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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, July 08, 1970, Image 8

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MED£NA DAILY JOURNAl-REGISTER WEaNl:!SOAY, JUlY 8, 1970 - - Stamps Will Put ·Food Into Empty Stomaths By KENNETH SCHEIBEL cities without aid. Secretary WASHINGTON, D.C. _ Pres-- Hardin reported that nearly ldent Nixon deserves credit for 6 million people are covered by tackling the problem of feeding food stamps, getting $87 million tl h · A · in bonus coupons last month, re ungry m menca. 31h times more than last Decem- True, he was prodded a bit at ber when the program was step- firsL But when he maqe up his ped up. tnind to act he surprised a lot of people. The Food Stamp program is Today the Food Stamp pro- beneficial in several ways al- gram is. a thriving program. It though critics contend it is wasn't always so. wasteful and encourages idle- The President's decision to ex- ness. First, it put food into hun- pand the program is a political gry stomachs. Second, it is a switch. Traditionally liberal De- market for farm products. True, mocrats pushed the program it is a source of revenue for Republicans dragged their heels. the reta11 food stores who han- Now a Republican is the prime- dle the food sales. mover and a leading Democrat Under the Food Stamp pro- in Congress is balking. gram, a poor family, of four in- BIOLOGICAL WARFARE - One of 20 state legislaiors tourinl{ the N.Y. State College of Agriculture at Cornell llniver·dty to examine re~ear<'h projeds on pol- lution, State Assemblyman Don W. Cook (rigl•tl and \Irs. Cook (•xami1ie a gnat- sized wasp that kills larvae of the alfalfa \Vt't•\il. Cbarl<•<; K Palm, dt•an oi· tilt' College, explains how this impm1ed wasp i~ rqJladn~ imediddt·~ in eontrolling an insect pest that has oven1m the st u!e \ 1.2 million a<·• e.., of dairv ft'f'l.l. lJnder the prodding by Presi- dividuals, can buy $106 wmth of dent Nixon, the federal govern- food stamps each month for $2. ment has moved forward with its A higher income poor family Fisher .. Price Announces programs to feed the hungry. might pay $30 for the . same Kuckville But the President had help in amount of stamps. The stamps Congress - much of it from a can be converted into food pur- Appointment of Foreman Ell£'1\VJLLB:- ThP f'ommnn-1 Senator from South Dakota, chases. . it~· < 'hun·h pir•ni<- will br held i George McGovern. It was Me- t Bubtl th~ pcrogram haFs mdn llfltor Harvey W. Busch, gem•ral [Fishrr-Pricr Toys, today ~n-. Sumhlv, .July 1!1 at thr honw of 1 G-overn, a Democrat, who help- rou e m ongress. un s o - . · · - ed the Ptesident to crystalize 1971 are being held up by the manager of the· Medina plant of noun<·Pd thP promotion rtf Phillip l Mr. and Mrs .. John Seward. his opinion through his hearings House Agriculture Committee, Slattery to thi' position of gt•n-! S1tnday .. lilly 2fi, th(· Waterport on hunger in America. Result headed by Rep. _'I!· R. Poag_e Ex-mh'~~Ht•l\\\n ern! foreman of thP Asst·mbly ; and Kt·nyonvillt· tJnitPd Method- 'I was that Congress loosened the <D-:ex. ). Poage Will not permtt Y u rw v Departmer.t. i;,f n,un·ht•s will lllN't at 11 a.m. :~mrse strings. actwn on th~ Foo~ Stamp p~o- IrE Renu 1 •.r 6 d Mr. SlattPrv a residPnt of • with tilt· Kuekvillf! IJnitfd Me-\ The situation prompted a gram extension until farm legiS· J -, .., . . - .' ~ , . . . . comment from Secretary of Ag· lation is okayed. And his com- _ Mtddleport. JUillf'tl l• tsht-r I JWP lliudtst; for a umon service. riculture Clifford Hardin. mittee is split on that. Thus a ALBION - County Judge J. lin April uf this year ils an As· i\ltss Jw1ice rt'ni:~ of Albion He said, \America has turned kind of crisis surrounds exten-IKermeth Se:ve _recently signed . 1 · sembly Foreman. As gt'neral; spent the week euu at me Marc the corner in its drive to elimin- sion of the program for 1971. an order dtrecting that Robert foreman, he will be responsible 1 Clark home. ate hunger a1;1d malnutrition and Meanw~e, the S_e~ate a-pproved E. Sanford, 26, of Zig Zag Rd., I for assembly uperatiolls un all· Mr. alld _Mrs. Donald Lamay we have been gratified w~th the $300 _nillhon additwnal for food Town of Albion be examined at ;t' r-e 511 ,·t- , aitd two l.'hildren are on a camp- ~nterest a~d s~pport from farm sta~ps for the first three months the New York 'state Rehabilita-: It_~ · B 1 1 ~\'· f _ ·tl d .. 1 r. 1 'ing t1 ip They are on vacation mterests m thlS endeavor. Ten of fiscal 1971. . _ . 1 l\ r. u_c · 1 uJ ter u: 0 -e-c twm Rochester Products Co. million people in needy families- President Nixon also has tlon Center at Masten Park m !that Mrs_ Shirley StPbtJins ltas ~lc and Mrs. Howard MHler are now benefitting from either thrown his support behind other Buffalo to determine if he is a! been transf\'rred from t!te Hul· awJ Mrs. Ray;-nond Miller were the- Foo~. Starn~ pr?gr~ or the g?verrunent programs of food narcotic addict. . ilanu, New York, plant, 3nli ;,t in. Roc!Ju;ter Tuesday. Commoruty D1stnbution pro- md to the needy. One program The Orleans Qrand Jury 111- -the same tilnt· J.H'utnoted lrtH!I :vir:::. !VIaxine Murray began gr!'l-1?· compar~d with onlv 6 .• 9 is t~~ USD~ extension servi_ce dieted San~ord May_ 8 for first· : ass~m!Jly foreman tu pruuut'tiurt ~1<:>1~ work a~ the day care center million at the time of the Pres1- nutntlon proJect. Land grant m- degree roboery April 2 when he 1 traming supervisor. 1m Lyndonville Monday. dent's 'Hunger Message' to the stitutions teach practical nutri- is alleged to have \forcibly\ Mrs. Stebbins will relebrate i Keith Gteen attended church Congress in May of last year.\ tion to non-professional work- stolen from Mrs. Gladys Starch, her tenth hnn i versa r y with' sHvice here Sunday and visited A year ago 41l0 counties had no ers - who in turn assist a half a cleTk at Gallo's Outlet Store, f<'isher-Prict> 'Toys this month. i his uncle, Frank Wallace, Lake- Food Stamp program. Today tnillion families throughout the Albion, the sum of $127, the pro- 1 sho!'e Road. there are but 20 of the nation's nation to upgrade their diets and perty of Joseph Gallo, the pro~ I Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wilson 3,129 counties and independent improve their health. prietor of the store. 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