed J. F. Matthews, who was sleeping in his store. He gob a gun a nd opened fire. The burglars returned the fire and killed him. A citizen named Sewell was arrested charged w ith the crime. ----- Goiald McCarthy, state botanist, was struck b y an engine at U n i­ versity Station, N.C., and seriously injured. ____ Harry Burns, a lad fourteen years old, son of J eremiah Burns, of Shenandoah, Pa.f mot w ith a horrible death at Ellcngowon colliery. H e was employed as a breaker boy, and while working fell into the rollers and w a i crushed to death.------An explosion in the Baxter pulp and paper m ill in Orono, Maine, completely destroyed the property, lU led tw o persons and injuted othen. ___ 10 Alien ports to the Trca have beenieT asury Departmeithat there _________ such cases tried, J which the Government won 151 and lost 1 the other six having been discontinued or ^promised. T he first o f a series of cens bulletins ichanicaland i - - ---- - - - upon the me< dustrleaof various toe Ceni v cities Office. Ther bulletins __ jcturing in- 1 bo issued by ■t rates to New and wages hid, 137.8'd. average y early Wages per lid iiicimscd from $437 in 1880 to $653 in IStj A MEETING of St. Louis lab unions or­ dered that copies o f the follow^ resolution which w as unanimously adopt! should be sent to all labor organizations i the .coun­ try; “W e c a ll on a ll labor orglzatious to take such action a* will tend tbreveut in other track, and on the teach near Goderich, Ontario, settles the question of toe fate of the o f thestsamor Nashua, on -which she passenger with her husband. B urface settling of the worked o ut vo'ns of the Central Mine, underlying the Hyde Park sfctiou of Scranton, Pa., has caused damages to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, St. Patrick's Orphanage, and the parochial residence o f the R tv. J. B. Whelan. A FREIGHT tra.n o n the Santa Fa Road ran into a cable car a t the Fifteenth street crossing, Kansas City, kill n g W illiam Bar­ ter, gripman, Cynthia Revjss, Edward Mc­ Kinney and Jefferson Secrist. The flagman ■was absent from bis post attending to his lanterns when the accident occurred. ploded, killing Richard Zem and William Eddy and badly injuring W alterSmith, A us- I Whlttomore andWilliamBu.-hanan. The idW illiamBu.hanan. The lied at |9J,1'0U and the to- eddenb will reach $300,- M a c k W xtrous . al3-vear-old boy living near Binghamton, New York, m et death In a singular manner a few days ago, \While driving a cow to pasture he attempted to las*o toe animal, first fastening onW end of the rope 10 his waist. He succeeded only too well, and when the rope was fastened around tho cow’s bdm a it frightened h e r so that .ho animal started on a wild run, drag­ ging the boy afteb h e r .' H i was so badly mangled t hat he lived but a short time. KILLED, THEE OEEMATEUT Eioliard Johnson and His Pretty Daugh\ ter Yictims of Unkno-wn Enffians. The murder o f Richard L. Johusou aud his daughter, took p lace Friday, Davis Ferry, Monroe county, Ala., near W ilcox County line. Johnson was a Northern man who settled there in 1867 and lived alone with his beautiful and\ accomplished daughter. The murderers are supposed to have had designs upon the girl. at the gate showed this. strugg d a u ^ t e r al_. ____ placed iff the house The neighbore were • toe light of Johnson to his gate and kiUod iigns of a bloc then is n ot known except that also was killed. The bodies w and ^ranntealcapitah” the fire, i lated bodi< A ndrews , the navigator, w recently crossed too Atlantic Ocean I'ua IrteeU-foot dory from A tlantic City, N. J., i Lisbon, and who arrived at Palos, Bpainu October 4th, aunounces that he w ill cri tho A t ­ lantic again in a smajl pluminuneat. M rs . A nnie W ittenmeyer , tBi-at presi­ dent of the W, 0. T. U., IS a beatul white- haired woman, bright-eyed auvigorOus, though past her seventieth, year.lirs. W\it- tanatayer has written several bol. yards distant from Johnson’s, an axew i ploodlon It w as found. Tho shirts of brother o f Jones’, named Mose, and of a son o f Jones’ were found spotted with blood. The citizsu* have a ll three men as prisoners and when last heard from were trying to g e t the boys to c o n fer. F ive other negroes have been arrested charged w ith aiding in commission o f the crime.