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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, December 13, 1912, Image 2

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The Monroe Gazette Monroe Study Club. mm iw ai PA! LATER tor YOER* H’ tv liUY t KIluV .j U r k u o u v . Publisher ami Proprietor. U k o h o k a . W e s t . Associate Business Manager. Kiitpwl asBPmi AH nf C.Hiurcss of .\lim ii ilKl da«H nilUler .Iitiiijftrv SI iay afte ments in town. “ E lectricity.” the Gaylor Apart- V iC tF O la The subject w as; We want you to have i Following is the : C h r istm a s, so ; before or X m a s m orning. Phonograph Grafonola ne of these w o n d e r fu l in strum e n ts in your let us have your order now for delivery the day There could be nothing more appropriate THE MITCHELLS FOR 1913 the .Subject. Xmas present for thi- whole family than a Victrola, Grafonola y and Motlern Uses graph, we therefore make you this startling offer good only until iJec. 25th. Ernest Eichen- deliver any instrument your choice of style or make together with a beautiful selection of records for you to choose from; or if it is ^ Roll Call Current News Electron Theory a i of Electm-ity Mrs. -I., t i . j Long Uistance Power Transmis ^ select after - - J _ - __ ^ ^''’^'jr^i.^g.,^^^T,drgraphv and Tele, hearing them played. In either case your selection of both instrument and ^ » A R e.fonvene PhonrMiKS Vera M. Boss. - r ecords will be delivered to your hom e prepaid, no first paym e n t on the Town Board U - ^ y\f,pr (V„. proi'me Irene Car- instrum e n t, nothing dow n , no in tu .st or extras. You purchase at the Justice Arthur F. Torn|ikiti-> of tin ,.ptertained witf. vocal and in- j-cgular cash price, and pay nothing do w n unless you wnl, to do so, until Supreme C ourt on TuesdayIt,c music com- out January 15, 1913. A ll we a'.k of you i.s to pay for the few Srorld'ng.rbrought against the Town \‘’X u ^ e n ' M i r E v V Mctar^ ’and records that you wish to go with the in strum e n t, then you sim p ly pay for of Ghe.ster. The .Justice ordere'l the ^ rocks. *^Le instrum e n t in w e e k ly or monthly paym e n ts as you prefer. R e m e m - Town Biard of Che-ster to re-con- • meetings thi.s year will her you |.ay nothing down on the in strum e n t until after the holidays, make In r a l lo ^ t r l T a r i 'm i a A e ^ r ^ h '' >- ^-'d at the home of Mr-s Hulse. ^ January 25, 1913. if you Commi.ssion recently appointed and t t - 'late of the r.-xt ^ $:t.dO per month according vfhloh thP altfratinna to thf 2nth, whpn^the Huhjert wi m a d e by any concern. highw ay w*‘Ht of Walton Lake Mhnuiri velopmc^nt. _______ Call at our store if po.s.siblc, if not select th^ style of instrument you be made, and which as.ses.sed land ‘wish from our catalogues subject to changing if it is not satisfactory; c a llu s damaces against the Towns of C h e s-: Monroe Grange B e d s Otncers. ^ . . . . , , oam a gts again . T„m,,uins Hionroeui 6 on the phone at our expense or write. If you have not received our catalo- ilV \ L e r .r[h a t the Town Board t a n g s , Che.ster, plaPP the amounts needed in ,,i,.j.t(.d for the ensuing year: approaching and we do not want to dissappoint you in delivering on time. as $2.00 and i This is the I The 1913 Mitchell is American style and design. FOUR O U NDER. PRICE $1,500 combination of all that is best in European and It is the “Last W ord” in class and construction. SPECIFICATIONS Big S ix . y<-:« I T •: Little Six. Models 2-C, r.