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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, August 02, 1922, Image 9

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,VVe4i»e««lay. August |^:1922 C J T H E J B M H t e ' \ ' t S : p r '. p-f'-\ K . •., , ii. ljuz S^i-Tip. Per’ E ■ . 1 . ., iN.wl! trtreass, per -ji). . ........... ,.,. 13% , 6 ra in ^ kktabl ; ilran. per too u“l f fc , ,.I Whiat ilran. per tOO .JillingS, per 100 . ......... . ....... .T'/-3.ld , ,:':\SIea^^^p^'•^ -V ......... V, ,:‘:^ ie a r 3 r p e ^ d p o r i6 f i: ^ ^ ^ I i l T H i n ^ (fancy! per loo ... fh lancy) per 100 ir a Snyder has^?. sold his farni' to parties froni O k l^oinai ■ Anna E g a n and two* nieces, M ar­ jorie 'and Anna C h ase,.'are away on a' cainping ttip . ' • . -. . . . . : • • I I ^ 4 irit \.'.t!. per fOO p l V ” -U.«. per 100 ...... ................ ^ 'Virn and Oats, per IQO ....... N.Y,WHQLESALEMARKET I';',-' ■ n o r:r'/' seconds, (8-3 t * t * utrallzed, cars, 89 ilteti, htrfer than^_ ■r. , - • V unsaiteti, htg«er than , unsaltcU, nrats. (00031 ; uneai.-ed/flrais-lSsVoB^ ti.ii.-s. 'ourront make, low«r f ^Tr\; stock; ’chrront |,U l n g stooh: -chrrem •mivci'-No,” t Thomps........, ______ has been spending his- vacation Richfield Springs' v isited the B a m i fam ily one evening, M rs. Delihai* F irm a n , \Verne Fir-, man, Mr. and Mrs. A? G. Robinson and 40 ns called o n 'M r s . Arleen T e r r y 'o f rjloversville a t th e borne of her par- *nts, at Richfield Springs - Sunday. M rs. John M orris’s nephew has 1 :onie to m a k e his hom e here, ' A fiumber from here attended the ball gam e Sundgyu^ ^The visitirtg team as 'viefbrious. W illiam S.-R o b inson of Richfield Springs visited hih 'cousin G u stav Robinson T^hursday. A v e iy Barri] _,...,rican ChMM . -. , ^ '9 . h . I g:tnf“”£rS f....... vi.wn.in.*Doage Co. ” f.lncy. larKO'-eyed [ Fr^Sh r'Wittf.lre rnli- *n r>hnli%n / * iMth . checks, fair to choice,/^ i K \ S J \ . . . . . . . t N,.., hennery whltoS, in- '» r.,e ■ y • ' r .r.>»-rhy, hPnncTy '...l y o^hrtp'l. ♦y't.UIed lo» ■ \V—-tiiifv. f'jitrd‘5 j»41 ' tft-y w ^ s x p r x ) . b a- ■ Ists . ...........,kS @3^ I nt rirKv hen* ' ’,.^U rerndf s *-w ...£6 H-I ' - i • . ..i.26 <5'27 - ■ : ;’ ■! g: :l.v'**ed / ; .V-.ITM r,„.i nenrW wes'tern, ..ben-„ ^ ■ : t .tns, extra ............S 3 Qr3S« trae ....... «io ivn and mixed colors, S ” IB 4 |S i S ... ............. ‘ T.ItTt.K FAI.T.S MARKET -RETCfRT IJttle Falls, .July 85, 1983 rptCES 'PATD' BT p-EALEB? A . ............... ............................... ,39-40 ■ - ' t , .................. •• .................. .....6,75 ■ I'ai. Iressed, m; ........... . .11-13' ‘ . Merchants’ Retail Prices. ■ i i s “ s = g g ; | ... .r T .i. 1.00 ..^..,•..1.90 l|fS:ipi;;:==;;a :;; ;i; ; i ; ; :;: ::: .i'.PA.r cent Cotton Sect lb : '::: A Child’s, Prayer. ^ - A tiny Brookline miss atteaded ohurchohurch withith her,er, a uu nn tt andnd she didid notot w h a a she d n . fn]l ,h4)o.v Iw liead^n. prajreit. 