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by all itarted R amapo V alley G azette . VOL; I. KO 21. MONROE, ORANGE COUNTY, NEW lOEIC, FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1908. 11.00 PER YEAR THE LOCAL DIRECTORY Presbyterian Church evening meeling, 7:30 o’clock. School, 10 a. m. Mid-week meeting, hurs.iay. 7130 p. m. Strangers welcome Oil. Methodist Episcopai Church Dr. D McCartney pastor, Monroe, N. Y Services on Sunday at n a. m and 7:30* p. m. Sunday Suhool 9:45 Ep Le gue 6130. Thursday evening meeiing ~ ' All are invited. Cathoiic Church Sacied Heart Church, Main St Monroe, N Y. Kev. Jas. A. Moloney. Pastor Grace Episcopal Church RevJ.Holmes McGuiness, D. D Rector H. R. Ostrom, Curate. Sunday School More-.rr^'^ Standard lodge, F. & A M. Monroe, N. Y., C. N. Walton, W. M: S. A. (jaunt. Sec, Meets second and fourth Mondays of each month. Hawthorne Chapter, O. E S., No. 2 S 6 , Mrs. E. H. We W. M. Mrs. E. Millington, Sec. : first and third Monday nights of each month in Masonic Hall, M Erie Railroad Station W * cept Sunday, 7 25, 9 42. i° S& “• t\-. 7.47, 8 59 a. m., I 36, 4.49, 8.07 p. m. Un “ VpT Kl4=8^‘TT30 5.30 and 844 p m. C. H. Hall, M. D. Conklin Block, Monroe, N. V. Office hours, 8 to 10 a.m., 3 to 5 p. m. H. Gaylord Hubbell, M. D. Highland Mills, N. Y. Office hours 8 to 2 and 6 to 7 p. n -J B : u T , . M a p e s I Barber Shop. Second fl-aor of tne Conklin Block, Monroe, N Y. Cipen day and evening. Shaving, loc. Ilaii cutting, 2<-'C. Fred J. Knight Civil Engineer and Surveyor. (uVice le Erie Station, Munroe, N. Y. ^ M .’ N. Kane Attorniiy at Law. Local office, M.:.nr.je, , in Conklin Block. Open Wc.f days of each weel wick Office No. 12. ■ A N. Y., in Conklin Block. Opci B’ days of each week Telephone, War- Dr. H. L. Cox Graduate (Licensed) Veterinarian, fice in Conklin block. Local telephone 39 B. Residence, Granite House, Main Street. Telephone and telegraph calls will receive prompt attention. Fitzgerald Brothers, Machinists and Engineers. Autom and Gas Engine repairing a specialty. All kinds of jobbing promptly altended to. Monroe, N. Y. Monroe House Rich & Humiston, rroptietots, Monroe. Electric Lights. Livery attache.!. Newly renovated. Most perfect cuisine service. Steam heat. Baths. Hudson River Tel. 9 Y 4 X. Highland Tel. 19 - 2 . National Hotel Board by day or week. Good board, nice rooms, every thing clean. Bath in h Price moderate. Livery attached. Geo. D. Valentine, Prop. E H, Seaman Real Estate and Insurance, Monroe, N.Y. George B. Stepan Monroe, N. Y., Painter and Paper-hanger •X of a’l kinds, Samples mil be Wall Paper ol shown at fully fnrni ids, Sampl home. Estimates cheer Highland Telephone. Dr. Jas. R. Sutherland Dentist, Monroe, ^ fuesdays, B( N, Y. Tuxedo Park B. T. Irving Painter and Paperhanger ana decorator. Main St. near Fowler's grocery store, Monroe, N. Y. First class work, and see me. Middletown Institute Osteopathy 10 Orchard Street, Middletown, N. Y. Phone 694 Bond. Dr. Celia M. Micks Dr. W. W. Micks,Registered Osteopathic Physicians. FflHEil W M » BIS MISSION. The editor enjoyed a short call Snn- 3 f young Italian boys at the Seven Springs Mountain ip, formerly \Hons*- a noted raer resort some thirty years ago. Father Walsh is in charge of one of thickly p pnlated tenement district of . and has s] 1 . ys of that city mis.sioD, which Is supported by vc is also identific New York, and has spiritual oversight iCiW b, ys of that natKioality. The y coiitributious, is largest Italiau missions in the le venture of sending a number of the poorer boys to the coniiiry each summer. Last year this property was purchased of the Davison’s, and altho’ the bnildiuga were badly run down, ex­ tensive repairs have already been coml meuced, and as a result 5Q boys, and the instructors, matrons and other em­ ployees are now comfortably housed. We had the pleasure of listening to a number of selections given by the lodiouB, their repertoire is extensive and the little fellows have the Italian in- bred love