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Vn»Mt ill«tat«$nt t o 1 ik i u t c r i n x Oi tU e T i m e o f ip. He cut fore be came to nn’i toe off just be* - and r expected be •would out my leg ol£ ns it looked very J bad. I bad made my mi ;d up to ataud it U be undeitook tbe Job, but tboy talked It over and conoludod that tboy OOuldMavo it. The head doctor lanced it and cleaned i t all out nicely, then hO One iaiehf as r.Jay,ott the. ridge trying ordered a puree to do it up in cold -wa- to g e t a ffttlealeop'my friend W w e l l ter, they kept it so for nearly three . waa Wit walkine back and forth in weeks. It caused it to become a run- r— ... . ,. nmgfiore. Iwasin the Hospital about two months when I not s o l could walk •with a cane. After being iq the Hos> discharged from »T A m i o a wwoKnnpBOT. (nttasatii Zaptr.); front of me. Iliay s, ‘ * and lie down and got some stec do n o t know how voon we mai ‘ ■ ■ fight.” Thei and fort] [artwell, ( ’eep, for we ly be called and we were liable to be called on at any stoment; He said he bad not slept any figntbree weeks, but 1 think be had, for i^jral weeks M .alonj time, \ I could tuM g e t him to lie down as he was afraid the lebels would cross the river, so he wat watching them. This was a hard battle, lasting continually eleven days ^ , and nighU. We could have held them all summer', but l e e was going to cross the Potomac at Point of Kocks into Maryland, gather up what proyiiidns be could, and g e t back into Yirginia as soon ae possible. We were now called on to ^ a d him off and bad to go ’round by As soon as Ts* left the riv- pital four months I was the service and paid lOrning Iwent down town and bought 10 a suit of citizens’ clothes. It it made te feet qdeer to be dressed in citizens clothes again, P. Boshes went to the Hospital a t tbe same time, and we went home together. This homeward journt-y was probably the pleasantest of my life 1 bad suffered and endured great hard- lips but the satisfaction Of thinking lat i t *03 in a glorious cause. Though experience was hard it is worth letbingto recount it in these later ra, but the greatest satisfaction from tbe thought that through our suf fering the nation was preserved and that the North and South are,' and foieret 1 old-flag. dill n b i r i ^ until we'wero 'witbi •ervea. We had a bmtb with emieabut got out of a bad situs d t r cover of darkaeis and continued our march. Aa we got in the vicinity of Fairfax court bouse, we were in tbe rear, and ahelle from the rebel guns were fly ingoverour headland alighting a mile Of to in front of Ui, The ambulance train Was just back of us, and the old 8d WiKsqoiiu was ordered to go back and bring ifi lhe tra».; this was the time th^y showed* their colors. The - ire drawn in line,\ and any i ---- ta not a t itout as a horse and le grand old- Fratorhally A -------- B --------- . i.inc’BM tjux.v sto v B m . The chief attraction of the March num »r of the Arf A«iaf««r is a superb col­ ored plate of Jacqueminot roses Then is also a charmiog colored design of maiden-hair fern for lion. There is a lion. There is a number of bli white designs including Jour representing the seasons, Z “t w»a not a t itoUt as'a horse and could not break a rock with bis head, wai taken Out and did not'ba'Ve. to go. Oar com­ pany was made up and with a bold front — marched up to the rebel battery. We npresenting the seasons, The contents of tbe numbefis a useful andinteresting compilation. Price 88 cents. Mos TAOUB M arks , publisher, 28 Union Square, New Tork. otm wsarasN lisGAzni*. The last number .of Tie Tfat Shore Magazine it OM of much interest, special engravinga and deKriptiona next day they came out fi d m and brought us welco again. We had beefl on''‘Virginia from February to September. As matched up to the fort and saw how Bttong i t •was, I thought there was not an arn g r ^ th e world that could get iu theri,’ but entering the fort I was snrprised. I think there were thirteen foru, one right behind the other, and; they were all well made, with heavy guna and men>to handle them. Tbe men aalnted n i as we passed through the tort and were g lad to see us, but we wore a hard looking set of men; wq bad been fighting all summer and of