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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, October 06, 1911, Image 2

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h i kbMitM from the m« un everything wa« on (entity end quality wex( luge for yourself— Roast Beef Com ‘ Beets Pickles potato Salad Chiclcen Salad Mnahed Potatoes Celery Pork and Beans Cheese Coffee . Cake Ice Cream After dinner speeches followed, Foreman Kortright being toastmaster. Among those ■who responded briefly were Senator Rose of Newburgh; F, S. Haines, Prank C. Hock Rev. F. S. Hames, and Percy Y. D, Gott of Go.shen; Rev. A. B. Pennell. Thomas Fulton, John Y. Gerow, Augustus Dcnniston, Washingtonville, and Rev. Vi. A. Eisenhart of Monroe. - An enjoyable dance ■was given by ida firemen in the evenin; the Florida firemen in the evening, attended by many if not all of the Visitors, a-nd it was noticeable at this social affair the “ Sunshine Society” were still in evidence, aiding in giv- visitors a good time and one to be remembered. Band insisted on playing “ We W( Go Home Till Morning,” the local folks arrived home shcrtly before 1 the list in spite the fact that the Monroe insisted on playing “ We Won’t midnight. company had over forty i ranks, and were under j E Stanley Meyers as drill j re escort! ' 2 pieces, tiler, and led by Fred le, who made a most dignified and capable drum The Monroe contingent wi invited guests and a large t of townspeople entrained at 10:30 THE FAVORITE LAXATIVE. special train ision. The Mo: Bright-~No Charge luse of fts extremity gentle and i\e action, Rexall Orderlies have Peroine the most popular Remedy £or Constipation. We are so positive that Re-xall Orde: lies will do all that Is cialmpd for thei I (hat we posKlvcly guarantee to hand procured j money you paid us^ for them the occasion. The Monroe care i upon your mere r Bore neat and appropriate bunting j entirely satisfied, telling just where the bunch hailed . Ke.’tall Orderlies are eaten like candy, This was found to be some-' are 'prv olcasant to the taste,,do not Monroe firemen are “ boomers” any-1 y you paid e request, 11 _ ____ _____ lies are eate g very pleasant to the taste,,do liie. cause nausea, or any other I improve every opportunity. , Orderlles-bave a positive teg- ;ting people know from whence | ejjevt upon the bowels and tend PADDLEFORD \ T A e Corner Store*\ UMBRELLAS We have just received our new fall styles of Men’s and L«adies Umbrelas. P riced 50 c to $ 2.25 SWEATERS For c3Tlen, Women and Children in Grey, White and Tan, Priced 50c to $6.00 each S 0 N |Ju s t Arrived C a r lo a d o f Blue Ribbon Dairy Feed B e s t M i lk P r o d u c e r o n | t h e m a r k e t . Best Straight Ladders, A l s o c a r o f Extension “ Fresh Sprouts. L A D D E R S Why P^y When you can get Step M o r e ? per ft 11c “ 17 c 18 & 30c per ft Onyx Hosiery tc.T. KNIGHT,: MOHBOE, N. y . SMITH a STREBEL CO. One of the best brands on the market, full line •will be found a t our store. < SATURDAY. SPECIALS Outing Flannel, regular 10c grrade, Priced 7c yd, Writing Paper, regular 15c grade, ' Priced 12c I Curtain Swiss (white) regular 15c grade. Priced 12|cj THE WORLD’S BEST;M o «-«'>> ^ f ^ n r a f H a s ie r il New York expprici , . I are used, way, and improve every opportumty, , - r - , i orderlies-have letting people know from whence and tend ! to provide permanent relief from Con- At Goahen, the Cataract Fire Com-; Btij,atlon and the myriad of assofiate pany and their drum corps augmented ^ , uments. Besides, they help the excarsionists and helped to in -! lome the nei.’esslty of the cons crease the noise, if such were pos- uf laxatives to keep the bowel sible. , anil condition. The visitors arrived in Florida a t ; We honestly believe there. Is no alml 11:30 and were escorted by