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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, August 02, 1922, Image 2

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r ; : 5 g : | r ^ — ^ ~ / _ ; ' “ ’ i - . - , - ^ -. ■ • ¥ W T m \-.f^ ■ T H E F R ^ E M A N ^ S J O U R N A L - pf. N ^ r lV! a . / ■ B u d g e t P a s s e d a t ^ ^ S c ^ o l M e e t i n g ^ CrutteQden- Npiriin^tes A. A, ■' The annual sohoo]: meeting »i Dis­ trict, No., 1 uf the town,,of Otsego was iiei4 ' Tues'day ^ evening a,nd was yell attended.' The budget • a s printed' i'n ■last week’s JoijrnaT was passed witlr hat tw 6 dissenting votps. : • C''^' about^Mve of. water, where he \ djawh^.-. * ', <• Uhtih ■ Assessors of„ the £f^^m of Goshen: ■have heen- assigned th e ,odd,task of; g s r i i ^ r i u i ‘& p S ^ ^ ^ farms hnd markets. The census Was, rdered[ to determine if ^the dir to ( as jangff Cohn|y. • Toul -hrood” is'preval the vac Martin'' wa,s Byarci, Jr. ., , In.n.dmin'St nominated by James , ^Mrvftefg pn,>Mr.' Jiree uties ana responsjbinties . of tne o ee Of trustegi-^ ■'. S i ^ r o r , 3 ■ \ n 1 2 ^ J o l ! ■ ^ S , f d : “ ' are many a i ^ vafied--^ahd to \’ ssful_ it should lie edm ;^sed O i vision prugJ!.-tsa5ivexitj5J > G i y B E R I f S V i tU E ; r , -P. U..'Pardhe of'New Berlin was a S S f e W l MPrSn” M o tei f t T 1 f f S f l g W n e i , . n T M p . day evening from a few weeks'va^ )0 but most value; fecotds k ept thpe* off a ioad of hay. onto, a <pitchfork. j^nd it has been .a settled policy of Suiiday. - . . Death was caused hy shock. Young j the people of the. districted' have a Mrs. Elliott is in’very feeble health Hptchkiss, who' was 15 years of age,, lawyer hh its board—and: there has ' at her home with h e r 'daughter, Mrs. ,,, S K i S i f i r f c , Prof. W.' A. Coe of Cincinnatti,, - d a y s i n > - - ------- - Stoddard; ’ ’. '. : _ ___ , ._..,;ett Barnte, Mr;-and Mrs.-.George'^Clnte and Mi\ and jMrs., ,Wm. Hatcher o f Qne- .o..hta- were ’ in town on Sunday^ hen.^he^slid ji-esident^of this district^fqr dd^ears 'daughter in f ated h ;urday a Hptchkiss, who was 15 years of a-KVi. came- to the Bliss farm about three weeks before .to help d u r a g the Har- -yest. He was a fu’st y^m ’ student, iii the Schspectady high sdhool.- A thrde- t.ine fork had 'heen left .sticking in the rear end of a 'Joad-of hay ahd wh'en 'th§ boy slid OS' the end ofthe load he stnick tha-d^ork and two tines en­ tered his'‘'lpft'leg, one. tine*.passing entirely through the l e g neart he fem o ral/artery.: .* _____ ; ^ - .. frd\ When I iting Airs'.’. . came, here 3[udgp Samuel A. Bowen • and Mrs. George Dixon, was a. rinember. HI served §iany Dorius Johnson-is, moving his fam- years until his death.' Charles T. ily this week to .Morris where he has' T, ------- . ,--------, ---- jd Judge Bo- . been employed for several weeks pas,t Judge Ar- -as watchman at T h e , Ljnn. Tractor .e? and Judge 1 Plant. ■ ions arise of-1 Mrs. Ployd Niles and two sons are lat require the ' visiting heij' mother, Mrs. A. L. Nalt- ilnti. Brewer, a lawyer folloAve wen and served 21 y(a ' Boys yUh t J-'riesiiin AS! PIt.