courseour Clothes looked rather rough, while the men.in the fort wore well dressed and evag^iU g an. tbe fort looked clean and nice. We marched over into the Dls- tn e t of Columbia. Hero we throw off our clothes, “gray backs” included, and drew new uniforms. About this time lepc^rf Okme thk t^b e l cavalry was in the rood ahead of us. The word “fall in” was given; we marched out into the road and the rebel cavalry was soon scurrying nortilvfard. yfh drove thenKon through the<.Woods toward TrtUeriofc City. T h is Uttie squad was sent, out to engage us whflkthieTttillAbofl# of the, rebels, at Frederick was foraging and plun­ dering, jRn reaching there we drove thijB out 6$ the piled Aufl took' posses­ sion. Ourarmy was soon in pursuit. They went in the direction of South Mountain and we followed them up, and on .Sunday pveitaking , the main rebel army of 200,000 men, infantry, * artillery and cavalry. We had about, the same number of men. Here we were destined to participate in one of tbe greatest bat­ tles of the w rve for tbe Iron eonsbted of JJbe 2d.. Otb, 'Mconsin and the 19thlndif this time bei Brigade,. whL and 7tb WuGoniin and tbe 19th Indiana. They drove tbe rebels np the mountain. I t was hotly contested o n botlr.sides and. we did not go over the inountaih until tbe following day. As we crossed —we saTT rebels lying along the We buried their dead and * d to the fam ^i had made a stand, as they to; the Potomac river wi jftb k p ------- — ' roadside. lahi: theif of tbssa,~and.ffe'o^the oThert they eUTi* er bad to Oght o t go\ into the fiver, ‘ smdid. As \ ver bottom, i iket had beCi there v 'elve miles long. Tbe Iron Brigade went into the battle and came oat -with, empty cart ridge boxes, then our regiment took 'its place. We marched, down and „ go \ into th which, a good many of them did. looked down on the river -looked as if a blue blanl spread over the ground, t standing so thiqk.. I thought not men enough in the world t ir line of battle was but twt . Tbe Iron Brigade went te a n d came o at -with. win tbe battle. We were in front ‘that com field you have heard so mi * abou^ and i t was a hot place. Oor com- pany was the second, company from the ^ b t andon ourright-waa the battery. \Wo kept advancing and moved tbe bat­ tery three times. The rebels wore on lower ground than we were and the bul- ets from tbe rebel guns plowed furrows n front of our line; although the balls itm c k the -------- -- ------------ - ’ o tbe sergean ' was wounded and he see a surgeon. I con.... I tied my handkerchief to keep i t from going ft hadTiotgoDe far when t\ BO thick that I was afri hit, so X turned back. ,j m I told me to go and lid hardly step, and lef around my leg; got-to go a about twenty made i t all right, but a man shot down in tiying made another trial; it was rods to the timber, I vn in tr t _ The doctor said my Teg would have to be cut off, and be was taking IU mahy : to the man’s leg off ti nbels tegai „ in shelling the hospital and was going to keeptny legron as long- as I could, so I wont dovtn to the river and bathed it. Our train was on tbe other aide of the nver. Isent for the quar master, but the only way ho' had to t mo to the hospital, was on an oldaml ance with no covering; it was better than nothing, so l thought X would try it. They hitched up an old horse and started with two of ug., Of all the driving I ever law that beat it all; but we got there and the driver returned. I looked into the building where amputationi were being made but I did not care ti stay, I looked up and saw a supply train coming and hailing the quatter-maater 1 asked i f we could n d e and he said yes. There were about twenty of us. We bad a hard ride and when we got as far as MiddletonT could n ot stand it any longer. We went into 'a church that was being ueed for a Hospital, got some bread and coffee and-staid untill morning, when we star’ed with an Am­ bulance train for Fredenok City, When we got there we occupied another Church. I guess they thought we need­ ed to go to-Church. As yet I had not done anything for my leg, only to bathe it in cold water. 