'l^ e i v file«>e servicervice wgs gs over her aiiiii asked se w oye hor: “W hat (iid 'you ®ray for, dar- ™S1\ “Oh. I was asking that chtoeh oiiKht soon be over,” was tlie_uSiexpect- t.-v-BaSton Tianscirlpt. Eight sooi '•' ■fa rehiv.-^ Tr ■al-, tai, i:advise\ff a \where on, Mr. ar ' ~ 3 i r s . , John F . M a rrio tt speiij Sun,;, with her mother, Mrs. Jaanes dlle. 1 injuries, B ■ a speedy i sideratioii the E a s t W infida-team -was organized. The teanjk&ayed first .gam e . Sunday witb G ^ w t Lake.'Tre'. _, lay with Lake,\Tie. SI hpin g trip . ■ • . . •'amily of Burlinrt(>« .Flbts visited i ’Thomas P a r r y ’s one d»y recently. Nearly all th e cam p s are Occupied this week, . ’ • ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Thom as Parry visited it Owen 'William’s at Day’s Corners of t h e Ladiei be special m W I L L M A R T H , E A S T W I N F I E L t o w i h : - r - '— IV U L L E j^ S T R I L L S - d l l e was throw.n-imtQ' Mrs; ObadaaTi M a b r io tH f I n i e r ’a 2 i,. norse which., bechme- frightened. A t :M if Is''ap'd Mr. Owen'JAines ivas jn iJtica hlonda ed .to having a-physiciaK Who ad^ \ his removal to a hospital, He takeii to E a x fon hospital, Utica \yv it w a s found that the-pelvis .bon< ides internal injuries « L . . . ..... . SevefaT-tyiielv.s ago we .heard' s<nrie- ,one talking .about having a.'ball t«am , a a : g S r S L ' l S ’ T v S s f e - - Miss ' Mary Towne .of Ckssville spent & 'few days, last -week at the home . of Hr. and iMr^„ A lva. Tho mp- R elatives from Hartford:^' -Gc^im., ere week-end guests at A lva Tho-anpr; Edwin, Hoilities is working f«iv ■VWard^ 1 \rrender Ingland two* y e a rs ago. Mr..^Trem ■ Trender ras the foreman in ^ the , Standard lany of this village. Con- ' ih ’s. Trentler were i V iljage. b e fore - they 'sailed ■ VO* y e a rs ago. \ Mr health.' • . . ■ . - ■ ^ ’'samrSr\ D airy Comps gimtulations. S T A R K V I L E E . 'Garrie W agner-retarnted f for list ‘t o ? - Mrs. Francis C u tler of Richfield Wh ^ visitor of Mrs. Minnie ' Mr, and Mrs, C h arles Penny I llion were in tow n Sunday. ' ; The annual business m eeting of B u reau meeting heldi- on well Mtend- ird a y afternoon was well after 3 d and wgs very interesting ind in- itmiic*’—. riictive ^ Starkville is well represented a t the Gh-autauaua a t F o r t P l a S ‘ Mrs. M a rtha Miller and \STaugiiter Mae have moved to fhOT hohte in this, village for. the_ bal 3 pce o f th e season. | ” * D, H. M owers is;<jfiftte 01 a t present. E v e r e tt Ehveiod ^ d family of Phil- adelphia,are,visifipg’Ris p o ther, 3dvs. S g i e r . r in % trip to Canada. \V, Verne F irm a n h a s a new Max- \ automobile. \• 1 , iobih [rs , ; ^ r l DeM itt gpa\daughter has ir'ncd t o H artw ick afte r a week’s stay w ith relatives. M ts.