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The Medina daily journal and Medina register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1932-1970, January 21, 1932, Image 1

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4- *4 * r THE WEATH|E^ r asionat ram ot snow proh- Somfewhat colder tomprroiw PA*%Y JOURNAL Hift4 M#JB^t RECITER >- T ' '•• ! sfe A FAMIlTSf PAPER Th» D«}y tei&rtal »s read darty I by d,0,Ql)Q 5*sat»le m Medina and * vicaaty ____ ,., . ,* , MEDINA, NEW YOpL .THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1932 1_L > J 'I' J r, i i i , • ii I X I HI mi ,i , ^^ff\ |~M e ifawsNear Close fgnv oWocfc tilts afternoon ; Attorney SJunsOri was still : tip tta& p&ople'a s'iite. o£ sj3 _ against Dr.' ^ilUanT •' A. of .thlg'phM!& charged with ~Wr_ 6s, ,a 'rejblt'Jor_an : E Qfl£|aI oper-ittianlbjt pretty l^t^nsont • ls-year-std Ba»\ feggesl^ ^s ejieiit's site ia_] fttioa before recess this at- STr*'.'-\-\>'\~*. •.; : Ming Dr. Fitsgerala the de- pji#aaOSlrs. Xloxii' titcWeld, adonvjjle, to tke. stand. MM. |9ia*-^5tifiecE:.tl;at she had : ,ps%ht of.JSfe. Rpbjson's for fttfinf and jtbst -site had bsefi pj|»(a-: tq. .go^gojiso taedicina ?r, Bjobison, on the evening is^iittft, m> sight that.tha t&jrihfgat O^tatiOnJia pifjport- *\ %{a-Keii -places ifes.' I3teh- |t«ta4' that'sha cant© to Mfr |ajcfy^S^||;.9&&j(jaififk to go. [ticftttlfi^ ' .||je 'gave tils as bafpV'fdr b$sip|..iri M^jjina^at-j t$°vki .;• .S^IlMed: tiajt ihQj ^j'B,9bisQJi|^ij' |fto stCe'et .*>*• ^Js;'-^liiQ'^-ft|(d;' that she |iira ,5t;% : -«,ft.|[ftfas.> -liia.' '.afagl^' «<fWge$*lier•• ti$t he iJbefth^r&.Trery/sopn. , She ihai'fhe'went right fe his I a^4 ^\ay-he chine 'in ahout' pt^ ''in'dthfit\ tlkere T&& an. |Wan.\Tii the, Uttctijr^s office. iaiict that aff# ifr. ftobison i i^A'het\strappi'llsi he' was S'ready to l«|%ve. »n& aS they both gbliigr ©lit of tits floor a :'. wontan 'c^nttffo lee- the tfoc- |»fe :titeht[0ld said that Df. |JB J ffl& ^otmg^. •woman; some meaioine and that she then left his offiqe. After that Mrs. liitchfield left the office with Dr. J^oWson and that they each: got in- to their own cats and drove away. Bpon tiross examination by- District \Attorney Munsoa Mrs. Litchfield stated that she had come to Me- dian early to shop. When ashed where she shopped it was brought [out that she had been in three dif- ferent places but did no trading, in any of them. She stated that this was the oniy time in her recollect- ion that she bad been to* Dr. Rohi-, son's oijice before his regular hours. Witness spoke in such low tones that it was impossible tor any but the jury and counsel to' hear all of her testimony. Doctor Robert R. B. Plt2gerald was at this point recalled at his D%ii r^pes,!. He stated, that he had Just remerhber a, fact that the juryJ ' would\ like? to fcaow. He stated that pr. Raters had ,sajd tp put on thej death certificate all the causes. thafc ( each thought contributory to [.^l^ath and to have, a.^ortion t self-, aiioted entered^ /District Attorney fchrason ex- .pjessed the thought that it was atrangfe, that Dr, Pitsgfralot should [sememher; this after 'having..