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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, December 22, 1911, Image 6

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~ f t ^ i W f ^ , I. 0. Smith, Jr.. i|HM1tiH(»ii-prq»ietor of Row Uwn, i coUoge for tlse bojidi Omtntl Vil|«y, *nd Mi»» Honrlettn; Clark, d]t«irht«r of a southern cotton 0 m m l i i l ) ^ ShawIKwr*iiM} Tho *‘ab«ri«r trod uglier word*’ liv vacation. i PW»d' bafore Judge^Seeger this — -..t— v. ------ ‘--aring the to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hop- (day, a son, Ward Elvin. d Jatnes Buseher le of Mr. and M launi from reliable to have a new post I H im I b the pear future, , «r who gets the postofliee i Ppeit to be awarded. th« pre- C. T, Knight, is nhroa prepared for a new to be erected juat west of snt atrueture, to be of tile- two atories in height. The will be about 27x50 feet in I first floor to be used ex- inTrip for post office business, the for o^es. In addition, the Niaent requires new cases and aaent coating about $1,400. If «ewli raeeivea the appointment 11 be required to provide ade- uirters and similar equipment, is alowly bat surely going a past office in keeping with !^tiS tiuiving village. By the way, the Stroller feels it right to men- ’ rto« those brand new steps leading ■ up into the old office. Fiw ' morning whUa be ' case ' of Margaret Kane o . charged w i ^ contempt of court, in J chambers in Newburgh and that fiati- lit ' Mrs. Edward; result was due only to , the peaceful disposition of Elwood Mrs. A n -;c, Smith. Wilbur McBride, cham- id died on n! ' pioti welter weight barrister of the mesenting the defen- that Mr. Smith, in s,*T ,.rr~s TJiT: H. P. Seeger of Newburgh, a life- j Joseph, son of Mr. and long friend of Col, Taylor. Napolis. was born and died o pion The ceremony took place in the Dec. 16. Burial at Arden Dec. 19. county seat, repi parlor of the \old homestead” at! The Rev. C. B. Conro will preach dant, intimated 5'BO in the presence of a very few : on ‘‘The Birth of Christ” in the; his capacity of guests, the number being limited to ; morning, and \Queen Esther, ” in ; hen Light and Judge andjMrs. Seeger, and to James | the evening. departed from More o f Montana, and Miss Donna The little friends of Miss Flora, him outside for mortal combat. Morrison, at present guests of the < the three year old daughter of M Inn. The marriage license was pro- j Sadie Perry, gave her a fine party cured at lioon on Thursday from Town Wednesday afternoon. ‘\Si ClerkE. L. Pitch. A v/edding sup-j ' j, Duisky, a member of the ^ per was served, but the \newly-1 , with $2 costs, befoi weds\ will take Light and Powei irted fro the truth Smith, attorney lor the G< 0 honeymoon trip : Panama ?ing a position in the I ^ „ Government Hospital. ^ impany, ha and invite Several weeks ago, suit was brought, against Mrs. Kane to recover a light­ ing bill for $114, and Mr. Smith'ob- tained judgment for the full amount Justice Car- flrm of Dffisky & Busjn^on^the^ar.^^ . havinj directed ■ Col. Taylor’s greatgrandfather Government Hosnital^ »PP\»»te^ referee in sup.' was Sir Benjamin Taylor of England, blementavy proceedings at Goshen, to knighted by King George, in the The Harnmaa Pastime Club have | gj,ow the condition of her estate and latter part of the JSth century. H is! ^“^day oause why the jud ?r part of the JSth century, grandfather, Jonathan Taylor, ousin of 2, when they will open i ^ ^ ' b-satisfied. ^ - ^ t i s S ‘ when S ^ h e appointed 'jth a Leap Year Dance, ; ^jate. November 2fi. arrived. sond cousin of Zackary