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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, March 18, 1958, Image 3

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»..; ..«»‘—';'-5. _.-..._,.:» .9; .V_.\ __ H . _-~,«., :.\>~ €,~'l-.~’Mé-I ‘J’-.:. .' pg,’-\L1;_ z~._-;;,'.:~ 5\ A‘.~:‘-.. ,a- ; ,. “‘ **.*~.'»'«.'—-:.~~~. ’ »:.\:~-.~ . ~ .‘ :~-.4 3:: ~, ~~‘~\t~ v.‘,_~‘_~;.f;~_..x_.,_ ‘ ‘<3‘?“-‘«“~.=‘K‘~‘t‘3;\;:. \‘=“~ ~¥ N “V .:~ A“-,;.;*,).\:. .».a- - 2' \\'?.'-.~. ...~ \ -A7/-.\-\'.\»“:-‘.¢ - \\~\ .,_,'r- -—-.-e,n,,v:y'=' ' . l ‘ .._.»_.,;'.~- . «a. ».,..« -,y.:.v-«._ pm» gg\-4-' u':’::v’! v \\ ~.,**-- s'-- 1:... ‘ w_ .é_s, 7 I,.__, _! 9:5. ~11 . , 7'? r;.. W: THE MEDINA DKILY JOURNAL-REGISTER, TUESDAY, MARCH 18, 1958 PAGE 3 'FRliE<NVDS’ CHURCH TRACED MOFNDAY STUDY CLUB'S SPECIAL GUEST Dr. Kane To Preach at United Service Wednesday MIDDLEPCR.T——The Study Club men: at the. Acme of Mrs. Alfred L. Underhill. Park Ave.. Monday morning at 924:) o'clock fc-1' a “Cof- fee Hour’ and 1-e.gua!3.~r meeting. R.efresh.mems were served by Mrs. Eula Simo-nds and Mrs. Rovb—- er: Steen. first Quaker church where the Light Heat and Power comp-any is now located on Main St. Later a zhuwhv was built on the Ridge. Mrs, Winn.er\s grandfather, George came to Hartland in 1890 and moved to Ga.sp-ort in 1895. where 115 two sans establishezl a black- smith shop. Later they manufac- ured bicycies and in 12100 ou'1L two 1utomobi1es_ Still 13t:1- in 1912 they 3ui1t;—a new building and began 1nanu.fact.m‘irg\ ti.“ “F1'icn:d” '3praye‘rs. Dr. H. Victor Kane, executive secretary of the New York State Baptfst Convention, will preach at the United Lenten Service to be held in First Baptist -Church, Wed- ate in Niagara Falls, he is well known tovmany resich-ms of this area, and has preached here sev- eral times. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wetzel of Bates Road, Mr. and’ Mrs. Henry Meyer of Telegraph Road and Irv- ing Meyer of S. Culvert Road spent Sunday in Buffalo where they visit- -ed. their mother. Mrs. Ernest Me- yer who is a patient at Roswell Park Institute. Mr. Meyer returned to S. Culvert Road with his family. Capt. I. D. Waterbury. who has been stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato, Calif., is the guest of his mother, Mrs. Elton Dr. Kane\ will speak at the Mid- day service for youth in the Meth- odist -Church at 12:05 Thursday. The speaker at the Umtvd Service on March 26 wxll be the Rev. John Maclnnes. pastor of John Knox Presbyterian Cllurrsh, Rochester. Cooper and Mr. Cooper of Jeddo. Capt. Waterbury’s new headquart- ers will be the Air Base .at Scul- thorpe, England, only 20 miles dis- tance from the point where he was stationed during the last war. He will fly to England Mar. 27, the same date he left for service in Korea five years ago. Mrs. Water- bury and children John and Mary Ellen, who have been visiting Mrs. Wate1'bury‘s parents, will join the captain in England at a later date. Mrs. Joseph Manell, president led the business meeting at which time membms voted to make the usual contribution to the Student Loan Fund. II; was also voted to make a con- tribution to the Me-m0ria.1 fund 0! the Iviiddleport Free Lib=ra.ry and also to place a book on the Mem- orial Shelf - in memory of Mrs. Mary W. Addy, a charter mem- ber of the Study Club, who passed away Feb. 11. Mrs. George Callaghan of West Cemvr St. Wm; hostess Lo the Dog- wood Twig Thu1'ssd:iy for 2: dessert lunchvon. CANON YFATEON TO VISIT ST. JC)HN’S . Thcy V'~.C:‘L‘ u‘..1:'wn.