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MONROE GAZETTE VOL: V. NO 27. MONROE, ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK, FKIHAY, AUGUST 30, 1912. ii.oo That very pretty transparent soap you’ve seen in our window is Harmony Rose Glycerine—well, its good looks are only equal­ led by its quality—a harmony of excellence in every way. Gross after gross sold, and the demand continues. 10c a Cake BULL FAMILY REUNION. TOWN AND VICINITY NEWS. DEATHS OF THE PASSING WEEK! rersary of the com- 3 to Orange County Wednesday, August The 200th Anniversary of the c ing of Sarah Wells ti as celebrated Wed 3, at the “ Old Stone famptonburgh in a most fitting I manner. The first part of the exercises, I which consisted of a Pageant, com­ menced promptly at 11 A. M., ^erything right in Price G. R. PALEN, Mgr. Let us supply your Drug Store wants and right in Quality :ed promptly a t 11 A. M., ar followed by the usual bask( throughgh whichhich historyistory andnd traditionradition The Pageant represented scenes lu w history a t us that Sarah Wells passed, and ‘ ‘ Ex])('vt Shoe liepa in n ^ ’ ’ Sale of Men’s &Women’s Pumps &0xfordsl IN ALL LASTS AN D LEATHERS, BEGINNING AUGUST 1st. : : Regal $3.50, $4.00 ® $4.50 values, $2.98 lunch picni 3 Pa^ iich h a that were enacted during those early times. The scenes were as follows: Scene I. Sarah Wells and her escort on their way from New Wind- to the banks of the Otterkill. Carpenters Bartow Wright Bull, where he Sarah Wells Dolly Watkins Be arpente W. Ackerly, Jr. Tuttle $3.00 and $3.50 values, - 2.49 $2.50 values - - - 1.98 2.25 - 1.74 2.00 “ . . . 1.59 1.75 “ - . . 1.39 1.50 . 1.19 The Shoes are regular stock which are occupying space needed for Fall lines arriving daily, and to move them quickly' they will be sacrificed at the above figures. SlipJaotxmm Doremus Block, - - - - Monroe, N. Y }}'(' Sjuriftlize on (Viihlrrn ’.s* Shoes. R ^ e tn e m b e r * RELYEA’S CANDY STORE When you want Candy or Soda. A fine line of box candies, fresh and delicious at the popular prices of 25c and 50c. 30c and fiOc. “Hopewell Dainties” Maraschino Cherries at 40c the box, once tasted, never forgotten. Also a full line of 10c Candies equal to many of the higher priced ones. We make a specialty of Salted Peanuts at lOe per pound. Frank W. Relyea, belief the banns must be e.allfd times. The judge decides istance.s three Lake Street, Monroe FIREMEN’S OPERA HOUSE Saturday, Aug. 31 THE BEST SHOW OF THE SEASON Vion’s Motion Pictures The Best that can be Procured Another Excellent Program Six Reel-s Prices lOc and 30c Wednesday, Sept. 4 ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAM I Indians, Geo. Gauge Howell, Chas. W. Slaughter, Geo. H. Thomp- Scene II. Clearing the land and buildingjjthe cabin. The arrival of Christopher and Madame horseback from New York. Madame Elizabeth Denn, Amy Bull Johnson. Christopher Denn, Jesse Booth. Home, Sweet Home, Orchestra. Scene III. The courtship. Sarah Wells, Edna Brewster Tuthill. William Bull, Harry Bull. Scene IV. The wedding. Guests are present from many miles distant. The magistrate. Judge John Merritt, rides fifty miles from Orangehiirgh. To conform with the grooms Episc< der the circumstances three pro. clamations in one day will be as effectual, after which the ceremony proceeds. Justice Merritt, Albert C. Bull Madame Cromline, Jane Bull Pierson Daniel Cromline, Jesse R. Bull and other guests. Solo, “ The Life Road” Millard Mapes. Scene V. This scene showed the cabin of Sarah and Willinm Bull. William starts on foot for the mill at Fishkill. Sarah becomes anxious when he does not return, ties her babe to the bedpost and goes to meet William Bull, Ebenezer Bull, J r Sarah Wells, Helen Pierson Bull Babe, Sarah Wells Bull Scene VI. Building the Stone House House. Sarah, Dolly W. Booth illiam, Albert C. Bull Scene VII. Kind deeds to the In­ dians had injured the family’s .safe­ ty. During the trouhlous times of French and Indian Wars the Iiou.se was place of refuge. A messenger e.x- ected at the hnu.se at night comes running in the next morning covered with mud. When asked where he : had been, cries “ In Purgatory.” [This name has been applied The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. Church netted $106 at their re­ cent Fair. John Krouse has rented the post card room on the ground floor