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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, August 02, 1922, Image 6

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} 7 rm m ' J ■ l.; j V ''^ ' ■' ■••-‘:n \ ' , T ^ u . ‘ s’'ty- - i r # ^ d a y , AagHst 4 / 19?2 ■ .i.’V.;:- t V h y ^ j ^ ■ ■ CA opm A: Pro/e,iio4 M a t Pai» H'W /><r5ero«^u,^'an% Be« ' ’ iHEmNY nOSPITttTliAININGSCIIOOndR NURSES p S i l H M E l M E P W *FriRf-F«5'^ P ! i p t o i t .. . '; B U ^ t t J ^ f G T O ^ I F 1 : a T 3 Eeiiimore E. Goaper of Owego was g u e s t of L.' .Sarle, Brown on6^ day lat week and called On cother friends ,M eclr^H a n d iigtoir-of -H a rtw idE -H a ^ been visiting fo r some tim e at L. Hi W a shburn’s and cajled • a t H e rbert TJ„. . ist 9i C 0 r ^ ' i: : .'UKD, N ew Y qbk . I ti’ied s e v e .ui 1 m lilts of physic for i ■ ever three years iwd'7 d f dourse, while ^ ;i took it e v e r y bight m y bowhls would ' ' inove'i b u t as soon as I stopped ^ak iag physic, I w o u ld be Gonstipa» ; ^ed:and w o u ld have p i l e s terribly. _ I bought o n e box o f ‘ ‘Fruit‘a*tives”^^' and took them. • NbW I am not troubled a n y more w ith Constipation vorPlies. ‘'‘Fruit-a4lve«’’.or<‘?rmi2:aw • raNets*’le f t no after-effects and n o w ! ; under, the auspici ddnot h a v o to use p hysiL . »- . P n . JO H N CAPOZZI, aS: T h e re will be sports 'fo r boys w ish to •6nter~and tpey are requested, to give their names to E rnest Howar<h also foremen -ajid women. Story teh ling competitions fo r all ages, two ba«\e ball gam e ir and’.a musical and. dram a tic entertainm e n t, including th e famous dram a, “'Six Months’ 'Ago,” are--being , planned. Tljere will be be present to .render selections. Bon’t fail to.l remember the date,; be on hand and enjoy yourselves. = p e .t , hit#I^M iss;% a y o .- H tch e r -spent a week w ith her gfanjl-^ihther, Wm.^ . ........... ...... '■ EAST SPRINGFIELD a r e glad' i \ ” L ‘ w k : rs. Cnarles A. -GoyeipTif and-Mrs;-Floyd-Thclrens. ■ ' V! J S S s t improvi] ■h^rry ‘ s S i - ValUy was te r , .\Ir, an d Miss Lucy Y o rk City is here. , Mr. and Bfirs. Cody o f Verr recent guests' of Mr. and Mi Mr.-and M r s . John C a n e and fam ily -w e re guests .Sunday o f Mr, and Mi-s. P r e d Gay a t Springfield Center, j. Mr.-and M rs. Daniel Shaul a n d son, Howard, M r s . Furgeson of Richfield Sjirings- w e r e recent callers o f K a n d Mrs. G e o r g e 'S h a tf l. K - ’Mrs. A m a n d a Flint is being, e n ter- 1 .. > tainad by h e r daughter o f Sal\ S p r i n g - 1 B. ■ ville, Mrs, Jo h n Lemnky. i K T\.T« onj \Tv an d enjoy yoiirselves. . M r. ■and--Mrs :H. .H . Dution and M iss M arjorie Dutton were ih Coop- erstow n 'Monday! ^ ■ .. D r. V. fW .'T )uttoh aad-jUmnd^ of U tica were in town Suifnay and at-, tended'the enjoyable services-at-'Tsy- > r Hill. M r. arid M rs. Luke Yorley of W est W infield were .callers a t . E. L., T a l­ bot’s . ^ d a y . D r. arid M rs. Ch'ai-les A. • G o y eiP o f S y rac” '\' -o ------ — th r e e friends of W ashington, M ichi- an, called on relatives and fi-ieiids . tow n tMonday. — M r. ansLMrs. H, H ^ D u tton, M a rjorie Dutton a: ' cham were in Utica D r. Roger Lough Meacham called on friends irstow n one day recently.. M iss Mildred Carr is enjoying I'eeks’ vacation from office work, on s cajUiping trip. ' ■ M rs. W alter Weayeh and two chil­ dren are visiting for a. short-tim e a t rMrs. E. W. J o n e ’s. G. D. Simmons of Norwich w a s business caller -in town JMje,»tlay la vveek. , • i M r ,.aM M rs. W. A. Talbot and Miss G ladys Talbot callei a t B, S. Gibson’s in JEdm eston Sunday. ‘ le Misses Rena Gat( .BL'l was a . bi Mrs, K a te Oliver, o f Johnstovm , Robert Olive Van Hoes iousinji Geoi V aillef l l e f is J o h n Canes. « - Mr. and M rs. Burt s p e n t Sunday with her Tunnecliff, Aug.il t h e Woman’s AuxiliaKy are po hold a f a i r at the Library in the a^ernoon a n d evening. Thej? a r e to s e f l aprons, comfortables arid other fa n c y articles. Bov. Benson and M r s . Benson are lests of th e ir daughter, Mr. and rs.Harold Harold Gray. R e y . Benson oc- \resbyterian picnic -was held W ed- 2, at^ydo^^Bay. ____ Gray. cnpied the pulpit at ehurch Sunday.- ........... ?ath ] The Wal nosdny. Ar - s y m s - s “Friday*- Mrs. E w e ihg of Rochester'is a gupst o f her r e latives at t h e home of- Mr. a n d Mrs. R a y Elint. '■ Mr. and Mrs. T h e ron Gray have , b e e n spending the w e e k with hoi - aephew, Mr* and Mrs. Fred Shaul Herkimer a n d attending theXhai e d a y last, w h and Miss Ploi-ence m friend s in Co’Bp- -BURUNGTON 'M iss Rose Skubie re t u r n ^ hoi M iss Rose Ski Monday a f t e r aeveral w ith her sisteivji ........ „ ____ se m o n th’s ape ith h e r s is teiv jit F d jest C ity jF a . .Miss Grace Kiifney of “ “ Chorry £ “s 18 a guest of MrT and Mrs. Snowdon spent the first of last week do n spei w ith Mrs. Toi M rs. Wm. F lats was >th( ___ Scott. Via. Griffith o f , 'Burlington i a caller a t the home o f h e r Andrew Van W apner on has id n guest o f his auftt,_.Mrs, A lm anda Lathr top M-ohday. ' •; ’. -A. Jonfe'a e n tertain- 1. CJayville for 'the- 'Mr. and ]Slrs. J ed_ relatives fropa week-end! ^ ■ . i and-M rs; Floyd\ Picke ^ :° f c s s -iMaSel who has be irk. Junior Learned ilia Stan- topic, “ One Thing I |lave from th e Bible,” Leader, Stel William^ of Bedford visiting' relatives and FLY CREEK VAl#EY Mr. and Mrs: L.'L.^Ebs'e of Eridi- ;eW l^^n - m o tp F 6 d ;.^L ^ im n a - .S 3 r ^ anton v .......... b is the only lucky e has. ten men in his and iam i 10 Works on the \ m a n to g e t h ^ a i i k w i p e r s of-ffie prize's. ■Ganey, Miss vere the; I ' s i 5 s i | a nie-m New J e r- Cli^ton’^g p e ^ 'las/w e e k , w ftiv th e V e - Tuesday v . ., Sbeiety'W ill, be .held - m . .;: iiurs a t the _ • Jaoed) Hubar. Mrs. E rnest tained relatiyes.frbm Utica Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ziba Holbrook and- children of Godperstpwn w e re Sunday guests at R. L. Holbrook’s. • MiHt 'and Mra. Floyd, C u rry of BurL i n ^ h spent F & n d a y m th M rs. Men- tin Milb«rt.'^ M is^ Ruth M ilbertA c ­ companied them hom e f o r a .yisit. 