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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, December 08, 1911, Image 4

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.......... \ | P l i i l p : V d % G a * e ite| £■:'••'. MHJttIM) «f*W tWDAt : J. B, <J» eooby , PobMwr *od Pw>pri»tor. Q eorgk A. W est . ^Moeinte RutlneM U u x f ^ e r , W - - m\'- i A«t afOomgnm' ■,U t Itareh «. 19«S. r, N. t.,;nnder tlie olhw at Uoaro«, ■M ofMartb 3. m» M onkqe , N. Y>, Pec., 8. ’ 11 tHIS PAPER REPRESENTED FOR FOREIGf ADVERTISING BV THE «ENCRAU OFFICES NEW YORK ANO CHICAGO branches TH ALt THE PRINCIPAI. CITIES F««enl af M kUcl Awnklura. On I'riday morning, Dec. 1, Michael laborer employed by George Lent, Central Valley, dropped at work of heart disease. Ainmalai raorge Leu deal while Coroner S. I granted the burial permit. The ceased had been employed but liked Harrimsn, b tiliny, Dioc ‘Apostleahip Apostleahip < Monroe, years and was t for about twelve aithfol worker. He recently sp« lort time in his native country, liked America too well to remain there, and came back several months o and resumed work with Mr. Lent. A requiem mass was said Sunday irning in St. Anastasia’s Church, , by Rev. Bernard Gen Diocesan Director of the ‘ of the Press Internatonal Society,” supplying Father Mae Aran's pulpit during his absence in The interment was in the Arden Cemetery. At the request of a large number of the fellow country­ men of the deceased we give the fol­ lowing account of the services in Italian: Solenne funerale della Colonia italiana di Central Valley. Quest'oggi, in occasione della morte improvvisa del connazionale I .... in , ' Michele Ammalura. gli italiani dei | ^ ..c . p t Wen\ dintorni celebrarono solenne funeraje | application ..f th. town l,c “\'Teirrm n t ^ Board of I hao jh not been paid !?h.;l} pfij’ ■v-fh foe la paid u iti.in utch tirre, anj Iwitliio tun o'cy.i ap e r a^quirlrg or air.o aurve n ,upy of P e rytn-o the provisions of seotion 12S to j harboring th- a-mio, A fee 'o paid puisted, at least forty- both ineiusive, of article aeveni shall entitle ‘lach dag t > re,;i ttratimi before s'ui. doh; rhai! U,- 18G, both ineiusive, o f article aevenishall entitle ‘lach dag t > re,;i ttratimi before sari, doh; ehai! U,- of chapter sixteen of the Lawa ofluntU the thuty-fiivt u.iy of De.'ember the owper i-r pcr.-.)n Imri' chapter 1909, of the State of New York, titled “ An Act in Relation to 0»m~ I afi ties, constituting chapter elevesi of I la the Consolidated Laivs, “ in relation to the registration of dogs, shall of Mom RESOLVED; iperviiore of :ty-filVt il.iy uf December the owner i-r per.-on i!arlv>nuf‘ ich fi.tyment; and theie-■ dog, proviled that h'e bo Kriov or before the tunth cli»y of such eon,t;>Me, pnlie^,r,,an >r ii.'ae I January in each ypor a like tee Hball othcer, or can wit\: r.>;W 'r>rible I’i'i- r,e paid by a pcrt;o!i ow n'ng or har- geucB be a-certain'd j.y hir. wir'ljin ap - ! boring nuch dog. Upon tiio receipt said county, porronolly or by y the i thereof, the to.vn or viH.igc dork,as the ram.- a t his last krowu plai t' oi Village of Monroe, therein, in th e ; tUe ca<e may be, shall enter in a re.sidcoot wi'h a ii,r;oii of soft.ib! • County of Orange and State of Nev/; book kept for that purpose the name age and di.scrcii-in. Sucii eifi' .