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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, February 04, 1932, Image 1

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» ^^SMMsMi IrW <)Ae|f@B£t?.-^So*'.a»ft. pwft^^: #• --• MEDINA HEGISTER JOURNAI A FAMILY PAPJSR The Dally Journal is. teal daily by JO.O^^eofife to Medina and vicinity. MEDINA, HEW YQT^TJllTRSDAY, FEBRUARY 41932 PRIGE2GEHTS LETS GO: 10 ARE KNOWN DEAD xplosions poolc, Pa.T'eb. 4. Seven |iea, twinging the death fnrexg reported by work- Ire beetttaien Jrom the I Sun oil tanker JBidwell (seven hours after four t wrecked the ship at Jap here. At least 14 |e missing and believed (fere four explosions of that they broke win- lie: froin the scene, scat- ling oil in every direet- |t fire to.the wharf of OiJ Company, at the j&dweli Was\ tied. Biasing, several were re- f'haw perished' while |ear the midship hole, |whi6h was \first to e* ! first charged body firag- pthe ffaTh'efr^t'e'd mass as identified as that of ttarks, 28, of \phiiadel- luSeil, 3$, lifiircns|Hook:. feamilton, 30; Marietta, bt burns six hours after eyed to a. hospital. Injured,, jtacluding the yife, Mrs. jv'iola ftivers, L, I., t?ere takeji to hos^UaCaii \Chester\.' Is andrflY.e. of the work- [reported .£% a ^angernus I She• tad : ^on&. aboard minutes' before the fea. \' •': pera is aiaong the I help brought. fife : :flght- itus and ambulances llngton, De\^ Chesty pi,^ and surrounding. liu\e^t^iW~to$^fc' i heat and danger of other explos- ions, firemen were unable to aid the doomed men. They cBnflne'd their efforts to .saving the wharf and surrounding property. About 40 members of the tank- er's crew of 52 were asleep in the after part of the vessel when the first blast rocked the ship. Many of them made their way to the deck and either were taken off on a launch or.leaned into the flam- ing oil-covered water before •other explosions followed, at 10- minute intervals. MELLON ACCEPTS AMBAS- SADORSHIP 70 BRITAIN WasHington, Feb. 3—-Secretaiy Mejtoa of the Treasmy tonight accepted, the ambat,s jdorstyp to Great Britain. The acceptance was announced by President Hoover. Mr.. Mellon earlier in the day had admitted after inquiries that the post had bean ottered him, but he had not made up his mind whether he would accept it. The President, in announcing that the veteran Secretary of the Treasury would succeed Charles G. Dawes, who resigned to head the Reconstruction Knance Corp- oration, said: \The critical situation facing all Washington,, 13. C„, Feb. 3— A statement that \weTJ'over 00 per cent\ of -the: llojuor prescriptions issued by'<3oc£ora-'ara \bootlegginjg prescriptions' 1 'was ri&da before & senate committee today by -que member of the medical profession and denied by another. Dr. Arthur Dean Bevan, head of the surgical department of Rush Medical College of the University of Chicago, and a former president of the American Medical Associa- tion, made the assertion while testifying against a bill to legalize; 4 per cent beer. His statem$iji ; 1jrajf challenged later by a witness wfiot favored the bill, Dr. William % Lorenz, director of the ftjyc'hla; tario .Institute of the University', of Wisconsin. '-A- large number of doctors have itgffilpgff sMe;tor^t-tlw»^toj^ti»- |i, ^e^,';4--CbWegte sold-iago. lengineers worked fever- gbt. attemgang;., to-. as> iie ' Chinese; a|r. forces which, stfll Ifaa. jn. the\. §e* in. whjtah ife was de- Bjn England .tyelya years i ifreth. *aa goodi hat Ite« . .,-' |C1BS were, jflfeslfig ironi Wherei j(ras-» |r*il_ pi, which he fefo«ed. to |of Artdy ftfitlft-. :' yore out •« r .i«rto^nfe S$$ i'edl tiaclt' -*4 '•-.lfe«t*irtf |t*g firiitar Was iiising ItafeTeiv:/ ' • , fsaf& : j&tatax* in isdnrr; igers |Uve always lik* newly- Mfc, TOefleviBr £e finds »^Hi«d* '«giri| far Triad* f fiont fs&fawmmk-, *# for #*» Mttflm: &&!