‘Charles Seam on is spent faw days Avith h e r daughter, \Tyron Dibble at th e Springs. Jan ^ Curley of U tica is spending his v actitiofl a t Micfhacl Sm ith’s / - The tSmith fam ily attended ih e Cun- Gana- - Th e tSmith fa m ily ningham-M cM anus reunioi -darago Park Sunday. ; , M r. and Mrs. Claronce)Mason spent Sunday a t Albert Freerahn’s, Ric'bfiolti Springs. / Mrs, Henry Hodge and Nellie visited old f r ^ d s and here last week. / Mr. and M rs, JEyffir.ett H otaling and ’“am ily of, Sidniyler Lake spent Sun­ day a t C J ^ ■ daughter leighbors P I A i r f r i E L D C E N T E R * Mr.- ahd Mts. Thom as Hiclding and Guy Hickling of Edmoston spent :S u m ^ _ ^ a t, Harry „ W o a d !s,.„ ___ _ ____ B p g ar Bass of DoLanty’s Coi tntf A rthur B atsford of Utica an d A rthu i _ _ ^ l e r s - ^ f i M o y Afternodm iMr. end ts fo rd o f Utica were A rm strong’iS ^Monday Leslie and Lebjt ltdw ard spent Mon­ day in W esFEdm est'on; , Mr. and ilrs . H a m ’ Wood recently itertained an a&tomobile party ------ led an a&tdhiobile party o f e i | h t of th§ir friends from W a ter- and Mrs. .Arlington Spicer o f Win fietd--are--spending several itrong’ii. E a rl D. R o ^ o f Fonda spent his v a c a tio n - a t m e home o f hte father, >Ja Roof last w eek.' Mr. and' Mrs. M r. a n y M rs. Merton. 1oom and fanuay were Sunday Mr. am / Mrs. Cola Roof. - ^ silfer : gw esta of ; lday._ Hall and fam ily enterta-ined from Springfield Ceuiter on Chauncey Adama_were y f' Mrs. Beirtha C H Y L E ■. h lo s t o f th e f i b e r s wound this vicinity have finished haym g - Mr. and Mrs. A rthur 3Vagrnor and seen Floyd m o tored to 'Canajohiaric Sunday, , | ' ^ Mr, and ^lrs. iChapman and ffioiily from CuUon called on Mr, m;iid IWrs. C. H. O s tr a n d c r ^ ^ tu r d a y ev- 4 inii Mrs. LcsffP\Johnson and O s trander made a busini W a rren Saturday Mrs, B e Tuckerm an, M^. and Mrs. G eorge Olcott, w ith his m o ther and his son, H a rland, of d a y evening, Mrs. Jason Shaul and gmraililaagh- te r Maude Baxter, Mrs. C- H. ■Cktrsind- and^Glenn a,n(l Beatrice Catrandi 111 . ..* 4511-1 . , uordort F o sford from Rich to Held Springs has been spending a fe\Vv hays with his cousin, -George Van 'Wal- lenn a,nd B e a m ___ _ _ lotofeS t o Mohawk Sunday. .. H a rry A rm strong and- Lynn Onigh have been helping M elvin Waffle isvith •histihayireg. ■ - Mr. and M rs. Clark Di'use atiid £am- ly spent Sunday o u t of towm, '* G R A I N E ’S C O R N O I S village ’ blacksmith, c5. HIng- O u r m lag e blacksmith, C . HIng- g e rty and family have recently'* been ^tertaining-M x . a n d Mrs. Fred Wilson • Mrs. S. J. Kang, Mrs. B. M'CDoncald„ and Mrs. Ira Stiles With Mildred Klii a t the wheel 3s With Mildred King . ___ m otored to IHon - and HerRim er Tuesday. Donald H ardy and Lester Youeiigo are helping George Butler nniike his ~IM ts . S. J. icing and fameily, and SI*, and 'M r s , B‘. M tDonald were ir. and Mrs. Artbnir Steel .Miss-Lula-ShaweLof-MdiavskAvai is r teS&ar sli'ong, M^’s. ArOiigton Splicer and Mrs. Roy Arm strong -iittended the “ ■ -■ leeting Thi ‘ay m eetin g T h ursd which was entertained by Mrs. Maude Moore