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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, February 03, 1932, Image 1

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WW\\ THE WfeAIJHfeR |mewbaj; wldefc- tonight w to- \» 'fe i .,,n j.j 41 HJII ilii u *29&Njqfc?Bfc 'Uf'JS-^-'.t\ MBteao^ REGISTER *******mmi 1 H|i |i| 1 ui 1 11 JOURNAL A. FAMItY *AF£R *-——. s HF&e &»% Joatua* i% r*iA flatly by 10.00Q people in. Medina ami 'l|> • TWIi u I ' liipmjuili v**-. ..~*:.tA£> MBI>IMA > NEWTYOB^, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 3» 1932 -K5S PRICE z ams • n KILL 2.000 IN SANTIAGO, CUBA. TODAY : Distinct Shocks; Entire Island Lttected JagOi Cuba, Feb 3—A fi£tU fiaka shoes, struck Santiago M, • K^siet'n. Standard §Weg^es.day, f . : obiidfsn i/ere among tJioae and th§ nnniber of injured laces^t-iyloov poof 'eSf'lha 'mat6.fnity -ward' f Civil nospifesl fell, kHKiig? sonieji, • s&fc children. \_ inVst'sBocfc JSnich occurred Ift A. Jt., (Eastern standard- iras foHowed by f«»re$h.er.& f intensity. ....-- • SwiK<-4g*C<>. building was Jed aBd ^tha liea3qiitoi;ers *>I |ofl«a.^a;. army, % ba£ca6ks j^nd Ithedjrai elm> of fSatf qavio.s- badly ,aan$j|e$J\... % q, .«,'-«•. fcas |toBc^§ibIe :4o as£|rtain; Lmbj$ oS^soipleKiy^oV'lili? 06' property4»^i3ge t ; •$$&• ;ory npartnknt ; , \house. ,4feil; Ufa after -tke\' first shock, were no tfresor dtjosders. \ to' 8 Vcloolt\ Wednesday g it waa impossible : also ertain now. jnuch damage one to ships In the bay or the wateWroiit or what the was thi^hout'the test of iovinee. ; \ quakes laid 1 - tf aste : \to at third of thli-anoleatcity eked the entfre...extern tip. a and extended westward Orlente province to the e of Camakiiey \hut Santi- ef ed the moat teri'lflc loss.. ents were tufnined -.\ from- ieds as solid masonry homes d^^hin&uhiaittdrVas-JffB' A 4e$fM\-ttelOr* ,.the# : -^ere' ink&. . v .'<'\' -\.'I '?;/•• ' r seised the. areai \as/lights ! ny sections Vent out and mcricken- meV ifcomen and !m stumbled |i|o%li narrow strewn \straW '_._ -sleeking' •stive kii^ty''%. 'the.; pui3i$ [at hlq^ M\ '^tii6, <3^W# iipoa ^„'iflae1sg;.- ,|pd|fec(si; og death' ^al^atj'. ' Qtttei;!* area ^ was uiider njilitary coatrol and extria, ffiiqes of soldiery bar- racked her©, w^fe thrown into the district to pr&veat pillage and as- sist in rescue wopk. Hospital facilities were quickly exhausted-. T&o Saefgency hospi- tai,Ssitfe ^|cOjnMao4atio»s f,or 5ft% was: qihcKiy flUed with the more sejjip^ily Mured and emergency hosj^Stliza6ou J»as proviotetl in ofhei* quarters to hundreds more, .