&• In 1920 the government ordered J3.0 airplanes fitted with powerful motors. The planes wore shlpg^a to be assembled in China, but be- tauae of disorganization of the jgoVernment no one woufil tttlso the resjionsjbnity of putting tjjein, t«^; ietber, and they were #te£ un- jjacked,' ,\ , \fhey are considerably c>ut of data now, but still may be made airworthy. The planes, are capable of high' speed. F 1««B fiik t^tloB* Fd j&m#mx* *««ys r $msm Mfddleport Resident Succumbs At Itome la Boffafo Miaaieport» febt $?-Word was reseived beret Sunday of the death of Wflliam spsrker^ 13,' -at hi* |e«e IS CHSt?to Bbtde*Md, Buf- £«[^ SuhdiS! aiomfeiS;. H«> leaves |u\4 vn$vm, HeaiJor Pirker; two djiiig|ter8> Mts, Hal^tt Becker. indT'lEi. KiOpE ifoang ^ana s granddatt^htei:, »ll of BuSato. the funeral, was held yesterday llternooB at Ehe Tale Bias wlfb Burial in Foreat lawn Cemetery, Buffalo. Htw Parker Was a former resi- j dent of this locality and was a BroQier-iri-tow of the late Mrs. Irs Sn-itb. of Middteport. tion of selling those prescrlpUons.\ Dr. Bevan saldj \spmie selling the .whole $uofo of -400 pintsf.a year. \fits ,maj?et- H p'OBsib^ |or a doctor to niake about $1,200 a year out of these prescriptions. Of tha 160,000 medical men in the United States, the lower half make leaa than $2,500 a year. There has'been a terriHd temptation to 'make 11,200 a year out of the 'prescrip- tion of alcohol. Certainly 90 per cent of the prescriptions \Written are bootlegging pre?eripti6ns.\ - lAter be used the phrase \well •bvW'90 per cent;\ ' V 'I was very^Snuch amazed ' to hear Dr. Beva'n** *'tafemont»** Dr. korenz replied, In- takiog the stand. \i certaiuly canitot concur In that statement I am amazed at any one maiigninff |He' ^dlfiat^fole*. slon to that exteni ( W> ha*4 *^W blackguards in ott^ profession: jttiiifc as thtir»- are soBie'in. every„profea- sion,\ h. nuid. \and J do not doubt that 8omo have mode USO of the opportunity to soli iUjUQC. .pre- scriptions, but i certainly do not believe it applies to the profession as a whole.\ Dr. Bevan said beer \wilt pro- duce drunkenness.\ haa a bad ef- fect on the heart and liver and! Ill some cases leads to the drinking; of Uqtuora containing larger amounts of alcohol. Dr. Lorons said \beer is a food, a good bever- age,\ and not intoxicating to rea- sonable amount^. Scenes and Pewons jb tKe Current Sew cbuntueg in their ii\tei national re- lations the manifold eeoaomtc-and : other problems demanding vl \yise . solution in oui national tnteresUf * calls for expeilence and jitdgehjentl of' 4hs Wghest ordeR.^ffitf ln\||f^ ance to our country o;|%«F%Q'|||i determination of these ^roria^||« difficulties neefo'MenTpTJailllSSj \I hare decided thereforef tffi,^^ upon on© of our.wisest andf||fp experieaced public servants teJM^I cept a position which will e»'&W.|, him after many years of di|^*| gulshed puhlic aerVftje at &QU^||| f render equal service to his. 1&!