-r i-l a') Vork, from and after the fifteenth io* such owner or person.a desi-ripiion at the tn'i of s, vtntj -twa hours ir.-tn day of January, 1912, and 'o ' such dog, and tl.e datt of the nay- the time nf im tuig lu d afu-, so i-.-. RESOLVRD, That theregi.s'tration I merit of the- r<-gistr.tf,j.m fe.‘; and- ving “-m-'i r.iiice i.ill sucii d-ig i-.y fee in said Town and Village of Mon-, sli.ill furni,h for t'lo i.c--f .such b.g .l.iiniii-y, ui.it; s rhi ■ ome .-f .-.il, ht-- roe for each dog over four menth.s of | i suitHble metallic tag stumt-e! '' itb fore th- i - kji ration of that time. In- age shall be, for each male dog ? i.00'the year of i.s-suance i>n-i wr'.i ; rt-gi tr. 1-i 1 a r ig proouti-ci ior*lt.e and for each female dog S3,00, and, rnumber currespomlmg v.-it!i tiio r* g: , -vm,,.. a, p;-,,t<-ij i i RESOLVED, That this resolutien j tration number of such dog. S.sch dre 1 an ! t ■ e together with sertiors 128 to 186, ; t >g shall be worn by such dog at ail tbendi , both inclusive, of .Jrflcle seven o f ; times during the jear fm: which the p a ': to chapter sixteen ot the Laws of 1909 ' registration fee s-hall be t-> p-id. vvh\h of the State of New York, entitled ’ '[‘i,,- town or vil'iig - t h r k. ; s the le.in* 1. “ An Act in relation to counties, con-;ca-'e may b'.shali famish n d-ipiicate tit).ij ' stituting chapter eleven of the Con- : of .such i ig, w„i.-novBr the s.un' .-.hall fo- e giSflSTgiSRlLS Z. g f ' t f PADDLEFORD ® SON “ The Corner Store\ rs,” be publii : for six co in each week weeks in the Ramepo Valley published in th< I'l.risUil' lust, upon p.iyaieiit of t! e c-ost ur d.-i- >h, consecutive j thereof. The^ expense nf prn' lring an 'i«' iueh tag^ .\hall b.‘ paid in tii ■ 'nirtie '■^vi a newspaper published in the Villagt ; manner as other tov.n o- v ii.igp t.,,.' , of Monroe, in the Town of Monroe, charges, respr'lividy, fi '-i th, rcci -, -C of Oranga, State of New , moo',vs r-\«-ived f*-om th-' r.-gi.-'iation S-. i i ' York, and in the Central Highland ' I'e-'s. The term “ -iog, ’ ' as u- ij in eorai-k the ’ sections one hundr.rlanil tw.-nty-eighi sti-y * 1 luwuui. -iYuunuuiji,wuui.a u* vuiuiigo, i to onc hundred nni thirty-sj.s, t, .tii luTi-'nti and State of New York, and 'inclusive, of this article, inelu'ies the i«r-’< RESOLVED, This act shall tala i bitcii. ^ - su--*-c. ■ effect on the 15th day of Janupry, , Section I.'in. Duties of .As-e inri. see d > 1932, The 11-I av.sor 1 of etch tuv.ri in ■ ii-d. S t , ------------ county .shall ar-rually, at tlie ti'rip of rrof< -i ’ Section 128. Adoption by County ,11,1 completion of their a-. e; ‘me\t- tn« -- i of Dog Registration Provisions, Tht roll) .a-i pr-uidi'd hy law, make a tut >,i ■ board of supervisors of any county ; .ontair.inr the n ntie e£ every pm si.n all V may, by resolution adopted a t an an- re.^i-’ent wi'hin th.-ir t >-.vn liable t-> piv m.-. ■ nua! meeting, determine that th< ; a regi-itraii-n fee f-ir'l-iy;\ a- p ‘\ \el I'l- irovisions of sections one hundred ant' viiieii by s e 'ti'n one h i n iie i ai.d wenty-eight to one hundted and th' six, both inclusive, of this article, , with the nuinhei- o f d igso-.v.K .Jor'bereU ii ' J t y hall apply to such county, or to - harb'red by nic'i p \.