=.‘t\.'..x1 in es- ‘iblihilxg Lite Frzencls C1m:'c11 in 3c1S:CUl‘I.. At the pm-.x<*nL rtudcms mm the R_:-he-at-:1’ D:\':t:;t7.' S\‘1'm1 :ondu<:L services. and overseas md S(‘I\/ICC 1‘:*'.1vf L-x'o,:vct.» are sponsored. M\s. Winnmx who is .'1SS\C‘.23’L'?d .t:it.11 the H1st3r:c:.x1 Sou‘-ty ‘f I ack- Mr. and Ivfrs. Walter Bonthm of Salt Works Road have returned home from ‘a trip to Arizona, the west coast and Mexico. Mrs. Edward Hill. program <;ha.Lrman, introduced the guest sgzeaker, Mrs. Hubert Winner 0.‘ Gasport who spoke on “Th* Fvievnds and World Peace\ under the federated theme for the year “Great, World Religicns and the H3-pe for Peace.“ She traced the origin of the Friends_f1'0m the time they be- <§°a.me a well-oz':.ra.nizc‘d g1'oup'in ‘,FE_‘.n«g.1a.nd in 1690 objecting to slav- éfry and working f\x‘ the cause of ‘peace and becoming consciencious at-abjectors to war. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Barnum, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fritcher, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wilson and son Rickey. Robert Boyer and son. all of Lyndonville, were guests Satur- day afternoon and evening of Mrs. Mark Mahar of West Ave. Mrs. Afvthe Ecker F-arron of R0- chestmn c1:mgh.te1' of Mrs. George Eckm. both fm'mm' residents of this Viclnity, lh ex D:1ii(‘nL at Nunhside Hospital \\'11(‘l'(,‘ hm) unucI'WCnL smrgozxv. ‘ort, and 1. }-zstvwixn 3f Rcyaltcm. gave smm~ 1mv1'CsL—- ng biz‘) 1121115 m hm\ \\n1'i\'. The Study Club nv.\;I ll1f\'ul1{1 ail} be lwld M-‘ 21 .1‘ R u'--1 101»: n the libmry. Gu.st -po:1km- will '39 Gabrivl F :::':1. vxhn ‘.'.'.1s \n- Rev. I-I. Victor Kane Le Confirms Further Hmmr \E0 L’r. John Butts Imznity amb‘1.s:.1do1\‘ T:-3111 1\Ied1n.1 1:x.~t y<-;1: 1;) S'.\'(*den nesday at 7:30 pm. His sermon will be. “Believing In The Love of God\. . Members V1\. i:n‘.t~<1 In brzngx szuests. R0.‘:'esl1x11<=nH 2'11 be s\1‘V- ed by the off;C'e1's and program committee. Mrs. Robert Dr. Kane was born in Belfast. Ireland, the son of a Baptist Minister who came to the U.S. in 1906. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and Northern Baptist Theological Smninalgv in Chicago. He also has done fm'tl1o1' academ- do work at C01gate—Rocheste1' Di- vinity School and Kouka College confmwed a DocL01‘»of Divinity De- grewa.. Wczmdct L. Leniz Weds Robert J. Bernstein. A letter from the Army has con- eral told Mr. Butts via the letter: “The street will be a constant re- minder L0 infantrymen of the fu—- ture of the high standards of duty which your son so fully observed.\ firmed the acuon of the govern- ment in nmning\ 21 street at Ft. Benning. Ga.. in honor of a deceas- vd Mvdinzl wan\ hvm, LL. John E. Butts. Thv lvtu-1' czmw to Jerry P. Butm of Butfulr). formerly of Me- dma. d(‘.<.C:1\1bim this further hon—- <22‘ acco1'(1v(1 his son. The soldier's mothm-. Mrs. Buns. is also de- Faith Koch. scribv °““~“\‘- ‘ She told of the work of Willianl »’ Penn in settlingr the state of Penn- sylvania. and of George Fox who organized a ,';'1'.'