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Ramapo Valley gazette. (Monroe, Orange County, N.Y.) 1908-1912, September 15, 1911, Image 2

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»BCA. W k o t . «M m mMtM> Va««t» I. t»M« it ttacroe, N. tlw M.or jHcnrii«, 1«». « . N . Y . . S 0 p t , 1 5 . ’ i l fOmidH RAi, orrtCEs C AND CHICi P A D D L E F O R I ^ ^ ^ 'T A # C Q r t m r S* w 0 * > ^ i i t e % P n iiii ^nxM , « tnU known r*«i -1 Kot of Middlotown, dl«d «t T h n ll i <Mi|)iUl 0(1 iVidOf morninc. « t the j iffe o£,« yenn. He waf bocn nt. Samapo, « 9 d had been a reaidant of I that elfy fof the p<ut forty Jeara, I nearly all of which time he |^had! worked at hia ^ trade as a carpenter. He retired some time ago, being on-1 able to keep a t hia occupation, owing to ill health, - , « « , He was a member of L a n c e lot;SchO O l ShoC S f o r C h i l d r e n , (odge, K. of P., havinif joined that I aniaationaniaation 23 year«)ear* SON SCHOOL SU P P L IE S dfg 23 y ago, also a member of St. Paul' dist Church, | He is survived by two children: j Bussell Hill of Middletown, and | » H# ALL THE PR'INCIPAL CITIES j moj Stanley A. Barnes of Allendale, N. J . j * lid a t the lU'icad $ 1.00 to $ 2 . 2 $ M* tho! * Clngrhianis lo r th e C hlldpcn’s S eiietd C rassof. Prieed 13 c a yard Prayer services were S cholarship OFFERED. hropiccitii o a ^ Presidentlent houis Roe Carpi of the, Monroe Bank, has renewe. hou irtuary parlors of W, 'I Monday s t 12 o'clock, *nd School Books, FemUs, £ t«. tiur O t a^olarahip offer previously i 4 it considerably. % t e t hrbadwied aww provided, f« y tuition, board, and all other necess this persoi rd, lodging T, Cornelius a the body' taken to Monroe, where funeral ser- i vices were held in the Methodist I Episcopal Church at 2 o’clock. The | interment was in the family plot i n : the cemetery at Monroe. j He w a s 'tw ice married, his first : wife being a Jones; the second wife; was Mrs. Fleicher Brooks. There t also are three brothers living. John, i E m b r o i d e r i e s , E d f ires 8 e In s c r t l o B S Janies and Peter, and four sisters, - ^ cs S i \ ; S „ / . : t r M r W ? r B » r o / S ” ; Men’s H« s ., 2S c grade SATU.RDAY SPECIALS LACES, regular 5 to 15c gracle, Saturday only 3d yJ. y{gi^ After disposing cggrj ' went to Middletc “ 15 c pr. 9 & 15 e p r. wsary expenses for j , • fow year course in either WiUiama “ f- Barnes at one time owned part C h i l d r e n ’s H 0 S 6 1 5 & 25C g r u d o «r Dartmouth College to a male grad-\/_\'h8t is now the Brower property. ' m t * «f the class of 1912 Monroe High Sehoot, who shall in June be tlnoou# resident of.said schooldi.strict! Miss Anna Neste vho | T - R . L y n C l l -1^111 d f l D O n S t m t O t h o S t e r l i n g ' P l R y c r »lnc« January I, W07, *n„ii .u„ :— pnsa the moat satlsfat ti«n in English, Latii sident atnen January I, W07, and who shall itlsfactory examina- tin, American aged HiMnty, SoHd Geometry and Physics. : Sept,. of age, and a con-; it of.said school di.'