\CTICAI, AND'PItOEITi ■ ^ aii.J Polwbmg; JIa] (lijE «AtF chiq»,3}kMO?is^ ■' Jf Club Speoiajist o • • ■ Turned Pown. . ‘^Osa,’* tvhined the beggar, “speak In’ as man, to ipan, Pm' hpngry.” ^Triendi\ replied the pedestrian, “speaking-hs man to mkn, T have just •one dime left for, par fari and I pro­ pose; to see that a greedy N’drphratloh gets it,”—Birmlhg^am AgAHierald. . . . t i l a n d served 21 ye nol'd followed JMr. Bvew Willis., Arnold. • Questioi and continue ' ' ' •Bnntfsto M. Bisquet and Francisco Costello, Spaniards,'whO'it is. alleged, .'smHgp^ed_a Canadian girl into this country vverWleportecl to Spain from Binghamton-last \ weeje. The;y were ■~ca'np^k^tf^o-jail' theffr b y Federal Judge.* Frank Coopei^ At the receht term o f federal cohit, ‘ 0 pay the ex- ....id to'Search . ...... . the body of the'girl ,\vho drowned near CoBleskill refcently.- Interesting coroparigbfiS of-the long* evity of* trees and Mttthn heingq are mndo b y the state cellegl-qT fpreafcfy' Syracuse University’,\'and it'finds finds ^ Ncarly^9Qd^\\ms^|USld m.C^^ between the earhii and Aho siin, i n a ----- iiw.L r,»y the ex- paniePs -comS.^'o^orved °ifp0iol!*1s many tfiihos have congratulated . ,aelf a n d children-that theY \were plac­ ed where they had the advantage that they have enjoyed 'in o u r ’ most ex­ cellent school. Considering the facts s '.comet, observed in 1909, lected to put in .-an appeatafile. in same month as Peixina’s wander- ; ','^eh'-tatrnece orney, :e.s, I a m in'favi for . th e fifth and ago, B a t trees t h a t Jreach a cef' ---- ' aso gu en without; the eompani \f the p erson ’ ’ '008 wteTft eel atS p a c u s e University’^'ahd it eircompahy into’the thftt h u m an beings ate the p o r e fort- Yorli State Gas & Eleotrie“~I<!ght unnto u p tq certain a^es.*; A forest a t Company. '*This compauy is one of maturity contains about o percent of <the- many which are owned and -oper- . f t r e e ^ a t started life there. About ated by the X G. \Vhite Corporation, 9o pet <rentbf our faces die brfore they controls^othlr 'p lan ts in this aro'Sa y e a rs old, while only .87 per cent section ineluding No-w’ch. Sidney, c eompi _____ 3 Was b'orn when dbeli position, lage Was bee ___ .. . able. Railroad ofScinls si did ■ i'dckless driving n W r Moyer’s Corners, Oiiondapa county, on ,the afternoon of id ofScials said-1 _T3ie_commissih train did n o t jmy. T e commission .. rn t school. Considering the fiic™ that th e first lawyer o n . the hoard wai_a._Juiget=^ttB .JedqncL a district attorney, the thlyX-atid fousth'jm lg- i o f a d is trict attorney . Bertha Hai*ris was a recent at Harry*-, Light’s in ' Alaple ren|Grove, ... .-r ai- I Miss Alyra Sheer is attending -^he in Summer ' (Session ' a t the* Albany' Teachers’ College. , A band . of gypsiesT* traveling \ in aules vTsIfed our to\;gn on Thursday and did-a; little .shopping ahd begging but-did not tarry long. “ The ladies of Christ Church Parish wilj ’hold .a sail of food .and Needle- • Hvork on-Thursday afterhgan, August lOtfi,'Under the auspices/of the Wo­ man’s Auxiliary; The ’sale will be bpnducted .Jn.ahe' dhoir-roont - a t _the •eby nomnate Adrjian A Pi6rsou*“ \ b o w e r s t o w n . Mrs. Warren Kilts sppnt the week­ end with-her sister/.Jlrs. Edawrd Ot- ■t^vay,. ’ ■ * \i^MissI-’Alary ’ Ef Cttaway spent .the pasrweek with h e r aunt, M rs. 