1 could not get any doctor to do anything for me. I used to pey a tioyfive cents to fill my can vntb water to bath© my leg with. week, then we iroute forBalti 5 about 10 snt to_]^hil- BPIES 'OP WAR. » ■ ' ■ ClfcoMion as to TVIiether I t I s an Xtonor* < ablo Vndertaldnff. Hi tho sorvico o f a spy in wan hon- ...■able? It certainly cannot M set do-wn as always dfihonoraWo.^^^co a s alwaya some men ■wholiat been regarded as. in t ------ „'best w o rthy of honor. Nathan Connecticut, iAinnecuuuif, lui xijucxjvud p a tr i o t Of tho highest character, volunteered, after Washington’s defeat - - ___ ______ on Long ___ _ tho mainland and seek ■..’fTrTnn,<i(m of the Btrengthjiltuae and situation of the endmy. Hale 'was a brdv6 young offleer, and had disidn- giiishpfl himself hy dashing and hiffl- mnt sefvico. Probably h e h ad n o lik­ ing for the -tvorkof a spy; but ft was enough for hiiVi that his commander desired a brave and prudent m an for the service. He volunteered, a nd was tea-service decora - iber of black and ____ ta river, are typical sentstives «£ those two widely dh sections of Washinston, ”ly bered and the treeless them extremely fertili many setflers. The i tains descriptive articles ot ti ' • - ' ' ------ the Ski I widely diverge 'ashington, the hea-vi tim- !s prairie, both of tile and attractin The number alio cor articles ot the Tills- of a strong story of Mormonism. entitled “Out of Zion,” and tho first part of “A Story of the Klamath” in pioneer days. Accompanying the number is a large art supplement of Hotel Denny, made from the plans of tho new hotel, to be erected in Seattle, tho most striking piece of architecture bn the Pacific coast. Published by L. S aitobl , Portland, Or­ egon, i t $2 60 p ir year. If yml want to see a magazine that is brim full oi valu­ able information about Oregon, Wash­ ington, Idaho and Montana, send twenty- five cents for a. sample copy. ppm c tiifiig; j a n s u o m a Mni - Many of our readers have often asked' '•lyhaV 18 Bright’s Disease of the Kid­ neys, about which wo hear so, mfioh?” To answer their question we have se cured the following explanatory article, written by a.competent authority: • One of the worst physical scourges of le -world to-day—-notably in Bngland, Germany, America and Australia—is Kidney Disease. An alarming largi proportion of the population of tho coun it, in oni degree u’, xiui-unii Hale, of American patriot of cwptod. afetyj ohtaii .itnation, Washini ssed to tho mainland in ined full knowledge of the 1 set out to return to imp. H e yma djMOv- y B a d h a ^ B u t ' ........................... of a spy some sense dishonorable^ e ■who take advantage of it. Vattol, tho authoi before tho V a n d e r b i lt ______ S ^ th avenue, has hitherto be id tho honor will still tr of tho “Laiw of “a m an of f ’ ot expose bimsel of tho common execu- ■ “ I S Nations,*’ says that “ a m an o honot, who would n o t expose himself to die by the bando i tioner,. over docl ho considcra i t I ----------------, - --- ------ a can be done-without some k ind of achery. A sovereign, therefore, ...anot lawfully require puch a s e m c f of subjects, except, perhaps, in some s i i ^ ^ a r cose, and that of tho last im- ^Follo-wing this idea, tho French have always had a certain repugnance to spies, even their own. Tho stoiry is told that, a t tho time of Napoleon 1^ a . . ------------ .-I -------- j with making cellent plan for him to impersonate to p l a a so skiUfiiUy that n o one suspected that h e w ^ not a genuine Fngusb officer; and as tbe FugliBb were m nUionce w ith the Ger­ mans ho was token through all i h e fortiflcatioiis andid giveniver every item g ____j,t ho waimeu. o bod seen ai r, ho disapt i^orm a tion tlm t no wo W h en ho bad seen and token nqto of _ aeaiiquarters. idofgreatBervica itry, and i t was proposed to ho emperor to decorafo tho m a n with ho cross of tho Legion of p “No, indeed,” toid Nopb iid n o t establish tho Legion o reward services of that kmd.” But he gave the spy $8,0001 in urged that the very* possibility (S honorable death, and the knowledge that a spy’s service m ay bo regarded as “beneath a man of honor,” may ■ ■ “ performance of The soldier I m tho rush and excite­ m ent of battle to spur h im o n to brave deeds; p e spy has before him the pos- ■ lility of on ignoiiiinioua drato, He ; flabby, bloodless look, is drowsy