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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, March 26, 1924, Image 5

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If!'>Vednesdsf, March 26, 1924 THE FREEMAN^S JQUItIfAL ^here Mature Stniles SPRING l i » ^ 4„is is sprmg! _ l^nd, O., Br. and Mrs, Donald R,' p i i i S p i tile addition of ■ s s t S ,e siioma oftild therti, and as thid ’already has voted in favor of Valh Centoi , —-Mr. and Mrs. Ne-wton E. D. Gil-’ nore and family spent the week-end With relatives a t Oxford. 1 will, still “ t t 1VJ.1DO. JiiiU-JUtAJ, AilCZ, juffering •with a severe attach of'throat trouble. Both re­ turned to Cooperstown on Sunday. —Siipt. John werearAli-any on Wedensday week in attendance at the hearing before the as.sembly c o m ^ t ^ on the proposed rural school-billr-- Rrom all aecounls which we have heard it ap­ pears that sentiment among those the rural schools is against at the honie of her daughter, Mrs. Henry llousei in celebration of her sixtydeightb .birtQiday. Those present- besides Mr. and Mrs, House were Miss Isabelle Deakin and Mr. and Mrs. .George L, Deakin and family. H. ¥. Farrell, an agent of the personal Income Tax Bureau, of New yprk State -will be at the First Na- ’>ank in Gooperstp'wn March ’ ' ■’ - ' to aid taxpayers file shch returns. tional hank in Goopers 31st and April 1st to i who are required t t f for her new honie in Syracuse. Tuesday evening of last week the ladies 6f the Baptist church gave a Very enjoyaRle farewell supper in Mrs. Bundy’s honor, Mr. \ closest to tl the bill. i) the Otsego Coun'ty Fares' Bureau, reports that already sii«y- live have enrolled the majority (of whomhom haveave doneone soo voluntarily.oluntarily, \It w h d s v is the aim of the committee to set 100 members by thehe closeose off thehe v Too members by t cl o t wee with as little canvassing as possible. Therefore those who -wish to ally themselves with this valuable Work are requested to hand their checks made out to the Farm Bureau to cither Dr. Pitcher,. H a rry Freeman or Frank C. C arpent\ Btmeau About seventy-five volumes have added to the High school library. Dr. II. L. Cruttenden was con- —Al been at . I A —Dr. II. L. - * ^ fined to the house a few by illness. iden was ( days last m Capt. Charles B. Scully of the Saving Division of the American Gross, who gave three valuable ■sa-ving demonstrations about .Ot­ sego Lake last summer, delivered a •adio talk on that subject Sunday evening which \was broadcast by sta­ tion WCAP of \Washington D- C. —The condition of Mrs. A. C. Ten­ nant. who fractured her right hip •when she fell on the icy sidewalk in front of ilichaels' Meat Market, \Wed­ nesday afternoon of last' week, was reported as satisfactory Tuesday af­ ternoon at the Mary Imoj liflspitnt, where treatment. Mrs. Tennant’s many for her- speedy friends hope for her- si Dr. Cruttenden attends her. Martin ,s imto recovery.^ [ed by the sudden d( Samuel Norton. —Mrs. Alma Barnes left on. Tues­ day for a week’s visit ■with Wx. and jlr^ Merton Barnes at Route, N. Y. —Mr. and Mrs, James Wedderspoon I. son horn \Wed- ; week at their —Orange L. \YanHorne has sold a camp lot on the west side of Otsego Lake to George W. Hardendorf of Jeorge W. Hardendi unerry valley who plans to erect a cottage thereon this spring. . —^The many friends of LeRoy Pitcher will be pleased to learn that he has made the glee club at Alfred University. —Miss Mayerette A. Hughes of the High school faculty was at Syracuse University over the week-end where she acted as toastmaster a t , the initia­ tion aanquet of her sorority. Miss Mina S. G-ossen also spent the week- ^ end at Syracuse. ^ ^Misi. Grace Farquharson fell on walk Monday morning and ■wrist,, She , 3i.TO... is SpPErJlng piest of hi.s I of GMcag- R. Johnston a short tin mother,' Idrs. H. L, Cr-ut- -a, have been enlisted by me- a, I .;i at Onapnta, for the An Sarrr.l r’., pa geiool at Camp V, h( re they ■will have an oppe tiim-y ■ , .,r.p telegraphy,' telephOr Cooperstovrafriends: “The luntry Clilh Was the setting * •'- \■’y