'Warren Mr. and Mrs. Howard Coleman of Poughkeejisie are visitingr Mr. and Mrs. Oenntte Coleman, Percy Rosenthal'and phrist Church 'Paris!____ _____ . lp& 88fh Anniversary on .Sunday, Aug, The Feast of the Transfigura- inducted .Jn,^ mr of the 3 Christ Chuve h will celebrate . — J8fh Anniversary c 7th. The Feast o f t . .......... tion. iDr. George R . Vande \^Yater Rector of the church of’-Belovedh Dis­ ciple, New York Cily, 4*ill preach at the 10:30 service, after-which there will be thejaylhg o f the.Corner*El'ono* of the:he restor-ed'estored' C h ristist ■ Clu hir.'andr. Mrs,rs. Leig ^ g hh Hq. given a jolly surprise hy a coimpany r C h r Churcif, M - and M L Hqlden wpre COOPERSTOWN ' i co of ’ and -friendr ; or more relatives Monday eveluhg, July Both, ission 'being their; fiftieth wediHng. ;ry,- -|h 'D. Toles read a Tetf itolatiofi to, them from thi k their >rhe with- them} nf«l fe behalfvof th<«e present M r. Toles presented them wltli a purse of sixtx»dp)Jars. A pleasant oeial time followed and =r«fa^hr •'■•fin.ooa damages. Tyo demands $25,- COO damages/fOr a fractured right • .nrrii. broken finger, a deep scalp wciwd, bruised ribs and severe'nerv- !' . oils .shock, .An .-idditional .S5;000. iS . fo r hospital bill for Airs. Tyo’s, ^-''''‘■\u'eatine'st'and loss of her services dur- : ■ - ing t h e . period she was incapacitated aPei' t h e accident. Mts. Tyo’s Suprem cDui't a c tion is for .$25J9Q0 for fractui c 1 '.'ibs, internal injuries and shoe! PayW, Tyo, Jdi'iver of thr which Snell struck, asks ■ A movement is on foot, suppprted b y the Oneottta Gham'her of Com- tission., da'ftgerous gradi ited the cost' / Several frdi the Qttawny reunioh Mile Point Saturda irs. .Barrie tdiis place attended ni held a t Three 'w S ,Si $75,000, one-half of v paid the railroad co half by the state. S U R R O G A T E ’S C O U R T I’rocfctllitBS for tlic EmlltiR 4iil> QO fo r fractur- The commission t Hi^nc'Dodo. \As dteatl as- the dwio\ |s a coinaion exiH'pssion, burrow'.|nqvl wimt'^uipa- Her of ' bird the dodo was or what drove I t from the face of the earth. The dodo was a Li'};e bird, with a . ' huge l>eakj jnd useless littie wings. Tunu^ese .md Dutrfi sjiil.ir-s found It Oil,the island of M.iIft'fH!!' in,the in- dinii oee.nrt dnrin.g tbe''{yi;..''enth cen­ tury, It* wa.s .so the Por*. tuguese* named it “da.i'D.' simpleton. Pig.s fn-trodticpd into tiu> Istand by the ' Europeans destroyed — oaimg.„aml' it J»e«u3/| Seventoentli genturj*'^ when ex- ■gs and ID u„r ixit. When t b e basket ha's ja:'thg be%i'Stuck against a chimney-stde it looks as if it were chvered With a thin coat of islngmss.' On thiii lattice from four to six ■white eggs a r e laid. ' bolds i„i7,e aiiious uirua. it Juja , eggs in. the ne-xts of other birds; then, Vnnfessions •8 soon as The yoUns,,cuckoos hatch, •8 soon akTlie yoUns^ CUCkoos hatch, It lifts, the other iiestli4.gs'on its back ^ and throws-ihem from the nest or rbb.S ’ them o f the food hrought baek by their parents. The cuckob' seetus to have . the abilSty to*|ay'eggs of the sahie -size as, those' already *tn the nest, whether thdy a r e large p r ^inalk • V n u .ulf. ■ pounds A batoy weighing 'only fWO p< S o&ce was a New York. Is fee t:o SQme.p6culiaEity of its pltii- ; peasized liipip of tissue .. lupip ■« ■^rtlfe -ha$e. of the brain. . That ' knowledge .that has bden discovfa..., .' within the. lagt few ,?