'i Mrs. E rne st Bailey of Allen’s Lake \\ jg and Mrs. Sarah Pickens of Richfield- - - -- ,j,- Springs passed through the Valley en- ,.n„+Q fr,!. H artw ick to see the form e r’s B, from four un til ten o’clpbk.iM any beautiful and _ useful articles .will he TbDDSVlllE Floyd Houck, Jiw of JJtic a vyas a g u e s t of his parents, Mr- and Mrs.. . . Floyd .Houck, S r ., Sunday. Gerald- .of Laurem ” ickck andnd Bob B rowr n who'have ripent outa were returned home H ou a Bob B o ' their . vacation here _______ _ ____ - ith J iim ll— _ Mortemi .Mr. and Airs. Robert Houck and W hitesbpro a r e spending lUghter M argueritq^spenta Saturdaytu ^tth\Beet'sitl^-M 'sister. daughter^ M r^eritq^spent^ ^ r d a y w rs, Mrs. Calvin Loudoi^f-Cooperstow n . Mr. and WaRriO! rented the B a p - parsonage and m oved his fginily last week. . * /-<• M rs. Ellen P a rker and Mis/5 Estihi A W arring- S tr a it andI /w fe of evO T i^, ^ Hilda and son Alton m cor MrSf Klocb, M rs. ( H en nr ry, Lasher laughter impnrty w ith ivutail- w S r i . ^ t o L e w i v H S a r e attending Miss-..Wiydtt’elFs sew- -ia s - M o o l T h u r s d a y ^ ' Roy. Flint takes tH e young ladies which' is riiuch..^ap-' preoitttctl,’ Mr. and M rs. Robert Walrath, Sr., R o b e rt W alrath, Jr., n n d Dfc and M r s . Philip Youngs of Sidney, ttiotor- e f i.Jo H a rtford, Conn., one'.day the pa.=!t week an d Philip- -^Walrath, Mr. “■\ A llen \Young—returned\ “ from \ t o n g N eck, L. 1., where th e y have been ' camping with-aspai’ty . , - and M rs, G'eprge, Bass X^ife o f F riday rehic Benedict * deliveredx a jn J n the-BabUgt church k e ie. fteppooH. : * ’ - ^ hi .in com Q rritt Bemis - - ,- y . Lasher visited relatives Schuyler Lake Sunday. M r/ and M rs. E rnest Sm ith and son George of Nineveh spent th e week-end with relatives in town. M r. and M rs. Pi-anfc Chase a r '* ' 1. Williai - - —i ....... - — ^ a r l Chase lughter attended this services ‘lor Hill Sunday afternoon. H all o f Oneoi days w ith F f e t ^ o r g e . W oifen who had the., m is­ fortune to break his leg about ten dflys-ago is doing as wMl Jiss-'l iss Mary S n i ite r motored to tendedenc the m o v ies put^ f o r th a sp e d Jooperstown and att »ne night l a s t week. . Mr. and M r s . Leslie Huffman i s o n and d a u ^ t e r -w ere weefc-r g u e s t s of M r . and M rs. George F lin t. M r. and' M r s . W alter Wilmont -were re c e n t guests of her s i s t e r at M o rris. ■ M t - aridjiljs. H a r r i p n Cossaart. ^ Plqmhers ^ r o n T G B ^ ^ ■'Valley'’ a re or rn n g Some w o rk fo r M r. and M rs. I d o g Some L e r o yry Piint.lint. F rs. Susi'a,-.Dutcher o f Oneonta who w a s a resident of this place for m a n y y e a r s Was a.» recent gu u e s t of her ____ ,s a » recent g e b r o t h e r and sister,- W illiam Eraaicis 1 Miss As ------- V-*-.,!., A g n e s F ran c is . I M r s . Fabian ’ iettfe and larli BfeSette w e re ----- - Mrs. James Staneh- ibhafie recently. Tlie Bantu of West laborate prepafatioris for a real hJL fiigSing a hole wliicli he put lenpers. ____ ___ then he pqtir.s In a lot of. boil- water. After Ju- gets - Top Much. In. a downtown drugstore the oflier , - a n d dropped a penny in' the • slot. .T b e r e was' som e wait, and the Hank- ■ i n g aqd rattlin g of the inwards o f the 'contraption.