and asily fatigued, has pain in the back, vomiting and febrile disturbance. Dropsy, varying from slight puffiness of the fluid sufficient to dutend tbe whole body and to occasion sorions embarrass* ment to reipiration, i« a very common accompaniment. The nnno is TeducQd in qaantity* is often of dark, smoky or bloody color, and exhibits to chemioal toacliion too pTCBenco of a largo amount ^nverj of albamen, wbiTo under the microscope ^3 I blood corpuscles and casts are found. Very im i t dimnessimness otf vision,ision, dueue to a mor-r­ ofeen d o v d to a mo bid condition of tbe retina of tbe eye, and alsoa hypertrophyypertrophy off thehe heart,eart, lead h o t h fatal apoplexy, are accompani- llsease. iveral forms of the malady, minent character­ ing to fatal aj meats of the dlseiut There are severs' but their common urine, and frequently ence of dropsy. Thet Uiseasawere Dv„ Richard 1 prominent charact ! ot albumen in t dropsy*. These associated symp- in . connection with Eudne^ first describe ’ Sometimee thMissnei Bright, an English pb’ . first investiigated thi es there is a ‘egeneration IS of tho kidne 't o 1838 by ■■ ■ ihysi- to ^ ir in g th e excreting pov organ so that the urea is ne^ of into fat, thus powers of the -.^ jn so that the urea is not sufficiently separated from the blood. The flow of the blood, when charged with this urea, is retarded through the minute •vessels, congestion ensues, and exudation {of albumen and fibrin is the result. The disease to often accompanied by erup^ tioua on the skin, as boils, etc., and is frequently associated with enlargement of the heart. Tbe causes of this terrible malady ore, indulgence in too much ice-water as a beverage, strong drink, high living, ’^my “eg especially. scaTYeVfevei 'fof'whioL .. bodv I “8°st frequent and serious ‘ after effects), diseases of ‘bones and other scrofulous affections. The kid­ neys being the. most importani organs of the body, their de may speedily destroy life. ^ Conimon-sense treatment of Kidney Disease -of’the character referred to ____ now is the time to take Hood’s Sarsaparilla, a medicine peculiarly adapted,lor the pnrpose, possessing pe- iuliat curative powers. It expels every impurity from the blood, and also gives it vitality and richness. I t creates an appetite, tones the digestion, invlgo- ............ ’, and gives now life and function of 1 corpuscles, by ti Warner’fl Safe Cur aspecific even len the blood ... -..atres, restoring' the secretion of healthy fluids and re­ lieving the congestion of the brain. It eedily arrests the inflammatory action, rich is marked by an increased count of urine. The albumen gradu­ ally disappears, tho d r^sy subsides and the-patient recovers, Thoro is no stand­ still to advanced Kidney Disease; those who are afljicted with it are either mtly growing better portant, therefore, ihat soase be taken in hand lated with a knoi itter or worse. How t this terrible land in time and specific. Miss Bessie H. Bedloe, of Burlington Vt., hod a desease, of the scalp wdich caused her hair to become very harsh and dry and fall so freely she scarcely dared comb it. Ayer’s Hair Vigor gave ................... 'lp, ’ made the hair her a healthy sca and beautifully thick and gU took* r they OOBSe aremid untiU morning, then five Ot rix CMW top onf old J*Uow witk hu slstK f ipltod up w d y io m z k t » eb w ; S t o n e in t h e K idney. B a irfs wka Xeawred:Wltlui.t Sh. Us* ot the S n s e a s ’e S a i f s . In thstpriaxoflSJS I wu fricen with ihsrp veins iBtbelowetvi^of nw bowel* In the r<tlonof ib* bliSSar. Bhortiy blood sppawd mixed with mv •wu gisvel, saottier iwid It w u eent* Dr.Kegimb’sFaiiifitsiliimiiir. ion of the mucus lining of th chain Tube. When this tube gets flamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect bearing, and when it is entire­ ly closed deafness is tho result, and un- loss ttifi inflammation can be taken out and this tube restcred to its normal con­ dition, hearing will bo destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by ca­ tarrh, wbicb is nothing but an inflamed iarrh, which is ni :ondition of tbe t We will givoC any case of Deafnt that we cannotannot ciure we c c by takinir Hall irrh Cure. Send for circulars. fre< latarrh F. 1 Cure. Bend for circulars, free. J. O h & knsv & Co,, Toledo, 0. ■Sold-by all druggists. 