WilHams and Misses F a ith and' Dor spent F riday with V A N H O R N E S V I L 2 E Wpod’s C ful.tame. H a n y Wood made a hUslniss 't r i p to litic a Fri(iay. ' . Louis Movsh of Utica w a s ess-caller in town last week. All th o ^ who a t e interested ito growing are - invited to ^attend basket picnic and spraying demon-, stration a t the htMne o f G. W. Allen & Son, Paris Hill, on Saturday, Aug. fifth, nnd^r the auspices of the Otsego visiting rt.„ ... -- ------ -- — ^ ------------- - ^ ThuTstlny ^’^T ^ M a lone^ K d k k e e p m -lox t o ^ U j o i r ^ l u n ? ^ ' ^ ' ^ ^ ^ ^ nidtbfed i Bessie \Wfiles ace (d M ends at Gdop- edkiend at tbeLr homes 1 g to Oneonta Sunday!' M r. and M rs. D, Bronm m ily a t Gloversville. ■ M ary C o tton, Hilda Shaul,-'spE wedk^end a t t h e n hom es here, r Ing ‘ *' T — . iarenee Druse. John H a z z a rd is working for Otis >ng to U neonta Sundayt M r. an d M rs. D, Bronner o f H erki­ m er spent Supday with Mr. and Mrs. iaren e e Druse. proceed together' t o th e farm m entioned. I t is hoped oiii’ m u h ity will be w e jl represented. S ’T A t L E l F S l A K E ■: Jj-'lSfrram d Mrs. K e n n e th 1 to Leslie H a rvey and friend \ edder and ' hChristm'an of Utica is wcKwe^’s vacation. She; H a r r y ahid H d i ^ Clyde TElmi : S e ^ s i i e n £ . S f e ’ / *^The Worjf Cockle. “T o warm the cockles of heart’’ hag several strange derivi The word cftekle is sald'to havi derived from th^,jyesetnhlanoe in shape li a coGkieshe'il ana a h e a rt; between a from the G teek'’frord L a tin wo She le’a nations. . - ___ ;^and L. Housi oib the Latin, word cochlea, meaaing ihlMde,' a sball cavity in an phlk * H a rrod Qurj... . Mrs. Gertie W a rner is inoprowing eturning from the lios- R I C H F I E L D •. a n d M rs. Nortttai mbia spent Sund: m House of—So., di a t De-witt ........................... slightly, b'ertter condition. — - — M rs.'A . ¥ . Htixtab'le c ^ llei at SRay B r ^ g e r ’s^ Sunday ■aftern'oon. been spen the home liiig the past few -wfelce at.; of h e r sister,, M rs. Fr-ank nuyier. ^ Prank Jordan’ a n d daughter M ^ aadu d e a business trip tb W est v ffield Friday imorning and; <ia!l|ed l a busi COLUMBIA CENTER . . a n d M rs. E rnest Dupre and son of W e st .Monroe were recen t giiests o f M r.-aiid Mr§.,-E.iL. Ho'upe.j reseiiil,Isaee between the of W e st I f o r heart, kardia. and tile W'infieLcl sp e n t Sunday [evenirig aifc E. fo r cockle, cnrdlum - ijuid..: ;j, TTnuaeTs.', - _ . ' ^ 1 . - A lit A ndw $1JL,000 motor fire eiSgine has t o rdered f o r Fleisehmanrvs villager- UNADILIA FORKS S O U T H E D R p S T Q N led ' 'Tuesday afternoon brought forth’,' )all gamt ■New Berlin and P h e n ix ^ ’seore 7 t day^ alt'T ; ^ birthday party, in honor o f her niece, Davis hav'e^ieturned from t^eir; i® iained’‘'^ r ' ’a ' sh'olt-’vi'sit . and ___ Monday iridrnihg driving her own car Utica shopping ■ ThuysdaYt\ , , i s . : : t s s s day, 'They report Mrs. N e ttie Ba'ss who is at the Swan