Taylor, November 26, arrivi ssident of the United States,and being furnished by Miller’s gane failed to put in an api noted general of the Mexican War. J ’®kets are 25o.; re-1 Then Mr. Smith instituted - ■ - • chased what Is: 25c extra. ! proceedings, Rose Lawn pro > -The Epworth League have elected ^ Mrs. Kane was arraigi perty 120 years ago, and it has since j new officerss for the nextt six months I morning and Mr. McBride r Stroller would respectfully he attention of the s to the dangerous condition of j gjg X the side of the new farm am ®Ke|by his son, Isaac, Lw’**'® near the bridge on j R : - P jement should . was a X, w n e n w win open j be W the appointed ived, Mrs. ippearance, >d contempt Jonathan Taylor purchased what is n-esnmems soc exxra. ; proceedings now known as the Rose Lawn pro > -The Epworth League have elected ^ Mrs. Ki perty 120 years ago, and it has since j uew officer for the nex six months I morning and Mr. McBride raised the a continuously handed down from as follows; President, A. Wallace ; issi e that hjS client was not guilty son. Jonathan lived and|R>ah; 1st Vice-Pres., Mrs, Chas. |of contempt because there was an succeeded I Clark; 2nd Vice Pres. , Mrs. John Er-; error in the copy of the judgement Lso passed i hardt; 3rd Vice-Pr,es., Mrs. Daniel served on her. It did develop that he property, handing it J Sturr ; 4th Vice-Pres., Mrs. J. L a -: the typist made an error in copying '.down to Gol. Taylor the present oc-] fof&e: Secretary, Mrs. W .L. Dally; the original papers, making the Uupant. I Treasurer, J. B. Tapping; Organist, limount $216, instead of $116. This, '' Col. Taylor is justly conceded to ! Miss Olive Blackburn. The League however, was immaterial and then from this Walk be the dean of the horsebreeders of j ®eads out a cordial invitation to Mr. Smith stated that he had re- after a storm. One accident oc-|Gj,ange County and probably of the I everybody to attend their devotional peived a letter from Mr. McBride, curred near there some years ago and United States. Over forty years * services each Sunday evening at 6:45. i practically daring him to bring con- a repetition is not to be desired, ggo jj^gp Lawn was famous over the ‘ Come to the prayer service each ' tempt proceedings against Mrs. And ivhiie he is harping on this sub. IgjjUfg country for horsebreeding. Wednesday evening at 7:30 P. M., Kane. Mr. Smith took the dare but ject, the Stroller would also remind Taylor at about that time owned | and enjoy a ‘‘Spiritual Feast.’’ ’ when the matter was mentioned th the'aforesaid fathers that muddy gnd refused an offer of $20,000 for | ^t the Christmas exercises on ‘ Mr. McBride denied thi while conducive to the p . j-,gHda” from the King of Italy j Thursday evening in the M. E. Church ‘ had written Mr. Smith, althouj )f the squad lining up on f bat later sold that monarch Florida’s ' (.he following program was rendered : Mr. Smith held the original letter i corners to witness the . great \Hambletonian’’ for a ! Song—School j band at the time, latest styles in hosiery, ate not so | ^j^niar price. Col. Taylor also dis > Prayer--Pastor Mr. McBride finally asked M pleasant for pedestrians of either sex , posgtj “ Albert L.\ and \ Jim I Greeting-Hilda Gross Smith to step outside and'settle tl having to use the walks. .■ Moulton\ to the Czar of Russia for i gj^ Christmas Letters- Six Girls ! matter without the aid of Judge ----------- J a very larp.