-left the court room and, was ih hfe}?*car teady to drive away> ' '• ' . Dr. William A. Robls6n, defend- ant, was then called to the stand iri-his own defepce. He stated that he had been practicing: medicine since 1915. He testified \that JJonald Schenk had come to hlk office on the afternoon of August 10th and was *ery nervous about » girl who said that he (Schenh) had to •trouble. Schenk, tfie doctor saidi ecognitiog p| Inerease^-spe^SE, : *e)f of hutdinQhlfeSi- $rw«r$ng: -»y qongestioh, ^e^ot'.cararitt bos *MtHei6.ihot8^g^.mfle*' nd mere liirierat *u\e \&t cars 1 ' nilies, the l^ationW feparBf:<jf Jlty and Ssfcuilt^ tlnderwrl- f annputtcfed) furiaay .liability,[left Property-dainBfee'isSirrajice in ItorK\ si&te,' etfeMye\ IVItthday. Jilge s.' TSb ^ahitf, state s\?\ fcnt§ntof irii8*raa(ce,-MS 'ap- \i 'Use ae* nite:s^ ,-. th'|' n?w I'che'aiil^ |lier aiwiatl- fcierit^ Biah soy/iring' antonlp^ IdparatOrs '§hb, h&re \tee* itl-i Id; -irt ;icb}4«tt*/<sr violatiofls |otpr ViBW63S\lttiiw^ : to* tie'6n doned ani\ ''demerit'* plaitt itftedV-'-; : ,. •'/:: - f > \.;' i der ifo$ &%$£&*> ajBCQUat: of >r c^nt *a**lidii(^,a t» owners bperytOW W #** r 6r*Pt lesif| : tw» je$rs 4rivin# eXBerience; I -t»i nM' %em in^oilretf .la-'^Mf] ;#t %hi\c&-leas' (cause, 'jit y .'iagKflSF t » Mpa& ot damage' * pi»Serty |6r a, Juried, of 21 eadtai;-, tirfw-'• mouwi So- |th^ »tfeBttte,«af* m the poltesy,, Is '- *tfem;erit'*' ' pSte . : $cM$& poiiWhOIderSjiaust pi*-. jSft; J 4n<a%M»es' ,ot \i4 ~\2& : o# '4* $ef accot?(teg to thS severity M I bttetiw/it uuWng: the *«&«•-*£ thf •• pfeftoi .6ec 'has ; heeft ,gt4%, ^vJrttg-:i»hais.M6>isatetf, t(Sm$- itdjk i*nW...¥ep**f .^S«* sit. *«sdt« |i'Monr'hi*olTiaK ; Oi6- ***\'«? iMisfe:; '_:>:;•• '-/>•\•;;• \\ (Continued on Page Five) ^0$$$^ English Mice Disperse Commttnist^Ptotesi'mg Against Dale Reminiscent of thft TTnion EKtuare riots la Ne^ police dispersing a gathering pf Cflmjaurjists, irho _„ to protest against the dole and to d«r*ad tw rele»w arrested during a demonstratioa at ti» Hou.*ft of Carbon Gas AMwori^^ldlng InCafWUhFaniay Albion, 4an. aOxFroderick Rd6 Jain, 2fe-year-old .son of Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Roltain of E|miro dj^d today of carbon monoxide gas poisoning white he was riding in an automobile with h.te parents. The child, witli his 7-year-old brother Robert, was riding on eho rear seat of an old Jhodol sedan:| and the parents ; Kith, a younger child were on ttw front seat. The}?, were returning by. Way of Rooli'- jrestor from a Ti|l| with retati¥e%! in Tonawanda, . , On the RJdg© road near Hplley about 10 rhltes oast, of hero the older boy awoke from a coma, and said he felt sick. Ho was taken out of the car, and alter he had bena..ro«ived„ it .waa^iacovereaj Leon G. OgdorHtf HoHSy; wfteto » marder.ift Koehesterfwas found that notohlg could he Auburn. N, Y., 3m' So^Oril Eentenced to die in the electric chair for a irf 1916, Antonio <Stordaho> today Auburn prison for his native .Italy, Qiordano QWC* ihl£ Ut& to Goirerflor Charles S. 