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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, March 29, 1912, Image 1

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T he M on VOL; Y, NO 5. Sponges and Chamois Shin for CHURCH AND Aoto, Wagon. Don’t let mud destroy varnish—get it off. Bath sjionges for your personal use. Let us supply your Drug ^tore wants. ian i]I ip«ak on India. Mr. Mow- bo conoidored Everything right G. R. PALEN, Mgr. lay bo conaidored a Monroe boy. It waa hii mother's borne qnttl she went to India with her hueband;) he obtained bia primary education Public School. Mies Pei eachh on ‘*lJnpopaiarUnpopular Pretreaching.\ APRIL FOOL SALE MONDAY, APRIL 1st preac on “ P The regular monthly union meet- the first Sup- e regular mon< rill not be held evening of April, it being Eaater Sunday and apaciai Eaater programa have been prepared Alao it will b« the BET THE WISE AND ECONOMICAL PEOPLE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE : \ : the new pastorate in the Church. The union meeting by each church. T NEW 20 per cent Reduction THIS DAY AND DATE ONLY, ON All Shoes DISPLAYED ON THE SECOND FLOOR OF THE FOWLER M o n s T R o i E , T T . MONEY SAVED IS MONEY MADE. a week later, on the second Sc lay evening in April. Hudson Presbytery will hold its Spring meeting at Chester this The opening aesaion for organia Kvjyeit Shoe Repainni^. HOSIERY the pair. Men's pi Ladies^ Cotton and Merct the pair. Ladies’ Pure Thresad ' r i silk hose, all colors, 50c the pair, lerized Hose, black or tan, 15c and ^ s Silk Hose, 39c the pair. “EVERWEAR Men’s Cotton and Cashmere Hose, tan or black, per box o f six . _ . _ . u ------- 5Q J2.0O. pair with six month! Ladie \ pair, with Children’s Cctb per box of four paii 10, per box of tnrei “You cannot al ® l | p Borenius Block* - - - _ Monroe, N. Y. We Speemlize nn Childi'en ’.s* Shops. FIREMEN’S OPERA HOUSE Saturday, March 30 Vion’s Motion Pictures The Best that can be Proouped Another Excellent Program Six Reels Wednesday, April 3 EN T IR E CHANGE O P PROGRAM Prices lOc and :20c BUILDING, MONROE OPEil HOOSI “Private” Lessons 7 to 9 P. M, DANCING PROMPTLY AT 9:15 .A.<l-Xxi.±ss±oxi. o e x x t i s cJWtasic bv Vollmer’s Five-piece Orcliestra. at IS A MIGHTY BAD SIGN when a Life Insurance agent ccaaes to call on you. Other salesmen only need the consent of the buyer to make a sale. The Life Insur­ ance salesman knows he can sell only to those who can pass the necessary examination. Talk to him before he puts you on the list .of “not worth while,\ TVrltt for ParttenISM of PoHdo* at your »st. JAMES MADDEN, SiSL\ ig a t Chester this yeai lession for organfzatio called for Monday evening, Api Next Sunday evening, Easter Sun­ day, the boys and girls of the Preeby- terian Sunday School will render an Easter program. At that time the collection cards should be returned. Miss Penoyer will sssist at this awr- G race C hi Sunday School Morning Prjiyer at Guild meeting at Mrs. Samuel King’s on Friday altemoon. The Willing- Workers Satar- day at the Pairish Katise. The Wi!< ling Worhera are greiMring for an Eaater Sale to be held at the home of Mrs. Amy Woodhutl. Proceeds of sale to be used for Sunday School books. Pats given latsr. renovated, and prJSite a tractive appearance. C. S. Knight. 9 ^ Mapes Fred Hulat, three «f«NWae'a pabHe apiHted eitlnena, k f p arranged to have the Ranapo bolow'tho village pond dag agfaM drefned la •tagnant pools b rammer dead fish proved offsnaivo t The Bowling oa l f c a l ^ , i b e d e c idllddalM n g lif HtcTMOoiar BnacoFAt.. On account of the abeenee of pastor of tba Mathodiat Kpioen. Church who is in attendanee a t the annual session of the New York Con­ ference in Kingston, only the Sunday lo] and Epworth League sessioni he held next Sunday. On Eas- Sunday the pastor will preach morning and eveningand apecial Eas­ ter music will be renderedi choir. The mid-week and the choir reheat as usual ek prayer servic srsal will be heh WW U Tiwlee? Ecko Aatwera, Wla? The viliagp board of Trustees met I Monday evening to rsorganiye ac- lay evening 1 cording to law, but tiona involved as to wl who claims to trustee on March rery little was done or will be done until the regular meet­ ing of the board, the third Tuesday evening in April, At the meeting Monday evening, David P. Mack, :Iaims to have been elected h 19, was present, [n the proceedings. President Paddleford' presented a written opinion from Serven i<;,Cos, Middletown, stating that if the Board mcognited