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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, September 15, 1911, Image 4

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ChM. llMtas will MOV* to ■on Oetpbor 1. , Hiss Florence Courtier, »i rcM, has been ill sinMTwN* S. Wiikin A Sons are buildin« a 1 k ^ '^turned t« TiUllwinlde dauKhter, Gertrude, went Otwenveieh, Conn., on Thai tfttm a » weddinir. Af*er * ver)i successful seasoi Mr*. V. O. Verplanck has closed S m m it Lake House and I’t ll«r home in Brooklyn. K ^pilar preaching services in the B,'Church next Sunday. The itor win preach to the. Bey Scouts <m ths following Sunday. Cooerste sidewalks will h» laid in fcont o f the residences -jsirifseve and L, M- Pembk’ton by their respective owners. The Central Valley Basket Ball T*ara will give the next of the popu lar *eri«s o f dances for the coniinj season in Nearn’s Opera House cu Friday evening, Sept. 29. Music by Tannery, Bill |1 per couple, inelud- refreshihents, ' T. L. Rifenbary, formerly with Shaw’s Pharmacy, has secured a per­ manent and lucrative position with the well known firm o f McMonogle Rogers in their branch Middletov Store. Mr. and Mrs. Bifenbary will move to that city in a few days, ax ‘ Central Valley people will bo loat to see them go. Gmag ■■ Western Trip. B. McElroy, division Claim Agent of Erie R, B. Co., a t Horned], (formerly of Monroe) s tarts Saturday night on No. 3 for a trip to Phoenix, Aria., and California. A lter visiting I.os Angeles and several other southern California towns in that vicinity including Lon! Plains aiid Mineoia, Mr. and Mrs. Chss. R. Post wish to thank their friends and neighbors for their kindness during the hour of trial and loss, I Thursday the airship passed the school house, then toward post office over the upper end of thepond. Theidore Bos^e and family will sail Saturday for Germany where they will stay, except the oldest daughter Elsie, _who will remain a t Silver Pox John Lee has been engaged as caretaker for the new parochial school. He wilt live in rooms jn the building, not utilized by the school. The concrete foundation for the Minot Telegrapher’s Monument at Harrirnan is being constructed near the station, the Harriman Industrisl Corporation'doing the work, G. M. Clark’s Hillside Farm is .still entertaining a number of city i during *he fall months. Mr. has bad a very good seas at one ^tin registered. At the Orangeburg races last week, D. B. Rumsey with Glenmere took first money in the 2 :27 trot, one heat of which was made in 2:23L Glen-^ mere’ s jirwioiip, - record' war^^.-aeif. Ho also took fourth money with Notice B., in the 2:30 class, and was mvarded a .special blue ribbon for road class for trotters. While .standing in front of Thompson’s residence, Po.stmaster Ruke.’s horse and was not caught until Woodbury Pulls. The horse broke from the wagon, upon starting, little damage was done. In the citmentjWalter Every thought it was hi.s horsi', and chased the animal H. Green ha* i the Cheater Gran Nicholas Saleem now ■ells Fleisch- knnaNo< son returned to New York College, me Thomp* man’s bread morning. Miss Anna Noonan aj Monday last. Mrs, Etta Hulse has secured the position as “ Central” for the Ches­ ter Telephone Co. People are still looking for the airship—Nothing so large ever passed through Chester. Miss Emma Bickel has resigned r position with the Orange &Eock- d Electric Co., to take effect about October 1. M iss Lillian I wn, Pa., whei position as instruci State Normal School. Thad. S. Durland, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Burt and John Diffily weni to Syracuse to attend the State Pair, starting Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Harry H, Snook, announce the marriage of their daugh­ ter Mrs. G. M, Schaeffer to Lewis Jackson, Saturday, Sept. 2, at Chi­ cago Heights, 111. Mr. Jackson is a son of E. T. Jackson of Chester. Edward J . Powers died Sept. H at his home in Chester froi tuherci tivii me .atc imwatu xrvrfvjiBm Funeral