home as in poor basem e n t F rid a y ,' / ; ......... W e b ster and daughter from there moved in where Mrs., Y a tes .vacated. Miss Edna Lewis ,wyas in. Utica Pr]- 1 plan : C. E . S . d ' e t y ' ? r f r £ - ^ S m S ! day evening. Officers will be elected aftd plans for another year disci •Misses Thelma and Theral Spaul’dr 'g, M rs;, D. T u ttle .and Mi'S. S. J., little were in Edm eston F r id a y , Mrs., Basis iGrand’all has beeii ill. . M rs. Floyd Larkin w a s in Utic riday • and called M rs. E v a n Evans ’ L u k e’s- hospital froi ___ __ Mr, and Mrs. Ti M. F o s ter and son S t a r r Douglas and L. P. King were in Oneonta Shturdj Seveial ■ ‘ e r from town enjoyed e fu r t roast in the woods the othier Carm en Brownbridge from ' N o r­ wich was, in town W ednesday and Thursday. ‘ ' A band T h e Misses Cora and Mabel M u r ty arid Mr. and M rs. H. M. Mattesoi pent several’several’ d aa yy ss thh ee pastast weeki______ a d t p w C, H. Cheesehro’s Camp a t 'WTiite ke._ \Wilbur Clarke and fam ily of 5 Lake. W ilbur Clarke and fam ily of New York have also been in the sam e camp at W hite Lake and came Here to visit his fath e r, H , P. Clarke,' and other relatives. *They-' have now re­ turned to New York. - . . V Y. M rs. Maynard, Mi’s. King and Mr. _ A .Sunday guests -EDMESTON Rev. and Mrs-. T. C. Bookhout left the. -first of the week for Northfieldj Mass., where they wHl s p p d their ication. ^ Mrs. Fred Holmes,* w ho lias.been ending several weeks in Titusville 1 other plates in Pennsylvania, •ned honje last W Mnesday ricci New YorllsJGity and M rg. P rank ’ Ol­ cott of U |lca w ere a t B a rton Rogers Thursday,\ ’ ... - ------ ■ — --- — ______ - —- „ ' held an enjoyable picnic a ,t tlfe Plyn I, Park- oh North St. on W ednesday of la s t week. WARREN ss Mildred Foliar from Am ster­ dam has been-the guest of her friend, Ml'S. Lee Sheldon. , ILaster Gordon H o sford fro m Rieh- Mr. and Mrs. -Lee T rem lett and family,. Mr. and Mrs. D eForest Sayre and Mr.' Ira Sayre of DeKalb J u n c tion w e re guests df M r. andn M rs.^ohn T rem lett and M r . and M rs. H u estis •a few days last week, • Mrs. Chester Fischer i s spending som e tim e a t the Nye and Gage_hoime in New H a rtford. “ he o W ,C .T . ■■ ■\ -------- W. Elli’Srr- M r. and Mrs. Elvbrclt HiitaHng and daughter, Virginia, from Schuyler Lake were W ednesday callers a t Lorin Arm strong’s. Their daughter, Gen- ieve, who has-been spending a few (lays with her aunt, retu rn e d home M th.tliem ..., ■“EJacl .Seebe'r spent Thursday in Utica. H e is doctoring-w ith Dr. M c- Farlyn of Utica. 'Lulu W illiams retutned'TiOm e on Sunday -from the Homeophitic Hos •pital in U tica, w h e re'sh e had an opei ; ation July 5. S i e is recovering ver AVI uii .oaturday. - j—. Mr. and Mrs. Vinceift Leonard f rom ttdrkimer were SuntJay guests of his parents, Mr. and' Mrs. Will Leonard. W eis a -caller In tow n sight-seeing throug\h. tth, i .Mountains, .ondAtAsh-ftki........