$j$ | try la th? foreign field. |. %%%[$;•? asked RSfr. Mellon to undevfaievli^' ttoitraaia,dDrsWp. to Great 'Tf^j^^p l am happy to say be baa iio^4^i pressed his willingness to 9er^||! O^deri h, I^lUs of New ^iii>; underaecrelary of the treasury*'!! to become aeoTetaiywhefi Mr. lafeg '<fa thevl^it^ f^tes, iMiji, -'S^Qfy^EJtj%;sli$ aomtrftnent, S-Vtew 1ft I^ysMne, Swlteijrland, ficene ot.tha Jon'departs. , , .,, ,.f ,;„ ^|J>M^|e o|i^^tto»^ l~l|gribe ... .. , . ...,,- ..'V \''iiVsitf. ot tt*:|^j^inan(^jo^^lso h^ni'tcsttatmsr conceraiRg tte said <fc3sk$fa mvatyei Molton camo into the Cablnoton March 4, 1921. uijder appolntjajS|i| from Pwsident ftardtog, an|.JiSf continued In jftlce ondee v%jeii*_., presidents. Up haa« also jyfbf*^K^ longer than fray other Cj§fy|»;!j$ •'* officer except Albert Gallatiovli*\\ bold office from 1801 to>fe|jli^ and James Wilson, who Iiea^eif the Agriculture Department ftoft 1897 to i913. Mr. Mellon camo to the Treaj* ury from the presidency of .th& MOJIOB Natfoonl Bank at Pltto burgh,. Eft* which: he piloted to ii position of leading tapssHwce. lit thftaiianftlal affairs of-*iU'anttofii' As secretary he if0i0 thftfe the sacrament bala|^|»* bad* get. DurJUR Ms term|'aji|ratlor»4 debt wa* reduced fitfpifp 1 O00,* < •000,000 to UT.000,000,000. He has cnt of Alio PhlUppmM, iuccwidln«. General nineg, Smith is Candidate Boston gaper Asserts Boston. £e& 4—The Boston Sferald said.Thursday bat Alfred B Smith baa given ^'definite assurr aaces\ to Boston friends that ha *ffl be a candidate for thp Demo- cratic nomination for president. Smith's statement of his poai- Itibtt\ probably wQl be made aeit W«d»£e«d»y, aays the Herald, and it it^tM wai say that he intends to ptae* big cause in the bands of ^tittipnt rtftklag an active cam, •piiga .tat the Bonknation« Stefflt police made 38 arreBts durinr January and 681 men op- Instructed to Form Reserve platoon GttpL Arttiur & Munaoa Itt commahd of Company V, New York National Guardifias received instructions from Uajt Gen. Wil- liam K. Haskell, coffiffiandtng the 2?th. Division of the Ne* torE Na- tional Guard, directing him to -proceed at once with, the tteces- aary steps to organfie ft ifesorve platoon at Company JP Armory Bete in 'Pearl: Street. fbis reserve unit would be be mode up of men formerly mem» Iters- of-tiie-lot^^Companyr -those-; with mflitary training or who have seen aervicn and weald be subject, to eatt to e*e»t r&w&m F waa'arderea tefo sewice. The letter, transmitted through the office of fofah&y Ma}, & '&. Zcgter «if the 5*ti Infantry Brig- ade m Buttsto tostitfeted CaputJi* xMunson to communicate content* of the tatter immediately to all veterans' organizations for atten- Uon at die nest regai*r meetlnss. Bartoa Wi?od»rd, cewnnandor of tincola f est* VeteraE* of PorelgB! Wars stated that ties nest meet ing of that ' imxaiz»ilm-i would be Thnr«day,'eireafe«& 'Rebv.'M. 'JBer- train O'Btinnell. comtnander of James p. CSatk Post, AmeirScaa Legion, stated that m the same night the Legion post will meet at which time It wauld lay plan* for, immediate actiaa in the matter.] Botii. • org«)*i»t|03» *t& - - ttesfag, I every m«m&*r aM,forit^it , inemcer, of CianJraBy P< or UJOift with s*r : ! vice recoxto. to iset Jit loach; wit h ihVir oSg«ti*MiaBS iKF.mfe the Ar mory hanj- at ties .carli«al pessibio; date.. . . ...„•.... , At that Armory hem <8d»y A. X- i?inciatr. elerl, • of C«»ii*ny P:. fstiraated that in aMftion t» the aaihoriae* tq»B««jf.