services were held at St. Columba’s Ghui located in the known as the Mi iwrm, to Wm. Vandewni : Pepot, Conaideration: PalMMWion April 1st. Selwol in the Quaker H ill District comiiM^cd last' Moiidav* MiSa AngoiMa Goetlieh of Port Jervia, ia ibis well known fre^ment vlail in ^ family of Dr. Herbert Cox, n Bull has gone to Kuh- she has accepted a jetor in the Keystone lurch at 10 A. M, Thurs- Appeal Taken to County Court. Thursday, family formerly Tcsidid : year and spending a few days friend of his who owns a big ranch r h ? Imperial valley, south ea.terr. part o f the state, Mr. MeElrny will take a trip up through tbo nch Sar Joaquin Valley through the cmtral part of the state to San IT.ificl co, Btopplng at Bakersfield, Fre.no, Reedly and Stockton ♦•nro.ite and n - turn home from San Franci <ca. Even­ ing fribune, Hornell, Sept. >«.. h ippeningi Ujgi' IvotKcir;^ g.'iroe introduced bj, Bo has a preuliat little damage w '.^e, xmd a bicycle the entire six miles. On Friday evening. Sept. 22, at Gillette Hail, tlie Harriman Band will give the lust concert ami dance of the season. Concert S to 9; danc­ ing 9;3u to 2. The band will for dancing from 0 ;3i) to 10:30 the Monroe Orchestra for the balance 2-i centH. fair sized lli'tte Hal] wdtne-ssed Viiiii’fi Motion Pictures. Good hearty laugh* v.vr,. numcrons during the] rj. t).e reel, Bortie'e Refor- njuci'in A h a ihrillet. Range Pals, lilb d a ! tl.e necessary requirements. Vnotber great AVestern picture was. Vibe’s Penalty- This Indian ' with its clause on horseback I pir.i-hrrtnt meted out to the IndiuTi who Is unfaithful to his tribes regoUitSori ■ w.iN mlo/iHf-ly interesting. Tho Pcifocbia’l School opened Fridi murning w.th hy I'othi'c MftoAKUi. 5,3 students were eTir •Ued from Hurrlrnan, Arden, III. against Newburgh, cided in fa’ Nelson Charlstor John B. larlston of Harri- n B. Cathcart of hich was recently dC' ’avor of the plaintiff in jus' tice’s court in Monroe. Charlston bought a bottle of syrui ac which had of ipec£ the defendant under the name of Dunlap & Co. ' I t was aJ leged that an infant child o f the plaintiff was poisoned by opium in this medi­ cine. The plaintiff was awarded damages against the defendant, t being the amount of the doctor’s and nurse’s bills. The new trial will probably be held in the Orange County Court at the November term in Goshen. Elwood C. Smith is the attorney for plaihtiff and Graham Witschief counsel for the defendant. On Tui fd.ay evening i ■.nvd in GiTli'tte Hal Mi*« Witsil left here l»st for « vt»it to Bloomingberg, Norman Youngs has returnfed home from * four weeks visit in Vermont. MiM O’Brien opened schtwl here last week with an attendance of about thirty pupils. enjoyed a trip to lek, and D a p atting I their hopi ■ty pupils. Ralph Durland Gettysburg last we( weather boarding on A great improvement, SoBtkTieMt. Frank-McCall's saloon buildii ishingled; Del Matthewi being real the contraci bearing b e f ^ the Public Service CommiHion in relation to the local station. This committee consisting of Supervisor C. S. Knight, Mayor F. F# Orifllhf'ReWi J . J, Henry, Zael Paddleford, Geo. W. Strebcl and Secretary Etpest F. Elchenberg^ was selected by ballot a t a meeting of the Board last w.eek Thursday evening. ’There w as a large attendance, and the report that the Erie waa to huil« oh the Carpenter site brought out j lively discussion, particularly in re gard to accesalbility. At the paeet- ing today it {a expected the Erie ofRciala will present definite plans to the State Commission, instead of dealing in glittering generalities. The chief opposition to the Carpenter site, so f a r brought oat, is that the village or town, undoubtedly would be to considerable expense in con­ structing adequate streets to the pro­ posed site, and the widening of the culvert under the tracks at the en­ trance to Carpenter Place. The pro- apeets for a lovely fight over site are very bright, and as the scrap pro­ greases the chances for Monroe ac- ing is quiring a new station grow corres- ■s baa pondingly dim. Mrs. Charles Vivian, for seven lars a resident of Southflelds, but r the past year a patient in a New ork hospital, died a few days ago, and was buried in Connecticut, of which State Tkc Cekius Tkestres. The coming week will be tl d highly S t she was a native. ng and highl of Geo. M. Cohan's capital comedy “ Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford” at the Geo. M. Cohan Theatre, a last performance of which is schedi . .fo r Saturday night Sept, 23. “ atote xndigeation on W ^nes^ Rich-QuicJL...,WaHingford” will ..... after a sickness of- ..at i„,medrately tralisie'r.