^rluaflsr every home In the e&y: W; evacuated, the frighteAed acjfcopant^ Keeing to the open in their aiglfc clothins. They gatb^ \f. . fPleas,e T«m to l*age F&TC) ROOSEVELT A6AINST LEAGUE OF NATIONS Alany, Pe. S^Qov Franfclin rx ?oosevefe =who in 192fr stumped 13re country for Woodiow 'Wilson's League ol Nations, tonight declar- ed he opposed American participa^ tion in tlie League , \The League of Nations today is not the League concreted Uyftho Smoot-Hawley tarlfC Woodrow Wilson, said Mi Roose- velt, a candidate for the Demo- cratic nomination for the presi- dency. \It might have hfeea had. the* IJnited States joined;. Too often through the years Us maj^* fiujcy 'g^ 9 t tion has been not the hroaji.over?' '' wlielnning purpose of wo^ld'yeace,. hut \rather a mere meetlhs place- for the • political discussion ot '' strictly \European pofttical difti- -—!*» -I.,,,,- -.•Wft,..'... \ eulties In these the United Staffib snonld lla\e no part\' * f Roosevelt proclaimed Rgaft'' cancellation of Uuropea.u, dejjtt!' and siid he fa\o\ail an intematifrv al trade confeieiuie tq level Uaifl harrier?,. The Govefuoi bl«3nc| I ^ - act tfi trade walls erected by ctistpwlr nation^ a,s a retaliatory ,iyejp(^ Mr. iJoosavelt <roUine* 4g,Stl oft tho tfu^ee itopsriant interi^p aF qjit^aHona ni the moetijig g|' 4 Sewjjptts/j&sito GnwgeJXiais 0 vm>m* Randi Finally Reaches Salt Water j trapped in .the^ IoS^r paits; jefr hc^es.itfftiiT^'dqoirwa^SA |e W>grop6;:{hJ^^'5?^''tff safe> ••iv.f'auii High Bridge,. N. J., Feb. 3— Crazed by financial losses and tho ; discovery that nn incurrabte dis- ease soon would end \his Htej t)r. Frederick C. Low, G&^eWold' phy- si«ian,-killed himsfelf,: his yrlfe and their daughter by ^poisoa- seftn\ iajections last Saturday \niglli. .. •the temporarily dem§nted-|prac- titioner applied a deatit-deaUiiJM hy- podermic after he perstmdeS his victims that they should ; p£nnj[t him to inoculato the^.aiif Mm- self against typhoid ie'Ve}?; '-•*-• This was learned todtfg when Bis 16-year-oiaisoii, F*#«sflck J-ow Jr., who. had also bee it given an i'Siectlon of the lethal germs, wa3. found neiir death in tho Low home. \Father did It'\ the boy gasped 4n his delirium. \He said we'd get ifyimoia fever if he didn't—that's 'all i_ remember.\ ^bung t<ow, whom phystcians at SQ»ni|¥se^ Cpimty HospitW;, gonjter^ :ville, .«ay has about J tit? Wto : cliances JfQr recovery, was. roUtii in his bedroom. He had knocked the receiver from a telephone t&'-gal! h^B' and her U-year-old daughterf Mary pt. Low was found stretched-upon a cooch. in the llvingrobro down stairs..On a table beside him was tho hypodermic needle/. la m adiointag roomijrtfft '--SntiA Mn an. :: %q^.^. : ; 4^i^j^jt^|tK^j^tti«[ of Mrs. 4Mcf ••$$%• -'% Chinese Patient; Japanese Doctor San Francisco, Feb. 2.