>1Ip of “Quake.-1's\ in England in 1668. Her paternal ancestor. Daniei Souuhwick. came to Lockpart 1:;-om Ontario County and established t‘.1(‘ GIRL SCOUTS Lynclonvii A? St. Peter's GIRL SCOUT TROOP 37 Ll. Butts was awarded 3. Con- gressional Medal of Honor posthu- mously for the heroic action which took his life in World War II. The lieutenant was born in Medina and spent his life here before enlistment in the Army. In June 1944. while leading his men into battle in France, he killed 26 German sold- iers and lost his own life. Czmrm Sizmm LYND(_)NV‘ILLPZ - Mr. and .\'[:'s. Ara Bartholf. Cm-tn. \x's~'n dmzzm fl11'.‘.\,I5 0: MI‘. and Mm. H.u'x‘_v HJ.1't\\1;4‘ sund;x_V. The m2.u‘1'ia.ge of Miss Wanda L. Lentz to Robert James Bernstein Thursday Troop 37 held :1 meet- ing in St. Ma1'y‘s School. At this meeting we discussvd our badgvs and the loss of them. Wo ended the meeting with a prayer. Tlw Pu-\' (\\u..'3 Wxlhzun F. Staten. (‘.‘{('(“.lI1'~.\ ;1\.1.~!un1 to the wok place Sunday afternoon at U11‘:-9 o‘c1cck. Feb. 16. at. St. Peter's LuLhe1'a11 Church, with the Rev. 9.1.11 Nemoschy officiating. Rt. Rm: Lum1'~1«m L S<-mix’. bish- op of W.I\'.Y . viul \'x.—~:L St. John’s Churrlx lu\1' Inn:-tvx';=-'9. at noon Lo preach Ilw H-I'1}l‘, 1'. my I?.(~ 1\cgL11ar Wednv.~ri;:.\' rzrwx.-rixx 1.:-ntcn serV—- ice, Tfw um-::;1;: uf ‘hr st-rvice is set for 12:40. urlz r-r,m:1u.s1on at 1213!). M1‘. .md Mr» C':.:‘.\ a H.nf1'm;111 Sr. have {'::t11:*11v(1 ' He was pastor of churches in LaMo111<-_ Illmoisz Providence. RI. and in New York State - Fabius. Cortland. Kingston. and Niagara Falls. Sincr‘ March 1957 he has held his 1)1'v.uent. positmn with 1h<*‘StuI.¢- Convv11ti(>r1 in Sy1‘:1CllS(‘. Ft. Bmmi1‘.a:'s commanding gen- hem afu-I‘ a urn .-41 -'-w-:.~ II.» In \,‘i.\iL I'C‘1£iI1V;.~. in (mm and lim- .'I.::_- bade is the daughter of Mi- <1:.:v1 Lemz and ‘the late Mrs. I.«‘nl'/. of G<‘rman_v. The groom is vhv wn of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B~\.’n.<tCin of Dunkirk. BROWNIE TROOP 28 E§\o«|'a\ro'..»o.“o:'-o-\To~= 031;‘.o:o'u\;-‘.»b~cC'a:3:o‘d:wox'6. I. 2% HOSPETAL NOTES % ‘Sunday the Brownies of St. Mary's School went to Mzlbs to- gether, then we went to the b1'e:1k~ fast right after Mass. Tuesday the third grade colored eggs which they had hard-boned at home. The fourth grade work- ed on their Girl Scout Laws. We had our Flag Ceremony. Mary E. Feller. scnbv Butts—C1a1'k Post Amvriczm Lo—- (Lion, in Medina bears the name of the dead hero. I);m1(*l AH:-H Hw'l.< M-1'. \\;1 urwk end ‘£11£‘.‘~;L 1.1 ms u1'zm.1mo1:1« <1‘. Mrs. Jay W B;11\2_\'. ;m<1 at mended Youth Ccntrsr mm his friends SaLu:'d:1y v\<.‘::i:‘,'. John H-a1't'\'1g 311.‘; ‘um \'\I!\ Oakfield spent Sunni-1;‘ home of Mr. H_=m\u::'< I‘:11'\11I.x :M1\. and 1\'II‘SQHRJ‘I“V H:r1\\'i:. i 1\.Ii>:.x Anmv \/_ I\1:1-vr }’u.m::1«» :'»‘p(-I11 tho \\(\<‘k (‘ml 1.4~z:- '.\'x'h hm '_l31'n*.h.-1' and ‘mi’:-_ M2‘ zmd Mrs. éKc1'mit F‘1‘a.'<.er_ S:ml:'<1;a_v if 1211: Week NLSS F1‘:1.<:‘1' 1.-.1\,o< bv pl-anc for Sarascta. F‘1a.. to bx*1n;_r her ‘parents. Mr. and I\I:'<. Domld M. Fraser home. The F1'a<e:‘.< have :been spending two month.» and :1 ‘half in Sarascta with M2-_ and Z Mrs. Clarmcc Elshcimcr fL:'zn32'!;y of Gasnort. .