^ Johnson came frt ~ ‘ S ? ilO W N UP 5 Y BOYS, Two Youthful Burglars TTss &iwt Pow­ der to H idt fhoir Crirtt$. The people liring i n th* vlcixiitiy q I! Capi­ tol Hill, Col., was startled by h terrific ex­ plosion, which shook the houses for eetreral, blocks. On inveetigatlon it was found to have occurred at toe residence of ^ p m a a Trueman. Mr. Trueman’s litttc son and 4 boy named Sam Davis had dug a hole aboiit 1$ feet deep and had run two sm all drift?, which they called their mine. Tho n e x t m ove the y o ung mon made was to get a quanity of giant powder. This Is what caused the town to tremble. Adam S. Trueman, father o f the boy, is a wagonmaker, and had between two and three hundred dollars in gold locked up in the house. This was known to the young ' miner who secured the same in the early part of the evening by breaking open the drawer in which it was c o n c e a l^ His next m ove was to blow up the house, which, at the time, contained bis father and ^toer persons. In this ho was successfuL Mr. and Mrs. Trueman were seriously Injured. Tho little daughter of Mrs. Thomas Reed was b a d ly c u t i was struck I , into her dining-rooDD Many minor accidents occurred within a radius o f 2,000 feet from the house. It is thought that the boys were the victims of their own folly, a n d that instead o f making aw a y w ith the money, they were blown to atoms by the explosion intended for their parents. The lads cannot be found. ^ THE MARKETS*: L a t e W h o l e s a l e I*rice« o f C o u n try P r o d u c e Q u o t e d in N e w Y o r k , 42 BEANS AND PEAS. Beans—Marrow, 1891, ohoic«|3 40 @$ Medium, 1891, c h o ice..., 195 @ 2 00 Pea, 1891, c h o i c e . . . 2 00 @ — Red kidney. 1891, choice. 2 60 @ 2 70 Red kidney, poor to fair 175 @ 2 50 Lima, Cal., per b u s h ..., 3 05 @ 2 1 0 Green peas, ISO'S, per bbl ........ 1 8 0 @ 185 BUTTER, Creamery—St. &Penn, extra 24>^@ 2S St. & Penn., firsts ............ 21 ® 23J^ \VVestem f i r s t s . .. . .......... 32 @ 23}^ ■Western, seconds ............ 30 ® 21 W estern, thirds ................ 18 ® 19 State dairy—half tubs, and pails, e x tras........................ 83 @ 24 H a lf tulw and pails, Ista. 20 @ 33 H a lf tuba and pails, 2ds. 18 @ 19 W elsh tubs, extras ......... 23 @ 23 W elsh tubs, Ists ............... 20 @ 31 W elsh tubs, 2ds ................. 18 @ 19 W estern—Im. creamery, Ists 19 @ 20 W . Im. creamery, 3 d s .„ 16 @ 18 W . Im. CToamery. S d s . 15 @ 15}i Westokn Factory,fresh, firsts 16 @ — State factory—FnW jernnm, * wliit6| F u ll cream,colored,fancy lOjj® — Full cream,good-to prime 9 ^ ® Part skims, c h o ic e ...... 7 @ 7^ Part skimagood t o prime 5 @ 6>4 P a rt skim-, com m o n ..,. 3 @ 3)i Full skims ............ 1 @ 3 State and Penn—Fresh.. . . . . — @ 24 W estern— Fresh, fancy ........ 23t<@ — Fresh, prime .............. . 21Ji@ 21 J{ fruits a nd BERRIES— fresh . Apples—Bed sorts, bhl ........ . 2 50 @ 4 00 Green sort^ per bbl .......... 2 00 @ 2 75 Sweet varieties,per b b l,. — @ — Pears, Bartlett, per k e g . . . . . 1 50 @ 3 50 Seckd, per b b l . . . ............ 500 @ 700 Common cooking, per bbl 3 00 @ 2 50 Gra^s, u^ ^ lb. 14 @ 17 Up river,' Con Poaches, Jersey, e *■ -- Poor to f a ir . __________ „ Plums, up river, per crate. . — ® — State, 10 lb basket .......... _ @ _ Cranberries, Cape Cod, bbl, 4 00 @ 7 50 State—1893, fair to c h o ice... 20 @ 21 1891, prim e ..................... . 33 @ 33 1891, common to good.. 17 @ 21 Old odds ............................. 5 @ 9 lAVK POULTRY. Fowls—Jersey, State, Penn. 13 @ 13>^ Western, per lb ............. . 