47-4, The light of friendship is the sight of phosphorus—seen plainest when all around is dark.—Crowell. Are the months in which to purify the blood, as tho system is now .most sus­ ceptible to benefit from medicine. The commission of tho Now York city ostmaster expires to April. ' Jrrant n x a m e d l. How loidog they are; this is always . sure sign. After the first year some­ times it don’t bold good. When Charlea comes homo to you grouty and cross, snapping and snarling, unable to relish the nice dinqer yon have cooked, and feels as it there was a ton of pig iron in bis stomach, be is troubled with dyspepsia, and Sulphur Bitters is i' only medicine that will quro him. WhataComfortI H o D iW ff6F u $ » r H d B a tkM e fa! miOHTBRf and n>k<* tb. Sho« 'WBAR BRTTBR. Don’llet the women iuiTa aUtbBbottlilsxi.bat CM WolffsAGMEBIacking OHCIA WRIK rOR MIN. ONCB A MONTS ZOK WOHXH. I find Us tip top KarsMS DrsMtog. F O O D THE f Perfect Substitute ONLY Mother’s MHkr \ Pre-DIgested Food for DYSPEPTIC Inraiuablo in Cholera Infantum and Teething. A PERFECT NUTRIENT In all W asting D iseases. REQ UIRESliar COOKING. rold established business, at their £ line at very low prices. In m BOOK f \The Care and Feeding I of Infants \ D O L I B E R - C O O D A L E BOaTON, WA 88 . __________ , leldthe record, and tho honor -will still bo in tho family, for i t is Frederick Vander- ■ It who has had tho now one brought New York, and i t will be placca in rat of his house. It j ' \ ide and twenty feet quarried a t Oxford', Chci and transported to this .. , clal car. Superintendent W illiam Buchiman, of the New York Central road, d e s ir e d the car, and, according to an account published yesterday, ^ow e d great ingenuity in overcoming tho m any difficulties of his task. Noth- s Central that ____ arried on ttio _ ir than ten o r higher than.four- • *ut ■ * 'r. ■^^chanan applied tog can 1 teen feet, b M Buchanan applied mathematics to tho puzzle of liaudltog a mass fifteen feet wide. Ho put tho stone on edge a t ^ c h an onglo that if E. E. STETSON, (SUCCESSOR TO) FU.ESS & STETSON, Having purchased tho interest 6f Mr. Fuess in the m °'lto?of ^ *“ “ T PARLOR STOVES can bo found tbe ACORN, DENMARK, GOLD\ COIN, DENMARK JR., Centmj, Magee's l^stie ad Splendid, I shall continue to sell the Celebrated Acorn & Magee Eanges, which are as good as the best. A full line of SHELF AHD HEAVY HARDWARE, TliHD COPPER WARE, and^olher articles too numerous to mention. I shall continue to employ none but first-class help. All orders for work will :eivo prompt attention aad workguaranteed. Thanking all'ouston^era'for their liberal patronage in the past 1 hope to merit mtinusncB of the same. E. E. STETSON, Waterville, N. Y. □ angle 10 on ^ g e a t ^ c h i „ breadth and height accommodated themselves to tho limits, brought it in cafety to the city, and received the woU deserved congratulations of his friends.—Now York Tribune. A Pretty Scene. A pretty little sceno was v ■esterday a t n north sido sti'cet cross- ng. A 8-year-old child, with glow* Qg cheeks ond sparkling eyes, hold- Dg tightlv clasped in h is chubby fln- ;ers a b right now penny, was toddling vith nU tho possiblo speed of his little [mbs toward tho nearest candy store. Jo camo to tho crossing just a .eamster camo along with aheai laden truck which taxed tho hor strengto to tho utmost. Tho c‘ started- for thooppositosidow ^ , stopped hesitatingly on seein; wagon. W ith a loud \W h oa I — driver pulled up h is horses, and with a smile lighting up his rugged face waved his whip, motioning for tho little follow to proceed. Tho boy ii across tho street, and, tom ing fitoHi pavement, sto- £lio liorses as d to start their Tho child but id again. Tlien be raised his hant& to h is lips and wafted a Iriss a t tho driver, who lifted his hat with courtly grace and then wafted bacl tbe little love messenger. Then then wera further interchanges of Idssc and smiles, and tho wagon rolled down tho street and tbe little gentle­ man toddled oil toward tho candy store. —Chicago Tribunr Mr Ruskin thinks there is a great fu turo for tho Amenoan a r t- b u t he hardly realizes the