jT appointed sna’. -P a;iy { Berklf.;, rf,i yestfi.iay for a beautqfUli appL-,-__ lunchcfin given by. f e s . A. ¥.' Thomp­ son )n h- ’...r of h er sister, who is her\' house guest, Mrs. S. \W. Matlhewson- of Karragansett Pier and Coppers- town, NTew York, There ■Wete twfi tables at each ^of Which nilihteeii places were laid. On each, table was an enormous ceaterpiecd formed 'wdth trailing branches, of .maideithair and asparagus fern, from which jopqu and tulips in every pastel shade .. rose as i f growing and fontted a b it of shades to be in keeping with the. flowers. The decorations and appoint-, merits Wore exquisite in evefy detail; and formed a whole ithat riM led a b it M spring (time “out dooirS.^’ Dfirii ^afternoon, bridge and mah jp«! O n ^ h ' ' ISSiflM m peared .for the di ' . ......... In the reference in lak Wedfc's Journal t o formier members of the High achpol faculty -who have made marked success in their profession Prof, MuJter calls our attention to should have beer . ho left last YeaP to be- school. Doubtless there but the item ■was intehdi ^avidson and mol _ _ Chester, Charley W. Bunn and; irick A. Juiin, of New Yo'rk ' elatives a t Mrs. Bundy’s honor, Mr. Bundy has been eniployefl a t Syracuse since last fall. Their many friends dee arture so many years ised that ! generally express e able to return at gret Mr. and Mrs from their home the hope is they may be distant time. . —Mr. and Mrs. Geoxy A. 'Wilmot on uesday moved from Fair street to igir new home on Beaver which they! recency purchased of iMf. and Mrs. \Wilfiami H . Bundy, Miss Mary E. Pickard of the High school faculty will retain her room with Mr. and gujesf^f friends tithe last week. —Seward D, Pierson John's Military school, spending the Spring vacation -rntti his parents, Mr.'and Mrs. Dt B. parents, Mr.' son on Eagle street, Irs. 'Wi ___ —Charles A. Newell has resigned his position with the Bundy & Cmt- \ilmot. has resig] his position with the Bundy & Cm t- tenden Co. and iSill conduct an up- bolstering shop at his home No. 32 Delaware street. on WCAP of \Washington D. C —Miss Mevyl Ward, who has re­ signed a t the .New Fenimore Hotel, has fqr the past week been playing Smalley’smalley’s'T Theatre;h Miss Holme., at S eatre; Miss L ___ having a week's vacation k t New York “ 55,, The.The. stocktock iss guaranteeduaranteed absolutelybsolutely fresh and of first quality, the special combination being made for the ; pose of giving a li'ttlcle —~ep *■'' spring trade. p to^the ‘—Mrs. J . iV. Hutt of Bound Lake is the guest of tier cousin, Dr. E. L. Pitcher. mond, to Coopeii sad accident an a, peared in The Joi turned to her hoi D. C. on r follm mnt of which ap-. nal last week, re- i in Washin^on, _ „ f e r McDonough c|£ the Gooperstown police force, spept last- week on a Vacation a t Scranton, Pa. —^Thomas W. Shay of Eagle street, who has .been spending the ■winter with relatives a t Htica left last week for Los Angeles, Cal., where he will be the gfuest of his sister, Miss ” rine Shqy. —Seniopita Ponce de Leon, er of the Hnox school faculty, ■ation for appenditnfis le Bassett hospi- of last Week. _ - -------- , a mem- [nox school facu un- went an o] the Mary Wednesday morning of last Week. —The regular monthly meeting of Otsego Chapter, D. ^ ^., wiU be held on Friday, March a t the New Penimc^_. —^Mr. and Mrs, Paul K. Ames have^ returned from an extended trip to' New \York Washington and B Owing to the funeral Of Clarence Da^vifson »the meeting of W. Da^vidson »the meeting o Chui-ch Aid society of the Pres ' in cbuxchhas~ iai he are the. pa: ay. ‘he [ay, April 2nd, a t the chapel. —Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Pff :reiits of -.-'The Body of Albert Pierce who died a t Forestville, N. X , Sunday morning at the age of eighty-three Sj. was brought to Coopersto^wn train \Wednesday vthep i t was immediately to Lakewood cenleter; placed in the ■: mietery lit until Tbe Rev. Glar- service, 5 _ remembered by older residents a of' the late Alhe:^ Pierc of the bnec ger sold a t avenue. Sat , called fto Oiieohta M ate, at tbe fuiiei th e item ■was intended more by of illustration th,\” \ — ’\*-' lan a complete —r-Miss Sarah DaVis of the High schooi faculty spent the week-end at the New Haven, Conn.’, N( of Gyniiiastic Conn.’, Normal School the store of tbe \McGown Hardware cohipany.pn S'dturday morning, March 29tb, heginhing a t 10 o’clock. . -...