* sum and later sold ; Christmas Gifts Thomas Pitcher as referee. However, Mr. Onarecent dark night The Strol-[\Home Again” to Buffalo Bill’ for ? Njght Before Christmas Rachael Smith declined, ler noticed a driveriess gray horse; exhibition purposes. Hundreds of - Beams ; that he did not 1 bland [other valuable trotting or running i Christmas Sorgs-Grace Corneliu.s the roadwork that the Town of Gos- lome; I horses were sold, many for foreign i ggnta Claus-Harry Blackburn abundance and after 15 minutesor so the owner camei consignment. Cake for Santa Claus -Clara Cole ‘ ^ft^f some delay, the trial proceeded, trudging along quite patiently, but i Embarking in other business en ; Christmas Motion Game -Grace Cor- ! Mrs. Kane was fined $10 and or- erprises with partners Col. Taylor; neiius jdered to appear before Referee Gott fus defrauded out of nearly his en- gorig. _gphool | at Goshen on Dec. 28. .Newburgh are being tuned up ! Fred Sexsmith’s Shopping-Joe Rake ' J®®®\®'- Dec. 19. — when The ■ embarked rho Pooninw x,, . .. ,. . . . Greatly Reduced Prices : ON : Pleasing Christmas Gifb Here is your opportunit)^ to bujr Christmas Gifts at prices below what the articles have cost us. Be sure and take advantage of this mone^ saving opportunity. croiswalks, enjoyment ( the village liming quietly along Iill«-Monroe road 1 'udginj footsore and weary, Wedding ■ee. However, Mr. perh.vps realizing have the benefit of ■ecuperate his Fred Sexsmith’s Shopping -Joe Rake the keeping , Nicholas Suggestions- Lily More When the Chri.stmas Tree G.ime-Primary De- ding bells to peal forth in February, when The. ’V ' \ ...... -- Stroller learns that a Warwick gentle- J . ‘’’’“tders. mania to take from Monroe one of i commenced our most popular young: widows.! ^ ______ __ ' tourjsta and hundreds of such jrue h - s - c a j F .r ,„ . isrsr Hartford, Dee. 20—Immediately I w ife wa.s Miss Gertrude Culver a ’ Seven girh from jail in con-! member ” ----- >— < i p.artment ! Beil Song -Six Girls A Boy’s Christma.s-Three Boys Star of Jesus, ’ Miss Jane Morrison died at the home of her only-brother, Alexander in Tuxedo, on Sunday, aged 60 years. Funeral services were held in the Tuxedo Catholic Church on Wednes­ day. Interment in Arden cemetei , ocv,-,. .. D. Smith, funeral director. De- *fter his release from jail in con-! member of the prominent Culver j ^ True Christmas Spirit Five Girls! ceased was the daughter of the late n with bis elopement,Benjamin , family of Brooklyn. After 54 years, ; Alexander and Isabella Morrison, and Kitchen, a chauffeur of Arden, N. i of happily wedded life Mrs. Taylor Pantomine Drill- Ten Girls ] it will be remembi y..w a 3 arrested todayand was taken; lied about three years-ago. Mother Goo.se- Primary Departments sibly that their 1 to New York City tonight to amswer f Miss ,Clarh--is the daughter of a Quts Distributed by Santa Claus - the present site of the Tuxedo station a charge of forgery. . ..;-saat5ern cotton planter who also was W. Rich but at that time on a knoll fully _Two months a^KUchen, it is al-i! extensively engaged na n breeder of _______________ 50 feet higher than the present! Qnci _ t «» «i m ^ I) Central Central Valiev. ’ * n w * Coroner S, B. Heaton '■jword of an award of tl _ VO months ago Kitchen, lege37\elopecT~7rom* Ridgefield, J ,with Alma Krafft, sevci old, the daughter of th manager of the Volks s Zeuting of New York City. When arrested here, the couple complained that Connecticut offieials were “ too finicky.” engaged n ed animals. Shr favorably known ley and vicinity. extens N. bloode„ . ....... . u.... r- . I „ II Central Valiev. Richard and Ruth Herner of Penn- ---- ,— ------- - • 8ylv.mia. are guests of their .sister. Highland Mills. Mrs. D 3 Weaker during the holi- i Qpyg,.g[ p^jg, E. L. Fitch nnd Clarence Turner * ^ I held in New were in New York rn businena. > Mr. nn.