of the Doremus block, for an office for his feed business; possession October 1. Paul Terni who sold out his busi­ ness here to go into the hotel busi­ ness elsewhere has decided to Elizabethport, N. will open At the Progressive or “ Bull Moose’’ Convention, held in Goshen on Saturday, the Town of Monroe was represented by Rev. W. A. Eisenhart, John Krouse, J, R. Al- bertsion, Chester J. H. Carpenter. Rensselaer Banks of Monroe and Miss Lenora Germond of Arkville, Delaware Co., Were married at Mar- garetville on Aug. 20. Mr. Banks has been a resident of Monroe for to the fruit business, and has moved thport, N. J., whi a store neXt week. inderson and past five years, and is employed 1. G. Davison in his saw mill in Monroe residents were both aston- bed and grieved on Saturday night to learn of the sudden death of Otto W. Biedorf, owner and manager of the Moproe Opera House, of heart disease,with acute indigestion as the exciting cause. About four o ’clock on that after­ noon, Mr. and Mrs. Biedorf started from Moproe on a pleasure drive to id a t the start Mr. ig as well as usual or a t least made no complaint. On the return trip, when near the Oram lerty, a half mile from Central ley, an attack of acute indiges­ tion, from -which he has suffered more or less the past six months, rendered him practically helpless for a few moments. Then he resum­ ed his trip for Monroe. A t the'home m Patterson, on the top of the stop was made, and 3 administered. Again at Harriman, a stop was made for of vichy, which on form PERSONAL NOTES OF interest ! Mrs. Joseph Smith is quite sick I a t present at her home in Monroe i [village. Mrs. Emil Prey and children re- irned on Monday, after spending a mple of weeks a t Long Branch with ■lends, Mr. Frey will enjoy his ication at the same place next Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Anderson i are on a two weeks trip out of town, and while absent will take in the ' Thousand Islands and points of in-. terest farther South. At present I they are visiting with Miss Mayme White in Parkersburg, W. Va, MONROE’S :ui^«y nighL foHcwr# the recent Golf M l wlMKi ididi < of Johr Miss Nellie Linton of Monroe, £ Ferris Brown of Oxford Depot, w united in marriage on Tuesday even­ ing at the Presbyterian Manse in Chester, Rev. Mr. McAllister otheia ting. Marcellus Brown, brother of the groom, and Miss Mary Woo( a friend of the bride, were the a tendants. They will reside at Ox­ ford for the present. glass of vichy, which attacks had helped him. One island Ht seemed way home Mr. Biedorf ran and walked at least a mile, all withj made a t the Freeland House aid, but no remedy seemed give a particle of rel Wednesday evening, Sept. 4, meneing at K.l.'i sharp, in the i toriumrium off thehe Monroe Publicublic Sc to o t Monroe P School. This meeting is held in the interest of the consumer, it is announced, and what can be accomplished no effect to ease his agony. The | horse at last was urged home at its ^ utmost speed, and upon arrlvng Mr. Biedorf had Dr. Hall summoned. The physician lives almost opposite the Biedorf property, and was at home. He immediately saw that] Mr. Biedorf's condition was serious, and administered medicine and a hypodermic Injection; then hastened across the street to his residence for a stomach pump. Before he could providing fur the purehasi si ties at a saving to the consumer >r present methods. The meeting free,anrl a t the close of thespeech- speech- king questions will be anwered by leaders in charge of the meeting. Among the speakers will be Ezra A, Tuttle of Eastport, Long: neces- methods. The meeting ing questio the leaders in charge of the meeting over present methods. The meeting is free,anrl a t the close ofthe ■stions will be anwered by pump. return Mr. Biedorf was dead. Hall and L. H. Man present, resorted to artificial respira­ tion, but though they worked unceas- ngly for over half an hour, their SUMMER GU^i& 1 I Cedar CUff lw. The Barn Dance, aist titnual f e e tati of Cedar Clifit Inn wa* tod success Satt as i t did the guests appeared In modidt ing attire, the acene presented a striking contraat. It was Ihari t« recognize the fashionable fo ^ a fort-night previoha In. their eoeniedi country costumes; and the irrtttfc o f the dancers and onlookett eraa due to e enthusiastic spirit In whfeh tbe irticipants prepared