-^.vta.^e stage of the Park Theatre, Boston, where begin an engagement Mon- , 25. This comedy leaves n unbroken re- . P. P Noone, ■ raent in the Arden rsday,rsday, E. E. Thomp- it 58 to on Thu son, funeral director. George Edwards, night policeman at Tuxedo Park, who waa run down by a motor car belonging to Pierre Lorillard, Jr., about three weeks ago, is still confined to his home suffering from injuries thus sustained. There are syroptons of an internal ab­ scess forming. He is attended by Dr. Hall of Monroe, week all right. That shows what nf Mayor can g et. Ford Rel- Dut uD bv pr«s^nt bead of Southflelds muni-1 c'pal government, claims his prede­ cessor in office,ffice, Johnohn Doyle,yle, could J Do mally get' an auto lundnd to stop in merry-go-rou while he succeeded in having an stop, Tobe Cunnini stop in town, n having an air­ ship stop, Tobe Cunningham is lay­ ing low, but it is rumored he has offered his 4t»00 acre tract of land for the next World’s Fair. If he g ets it New York City with an cord of 426 consecutive performances to its credit, a precedent in so straight comedy productions are con­ cerned. On Monday evening Sept. 25, Geo. M. Cohan and his own company will take possession of the Geo. M. Cohan stage and present that author, actor and composer’s new musical farce, “ The Little Millionaire.” In view of the fact that Mr. Cohi been seen, as a player, in New York City since the presentation of “ The Yankee Prince,” more than two ago, his return to the stage is :epted by a myriad of admirers as event of more than ordinary im­ portance. here, Ford will have to retire a r in favor of R. h jg Dr. Cox, the well known voteri- I narian, somehow cannot g el it through his head that an WANTED.-Good Magazine requires the services presentative in ^1 opx-ned Friday ind iienedietion Among the novel “ Bonnie Brook,” farm, ia a m Mrs. Roesch, who has a pi cul ity f.rr inlroducinj- noveltiiH. latest idi-a is a game c u ll'< th>> partieipant * rnusi : procure fly killer., at Smith vV Strebel’sand tiu*n when all are oh - sembbd in the special feuin de.,igf,i ,l for the purpose, the ottuek tike-- place and everyone engajti.l kill jii -i many flies oa potiHlble within u period of tirne, and eveiy izeis awarded. L;i-.t w. i.k he prize was won by Mre koe with a record of havioi.- i.ilk l uo flies in an hour. Thin in a very in- teresting and u;*cful p.iMime guaranteed to cut down fly Higkian ter subscript tend circulat which have proved unusually success­ ful. Salary and commission. Prev­ ious experience desirable but not es­ sential. Whole time or spare time. Address, with references, J. F. Fair­ banks, Good Housekeeping Magazine, 3S1 Fourth Ave.. New York City. a auto is run by gaso­ line. Some weeks ago he got stalled Housekeeping | between Monroe and Central Valley, Sunday he started on a long Portort Jerviservis andnd ranan outut of a I and Monroe to look af- trip af- trip to P J a r o of subscription renewals and to ex-(fuel on top of Hunter Hill, one mile ition by special methods^from Monroe. The Republicans of the First As- bly District of Orange County, in rention in Newburgh on Wednes­ day, unanimously renominated Caleb H. Baumes of Newburgh, for mem- He has already facility 1 Her late: certain perio. week a prize i Tho fiieuUy of the school is follov’'. Principal, Mother Annun- tkica; finlr.i.mi, Mother Ituatious; . T’rirniiry, lintlo-r Juan uf Are. These j li ti-r-i .u' uf the order of Jesus**” *■ dary, tl'o liiitno to h illgidiv.I MilL. mute by ti iin, It'J .30 ,A, M., und tJosing '■‘jAur k it' r in tbu uftoinuun. A Great Advantage To Working Men. J . A. Maple,' 125 S. 7th St., Steu- O., says: ‘ ‘For For years I ! _ . T- r J severe bladder trot iFolesj Kidney Pills schoor cammeneing i . „ J . .... .. enough I had as good results j,\ f Foley’s Hccey And Tar Compound .