- and the pointer finally cam e to rqst somewlfere riot ■ar f ftom J E h e 800 m a rk. There 'Was an Unseen \witness to th e cereipony, andi as the ri woefully eoriteiniiliifed f n t man woefully eorite fttilU the voice , ‘p ip e d lip tro jn y .t c r . ' hnW m any tlnies % 'around f behind d the^ IThe Mdow'f <‘8hov*lty^^- \ Old moqpe shed the big, shovel-like -M itlers eafly..in jariujKy. jrotij^ser ' ‘w e e k s later. By, the middle of t i t e new g row th of h b fn protrud tn i i n an Inch from the. s k u ll.. m three- : x hdnths the > development oU ike “TO- it across, is rudes leas- p,. .^tih d ! shovel, often si ‘ ieiitlrei|?-cqiinapletedi- ^ to Remove a -Spllhttr. Sometimes^ a splinter gets uhdair th balirso solidly that I t Is BIfflralt 1 A A drav^ out. I f a cold w a t e r bandage is i , p u t aroii'ncl th e top bf (.Uifl^'nnqer and ;• , . k e p t wet ah f l cold- t# V llh--ln time iesosen the splinter a n d m inim i^ ihe ■ -*aB|#of.-fe-'!terlng, A I* 'hiot Bad as i f Could . iiie carnf Juggernaut wasn’t iui bad,, ! ’ sjtai It might have betui, inasmu<a» as lIH eanled n o muffler cutkmt to add in«“ : -BsSlt to ’ tt^ury.^Loaisvllle GmirfeB' guest o f her grandm oher, ther, M rs.-Kate ate o’! Sundqy. There wefe 38 in num- ‘ A.*^ J . ;uck ard lagan o f New Y o rk. ____ _________ ______ _ . _ S , S ' £ .......... : her g randm o t M rs.- K o ’! Sundqy. There wefe 38 in num - ishley for a f e w weeks. her. All report a lovely diner. Mr. and Mi's. Samuel V u n c k and Howard Willi&ms and S a d ie. Me- dau g h ter Sena M ae-were a t th e i r home' Ewen attended the Chautauqua in 4 „ here Sunday. A . • — Cooperstown on a Saturday night, - u r ia j -M rs and .Mrs.yWrchch 'o f Sharon Stanley B ryant and bride a re spend- were guests of M r. and M rs. Lee in g some tim e a t the home of Sadie ; • John .SattiueT F o x ___ Those who a ttended th v B a p tist pic- Mrs. Tlose Minnick of Hyde Park, cuJred the^ his nic Saturday, a t Ciytadlimgo Park re- Mass., wdio has been spending some daughter. Mvs. W. W. W e s t, a t C a n - ported haying \ one good time.” , tim e yyith her daughter, Mrs. Leslie adarago Park on Tuesdafy m orning, - M iss Velma J a c k s o n returned h o p H oH enbeck.reti^ns home Mo^^^^^^ . Jtaw .2 5 . M r. Fox had been in fail- Sunday after a w e e k ’s 'v isit With rela- Howai-d P. W i l l i e s .is driving a j^g.\ ij^aith d u ring the w inte.r but h is ^ M K ^ n d M r a . Fred-W h e e ler and son \ T l r f a n d Airs. E a rl Tram o r and soil J v i t h ^ u ^ l S r i J g \ ^ ll r ^ F ^ ^ ^ — \ ’n sprint Sundhy at Davenport, Douglas.\M r.-and Mrs: Henry Chapin f f S ovX iests of M r. and Mrs.' ^ .