for the oeea- on and lived up to their eharactem. The Inn was given a rustic appear­ ance by decorations of ton-ff«w<i corn-stalks, golden rod. Amongst those who Inspired the ist glee must be mentlonedt Mary Ballard of Psessle, N, ■*--1 Mrs. Mo J . , who was completoljr disguised, hjr coquettish black curls, light blue “ braid ribbons” with a stoashlnc flowered musHn frock. D, McCabe of Broxdcljrn^ took the p rize attired in a one-tto# fashionable dress aod bonnet depleted in Godeys Magazine for At^uat I M , Mrs. I. C, Collier Of Brooklyn,Mie vy of the other ladies os a i e ^ t her Btylish “ water-fall” and alnt costume, Mrs. E. J. Coughlin of Pasitie, . J ., in a skirt eleven yarde around id a red velvet bonnet the a r t of making which has beOn lost. Mrs. N. C. Durham of Brooklyn, whose ehawl revealed a choice design and whose bonnet was particularly ' rts were unavailing. Island, of the State, of the State Food In- w itigation Cnmmiasion; Laurence L. Driggs rif Manhattan, a member of Mayor’s Committee for New of the champion farmers Mrs. Henry Biedorf, and was born in New York City about 38 years . His mother died several yean , but his father is still living. of Manhattan, a member of Markets', and a member of the City Club; Professor Martha VanRensse- laer of Cornell University, who will speak on \Home Economics;’’ Ar- ilonroi*, V sale I ’riee.s to the Consumer.” Deceased was the son of Mr, and nry Biedorf, ago. riis mothi ago, but his father is still living, and makes his nomo in Monroe. At, 10 years of age, ho began working Cor the Golden Lion Tea Store in thatj city, and continued with them for three years. The next three years he spent in a real estate office, also in New York City, The family coming to Monroe, Mr. Biedorf, a lad, sought s Mra, Harry Bryan left on lesday for Melrose Park, Illinois, lere they will join Mrs. Bryan’s lativos and make their futire A. Eiiberts of Kingston, who ied with 'estern Stnl igH of Ne\ 3 topic is “ Whole igston, V has been identified with Grai “tings in the Western States, r Mrs. Blt-eker Bangs of New Yc It is the consensus of opinion of the Qua Hill road since the road has been all who have boon over in the Town of Monroe, ■ can be accomplished a t a reasonable expenditur.‘ of money. ■ Ilf road has been thorouj the “ Old Stone Houi Messenger, Whitfield H. Bull. Scene VIII. Samuel W. Eager, represented by his grandson, writ­ ing the history of Orange County. He reviews the Bull family- Wil­ iam and Sarah and their children. Scene IX. Eight generations line of William, Wm. I. and Sarah Wells -Harry Bull and Miss Edna Tuthill. Wm. II. and Miss Booth--Wm. Bull Cocks and Miss Helen Slaugh- Capt. Wm. Bull III. and Bethiah Reeves—Chas, H. Wells and Miss Eleanor Jackson. Wm. Bull IV and Keturah B u ll- Raymond S. Ackerly and Miss Helen G. Wells. Wm. Bull V and Phehe Bull. Sarah Wells Buil and Chas. F. I Wells. Over a mile ughly over- 1 hauled. Rocks have been taken out, I the road widened, grades cut down, aices constructed, a sub I base of stone {iiit in for a consider- lad, sought and found ment with the Monroe Cheese in their local plant, ed with this company some years, and then entered the employ of the Erie Monroe station, as bag­ gage master. Here he stayed five and a half yeara. Next he entered iploy of the Newbury Foundry, and was still engaged by this com­ pany when he married, eleven years ago,his wife being Estclla, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kon- Herbert Levy is now employed clerk in Paddleford’a store. Mr. and Mra, Harry Bryan Tuesday for ‘ ‘ ' relatives home, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan have’ lived in Monroe ten years, and leave any friends here who wish them lundance of success. Miss Amy Todt, daughter of Mr. id Mrs, Michael Todt, is in S t Vincent’s Hospital, N. Y. City, where on Tuesday' she underwent a successful operation for the removal a piece of bone one and a half inches in length from one of the nasal passages. Miss Todt will re­ main in the hoi hospital about a week. pzrtlculai . coming over a tight “ psych*\ knot. Tha number of mllk-malda pxesont was probably da* not *oro«ch to tti# p «'alenceof«owainth*nrighb*rhood aa to the becontingnenofahoirtidilrto and Marguerite braidi. Miss Marion Muir of Naw York, i 4 p was a pletur* that »td« on* sigh for i > I olden