-«l.',\.|t inea ;v Now Yo^jTeSijI—witUe SUerfct fhonms il;3p»riey guarded a con- demned raurderor today, Ho and .)iis predeft^goyj' Charles W,. Cul $n. were, indtctcd for grand lar< Ceny. .The JndicthijBnta wero the 8CC- abd and ^#%otornod within 10 idays aa: tM|$i*lflt of revelations .before tJie^Mr#$i|dtor LokWaOvo ^jmtnHtee ? *|wlp!fgi»ting the city •iqimi3trat3lfe' ? ' tljamc* J. StdCormlck, deputy uecni'a <y)nst»nt *drQC«te^te4«^|^^e*lt«M* ( Tammany leader, ia-i^tfbn, - - -....-——-.'*amo -1 •*i(i' v pd*t'it '%&tm?£**-'b& vacant by Cbaflei <l.t«MH«*fc'*bo has afneo become yflJfiMsgr the- Reconstruction PtoittiiB'-iOWrpora. tion- Ifp^ndtct^brtb* <3)t«ad Tim indktiM*«« against Shorltt Karloy and fftPMtr- Shorltt Calkin ftr« tho remtiSSot- testimony they Albany, Feb. 3—Prod J. Free- Oftot officers, stone waa re-elected master of tho | wtsro Kow York State Grange today. oisfiJVi Exams Amaze Boston s. SssSoir, Feb. *lb=®r«ti»S«rs at Bostoit tTniver«%, cowecUng pajnera for recent midyear exam- mattons, today W*f» confronted with th* fbllowiBe cnntrlbutions of esenrained students: v&n optimist te an ejr» doctor. \to 18S8 *b;e PllgrflM croxaed the ocean. Thi* fs, known, M Pil- grim'* {jrogr^M. * * A stereotype is an imftrtiBjeot wittj two peep h»U» iti$ a slot also rc-okcleu, riaymond Cooper, ovorseor, and Van C. Whlttoraorc, Reward. IK T. Babtock. raprcaontatlvo of tbei Orango on the Coraoll Unlver- efty board oftfusWes told th0 dglo- gatfis tboy should make known tb«ir wants so that stoto agrteuf.. tural collages would bo coaductau* as farmom deslro, \t am opposed,\ be said, \to tlia conduct of agricultural college and esportmont stations when dominated by outside and nott- agficoltursl inftneneeo. Tho pre- scat board is willing to give (lgri- oulture what it needs, but it must kniow what is needed.\ gave the comiijlttoo rogavdtag tholr biwk accounts, which «ba\!Jfld Incomes for in excess of ttooir salaries, as sheriffs. Tho oxC«|Sj tttoy toattiled, camo partly froiot int'oroat which thoy retained oil mpnoy ii(tr^stod to their care. Thoy «r|iiejl tffoy wore entitled to the ittadj,,slftCe thoy wore liable for any lossoa that might mutt. BotUi oppeawid bofqro Judgb Mas. a Lovino In General Bosatona laje In tho day and pleaded not guilty Tboy woro released In bail of 4%ff0t-«n.ft :«l*ea until JFob. 15 to ^l»«n#a ; ihm fiim <»' mMb m* mm'tk theibdfctoouts. EacU Indictment contained a count charging violation of Soctidn 1S3S a t ilte penal codo relating to tho tipproprlatlon to his aWn sijfl of money Intrusted to a aborlff by. virtue of Wa office. New Msyjagrer at Market Basket *••—\\•--\-»': Godfrey Stork, of Soatib. Melft Street, haa accepted the managt^ mint of tho Market JJasketi sto*^' comer Main and Park Avent%; and ajjsumod his dutte-4 today. Mr,, Stork Ijga boou a rosidonu of Me- diate mariy years' and possesses a j.forgo, clrclo of frlontls who feel Cflt\i?4«life W'ftt Ids selocUon merits m\i ipj> tfe Market Basket store under nfs.'dlr«fi|lon ? ,. l .ninT.»iiMi„at'n\ihi l l urtiM I.O.OJF. Metooria! Services Sujiday yi'l'liinWlt'liMlij tl Tho anoufct jtetnorial Services wiil be b«l£ JH I.O.OP. Hatl Sanday, r*«bru»ry 7tb, at 3 p-w. The Rev. David A. Pearson will gtvo tho address. Public cordially invited. Davis Seeks Seat as We| -.Washington, J?eb a—Senajoij D>v\i^ ar, l-'fennsylva'ma unuodnced his caudidacy SOJ le-olegUo^ ojv «, piatfortu- calllmj for nwdlflfe^ttoji- of the Volstead Inw and restdia« tion to the states ot the power to detotrntao tltel). ovm H^uot t«o}l- etes, Dttwfe said Its would ro\lo,w- the <s<mm of. Miei|fttQ, Senator fiwl^ltt ^/m^iiw* r rtt,j|Raf;ii6 would ^bo ,^|ep|^d t,f_f(>%li® a JcHsoltjttioil itlbiMlftis to tii'ft allies nn uraajut. ^neiit to tho ConstlUiUon to lepeal \the 18th ^.itvatulmeni and subyU* tuts> for tt ajjtstber .ttmondment, '';'T^O liiH^n^.