-f. 4 Cylinder, .Models 2-4, 5-4 uneHUT, i^uc . ......................... the abstract of to^m accounts thi.s year and raise the amount by tax. Also that the Town Superintendent should proceed in the laying out and construction of this highway aitera tion. Monroe is interesl tter, but last year raised by lufficient sum to pay the land dam ages as.se.ssed ami to start the construction of the road town. Recently, Master Seely Stevens, fiverseer Edw. P. Smith. Lecturer W. H. Owens. Chaplain Miss Carrie Owens. Steward William Oertler. Assi-itarit Steward Charles Sutherland. least I Commercial Secretary -W , I ihe|f>wens. Town Board; Recording Make this a Xmas for all the family. Your.s for pleasure. Monroe Music Store, Cylinders .... Wheel Ba.se, . Also Sewing Machines, Musical Instrumi m.s and Watches of all make.s on Easy 'IT rrns. 14-1 inches Seven passenger SB„5UO. F. (). B. U Fifty hnrse-power Six in pairs. 3Jxt> Forty horse-power Four -in pairs, 4i; 122 inches Two and five 120 inches Two and five $l,5Ui). F. O. passenger All bodies are full torpedo type, Very low, .straigirt lines, flush panels, lux iriousiy upholstered, cushions lOin thick sessed against Monrtie until came certain the road was to he bnilt at all. From present indications the constructed as laid nut rl will b by the Commission, in the sprini unless the Town of Che.ster appea from this decision. Secretary- Fred ! .Smith. Treasurer Miss Carrie Owens. Gatekeeper- James Henry. Ceres Mrs. Martha Stevens. Pomona Mrs. W. H. Owens. Flora Miss Josephine Doherty. SIMON NELSON Department Stores CENTRAL VALLEY, N. Y . Town Taxes-Why the Increase. The Board of Supervisors adjourn­ ed today until Monday, December IG to permit the memliers to extend; their tax rnll.s. The rate of the j various towns are from .$1. to if-l. per thousand higher this year than Lust owing to the direct state election expenses, etc. fortunate in that the rati crease of only $1.K5 per thousand, being $11.45 this year as against last year. This is especi; noteworthy in view of tlie fact over$l,l<ia is being raised ^ a defieiency in the poor fund f year and to provide for the poor for the coming year, and $1.1W, more than usnal is being raised for high­ way work. The amount o f Btate Tax to l>e raised bv the Town of Monroe tliis year is $l.:t9S,ilS, Court Tax, $HiH.S2. The Bup.-rvisors liave ruisisl the equaliv.eil valuation of the Town of Monroe T-'il. Blooming Grove w as raised 81,520; t'h e s ter, 82,214; Cornwall. ?fi-J.fiHl; Tuxedo, .'?]ir,..52ii; Warwiek,.?9fi, Hist and Woo Ihiiry.STl,- OflK, tio-hen was lovvoreil $P.',591. Trustee, for 3 years- Charles Sutherland. Lubrication. Mit.-hell combination circulating an I splash system, rotary gear oi! pump. Cooling Fystem. Square tube raMator, h»n'-v-(■.