‘ Howard -vere v ^ in (Aoperiritawn cm Monday:^^ l A f l ^ h l s marfiage '— DaFvvm^ sprint S u n d a y a t Davenport, Doi theqrues ts o f M r. and M Howard 'w Gage. . ■ . Miss ^Ir. and Mrs. Nelson P e ters spent Sunday-unday- att Stam ford, Eleahora Peters - home w ith them a f t e r a short S a returne d h and^dai .. .Mr. and Airs, are spending a 1 Hajtl and fam ily. tj;a M rs. Joe C leary wah a '!'ooperstow n „ S a tuiday evening. • F O I ^ H O P - H er grandson Louis retu i I nojne -With h e r for a visit here. M r. and M rs. L. M - L o o m is and n^Fredsrick v isited relatives a t Eiell- W e are glad to report ADs. R e a uch improved. ' M rs. Lodemia Price and Ruth Mif- hert of Rclinvlo,- T o t/, o„.r, o f Schuyler L ives in town. in We*t A frica.' o f West Africa m akes qi-atloris fo r a real aoak day m Oneonta. Plattshi— ^ .. , days with his mother. Airs. A. T. William's and l a ter hp will go to El­ mira where he h a s secured a' position. M iss Blandie Johnson returned.■to her school a t th e 'Oneontei Normal after p e n d i n g th e week-end ^ t h her ® M r. and Mrs. A . D. Cook w e re busi- > c a llers in .QOQPerstown S a turday inn K ane is e a r in g for B. H . W a rt’s .. k w h ile Afr. \Wart is a w a y ., u t ^ e r bushes, Ing hot After houi h in Uie groundj in Its seven herbs, a quantity cartl.undn seeds and frame Covered With Hay is put the hpie to keep In th e stfeam^ iiiiim the batlToi' i-'d Hit with clean w a te r, tlwn kneaded by « profe-s-sionul for one hour, %Vhen he don 5, Jiis_se.mty aoes his way “Shivering clothing arid go§s li with cleanness.” Larigufge.' ■ — Quickest way to liinke a n all-round hierlcan out of a new arrlval~is to talk .our- Jafigirage. ^ m this Heidi naturalized aliens can p ^ - fqrsi!fijrsi! a'pqwerfuLservice'pow fOr-theOr-the conn-,oun- which has a erful, service f c ' try they have adopted—or, 1 — ' arhinfed them, if you waiix to split _ _______ hairs. Government; an ii o u m ^ th a t plcturesT our 'foreign-born I Bi'g-'ish—often Jbetfer^A _ , , , , *i i s : : ^ r o u t Brnrit,\ J animrt’\- lo. 1872: . . . ^ o p e r s ta w n on Mond After his m a to Afiss Amanrla Miss Hazel p a p m is spending puj-min they resided in Sharon som e tim e w t h herrFister, Airs. Clyde spj.,-j,„s and F o r t Plain, coming to Allen at ABen s T,ake. ^ ^ Richfield .SpVings in 1882, where Mrs. iC lio n . - ’ ....... j i r F o l \ * u ° r ! t J e d t ' u ™ J S S i a H- sk Rose^iackson spent Sunday at, Orra Goodspeed 'of T.ake Brei >r hom e beVe Sunday, / ^ . F a rm was a caller'lh the Valley Si W ill A rm s trong and faniily Were d a y . ' ‘ ‘ dests of. Air. a n d Airs, Joe Cleary. ^ I iss Jane Sim o n stef l^herrill, Miss th is Alonday noor T u r n e r of Earivilld an d Aliss ! Alonday n er o f 'Earlvilld a n d Aliss There was a game of ball between Willsey o f Fly C reek spent th e Fly Creek team and oilr local lend ivifh Aliss Helen Turner, t e ^ w ith th c 's c w e 'f i to'T2 in favor ’rh « n i o n sp e n t Thurs- of Fly Creek. ? » > spei -lays a t his home. bits of sped common fund. dge to will strike ni persons ns a curiou.s piece Of informa­ tion that plate-glass insurance coim. class windows risks. Tlie kcplanation giren is that sks. Tlie Kcplanation glvi a black surface absorbs the s u n ’s rays. By th is nieims, i t is stated, .an unequal expaiisionl plate; and sudden giist cliange of veloped. which m ay break- tlie glass. . was held a t the Ba surface absorb s the s u n ’s rays, and largely attended, means, i t is