timea in her grandmethecs silk dress, high eoraht and n*ek eorki. I The ladies ware aaeli aeeomptnded by a rural swain who was deeaaed tor * Farmers party, Uex. Johnaon of Navr Totk, wore frock coat, larg* hat and sweep­ ing grey locks of * K*ntocky Col­ onel. An irascible temper wm not lacking as tftos* who ogmndmi 1^ pride have ressoB I* msmuMm’- gaily b During the past week, the Re­ in and Democratic ttees, as well as the Progressive Party, newly organized, id designated candidates publican and Democratic County CommiUees, as well as the Roosevelt tainpd only schooling in the city prior to (en ty prior to t years year, 1887, spent in lion School. Never- ablc flist.ance, a top dressing of gravel put on an'l rolled down oy the steam roller-anii the total cost was only about 52,iifirt. Of this the town paid but .$775, and the property own- long the road the balance. It 1 bad that a biwn of the size irnsperity o) put its roads in ‘-hap'’, other way was it poHsible to get this done at this time, and it p-nerous dt?.“-ns resided in thi.s theleas he was a keen business man, and in one way and another, chiefly by reading and experience, oh a good practical knowledge of busi- v/hich many a graduate of the colleges of today sadly Shortly after his marri­ age he severed his connection with the Newburys, and the next four ing Primary Election in September, to have their natries placed on the official ballot. Candidates named so far are: Republican. Congress—Edmund Piatt, Poughkeep- Senate- John D. Stivers, Middle- Assembly, 1st Diat.- Henry Hallock, Jr., Woodbury. A. H. P. Sceger, ver it w u eemplwd w l » m grace and coutlcty of a tm « Sontlm a gentleman. Master Teddy John*en wm th* belle of the ball in a flowtreid d m * , bedecked bonnet and hlaek early Thoa. Muir of New York, nm«lir«d ueb attention a t all em*nc^il«<*ii new woman from the Harem m M Raschid. And not to be forgotten la W. M. [sight whose zeal in twinging the idiea through Money Mask and Vir­ ginia Reel could only be equated by his genius In pitching hay. MoaDtaia Top Cottage, On Saturday evening the gaeata enjoyed a Salamsgutidi P arty. Prize# n by Mr. and Mra. Vreden- Ir. McDermott aixl Hisc M«- Dermott, Howard Keady and Mia# jphine f burgh, Mr. McDermott aixl Hisc k and M isephine Gregan. The ebiidren's ■freshments were served in the Ex- fPrudyntial Insurance Company. Giv- the sole owner of the i junty Judge—A. Newburgh. ing this up, for himself. usineaa > -WVMVaWb J ■'Ford Motor Cars Also Agents for REO Motor Trucks and Prest-O-Lite Gas Tanks MONROE AUTO COMPANY, with the Indian squaws and the little loose's, either loitering about the lin or peeking from behind fence, and It rueai breaths and nut drawing sufficient oxy­ gen Into the lungs. Finally, the lungs R. W . Smith, MONROE, N. y. cabin or peeking from beh tree ice, and especially so in Scene the crying of the babe, Sarah Wells Bull, could be distinctly heard [after the mother had started in [search of the father. The following poem, written by Mr.s. Clara Durland Bull of Monroe, [ was sung to the tune of America. I Our kindred, 'tis of thee. Fair Maid of Destiny, I Of thee we sing. ■ah Wei range County [Ne'er dreaming that her future fame i Abroad should Why You Sigh. When anyone .“-IghH unconscioasly . tliey have been taking short ?,lrjg suffi must have more o.'ijgi'n, they are hun­ gry for It, and so tho lungs exert Ihelr right and actually force you to taki Jith of ulr. This j aedfd oxygen, and can go on with their work for a while longer, when they will force lother \sigh which is In reality alplng them.“-elv'K to more oxygen In spite of yonri idf. impany. this up, he commenced busi nager of the Monroe Opera House, his wife being Mr. Biedorf had a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and v/as well liked as citizen, turvived by his father, three bro- ers, O. A,, of Highland Mills, lolph of Middletov;n, and Henry of Jersey City. Also by one sister, izabeth, wife of James E, Hall, of Monroe. Funeral services wore held i his late home on Thursday afternoon, atl 2 o’clock, conducted t i n neighbor, friend ; Jeside his widow, LUgu.st 29, a j by the Rev. J. J. Henry of the Monroe Cemetery ;Ell.sworth Merritt, Church, nroe Methodist Episi I Interment in the family plot in the funeral director. District Attorney—John D. Wilson, Newburgh. County