'Whit»nah, who commuted the death, sentenco on Jfnno 1$; 1016, to> Ul(6; implclsontnent, |;and owes -Ma t reetteh to Gov e$nor Boosevolt who on Decomber 10, •last year, comrauteel the'Ufe ssen- tencoso tho man might be deport- ed. , • ^.. ..*..,; . ..\..; BEVERLY GOVERN City is this seeno of tondon •^teci at X^ondon Police Court •l\e conwades who had town MED AS OF PORTO RICO SSPS gBga»<yCT. Arrest Two Bank Directors Glassboro, N, J„ Jfahi 2<MTwo directors of the Glassboro Tile ^ Trast Cotapany, which, closed last, September, were arrested, today on charges of obtaining- pergonal loans from the bank without ap- proval of other directors. . They.two Wesley Srow», 5?, di- reotor and ohalrman of tho Stone© committee, and Morgan •$, .Vou tohr, director and treasurer. Brown was held i«*|5,000 ba?l and Von Lohr in %1.W bail tm> the county grand Jury. Brown was accused of iilfigally obtaiiiins loana totnlltag: 519,588 and Von JLohr was alleged, to have mado loans totaling ?ia,050. TAKES HAND IN WESTERN N.Y. MILK WAR -., Aloapy, v ifan, SOr-^lwor Roosevelt today .«nnottncod tho state's decision to interveho im mediately lij^th© ©tie Qotuitx milk price conaipfc 4 Tho e^i^le^outlve'a pi-ogram eaMfor or^tjon o,f a spe- ctalf'swer^oy \p^gjijitto* of three ioglaJatttK amad, wil;h an appropriation' of ?IA00 nnd om powered by .the log^alatpre to. pro oeed to Bitffalo at.the oa^Uoalj nos slblo date for-' U$.purpose; of'c.0!n- prlce agi:^wio.i»t8 iho-twe;en rftrftoia and i-etallevsj ^ WILL PRESS SENATE VOTE m to mi Washington, Jan. 20-—Slo lng a Hat of major vacaocte ident Hoover- today nam yeawold Attorney ' Geftfei i*0«a Ricp. Jftunos Bu W$i$g£ to tojB. Governor General of thiJWahd. fornftttratively youfe fojf m-irn- ^Qtiiftit * post, 'Beverly w|| Jtic- $e.ed thd only slightly older^lfheo- dire RoosBV^lfe'Wtee atJ||j£jn- Sbraeraeni K*Mart&3. flohll*elt. hdw in the ^1^111 sail l|«rtly to he .doVierti^|.;%&t!ral Milho Turns Senate ^(ono for him. A vcrdlco of acci- dontai death was tendered. . Mrs. Roiluin is a hitifaoks cajh tain at the Elmlra.' Ste£orni^to«T. •Eho fact that jbo -srfndow8,«f thSj automobile were cioaea and that it had seen conslderoblo 8ervic& causing leaky floorboards, <-6|n- Slned with, a folHwing *tnd, Js [hold to have caused, tho childla tteath. .-*' .,- WashJ^**, Jtalt.- *}—Secromry Stfmsort •*&**:.:&&'•• today la hlj Tofosal it^^ililifc^btloiy to the Senate ftaaa*B*^lKttmltten a tolc- gram from *Ss.:iLi»erlcan legation at Bogota a*lter -with Colombian ioafta and t*«t*®»r*o*«bncessinn. • Replying t(» a rcieilttUofl bv tfta commilteo fcs&lng for a»toleirr|i»a dated iuno. 1!> from Anrerfcan Mtih- ist6r Caffery to tfts State Depart- [\moot the secretary rcatfirmod hte willingness to fiubmit tho docU- htettt In executive session. 4 ttft said it would \not tap in t»,B Intefesta of tho United s'latcs ij» Its forelftft r*Mfon» to paWiaji ftte Mcgram IfcsolE.' RESTED AND IMPRISONED JTew forJ^ 3ats. 20—A»-effort to imprison State senator John. A. •Sa.gtirlg'Sf' on. ft cpatentfit .