Mr. Mack as trustee, acts of the Board would not be Invalidated, he simply acting in a capacity known by law as a dp facto oijicer. Sines our last issue,Frank W. BeL yea has sworn in as trustee to pro­ tect any rights which may bp found himim whenhen thehe legalegal tangleangli is un­ due h w t l t rayieled.ieled. Beyeral opinions have Received from who was elected truistpe election, and hardly lops ha beep unty lawyers os to ru at the last on any phase of the question, The Sterling Manufacturing Co,, of New York, has a large line of ladies' auits, dress coats, waists, skirts, etg,, on sale in the Fowler Store, commencing Thursday, March and continues ten days, gee adv. Throngh the B. H. Seaman Agency , 8. Lewis has^ leased the lower floor of his residence on Maple Ave» nue, formerly occupied by Ira Smith, to Jacob Mittnacht. lager Morris has obtained a game with the Big* Five of Middle- town.and will be played on the Mon- court, Tuesday evening, April 2. team and a Mr. Morri roe court, This is a expected. Mr. Morris also has several other good teams booked for this season, A full attendance is desired a t th regular meeting of Wluape Lodge, I. 0. O. F., on Friday evening to determine a means of raising mom with which to buy n ng money fpsts and furniture for the lodge rooms. Prof. Miller’s Saturday night lontinue lo be It. Mr. Miije? rday from 7 to 9 t uctions, with dant IS. Mo matter how cross he is Dore- mus, Monroe, wllf get a goad pietuiw give private instrut ing at p a s . ird don’t foqtot ^ ^ Swrta on RognlnUa* a llva far wIM t apriM Libruy T M Wlllho iMr«« art Hosrard Honlof f\^' “ lor B8, RoboH tfi. , — . Shuit, Ralph MaiMa m Bo« priso A m C l»ir--A J * » l*r Ulk Walton. ISE, W. Aep> W , R m n M Huntor »1, J. Bny^JML On Bataniay, Mk at M A.' M., the Monro« Town R p n i and Town BppejtotMH^t of Biginnq* dd a pWhtle wMtinf hi tha tho rand inoiwy will be applied tho coming year. Al) who have tdeaa on thia subject shouldshould presentesent them pr them at meeting. The closing hour of u-eting will depend on the nnm- f applicants desiring to be beard. M i intormsmt being a t Camvpll The foartb ber of appi’ Five members of Wlnape Lodge, No, 140, I. O. O. F,, Journeyed i Newburgh We<lnc-sdsy night whei dirt* sad, the victim being Mrs. RoM* Hummoro, who with hor hubaad and five children lived between Chester and CraigvlUe in a amall hooae on bog grounds. Mrs Suniinore had •sdsy night by special dispensation they received the three degrees in the Enriampment branch of Odd Feliows- fhe bog grounds, an invalid D]a#aoe,lmt had been ahl e fcnr The Encamp­ ment of Patriarchs. All had a royal time and survived the “ g o at's” rough baiiAling. The members that at- het housework, morning she prc| for some time ng she prepare her family as usual, left for bis work. [mO for Him I were. Ford Rely«a, Geo. A. West, Arthur Patmore, }1 Nelson and William Ear}. lying on the floor, cold in death, the fiyci children, thf tldeal Farauel Nelson and William Ear}. Glotht-s Iinr3 thieves have been operating of Jate about Monroe, ami many housewives have been relieved of part of their weekly wash remain­ ing on the line at night, Mrs. D. F. Mack on Monday !o»! kimona. fiyci girl of only 11 year their dead ihother. the Press of Abraham & S sole ager light S. P in Monday lost a fine The thieves generally make several trips with their bundles, as in some instances clothing has been found bundled in out huijdings, evi­ dently placed there by the culprits for 8 more favorable opportunity to j ^'ay\pi(a arrive in which to carry it home, j,j„, Incorporation papers were filed this week for the Clarence S. JKni sropany, with a capital stoc! iOOO and the following Directors for e first year: Clarence S. Knight, Carrie B. Knight and Georgf Rogers. There will be no chanj the character of the business. Rogers, who enters the firm, fs one of our popular and hustling young men. His native place is Middle- town, but he has resided in Monroe : the past two or three years, heipg ipioyed heretofore by Mr. Knight head bookkeeper, Tatvn Superintendent of Highways John Breithaupt and Jpatiee J , H , Gregory represented the Town' >f Monroe at the county meeting of towh superintendents, town boards, apd' with Board of Supervisors held in Goshen ,out. on Friday last. The meeting is held it to a new law providing sucli shall meet once e.aeh year. Addresses were made by F. S. Ma­ guire of Westchester; C, D. Perry of Deposit, and John Qlick of Qien Palis, district highway ipspectots. The editor returns hi* thank* to Mr*. Bteecker Bang* of Brooklyn »nd New York, for an auto­ graph copy of her new hiatorfeal hook, “ Reminiscences of Old New ?eht and Gowanus, *’ issued from the WeatorA eamed iged M^mieeMafttlfy laM WMk by local talent of Central Vbiloy. wUI be repeatod i« Mnnaoiihi Hall, 1 ;reeht and Gowanus, *’ issu B Pte** of the Brooklyr lyn Eagle, t, Bro^Iyn, are t o f the hook, which sell* The w riter combine* in a ng and fascinating to rea- 8, lusiory genealogy, biography— anything relating to the old Town­ ship, i t is a valuable work,j and the writing thereof has extended over a I.