of music. They are well train­ ed, singing either in English or Italian, and we hope Monroe people may all have tearingaring themhem the pleasure of he t before they return to the city. „ The \singers’’ remain here all summer under instruction, but the other boys come and go every two weeks. This is idable enterprise, rnd earn it is meeting v mneb enconragement. The boys under strict discipline, their hours for sleep,study and recreation are regulated, they interfere with no one, and are hav­ ing a royal good time passing alt too soon. , very commendable enterprise, rnd we re pleased to learn it is meeting with All Roads Lead to Fraser’s. Dr. Hall is evidently the most popularpi St po man in town, if the voices of the Macy girls are any indication of popularity. Dr. Hall is greeted by vociferous cbi several times a day, and the automobile, is properly sainted. The Doctor is the valued house physician of Ruthven Grange, and the girls know how to show their ie, is properly salnte valued house physi appreciation of bis skillful services, he having been called profes- Dootor there several times this season sionally. \Who’s All High’? Hall’s .All Right.” ladies at Ruthven Grange—the Fta< R H. Maey farm—enjoyed the second Lhst Saturday evening the young dies at Ruthven Gran R H. Maey farm—enj< o f « series of Saturday evening dances, which are to continue until er Labor lonse was beautifully light­ ed with 0 .lored lanterns, but not too brilliantly so for pleasant secluded cor- thoseose notot caiingaiing 1 frocks of ners f< r th n c to dance. Tbi linty evening frooki ies, ontlined against reen woods, made dainty evening frooks of the young la­ dies, ontlined against the background of ir pieces added greatly to the enjoy- >nt of those present. These delight- green woods, made a pretty piett while the mnsio famished by. the complished Chester string orchestra of light- invitation only, and are chaperoned by Mrs. Furman, matron and trained nurse of the R. H, Macy store, aided by the genial host and proprietor of Ruthven Grange, A. D. Fraser. Walton Lake Squibs. John Larkin, guest of Walton Lake Inn, caught a four-pound bass in the lake the other day. J. H. Kidd beat him 5 0^4 pounds, a ired a pickerel t 1 tipped the scales at 2?2 pounds. We un­ derstand Proprietor Lynch has engaged these gentlemen to furnish the Inn. with fresh fish the remainder of the season. An enjoyable enohre and dance was hold at the Walton Lake Inn Saturday evening, which was also participated in by guests of Fred Bull’s, Brookside Farm, Cedar Cliff Inn and other resorts. In all, over 100 were present. Mrs. Robert Cbedford won the first prize for ladies, Mrs. P. A. HodgmUn the second, and Miss Katherine Merrick solation prize. For the gent first prize was awarded to Capt. J. H. Kidd; the second to Charles Mayer and the \booby” prize to John A Matthews. Saturday evening, July 25, a Grand Water Carnival will .be held . Lake. All the cottages aronnd the lake best decorated boat. The children of the Inn enjoyed a fine straw ride last night. Two is company, no doubt; That is why the lamp went o u t WNIND VIMIIY HAPPENINGS. Born, to Gerhardt Wehage and wife, July 16, a daughter. Twin daughters arrived at the home of William Bull and wife. South Main Street, early Sunday morniug. The Rev. Dr. McCartney is recover­ ing rapidly from his iujaries, and hopes to occupy his pulpit uext Sunday. The Monroe Branch, Ancient Order of Hibernians, will hold a reception and dance here the first week in August. The Oakland House is enjoying a very prosperous season, the house being filled with a very desirable class of guests. The Fair held last week by th’e La­ dies Aid Society of the Presbyterian Church was very successful, netting about $225. _________ ___ - filled to over­ flowing with city people, and has been since June 28. Fifty guests are notV registered. Dauiel Lee has quite a cariosity in the birth the little pig-let weighed but shape of a pig four weeks old, whioh Ighs'only twelve ounces. At little