enormous derasort over bere for Dr. Bull'sCough Syrup. Salvation Oil quickly finds its way tho scat of the disease, ally# tho inflai mation and, by removeing tbe cause, effects a permanent euro. Pr!co_pnly An examination in tho publie schools; Frofegsor to pupilBi 'I n which of big battles was Qastavus Adolphus killeOl Pupil, after reflection: “I think it ia hHlaat battlOi” T h is s pring w ith your b b o i full of im purities, your digestion impaired, your appetite poor, kidneys and liver torpid, and whole system liable to ;:c prostrated by disease—but get yourself into good condition, and ready for the changing and warmer weather, by taking Hood’s Sarsaparilla. It stands unequalled for purifying the blood, giving an appetite, and fora general spring medicine. A political nobleman—Tbe official A faded or grizzly beard is unbecomi ing to any man, and may bo colored a natural brown or black by useing Buck- lagham’s Dye fur the whiskers. The only part of tho country tbal had a hard winter is Alaska. When BSby m s *lok, rr* gsrs her CMtori*, •When ehe ms a ChlM, ths cried for Cutorie, When she heevn* HI h , lb* clans to Cutoris, Wh*n sh*had ChiUrta, itofsra th*m CMtocia, The American aborigines bad none of your modem tools, but they were famil­ iar with the Indian file. I I V J U R I E S . 40 YEABS’ CHHONIC PAIN’S. S O I A T I O R H E U M A T I S M . THE CURE. x.Anurst..uhu*. tn n n 40 y«»r* I Ur* U«a • vMim *f ShwwiUn*. Zvujnr. nUU ta try St JacaU on. Zk*T>*aUtvak*t- tlti uS. * BU aura frM <noi Thasmatln* strtr iraUwl >*r *««.to. Ny U b U tu t irir* antt ■US u4 Ua* ua *air u UfktaaiUaUru Uay yttik. Jos.iama. ; AFTER e YEARS. 'ItUea, X. T„ JiIyl.tllT. StCmS a u y yun— to u r ta My rasltUs la rUiaaUia, a « MSl»r ataUHt .a t aottacUS StrSl. Tw* MUtf I t J m *>* on nlUrU a* >* R.R S f M , f A T a f i t t E , I . T , TOOTghh o l i d ^ in ^ d i a ^ w ^ M I 'rem e m l^ there a re ffi' seven legal holidays in tho land of — tiger, X was in ono of tho seaporto on one of these holidays. I had brought t o g ^ e r a largo aggregato for which I -was to m y the sum $8,000 on that day. The vessel which they were to be shipped lay anchor in 4he bay. Tha captain si— mo word that m y curiosities must be on board by sunset. T h e b a n ^ a n d business houses were closed, rives were at the» the ir • ‘ ■ -water’s efee, w ho did not un&ret _ __ tveme. Ih a d who were loyal to me, a East Indian fears the Afgnan as Texas steer fears a “norther,” Ip Afghims on gusird while I went c for money, ituation, were howling for them d a b a n d o f ■ to near by—what wo w ould call a suburb. I went o u t to see h ^ with a good deal of pomp and glorious circumstance, ^ v i n g obtained an audience, which requiraim o re formality than would have been necessary to get into the ■vaticim, the young sport heard mo for m y cause, and with a sort of Masonic ceremony called up his exchequer and Easez Pain Inztantly. Strengthens Weak Pai Quiets Nerzouentss, IM i B m Hanlock Qua ind I Sna], all BsstPlaeter Erer COMPLCTCLY AND c u r Y s Ml Ada., HOb m s m K c » . T t S S ? . ‘ ^ S S £ r - on aU genuine goodt» lAH m a o s VAIiPABLE E ItoUTEJ 1 _____ -EHE^SREAT R 0 CK ISLAND R O U T E . *<01ifcaso, Ecck Inland & Pacific a n d Cticago, Eansa* * ZTebraaka, Xtys.) Abilene. Cold-well. In IIANSAS—C o lorado Sprinsa, J3em BADO. T raverses now and -vast a reas of affordtoer th e b e s t fiiclUtles o f IntercommC to w n s ond cities In Bouthem N e b raakt M exico, Indian Territory, Texas, Arizon co a s t an«L traus-oceanlo Seaports. SOLID FAST VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS ^ m p t ’c osm m ti^^ THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Mlnnosotop suid Bast* s outhern Bogota. Hoi: E. ST. QsnsTaVXsnsgsr. O H IO A G O . IL L . E. A. HOLBROOK, , ffen'l Ticket &FsM.Agnt. A U T I S T I C M O N U m e N T S In Westerly* d a m e y & B arreG ranltes Will bo plcAsed to call and tbow you a full lino ofdONlgns.pbotograpluiAnd Miuples of grauiU Don't buy until you b m teen li. W . BABC O C K , Ag»t„ »okfleia,K.V.’ jftMffMomzM oxxzsycUT xnmrzn. JpRESERVE YOUR EYES. | To do this nothing is more important C o rrectly F itted Giaeics. Score# of people come to. us who h»v# used the w r o n g g l a s s c S j permanent ly injuring the sight. Onr optician first tests tbe Eye snd then esn adopt glasses just suited te your wants. * It wlR pay you te m»he tho jonmey te Utlc* in order to see him and get occur ately fitted.