“ \»\. Q \ \\ ‘\\‘N \\ . \\\\ \\ ‘ \ \\ ‘N \\ .‘\ \\ ‘\~\ \\ ‘\ \ §\ \ His activities have gi\‘cn him varied experiences and friendships with large numbers of people. In addition to speaking to church groups. conventions. civic groups. service clubs. etc.. he has been dean or chaplain of schools for 1'(‘— ligious instruction in Maine, Rhodo Isiemd. zmd zit Keuka, New York. (men m marriage by her uncle, Em\'a1'cl Hellwig, the bride was at- .1x :1 :11 a go\ 11 of chantilly lace ()VL‘1‘ tulle and satin. fashioned with Lved bodice -and bouffanc skirt. A (i:m;,vmv1' \\'21.s born March 17 to Mr. and 1\'I1's. Vito Misiti. 915 W95? Avenuv. Medina. Admittvd March 15: Mrs. Lula Jones. RD 2. Lyndon- VINE’. Ft. Benning, where he trained in this country. is the official perman- ent infantry post and infantry of- ficers school. REV. K. L SEEWZ TO GE-VE SERMQN MIDDLEPURT - Tm‘ RPV. Ken- neth L. Sm‘! (,2 '1'.~'ir.>.?\' Eplscopal Church will <11-11-.e:* 1hr sc-2-mon F'1'1'(1n,\' c-unmr :1! I .‘.'H 1) m in the MC~t.h()disl £‘111x1<'}: :~| Mu‘ reg,-Illa!’ wCCkl_\' Lonlvn x. '’\.'1''.- HI the com- bmed local (-innxuu-.-. A mm» hour binod local <~1nm'h« A ('()ff('§' hour will follnw my s('1'\1Ct'. :-::1b1‘3ide1'ed with sequins, Her will of French silk illusion. sent 1: will (‘n'1'mzm_v. was cznlght, to a ti- ~n.: «.1 .svqnix1.x' and fell into kl Azimmt-d I\12*§'<-11 17: .Im.c~pl1 Fu1'(1, 1?! I.;1\\,'1‘('u('(- Park- xmy. l\I1<-dum. NEFGHBOR NIGHT AT BARRE GRANGE WILL GIRL SL‘()l\l‘ TROOI’ 53 He has participated in youth 2.0- tivities at camps and assemblies as director or Vesper speaker. In civil defense. he was chief of cl1ap~ lains for Niagara Falls. He is a member and director of the Li- on's Club. Because he held a long pasLo1'- :2 am. zmd she ca-1'1'i0d a bouquet of \‘ } -0 uunelhas and variagated We met Tuesday evening :11. 111i‘ home of Berle Jane Mirand. Oui- president Opened the meeting and dues were collected. We discussed our badges and projects. Refreshments were serv- ed and the meeting was brought to a close with the Girl Scout Pro- mise and the friendship “ciI‘cic.\ Berle Jane Mimnd. sci'1b:\ l‘v’11'.<.. Cuthc-1'mv Hay, 2250 South Avvmw. Modinzt. FEATURE VISITORS Mrs. F‘1'ancis‘ Tyloc. 305 West Center St.. Medina. Carl Wahlstrom. 77 South Main “Forward WiLh F1'iend<3hip\ will be the theme of the Neighbor Night at Barre Center Grange Hall, ;\I..<< Olga Hellwig, cousin of the br;dc. v.'.1s maid of honor, and '3:'1ciosx11aids were Mis-s Suzanne Schilling of Mid-dleport and Miss Jane: Knuth. All wore floor-length :C\\’n.'~: of powder blue and royal l;i:'.;- and headpiece-s of pink and \.I.1Iu f(‘Z1II1(‘l‘C‘d hyacimms. and tin-v c;11'1'1ed bouquets of pink ca- m<‘l2:.t.~;. SI .. Middleport. Mrs. Olive Kerr. 416 West Centel St.. Medina. Thursday. Marbh 27. Gus Marvin of Macedon will speak and show pictures of Guatemala, a tour tak- SERMON SEE AT - HOLY CROSS CHURCH Di:;cl1a1'z;nc1 Nlarch 17: Mrs. (icu1';z<‘ Bz11'nhn1‘L. 8 Main SL. IVI1 ' Admitted Mzu‘ch 18: M;u‘_v Watson, 617 (‘zc11(:sve SL. Medina. . en recently sponsored by the Inter- national Farm Youth Exchange Program. § Besrit Garsnai and Tixnouiy G-IOEII. students at Albion High School. will explain the American Field Service Program for'fo1'eign students. MIDDLEPORT I.»