pig-let weighed but five ounces, Harvey Earle, one of Paddleford & Co. effiotent clerks, lifted more than his share of a barrel of flour the other day, and as a consequence was laid up a day or so, with a \crick” in his back. Invitations have been issued for the marriage August 5 of Carrie Belle fttiller to Clarence L. Zimmerman, two of onr popular yonng people. The ceremony will take place at the bride’s home in Monroe, Samnel S. Mapes of Hillbnrn, has sub­ let of Charles E. Gregory the contract to paint the new school honse, both in­ terior and exterior. Atwood & Wiley of Highland Mills, were the seQOud low­ est bidders A cake sale nnder the nnsplces of the Epwortb League will be held on the lawn of tne Methodist Parsonage Friday afternoon of this week. Home-made bread, salads, cake, ice cream, etc , will been sale. A. L. Weston, the Greenwood Lake meat man, has purchased Ed. Materne’s anto. Wo presume he will rig it over into a delivery wagon. Mr, Materne, it is said, having learned how to run a machine, will now invest in a \hum- Mi^sYiola Post of Tnrner^hjis. been eugage&HQ, 4 e a d i. the fop»(rSgrade in onr school for~l^fc>^«lj^ year. Miss Post is a -_jiadfiS(fof MonroF class of ’9!J,.^tf^^or the past seven years It in the pnblio school at South- field, N, Y. Mrs. Mary O. Hepburn.w'ldow of Rev. George Hepburn, rector of Grace Epis­ copal Ohnroh, Monroe, several Marie and Alma Broaker ride to Highland Mills, where dancing of the table; the dining room was deco- !sent were Frank Broaker il Uhnroh, Monroe, several years died at the Monnt Vernon Hospital week, aged 65 years Death was a t­ tributed to natural causes, but may have been partly caused by the recent death of her husband, the grief from which had prostrated her. The contemplated deal whereby the local interests of the Hudson River and Highland Telephone Companies were to be merged is dead! deadll d( lead 111 much public, Vho do not like the annoyance as well ns iry in maintaining ti mes to reach all the teriitory ronud* ie necessary to the regret of the business public, w about here. Rev. W. A. Eisenhart very courteous­ ly conducted the prayer service at the M. E. Church Thursday evening of last week, Dr. McCartney being unable to attend on account of his injuries. Union services were also held on Sunday, in the Presbyterian Ohnroh in the morning and in the Methodist Ohnroh in the evening, Rev. Mr. Eisenhart preaching able sermons at both services. A §50 prize Buff Leghorn owned by S. Roberts of Chester, was seized by a large hawk the other day and carried al. ft. The hawk became frightened by members of the household, and dropp. d its prey when up a hundred feet or more, the phicken striking the ground heavily and sustaining a broken leg. The foul was brought to Monroe, its leg set by Dr. Cox, and it is still under­ going treatment in the latter’s bird, cat and dog hospital. Ohnroh-going people were a little late at service Sunday morning watching J. Reuben Hunter and the peculiar stunts he was making coming into town. It seems that when near tne torn coming into town an auto scared his horse whioh immediately shied, the wagon struck a stone and broke every spoke ont of it. Just as he turned down Ohnrch Street the wheel ran off. Mr. Hunter then borrowed a wagon and after he drove under the shed the horse jumped around again and broke the shafts of this wagon. Monroe Post Cards (5 colored, all, for 28o, at Rogers Drug Stor 2 blue prints 7 black and white, 14 views in DMNEO IN IME MQMSi. adoesday af- rnoon, Frank Brady and £Wo other mpaiiions of New Y'ork, all stoppiiig r the summer at Kuehn’s Mountain About three o’clock on Wednesday af- Prospect House, Mombasha Labe, went swimming in the Lake. Brady, i could not swim, adjusted a pair of pa­ tent inflated wings about his arms, and enjoyed himself for several minutes, be­ fore the wings got ont of order soma way, and he sank like a log in twenty feet of water. Just prior to the acoident, a t least four bi ats were about the swimme: ,nge to