- W . «. T a y l o r 4e S o n , J e w e l e r s , E t c ., ^eufK e e Sfroet, Vtiam. \JONES- HE PAYS THE FREIOHT” Scales of all Sizes. gT o n Wagon Scale with Brass Tare Beam and Beam Box, fBO, For fr te J?rice JJstof allktHdr, eddrtst JONES OF BINGHAMTON, BINOMSHUtTOn, N. V. f OBTGAGE SALE. Adalbert Babcock, of Brookfield, Mmdl*o « T , tg v iUndo Woedird, o( tbe nme lesldenc*, which mortg.Be wm recorded in tho olBca of thg Oonntr Clerk Of Hadlion County, on tbe 22d a»j ofKoTember, ISSS.st llo'clock A.M., In Uber *6 ofmortMge., »t p»go lO\ \ ----- - ----------- itlsworotl ______E tho s»mo' ______ _____ ire, notice 1* hereb: litns .ol tbe power of sole in nid gage contained and iberelb recorded, t b . ---- mortgage wUI be forecloasd by a aale ot the prem- Isea therein deacribed at pubUo auction to the higheot bidder, at the Hotel of Byinan Brown, In tbeTUlegeofBrookfisldiUadlaOD County. H. X., onttteietkdaxof Apru, i8S9.ntiae'olock in the --------- of that day. Said mortgaged premliaa Ibed in raid mortgage at foUowa: All t or parcel of land aituate In the town ot m County, N V. being part of lUthUth townahlp, bounded aa fol- Ing at a stake and atones at er of said premltea in the oen- >t tract or parcel of ookfleld. Madison C. 34 in tbe l 1 ___________ M.T«bfect to . ____ juTeTwattreromaapringla the pellet aathaainie ii noyr esundnetad aorois the road Thirmortgageglyen to seemre a portion of tb purebaaa price thereof. Bated Jannaiy le, IStS. BIOBASB PAUIXB, D. B. tttaoMm, A n ’r, Ataigna*. Brookfield, KadiagnOo„H,T. onae, tn the v IIS sb *f MetriSTti ____ JonnlyotMadlaoa# on the 11 — Xa»b, 1SS9,—ProdamatloE )a therefor* BUdelacsufotmane* to*precept to m* < _ _ u o aeUrer^ te tbept»trtet Attorney bf Kadlaoa Oonnty.ontbe UUidayof yebmanr 18 ». to aU penraa bound to .t the *Md WUBtT Oonjt entte and*e ilzanoefoT' JOTICE TO CREDITORS. n, aooordlng to law. to all ._a. against tb* eitat* of t* of th* town of Brookfield, led, to yraeent U m .earn*, M«a« St luv i:DNiumci Of im of Brookfltld, la saia « at day ofXpril. 1 M 9 . Bated tbla l« h day o ^ tobM , 18*8, .aeataaafxiU.' AdaUaletreton. a harem or of liis of American bankers, should swoop down u[ Canada?—Chicago Time [lira from SsrutaeRoteetJM The leading E aP3ns,s3Tasza.^ ^FraorcmiiLtatbiit m TiiceSSOts. ~flold at PrntgW*. IffiW lORROlj asAZti-WTA-r. rime Table Taking JElTect JB » 33, 1889. I new YORK, ONTAmO_^Era^ L axador Cures LhirCemi S g i r DFEULUS CODGH SY R U P CURES COUGHS & COLDS FDR 2 5 C S alvation O il N w Price only 2S Ota. Sold by alt druggist*. Do Qulnoey^’a Deference. De Quincey suffered from indiges­ tion. H jb tastes were a little trouble­ some to the servant who prepared his repast. Coffee, boiled rice and milk, and a piece of mutton from tbe loin re the materials that invarit med his diet. The cook, who audience with him > instructions in silent overpowered by I ' ho been addressm[ scarcely have spoken -with mo erence. Ho would couch his in such terms as these: “Ov dyspepsia aflaicting my system, tuo possibility of any additional disar­ rangement of the stomach taking place, consequence incalculably ^ tre ^ n g would arise; so much so, in­ deed, as to increase nervous irritation and prevent mo from attending to matters of overwhelming importance, if you do not remember to cut tbe m utton in a diagonal rather than a longitudinal form,”—Pittsburg Bul­ letin. Illy, it awe, quite ler, for had ess he could lis reque! Owing t Bad blood causes dyspepsia and dys- pepsia reacts by causing bad blood. So both go on, growing worse, uatil the whole system is poisoned. The surest means of relief for tbe victim is a tbor ough and persistent course of Ayi Sarsaparilla. Thera afe 490 vetei'a an Block Lland, 1 . 1 . T o ttae R .« a a e r a o f t b l a F a p e r . - LE&AL. SALE FORECLOSURE Where**, AeOt of tbe money > 21lh iay ot U ___ ____ ____ Bchroedor, of the town of, Bro county end *1*10 of New Vork. t iODi Of the suns piKe of reslC mortgage wMreoAdedi\ - ' nid county ot Modlion gagek *t page SSI. at 8 oc tbe said Daolol Tbompa mjid adsnitced gate Of MgdU ______ . . ............ . ...... ........ tlier«npoa were dnly leened to said Xieloa Tbompion IS loie executor thereof by the 8ui_, sate of IfAdlson eonnty on the 7th day of M ot ., i?97i wfl vhercM “ niie d^M of *hls Mid offltelDa is . execator jaa snch ex^ntor ia the ’Fi mag Buch execu* ______ ____ mortgage at the ’St publicitlou of tliia notice the _________ indred and fllty doUara of principal and to become dne the sutcr of ono thousand one hundred and forty^hve dollars, to-wit: One thotuumd one hundred doUxrs ptineipxl And forty five dollar! mterestitogethervlth interest there Children © roR prroiER'’8 & st 8 na C a a to rfa prom o te* m g e r t f o n , overcomes PJatuIency, Constipation, Stonmeu, DiarrliffiB, ond Fevertoesi. Thus the child is rendered healthy and its tieep u a 'tiu’a l. Cas-lxnJa contab Moiphlne or other narcotic property. , \ OlStOrla Is so W ellldapU to cUl<!ren tliat uassupe^pr v o ^ r ^ p a o B S3 Fortland Are., Brooklyn, H. Y. “ r use castoria In my prooMce. and find tt specially adapted to afifectfons of children.” Rnt C ektaub C o ., !7MurmySt,N.T. Agent and Att'y for Ext Poti-offlee Addrets, Brookfield. Uad. I ^ O I ^ T j ^ G B SALE FORECLOSDBE be office of hormin A. orth »lx rod*: thenoe west nine 1 ------ — — irolthe aforesaid highway; thence aontheily long the center ot said highway to the place of eginnlng, containing fllty-fonr rod* of land be le lame mote orleat. Bated.Brookfleld.N.V.^.n.9^8^^ JAMES 0. hABkiN, ^Adm^latetora of Bicbard B. Larkin, deoetocd- J^O T ICB TO CBEDITOBS, realdenoe of J. CoU Brookfield, In laid c day of Jnlr next. Book-keeping, Business AriUtmet Bnsinpss W riting, Correspondence Basiness Law, SborMland, Type-Writing, &c. X d IDlae Utica Basiness College. Olronlars and spoolmena free. M c C reary & shields , Utica, N. Y. ■ CURE FITS! When I say O dre 1 do not moan merely to stop them for a time, and then have them r e ­ turn again. I UBAN A RADICAL CUBE. 1 have made the dlBease of P I T S , E P I L E P S Y oi? F A L L I N G S I C K N E S S , Of my iNPXLLiBiJB R emedy , i and Post OOlco. It costs 70U 1 ____ ^ trial, ana it will euro you* Address H .G . RQQT.m.Gs, l83PEAnLST„WEWY0BK TOTICE TO CBEBITOBS, Dated October Sd. ______ . thday ofAprtX,L.. Joj^^ALQOOHg Admlnlsirfttix, ' l l ADDITIONAL TRAINS BUNNINU Ki saves Walton for Delhi a. m., 20$ and 'topping at all station#,. anlving at * - - 01^ >4UDd^ leave Walton 8:00 a. nu, ar 10 p. m. sund'fiji © JDcim 9:00 a ton 11:45 a Sunday leave%ldn^‘ift30a! im * A iS^ga Berlin 11:59. a.m. Edmeatonl2:4o_p. m. Trains leave KandansvlUetor XJtloa 8:45,10:» a j h , 2:00,6U5p. m.. Stopping at all Btattons, ^vi^atT7aoa8:55,n^9 fb m., 6:40 and &tn Trainsieave cunton tor Borne 11:40 a. m. and 6:20 p. m., arriving at Borne, 12:85 aadZM p. m. - --------- TKAisB amonKO booth . Trainsieave Home! tag at Clintonwita w'\ ' _ ®ratom-Ieat Bome6:Saa.m.,4:00pi.m.,oonnect- Utica Division tralas. aves Horwlch 6:ia a. -in.. Oxford to, mDKiiai(W,aravingAt 5 wat termeaiate s.— .. Clark’s Mills for Bochestei WMtvil. WeitSho-- .^^rclMUic ticket© v ia tke O n tarle * ' mswin EJ ern I»efori Rave molu Xo tb e *vrea»# Train 5,6.9 and 10 ran dolly; au others daily jr. O. Anderaan, Gem. Pas’gV Aat. NO. 18 Exchange piacfei K. y. Raymond’s PECTDRArPlasto, The wonderfQl eongh onre, la the only cure knows for -Whooptag C on^. ASK YOUB DBUOdlST to orderthemforyon.orlfhe wUl not do It. th*y will be **nt by mall upon reoctat of price, 2te, In money or «tampi, by the J^OTICE TO CREDITORS; r AngUEtlSL.. ot FebTHBry, A.D.. 1889. ---- P. WHITE, Exeentor, TOTICE TO PREDITORS. •vuiago 01 uunion, buu naiory.... MondajB, Oneida .Jounty, N. V.. o 15th d«r of April. 1889. Dat Jan. 28 , j pOYIi*, Alllgnto, \ ‘oilntota CtaeldiiCo., N. T. S I 1 3 W I O J E I I E S S . The POLICE GAZETTE wlU bo maUed, leonrely wrapped, to any addrcM to the United State* for three months on receipt of O- ONE DOLLAB Liberal dlaconnt allowed to poetmtotot*, agent* »nd clnbe. Sample copies mailed free, sSSSSiXJSifSh. 267 Oolnmbla St., Brook! MADE WITH edlLINC WATER. EPPS’S ORATEFUL-COMPORTIN& - COCOA JAAOE WITH BOIUNC MIML IlksbmttdBeth Cmiily iitA lp -

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