** Central Valley, flllwd p-riod of twenty years. Rev, Fred J. Newton, a missionary fddia, now- on a furlough of 0, t Neam’a Hail, hall to overflowing, not a vacant t remaining. EveryoM praaent ao thorough!* aatisfled. that an ckk stent deasand that the play be ^ repeated was made, with the effect that on Saturdhijr night of this week, the play will again he given In JJearn’s Hall for the local church of that village, Bxr which tickets are -idly. ia, now- on a furlough of a year this country, has been visiting his cousins, Mrs, Geo. K. Conklin, C- Conklin. C- T» igbt, Fred J . Knight gnd other jtives and friepda in this section. Mr. Newton’s parents were both mis. sionaries in indh in India, hut their chil­ dren were educated In America, Mr, were educat Newtoq himself Missionary work for it has been over eight years last had a vacation. engaged in le time, and siiiee he Wary G. Crotty who foy the past week has been confined to her home with sore throat is again able to he thjvoe Ts|tci least 6*l!o»*s Always. (Paint Dovoe; it’s the cheapest nnt in the world: never mind the ice; it may nr may not be more, y ^ s! galfona tviU paint arrl ' T b Wise Palatcp. He won't buy ready for use from the can Paint BECAUSE i t ’s nearly half Oil and therefore if he paid $2.10 for a gallon of such Paint, he ■ for a haif gallon of I the price of Oil js only Sl.nrt for one gallon. But ho buys L. & M. Paint hecaiiSB i t 's thick, and because he adds tho pure Linseed his way making his Paint gallons Yviil paint the hous< th e paint wilt outwear anything, kip wear; you’ve got to wait, to fij i that out. It covers mare; you haven't got to wait to find that out. It’s the cheapest of ail; no m atter ah mt tho price. !J. Avory, Delhi, N, T.^owns two horses, both exactly alike. He pa nteh one with Devtoe and one with then paint, Devon 6 gallons; the W 12. *hs(t*ahaw.. J5MITH& $ f REBEL CO, 'a(e« tire children t« Doremmi Menm* pM|ii« wf|| b* p|«M«i < that “ Tlw Stnbbcprn M mi iiiey iwening, April’s, fw : ofWinepe WinxiM Lodge, 1. o . roe, on *^i< the benefit of This play when •beirt tJO o 'e k w k . F. B. HeU, month kM horn selling rapidly. Several Mom present whcR eek, giv* the pli lewl, attd it again i; follow the urow people who were \The Stubborn Motor ■»lay of laat lay a hearty recont- state they expect l o s e r in Monroe. Hanein) pi&y. Rememb date and placcj Firemen's Opei House, Jlmroe, Friday evening, 5. General admisal<*n,!i& cent*; ved seata, 35 cents. Chart a t Ml. Rdyea’a on Saturrlay morning this week. The east o f characters ring will reservec is as follows Following ia the cast of character*: 1 Page, a a rustler-Ch»« Slat ring, at- Easteni c«pif« W. M. Giliferaleeve. Sir John Sniffln, an English) Hftraec Bullwinkle, Otto, a chauffeur- Ivan Mape.s. Red Leary, a desperado—John Prigge Hank Dillon* the sheriff- Richard Rose. im Lo, a Mongolian—W. Ml. Craw­ ford, Ruth Waring, an Eaaletn girl -Mis* Ella Parker, Hy Forbes, a pr«Iuct of the Weat- Geneveivt Gn* Merril, Ivan Mapes. Apatowan, Indriti gtri Mis* Marion Ciwmwfcl!, lencYeii Mrs. Merril, Waring’s sistvr- Mrs, IdioMia, Mleii., f day. Thaidday- “ Brad\ I* fawlhyr * Hi. N. Chaso. Rlat» j i k l i g the (Md Follow* L s ^ FwtlliW atiranee Co., la la TheplMMnt 'winw^ay ovenlaf « i wpl* t« aliaa Opera House and w show. Th# ; three draniaa wad tImW H AssthriklMr th#‘*8tlflk# «IF. Johnny Misie.\ aarwad l i | r | L „ enthusing to • high |dcal|v^<'4 ment everyon# fat aMaHdhSM^v th»n fight in tl atrikora siauplwf MuH rwshlag. WlieH th# their leader thrown daw* tha ^ thofr ire wa# ara«*«d. Tlkh 'Shi intorast in the pietitrs kagg Mui Ing right up t« M m eHmax s M smc young strih# IwalMr aihgt*.|M stood off a crowd #r Ma kihiA fH ■feirothiM- strikivo wh# «««» lynching the managag Mf i h * . Jdhimy Min#, Th# tamgmm« Mr. Vion waa an promio«a aa«tti#r fta, WM^'H day #v«niag.

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