^iuMfgOj Will 6s ttiade/- gamaei Seaoury' -fa? cHeated tooafe antess thtf legislat* „ior wfes f^stsy «r>:ai£e^u90»-; -3if« •^Rbhry : u ttSoifei cottiusei p't\ the: fefst»dt# 'eoknilttee. ihvest!g«' |Mnr 'vtif '*fff Irfe -Hmti -which Mr* SBw^gs -tfeoliiitir to-testify.. ••••kf i-Hw'tinta. -tsa • pe«rnte«Io1rj ;|tfw)nt the ajipelilit* *$&$&* to fifooiclyh tO'csrry hist appeal o* tie'lfalittity «f th^ committee's l-te- ^Se- hig3ror- -egattfe Ho \ :*«$, «rafl.|«d' '* it»* of exeftjtitra: taitli SWcbJ$* w|s«h <Stief •Jur^» igm- mmmmm- where Fott-{whmtefesmed.'th&i^rl mpt-' 0»i« ; \ i^'.Jiftr'Ste-coBVfefe to a Jwge can tit '#»f «e'o6 m^mmmh whlchl P°«^ *htch *m *J—» -M». **» Halted Stat** inr4ti«»tors to ':'b««i Al»eo*«r*| tod*y ^ with (.'•rmil:^ Wi44»or of Ilaroia_ .. * for*«r i»ni»te of the| VM ratMwed teml urortk mi mmygfret, ^««| iiWttM t«r'. *nwg5lini:: «erog« tk* Oatrdlt 'imef* HMM «t '«- Wind**! • m <**• mum*** l» illHII. -to '\« * s *,-*e XM»1 taine hid worked.. ShortSty hefor^a. tka prison br^ai occhFRSd, ,ims> «f, t6e -coavfet*; -t»- ,eaived p felsgf»«\ fefonhioR Urn ItBat hsA •tAualJfeema\ was ML t?m ^ fceiiovea.,fe 1&m& : States] aaiho*ifie» tt| tsffm Ijft^i. the' % that iB#po^-i»er*,-&s!!Wi sroagsfea: $ltiltt%.'&-4%& '**i#f iwsfetaBt JIniwi 'i^^.-^tfflrw*' *% fietroU, .tod«p ^OJ#-\ ^KWfeWlf. char^ag #oht»ln* *m adahMlf.4ftt.-ril* prison. ;<teUren< «««• ^NMbtK.^ temo^i ;ter le*a*» f«f 0A-^tim i «*»' e% - tradition or «*fmrt**kr* -from. .fcwi dtiaaat rth) ^»OH it « r«^ .MHtUi-WlatHtt.: 3 Janiln W. Cardoso of the «6urt of apfieals haa agreed te hear argtr- tttcats oa* its fnrtherf canlfnuaact* ajtid o« the tnarlts of Me. fjj&stiiigs* escfifer s^pcals* ' ^/.feea*>aryi if tsas *3tlo»- StJcfe] pr«p3¥4a to dtefAife the &te?prota' ttatt ef -im : W? %Wah holds Sir* aastlriga .fpnidl Jjft'iiaranno floor attest afidf inipfJisdashient uftta the *a|6urhnieMt*V . * Twb (km Grow* ley Diet Tonight ' |*ew 'Xftdt, Jaft> ZQ~*&itim \S^Wf! Siagf*. death hoase* 5rainci» CIttro- ghh> Crowiey. duo to die tomffrrow: Jrtgfit ,for the marker of a p&Ueo- |j$cn*«eai word^i of scorn toaEsy to, hik. lt-ycj«r-ota .s^ethoart ad'en -, .J^SSts^jijjs-te, S'^her st«ry to --—-,. — _.„.. .,,. , t|i'6.,pip^i^,\ tl»s 21-yaar-oid slayer potlsU Tfhieh was^pped into tho}toja W«r«i3i toi^a; £ Lawea, A> J. Sklttas* *f -Soatn araaaa uj. cdnftnea tt» tho liouso by illness. aira Jf. T. StoWs will spend 8 fow weeks at Maptewooa, N'. J,, with hsr aoa. MISR Gladys Halt was the neokt* -end gttost of 51ft «B>si 5te>- Wiiilaw Gittsr flf-Bntt**1o. &tr». Boy Stftecy and son Ciotaa4ii atf* Mr#, Walter, L«ii« aro upeoff\ ins tfae day la Rocheator. ;. -Mr, tBdMra,. tJharlos'B.. Shiver; of \Sfiagar* JPiB8 are spcsadlns ttmit, titan wttbi Sir. Snislet's afotor. Mt*i yraficts JKtker. Mr^stail Misii JAmas Cook m .ROOhestci' 'who'\lfenr&- feecti visiifc1f| ©l^htCienftfnls «sf beer. reiattvea la. to-«h, retBrncd hoaii •Wedhesday. Mfe at?id airs,. Joseph. W6o?lroa oi yate3< Apcat tho Srat of tho ««MU with thielr granddansnter» iti &*tt Baldwin JWft-BJja. Uoi J V?K] iStt, PWUppInqs. |>Qsplt6 tho fact ho !