say all had gone back shore, leaving these boys alone in the middle of the lake. His companions made heroic efforts to rescue him, all to no avail, one of the ipanioDS a, all to no avail, being almost drowned in the frnit- attempt. Help from the Y. M. 0 . A. cam]lamp net by, and from others on the lake m speedily at hand, but not until tw hours after the acoident was the body reoovered, when Dauiel Shearin came np Thursday morning. The re­ mains were taken to New York for the funera'l and interment. Oorouer Heaton viewed the body and rendered a verdict of accidental drown In the Social Swim, On Friday evening the Misses Ethel, a Alma Broaker gave a straw than the other to make the londest noise. On Monday evening the same party was at Mrs. Schneider’s house on Spring Street, now being ocenpied by “ ink Broaker and family. It was Miss Alma Broaker’s fonrtcenth birthday. She received a number of pretty gifts, and mnsio, dancing and singing was in order nutil refreshments were served. The usnal birthday cake had the center rated with sweet peas ai Those pree and wife, the Misses Helen Finney,Lena nng, Lanra McQimpsoy, May Mapes, irie Sohaad, Katherine Ewers, Ethel, Marie and Alma Broaker, Mr. and Mrs. Hnmiston and sou, Freddy, Dr. Childs, Elbridge Sanchez, Adelbert Bonton, Or. ville Goree, Harry Welling, Louis Hes- slet, Fred Anderson, Irving Ashman, Harvey Morvin, Mrs. Mnlligaue, Colonel Lederle, Miss Mary Tittman, Mrs. Charles A. Fox. pond lilies. Monroe Wins and Loses. Saturday afternoon last, the Monroe A, A. crossed bats with the AU-Btonx team of New York, winning by the score of 10 to 5. The visitors were a good ball team, bnt they didn’t play extra good ball Saturday, and our boys again domt ont of a tight hole several during the game Mouroe had several ilayersonthe team, and they all showed np well. The all-around play- lonstrated their ability in get- ime Mouroe had s ID the team, and th ingof O'Brien, pitcher, was heartily commended. In the evening the basket ball team did not fare so well, evidently being ont of praetioe, while the West Side Y. M. 0 . A„ who are camping at Lake Mom­ basha, were as \fine as a fiddle.” A large audience was present and enjoyed le, even if the local team did lose. Score 50 to 32. On Saturday afternoon of this week, ong Sot will be here. They are said to he perior to any nine that has showed up this season, aud if so Monroe will have to hustle to V 7 in. Great Season for Snakes. Snakes and snake stories are in order. Alex. R. Dunu has now the second rattlesnake on exhibition, whioh he and his uncle, James Bose, captured in the mountains east of Tuxedo. Richard, Ward Brower’s coachman, killed a five-foot rattlesnake Monday, as the rejitile was crawling out from nnder the door-sill. While crossing from the Albert Hand- fombasha Lake, William short distance ahead, a ;h a limb off a tree he killed the reptile, which bad eight rattles and button. The snake was presented to Clarence Smith, who w ill soon sport fancy belt made of the skin. largo rattlesnake orosi Smith Brothels have been selliug sweet orn since July' 15,, whichhich 15 w lat delicacy, elliug SI early date for that d Oome in and hear all the new A Edison Records, on sale July ; Rogers Drug Store, NOTE OE AJWNdL NATHfiE. James Rose returned to his home in Delaware oeunty on Monday of this Mrs. J. 0 . McCord is quite ill at home on Maple Avenue, with erysipelas of the face. e left Monroe to join the rest of t! The Misses Josephine and Mae Care; folks for the summer. John H, Dilson and family of Brook­ lyn, and Howard E Snlllvan and wife of New York, art? stopping at Andrew Hunter's. Alfred 0 McCartney of New York, and John W. AloOartney of Mllwanhee, have been guests at the Methodist par­ sonage the jiast week. Harry M. Morehonse, Jr , was home a lonple of days last week, and is now spending the nalanoe of hi Lake Shaudlee, Sullivan conuty, with a party o f a dozen campers. Dr. Leroy Smith, one of the fonr ad­ mitting physicians of Bellevue Hospital, )W York, and