^ld, would b» ^gjtdsd, ^'..\voalo^to ttw atatea .^lo nowe.r'io feSrWlno their pol- W I^V'Mftli??-..ll.4«or trvtilb and tejtltt.thf f^depiifeeAOfnmeitt full jttfVrefc :tt> j^Eo.-.. -0-' 1 possible' <•«* opetft^ pi^ioyojt. and «fss!«fr Anw-to;^U^;'||;^ tbat deslva nrohlwisoft \SfawSf.\Jnvasloh. ftoui the state tttat do •#$$* • ,il» ; i^lan ^Iass~ Street vc#/85JB»<fi!>SlJ li entottlln- ed. tho llefeptlpi |?^?an« at Jter hoimo fuee^ni #sn(ng» Thejift werfr S3 nr*ssi»%;$liQ roll chll yjas patrlotto ^eje*tfou8. 'SH c\tas teacher* Mrs, WtS^h re(\d a \e*y iBt^tceting peon?* wWch was «D- ncbprlaie for tlie.flirals poitVf th» am yjtmv Aftep 8ie hu*i«vw« mooting! adjourned tho r»eitth«)« spent ifef remainder of tht» even* lug soflt^ly, «*** 3SPJ HOOVER ACTS SET $1,300- 000,000 IN CIRCULATION \VnsWtt«|i8i* t# %|fi{!^ft8 ti|(,dmtnlstt*tfe|s attest hoMdwt tap a fhvptv '\M^ noastfea doiinw funds, ^e: J^*Sta r «p lilot^J^ *«»• Bs^ttaate'd ait $1,800,000,000. Vn^i j i> sinj; Irt tajpMr plirpo v<Mt lie cqu» den^ IM^et;. late t,ofl»y* Issued a BUddon call for a naWonai tower encQ*6f civil loaders to hoip un loose this lutgo pile of unproduc- tive money. Tiy> Chiof Bxeeutlvo'e announce- moot, sotting the mnctiag time nt 10 o'clock Saturday mor«t8J?» spoko of tho crcatlou of it \nil* tional orjf«nl«otloit\ to diveri WO* don (rums \into tho ehoiiisola * of economic life \ Loadorft tiettt 6a'il«l thft tnOVQ as tho Orat fflttJofto^eottW-fe iH<> Adventists Vote to LFEMJSSMtrA SEVERE AS REPORTED Bidors ttte oflls o f lb* pructltcj in. .Healed a belief tqi!* return, of tku bldildn H^O^WiQijfl to 'commerce ntltjht tttoBtt * WetUfc oxpanatoa $t aai,«tleJN*i:i|6,0Oft t (!0() 1 00i>. Mr,' ttdw«e ttuHctitid hlj nnfi^ hoardlna Irtafilt affor a day of fvc» {mOHicfintdptteos with leaders of trfs i%W;W<Su'0tf- Becotistructlott jCp^bftitleni luto bfe offleo at am i\m to dViftW eharkii O. l)iWt?T k piosldont of tn» ofganlxatlon, KM* ^sne »!oy#, cUlWumn of (ti heard! t)nde*«««*Wury ' ot tho treasury Slilj8 aflrflilolvln A. %\fr to, ciijcftse ittnJtee ana proniinc|5fe Oenlocrat. * between. Loot tHrousrh os* ^ole ] with its* eye and through tho { ether hole with the other eye.1 ^Omate WcH. Feb.\ S^-sTiro yoa'tie Something. t groups et the Sevewii ttsj Ad- T&ecdore ihtefser 1* a probaWel reiiltst Chat-ch, with apprttxintate- ctediastis for ft*sid«»t and the if 20.000 members to ntno states, •utbo* at MMD Stmt. I *6Sed t « marge ondet oae gorerfr Tbft dtaft o£ Soeratea vrw> \ M# body st tho opeator of aJoint iaus-#d by an overdose at wed-! session today tock. and three officers) there were H men OS the waiting list and at least ISe forteer roembefs wbkti lnc!sd«s ffltensbew et Ihe World War ante n«* OUf «f aervtc? stops srw btins taken to fist ail a»aBsMet rte» ;te Qrl«tt» Coam? aTifjanlft men in Otieaus Count' witb Stt9ti<i6< or tfttaftyt records as. tjaicMy as posslWe. '^htt vote- '» anito; the* Central