^trict! the moat satisfactory examina-: Grove in S t « r 6 S a t u r d a y a f t e m C O U a n d e v e n i n g . Th# prepoaition is as follows: \f David Sept. 1, i» ii. \ Tn the Board of Education. Mtmtoe,' hi. T. A gentlemen interested lur efforts to increase the educa- ept 8 . She was a daughter of .Ed- ^ ard McEanghlin, who in 1840 bought j Moftc the farm new oc- ‘ .ir,fT.f M!SSi„*rvt i H you are going to enter ingtonviUe. Miss McLaughlin lived;' with her father’s family until her: brother, Tuthill McLaughlin, moved yonr school iLaugblin, moved I what is now the A O u .sin e ^ f i ^ c l i o o l vantages and eflRciency of j il system ha.s authorized me I the following propositit ite funds He will contribul fntHelsnt to defnyT pMHMs 'of s studei • f four years a t “ Dartmouth Coll< nay elset. ' Such expenses are to clods tuition, board, lodging, cloth- incidentals, not to exceed in Monroe, living in Methof Ih^^c^e’rf have not done your whole duty until you n l^ e d lived with her mother in Monroe . ; h \ e alleg e ex’ ^he; mt daring a course u h g and inc adequate and I by 'lose o f each i Hoi appropriate. At the el tsrm, the student will be exjici render to the donor, through me, uu . Itemised account o f bis disbursements. ■ Such male members o f Make Your Room New. Mantels. Chairs, Woedwork, one with a si INVESTIGATE The Ramsdell School 25 North Street, MIDDLETOWN, N. Y. le quickly painteo small can of oui Domestic P.aint, in ali (Cents. Makes*all in- ork bright as new. n Clarence S. Knight. Pure Paint for Houses. \ “ Actual co:it SI.60 per gallon.\ a6 bo graduated the class, j from the I the present school year, and have beep j cotttinously residents of Monroo, ir. Sthool District No. cted to I colors -15 to 25 cents. erior woodwi Get i t fror MONROE CHEAP CASH STORE CENT A WORD COLUMN mgte'of se’ 1, since Janii be betwe d twenty ■sent tlumseivi I'thc’ f o u n d Eight Holst.'in heifers., I Owner may have same by calling : may present tlu m s e ives' for 1 Thompson's firm •xam irationin English,l..atin, Amen i H0RSE.S fO B SALE Extra nice SODI Geometry an.^ f - m teUm. 6 . . , o’d. on g h 23^0^ ! Fancy Rib Fork Salt Macketel \:No. 1 ^ - Middletown’* Leading Fur Store Coats, Muffs and Scarf*. NEW Blanket*, Comfortables . B«d Clothing. NEW Lace Curtain*, Poirtiew Couch Covers. NEW FALL AND WINTER PRESS GOODS JUST ARRIVED. ? a u / # v >3N t ® ^ Tld* w««k w* a anouac* th« a n ivai of our entire Fall abipment of All Wool Drew Goods for the coming teaaon. THE BOTONY WORSTED MILLS PRODUCT. W hich ia favocably known thecountrjr over -o iti excellence of quality, will b« found only at DEMERESTS in a pleating divertity of Faihion’. neweat waavrt and co or*. We Mention Only a Few of the Newest New shftdee GLOVE, Emerald Green. Koyal 1‘urple. Bordawd chsHiesin dark blue, tan, cadet and l.la.*lt | All wool taffeta il iml.es le in I .a.k and u w and White; 27 inches 65c Y u d . . S 1.00 Yard. Piguced chaliiea in pink, light blue, old rose, tnoj.lne, ; 27 inches groSn, black and widte; 27 inebea-SSe Yard. Bight weight serge, 86 inches wide, in clnve, brna'ii green, roynl purple, old rose, cadet, navy, vum*. n.ixcd graya, mixed brown, black and black and white daH k. Special 50c Yard. NEW FALL & WINTER TAILORED SUITS & COATS ARE COMING and GOING AU w.i'd [,.;[.hn in .•'■■no, irp'.-, carnet, old ruse, wU- tena, limy, Mu. k , M n e ' • ' $1 00 Yard. r Vigpiironx -erce -n i nc, mein-* « i*Je, in dove, IniJ.e'l craj .u J : ,.v), erven, l*.,u k $1.50 Yd uvy sere, -nit. i.c“ ■* v,, , h , Je. in clnvi'. gf ami black $2.00 Yard. purple, II S S l S r E E & E B E E B i i ' E E \ \ \ - ' ’'\ A Very Special Offer This Week! Just for a leader to show how il will be pos­ sible for you to get a really good suit for a little money. A strictly man-tailored suit, made of very nice quality cheviot. Coat seml-fltting. lined with Skinner’s guaranteed satin. Skirts plain gored or side pleated. Value $20 00. Special ^ $ 1 5 . ^ special! Other Suits $22.