(ears. Gradu* ally w e are learning about that ttodt intricate of all piachlnes, the hU- t W h en Mexico Was ,, 'Prqhisn'Tic Mexico was coldnizf*t1 W CMnesej .^jSiecordlng to s tkrofiebfajgists uTyots'e-^eseprehes -hkvr-ai ,;#esttit^'jJii- disclYeries' of ineease bum- ' as Chinese. ?as occupied and ,,;#esttlt^.iJii-disci -,,-------- - - ers.aiui peciillaiF three-legged “«ttd6_oii|y by the ..Ohiiitiiie. Chimney Sv/ifts and' Their Glm ird cancd.the t stniiping off with its beak i son, Harold,' were callers a t : Mrs. Fred Ottaway‘s •Siiniiai Tile binf Witliont the end of. dead e.nrries, one by one. Into them agsiinst [rs. Fenton '^eddfaspoon- w i|_^ t i, ^ n d a / i a s t . leUben Gillet, Sunday last. ^ Wlliiam Osborn ana son-in-law,^ o f lal&ton wire callers at- h is c6USiln’s chimney ' in its flight, sna] If febt little twigs ’anches, and thes^ it BighaJ&ton wire Callers ak h is cOUSi chlmnjfey, Mr. an d JIrs. Reu'b'eit Gillet, 'Wednes- glneing them agsiinst th e side iihta it day J ^ t . 1ms finislied an almost . \ H a l ............... ................ lattice cradle. Only durln! ing' seaSon do ^cert liekly gums And osed te tlie air.' M \Byron’s Ouri Papers, thd-curlg Which Rvr.ia. accofdjrig his nsirni as hy w.lslu S('p<ipe“'i)av ik'Shelfllke i Will McCroty was calling on Jlr. ig the nest-1 Gillet Wednesday last* !i*t.aip ^Rn4s in ita — ^ — brownish fluid th a t P H O E N I X MTT .T R Mrs. Reuben Gillette Was a business caller in ‘Milfbrd Monday. I ----- ; Mr. and i M ts . L e o iiv ^ Mary ^arpenning- of M< ' .the Week-end with Mr. an Snyder. __ . ' , Mrs.*. Charles‘GriffinTSi been visit­ ing h e r daughter in Dneonta for a few d ays. . . ' ' iMr- aiid Mrs. 'Williams and son of GlOversville called oii M rs, Charles' Snyder and daughter’ P auline, Sun- Mr. and Mrs., Pierce Yatqs of Hion are spending a-few days w ith f h e.fai-- er.’s' grandfather, Ofrin Pierce. AVilliam qolegrave attended’- the imily picnic h eld at the home of his ly pu.'^iiished lei is'tuiuucl to b-'.Stow lipnp' loves were ••of naturai, to liiive 13'<-11 helie-Ved vies ..h.r.-u ir.f»'v;^!ie poet’s Bedroom at Xlxfon: lipe ;o 'nmg. ahii surprised him with Ills' in t-nri papers. “Why,” said Scroi.c. \I thoiighi your hair cUrlqck hmiiriill'T “Con­ found yoir''' yroWh'd, t'-V im-t. Vso it does I take ciire til Hiut. But thaPs between oUr.«elves, mind.