who also has a privat practice in the city, is spending his v( cation a t Osseo Lodge with his parenti T. D. Smith and wife. Obarles G. Sommer and family ar 0joying life at the Sinnott F1 bc « Round Island Lake. On Satardar,Mas­ ter Oliarles, Jr., received a goat by « and lively times are reported I attending the wedding of Mrs. Johnson’s niece, C the home Of the bride. press, and lively tim es are repc tween the lad and the goat. Archer Johnson and wife returned home Saturday night, after attendln) Miss Carrie May Cooley, and William R. Bamher, at ‘ West New Brighton, Staten Island. Among the arrivals'at the Oaren Man­ sion last Satorday was Miss Catherine W. Sharpe, the noted soprano and’gifted eloentioniat of the Brooklyn Dtamatio dooiety. Miss Sharpe is very fond of ont sports; her favorite is borsebsok riding, at which she is an adept. id at her home on Sonth Uaiia. t Jnly 17, aged 84 ysars, Mni. Bertholf snstained a severe fall Several months ago, and basitnoe been oonfined to her bed, gradnaliy growing weaker nnttl her death. The deoeased was e. widow o f the late J. H. Bertholf. for­ merly a hardware merchant of Hoqro*.. She is sarvired by flve ohildren—John of New York City; William and Mro. Joseph Davis of Chester, and Frank and “ Much Ado About Nothing.\ The aseault case of the People, Sarah ompton complaintant, agsiast J. Sacks Hnnt, camo np for trial Friday night before Esquire George 8. Bull and a jury. Mrs. Compton was represented ■Ilwood C. Smith, the defendant by ■yets Brower and Stout, and the Town by every able-bodied man who could by hook or crook squeeze into the court room. When the case was simet- ed down there wasn’t mneb to It, (in fact snch cases shonld be settled ont of court), and therefore the jury said “not gnilty.” It seems that Hunt’s mother and the plaintiff were quarreling over the latter’s children and gesticulating laf mnte, Lanra living at hums. Mrs. Bertholf erested at all times In everything prises. The funeral was largely at sd a t her late home Tneiday afteri botes were profnse, 1 ed a large pillow from the Messrs. Net was interested at all times In eve pertaining to the welfare of the village, and contributed 1 irises. The funeral was largely attend- Bt her late home Tneids loyally to its anter* ite home Tneiiday ' Eisenhart officiating. tei were profc large pillow from the Messrs. Nsw* bnry and their employees, where Mre. camo along, and evidently thinking h mother in dire distress, immediately g( wildly. Defendant, who is a dea 'idently thinl rcBs, immediately got into action. His arrest followed. Mr, Smith looked after plaintiff’s interest, withont compensation, simply to see that “fair play” prevailed. Hunt got off and the only one “stuck” is the town. Poor old Monroe! Badly Wanted. Some one to open the hydrant and clear out the dirt in the water pipe near Will Arnold’s. The end of the pipe is a pocket and very filthy. Has not been opened in a long time, and drainage is also very necessary. I have asked to hare it done, but get no response. The. water is not lit to use.—D. V. HowErx. Attention is called to the report of the Monroe National Bank published on third page. The twenty-second annual reunion ' 6 f the Mapes Family will ocenr at Midway Park, Middletown. N. Y., Thursday, August 13th, At the races Saturday, at the Goahen Driving Park, Golden Means, owned by laefer and .McLaughlin of this place, won the second race; and Black Mahog­ any, owned by George Fitzgerald, also of this place, won the fifth. rading as a Fine A ery store in Noise polled to leave the shop for a short time la charge of her husband, giving him full Instructions how to act and 'dally ci(utlonIng him that In the it of a customer presenting a Jar lOt and osklng for treacle, Jam or los he \mnst bo sure and weigh ill of confidence, tbo collier Install­ ed himself hffhind the counter. In a short time a lad ran into the shop and piped out: “I want two pound o’ pickles fur mi faythnr, and here’s th’ p o t” The good man carefully Veighed the pot and exclaimed: “Nay, lad, th’ pot Weighs enough bowt pickles, but I’ll gl’ thi one or two anyway.’’