-The Boy Sebiit supper announced he held at the chapel p f the Hxes- terianterian churchurch .WednesdayWednesday eveningvening )y ch . e it 6 :30 o’clock has beep postponed one veek on account o f the death Of Clar- inhe IW, Dqvidson. ^M rsi Burt Taber of. Bowerstown was the-winner of the Pyrex teapot and t ile Ofifered by the McEwan Hard­ ware company to the person m.nkihg w are company to the person the largest purchase at theii Pyrex sale^ Peufield spent the 2 use Uni'^rsity the —Mrs. W .. eek-end at Syracuse iie^^of filer dis^ghter, Mjss Dorothy: —-The condition of Master Allen [cEwan, Who has been quite serious’ 3 home on Pionefer street, as’ improving, new dwefling house which icted by David H. Willsey on djoiiiihg his own property on leaver street is \ enclosed an* -will ifford. sorneone a very nhat residenc Have the old Chairs, Couches,, Ppreh- swiiigs. Etc.,' made new before the Spring Hpuseclearung, €ha$i A. Keweli ling. M. Potts was the ,t Hartwick a short i of . the St. Manlius, is —Gooperstown Albert H. Sewell, winter at Glearv Mrs. lerstown friends Pier- Justici pleased to flearn that from a serious illnes tice the , , _ he is recovering nth which he has been suffering for some time. —Miss Mildred Alden, formerly a membernbex o f thehe Highigh school'faculty.chool*faculty, o f t H s i. the guest recently of Miss Clara —The young people of the XJni- versalist church' -will hold a candy sale a t the office of J. E. Reynolds on Main street, Saturday afternoon, at 2 —^Ralph A- Gage has ren t lonts on the second building and v Lpril 1st. floor of 11 take Lewis Averell of the Globe store, was so unfortunate as to cut off the end of the index finger on the right hand ission Ap: —Little Miss Betty Averell, sevei yem;ol<] daughter of^Mr. and Mr anger on the rig h t hand ing about t®ie coffe grinding t the store, Saturd s i g a __ r oh»s, held a t nts rooms a t Masonic TTnli Wedn J d a y , m S 26th!^**S^ i ? t h e !^ 1 yrsit of tbe District “ of tbe District Deputy Mrs. Lfilian E. D. ----- — lian ; _ •Sharon, S p r in g Grand Lecti] (Baud ML Coy of Edmeston. tiqri t o be held from 5 until 6, foUo-v and work of the cha] ed by banquet Dr. Addison H. Bissell Announces the Moving of his Office 60 Main Street On or about- AprH 1st Office Hours, 1^0^-3 p. m. Suhdaye, Holidays and other hours by appointment i>nly. Coeperstown Funeral Parlors J. \w:. DROWN E . V. TIIiLAPAHGH LICENSED EMBALMERS 32 Main Street Auto equipment, lady aasistant, day •r nig^t calls given prompt attantioa. • Phone 248-J Fanxmis .Shoes, for,t1en. accompanied by nis so Pierce .of'Forestville. —.Meiribef S o f the CdoperstoWn Ro- ' 'club entertained a number, of tafy club eutertainetl a number, or the High school boys at their regular luncheon Tuesday. The addrexs of the occasion was made by Prof. W, H. luncheon Tuesday, m e the occasion was made by I M artin and a brief responsi by Dorman H. Hanor. ^ .-^The Rev, Clarance E. Brown will take the address a t the annual m e ^ the ajpattmehts vacated by Mr* South- Wotth; John McGarthy takes posses- sibtt of the house on LeatherstocT^g street where he recently purchased. Ed Byaii moves from Susquehanna ave- iiUe dwelling recently purchased by William Mahan to the house on Ghoft- 1 % ______ irt to the house iteet which is now id d 7 h^use on sS u e L i i n a . Mrs. Spring PRICES PROM $6.50 to $9.00 FamotusjShoes tTMen, Exclusively Sold By R. C. DERRICK tke Rev.: N. new edition of “Household Insects and Their Control’’ has been ;issued by the state college at Ithaca, W ant a copy? Ask for H I S l 'Train Chiiaren to Virtue; haibituate them to industry, aetiyity, anS spirit. Make them consider every vice As shameful and unmanly. Fire them with, ambition to be useful. Make them disdain to he destitute.of any! useful knowledge, Fix their ambu tion upon great and solid objects, and their coiitenipt olpuSi and useless oi ipon little/ friv- i.