^*’ t o $ 4 0 . Alterations made by experts free of charge. J. V. DEMEREST DRY GOODS CO. 44-46 North SL, Middletown, N. Y. 12c IK! __ History, ........ ................ Physics, at a special c.'i.amin.nKin tr : bfvwi Bnicr. *91 Hnll, tncmaru Ijeheld immediately ther. a /u r, f,.r Xb'D, N Y ^ 2b 21* thepurpjdo Of determining thei.- n t a - ! FiJR SALE— About !• tons of hav Live, fitness for college vcvrL. tie to j rye f-traw with r>. inquire of i.J fae considered candidates fer r ppoint- St.aobie. Monroe 22:1'.’ naeut to this scholarohip. The cundi-1 WANTED -Tnunp d ites arc to be graded n'ciar.lrtg to ’ pys.ti.,, rn farm, fv.- the average of their r- ting in the foregoing subjects as rrnirn>d by •ueh examination. T 10 Fancy Blended Coffee, Sc w e c e lJ 0 B S 5 S Foil SALE! .1 ,\a* r.'nuh farrmng. Andre\ Clav-n Ciiv Jths Bub, Osf.sr.l Dc candi.JaU: ^oc jt* man of 19 wishes P l u g Q | - a j 0 X 0 ^ yearsi t Npr>nerfct . ^ ^ ^ , tKw, :*'L Bfvx Monrou, It trance exam ination of onu of tJio above colleges cm or before O.'trb.x i L R I '^ T O I ll.E Teoks .v h m g . d m t conrl.fion, or be flf, : *^‘r-I-'i on hand. B. W. , ' Smith. M.ii.rO'-. It* mitted 0 of such coltcf r befor.? tli.'it dale in with..at Ciiivi.itii il leges, I certificate, shall you ak the recipient Troking that this offer a Btimuius to the ynuths n: thaM onroe Schools, I nm. Yours very truly, (Signed) Louis Kof C..r;> r.Lor Vion’s Moving Pictures. Firem en's Opera H our , v.as pach.-d to the doors last Saturdav mgi t. Vion’s Motion Pisturra .Lew the big crowd, anj that Ih,- .ajdi.r.i'. orjoy <i the show was njiparent. l y th<* miir e roua rounds o f appla.j* e that go oi d the different scenes, rdt* r the p. r- formanee many expr.-.-.e*: tl.orr.-e] v* s audibly on the exc. Uenc.y of ib i pr *• gram. Many peopl.' iv.re turn..! away. The Last Drop :*f VYyti r,\v one of the best v.e.stern picvar. - y ahown a nd arouse,i a hit of .■tiri.o-ia-ni espedaliy among tho vour.geier> Mr. Vioa called ottfutiori to th. don> of the Firem en’s B< m tU wi ,ch be given on Monday, Sopt. 2'.. Agency for the famous Fleischmann’s Bread. C. PICK & CO., MONROE, 12c lb. 20c IK, 5 lbs. 90c 25c lb., 5 lbs. $1.15 iBro, - - 25clK*|: driver. il paiF Liftht Fays. ;2 4 u o r ■' ■ ngle cr double, driven by the ladies. Bay Horse, fearless of Autos, ears, good looker and 1241 Migo,it>-d t>y Rhode Island Red Biijlot.s, .5 month- the .‘ (holur- old Chaa. G. RcmhrtrJt, Alonroe. 1 * W ANTED- Sri.'d) f,'mn v.ith good pr.yvc i,nvilingai will huv, rent Or exchangi* r< ai{» rti il oropertv in Plashttig, I.,. (. A'ldr*'jy 51 Washlogton I'lntc, llidgc- wood, .N. J It’ea I* OB ? a LE *.r rA'.C R ANGE— White ateamcr, good runnirg order. Ba-g.nn YVilhaw) M*>“er, Harriman AUTOS for HIRF,. Touring the if or trip TOi phone, Liv.ry, Menroe, N Y’ 21 tf roR S ALE~ T ro - *?owa an.J c-tive- •s.. good if!