stated, .an unequal A t.,the annual Grey i_ls produced^ t h r o u ^ o u t the. M^^® Point .Wed ' under the’ Influence of a Papal H a t Worn in 86O: O rl^naily the tiara or triple crown incerjtainty, mu me sec' \\ Pope‘Boffiface VIll Ill ed b.v Pope Bofflface V in 1295 th e third by IVipd Urrijm^V, aboig Mystery In Fou-,-------- Tniditiori has It that the first Span- irds to land ini Hawaii w e re wrecked on Die southeast coast In 1576; but tlie \clear imprint of a Spankh> shoei Ij- .- u's/Vnvor'Hi.in4he__MiSiee of nh. aheierit lava flow on the wfest Coast ftP!.r Honaaiitm, the ‘•City o f Refage.’.’ ’ Yogi Since J:he lava flow m u s t 'a n t e d a t e 't o e ^ ^ ,bylidihg ok the cjty in 1100, hOw the noipriiit, got tiier^i dll 'p f rifeahly ■ — -.-jjdtery that 'never be solved. '“to this Quickly Qonfc life .■notMhg\'l»-^j|i I T I L L S R A T S “A great, iriaff; 0coteb/.-thrtf ---------- --- ----------------- 'anti CellSr, . V ' , ------- (2 nakea) fd r Chicken Honse,^ ^ oq^.pr small huiliHngs. . -4L2a size ( f jeakes) Yinough for all S S S S S S T \ \ . f f e s s s s s s g s j g f g i i f s , ^ Mrs, M ary Q u aif o f Fly Cree t a S g ^ f r i e ^ l - L,. Miss N ettie Peaster re t ........... of h e r aunt, M rs; i Sunday guests at the hor -m other, Airs. Elva Quaif. and Airs. MrirtemeT Peet pf ’eet , e' tin S\' W\ jpatroi idies of the e a food sale redecorate taken for mize this' . will h a v e ______ _ order to raise, .funds to redecorate Wfeli’s going to third ■the church. Ordbrs wiB be tak e n for was .poorly handled, Bad Riafc In Windowa. cakes, etc. . L e t N e a rly every business contributea-w o rl^y-cause. luc i,mru uuui piuuiiers—were- lializeiJ * knowledge to the . MiSs Francis B etts and Mrs. Har'- ih'vincible when h its m eant runs. rie t Lockwood of. F a r Rockaway, L. I., P e r r y excelled in the field handling called on M rs. H enry Tliayer Friday, .several- .difficult - chances. T h e gam e ,&MES 5 .TB'<iJflE . . . . . ............ ’ : parSOi euftion at esday, Mr.; Is fo r the h e n e f iW f a Coop- erstow n player who . •was injured, i n 'a RICHFIELD SPRINGS , . r Mris.-Byroh-'Gr-iSeamo p f - s and P u to s k i - k a ^ e ^ e ^ 't h e g u e s ts M M r, ® 4 a ? t r M . o'n some of his barns. ^ ' ' — ' ' -with Mr,, and M r s . -Charles Hawkins ; Mr.\ and. M rs, Frank F’eirietz of Fly and little claughtar^ arrived Tuesday Creek spent Sunday w ith their d a u g h -'.at'F a irv iew ',€ainp on th e east side ter; Mrs. Mike Selari. - - ofiC a n a d a rago Lake -Where they will C. Jay Caulkins and son and Mike 'spend the month, of A u g u st, lelan made a business trip to Piers- . M r. and' M rs. Luther J ? e rg! ;cwn Thursday. .th e parents of a daughter, Who • Mr. and M rs. Chester McRorie and been riamed -A ■ - .Xi-andson, Leo- M cLean-w ere callers' - Alisa M a r g a ret; Bqltori . of (^eye->, ''linday afternoQn at'L e w is-M a n n ’s at. land, Ohio, iS spending h e r vacation -sick Creek. ^ , at the home of he^r grahd-parentS, Mn •Washhurn of Burlington Flats spn Frederick,'arid J o l u i 't J e j T L ; '^ ^ ^ i X ^ l o i o t h y ' Reefi en t e r t |in e d a t . - business .'caller in tow n Mori- sop John and F rank .Vanpotieh cards at her hom e in Church St.