10 @ 10>4 Spring Chickens, local, t b . . . . 10 @ 11 Southern per l b .............. — @ 11 Roosters, old, per l b ........ . 7V@ 8 Turkeys, ner lb ......................... 11 @ 12 Ducks—^N. J., N, Y., Penn., per pair ........ .. .............. 60 @ 90 Southern, per pair .......... 50 ® 60 Gaese, Western, per p a ir. . . . 137 @ 162 Southern, per pair .......... 125 @ 137 Pigeons, par p a ir ..................... 30 @ 40 DRESSED POULTRY—FRESH KILLED, Turkeys—Young, per l b . . , , 14 @ 17 o ld mixed w e i g h t s ...... 14 @ 16 Totas, fair to prime ........ — @ — C h ickens-Phila.. p e r l b . . . . , 15 @ 18 L. I. broilers ............ .. — @ — Fowls—St, and Penn., per lb 13 @ 13)^ Western, perlb ................ 13 @ T31j Ducks—W estern, per lb . . . . 9 @ 13 Eastern,per lb . — ® 17 Spring, L. r., per l b . . . . 17 @ 18 Geese—SpringEastern,per lb 18 @ 19 Squabs—Dark, per d o z . .. ., 3 25 @ 2 50 Light, per d o z ., . . . . . . . . 3 25 @ 3 5 0 Potatoes—State,perbbl. .. . 1 7 5 @ 2 00 Jersey, prime, per b b l. . . 187 @ 2 00 * Jersey, inferior, psr bbl, 150 @ 1 75 L, L, in balk, per bbl., 3 03 @ 3 2 5 Cabbage, L. I., per lOQ ......... 4 03 @ 6 OD Onions—Eastern,yellow,bbl. 3 25 @ 2 50 Eastern, red, per b b l.... 225 @ 3 50 State, per bbl.................. 225 @ 2 50 Squash—Marrow, per barrel, 1 00 @ 125 Cucumbers, pickles, per 1000 -►-@ — Long Island, per 1000.... — @ — Tomatoes, per c r a t e ..., ......... 20 @ 30 Lima beanSjfairto prime, bag 150 @ 3 00 E g g plant, Jersey, per bbl,. 75 @ 125 Sweet pototoes, Va., per bbl. 1 25 @ 1 50 South Jersey, per b h l.... 175 @ 2 60 Celery, near by,doz. bunches 75 @ 1 0 0 GRAIN, ETC. F lou r -C ity Mill Extra ........ 435 @ 4 a i Patents ......... . . ............. 4 50 @ 4 75 W h e a t-N o . 2Rj»d.................. 78Ji@ 80?^ Rye—State .............................. — @ — Barley—Two-rowed State..,* — @ — Corn—Ungraded Mixed ........ 49 @ 50 O a ts-N o . 3 W hite ............... — @ 38 Mixed WtotefU................ 35 @ 36}^ jaCay-Gool to C h o ic e . ...... 6.5, @ 90 Straw—I r a n g R y e , , . . . . . , , . . 50 @ .55 Lard—City S t e a m . . . , . . . . . , — @ 80 UVK STOCK. Beeves, City dressed .......... . . 55*® 8^ Milch Cows, com. to g o o d .. .'10 00 @45 00 Calves, City dreSiseJ.,.,........ 9 @ 13 Sheep, tier 100 lb s ......................3.80 @ 4 87itf H o g s-L ive, per 100 lbs..........5 50 @ 6 2 0 i_ * D r e s s e d ,. ........................... 7H(» » ABOIJT HOTED PEOPLE* T br Sultan o f Turkey baa just itsnadiiKgf vised edition o f t h e Koran adapted to Idt own views, M r . M oody I s growing much stouter f|j»t he was, and a good deal of silver has crMi intphishair. 7 $iiv. D b . H offman , who owns the HoA m an House, New York, is the richest S ir J ulian P aunoefoote plished musician, and Can from an Erard harp to a n end T he new Duke o f Sutherland is said to One o f the most charming men ■in L e slie# * society—clever, accomplished and ui ^ \ * D b W itte , the newly Minister o f Finance, was mere v illage station mast lino from Kieff to Odessa N ymak P asha , the sen! the Turkish army, lately 1 _ 110 years. His eldest son, who i also a n Ottoman field marshal. M rs . A melia B loomer , w h o devised and gave its name tO the “Bloomer costume,” 1$ still living, where she has lived f or a gea«a», tion, a t Council Bluffs. She wears toe or* dinary fem ale garb. toolic ____ , „ - youngest man o f his rank in the world, and his p romotion i s said to bo Pope Leo’* own personal act. G overnor I ra P, C hase , of Indiana, whose career has bean one of varied experi­ ences, ranging from plow-hoy t o politician, from soldier to preacher, was a t one time a “commercial tourist.” Ho traveled for a St. Louis firm who dealt in agricultural im­ plements, and sold reapers, binders anc to Missourians, D r . L eonard F reeman , a proi young physician of Cincinnati and < the Cincinnati quarantine officers, ha stricken With consumption. Dr. IVee