-^6hn-Adams. Subscribe for 'The Jpunaal DPHQLS'lEKINlG 32 Delaware S t. Gooper'stowxi, N. Y. Phone .132-M SraiN G SHOES FOR WORK OR DRESS Ghildren’s School Shoes^ that wear like iron HHBD MAKE MEANS QUALITY Joe Pugliese Shoes Repaired W hile Yo« Wadt Sluinysidc Store NOW OPEN A n 1> DOING BUSINESS (Comor Cliestiiwt and Elm Stsioota) Fall line of Groceries, Candy, Fruit, Etc., a t reasonable prices ___ w.acox Announcing a,Superior Ltao of Toilet Requisites Colorile rhe oi^ginal and best Gcilor for Old and New Straw Hats. Also used for Satin, Silk and Can­ vas Slippers and Basket­ ry. We have 15 different colors^ including ample supply of Jet Black and Navy Blue. *■*'! > 1 1 111 I i i I I I I I H i l l 1 1 n I I I 11 I 11 I 11 I 11 I 11 I I I ■ I i n - * - ; Cliurch & Schott, Inc. 75 Main St., At Pioneer' For Your Party COME IN AND SEE ODll LINE —OF— ^ Tally Cards Nut Cups and Place Cards “ i n n e w and ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS Boden’s Supreme in quality and edflciency, dressed in such taste and beaaity that it appeals to the public. Vanishing Cream—«a grroaaeless product o f surpassing excellence. Cold Cream—iShow-wMte,. fluffy, permanent cream o f the finest type. Almond Creant—iPerfumed, ex­ quisite in odor and quality. ■ Shaving Cream—Germicidal as well a s a perfect sha'wing so<ap. .Tooth Paste—^A scientific product, representing a new idea. Thrae -products are from tbe sden-; tifle house of Parke Davis & Co.;, De­ troit, Mch. Stationeiy and Art Store “FAo Skmf «/ C9»p*fmUm%” No Better Ad\vice optics than that a tella you to ^b« cei of the condition of You know 1 adj^ed gh You know tlu t properly a effect a eye 'troable—if Worn Call if tfc I t la in allowing the difficulty to ittcreaae & a t the real danger 1 on us and we wiH inform you faere is anything wrong with Ir sight—and how to cure it. ! Mses are needed we wiH supply ri to you a t the lolowest Da^vid R. D o m PHARMACIST cost. give qvery case our \ utmost care and attention. UPPITT BROS. . Jewelers aiid Optometrists The Stiire of Quality' ■' PROOP OF GDDD^iNTENTION This store stands for something more tha'h an, address, I t deals in something greater than meTchandise. We like to feel th a t it serves a worthy purpose -well fuifiUed-,-that it occupies a place ' of trust in this community M at every transaction is grounds for Good Will—By way off iHusrtration. HART* iSGHAFFNBR & MART CLGTHES-LKNCX AND •MALLDRY HATS—MA.NHATTAN SHIRTR. 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Y. > W l 1 1 1 11 I I I I I I j I I I I 11 HU H I 11 1 11 1 I I 1 1 n I I 1 1 H »H 11' ■ For Easter 'What would make a more a^ropriate gift than a fine hox , STATIONERY All the New Styles are now on display AUGUR’S Corner Bookstore Why Does Our Skin Tan? -^because the surface blood vessels need protection from the hot sun. Therefore nature forms a dark pigment (tan) which, ab­ sorbs the sun’s rays before they go .too deep. The protection you should teve to prevent' colds and ceaghs is to uso one of *ohf * ATOMIZERS—75c UP Brazee & Withey, The Rexall Prugfgists g o o p e r s t o w n , n . y . Some Things You Should Know About About This Bank This bank aims to be a community asset. Its object is to promote prosperity and security. It prospers as the commhaity prospers. It as a civic force. Another thing to remember: \We have develiqied a service to meet satisfactorily all the financial requirement of our customers-^it satiBiaetoruy au tne nnanciai renuixemei is because of this the service is ipterested m ■veil as efficient. The Benk with ihi Chime Cleeh ' The Gooperstown Nahoi^ Bank Don’t Go in the Wet With Leather Shoes It is bad for the shoes and bad for the person who does it. On many occasions the protectioh you need is aiforded by ^ rubber boots. It is. Worth while to have a pafr. Men’s, Boys’ and Children’s. r A t LA N G ’S Cooperstown 'I

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