•trb type F'eeders - Centrifugal water pump. Transmi.ssion. S lective sliding gear type. T l e Oxford Depot. | A Mr. Jordan of N. Y. City, has; •nled Frank I)uvi.s’ place with the privilege of buying the. tamo. Harley Smith has insLalleil a boiler in his residence, for the fiurpo.se of' heating the .same with steam. | William Crotty is serving ns a ! juryman at tlie Supreme Court at ; Newburgh tliis week. Hurley Smith of Oxford itrifug a l w ater pump. fransmnision. S lective sliding g» forward speeds, on - revtrse. Liinct drive on lipli gear. Gears an J shaft.s made of chrome nii-l. el -,t. el. heat-treatt d. Front Axle. One piece I-beam forging. Tinike-o roller wheel bearings. Wheels Di-sh—i. Rear Axle. Single hearing, full floating tvf--. witli driving clutches in hubs elioiinated. G.-isiiline Tank, Lo,-ate 1 at re.ir of car. 22 gal' ms capacity. Rims. D.-mn-mfable. Firestone I'niversal Tree L .'t’l ii ch- s standard, fid inches Fmi-h Bodies dark Imperial French g gt ar. wheels, fender.s. etc,, black. all models. Electric self start , Mohair top, strafdess, storm curb optional, blue. Run- Kqilifime trie lights, vision and ventilating. Speedometer, rning signal, tains, d [d-u-iug lamfi, Illurninating dash, Licei ■•nit. Pump, .lacl;, C inipl--te set of tools. •arrier. Robe rail, Foot i Electric ex­ bracket, e repair t,' Tit W IL L DEA10N 5 T R A T E ON SH O R T NOTICE. DROP A CARD. W e do all kinds of Auto repairing. Have in stock a comnlcte line of Auto accessories—-Tires, Tubes, Repair Kits, Oils, Greases, Electrical Supplies, etc. W e also do Vulcanising. First class mechanics always on the job. Come in and look us over or write for booklets. Our line of House Furnishin;gs is the most complete to j .^rton’s found in this section, and includes Carpets, Matting's, I tint nui’k'y * < ’ S e k urw h iti- I.cgtiurri^' numbering Oil Cloths, Couchcs, RocKers, Chairs, DesKs, Be^dsteads, CHESTER AUTO G A R A G E Splendid priigramH appru] the nppr iaching holiday he nre--l ilt' d by Vi.ui’w Mi- Stands, Sideboards, Bureaus, Lamps, Shades, Pictures, | OLAF H A N S E N , Proprietor. Mrs. j.j'i\ and in fact everything to thoroughly furnish the home. I F. B u H’3, has returned t CHESTER, N . Y. her hunie Newburgh. I. D. fUiKi.rne w ill soon light his residence with elei-tricity, getting: ll'e eurri-nt fruin the Wunrue-Wur- i wild', trnnsmis-lon line. F-iniee (‘ irpi’eter «if .br-si-y City, ivas a gneat of Mrs. S'l-plii-n Bull mi Sutiilay. ' At this season of the year when people are in doubt as to just what is GENUINE INTEREST. the most appropriate and If v*m arc a ffistnrncr*»f thn tiink. y«m bavf assuranri* uf »jiir piT' iTial m acceptable gift, we offer ' Tlii‘'4 is u vi*rv w'C'k tiii'rfbaHts of Mnnrrtf*. Tlial'w Avbal Special Holiday Allraclions. ihey an- here fur. appriipriiitp ft. W illiam Henry I.ndliini, a Diree- will tur Ilf tlie Orntigi- r.njnty Driving Mi-tu.u Pi,-, t'.irk Ass-n-liitiue. dii d lit his li-me at till- F iivn i.n ’ npi-r.i HuUs. in G.. lu-n on Saturday. .... B.'iturilay. H ie. 11 at'd Wnlnes- ’ Ihe Indepi-n.lent Ut-imbliean uf day. Dee. 1.'^. | Tu'-sila; ‘'Orimgi- (Tuintv’s 1 Fur the regular priee et udniiii'iun | wc-i-l.ly nim'iier was enniniitted la*st 2ii eents fur adults, nnd ll> eints fur neck in Miildli'fuwn. The previnns ellildnn under 12 y e n s of nge, rm week it was in Tuxidu. At the hour ^ ell utii-r or tietfer amusi-ineiit eau he tii,. Independent gm-s te pies.s t'iday, # olittiined in Monroe tli.m that oirereil |l is vv,-. k ’s murder Inm md taken by tlii-s jeipuiar form of ent< rtairi-i p| ” merit. I Till' fillow vvlio says ‘ •I’ll lie glad ----------------------- Gel the habit. I'.