—When Fong Choy, 3^ Chinese, found M Japnne'so Interne, Dr. Walter Irnihi. had been otsagned to set' his broken le^ In. -isi ^aJWipnttS; hn pitnl here* ttfb poHc«meiii «ci intprprptpr m4 thiree nttrse* were m eded iti k*«p Fdng from crawling out of th# hoepttaL After the frai;i£i¥* ',*»» set Pong remarked thtt Dr. Iraiki nsusti rjive gonft toA«ehOoI: te; Chirto- ' '- ' * r ^\ Values of Animals Vastly Increased* Shows mw Surrey onton, Alfe Feb;2a-A wfe - ^e_atr «j(pedftioii against the bar#lcad,ed man, Attert Johnson, •Srlfl hftMdieoctaJcen by Capt. \Wpp\ f|ii^-aet^H<«cjftJand flier- Hi t iSigltit to the tmpro*Md for|\# lifted- froJii 'jpKtolfc;;. W the-. 1 >i%et;*^;:iajefe''-hi^ '. : sltt?<»t,»;! h^^ v alo^',^/iei^4^r6i& : <*#ai* [of the iif w«» f tp.eid $$ to- I by .';:tte v ; &^<: w&Si®hk [ted %ir^;J9|''<^d J ».i& dr^fli. iit% -b4tnl«.^^ii1tti : 'j^;i|^' |a waatfa;-Ot;tfii%4]Wtte;'qlt<*tg a crai^d t*«B#er* Sa» heeii; : snte*S^!Sei.|t *i^j«ie& mg. out that etu#»d hew to ,. ^ash^y->3^mWm , vmf» hoses abwt bride* and tbe ^co^.jg^ttiiiij: •mwmm i**h*r'ha*-: %hp drastic dect<«u^ in fftWt* in- Yftnto«r •&$$# of..'*pint»ii» J« New Yiirfe as well u la th« entire tTnited States, pa January J, m% compared with the two earlier yearwftiNjveialttao'iwt th* dwwse* in nttmhera taking pl«ce from, yeat i&dWf, nccordihg to t&ft «»r mtal. 3t*tfrfed6*tU, Uvaatopfc re. port .iMtued teom the K«w s 1fork Stat» a«i?*ttme«t -M A«Mejait*»r* • and Murkets. However, chaiigw to mWribeat are m dWiS&mt «f ever fojf .jatdicatiar th# d{riecti«8t Iti tMchi Ifae iirdmtt iiidjwittts* atfr: headedi Milk; cow* and hsifern tiro year* mated'-it \1 Jifitd,, coinJ«r» in«a!hjrin8 ftrJl ,e»*sairieii:.. .iij^k .<#,' 'Ike. m&e m$i$k UitWi£ iff $$&£• ta'ardteg; %&&$&&;• '-' ' \' ' - \ ' h*« -ie$ WA tm «Wte *«*f &«i«c- '^|aW«!i'f»re fwe*f** WtttMt <e- h^ftlitltet*' fc* »!»«« «»ff.t»- 9M 1«M jfahttSUbt ed by a fe^w-i ; <5b»H&jge; of \yiUiam I(^|§ : Hearst -ihftS the- New Xori:'\ 5 : ©'nor declare i ^liere he. 4t|ojtf; the L|aguo iskHl^t-aJs-'' ***\- an sfswRen^ilpiftqu a&ft^Bn'\ .a|v&c»|gi;' o{ 'WHfo: te^ue, that. ttt«.-' ! LfiaguQ - ^|M an isstte iu this year's preald^a)! campaign. Mr. Baker is © -jnpoBsittTe 5 T*ehiiicmttc iwfttnjujs,^; The New Tfork Govoruair hV^jto, as the Democratic vlccprej^flMl candidrtoi pawled the- w4l!p4Sr ner of League participation Mo every section oMhe Tinted ^t^foa- His present attitude.,'* the 3|g|t of his declarations then, has S^f» eagerly awftlted alike-by polItt||l friends and foBs- -| . In referring to his (ulvocay\-^t the i^flguo.^ of Nations 12 %$$. nsth %. »0^ev4t said: •;.»^ WH»Wngto,», Fob. 2~Strong in \In eomwotf ifrttlj mi ions HtMf' ,' .\'iW^- , . ., » foiled countrymen. I worked: *W *••«» tJla t peaceM Wor< ^ spoke in bohalf of American ,i>M-! ra * < \ ? th ^ n force ' qan Uost mo<Iot \ tifitpation in ft loagno of natioMi i ato the witrllke toraper ot ovents conceived Jn the highest spirit «l m the Ortent, ttm Amortt5an gov- wotld frlendthip tor the great o| [ ormncnt tonight ftwaUed anxiously On hoe My to *m salt \vatei* Ji&e in* feftli'f*' &&\ P to fiahdl r.erohi, fosly-elght, crgnBcrlori Wja.,. ia.