— „... * Littfe Miss Elizabeth Seeber hai been on the sick list. Dr. W ard fi-pn Richfield Springs attended her. -’ Landlord G’Brien has bought a new Nash - car of J. P . Simmons of Rich- M rs. Lulu W illiam s w ishes to A a n k the Ladies’, Union- Society for the lovely flowers th a t they gave her when ’’’t l T b V J f t & ' & S n S o c i.,,.w il, ‘ 'held with M rs, L i s t e r Young this to tlioi) on S u n d a y . Miss Edna Shoem aker and ’ lady friend~f rom down n e a r the , Hudson are spending a fev'v“ week3 with' M iss laker’S brother,. H arold. Mrs. ’Will Bi'idger and s visiting relatives in Coi ShPemi .Mr. and as been rstown, Mr. and Mrs. E*lmer Epohn -of E a s i ------- .S tew a rt Me- esebbrough, W. S. I •ipson and s Je^se Burgesi Wives of Ilion, who enjo.; on the Ih-wn. Mr. aiiiTM Fond Relative, Alice—“Do the doctors give you uncle's liTfe far many .vear.s .vet.”—&(m^_oi|^ 1 by.say he thay t. teraopn; ^ L E O N A R D S Y l t l E LEQAL NOTICES iiopspn a n ^ Mi-ss eturhstuiris ■ of3f thehe day.ay. py re ( t d *1116 Miss IL E , :gpurr, ]Lucile JBi/owneir, . Mr. ..d . ... .West Edm.estop w» Welch Friday-. riday. H r: ily who are camping leg'o Lake, have 'had as giiests id Mrs. MeBt~Br.QOT^^Ir§.,I, A. ptjett of Adamsr •Mri airirTHrs. Geo. raham and Esther Masori. =. Fred Wheelei'Is two children o f W est Winfield are a t ,t h e home o f W endell P. Brown while M r, a.nd Mrs,: 'Wheeler are in the Adiroiidacks. _ 'C lara, Bogle o f .Brookfaeld spent With ■ her,, aunt, Mpi-tha a frank- •; l evenr : Bro.bkfieldi Mr. and Mrs. M axson a r e visiting, their daughter', Mrs, Ghas. *Maine. M artha Maine will teach in Delhi th is fall. ’ G ertrude Fitch of-Brookfield -visited h e r cousin, Mrs, A r th u r Welch. Rev. Cl W. B a rrett left \Wednesday to spend his vaca-tion a t t h e homA oi his parents, a t New Berlin, Conn. _His w ife and son have bee in Connecticut fo r the la s t tw o weeks w h ile Mr, Bar- fi.„ sum m er School ling, PA u I T itored’ to Sj Wal ig abd'H elen Beijch \Sun- Rogers, her hi etteville and Verne he is f§ ln . Monroe and family o'f Tlain- field visited a t Floyd Larajboe’s Sun-; T h W , C. T. U. will me.et 3 Vith Mrs. Alice Trem lett on 'North- St. Prfday a t 2:80’ o’clock. All iriembers Are-, urged -to-be-present a s it is th e ans, lal election o f officers^ * Mrs. Albert Tpriesdalo • a n d dnugli- g d te r , Marion, add Miss Florence R itter lo le f t last Tuesday for an extended s tay bui ;h their aunt, Mrs. Lewis Allen, w ith the ir aun t, Mr In M iddleportr N.« Y.- Jim Trem lett is s| itiontion withith hisis ca w h John Trelnlett. Sev(eral ‘ 'rom sp ending his ' •gnts, Mx. a n d M r f cnteiinial : service was held which Ysras T a rt a^ttended by residents of Burlington lats, W e st Edmaston, SBuiTington, F la t s , V Edmestoin Miss Sdmaston, .; i and LeonardsviljeonardsviHe. Fram R itter i s as th r o « r t i _C.tskH I o 'A \ The many friends of JaeksoH W iirbe pleased to learn th she is im proving from her reCCnt opi ation in the Tliori hospital. M rs. Rowley and'daughterj Marion, of Binghamton are guests, of 'friends in town. ‘ • The death of Calvin GampbOll oc-. curred at the famfl'y home on Burdick -Avenue .Sunday evening, July 30. NEW USBOK Dtfeksi in ; INew Berlin SOUTH COLUMBIA After Spending the month wnth „ . . frierids in Herkinjer /and Mohawk,-'-^-Afrs.