-me onf Siitur • j,- j ,,y,,r out of this lilnoniin' d.av evi-nirig and -ee so g .... I a s||,,\v I j, ti„, fcJ.ivv vvlio Is delayitig tin t it will m il.e a u gulur p.'itron of j f„r nil eeneerm-il. y'\J- i A Very interesting nn 1 Ins.lriietlve ■Bigger tlmn ri jiiur sueei-.ss. We make it a you the suggestive Know- '•« - - , - an l attt nU\n to onr ruMfoiiii iw onthiir ledge that our wide ex- liif>-re:-t r* qiliri S. penence hos given us in \ y ,- mal I- it a pimit that every liuu maKing your selections. ni .ss trunsaetion with our patrons shall A v isit to our store w ill We want , « • i'U-.torn« r?> to fool that they save you both tune and ^ mitt. rn money. We v /ill give you the benefit o f cash prices p. them on our popular easy-pay- Monroe National Bank o and adv i-i lite r -1 when- rj will be o f value ion ment plan. Come see us. The Famous Green Trading Stamps on all cash purchases * Central Valley. ’ r.vnamu t'linur* rt*oi' t!y public Tiii* nintli UMLii tl IJ l H \f th^- j givt^n out by tlu‘ Krit» TaKe Notice 92> nihllslu'i tra! Valley Five Iiepavtioent w ill be I ILulniad. i< somethitig well w o rth belli ill Ni .iriis’ o p e r a H o u s e ,f e n tral anyone’s tim e to read. lley. I'll 1 vi-l iV e ieiiirig, Dee. Musie w ill 111 torni tied liv Tunro Orehestr.i of five pieee-.. Refri m i'iitsw id lie verve.L Tii'ki t-', )ti t'hMfjtr*' 'I 'l iiL't' U. I^ii!hvinkif» Sr., I ntiik Hi Ivjin , li K»» t* K. A. A jh I ' r-soru \V»»vk «»n vtntf t<i )•»> built frnni (\ritral ValS-y I\ W’t^t I*cirit any«*Tu'*N time t U. Hull. wvll Un«'\vn fl.« SuiTttJk f Li'iig Is ■ lie -ujiervi- C'ntis-triietooi t'linqeiey, *'f I Hid, witli Mr. Kinni-v 1li sor in eliarge. The ( ir.ini fariii veld at sale at Cetitral Valley la-1 was purehaM'd tliv-oipji W. i-rsli'iwe for i;T7,eim, It is ted known just who ad tk.- n.tt resteU parties are,I'lit it i- -.ml all tii“ in the deal have I - rmi-I partition Faliirday tifihold piii-imioniii on was liiirii tn Warwick, .'•1 years \M. Five Iini-s.'s. a hull and two calves w ere liuriieii Moml.iy evoning in a tire which destroyed the entile barns of (’ampiiell .filoan near Ncwhiirgh. Tl'ii Ih'V Scouts’ Magarinc liy far the finest and best nuigarinc for hoys in this or any oilier eoimfry. Fri' i-resvjve, full of vitn, ami toiu'hing evi-ry t'hase of lioy.s’ Hf<-. Ofliciiil piil'lieillion of the Boy Sv'vuts of .\nii-riea. Kvery issue packed full of the fitiest of stories for -torii-s vvilli plenty of win? Orders taken for H o m e -D r e ssed T u r k e y s for C h ristm a s, 2 8 c a lb. The above price stan d s good for ordeiTS sen t in from Decem b e r 14th to D e c e m b e r 2 0 t h . :: : : : W. M. Brush, Auctioneer AUOTIOH! W ill sell on the C. E. Jul- iand Farm, Hamptonburgh, Friday, Dee. 20 at 1.30 o’clocK, 25 High Grade CHENANGO COUNTY Cows; also a few Guernseys. These cows are m ostly all General COMTIACTORS B U I L B E 1 S, a n HARRIMAN. NEW YORK Fine Landscipe Woii a Specialtj CONCRETE IN ALL ITS DESIGNS We operate the best Planing Mill Orange County'' C. S. JULIAND. |di iity of fun. f uplift. .Vrttcli's Having a ^ood many patrons coming from Monroe to purchase their supply of Meat, PorK, Lamb, Etc., we quote them the following prices on all our goods for Saturday, December I4th , ______ as follows. All orders received above Ten Dollars vve' pay the express charges; f ' ''rsirit- '’''iiuturH. i •Uluv Hums............................................................................17 fresh and close by springers: Have some fifty pound' ^ 51 lMU-.Ml;i iil III. nltvsiil. I ofSTV. r.ift, map tm-kirg, hikiugr, natunil lytidical'-, till- I i.idug til\ o'llv III The farm l■.