-1<>n serv- ices will he I1f‘I'.1 zrnnnmm (’V(‘HiHQ;’ at 723!) at I~I«.l‘.' (‘1'u~~ Lutheran Chu1'c’h. The- Rt '. (Hm Rtrothmann vvillxakc {hr .~a'1'mnn I.'»})1CI “Were You Thom Wm-:1 H<- Was Con- demned \ Middle-port GOODWILL (‘()l.LE('Tl()N Goodwill II'ldLlStI'i(\S truck mil make a pick up in Mocixna tomor- row. Donors may contact Mrs. Clif- ford Wise at 645—R. MIDDLEPORT — Mr. and Mrs. C. D_ Flatt attended Confirxnatlon rites in All Saints Episcopal Cha- pel, Lockport. Sunday afternoon at five o’cIock, v.'h:~n their grandson. Richarti Dcnms Spaulding, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Spau1d- ing. was a member of. the class Confirmid by the Rt. Rev. Lauris- ton L. $caife of Buffalo_ Bishop of ‘Nestorn New York. Later L110 Flatts and other 1'eIaUv(.‘S were on- L('1‘ta'1ncd at me Lincoln -Ave. homo 3f Mr, and Mrs. Bue1‘A. spau1d—- ing, Ricky‘s paternal grandpar- ems. BOB HOPE IN FUR HA? Lioyd Baker served as best man mu u.~.hc1's were Erwin I-Ie.11Wig. FT(iv.'211‘d Hellwig. Lee Schillin-g and MOSCOW (UPI-—Bob Hope has finally got himself a real Rus- sian shapka—a' dark brown c0s~ sack type fur hat that makvs mm look like a hard-riding }10I‘s:111zm from the 10v.'m~ Volga. Down to the neck. that IS. Mrs. Donald Swift, 6 Alfred St., IVIidd1vp01't. Diszchnruvcl March 18: Earl Prvst. RD 2. Medina. Admittvd March 17 and Discharg- ed March 18: Damrll Iwalinnwski. 1:37 Roseland Avum1('. M(*(I1n21. Judith Bunv. 1335 North Main SL.. I.;ynclnm'11l(~. Mrs. Irving Petrie, lecturer of Lyndonville will present a recrea- tional number and Mrs. Dwight Norman, lecturer of Barre, will present a musical number with Gary, Judy and Donna Wilson. A Llll'Pf‘ Supper will be served at 6:30_ with membem bringing a tux-een and table service. F\ ‘-1 - ‘ F92‘ 1101' niCce's wedding. Mrs. H: 11;. ig chose a blue lace over taf- iiid dx'(‘.\s with a corsage of pink ca.11w11ias. The mother of the :r: \m I\I1'.<. Bo1'nstein_ wore 21 _:;.u‘.\I\1 ':f aqua and gold with pink canlcilxus. He is still wea\ing :1 dark N110 Chesltcrfielcl topcoat he <-:.unv lwre with, which is as L111-Rllhbliln as apple pie. Hope invested 86 of his; hard- earned roubles «$8.60» 1n the new headgear which he bought 211 Gum. Moscow's 1a1'gesL depart- ment store. As usual. Gum was jamnlcd with thousands of $71oppv:'.<. all ‘giving Hope the cold shouldm n1atc‘hc(1 only by Hu- weaLher A reception in the church par- lors zmmediately followed the cere- m(,.ny, and guests wexje present frsm Ellicottsville. Dunkirk, F1'e—- dunia. Niagara Falls. Roche-stem“. Buffalo. Medina, Middleport, Lyn—- c?(>n\'i11£‘. St. Paul, Minn. and from Ohio. 35% on Schooi 38 ATTEND FETE FOR MISS KINKEAD Milford Snell has returned to his home, New York City, after spend- ing 111? PM week with his mother. Aim. Cora Snell. State St. Aid 50:‘ Migrants Miss Lynda Kinkead of Webster. whose marriage to Robert Cavers of North Ave.. Medina. will take ALBANY —. Employment of chi1~ drcn as young as 12 in harvesting fzmn crops was given final logis- lativc zipprovul by the Senate last, night. The vote was 37~17. place April 5. was feted at Mrs. Bernstein attended xscliools in Hamburg, Germany, wihccre she IIIJLI.’ hm’ home prior to coming to Medina in 1955. Mr. Bernstein is 21 graduate of Dunkirk High School -L-.nc1' served four years in the USAF in tins country and the NEAC ov- eiseas. He is presently employed by J. C. Penney Co. The couple now lives at 219 West Center St. Hostesses for pro-nuptial show- er s include M155 Schilling and Mrs. Jmmy Schilling: of Micldleporb; Mrs. Bernstein of Dunkirk: Miss Knuth of West Ave. Mr. and Mrs‘ Mason Dye were hosts at a dinner party at Apple Grove Inn, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hellwig were hosts at a buffet luncheon. shower Sunday afternoon and eve- ning in the First Baptist Church social rooms. Hostesses for the affair were Mrs. Edward Cavers, Mrs. Walter Stack and Mrs. Mark Scottow. and thirty- eight guests were present from Webster. Buffalo, Middleport, Lock- CASH SAVINGS ARE Y %EST SAV!NGS - Come See — A? Yam A&P But Hope was undzumtcd by Moscow's indifference. WAS soon ‘as I put on the hat. people started saluting.\ he quipped. The Hollwood comedian. who has played many different roles on the screen. is now cast in the part of diplomat and nog0I.i'4L:n'. The measure, introduced by As- §emb1yman Alonzo L. Waters, Or» leans County Republican, was sent to Gov, Harrilnan. MEDINA A 8. P -— ‘I35 E. CENTER The current minimum age for such employment is 14. Sen. Ernest I. Hatfield, Pough— Iwcpsic Rcpublican. said th e I11(‘21SiU'£‘ had the support of the State Council of Churches and the T<‘mpor2n'y Cmnmission on Delin- qucms. port. Welland and Fenwick. Ont. A large green umbrella tree was the highlight of the St. Patrick's day theme carried throughout in the decorations for the affair. The guests made a bridal gown, V011 and bouquet, of white tissue paper which the prospective bride wore for a brief wedding march at the party. Mrs. Roy Plummer played the traditional music and pictures were taken by Mr. Cavers and Merle Kinkead, father of the bride» to—be. Miss Kinkead received many gifts and also a bride's scrapbook. E . is your car keepmg you bEE‘.k?U§.\?? Q He mm with officials of the Ministry of Culture Monday and today to n1‘1‘an;;e the .\110\.\1ng of his latest film “Paris H0Ii(l:1_\\' for Soviet movie people. He is also ananging to obtain films of Russian attractions fgr his American television .\11:)\\'. u !\':‘?‘:I?.S- _ - '->'.‘vI;oi:4 ' ‘ .. '-‘,$ GOODBYE, PEACOCK ff} -;f?\'£9 ~ ...x_:7’ X ,-3.2 ,-= 6...;-359° BOSTON —- |UP» —- Miss Kerin O‘B1'i<-n‘s neighbors complained so violently about the shrieks of a peacock she won as a bonus prize on a wlcwision p1‘0g1'a‘m that she fixmlly rlocicltd L0 give the bird to EL No More Depressions Re_quesf State to Take Over Approach Roads Like During 1930's ALBANY IUP» - Two Null}! Country Ia\mnakv1's tnclzay (::alI(=<l on the state to take over 12 milew of existing town and County 1‘0'1dn‘ for a new highway approach to V‘Vhitemcc Mountain from the Northeast. Assemblymen Grant W. Johnson of Essex rC0unty and Robert G. Main of Franklin County said the proposed heavy duty state road would benefit mot.o1'ists from Can- ada as well as from northurxx counties. BUFFALO «UP» — A l«:no\'.n c-conon1ist, insisted Monday night that there will never be an- other depression in the United SLuLes \even one—tenth- as bad\ as the depression of the 19309. Dr. John P. Wernett, in an ad- dress here. based his assertion on Lhree factors in the nation's econ- «_m1,v . \—f’:*...