^ Abbie 'Himnan, ^ o ' h a s been Mrs. Oscar Horton has returned to Afisiting her granddaughtex, Mrs, Geo. home - Mansfield at Morris, returned Saturr ^ ” ... 'Nf.i ji.,. A- v -------- ^ Hiji. \Mrs. Jennie Lurni Who has been spending a few days here jin town left Saturday m o rning to v isit her sister, Georg;e M y e rs-at G a r rattsville., ~ r.^ Abbie Himnan, ^ o ' h a s been M an|fi. the home of her son Ebei ichester an M rs;. Lym , ldm.estop w ere g \elch F ' Mrs,. Clarissa 'W elch attended the m e eting a t T a y lor H ill Sunday. Floyd Crpop and family and Chi Schrag aild_ family who ar\' ’ e guests win 1 ^' r“af arJf . ; r s s i f ' ; £ ’ S R ? 3 - . . 5 5 ' Surrofratels Court to- b<i p | r e - ' m m M t i * Clerk of the Syrrogajttf's Court, lypn, Jessie, M /s. I uisban'd and^son oT Ft n v isited ! sta y in g , at ffhomas \Whetmoro of him (m S a turday where at the home of Albert said vouat,y^ that they, are requlre-l to ,e?c- . , ihv 1.UV ottlces of Wlljls & Clark m the _ ___ ___ M ain’s last* Thursday. Harold B a ss and fam ily, M r~and Ml'S. Welcome Gould and H e m y Mott- iotore(l to Sdhuyler Lake Sunday; Roy Goon o f Utiea is v isiting Jiis si: ” ” Stnim r- ho is ill,' M ivand M rs. A lbert JSdggs enjiised a visit from their daughter, Mrs.„Lew- .is iLasher and^ tw o childrera of Utica and Roy Meeker a n d fam ily of W ash­ ington Mills Spnday, Harold B ass injutred i>y a horse .. on the farm of A r th u r W elcher F r i- |o day. He motored to Sauquoit 'in the afternoon and Dr- Biirhyte found tw o cm fractured ribs-, G uests at JeronaO’ Burdick’s over th e week-end were Mrs- H e rbert Gould _Md Miss M o ttle Gould ,all of Edmos. ___ •Me tru s tees irt the M o tt'D istrict a h a lf acre cjf land of h a v e bo'ught a In _______ __ _ ___ H p r y Mott. This extends hack of the school house where a n addition of 10 feet will bo added to the schi b u ilding to make room for the schc. ttfs jvjfiQrattend.; S- .A, Tardl h a 5 .:eoite. tracted to do this work. Lynn W ashburn of Burlington Flats .visited his sister, M ra. Arthur Alger Sunday. . . • ^ M iss Iva Chase of Edm eston spent Thursday w ith Kafie. Schrag. _ Geo. and Jos,eph G ilbert ( ;on w e r e ,in Town >ald •coUntr. on or b*lor OefObiir, nutt. . ^ D»t«A April ^ chASB. -’f' . . BBNJAMrU r. MtTBDOCK. ’ JWmtnlitwtori; Chnrle* T. Br*w»r, Auomejf lor Admlirfilrator*, C«»xcr«to#t)i N. X. ~~ _ . ___ _ _ . of Wes! Edm eston w e r e ,i n Tow n o n business T h u rsday. . * “ ' -Austin Risiey, wife and child of H am ilton s p e n t S unday w ith his cousin M r-an d Mrk.