Said KtsriKem oaions was unanl- rao*S Mlowtu? an address by Jf &. titWMaa of Wssbiogto*. Jfc O, pr««Ident of o\ Xorth American fJWlfeW Con f\fence. \IfeoBttias N^raska. COfefafdos Kttmm *mi vtusoart churcbea b5i*# tseen, in th» c«>ntfaj tfiifaa,, attiithoss.fn North and SOOth. ffe- koUd MiSnesBia ma Iowa fa the tii&Omiti. Union. Santiago, Cuba* fob, »*A «or- fe» of cart&quafcea dealt swift daia. agio in Santiago in the hours be- fore dawn today, leaving a kaown death toll of eight ctnd a ca»oalty list of 300 wounded. fbo asoBiilng series of tremors • Uti hardly A hnUahny i n tijLciU untoucSed, and a tew wore des- frp^fsd. An. official epitlrnaJo of the aama^o placed !t la esccaa of S10.- OOO.ooff. with publics batidings tint- ed tor feOOfteeO of the total The official deltii list Of Mayor ASUSP stood at elKbt, six of wltfini ll>efe described,as \nativet «ttd W* tofarod Hit at 300. Dr. p»dro Cwias. pTomlnent editor, declared hawcfr. ttiat tho death list was ualatowB. *»^o ono ttnowa hosy many bftvtt fjesB te tiled or injured.\ be toid ffie Associated Press fonigKt. ,! fh*^ b»«e b« e o tesaey.;' wasa$l to ce*Sd say: BI-PARTISON ELECTION BILL ID Albany, ttb*;t*~lfi..iim effort carry eat t reeowsieiulstlon r gained: h* Cor. *<Mt«TVlt's .a»n m«ssaje, A.stJtttUySwUit Leo • • ;. *<^My.. iiewly •«;*•- -^ t^mmm. n [fitM.0aUm'pittDit. 'mtrodW^it^' . }WM*tecs4Kr 'pro«i4:n« for *•,;# ! \ board of. •etneitim/..-f». biiscr cyewttecsaea eatimated tho death toll ttt ftetn 80» to tgOQt All of tn-csi* %area «jete found t« b» on «B6»gg«»tl0B, b0W««e^ #* dawtj and a mcaajaro of cajft sSttio to the city. , Valewline tarty <i,ij-.i.;i.'.r.i l ji l .irim- A Ward \flow *nd Vatcntljai* .party m«ltt h# aton by tho .Ittntoe Cathollts Utttmltlets Ht Americas *t St, Story's Attal»ff«m. rrlday ««< tta$. A prte will tjfrlflveft fai? W< s&m destitete ceswrne. t't'OftJtB* to st«it »t f isl»i»m»t« Wmifflt ML 1 ->-f 0«»od evening cblldten of the \Wee\ center! KOw have you besti to-day? Well w-nlgftf, to be? gia with i am swing it, tcil yeu a couple of laughs, liere thoy arel You knsw, c&Htli*eoi you are sot tho only o««) to Kaee difficulty ,!»• esptalnlaij or doOtttng «*ord3t ti<r« is on\o man. an omp1«^eo, asking hia Bo*» to doflBO :i WoTd, ar.l this' S» the coovetsatioa be- ta Kit) thettt._ : *~ . \ Kr.pioy'^e'' \i list, hsaffd your eoi'.rartnr trfond remark that. t8* In ta« Srtt confaateflt 4s fttl of| rep-ift about him ui«&ing a, nlcn. tho »t»to tto,ooo rcaldeato'Ilea QPSn spacer ne«r«g«iS«KBeD ... - - - —• ; - \;'••\' ..I,..-,-•• to l Fifty Men Are On Relief i fifty .men are at \<fe ; jjtresenf time 'beiwf employ^t .%> tfiff chy wist m- <-o-one«»tt«'«i..,f|Bef pkia Owwasgcs of whfcJh !|**»iB|; :Ba»d Jef»fly'- or the «t*t*'l)fr : iitft.'rrii. «(f*. -Tho- in^n-h*vl^^-ii|i^cd |ow tbe .pa-t ««r mk'M: : ^m mil- ium part.-«e #«!£:''J^||i':0JMllMd' '•ttiwft , '':': '•'-+. \.'•' grofl: <«»' bla fast r Mid iob «?aa a and! tat of hofetKn. Ji*t what la bo- tstimf\ BSos\\ • •\MgKtsni; is. t!pt^03auc*<, a nd appicsaaco 'fe, Jn«t s lb« - of ~ <.ey; and heoigyMi just t&at .mnch- v logna, tSnd 6oJo?aa tw'SrftfitaB, - ra or fc3a fbon. Uunfe. .aad.-btujlt. .-. '.is tBSI^.vfe merely anotheV . - Ho tet? hsteaia.'* n<?ro\i| Esther • \\^o-B'oso-' :..Ufo 4^«5B.8eactof sent .. -A* «rllli'jiisfi|:.f pj.-,.eo eta© 5 ATJl* ; j, ath. 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