>tlf;ufll d ho cut into hiiildiiig liiNtoj-.v, s fpmll l-t-mi -t a Im ul , ,.i ing, lO.-, i-to,, -f IT .^priiguo Ba^idmll. I m'l*’ |uii'hi‘. nrre- iih'i will '' an*! by Y\ur Gift ma»<t ^,'*1. faeti'tn as w# H i sur**; *'i jin'Hant fr-mi U ‘gt-r- I n ,track atMrth 8. r< cvuutu'Ti of activity for thi* t'l \.Taunit***’ VVisi] t '-’ir X'Ml\ 'Wi liy Ih at Imys. P>c {u'T I'lipy. isolii VVisih >in, Here is Relief for Women. They Always Help Elderly People Fiiloy Kidm y I’lll'' tfivo just il i If you liifo jii I’viiiarj. Bl.iddi'r Moflior SSfiiJ Bai'un Steaks nf lUnst Stei* ,z ; , ■: sji-.i'ii- steiii ■ . ................ T Z Z ' .- . ‘-'” 'L,»i,:: Lamb Chops ............ Stfwinyr Lamb ....... Small Fresh Hams. Small Fresh Shouldt Pork Ltiiii t\ Re! ri 8 iTtI\o helrn ut law, ih*vlKt*t*H mull ' I' (u-Hi'iiHl roi r*’M('i.mil\»‘H,wliOtdr muiM’H j CtS au'tnthc plaSiitma i»'»t kn-.wu ami i »u» rtfes thrr«’f«»ru Hiiml Ii\ tlir fii tit 1 • ■ L Lt* imiH .lolHi I’uc lUol ihii I * ' j v is . ....................... named defeudants and | help elderly pi'uple strengthen their kit nnd regulate their Ma.sters, Streator, HI., siiy.H “ I foci better a id .stronger than 1 haVt- for many years, and Fel.-y Kidney F i l l s did it.W. H. Fowler .\F . I. pleU' Tiil*n*N llis i-uol, Fork Loin to R oast, 'ui'lo, Home-Maile Purk Sau Home-Dr ilney 111 leti'in. .Ti'hri M. itfonger At Druggist iph' Free. Adi M.iddev (jfjjy I.eRoy, N. Y. Home-D resseil F o w l......................... Home-Pres.seil Spring Chicken Home-Dressed Spring Ducks - ..............12.1cts I ,, tlie al'ovi- to V... V . V . J OtS ^ ijpr.I'P Himimonod tn fumwor tlio .'^ur» . pU'iiD’utnl CwmvUiint. m thl« tb’tUm mi l to tii rub ;.:;; loTts 1?^ /’»fo iii'DfS. Rxrlnwlvp nf thf dnj t.f scrvlrts and hr ---- ........ .if \,.ur uiUnrc tn api»mr or mt«\\pr.JudK H pf.«J will lu* taKcn ucaliiHt ,vt»u bjr ilcfault for the :.. :w ........ . ........ n e t s ; ...... .. T H E L I O N “ 4 0 ’ u groit siystem Home-DreSsed i rgists or hy mail Home-Dresst'd Spring G eese.. Mntl WEAR I THE ACKERSON MARKET 64 NORTH STREET Attumcy for I WIAR® I RUBBERS r TUI* Wiutfr OLEYKroNEYMP . t«MeUUA'I*~l4K.U}NeYSANl>eUit.v,v. TEL. 458 MIDDLETOWN, N. Y. I Special Prices Given to Hotels and Restaurants N; L • dwuiut . uuk cs Sw ,>n4 Htni't. Neu burgh, N is a ear of .surprises apTnejihle Plenty Ilf luiwer, yes, a .surplus spends quickly tn any demand 1 it. f piivycr you may iirprise.s. Easy of ojjeralion it is indeed a pleasure to Ali parts of the {inwer plant easily i a decided advanta.cfe Self-starter— pnsiitiv^in ti ve^in iition to an up-to-date I adyanta.t to the car owner, _ ------------- .lo s action, an essential addition to an up-to-date car. N o t one weak point strenyrth wherever necessary, and in handsome outlines and beauty o f fin ish - the peer of any car on the market. Full, dollar for dollar value at $1,600 1 CENTRAL GARAGE f and MACHINE SHOPS i c7l-;ONROE. Tel. 28 F 4 X ■-4 ) ^

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