#d\vn^ : .«#;iS^^iwrfe# &-$*»» Orleans on tlw towboat tonlslamv of ^% Mwdj^jtot Bnr|o Utwai* 8h« began her Journey in n lealsy Hb-ityi Wwhoail An(S-|»Stt|' t?f« fflonttsio it dt^npfronihophom^tttvW^3il, t ^hor$4h^ t^ii^^MCi«fe!wi«W^i^«^§\^i<t«fe.'' .-• :•\ ii. : A'\% PRIME MINISTER MCDONALD ^(WtHJNBERGtHlPERfffiaii *8 -^Ji London j*oK 2.—Gieat Britain will temporallly lose, tho services of hor pilot tomonowln the midst of a woild crltti<t Ihime ^linlsler- ijanlsay cviae* Donald will tmdeigov * delnate: e\'» operation for $huicp-«m immodiato- ly oftox- the Wednesday cabinet nwotlnK. His phyalctans dpamibed his atewit ...M m 'tyifjjhji; anlpvo-. gr§s»i|4 tUmiitttthfe of tho vtalon oi hlg?:|eft &$&\•' . , , , ' ^116, ftiinvent «(*\^ot cemb;, tt^on th.fe ptstntcr ^Jtpitt* \va^\lnsi ;Ho'; i^irjtpsfflti;':hw?s^tten|—jssia~ ^fpptma ^thi» ^Wfcsffr'S : Ho^^Vw v ft6'^.i»:'\\' :V - v: '''' trios' of Wffej^d I'tit^lloit? ftlt crista <n$ ji!s(.;ftli^B\ ; linft?#nttt'-' t e'a 1 ttm M ^ionS|ft?t|i?it iti^teittj W^tiW want/' 1i$miou'ti- ; '•' '\ ' : M\v Mft0oMtP'%t* wawa* thi?it hj»lifeafy s \»«a;| studying; mut twenty honrs n t dt»y AclWty •ftouid touut against him deapifeo tho deltt&tc; condition 0* Wjt eye, Th^p^nV^Vgwioralt He^U sgas pw^ouuewvtbdifif as a^|i^lWiifcs« , b«t tjhqi opw^tQn ximn* %L vta will bo iu a nursing hotn^toL^ veeJiL ot ton daj.^ aftejf en^ea>|^rj|fr monow, ^% > , •£htts it ^IU apt hfe poaAih^jjSbt tiif» fiihlnot joador to jo-to a«n&n, wjh^ inteumtlonal pvo^l^»*/ , of ««%); inomesit «F« wwlw $setw-, ^n^tejiad* Blpa^d tc> go tn fto^.to K» thmu^h %ith jb.*^' j^fftei\ he veewor^^pwfa |%%-oX th* OPWAUOJJ*, k -' •;!^P^ilt <*« .pendw'a %®0g pwrtwK Con* l6*dwi. AVlft pV«8id«i Ht :^'tt|§nc(i»», Jfti^fiMAKIRWf in PFAHF PARIFY <?^>- wlilhiest tlnreat of war f.pAre4<!tr# ceaco. ' f- Uho ftw reports pJ H*. reception wero ^HCjpAcfggt hut the situa- tion reirplk* 8dR»itt*OJy «w# wnd daudoroui. A Btiddon turu of Jeet of nrdventing a return op \ l #c*Yd 'War-. Ktor'-tWe \cottr»e : have-no apalofy, ««tt today t hollared that thtfc lt T ftl«; *»|«f«*»-»» sffoct,i that same, or even iWmUar, factors on* Japan and China stqip ngfcting, and tered Into tho argument, 1 would discuss tho fnertts of their eases still favor America's entry into th#.; afterward. Ita poaco proposal, urn- League; and I would go so ,fa^j a | seated at T«k>o and Nanking with to seek to win over tho ofeii tjie backj% o£ Great' Britain, ^helming opposition, which exist*: 3Pr*nce anik Italy, eontftlhea no itt this eountry today,\ \ |.