an enthusiastio student of bacteriology a has been giving especial attention to i _ Koch cures for consumption. I t is supposed that through contact -with oonsumptipa germs he contracted the disease. S ilas B. C obb , who recently gave $159,- 000 toward the building fund of the Chioagjo University, is a Vermonter by birth, and went to Chicago when he was of age without a cent in his pocket. He began his businsM career as a carpenter and hamess-makM', then took up the shoe and leather busine^ and now, at 80, has retired from mercantile T he Duo d’Aumale, who is equally fa­ mous as a soldier and as a scholar, is busUy ■ ■ “History of the Coudes,\ engaged On 1 The Duke doi of his w riting table are a brier le essential tobacco pouch. It -will be remembered that too Duke has bequeathed his historic lore t o tho French nation, and after h is d e s t o it w ill be known as the Ooiuto Museum. GREAT STORM IK GOLO&UCi^. i t t B t s t t —^ n t f k byF*llia^ Trolley Virw. A n unprecedented snow, rain and b I m I- i storm prevailed in Colorado. From what meagre reports that can be obtained from points in the State it is shown thatthe storm is g eneral in Colorado and olso in parts o f Utah. A ll communication by telegraph t o towns in Colorado has become entirely in­ terrupted. In Denver signs were blown down, cor­ nices blown off and hundreds o f trees were either uprooted or »|ffit b y the wind. Several persons were hit b y flying objects, but so far as h as been learned no fatalities h ave oc­ curred. Probably the greatest damage was done b y falling electric f ight and street-oar trolley w ir ^ for a t least a dozen horses w w a killed by being struck by tfaese'livs wires. A s tho animals wero being driven'at toe time o f their being shocked to death, i t w ill be seen, that their drivers were in imminent danger of m eeting tho same fate as a conseqiienoa of bi-eaking o f these wires. The olectri® cars o n m any of the lines are at a stan4- ’ 0 JEANNETTE SDRVIVORS. Medals Awarded by Congress D istri- bated at tbe Havy Department. The ill-starred Jeannette ArcUoexpeditioii was recalled a t the N a v y Department when 8 presented Commodore Melville 10 gold medals awarded by vote o f i to tho survivors o f the oxpoditicn. Cons,res By order o f Congress medals are to be given to each o f the surviving officers and inttho medals Commodore M elville is now alive, R. L. Newcomb, toe naturalist o f the expedition. The six others are dead, aud thoir medals have teen sent to their heirs as follows; Commander Do Long’s to his wido'w; Lieu- tonant Danenhower’s to his widow; Dr. A m ­ bler’s to his brother; Danbar’s (the ico pilott to his administrator in London; and J. J. Collins’ (meteorologist) to his brother. About a dozen o f toe twenty-five sailors of the party are supposed t o be alive. ELEVEN WERE IN THE MINE. Five of Them are Dead and Six Badly Injured. The number o f men killed and injured b y the explosion o f gas at the Philadelphia and Reading Company’s Sterling Run Colliery, at Shamokin, Pa., is n o w k n o w n tobedetea. Of these five ai-e dead and too i-otoolaiaf atx W hen too explosion occurred i . -------------- panied by a v e ry heavy fall of. coal, ro<* and demns, which entombed five of to® miners. A rescuing baud \\’n* ^ ganized, but o w ing t o the unsafe of that part o f tlie mine in Which the sion had occurred, and the jirosCUCo o f hw 4 t damp, their progi e.'W w as necessarily WoW, Many narrow escapes were made by tuin®ni near whmi® to® T he young Amer.cnn nrli^t Shannon, wigs has just turari-i 30, is tai i t o be tjim faaMMi' able portrait |>nhiLCT ot the d ay in Lonmin* Sociery has honore t lii n with many missions, and the highest, ladies of the 1®MI ' have sat before h is easel. His work wn# hibited t o tiie m b h e for t!ie first tim s GrxMvsDOr Gallery in LDoUott n k j and the young artist jumped at popularity.

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