>»» named four* ime.h to aa n»ft%y n>»|pv |iost#, sintie ycifterCaSi jhfe.fteaidont %<h ntgbt./outtd; hte Ibpjolntment •pr^b* lenx.ii^iKnn BOHSOJ* Xft> is.tlndiln* somp 4iWw)ty tn tfto \*6lftotioa>iaf a inStt';ro>tbo Supreme Court *f«t: sttddeniy l*it vacant it woek *1* by, (MOB Xv'indoll Holmos,' ^hit«i Wsshlngtott, Jan. SO—A Sonato vote ^JU hawked tdmorrow oft a resottilion proposing that state tovferhprs tiSH tor referenda OB re- peal ptf imodiuCBtion'ol tho ®tah»' toonth Amondmont and the Vol- stead Law. - The resolution w«a Introduced today by. Senator- Btajthain of Conh,96ti{jut ttter adyoektw ot W* hill to »M»ft the wanufwturo and aafo ot 4 bet cetjt .^beot iBftd con>J platsd te^Ulhony isotoro & subcorn/ mittee. Tho mewuxb \would ^ftyo t^6 Senalo go on record as ^<fte$in% \«ny aotiop that tho g«fWhent,pf ( the *overal slatea ml|lit t ;tlkflt |rt| ^coaiiatmdlng to tboir r««w»#t|vo; Wtlttaturea that auoh dctiott- iff rfotM^tefclait said tod«* irtt,|k»4ft«ieft hy ttto state oa ift«5? heppeiw ! n9<3l#teft ^onawaaaa. pblnrtMMtJfor this High P08t ^»a»'•\--»\»•«* *\ nkmln thn . nntiitnn t rnt(...' >J|,i«.iirli .Uhllk., I^ickiior \t;}^l|^ftci)totp prosnoct, |tt<->'fiiiiiiiiiiii'iii t' i • iiirmi'iii i nccewiiry to obtain tho opluion o't.ttwi^obttt of tho sltnta Wtttt T PARLEY WILL BE mmm fill LUnUUni fioiWom Jan. 20-a-Ttao British gpTcrament, bowing; to the In- cvltaWo. anaounccd tonight in a FareJga. OBlco atatomoat that it was evident tho Lausanno ropara- tionar coaforonco could not bejin next .Moudoy as originally had] bcon plannoil. Tho announcement raised doubta grntong responsiblo coromwitatora About whotlicr tho conference would bo hold at nil, ana on tht» point the official statement was ex- ftcmely guarded\ , \5Fho conforsatlons which, have bcon taking placo between tho ^tatameota eMofly cesteerne^ wjth t\tt conference at Lauaahftt aro not yet concluded and it ii svtdcat tfaat tho ctinforonco can> not bo begun aa early an next Middleport Hotel Raitfedr Proprietor Held For Hearing . Four federal prohibition ag»hl# hSiliBg tooin tho Btiftslo offlca o|i Dopaty ' Administrator Allan S, B«rt!eK, pnid * surpriso vWt lit* Suesaiy aiflemoon to th« Fantoft Hotet la Sfidiaifpor^ There tfeey ««Ut4 IB«jr *$*&»{ dts§ destroyed a pgn t£\ girt aid 1%» Phsbstesy o? CKttirfjr has i-ottSi ananimosalj ft» foi» «fEtfe Cheeaftng Ctoontjr* |. had«ppHed t«j,.th<s,jfeeoSryEfc Sttpxteo'Coart lor; lm'0$ee. to.-:'jmnit\her to rtrft.aim |'tB;'.'Sl*.3jli|oin. ' '. \' .^|tn',.iha, -«artt«a, transmitted j. t -fhife ja^sigo :tor..fiieL;E68rt, Justice ' 6t««T ' donfea,-' ^-' proteedhig'! |*iiti(wlt,: the- gm '*frtNiifnen stw. li^;ttte--aeci»lo^ : , ••. - f ;.;JfiJtirt«hiiei- ^J^rt»)if» irho .Sillied' t%tri»4ii«ir* fr^d«ftei| 'tBrteh <>t 3*£Mk»% -ho s»ii| '^\Jsjited esswT'' »>«*«,«« th» hwsiBF.^ hfe -death *«•; -Slat Shita^. i tttaa'aantj «*M «« had dU«ard«<l [Ua> tMtado of M» aaxiier a«y» of i.nittM «a«aatl«atJiaf th« int aaafaM a«««aMi <to^,'-ruitMMt .