their, Tuedklne so ns ^ firemanic hosts to headquarters the , T^y are prepm-ei In w e r r ^\™*” ^ vonvenleLt tablet form In thre Thomas Burns, chaplain of Highland Engine Co, “ were given by Rev. W. A. Eisei in behalf of Mombasha Fire Foreman Percy V. D, Gott for thej Cataracts and President Thomas Ful-1 ton for Washingtonville. «• A bountiful buffet lunch was served j . Monroe, in the basement of the commodious!, given, “ le; W . B. T e n c h Dealer in Lumber & Building Material. Sash, Doors and Blinds carried in slock. Contracting and Building. Estimates cheerfully given. Telephone 8-B. MONROE, N, y . THE CORRECT NEW HATS FOR THIS FALL N O W B E I N G S O L D H E R E BEIAD* Wunroc IVikt-rv products J|j ,11 saie ai Rake’s Sidn.-, M AI m . .M. \ H. Restaurant |!jj I iarninau, N. Y. PGR MEN. AHD CHII losiery MEN. WOMCN CHILDREN. m For Sale By B. e . R j A k e N . y . ties, -espe'iulty < '\«• j J o S e n r m W ^ lu tbree sires 1 icially welcomed by > packages. Prlees, lOe:. 25e.. and W hy not try them a t our.risk ou | guarantee? .member. Itexall Remedies aed In this community -only | All the Styles that are right—all the colors that are liked—in all the grades that are popular are here ready for. the approval of those men who like to have good Hats at reasonable prices. These hats have been bought direct from the Factory of Crofut & Krapp Co. They are the largest hat makers ” in the East. Come and buy one and be in style. and then the firemen were ^ (J^NT A W O R D COLUMN e of absence” until i :30. 3 spent in looking o the village, getting acquainted, i pafticipating ih. informal parades AtliS'Jth^ parade moved. FOR SALE- New National Cast Register. A< roe. N. Y. r'cTVTonroe C lo t h in g S t o r e AUTOS for HIRE—Touring~cara by i !nta) regimentals, and looking for] the day or trip. Tilephone. Read’s] the world like the immortal; f.ivery, Monroe, N. Y. 21 tf J immortal : r.ivery, Monroe, N. Y. 21 tf BOARDER.S WANTED-for , warm rooni.s and n conveniences. Apply at this office marched down the street with s 'ifitf larade carriage to the thrillingS S.-VLE-HORSES, work and ; * road horses, cows, fresh milkers and ; corps, who, by the way, looked very I p,g„ t,. j V uniforms. j months. Uarrv Goff. Highland Mills The Washingtonville Engine Com­ pany came next and was escorted “ Father of His Country.” Thei BOARDER.S Cataract Company had the right of : coming winter, line and made a fine appearance as em convenietict they marched down the street with s theif parade carriage to the thrdlingS music of their fife, drum and bugle i corps, who, by the way, I handsome in bright, new u cd l>\ Fite, FOR ,SA t.F—G. in. tuiit i\ ns-') .Accordlop if ■ic St< 111't Vio- ,'ind t, fori V.IU' puliU.'. u s u , ir- oi (■ faiviilv ] i.;r a ciiiUirv , w e ll known Mftntgoinery Fi Drum and Bugle Corps. Their j “ parade, c a r n a g e ” consisted of u ; little hand pump owned a t one tim e i , . , y, of 1;.>r rvv.. r i\ many y<*ar9 ago by the H o n d o Com- panv, by them sold to W ashington- •'■'■''''t a.s oni i stniiToi.t le ville w hen th a t companv wa.s first or- ! ^ ganited, and new ^uperaedt-d fcy ! •.««.•»». Violm rare G n j.-ti- .Jotf modem equipm ent. KF.N7 -.k large rooni.s, forpislu'd — ! or unfurnished. C W Tiithiil, Spring S. M. N E L S O N . Prop. rio n roe, New Y o rk. Grand Fall Opening Days. Commencing Sat. Sept 30 to Sat. Oct. 7, induaive. The [ greatest bargains of ihe season, will be offt-red during this Harriman, DEMERESrS, MONROE BAKERY, Monroe, N. Y. NEW SWEATERS That Represent Comfort & Style. Worntni’s All Wool Sw e aton $1.69 to $7.50. MUact’a “ “ “ $1.00 to $4.50 CWWron’t*........................ 98c to $2.00. Middletown’s Leading Fuc Store. M DEMERESTS. 