-| Mrs. (.. H. Ford, Jr., and' Thursday., Francis Herbert, are spendini fiSA N D ilSG d ^ ’l! Men’s Silk four-in-hand Neckties' Electric Reading Lamps. Reg. AU new stock. Many colors and without shades was $4 & $5 patterns. 50c ties at 35c, 35c and Special at $2.00 each. With shade. 25c ties at 18e, 2 for 3Sc. ^ at 50c extra. W ays Knitted Mufflers. Blues Pictures. Hand-colored Colon- and whites. Regular price 50c, ial. Gold frames. Regular price, special a t 30c each. $1.35. Special 45c. Men's “President” Suspenders Kitchen Table with drawer, in holiday boxes. Regular price Strong and substantiaL Regular 50c. Special at 35c pr. $3.00. Special at $2-00. “Paris\ Garters. All colprs. j Embroidery pieces. Pillow tops, Reg. 25c. Special at 15c pair. Center pieces and other styles. Most of them sell for 50c. Special at 20c each. Men's $1.00 Monarch shirts. Special at SOc. Men's SOc Shirts at 25c. c5VIen’s W atch Fobs. Splendid quality, Rjeguiar $1.00 and SOc. Sp icial a t 25c, cTHen’s Scarf Pins, Rjegularj SOc and 25c. Special at 10c each. ! jjgg I “Arrow\ Collars. Special at 4 “Lightning Glider” Sleds. $2.00 sled at $1.00 each. W hite Enamel, full-width bed. cTVlission finished magazine rack Rjegular $5.00. Special at $3.00. | Rjcgular $1.35. Special at $1.00 AH our stock of r^bons h u h c e n marked just half price while they tAU our lOc articles are now marked at 5c each. Postal Card Projecting Eantera. Fitted complete with electric lamp Regular price $2.50. Special a t $1 High back Porch Rjocker. W il­ low seat. Rjeg. price $2.50. Spet?- ial at $1.25. Back Combs. Several styles. Reg. SOc and 25c. Special at ISc Overgaiters, Black broadcloth. 6 buttons. Reg. 50c, Special at 35c pair. Hammered brass hanging Fern Dishes. Rjeg. $1.00. Special SOc ANY ARTICLE ON OUR NOTION COUNTER Ic VALUES UP TO 15c. Practically everj^thing else in our store is priced equally as low as the above and you' will make your dollars go twice as far by taking advantage o f these Specials. Many more big Bargains will be found here. Come in and look around. in has received; third r MONROE “W ATCH OUR W INDO W S \ prize on ' in the Andulnsinn class at the i Crystal Palace Poultry SI ! in N..VU York City. On Friday evtminp, Dec. 22, tlie Happy Life Club of Arilen, will give their annual Christmas Dance in the local hall. Music will be furnished 1 few nights- by Tannery’s Orchestra. Alvin a teacheir near Oqdensbui The Hammer Five <>l .tliphland Mills easily defeated the New Wind sor basket balf team agi, the. score being 64 Peter Carroll, an employee of the 'hland Telephor e C'e., while on ? home on the Ridge Christmas Holiday Ford'.s parents ih town e spending with Mr. i New York Hippodrome. Fr.arl; Nearii is arranging to open : Hippodri for the sale of fur- day shov W. Parker, in J9u7 nnd i- in the Arden Schioel. High! I his way •,i,;iRoad M' Y.. irker and hit ing in Arden, lin.-irJed k'h died , \'“B\\ ‘ a few days ' “\'’ther rig. iondny evening, drivin.g auction niture. horses, cattle, live stock, tOusehoM good.s etc., at hia business place Frequent sales of goods eon- will be held. f goods ' repre country ’ alike to t ago of appendicitis, aged 4u year-s. j Mr. Parker and his wife, whi *’ ....... \ by H. Bailey corning in the eppo-ite ’ \'•** have a I direction. The accident occorrel ir. Nearn’s Oppi Southfields. Who has lost a mule? A stray om arrived at the premises of John Von man’s on Dec. 5, and no on.