-Wed- Imeston lark their cars bel A . good .gam e betweeu Edi and Richfield Springs may Tie expecte h e r e Sunday a s the Edme'ston\ teai is cpmposed o f ,practically-all Colleg Mayers and on -Richfields visit' to nestoji the local team w a s,heateir'D y i. score of 8 to 0. The te a m will be strengthened fo r this grime e -and try th is grim the’serLei to win to even up the serie s . G n e of the special featu res of the \Caitholic Field Day to be _he|d S a t- ____ 'ield ay, A u g u st 12, irtette work by ly to b e he|L — will be-singm g and lolored people of nthith ^ led by Senatoi ica, w aii old-j^h'ioi ' ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■1 .. . Z ' 'I. • >\ ' QUtU without cp»titi|«tudqht ri riqpipirite hotp^ql tminitig in medical ' ^ ' im iicM 'iiM l^rbrahchei mcludm ' i: ■ ,x < r t f i s i E R e u L d s m Maintenance, texthooka., unilofirii a n d laundt# p irev id e d ^ the Moepibil '. FOR APRIL and SEi^ ' For Farther Parmaiarf A d -f'w SuperfntehJtnt i f NurtU \\ '-A L B A N Y H Q . S 'P I T A L - .< • ' A L B A N y ^ , N » |V , i T i e R e x B l l ^ o r e ; Special Bargaias Ev 4 y Tliursday,- FfiJay , and Saturday Remember to call oft. uS, when, in need of Disinfectants, Sprays ' and Ihsect Poisons. ' b - . ■ ■ _ v We c a ir y Pyrpy, A rsenate o f Lead, P a rip Greejn, Slug Shot, and ' \ several other good kinds. : J. G o n d o n f h a n a a c i r t , RICHFIELD SiPRINGS. N. Y. ' Agent fo r Tanlac apd P lant Juice^^ National Cigar Stands Agency ' Phone No. 107 . an d , a son, Fred re- and one grand- rtiii' F o x ; also J w o and Geo Before It Is Top Late Sure signs of .improved ebriditiofis ir> the w o rff df busi­ ness and industiy ai^, gro-iving more numerous'all th e ' kime. Six .month's1 ago, it was mighty hard , needing money to borrow—and had to be; paid for in high iinterest i for most fijptns ago. It w as rr _ borrow-*— what money was available i rates.' _ — some of dur soundest permanent industries, in offering their bonds, are forced to'do sn at exceptionally high r^tes of interes't, . / . . , ' - THE ADVANTAGE WHICH THIS UNUSUAL SITUA­ TION CARRIES FOR THJE' in v e s t o r IS OBVIOUS. Conditions are already be^nhihg to come back toward^ normal. It,is now Only a question o f months before, the inevitable Settling of conditions will result in the witl drawal ,of somif of the best borrow^rg. “SAFETY OF PRINCIPAL OUR CONSTANT AIM” Mohawk Valley Investmeiit Corporatioii ''Y'\' Organized Under Now York State Banking Laws- . .225 Genesee St. -------- Utica, two o’clock, -the Reverend: David G. Davies officiating and \ interm e n t was ” • Pla]s, lr-“ Fort P Cuban APA. W ins '■ - • s u S S s S s S s iqn when th e Cuban A. i u team of id the locals, in a thril- SPRINGFIELD CENTER tS. to of 2-1. It w a s a pitcher’s battle ii of w h ich Smith h a d the best 'of the_ar- jjo gum e n t, but- his s'upport * faltered ' a hay loft. Later M rs naomentarily and the gaftie_ was lost. . aghter, Mi-s. Raymond Me- scored its only run'w h e n idy w