'S gv ' NEWEST MODELS In “Geisha” Waists. $3.50 to $10.00. EXCLUSIVE, STYLISH CLOTHES FOR WOMEN I There IS a vast difference bftut'eii '(. oih I ' luui “Styhsli\ us applied to women’s 1 clothes. You have seen lots of fliie fubnes cut up into < !othe'>. Fine to the touch, probably look well off the figure and equal to the wear of a life time, but put them on an indi­ vidual and YOU would never venture to term them stylish. The making of women’s clothes to dav iv an art, nowhere, perhaps, better illustrated ; than in the D E M E R E S T SU IT I’AKl.ORS The genpt-al appparancf .... Monn>e ct'iUjngent and the inlncaU'S , Morroi'. .52 2t lTiannttt'Vc-r.‘i c-xt-cuted during th«’ linci FOR SA f.F— t’ar'nr In ntet. {!l•‘^t, of m.areli brought forth mam hearty 1 claSH shape Wm Sniitb, Morn'O' 32 liti cheora. 'KveTy Little .Mo\em<r,t had a Meaning all its- Uvvn” The F onda organiz'd and formi'd, oscoru'd Gnir home. FOR 9.A1.F—Two hot-\ s row heing i used (iaiiy on li.e, Monroe Bok'erv I I'latfirrrn :,pnng wagoi'. | FOR .''Al.E rpnght piano, 'eourh. ] irachine, rug, dresser, tables, chairs, i AdcirfHS op mqui,ce Mrs \Vm ,H. Gar- j r.ison. Idle Hour I’ark. M'Vnroe. ‘,52 2t.* j WANTFi)—.An old fashioned tour i C'e-net Band, recently ] wagon; elvly and neatly uni- ' their home fire com­ pany, This Orgar;'7atie'r,,.,s comp'-ised of the su bst.intiol citizen.s of the t'iwn, who are justly pro-.id of their At' 3 ,30. H - oinelu si'.n of the ; parade, di'iie .- was serve l in ih. .Ly-j ceum. .■>, iHtor Join B Rose, who I Addi:es-s had be-t n -attetding ' le R< |iublie.'u i FOR .SAI..t. 'I,nod Convente.n lu Go-her . .rri.,tore'l overi Mrs. ( has. (.ampbell. in times fr>r tiiis part of the program, i R' Beveral others, tin f l. ss. c politn-al ! FoR >A1. F \Matchrd t> am of I'ob-s, ipmtude, an;l likew ise e-gaged Jm;-| coii.l.-.rut.'ji liMvmg or ssddh-, perfect, r the. early iif;::er-;-..c.i Jr-e “ siived r ready made Clothing for men, boys and children, whether it ia a Suit nr Overcoat. All nr>' of .the best makes, ftuest material and up-to-date. Friees lower than the lowest, and besides that, nur pricea are lower from ISc to 25c on the dollar, than vvhat you would have to pay else­ where. VVe will allow you 16c on every dollar’s Worth of Clothing you buy during the 7 day.s of our Grand Opening. GENT’S FURNISHINGS [ will be greatly redui miss it. All 50c 15c Half Hose j 16c Children’s Hose 50c Sweaters I SI and S F25 Men's or Sweaters (59c ai I Biy.s Overcoats, big bargains igs and Hats, duced, during the opening days. Don’t Underwear, op^ening sale price 39c. ' Wool Underwear Union Buits 50c, 89e to $1.98 White H.andkerehiefs 2c All .50c Gloves, unlined -39c and $1.2.5 Dress or Work- g Gloves 89c ';$1 41 North Street, JO S E P H C A H N , . Middletown, N. Y. Gaii ‘1 te H.ghi,l;.i d Mills, i Yott May Take, ^i^xample, Our $19.00 Group of Tailored Suits For Women and Misses. There Ls much about ihe.se suits to admire. Their quiet beauty, their fine tallorina. their splendid (juulliles and the diversity of exclusive styles the assortment embraces. Each one a strictly man-tallOTed model made of imported pidin jnd novelty worsteds, fine quality all wool cheviot and serge..s. Skinner s gudranied satin 1 ning. hand-tiirned collar. Iii the new season's m<}st wanted colors. U’e would like you to (.ompare these suits with the best you find else­ where at S30.00 to $33.50. Other tailored suits for women and misses for $ 1 5 , $ 1 6 .9 8 to $3 7 .5 0 . New Coats, Introdncing Smart Fall and Winter Models Very attractive values. Almost every desirable new idea represented in our fall assortments. AUto coats, slfeet and afternoon coats, tourists coals, polo coats and evening coats. Prices $10.00, $15.00, $20.00 to $35.00. YOU ARE SAFE IN BUYING LACE CURTAINS AT DEMERESFS. I acc ciirtaiii.'i ivow iicier luvcsted with more charming bi'aiity than the iii'.v oii\^ Wf. ur.