( rers; safe, fearlei , I keen used on 3 seated sui Y summer. Would make * • I p air for fanner or expi I ness and light trucking dghing ers and dn- re iable. H.as iress busi-! Locust E G B E R T c ^ l O S H E R , O. K. Restaurant lira by L.l.a lloa.l, N a llG L -T V * ?Rteri -f Jesus a***' , Higi .ai -,.1 'M.I vfc, N. Y , will open 0 Mi-ir diy. Octfiber ‘Jnl, a pnvalp day • ;h ,M'l 'i>r I ny s uo h r 12 aod for girls .tro.'ri T to r> y. ars *if agi* 1 la y iVill I giM- sp e m l priviit. lessons in Alosi', I’ninupg, Rnglish. French and irani^h For paiticulars apply to Mori, r STi(,.rii>r, High!,and Mills, N ■ Bn a l d e r s iV ANTED' -for the CMunon Colds must be taken Seriously ' •■‘\ f' \ r. r..oms and mod- _ , , , . . . <rn C'O.vv nn I C( s Appiv at this office For unless cured they $ap the vitality ' , and lower the vital resi.stance to mo; e -.c. , ^ OAN, -Money nn mortgog*-. Smith, Monroe. 10 tf Dairy . MONROE, N. Y. Harrimiii Depot: Myer & BirJ.sall ’3 Heataurant Special Bottled MilH, Cream, Pot Cheese, Balter's Cheese, Eottermilic* Delivered throughout Monroe and Harrimaa — AERATED Mfl.K ----- ^ T i X U s : G C e x i - i D S j p e r * < ^ ' i x a i X ' “b ) be of good (lavui- and to 4oBtain not less per cent, buiier fat. d they $ap ital reai.sta Fr.itect your chil- Compivurd id note its quick and .jco-ive su its. For coughs. Cnliis, whooping cough, bronchiti« a i of the thi i t i s an ever miMly, W. H. iroat, chest und lung.'i eady ati*) valyabje re- Fovvlor. (iood Things to Eat EUvoosi (' FOR .'?ALIL Pigs si,x Weeks old, $2 <ach C. S. Uuntir, Oxford Depot YV a n t e d nou:ie in or n. ar Mon- rof Mihig., perman.nt tenant.. ,1. .'sacKs Hunt. 2kt2 FOR BALE DeSir.able budding lotn ' hear sl<iutiifuld Biation. Address R. M < uOTungham, Soutiifield. SSt4 Via ERIE R. R. i to Monroe Garagej LAKE ST R E E T , M O N RO E. i One Price to Everybody. Gasoline i 15c per gal. Automobile SuppUes | at catalogue prices. Vulcanizing. J E S S U P & G R I F F I N , P r o p s . ! 1 Bay Pacer,16 hands high, fear- , less and 6 years old and ust d to i 2 seated surrey hack. If trained ! would learn to go fast. ; ; 5 Passenger Auto I To Let- j at Plat Rate per Trip | i or by the Moui. ’ ! F. L. ROGERS, : Livery, Sale and Ex- j change Stables, c5MONROE, N. Y. j I do not claim to have the I ; oldest Fruit and Confect- I ionery store in Monroe, y I but I do“ claim to tell I good goods cheaper than the others. PAUL TERN l . MONROE, . N. Y. wire possible ( G a lvanizing galvanized by our own new and perfect Perfect positively moisture-proof. AH Slay Wires and Line Wires are Electrically Welded not only eliminates the Weakening and [the fence into one piece of p r o r ­ ated steel - ■ aste yvirr lake useless weight; .P»P— field , ^ V E R Y .R O D jiaJA I |A W T E E D > lik y i : C Y ^ S a j H u f i J o u t h f c i t o . IM r o n 3 L X ‘o =i^ T < r . Monroe Bakery products ,;;'i!|On sale at -Rake’s Store,~i I f ^ Harriman, N. Y. '\ ' $ 50 .° *»ii bctlil no joys for you if you I ioto indi- pKlMAr m y STOMACI, UV£R or KlilY'EY tiottble,YouneolEotp'iybigdoctor’.'jbilt), G A L I F O R N I A E ' S S l i S s I l S s iw a s h i n g t o n l»o«sehuM rfmeffy, tlis liiifaf; tonic Irieod pnrSfler knows. If yourivysDTn is -m.i ft to^bVain y,.nr N o 3 OREGON : Pacific Northwest. - KiiSaSSl sffT- Hffl. 10 Off- m 1911 ------ IIIM N Ilk«ltenjSKNnrY«ri 4 EY. Ellsworth Herritt Funeral Director and Embalmer, all cailF personally attended, day or night. Private Parlors forFureral Services when desired. Lady assistant without extra eliarge, Reas enable charges to all. M O N R O E , N . Y . | fJOHN KROUSE iTodroe, N , Y . Opposite Post Office I Have just received car of iCMEO CH, HHl, filJlif MS,iISjliilHI, - g g l . ^ *0NH0EB^pfi«S,N.r:

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