—Liveriiool Mercury, READS ONE A niME NOVEL Oar readers will remember a oonpla o f weeks ago, that Harry Storms and a oompanion were arrested as snspioioair oharaqtera, by olfioer Osterhondt, he be­ lieving they were attempting to enter the Erie station. They were later di*. charged for lack of evidence to snbstant-; iate each a claim. After bis cUsoharge Storms sal< been working for Harriman at and only came to town that day, he was expecting aremittanoe fromOal- , and when it came he would be IS said be had and only came to town that day. That was expecting aremittanoe fromOal- rnia, and when it came he would be right. That he had been engaged in mining with bis father there, and had ;eded East,ast, takenaken to drink,rink, andnd dirink drift E t to d a d had got the beti left town lere looking fc him. He stated Storm's father bad died better ot him. Both he and is companion left town at cnoe. Last week a man was here lookin in Oalifornia, and the boy was the only ;tfa$6C» land. abonts bad been unknown for sonne t heir to a property worth $600,000 beside* 165 acres of mineral land. His wbsre- - nntil bis letter home for money was re* oei ved. Instead o f remitting? bis f s th e n exeoutors dispatched a man to bring hina home, and as ststsd above be arrived « ’ days after Storms had \hit the pika\ in. Somewhere ont nnder tho s< leaven tor in tonight, undonht^ly,it’tlssp- millionsire, with not apeim r ket, and bis stomaoh o n i r n r more for drink than food. Gone to Her Reward. Mrs. Minerva Bertholf, an aged and highly respeotod resident of this 1 lage, died at her home on i Itroet Jnly XI. aged 84 yea n , Mrs. afternoon, W. A' Eiieuhart of The il tribntes were profnee, and inolnd- ibolf’s son, Frank, worked. Inter­ ment in Monroe cemetery; EUswortk Merritt, fneral director. Fish Editor Still on Hit dob. Gilbert Palen and a friend spent Wed- esday fishing a t Walton Lake and osma ack with the biggest? ever. They had jug of cider along with them toqnenoh reir thirst and in order to keep the older cool lowered it over the side of the boat with a piece of string. After awhile Palen felt thirsty and itarted to pull the jug aboard when he koticed a black bass ing the cork in the jug; he called his friends attention just in time to eee and retnrn w ith an I himself Into a oork- pnlied the cork and started to he cider. The bass was frantic with rage as he saw the eel swelling np with the cider, and as ho scratched his bead be thought of a good idea. Homade a sudden dart at the eel, bit hie tail off, and sucked the cider through tlie eel. Moral; Share what you have with your friend; don’t be a ho;4> advertise in the Sojourning On tho Island, David Lfddy was arraigned bfforo Justice George S. Bull Friday evening, plead gnilty W being ’-dtonk and disor­ derly, and was sent to the Now York smuty Penitentiary on Blackwell's Is* nd for 90 days. L»iidy was discharged ily 4 , under a reprimand, for a similar fense, aud did not heed the warning then given. Tuesday morning about 1 :30 Officer lOudt arrested Katherine Broad- to go home, but instead mistook the bandstand for her villa. Thisbeini ’steenth offonse, Justice Bull gave 00 days on tho Island also. head, known as Kate Lane, for being drank and disorderly on tho streets, Kate was warned earlier in tho oveni arglars broke into Supervisor Patter-* son’s residence at Tuxedo,early Tuesday morning and eeonred $250 worth of sil* vertvare. A t the next house they killed three chickens and a mile or S') farth'.'r np the road picked and ate them. Tho same night an Arden farmer lost fifteen more chickens. Chief of police Bush of Tdxedo, wag in Monroo Wednesday, on tho trail ot the thieves, whoitijbeliuved are two men tonring this vicinity w ith a horse and wagon, Y'on may smoko what you like, bat he sure you like what you amok®. Bo salted, at Rogers Drug Store.

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