\sh-.wiiij Thev pawaa n (iiuuii'sa of wciiniig that is unmual and an exquisita ddic.acy m dirngumg Uuvt will wm th'\ a tmiratioDuf the woman w lO delights in the “ '‘somewhat different’’ ii All the guests Lyc urn, ;;nd served by tm v.hi,t-. them, also! 1 - rf-aaonahli'. I irm, C'uitTal Val ii ■C\J hay, dll.':’:* ) <’ev.-rth 'Kano ss ;i! ! surrev, i-rii ! MuirhiiKl, HuW' ll Farm d, (it, . ru. ^ 1 ,-v, Au„i -J t:,- • ,, g \ YU'-iiLyniuti' Fif V-hi'i . . . pirtriiud' SAI F f uitl AuUimohih' : .... ‘' I R, curiatiiHit.. ui first, class con ‘ V 416. (5< ntral V'alU-v, onion c. rin 'f the Coauty. that J ' Odoriferou.H v.-g, mb I'was c-'u-picuousj FOR SALE - 2 good hors, s W. M. ; _ _______ __ _ _ ___ i Haight. Monroe. ' 3J rf WA\TKD—To r' lit. ur buy, small i ( farm, m ar Monrue. Ad inse B, (-an- It will buy a i-.ir. of Fini.sh : oftj,;,, propriatcly of KlorMa. recently Ov<rhauUii, i spitt* th^ f i H th i t Florido *•- • ov 4, What Twentv-Five Cetts Will Buy. itntingtnt about Domestic Paint, fur pa the house, or it will buy a can of L. & M. Carriage Vartii.sh Paint, all M. Varnish to make old furniture perfectly nev? J or a can o f L. fis M. FOR SA1.F, upright piano in good , orih c S1-5U. Ad(l|;i sa I’lanu. carr of e officr, . 31 tf 1-1 jR SAFE ■•Hur.si H. I'fti r Me- ypl Guinness, Monroi. :5inf itlynev?; or a can o f L. & M. ' WANTED-$2,3(in on first mortgage; Finish Varnish Stain for stain-; on village property worth e-t.6ii(t a t ; ing and varnishing, {at the same Ehvood C. Smith :;o tf lime) the floor of a room, or arty J FOR SALE-2 milch cows Mountain, Ijoirsehtild article, ijerreya, milking IS to 2o quarts, rich It will bay many other small cans j croam milk and young Jerai y, pedigree 1 of useful pa inf made by liongraan coming in spring. Price $16 and $.5n. Marfirius and Kold by Ciarence S. | Appl.v Ma.x Japp rhuber, ’‘Gray Nest” i ; Harriman. :;ii if ‘.‘L. M, Puro Paint for Houst'.s.\ ■Actual c.i4 $1.P per galloi: , TO LOAN, -Money > j Ehvo'iil C. Smith, Monro Sterling Pianos Moderate Prices and on the most reasonable terms. When you buy from us, you pay a fair profit ^ above the actual cost to manufacture and no We have other pianos as low os $225. Old pianos and organs taken jn exchange as part pay men! for new ones. The Sterling; Piano c®. Mimut«ctU]fer9 Sterling Butidtitg B-S^O Fulton Sl„ Corner Hiinovef Place, Brooklyn, N.V. T.R. LYNCH, Af*at, iWoarM, N. V. Nottingham Lace Curtains as High as - $5.00, as Low as 50c A diver^ihed assortment that inctiides phim centres with ileep hor'lers, dainty mcdidliun-like centres and r c lilj (iCMgued allover effects. White and Arab. Handsome, New, Novelty Curtains $1.00 to $5.00. They are m.nile of fine scriin m white oreoni. ^..me with Batteiihnrir insertion rtiul ciiges Utliera n iUi a burder oi fillet Inee or allover open work plaidR, edged with cluny lace. Imported Irish Point Curtains $3.00 to ’ $12.50 Pair. de.signing. The fri.sh point ■ curtain < the re.al Iri.sh poii are the kind that appeal Tie- really fine art new Iftll and Winter style? m lam>» are \i ry effeclHe They tiv the I'articuhir h--useade Then New, Plain and Ruffled 8wii» and Muslin Cuf- taina 50c to $3.9S. Newest of New Porhers Too, must not be forgotten, plush Price* $1.98 to $22.50 Per Pan ir single d<jors. Tapestry a For fiuubL A WORD TO THE WISE Although the DEMONSTATION of Kahr, i carry in stock the newest inuilele of these pn<i Satur'ia.v night, Kabo $ 1.00 to $3. SO. Le Re will contimip fo fevo $3.50 to $5.00. J.V. DEMEREST DRY GOODS CO. 44~46 North S t, Middletown, N. Y. i $t — M$«i K I D M i n i S fot backache, rheumatism, kidney or bladder trouble, and urinary irregularities. Foley Kidney P ills purify the blood, restore last vitality and vigor. Refuse substitttlea* t^olil by VV. II. FOVYLER.

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