- seems t. Christman osereises in the South- Central ■ '■’f residence of Frank Bird- sail. Carroll wa.s thrown out of tin I wagon to the fn zen ground, sUikin( ! on hiB left side and he.-id. The ; near the me Was fractured an : ear drum broken. ; the injured man hied profut the oar Dr. D. H. immonei! and attendee An axle of Johnson's vehicle \Around the World” at the N. Y. lodroitip IS of all shows, the holi- The gorgeous spectacles iresenting seenieally almost every 1 earth, which is a treat ? eye and ear. The Christ­ mas vacation offers an opportunity ,to all the young folks to visit the ___ ; big show and Yuletide visitors to Masque Ball j Netv York include a trip to the Hip- House on Friday ■ podrome as a part of the season's ever i.'>g,,Jan. .5. Music by Tannery’s i merrymaking. The Ballet of Butter- Tickets SJ each forgentle- ' flies,the great Forest Fire scene, the men, m,(i they can bring their lady i realistic sandstorm in the desert, - ikull - Durbar scene, are only a few of The urdersigned impary, ’collided with ’ riven hy H. Bailey Central Valley Basket Ball iistic sandstorm in the : Durbar scene, are only a 1 iring from the included in \Around the a long time dairying liu.siness will sell at Public' people and 200 ani- ifuselv from Auction, on the George W. Hunter’ take part in the giganticpro- Sprague was farm, Ji roile.s from Woodh.mo .Qtn. Auction. On New Year’s eve, Sun- 'd to his in tion, on tin e your absent friend no better or lasting Christmas present ! than a year’s subscription to the Gazette. Bent to any address in the U. S. for $1.00 per year. Dr. Joseph Ferguson, Osteopathic Physician. 15 Cres­ cent Place, Middletown, N. Y. Phone 483. Hours in Monroe; 12 to 5 P. M., Mondays and Thurs­ days. (Leave calls at Riegeluth's Pharmacy, Monroe.) Locust Dairy EGBERT cTWOSHER. m Woodbury S e Erie Railroad, and 1 rr Mr.B. Albert Dorno of Little Bri­ tain, in a runaway on WVdnct.dny, thrown ' duction. On * day December 81st, nvbm-gh-'centrar Valley | Gogorza IS broken, hut the telephone wagon State Road, on Thursda.v, Dec. 28, ' heard at the Hippodrome in jury. Carroll is tvell commencing at ]n o’clock sharp, 35; hy the Russian known throughout this section, having head of Holstein cattle, consisting Drehestra under the dirge- been einjiloyed for several years as of milkers, springers and heifers; g ficu of Modest Altschuler. Popul a linem.on by the coinnanv. He has number due to fre.oh soon: stnnrini-ri ’ P*''ces wil prevail on this occasion. 1 Cornell IJiiivers ty He has number, due to fre.oh soon; standard * Prc'-’ail children, and registered bull 2 years old, 5 6 shoals and 1 hroo a student horses, 6 shoals and On application of th<- of Senator John B Ko-<-. U.-> - is, , of Henry Cook and Mrs. Tore<.t, Dotiv' against the Senator have bi-. - loi over and will not b<- »n.-d otU r Oaticp present term of the Supo rr.- C un; -’6 -it i Cook sues for .S.l.i'firi am) Mrs D-ois -Y Diincir.g wi for $45,606 for olipgcd pcrsoc.aJ i-, imusn-. by Prof juriiis. Davirl ScoU is iheir attor. 5\ Sfte lege negligent ffear Martin, tor, in causing driving to c dli the oldest girl Uiuvers. ty l.Ofi chickens.40 tons of hay, harness, wagons, sleighs, farming machinery, ami tools, ,\.n forty quart standard “ Lhester. milk cans, milk bottles. Champion Mary will give a cooler, etc. l.unch served at noon ng of December free. F.dson .S, Miller, auctioneer. iniba’.s Hall Chester N. Terms 3 month.s credit on approved will start at « (I'cliick , endorsed notes payable at Central Miller, admission Valley Nation.sl Bank, on sums over SIO; under $10, cn.sh. See large Cent a-Word