«6te of Srotest » ' cajrlod no *r • StMH^k-Mrex 1 -1* gaining to 8«^ ] f«to whtti iipirtfcerh* » on, the de- cressft. :,'':«««' WW tS0» dogs in Buffmio ''iNkdkeitt Beense*,. *lthoogh there ( we**-||ll5- Ikesmm Wwed' *» Jan* *$$;<•.•••>'•••'•• ' 3 \ - ftedMjM^Q of th&'S 1*r cent to-. 'te^i -|ee «t «npfti4 -twtes in F«&- 'K«(i|^jf' to -t fter- cent BSK 'bean op-.' fWWeit '*Jr the Irandetfaott to\\. •e4swc« •f*l> Urtrymen's .£«•««* at- HOB- ear* W«& adopted « tawaiwion Acnwitf tike catting -of salaries of !««»» o«rtIals 2d per cent- ' •'•<*rtjt <Wu»e, », S«w*» Tw- 3 ' «aB4a, *•• »rre»ted #WH*dl. ><> attire. Sbe claiated «*e' d*n tkedotlMe. ko^ar 'to «<\ iiigh^ift &af«jM» ©I. all OT.IiaalsJ^ :#lnHl*r h|<Sf*ifjet. «re- noted -In nearly alt tstcttea of the eosintry wb^re dalrylm; it of traportane'e. and arc partlcniirly noticeaW* in »ome; of the ceatr«l western State* and la some of the»«Tith«rn 3t*te*. ^tm* tor' m- nniiw m*m- iljndnit|''fe'is \'Pttceats .nwoting tike Mti-moSm Wm on ttrte*. «*,-- ^,m torn* «si*j*red *m. **.- mm to** m'tm uo and. a.- 510.W tiro tews »te. Darftii; sev eral yeora. -pt«t dilty faraift* bas be«» the nwst pwitthie branch of agriCnJtttre ht l*rg* Kctfon* of tike Tlaite* Stete*, end many farni- ez» h*t* increnwd tb«Ir cattle -in. en effort; to m*ke * UtriiMf. Tie neaiber ot heifew one en. 'MO'jAMii».«^'iHj{t|^:|HVt'for cow* in »»Tr .f *«fc. l*s*etl«Mt»« «i 213.- 9% Ctwpensd #JHfc.'\|t|«*9 « year- iMPU. or A deerefM: of 1# percent. mi £4gpi two T«*r* agio. Similar shary dect«a»e» fceve tttHen p!ac<- thremghoat t*e J^wtl AUamtic State*. ti*ewlrtre* tb* chaoges aulhoritles tonight announced that; Albert Brehme, St-jhear-ald b*rt*> man on the Uertnan Olympic imnv San bob sled that crashed through a curve on the tun tndly. was to #.- dangerous cottdJM6n with a frafr tared skull. ififtf» right WTM. aoverely UtinfeS »pia* and ltcftrs* tlons of the f^ce, . Capt Frit* drau, pBot of tt» MP* ie.su of ita |tron««»t bid fori•»$ ^gjfflS ^f leo!tt ^ b » esB^KWRtj ^ j^t«e.jtoa of lUeie 4»irl- cans t* ten firat eoniierii et tho goveraiuent, bnt « tat fat tfo« co|t> vlnced that the uwfmt aitd wUiWiaf reinforcements, no* n^gflog fjhj* «e«o SJiorea must »«ij!#i»|Bi(U^ Sft drawn into conflict to l»*m* tt.mt protectioat Word of » reofcn«r«itffin §{ the Japanese nmt -iWlf. te *te«i*csa horn as a dinttttbOS' encottlriigltts dovpiopnieirtv Admlifsl Ktthtoafcurd Noiiiui*4i , w)^*Iftcoi!ttiB:ai! hetlc* forth the ta^saese mon of mf whose put »re *o much feared by the CWtiese ceaat cities, Is well known In Wauhlngton as a msn ot vision and careful |ud«mcat. Adsoiral Jfomura not only awed fcerc for wtm at Ihe ernl3ai«r,, ditrtes til* \ft'oieW V^if#&ttt m )H a Wend orMmttaJ & W; Taybsr ijt the American *?»»