- fraq«a»Br «wi tk. •*»* . I» * apa«Hb *** aea;- ed fieflrg;© Feptoo* 4? year* «3i cfalm^l t» be th* ipropriatop, o* charges of possession, and aaie cti hsfo?sl«»nt8. • \ - Brought before II. S. Commla. i sioce? J. :U«Si8 Ueianey of Lock- port, Penton was halt In'$1,000 bait for a hearing oft. SfcatiiFr 5 leu6 «||rebw8fy ii. -.* f£t« raid was mail* on a, war- rant procured In 0affalo* WljBSl»iJ.'!!»Jini!!U«JUL l J Mgil^lilalJUM,- SEABURY PREDICTS EXPOSURE >ii ! r^.*«'< ; fimnaoair*. #itof|ist cj^-.ssWa| corroptlow, W«JS predict' th* Uotatwftar lc«i»lar I^iiiiMtMll h?lpf E -at -the eajerai, T^«»:«#ftW-.8eajl»-' an catnini. tor' Ms -Wilir>.' ait* «raB4fa«KS*, ttto. u^yo*- .««M tato tmasy i»sahl so *J*O .|og|', »« »b« Twcp4 a»a Crokrt re*taii« \4(1 I isahop-wmum T\. Haa«la« m*. Mutated Siaatayv fmMM <« *«« NtW «» Ch»rr.b W*» \taf IM - oSifc. ^MM Met*. Monday, tho date which lmd been pfovlatonally orranjcdi\ tho state moot said. \Further convcwjiMoil* a«& .now in progress and th» fertttah; io#era» meat ontertatn the liopo it may bo potaihlo to come to % satUlactory ngroomout as to ttve procoduro to ba adopted In tho courso of a few days. t rospnet \p (i) the repeat 1 w inpat- flcation 6t the ll^htoonth^ Amend- want, aiiift'{2) tiio ropoW or niodl- iloatJQH ot tho tdatvoBal Prohibition ^.et (commonly knom aa tho Vtol- tteMt Aot)\ . m *«Y M CoiWfefeli^ * £»-'i Govesrnpp Ifaosevelt baa calfei & confo.ron<^o or jaiiwip^ls in v th* jnovoment tor tomorrow jnornlng ia his qnpitql oiKcoi, to agiou n^ion the exact form of the ei^hUng t«s- islntlou to l>o fepeechjo^ to theleafii- The oxe^nllvo Totaled ^to^ay that h.Q f{i\ored the Jtollow&W comse pt n^tioht' 0\orrltlt«g; otthe long ravgo- emjviUy ro<Sttnishw».«U Uon ot tho Govovrtor's »8rteuihw;*i ^vtepry coraaltltfcslani put Xor-^^iit' io the\*<)Qn<iliaiiofli oi 3^5t^rda:y*» *i turbulent jjuhlfc hosrifts\* on th>_ milk pvififr >c»his i\\ Western rvtrtf' Vovi« aid otw twartors» to i* smo awiltof aetiou by the state, ^j within two TJiiolvs in fili liVclHlood,\ A. V. Chftmberlalifc \Be.(!rc ot tho Community ¥i. %f. j& Ai • and aooretaiy ot promotloa tot tho Wfiatern J4ew Yurh Oldfer feoy*' Conferences, today andoftn^i/a ^onferonce to ba bold In Batavia, fob, 12, 13 and M. Karly indlen. f tlott* show that at lonat 200 boy« nut- Medina Defeats Akron, Saturday] Sfttu*a*y alght the Medina hoofr *ior» Journoyed to Akron ana do- f«»t#d that teartt a? &%2$ awre- Jtoraawfc starred with twelve point* to hi* tocwd, with 8, Mnii- tea renjeiny » ««od. «ecana wttb his siit points. This jf'arnu proved that tho Red and -01ito toani 1» cer- tainty imprevlflK with practice and experience, (or It gained a, wort-earned victory the alght af- \ttf'ft pat up a stiff' fiitlit In tho game which ended in » 21-22 vic- tory for Oaknold. Iti tho llne-bp for Medina wcro Right forarard—Cardono, F. L«ft FipT«f*rd-—torio, A, tS«nteiA*8Jun9oa, 8. Right OuaM—WWtawSiM. i. Left; Guard—Maraiscrt, 3. Thft i^Hs-' aeeoad teain met de- feat at irio nahfo of AWoH is tim tune of i2-23. Tho Akron teim med heftier teamwork, ond Mater pztxs- worts, and ptayed