Column for Last Call for Xmas! OUR STOCK IS GREATLY J^EDUCED BU T W E STILL H A V E A GOOD tASSORTM E N T . CANDY I TOYS American Mixed per lb. 10c | A good assurtment as yet at mode- Cocoanut Bon Bona ' jOe; rate prices. Owing to our early buy- Gum Drops “ jOc I itig they are bargains at the prices we Ribbon Candy “ jOc j are offering them. Monroe Depot: O. K. Restaurant Special Bottled Milk, Cream and Buttermilk delivered throughout Monroe and Harriman. AERATED MILK 7c a Quart And other Candy of quality at reason­ able prices. FIGS and DATES ^ package Extra good value NUTS New high grade Nuts at 25e the lb. and worth it. A few mixed nuts left DOLLS Prices from 10c to $J.00. Everyone a bargain. Friction Tojos Very strong and durable. Trolley Cars at SOc, 75a and $I.<0 Hook & Ladder Trucks at tl .00 Fire Engines. pi iced at $1.09 Prairie Wagons, four horses, at $1.09 Field Artillery, two horses, at SOc BOOKS - For Boy’s. Girls and Children, priced at 6c, 10c and 25c. t,. Coigni GaHhcn. ' ’ The cu-es will t.,- m e i oi.e ■ ■'Gb-! m ether. T)i<’ iil iuitiffa al- ib.il! ler.ri< r uwned by .Riibei't n the fi.'iit f>' • .i'(iu. ^iiid to be worth St.liiip, nnd which iployeJ by the Sen; machine ilide with a sk ;hey^ were riding .iMen: •) by the plainfiff-t that on tka night of the accident they were (Timing t PC( rrbf 1 $l,5np, nr 1. (•eiii'h shows, (lied at y wero iinming loyvard Nmvhurgb were near thv B.dnivjlle tr«.- when the auto driven by Martin, he being the only oceupfint, cami- raring along and tri-c l to'pis* th.-m <>n th,- left siijn ,if the road. As the Came alon.gd lo, the slrij lish posters. VV. M. GII.DERSI.EEVE. RICHARD BL’LLWINKLR. sr-rufi'-d , ...... ................. the rouiilry at (•eiiih shows, died at mafter of the application the Gletimeii' kennels in Chester nn of hranri.s \V. Maxstadt, for a writ Tuesday, follow ing an illness which of habeas corpus, the petitioner, an 1 Sunday. .'snpcrintPhdent '\I'-ite of the Middletown State Ho.s- of Ui,- kennels, id.nc-.s the P'^hl. appeared in court at Nyack, tr iulde as acut,- inflammation of the Monday and asked for his relea.se on kidneys. Dr. H, L. Cox of Monroe, ground that he is entirel; nuended the animal. The first re- ' Maxstadt. wlm p irt was the anim al died of ptomaine Monroe, was sent to the hospital poKsoning, from eating a piece of de- CppHcution of his wife, who se ante e,ayed moat, b-jt this was denied hy ' ••’at he was treatim rud, :>utit. l.indsay abusing her nnd Just a Few Specials for the Holidays! Walnuts and Mixed Nuts lb. - 15c Mixed Candy Ih. - 10 and 12 l-2c Chocolate Creams lb. Cranberries lb. Fancy Naval Oranges doz. Fancy Florida Oranges doz. Fine Table Butter lb. Many other Bargains at our store that we do not give prices on here. Those delicious peanut butter k iuea at 20c the lb. Quality unsurpassed. Mechanical Toys, Toy Stoves, Ranges, Cooking Utensils, Tin Dish­ es, Aluminum Dishes, and China Dishes, Flexible Steer- ’ _ _ Snyder Skates. : ; _____ The Voting Contest stands to date as follows: GIRLS BOYS Alma Pembleton 413 Marion Fitzgerald 280 Alice Taylor 101 IReiza.emL'bea? -blxe iFlaoe Frank W. Relyea L a k e S treet, __arry i Clifford Ten Eyck 76: Fred Talmadge 43 Honroe, N. Your Own Little Garden gives you plenty of fresh air and ex- etcjse ui its cultivation anri you g’efc health and happiness from owning it. You can buy a home of your own with garden and sttible and have all the- pleasures of outdoor at a small outlay S T S S - r •“”» F. B, BROOKS, Monroe, K. Y. S. SANDERSON a SON V

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