-iin anj i j-lh- for, A\y ' Jljagc any specified town or village therein, * yjth ddU ec mc ! i li ,t siyi,.-.l oy then 'och f-v. r r 'he after a date to be designated in such ^ ection one htio- i'!.;y and in ai''U ti..r ■> Min of tw o d tdiar- I t- f'Uicer f:>r hi.t fi-i\'* n -'ich flog \irdl he t'-- • ' ■, ti'iei'r .sn.-ill he i . •i-ive a lee of one dolj.-i ;eia-d a n d k .lle 'i ly him 1 of thi.-t M•cliorl n e n e h u n d red and ttiiity- ; '.'J dc, t'-i be p'd.l n-oth--- j , lire paid frei-i rednet ! S4ur=i re-oi r .. 1 j l . - i e , ! - . , - i .vaya R-'lijibl-: SOLS [;Y AIL DHOGG 1ST? THL LOCAL DiRECTOHY P R O - T . - S ' - O N A L M . ^ . K a r .i, ; - _i 'll L.. • 1. :i! ollu'i . M a r . - , N V ' -• it.ri l:i..e:. vVeill.t -.ia;. .-I I t • in tl, lv-(k. T • ;< (-lioru , V, ;,rv , - (lice No l.J tl. 1 iV \c r , k'.cnrn. - tVi ' \ jt. 8;:t\ t.i a j t-r-i ■ , e - ? i-oe, r'in r eii,;ti.’''ii.ii. he ri.covered iw dng cjtt <-• ! .•-itii.e r: r,. FreJ J. IvKt'J.r ('n il Knpi'--. 1 ■ ■ : -1 vevor. (If- fi-et.v. r ■ 1; • ; .lloli, ,\li>le ; roe, N, V I A n n a L o u i s e G i t p ' - . v , ! I > 1 of ' 1 1-1. .0 '.rae null'd ■ ! \ 1 ; ! . t 1 ir ... At .*.! re \j b, F.ouUi H of call. 1 n ty ii in e of thi.i ar* id i', to;'-t!u*r dog end MfrU i-gi^t ''id . v.l A the lejinbi'i- of d ig s o-.v.iej o ' resolution, which date shall be ! oh- ■ sequent to the last publication of the ' ,upervi resolution as herein n ' ' ' ' such resolution ;> the town clcrl.. r -lal it i-in suffragi i dell'amico. L A. M,,lapiccoIa chiesa era fente che ascolto devota- nto\ delle ipa, ’ ’ sacerdote azione funebre. gremlta di gente che ascolto meats la Messa cd il Esequie. 1! Direttore diocesano dell atolato della Stai italiano. fece I’orazu Disse che italiano e cattolico parole sinontme, perche la gloria pin uigida d ell’ltalia e sempre.stata la nella dolce lii loro doveri re!igio.si, spedalmente raoeomandando loro I'assistenza alia Messa noi giorni sorto q iliana,liana, tuutti bene tutti : o quindi, nella dolce lingua ita t i present! a praticar Ricordo il grau pensicro della morte necessita d’essore sempre pre- itipel gran passo, perche la nostra telle mani di Dio. Fece un caldo appello al ore dei mpatrioti, cuedendo loro una prece per il riposo dell'estii’to. Dopa le precj rituali, una lunga fila di dolenti accompagno la salma al cimitero cattolico di Arden. c la nec parati p nr-iviih-b J be ndopti'c ' ti,,n r,f ,1,,.- the , lage 11 'Oai'\ ‘ [he \illo g c clerk a the trustees of .sue! ov.ae , o r .r !age. Such re.solution shall also - ,iprts lioci.if. -scribe the a.itmal regi.stration fee y ..-n „ fVe c l e I'll ; >w . I f vil r- 'C'-iifil f'.’f wh'Tcir. -aiil r-'O l u t'o ) iiip ii'ic .- l'!e , k illin g or i;.)\ -n siu'N v.' c,\ Iv -h.,o , i,,. iri- xown -ift r ( form -'i ly cch h 1, o r d.i-r\'; c o a t huniia of tf 'I c i f 1\ : r.\ iji.i-.' a i| if, } li, Cut hii Ti t.o . uteh [iiHi-■ Ai’V tun t --f ■ till.' ■■'I'i ) < \ i-f ■ H -' of t r e tii.u. f) '.1'- i-y lliv n-ii siiporvi.'iir o ^M . \ t u ! 1,1 :»rt^n. I ■ ohiicc Mam .Sti.it, r: V l-'iefhor.