a aaofl atron^or datoxuht) -iWBte thSn our toiftl gtrls^ the game proved vorjf co» ettisWely that these yetshg napir ants wilt f»*e to ptaeifco v%o0. <nt»t^ ih order to tretWOTt ther«»«l- yea for* d«5n!to pi&cei m the var alty in tH» latum . this S&t*r<tay bight,'the tU dlsa qtttet faccs.Hottesr' oht the * jTSlftt^ f*iiHj|)Tft |fe%i3ls, I^ockport. la «ie«toew)|, Siltfiirfe Oloan. M»ilina„] fcatkyU ft»(l Sttlftoiwica win bo in «tioiid.t«tWi . ',- Sccrotary 6Mrttti0(Hin aniu that! tbiia l« tho ArtltttiStlnR to.lw held S4»te.4>»^i«»rtft|t*iujf W«OH fed %|llf 4 te* WcoKa «g«JM6 ( moottns waa prohosed thta ycak Ilowov«ir. .lh> tfom&iJdloV.ft m«!c|lne becamo M decisive thttt <t cpfpronco m< [aehofltjjfeli. georatftKi? Chamborialn Btroasod tho taportaneo of ullage gVottpsM eliur»h«3 of hl«b ». hoois not, roMsontii}*\ V.M. r A groups acTislinsf-jraureaentotivn groups to ttitenil tttta eonforento which foftA for list ^otp purpose to bo ot » »lt«| reet beuetjt to oldor boys. \ ' 1! Tho program a» announced o^afta; meiay ,Bf**raoon. S*«b. %% at itjft o'clock With registration; «t Htft m< tavia Y. &t. 0* A. thk -m*ms: flessioa of «or»Wft ^flt bt lit tfto Mothodist KpWcopat.Ghtireh ftt S o'ctoote'nte ftev, 'A* 6, tsutiten paa* l^'ttf.W Rltt|eW0#a» N« Ik, ere* t^lfirtjin Cfliitirieiti \»lll open th» t«cW»8 The.ir08ldlln| offieor of Met eonfore«ce» Will be OeorgU Co^ i»jn. »tudont sceroftflry^ of tho Uni- versity of Roehoatiir. Tho KcneroJ session And torinh^ «rttt bo h^ld -Saturday irooralng In tho Mothoflfst Church at 8 o'etok. Sunday mora* ii>« general sessions and, fefiimB wilt tiavo as it speskor Jomca t.eo Blltawood. state V, & O^ A. *te rotary^ Other spcalsm'B ^rlll iaoittaft Tracy Joaos, gonotai goetotary, Syracoso Y. M. C, A„ who recent- ly returoed from China: niirf to *%• ported fatslllar withr tte *ia«et»a& fan,. Japan and <3ainC8o *Wtlatto»v Earthquake Damages Peru- vian Cities »H»^IIHf I* Xilmtkr V3r\i, Jfatu. 2tt-fhtt -clU«a ot Lli»**t and CMiao, wit^ a, niimbei 1 of Qlheva ]tx (te~ s^rrounditts area, ^ awofco toflgy attet; it »hxht ot t«s ror, fonowln*; t\n <,artTiq,«ftKtt wliloit rlpfted aliocts'ond oulltUnsa' o»it joatiltoti lt\ at least; opo rt5Dort«d tI<H\th and many lnoto'w ic^a s«r» faus tnjurlos, Tho tiQW9Ptte» > l31 CouiiiwrcJo: loportod On a ncrson kitlcd ttn tho crumbling of a hoiiaa at Htiitctao^ Tho *hocK wi i Wftat,MOvrt0 at Ilua- in* und llmoho ana' wan t^H strongly nlto ftt i'fajcoy C«uttt# J«,^ and alhei towns, 5Fhi) pbonoroehflti, itflM'ah, eite*t_ IWihtolJowoa oi lofaet ohu.%#«£:, la til* to. Tno M®fM «c«tMrr*.u nt Stsft ivm* on * %w hotatns 1 \ 1 ** 1 ' night :|ft %fes procedeA h>* ft»U»w, undeviicfttittft, rwbilrtft Which:.««•• od tlios H0 Wght 8Wt«,th4 im- plo> 6^es,i-ttt^iSfj. ihojf. »W *fcw» tbotoii lo' cartftqij»*:«ia ttit4 .thflt Wi?8t c#ast ,«t Asrtt '•!»., ftrS>ti«»a<J/ : shsjton* ' 1 .' --, • Mtytlf* of bttliatnp crusted eur» niipw Ml, roof* «rutn^e!l «td tto atrMit soUettw if .JfMVftyos, fhty, we» «&on flSUft *vtih «ari!Bniii'g ait- : tftjBaul%, W'ot ttt* .a'rte«i!»