?, wiioSS |ig- «hlp. tho tltfttstonj fe due at Shang- hai tomftltow morning. IS SEVERELY INJURED kdi^ Placr^ Fob. gr—ir^idfer^ wa^ seriously 1*u«, hc^pitnt liieer Seea By Medina Residents KUthoritiei «*M; The S'T-year^ifd JSejlfa rijtito manufactttfer' enffered Urictweif of the right shoulder and hip, concussion of the brato and lacerations, Tw» team mates were lea* serl< «usiy injured and were said to be In no dans«r, Heilmuth Hopp- iaann; typewriter m&mf&etwttst ifr jnrftnngcbweftj, snffered sevoro (eft jaceratlons, posalble fntpr«ai fts-^ '|Bries and laceratlonst. of pan for tMft .*** a yonn^; ntornfnir* The JW»* deer »a**«e* by Charte* ittfcm *» hW gerd*. and later it mtm to the *iclntty ali the Medina Memorial hw»t»lui It w«* suted .By. ahv .Jf«ek»m thai; tM* «tt not, ..*!«- «!»©• a&lmait; wMcfe ft* «a* 4MI 'fWI- -bnt is »i^. .SWrlif^r s»t rfftAerd. that ha,#\ b«m »*en en «««er»t -occasions % th|* aectiou. Akin Ostra^ttor \f«D \ tenwtt tenier whet reside*' t>to, n^l4«f north; of Kaowtovine^^ijl^rj'dt* er't Coruors t». in tho ^^-M^l nioi'lftl - Ho»pUa.l ouftermg^froaf .«: cjotnpfttJtHl troctivvo of ut» leg awl; ftifafc fniuslea «i a result ot an.^ ij|tttoi0t)lto Wftldont nenr QaaporV ^«ifefttte^.WOli. Mrs- Ostratutor Wife ; m& : i® Uie ear and driving ra^titijittt si^fe injury. Ite pto^fO»il<i.*Wed on the ellp^i'i^sniilnt toina into a dttp-h, *6J|:-|«»iS&Sf,iftt«ir : against a tree* fte .^ctfj^Qla/woro plnnod Uv the *r«ete^*, th» fiar wan had- f^ tf*W#*e«. |wa-WfiBf isrought to j tlW Umm- tfpilotWftr twatmont. jlr* Oittandw Ma: Jjto P^ni- IfteiU In r*0Htt«* in. M& pan of ttift county sn4 *t. tm '-timo mn in t&« ltepnMtOBft. »flW«rle« for tholr e«4or»cmo«l tor M#mber of AR- «etaht|ri Jfe is especially acttvo in rntnt ««tiu8l le*'*'tttion. Taken tpPriton Xtullon, >?<¥* ?«k $.-0h^teit J, ^ejtt, city treasure* «t ItupWirt ^lib. nieadea guWiy last w««k tn jjjrnnd larcsny whtlo in effto*. 4#tb ^$hf to* Clinton SH».on, *^ D#n* njgnjpi, whw<i 14 vrtli twit * llntsa.e» of ^owt to- ton y«w*» !%.#, tHp was fluid* by nntowq-. bite, with Sheritt M.»ton V. S*i»l- P*Bg% *nd Dfinttty SlMMflfT RJ«h* ntel M«»on »s Hut cuModfaT* W«at «ri8 «ervo n four t$ ton X*m* karate 1?\ Pelter Ajfain Heads AtttdwioWIe Club Officers The newf officer* of the MtMte part Study Club are; ¥fft»^—Mr*, tlolou SftltthdU ' Vice Pre*—Miss ilqlett JncitMtt; Cor. Sce'Sr^Mri. Kellte **»ft 8«a*y« stut Vfem.\>«Ut$.. ttnnlel Csnitoity; . » '• . 3U|t«t proeaediftt** to ej«ar the Umto tho nflrtsSlfoAnaMte'to «»\ i^Kntttf has o«ea fejSui K ttf fee- frevetf n« Sho flr#t «lftp toward * caw hirtlittai! on. the site. $5,000 Estate On the estate of Frank E. Todd LoeKpon, tefrraerty of atiddic- jo«,. who died July li '1931, lot- ;«r» te«t«ment»fy *sro issued to doe\ fr*<iBto!itlng tbet «B»- tfci«i|&feB» a Todd, w'hiq;w, The P«*i- Jj0» list* the estate at S3.750 real •$a& #1,W and up#»cd* personal lirefeiiy. The pstate g»c» to the ,1»f#BW:''WUh ? ttt« 6«ejpti»S of ft SwM'iwuai\ and. pMtaasn atiel •for^«ft*ln, left |»Tcd# Archbaldt j&wmamt W. »a(l Itwsph A* ! 