\ he ddded: ahxion.sly, <'Of course,\' said' Serbpej- and went, off to f^jl everybody hi . f»ff to “A F’Tck;''.. This phrase originatecr f t a macrlageJ t( custom' of Sicily. The\*^®grof. thej bride! Hands the brldegjrooin a . fa( Si Hands the bridegroom a - faone ig, ‘-‘Pick this bone} you have tm* ikCn a most dlfllcult task.”' Ap- itly married llfe’mrnpng the SlcU-' did not alv^ys rtan smoothly! . ^■^ev^alfrom thi.s pkee attended the .Redpafh Ghautauctua hflhi h t Coopers- iMrs. S E E S h i i s o B a i i ,s p a S o d d ipwn lAst Thursday.' • ^ .Inventor of Jirtriklsha, AljtliO' gh tl e .iini'iki.sha Is part of • ,'Clawy DpcssOn . fph® following Was the tmlforin for the, officers of th e cotpS. by order of /the^‘‘Ma|lno. Oon|mlttee,” dated Sep- temoer .5, 1778:, “A- green coat 'faced With white, rb^nd cillf, slashed sleeves I In {1776. Was the tmlfoi S , pdekeis, With hhttouH rmihd fee cuff,' fld rts'turned hack, buttons to Hdfclthh J a c in ^ i white waistcoat and jteeches V edged , ^ h gr.o^\ gaiters and garters.^The that jgr.e,en shlrti stated tl fbr.tke 1 |gr.een shirts Were ordere I ‘‘if they can b e procured. to anti letters lP 5 tiiftj«*ntary i s ; v a v S . \ , ; * ; f i s £ s . ® s ' K ; - Tht Olive Tree. The olive tree is suppose^ tO haVe been originally a n a tfte of .Greece, but h Is now naturalized in the south -of isively cii —lemorl'al for the fee fruit.,,.The tree iressed from, > ah aimqi fecredible age. ' Near Perm, m fee Yale of Marmora, is a plantatioa about two mile^^lhfexte^ of very old trees, subposed-^o bp the same trees men­ tioned fly Pliny as growing there In ined by Pliny e first .century growing there th ^ Ohristlan. e ra, ' .Sahara Once .Had River. A. Preneb' efllMneer claims to have discovered evidence that'a great river once flowed norfeWard acfOsS the ga- h'araMesert Into the Mediterranean, its banks, being lined with 'prosperous communities^ D o h ^ t P v s h — j u s t c o a s t tik e T o | i n s o n M o t o r - \ W h e e l w a y The Johnson Motor'NA^eei^ ^ • makes a cylinder) enough fo r vyomeu a n d children.. Travels 6 t o 35 ’miles a n lttm r , ISO n tileson a gaiiorfof gasoline. M a g ­ n e to a n d \eled tric l i g h t g e n e r a t o r . RuggeiL and- - ' . simpie,' i t gives ^ i i s a n d s , of. miles of m o st reliable service* ‘ ' ' Philip Freund N ] ^ YORK Y O l f L L U K B £ o g f e Y Ym*U tememhv'UfoTit» ^ , ixquhiU Jiaeor - - ASKVOUR,DEA1*ER j ■ - - BAC»3N*S11CKNEYar<»3'. lUrrAauthxo i«'«« ■ ■ < A : y y y : ■■■- ' s'- : , - A % , - ---- ^,JL-.4MM.STEJN BKE^ A-^UItyEKSOX FIEY d Otseso' noliiteln Breed) FINAL CLEARANCE • ^ of all . ^ Wear * Coats ^ R e a d y ;^ T o ^uits Dresses Wash Dresses Separate Skirts Sport Wear ^ THE B u s io e i i E s tab lish e d 1 8 7 2 o n e o n t a ; n . y . TheUSCO\ Y b u B u y ^ ' d a i y i s aN e w - a B e tter-aH e a ^ e r USCO , a t / * e ^ 0 9 2 T ^ e A NoTax ^ d e d 3 a S T F a l l 'a t t l i e $ i a 9 a p r i c e i t ' I s e e m e d to m o to r is ts as, if' t h e 3 0 X M U S C O b a d re a c h e d I f b e petsik o f d r e value. Y e t th e m ^ e r s o f U S C O h a v e n o w p r o d u c e d a s d l l better USCO-r=au l o n g e r w e s u M g tire w i t h - - * __ . T h icker t t e a d - ^ tfaicker s ide,w a lls. B e tter\ trau H o h T 'to n le F \ s e r v ice, “ , m o r e m K ^ e t A n d the ta x is absorbed by . the manufacturer^ T b e n e w a n d b e t t e r U S C O is a t i r e m o n e y ’s W o r th I b a t w a s impos* s i b i t e a y e a r a g o , , / T T L | o 3 0 x y / t . . m € i ... UnitedStktiils i^ Rabbeir WhereYm Cm Buy Tires: J:

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