* Daymen Crumb, S. A. Carcf'ljSft \Wednesday for Lock- port. He w as sent as a delegate from the Mt. Markrbattj Lodge, I.. 0 . 0* F., Unadilla F o rks to the big convention. H is wife and baby accompanied him. The road tipnmiissloner, Lo«i Hold- ridge of tl\e town of Plainfield has purchased a dum p wagon, to b e used w ith the L iberty m o to r t r u c k ;' E a rl A b ram s and -wife sp e n t Sun­ day in W aterville a t Uie homo o f M rs Abram’s father. Mr. and Mr.s. Dayimni Crumb and son Lloyd and M m . M atie- Crandall le f t Tuesday for a ftve..^ dffy’s trip through the Ci/lskill m ountains; Mrs, Taylor Bnonson enjoyed a v isit from her n ^ h e w on F riday. _ _____ - Clara Maxson o f U iicr i s visiting old time friends i n town. ' Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. M aine.and C. L, Maxson of Brookfield called on Newel M a int Sunday. '. a n d M rs. Cm-1 W a g n e r of Herki- jn e r and Mi-, and Mrs. A. Welch of U tica were dinner gUests hT the hoi of H, G. Clark’s Shnday. lr;r Vauglian, .Earm e rFTells How He Lost All His •Priz'e S e ^ y. a rope sus- rbt it all-^ tim e ago. sent away f o r some 1 seed corn. Put it in Miss Lucinda Johnson arid Miss' iutli Duroe attended th e Qiieonta Chi ...iautfiuqua. Mr. and Mts- Charles Southw (^h spent Thursday evening a t Roy Gili-. 'beirt’ss' . W f e - . of is spending his- vacation, here. : G ilbert. , rilbert. FOR.OVER 40 YEARS 'f . . . ___ 1 ___ - _ __ L_. Subscribe f o r T h e J o u rnal. SURRO G A T P S COIJRT -------- ► com— OTSEGO COUNTY TERMS FOR 1922 ' Month *Pf . A p ^ s t foliovsSng day, 'S . L. f S i n M t e N isetmine^'. Flk^rtenl & ? r f i r Orantt 1* ‘Viui Horn*,- Attorney for Bxecutor. • MoQown Block. Coopercto wick. III wua county. th»t th»y luro radulrod to exhibit tae iitmt, wltlt votJVliosi thereof, --0 the unatrsitned AdmlaUtretori of thie food*. chattelrTiTi^reaiu o f tho »»td de- cpMed. At the re»ld*n6e or’^BeBlttata Uurdock. la the V lllne of Coopeatown.^n Skid coanty. on or hetore tbe SSrd day of ■ • * BBNJAatm F. MOBDOCK, Ailminlstmtors. (larlfs T. Brawerr. . Aitoracy for Admlnlstriitors, ' Cohperstown, K. T. N’OTICE TO CREDITOKS 2 ; , £ , . S : NOTICB TO ^ J KOTIOE CIlBbllORS- PuMoanf to~ an order of fliilrley L, Hunt­ ington. Surrogate of the County of Otaefo, notice Is hereby given, according to Isy, to all p 0 T«Ona having clalfe* against the estate of Horace B. Roberts, deceased,, late of the town of Oteego, In said county, that they are required to exhibit the saine, with derslgned I & Bssinglr, in the Village dl Coopea-sfov ;ln said county, on Or before the. 12th. diy December’ next... ' ' . Dated June 6, .ISia, Cooke A Basinger, Atlorneys fdr Bxecfhrix, Cooperstown, B, T. ■si. RQBBRTS,'. •iliagafrix. .\ Clerk - ABIGAIL-MfyC^ggEONF^ K A T l i f N E M. L ^ A d r i a n A i p j e r s ^ n ttE N M A L INSURANaE *m |, •• \ r e a l - 'ESTAlf'E 8ur*ty Bpndk of All Klnifg yA ifi a t r ' * ' \ . <jooi?ERiErPovi/i< :1

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