- -it'O e paid within such county, u (thin the several towns or villagi s specially affected by it, for every dog over four months old. A c .r ti fied copy of such resolution rha'I I c filed in the offices of the secrctarv -v, state and of the county clerk . t MAKE OUR STORE YOUR HEAD- OUAITERS FOR XMAS SHOPPING. O I l i r t H t o l O u r s t o r e is in Holiday' Attire ^ and anybody' looking for a IIMl ■............................................................................... Christmas remembrance'can find ail'' |i Tiumber of Choice Things here that ' ' will be appropriate and “Just the * II I, it relates to al^ingle tw.vnor villogc and such resolution, together witi lections one hundred and t .venty-.'igbi to one hundred and thi* t.ntl. inclusive, of this arti,-!--, shall be published once in each week for .-i.\ successive weeks in at least t'vo newspapers puhli bed in the comin to be designated by th> b.ioru -rf supervisors, me of wl i -N shull lie i newspaper publi.shcd in the village specially affc.-(e 1. i resolution relates to a \irgl? village and therche a niw..,-jper ji I'l- lishcd therein. After tl c dato i.) rei­ fied in such re-o iutiori, whi-'h .-liall be subsequent to such pil lt otiini, 10 taxes upon dogs shrll t-e a-sc m l n- seqaent meeting Iber. Dalley-Schaad. Catherine Schaad, daughter of Mrs. Catherine T. Schaad of 968 St.Nicho- different annual las Ave., New York, was married to must puhli.di such chm.g James Francis Dailey of Brooklyn, l once each week for thive and relatives gathered to witness the the towns and villages of the cnintj i in wedlock. : to which such sections: of tl i\ aiticli .el.r! , all furfi-it f I'f III g \K irt. M. VAn U uzvr. Jr. ii U.~.A U -'.--r. E--,!.; funiihi-.l. We make the wants of Men and Roys our study, so far as their Outfit­ ting is concerned, and so we ask Where W\ould You Be M^re Apt to Find a &ift Appropriate Than Rl^ht Here? FUR LINED GLOVES. SHIRT PROTECTORS, young couple Miss Schaa inc, Ghas. Alexander ushers were Edward Lavinc, r*K*la uncle, James Farrell. the date specified in inu'h re-i The bride presented a handsome | the provisions of law {.vi picture gowned in white satin crepe (ard collection of t.axi-s on de;! tunic and veil of the same n crepe ( a n irimnicd with a dutchess lace ! ap| The bride blossoms, ever bouqi of the valley, clothed in a beeomiiq carried a shower bouquet of white . the resolution ;te town or village t'lf«c!tfl l-y t resolution la.st ahov»' menti..n i-- i.' , m the resolution apylyir.g sueb ictn-r- . , Had not been adopted ,,, When a resolution i\ in f 't-e- v. ’ i- ! applies such sectiors to lai; li.v r and to any village therein, m invi.ie- ome jly. it shall be denruil *o m. gowns of pink satin and chiffon and } the said seetion.a opplv, in ri“ lace caps. Each carried a bouquet i such town, to that purtir-a of pink roses, which blended h a n d - : only which is outside of toe o.-ipoint.' y;,.,,-.. somely with the dresses, , limits of such village and ti> th.- dog- 1,, The groom’s present to the brie’e mvned or harhored in 8 and lily of the The groor svening dress, carried that hapj pression that won’t wear off. i and to any The bridesmaids wore handsome i ly. it shall

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