4r:e|»lfim ff« 8*flfeW*iidi- n Tfa^' UMsB,.-w»teb leffc, tft'...ffc*riea »,- sstei CANADIAN \M0UNTIE\ SLAIN BY DEMENTED TRAPPER timm. tt. #*\*« Fe*. • --^;JlSf|t''-l»^fffi «*'-an*y «j«tritt«ie«Bo^- radto »e«-1^ ; «^:' ftitncast^-oiiwt^,*!* m*®* v* 1 *- .-' *: . th* iiWb, ctt«i»\ii|* «to« «or#|?«te» was' a memftet^m fe. .that Albert l<*m*m+ •&» &r^Mm*m % m * tp - caf;!rtr0 ''^IW***\ ed vmu ot.m mm, ba. .^mlipiw *» »«d hew- « p»fi«i;.'« Uf REVEALS COOLIDGE TOOK 2ND OATH AS PRESIDENT Washington, D. fc. Feb. 3~< Tfce sdiniijifteririg <»f n iSSoiiti path of efflee to Calvin, CeoJidgev afwr th* pk*ttre»qBe Seremony by lamplight In the Vermont' farmhouse of the loriafy tttat- ttent's fatter was related todajr % A-- A.- lloefsHnf, « fetwer liooblingi, ei oae thna « ja«Sc'e; -61 the District ot CoI«W^i«; in-' -peine cottrt* saM iii*-.leefini'ealh, was taken- In-the ftilta ttM«B.*««*'. pis. I hy 'Cee^dgo «£. Ih'# WWir* f.f,f<»i and tb.it sirfaagwitente w«re te»ad« by H*rry MJttaWgifoflft&ior- wi sitomey ftener*?* Datifsheriy »w«*r# Jkte fe- se- w-ecy,. HoeJjIirig; *ti«L, ifi* be -Jt.ept- the ptedfte ontil th*. incident w*» wif ealed **- i*»«|f%«it}r\ In- * rt* «t.nt hmk. • refill, mount** nortkwesi ed police ce#*taM«. ' b*tm 1*m imiA.m0m* m Umf-.j a jid «B«« *rt«N»y t »id r ed State* d*cr*«i* from Ust yearjsaga yewetiitf frwn * poi being t*ty 2.i J*r***t. Hewy S^deir • ideat ef the elected .arts\' Beard of mi whkh XMgta fa* J£*» • tbe WMtftWif i«|:--lNMaet' •' bie wH» wmttmm mm <-> i««H tir,a Wm'**MMmm imi^t *»\fcls-e«Wii fer I'J hoars,'jaafefflt^f the gt$m tmH n.earty a*«*»Oli«Il«d t|« tshtt uttb fc<-miw. A*Nir \ft* •tkl -(89 «lfc«T# frtre« .<»-*#(t f»r an Jaf«tedvc-. rf>b^-.. -. $Qbmm sttppe«i a'\ay ait« w«« .9t«NftN»f Ita** •* ont'tf Sbss \swwrtfae- wa* iltjcd:-, ^orv tw MM |r«m-tepf* : <&»t-^ pal'\ -. fr» \WM tjre*nts»fi'^f Jilfciftit^fcfettfsft *f BOTOf»- «9fl»tll». *f:;tl* : ;«KHdJlly <*f'. 0anc© aadi-;:v'' : : ' • B*»ket Ball tho nrsi a ftotet Blfcl» h«>Si tt«*4 ---Ti»,-vSlM«y-. of m-'Mm -6*m was cltaitoaifld b«(&uje Col. Jehn Coolldgf, * jasU'es oMb# peace^ w»« a *lat# flfflee? and the »aUlni was tnado that bo bad authority only to swear fa'state.officers, lt*yjao*d. Filler/ yrhn'hfta ^*«n at (ho head of the Medina. Auto- mobile Club for the past year Was re>el«flte4 to that oMc* at a m»«t- UK #:tti«s Sdard of picture held miff t»e*. MHoy H. Yr'hUwaJt wltc* ferrfid ft* »««rotary for the lia*t ^kvin y«nr* wan ae»m eiset* i,ad to thtt qfflee of *\*«>t*ry-lfi!a»' , ami •itlin followtns ^\Iee-jirc»lilt>nU KBBWJ- 'lt«m«<l Itf tho dlrectojn ftt Iwgf t» ajwrvij with them on the |jc«fd;d«rlu« the cumin* year, lart Bmltb, RWgewax; Fred Lsiuido*, EyniteiwUle; Qeorife Axtell f Kbnw» l6*vWa* fll»renc« Vafl, Shetbyt WllUan* Jinny* Shelby,- 3tto«Ew»il Cfcrofeii ilWaiSBoriS 4«*ft 4titi£. Millers jttltUi&s 'fW^lft»it-8h^« bjr t ..