\5‘ _‘.u;t‘. 3 ;;§.':l . Supp ho s Q BALI. PCNNT PEN ONE BIG RACK BOYS‘ DESK SET $5 .00 $6.00 by AAQJUD H1‘ >.:11(I Lhvsc arc the .wt.1‘cngbh uf lhv bunks Loduy. the alertness of the P‘cdc1'a.1 Reserve banking syst<~1n. and many public and p1-zvate policies. Just One Rack Of These Bet- ter Boys’ Jackets. Some plas- tics Some Reversible Nylons and G few wools. Better get here early for them. A Special Buy For you on these Bali Poin? Desk Sets. Includes Four Pens and Plus- ’ric‘Desk Hoider THE FIRST SHEER ALL-NYLON ‘ The Republican legislators said the broposed road would provide a link between State Route 3 and Wm-nett. proféssor of business adm'mist1-ation at Uhe University .v;{. Michigan and editor of the M1ch‘1:;a.n Business Review, saw the standard of -living will double STOCKING DESIGNED TO SUPPORT! Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway. Legislation needed to make the transfer has been intro- duccd in the Senate and A.s'5cm- bly. WENESDAY MORNING Wumlr-rlul new f‘:~upp~lm~P i~ :1 rmlly ulrrwr slurlxlng-—m:l(.lc without rul;l;m'—:scim1li ! «l«*~i;:,m*d to gin: your legs‘ firm, lxcalllxlul snppml. Requires no spm-iul mm, )0! far oulla.»-is ordixgary nylons! ll you‘vc longml for gvniler rcli0lfron1 painful log fatigue, wt Ulrjcrtcd to the idea of wearing ugly’. ruhlyerized sloclcings, mmlically f‘ll{lm\“.‘Ll Supp-lzva? are for you! 95 Um‘ pair will tell you so! Try them 1oday-- 4 your doctor will approve!‘ ~ PAIR within the next 35 years-barring I d1:<ast1'0u.s War. WOMEN'S BETTER Venetian‘ Binds cams - suns $39.00 Hqrtwick College Gets Sfdck Worth $240,000 rd 3 “ .«”‘ Rambler sales are up 66%! He-r_e’s why: Rambler 6 with overdrive holds 3 NASCAR Economy Rec- ords, less than 156 a mile for regular grade gas. Ramble-r’s tops in resale value. And many Rambler givea you American big car room and comfort plus European smau car economy and handling case! A ONEONTA (UP) -- Hartwick College has weceived a gift of stoek valued at anpmximately $240,000 from the James A. and Jessie Srnith Dewar Fo»undati~on, of-ficia-ls announced Monday. The gift was made to pcerrnit I-Ia.rtwick to construct an azdtdi-tion m Dewar ‘ax dmzcnuwry for women. 'I‘ih~ev new‘ adeditiucm will ,-I3.r0yid'Ae hguging for at least 40 0women s’aude0n:l'.s.‘0 ' \ ' The Best For Less. Easy to clean Steel slut with Plastic Tape Venetian Blinds. They come in 64 inch length. 27- ,28-29 inch wid'¥h. We’H or—- der any size you need at corresponding low prices. Just Cl Few of These Win- ter Coats and Suits Left. All to go on this one Low Price. Better Come Early for them 7240OOOGOQOOQQOOOOOOQQQOOOQOQOOOOOOOOQQO09901 g No Layaways. AMERICAN M0.'l‘0RS MEANS MORE FOR AMERICANS » A’ %NA$H:51nc»'A East\ Center: 3%. \ ‘ _Phone 629 _7l5§éélina; New 09590‘ 31 .o..‘.‘ 7-~:: ~: BRONSON'$ ”AUNT LYDIA’S” RUG YARN 2 9 c Skein RUG PATTERNS —— 79¢ RUG FRAMES ~— 89¢ Fo i‘iu' $2 . 98 LeVan Furniture Co. Inte1'Wvw S Sfrefch or Regular New Sqnmg Pcmerns Lag) Kenne Brag, Inc. ROSS Has Closeout Prices On AH Davenport Suites, Sec Chairs. ~ EA._§;Y mums: 4-

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