Clerk—John D. McGiffert, Newburgh. Superintendent Poor- \V. P. Dur­ land, Chester. Coroners Norman DuBois, New- buegh; J. H, Harding, Middle- Democratic. ingress- Richard E. Connell. ■nate Thomas Watts of Middle- Assembly, 2d Dist., W. T. Doty, Circleville. County-Tudge-John W. Lyon, Port^ Sheriff V. J. Kohl. Newburgh. County Clerk Robert H. Clark, Minisink. Superintendent Poor- Fred Decker, Mr. and Mrs. McDermott gave a farewell supner on Thursday evening Elks Club in Newburgh, Lobster was served. Their gttesta were Mrs. Ed. Hessian, Mr. and Urn, Watson Vretlenburgh, Mr. and Mrs. William Cregan, Mrs. P. Jfeady, George Keady and Mrs. Jamea Ca- Sunday Mr. and Mri and family ata tour of the Adirondacka, stoppi ly the g tain View e luncheon was eaten in tl mines. George Keady W, Keady brougt home the pr Vioa'i Motion Pklarea. During the absence of C. J. Vion Business t * . after Mr. Vion’s intere proprietor of Vion’s Motion Picturea, G' O, West, Business Manager of the .M o n r o e G a z e t t 'S , •will look terests. The [shows will be i of the Hand. vey sympathy iaor<j effectively than There are times wh< a a grasp of the t a sacred thi Iwiiurt comforl hand la alnu sorrov/ It y sympathy iaor<j enectivi irda. Again, it may he a the reliability of friendship or a pledge of honor: also an expression of Now Paint. Strike when the iron is hot and paint when the property needs it. They paint ships a dozen times of them, evei Theodore .Smith, Goshen. Pogrefi^ive. Assembly, 1st. Dist.—H, T, Pulsi- \u'; IF SOMEBODY ELSE hinted that you were too SELFISH to make proper provi­ sion for those dependent upon you, you’d resent it hotly. What reason do you give yourself for not buying Life Insurance? Write fur Partlciilare of Policies a t your age, JAMES MADDEN, NEW YORK ADDRESS: 20 VESEY STREET, Dense tho’ these woods and drear, She faltered not thru fear, Did well her part. How Nature wrought her spell Lies not with us to tell, On the resultant facta we dwell Of Cupid’s art. roval or of admiration. Did !• hear of a rnnii‘8 grow by the reading of \Romeo llet” or blowing his brains brains out be- i maligned?—Ol- On Thursday, Sept, 5, at 2 o’clock ■ Calvin Anderson Estate for sale at auction, va] I able Monroe re.al estate consisting [the house and grounds owned by hem, situated corner of Anderson ind Elm Sreets, the land being about [ - 12i acres. A largo barn is also locat- [ ed on the property._LSea posters. She married William Bull, Whose head and heart were full Of Life's great plan. IJoutlDueil on fourth page. year; yea, some of them, every voy­ age. What for, do you think ? To look nice and get business. A livery keeps its carriages paiinted nishei and washed, to get business. A man, with a house for sale ■ pa and and washed, to look nice and business. A man, with a house to let, ‘'does it up,” and Devoe ia[ the paint. keep-out water. Paint for looks and illy, 1st fer, Mountainville. Assembly, 2d D ist.-Rev, Andrew Schriver, Chester. District Attorney—John P. Bradner, Middletovfn. lunty Judge Ferdinand V. San­ ford, Warv/ick. junty Clerk W. D. Hodgson, Cornwall. Sheriff- Harry Bull, Hamptonburgh. Corom?rH—Isaac Brown, Newburgh; John Krouse, Monroe. in paint than to you needn’t think fresh coat of paint once a year is about needn’t think about water. A good for his credit as pa; his debts. But the man Who; buildinga and fences look nev/, very[^ likely, has no debts. DEVOE. Smith & Strebol Co., sell it. give as usual, Tuesdays, Highland M ills: Wednes­ days and Saturday, at Firemen’s Opera House, Monroe; Thursday in Central Valley and on Fridays in same high class, dll be given. Mr. Vion leaves to take charge of the Harriman. The sam e hf| Motion Pictures w ill be gi Business Management of a theatrical company which his brother and he are putting on tour this sea­ son. They are s tarring Tom T^ewis “ The Unknown” in Geo. M, Cohan’s muaica* comedy sncceaa “ The Yatslte# Prince.\ On Tuesday afternoon, the Ladies Aid Society will meet a t Mrs. Orville nety wil HOE r Shi REPAIRING\“ Tho Foot- jyou bring them •P*' Shop” repair-man, FOR SALE..—Cheap,* “ Cheap, a good horse, guaranteed sound very respect. Inqplr* iGWis, Monroe, good hors ind. and all right In . Inqplr* o f W. S. “ I ts never too lateate l to naeiad,” If to ‘“th* f m k m w r n

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