--•-• --^.;-;'\ 'm* -dfiftaWfi' tt lwf|4 jwfe '-.'If* - \v. RnhWht* Atoa»« jf*. : if«m»fc\' (Henri W. id* Charlen 0at*. a«. tram-. 0*fts#neM s 'M^ l!kM#t- ; «Nl# Siw-we* lte*«#Rft_ <?*fe~- *nd Lwfey Win Weft ffc Ift'W. Nif..*%i> .UM* -#*•*-'-- h*ed»d the aunwiil >»#t«Mr»htr» 4rfif»'wli again -Ji»fwi«)»f 'tft ft«..\-. pe«ftl#ji, tfir* jrenje. ^ i&ttifieo\ KHBtt ej t»g tlm* *«l tef *H# #***,. iy#inlijl^is. ' •\••.-'•';-\'' •, -M'tt* rmm» *^tfe#<M-«^.--\' dab ladudlnf in* te«n U c#««ft«f^ . mi- . thi^-. «iHM»T ' -#at*#iw£ Umm o«#'-'1iefc'-.|(*-:sii»|' ; ^ tlf»». AJkfaft. HUhWm** ttotoQ^ an« Fii»che^. , ' '*\ [ y'' ui^:;i!,»lia:e;:g'V!^/J; < ;%; i ll :;''r;;'i!»#^yjli'!;.' i i > ti rl H .,..».. i;.i W lt'^j Good eteBjfhg dhiidnsa of the -sret\ cometr! Well how? did yon llfc» line Ftamftego »torr *» far: Weil UMJH»> III tell you the fext ctf'tfi* ftory. »«•?« wo go! THE STUAfilfNaa The Ft*B*ii!jto fe veftainly- atl odd bird as it la btaatiftA -M, »*wm to <*«joy stsndtag «;< o«* t'laahtin* *»ld 'i|« ; :,f««eitd: oatti|*Jfe wftfti-l*» tsmr ft-oddly heBt, ' wtufH 'Wift-ii'eifcer- make*-'h«r-' nee'l *h« h«« : ?e. isske a With found*- ttsa, a 'miii #f a- ilttfe. %m -m *Meft aftis- »'»lt«« a iwafow targe--eiBSttgh! -let fe>l# i^A qang; Thto «ri» fcttVher' ; «h<J» ; ii«(j!(i by elttteg ppen ttwt»: i-.c-fft* \.*•* len« .tugs imWiS #S**^4, TV --'<**»- «Wf : .' IfcWiei to ; -' *.' • w sft*fc»lE yet of a man elWfiit-i'ii' team. »•••' not* «.4a»M»ad: 'fcaake-^.* e^kww^tfwtfc, tott B»\'? st *--!••«••\ hAtt'»t..r?.i- -iri^i||.ii*i%«^c» tots**#'*ii»h FrWay' .w^Ji''pl|i|W'';'tt«»B> ap^.'^Wlig'ef »yt|w «*« IMMMiC tvv 2 oM-x-it. *M|'WwMMie' wii),on dMjapial^*. Wtwn tb«y «r* t-* by- t.v-- «flUt«w»y\'ij>iMi'a t^-J.i«'»i Ipim on the- IMaet\ •** , ^ C * '''•'\ gU * , ii^a**<* Cften ; t&ey <jliipMl*d Ol (HKimtlli it»' 1# » Jeadfft' tl*»j a iwnjgdret toiflaiaa, der of «iff worlft ww?' *e«i\'i#^'' sir.. -' \'-''^x^ la: t» -tm* ito*», 6jf-- -iffltifciftg; .- 10 .eat aemitiKQe^ #nd have *#«« - pra'tted- as * ^elfcjfr,* ftwft.'.' -)!•«-\ thee*- wh» h»ir* tjrte*- tttiwr. Wim\- daye. say they. 4»' mi car* 1% ^»' «a*o;i' which fs wWM%^^'fitbjti''\ Ft«Bt*»ia«* eon b» t*m*i|f'^iHli v Well ttatf t»4» «t« **»«• »to« th#' ipaMfBKOv lte« •» • liM» JetiV' to ffe*. Ittt -3»« «»!*' ti^tttSP 'i!**:' tijr .tft« ti^fcrte#fti -e« |o^'-|^l| •_ ', V.4v. a '•U«i»' BBflly- '»» tete;,«*''•' -lions** or^ttMl-** ttaiwlii 6<|'f /!««**\' •wmHi' hwafc. fK'«^l»t,*» -*jo.Bg 4 my *«**!\ \ «d 1m awMw. \My Mty*)P» *m«» &*./*!«! *el*«* \Wow «<» %# >»•**. lt- \I hit Wa» e« »h* Iwai

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