ent also. Mrs. McRorie 'is re- M u rphy ...iu, weuu uutu—WU-. iueemm s heave fiitp center field, Dowd missed W ell’s grounder and Almedia scored, ii’s going to third when the 'ball ■poorly handled, and scored’ on. iin?oh’s hit. ..... ' ' A f te r the th ir d both pitcherS-wei icible when h its irieant r r y excelled in the fiel ihry T h a y e r Friday i iseveral .difficult - chances. T h e gai evening a kitchen: as seen-.;^hy Scorekeeper D u risek:- n s ^lUrphy^Cb ... «.l! Jill - 2 - ^ 27 11'- 3 .... ^ f t ■ ? £ % •} 5 !•' y ■■•■'I ! 5 ! . - --- v».x, U \ilUWU of to e pope,.'.was ■ a plain-high cap, Cpoi mUefi like those in which doges of proc Vtolce are so often represented In oil ®^^stc - It was -first introduced by ascent ga^e. On .Sdnday the CooiP Cubans ...... holnS I, In 8fi0. .Tfiat Wheii p^^'^wn Vjllage Club teairt came up kicUfleid :o ™ n . i ,« « a a d ; d i s , . n , .f , / j n i l f . \ t a t e te se rs n a ™ , s ta v a r a t GoffperJl^,” . o S team v'--* . . . . | r ! ! t } \■ i - j 0 I ; .J ■ • ,1 0 i - io . i. . 3 ' l l it ipty Pockets.: ■ ■ , ffi-y jokes aye based ofi “I guess the Scotch md. it,riM id Mr-. Grumpson, .\The who la ^ h s loudest oi ^ ; a t s p r^ A Few Specials for thfi Coming W^s B a thing Sails, Ladies’ or G e n ts ’ fine wool—large assortm e n t • Misses’ .aqd Boys’ .GQli_H,ose, $1,25 to $1.75 according to size. Ladies’ and .Misses’ Canvas Oxfords a t reduced prices. See jthem from -$1.50 to .$2.25. • y . ■ • L a d ie|’jS w e a ters, a ll kinds from the t i e back a t $2 to the all T.nfUes’ L e a therette Storm C o a ts. Value $14.50 to close, $10.00. *, en lin ^ of Ladies’ Cotton and Lisle Hosq, ih* B l a ^ and' g 1 4{Tc. to 75c,, to close 25c, pair. - - - •s’ K n itted W o o l.S c a r fs, with o r 'w ith o u t belt, $4.00 to to : GO t^^$i ?3.50 S tr a w Hqte at $2.25,- other Straw Hats* * Mens’’ E ik S p o rt Oxfords. V a lue $6..50. Sale Price $5.50. $7 5 ( ^ ^ \ you w a n t'th e B e st in Shoes buy “ R A LSTON.” $5.00 to Boys’ N a insook U n ion S u iS, 75c. ’ Mens’ Nainsook U n ion Suits, 8Sc, $1.00, $1.2,5 and* $1.50. \ ' Mens’ Balbfiggap S h irts and Di-awers, 50c,fi0c, 75c and $1.00. f N a s h u a . Bi $6.50. ra y yoi I are ready for inspection in . These are extra value and it GEORGE D. CANEY . Ric'hfield .SpriilgSil N. Y. ____ Caimiog Supplies No. l..Junidr. Steel Canner ......... .$18^00 jJ q t .'N a tio n a l Alimiinum Cookrir ..YG.IO 12 qt. N a tional Aluminum Cooker . . 29.’70 17 q t .N a tional Aluminum Cooker .. 33.30 25 qt. N a tional Aluminum Cooker .. 39.60 % pts. 1 P t.' . “~JeUy Glasses Ja r R ings .. . Parow ax _______ Jar-H o ldem F r u it jaF s , .'.\4^ i .^•’;00c’\a6z. .1 qt.' .. ..... T'.'T. 9 ^ doz„', ^ a l . '.,. (3 doz. , i . . T T ^ c ) .50c doz. - t..,.. .$1.00 doz. ___ ...\ 1.40 doz. '5 0 c , .lO i 'do... ..15c Tb.' '?*'^riiners,.(in2-arite.d''dn standard) ..50c and 75c X Qpeilefs ; . ............................ . . ■ •'2 K i-EEN K U P P ih je JriHy ‘Chr.tainers , • * dc . .. ,**5Dc \do2. / A-f YOUR SERVICE . • B O p iA N A N I^A ^ D W A R E Comp&ny

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