-;ti}l rctuir.H Us htph iflace n.>; the host lo'U..''buli3 remedy for all coughs arul ci'Iii ■, i itbor for cliildivn or grown I'r.vint.-' .seroiu.H results told. Take only the genuine Feb y 's Htiuey and Tar Compound, and rt'fu I Mill .tUute-'. \V. 11, Fow- 'nville, O., says: “ years I ’ered from weak kidneys and a severe bladder trouble. I learned of Pills and their wonder­ taking them and igh I had as good any I heard about. My backache left me, and to one of my business, ex­ pressman, that alone is a great ad­ vantage. My kidneys acted free and normal, and that saved me a lot of misery, it is how a pleasure to work vjhero it used to be a misery. Foley Kidney Pills have cured me and have my highest praise.” TV. H. Fowler. ber of Assembly, served three terms. Firemen on the Erie Railroad have made a demand on the company for increased rates of pay—an average of 10 to 12 per 'cent raise. A year ago the firemen were granted a 10 per cent increase. Gazette oi Foley’s K d n c y Remedy, Liquid Is a great medicine of proven valu for both acute and chronic kidne_ and bladder ailments. It is espec- ia-lly recommended to elderly people for its wonderful tonic and reci struetive qualities, and the pern nent. relief and comfort it gb them. W. H. Fowler. Wanted—Second Hand Bicycle, nch frame. Enquire Gazette. . Cohsn a “ TheL to SBSume the supporting company will include his father and mother J e rrj J. and Helen P. Cohan, Tom Lewis, George Parsons, Sydney Jarvis, Donald Crisp, Earl Benham, Miss Lila Rbodei, Miss Josephine W bittell, Hiss Julia Ralph, Miss Maude Allen, Miss Amy Morti­ mer and a large chorus ensemi The seat sale for Geo. M. Cohan’s engagement will begin at the office of the Geo. M. Cohan Theatre 5 to 6 Room houses to rent, $10,00 to $12.00 per mon.h. Also s Ima houses containing toilet, electric lights, village water,\ etc., for sale at $1550 to $1650 payments to suit purchaser* As little as $200 will secure one of these well built houses. Rj. W . SMITH, Agent, t^onroe, N. Y. The.aOth^Getiiftir^.Booe A Merciful Man MaKes Money by HAVING HIS HORSE Wear our Boots, Because't the horses feet are kept in sound chndilicn. ,For Driving iiTcase'oi Lost ' Soaking. Poulticing and. applying \_Mediciiie This Boot Has No EquaU T I Bayafil Garpater, C O G E N T Monroe, N. Y. THE CORRECT NEW HATS FOR THIS FALL on Thursday morning, September 21. Foky Kkhey Piib Will reach your individual case ifyou ley and bladder irregularities. have any form of kidn< trouble or urinary Try them, W. H. Fowler. Notice of Caucus NOW BEING SOLD HERE All the styles that are right-all the ^ ^ liked\ in all the grades that are popular ar»- h>-re ready for the approval of those men who like to l.avt* good Hats a t reasonable prices. These hats have been bought direct frona tlie Factory o f Crofut& Krapp Co. They are the largest hat makers in the East. Come and buy one and be in style. cTVIonroe Clothing Store S. M, NELSON, Prop. rionroe, New york. Mon»o«, 8 ept, M. Mil. Primary Notice. ILUEVK. i a . W. B. Tench Dealer in Lumber & Building Material. Sash, Doors and Blinds carried in stock. Contracting and Building. Estimates cheerfully given. Telephone 8-B. MONROE, N. Y. Kerens a Range for Every Season A Ste.vart “2 - Fuel” icoal and gas i Range makes the kitchen ahvays habitable. The coal range is fine for winter, when you need heat in the kitchen, but in summer—any woman knows how unbearably hot a kitchen gets—a gas range grows more comforting day by day. poY s n h ^ r h a n or .... . x u S s HyF'^YlVKERE S i ? 'H T M IF u F s T lidepniofHoger^

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