-' <oa» tsot M : th» ; -liwitflaatttw* «* ta« : Mrs. ItlUer Hostess 11 mi in i>ij»''ii|i \\ j~ %\t», him a Mltij* mjf : :jf\tt*''' eantly tntwiainot't thft- , titBttr Claw ot Rp M,. £ &«te!t pt.lM*' Itonte on r&faolajMi ..|.-v,nwc»:'!We* tieadftr nllorHfeB. J#t|Sr? %-Sfw., 8atn CTtuiitaor%fi^ TftttiRftftoal,' Mrs JlttUlo JpsMl,te«faijBtfgt* oldad. TW* •»•»« ifcf WltWiti -««#*• lng an& t«» fori*wl»Kieutfe!3Ki;**(flfe; .nwrttatod: *w»WoWL KWm -ilfcttt* Krana; fpga? <jc«o#^fc ':»«««• dent, &f»« Pfora tm%t?e;»wr*fi Mti* fcimk Bmri .pcrt|^.ISitt.. • Atte thft bflafaeas!me«2ir4** ttmU« Hswtor cand%{c# aflttettr. i>&ii&» pio&em co^tsaWa^ flffossi*' .tojSjS. eoatc3*3,,fitc i MM%- tftftVite\ taefli» waetr ,«B«f*t b|< \tlw ttd B»d tie*' isimBtftlfiS' TfJaffe -MttmrRCf ftttd JtfiRR. JcM» «b] Heflo Kiddy Kotncr tcadorfl, 000 and all! How did you sot alopj; with tho stonr 06 yo» teow «&« tho Ittteigiri «?ai» and the tltl« «f tho star?? Of eottrge! Mtfie-Itcd* ftldtng-ftawd was tho tlttltf 0rt and tho story l» catlctt by th&. uuuio name! N|»w haro to. a pteito tjM^ home 'wwi ¥ ***t t»c8»fefe3 bo a. basjf-np &&*, «»* » Chance ;/ o 0 to solte. By' plaefng. tho n»rao; for Mediua to cefntcrosiariee: th», : r * eertatin waaon, In, tho qaeatoa; -last mtettte »tetf#Kif & Heliey S!H, n arfe apa*s» yaa wifl tiavo th* riscak'faxcelfetll ofeiasfvo, *<>!*l&o &*&&. in the AJtran; tf|t 1|J gfve hfm thef ? y y - S | g ft. ' .forward !««&. #fflf ; Sionagan tak-| * B'ORTg lag tbo gtiartl pO*ifi6». Smith Man- \ 0 T. ' O ST fl , igoQ - wilt to at ItWfaV, *Mto, :«'.\•''-' ; 0 0 ft * B.t and wtt*o*»if iHift S J »* telt '\ r ' x» e at A i-t>. ward as*' rt«ht|-:'ltfewr% f«spec! c 0 M, | S : r- I. iViiiiKii^miiiiit. m*, #69 rcta itm'it ify.%^<imm ntftl tejfficd. guai'd.'ttt* dhfeej?..;;-' : - f& Bite*' comj«tofi?^''.'«{iii «>\..' 0tmt MltK% afeoft'fe. ^iB^ft.WW: fivoiy ahltRal, fa-M «f' fc| ea^ far gc33l«f oitJ3wcdiaa?s' laiolH!#h*«> sfodtocalM hits KtesSUd.tSftjSi»--*ia\, wWsil«4 a &*«ain. *ta»,.li}*WiV,J ftaow ho; wa» wan»4 affij t*««lt| f hwito 09 test to hi* foae iMt*' ) ctttMil eartr Mm te hi?'ia«*te»Sp aids, ftsat ta -was rt^^-fW^' ,4«« tic* » «ualt mimmtfJ'U'^*^! mi% te fefftsott «o foteglfer' »1VM*,| «<fiette«*ir fed «&!»* tfen« „fs*\*» etejq^ fa «a> csjmpk' 'j$w%;>M%',' r ••t>b.(!|sb »*» «»fcjfii t>S,M8i' «,»*>»,:: Funeral Friday |«adea. ag«£ It, laiMS 4WI Tue «%, «•:' fc«> ialf tawKH-row »<«•' MMn »t two- i/H»aii '«t tiw I**? ^^-^n.-l^iii4a»il»%.v> ^Slatlby JCXE-9 jpETS\ OBCO ttjjsro ii«c4 a shepheri bpy l» -^^pi tB6aat|t^,-whaiio9iHti#j> «(*i .!««*,- is* *b» tm4ei Wif fe-- *a#*%'akawp. Wis parent* •*«?• «M* ; 30«r,.''taj(fc. t itona too- l«s«* «tif h«j» ; cfft-.'. Ma»..wai« ,odt -mo** Uula) «Itf*tt , v«*i» «at Ittt ma Wg fflp'Jtta a««.ly«8i afcwt' '-'J»wi** .r^* \•' Jiaat *»tiow 1% aw«. »n>?)r««t|r«H»4 s*w<- a«««t iiuw ••i** *%1 •«*• U»6 Re eV,W« ttAU'il'fiil* t<* Wf WM Mm.- pa **«»•'-•«: «a|ll |gfsrymftt-9t «ct» ftij few* 'is***, $z* wf«t. isyckfe,. . .': W«tt «sM»nr ttrat ii aB. .f#. jU«w*a««*t

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