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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, August 02, 1922, Image 1

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■ ' t \ - ■ I,. ... 1 ■ ■ ^■•^■ : i e m a r o $2.00' PER yEAB IN ,Alj^ANCE.,*v's^ AND THE ONEOI^A PRESS t h e OCD REMAEtE DEMQCRATic FAJfrtlLY NEWSPAPER OTP OTEEGO COUNTV - - - V i r ESirABUl SH EE ' YOU c x v ’x o . i:;? . Bridge The Co^nt/;3Blind ,\\oman’s o(ub WiU'^Rdjse Money for W orthy Cause'at the Otesa^a • : . Yext Mojith . - A -Bridge” par^y- to benefit' the ■ • t i::d of- UtsegovCoupty. will toe held in ■- . rht* hallrooin of the B^otel Otesaga. op 'hiisday. Aug.‘l(Rh. at eight'IrEteeP- _ ^ ; c o Q F ® R S T T > ^ x , , < j r s E < a - o e o E : s t ' r ^ x . t : , w E p O T s n ^ i ^ A p w i ^ T V h o E E X O - 5 9 3 9 0a#& at Oheonta Judge' A. L .'& i o g g Hears Several Im p o ^ ant Matterl Saturday:, - , . at Oneopta ., 'Saturday being- the last dpy until; irber. 2nd upon which J-ustice rg is scttsdhled to hold a .Satur- ■ot'io.n -term a t -Ohambers auh,Qnes t ^One,-, ^ ^ h a u t a n i ^ u a ^ ^ « ^ Again N e x tTear TM-ir-idav, Aug.'lffih, a t eight''fiftee’n- dav motion -term a t -Ohambers a : S . J E ^ s e = t ; 3 d ; 3 * be procured by apply- in. his pwp -behalf and for other| simi >perstown. r u t th^ desle‘--od ' ‘'' \hadt two-years ago th,e State work icU lofted a hew plan.'and syhtera. It . found that, the iState w ^ .a poor; rt .iiiufactuxer and\that the oflhcial .red ■casioned- a large overhead -ex^ For this r.easrm a decentraliz- Milk Cornp’any foriherly doing business at Phoenix .Mills to' its f)atrohs and S , S S i ‘’flSff‘¥!'aaSV?S ^ vidence w^s taken and a divorce n, ... jfaeture, while' the State pjf-l the various private assbeiatif^ cxoerT; help and advice. , 'I he State furnishes blind teachers, agents, placement agents,, w h d ^ ' , t!-,. blind into private employmeivt wf.n the sighted-op establish them -at r.xw.t-.stands; also an expert designer 'A'. Utwo ti’ained nurses. The State . aloi established a stqre a t Southhapip- t lit to which the 'private associations r tW send articles, to be sold. , In accord Avith this plan 'Coopers- Mwn ■ inaugurated a “ Bridge’’ party l.ist summer. The mdhey-raised ga work to a little blind lady in CoOpei [ . town* throughout the entire winter, . while one hundred dollATS-was contrih- * uted to a boy, both labie and blind, to buy him a news-stand. This last was a case -outsTde' of Gooperstown. yhe beauty .of Ahis plan is^that no money is required tor overhead expense.. No proeured’fclean rags from the kind in­ habitants of this ^village free of charge, and her rugs were honghfc;«atn- theanoney.of the fund, will be sold i t S i, was presented 'fo r ‘ \ ----- tolim r''\'' ' f 'WUl\lliam r of--iar~eblniffittee of ‘ \ Zf ] Over Four Etundred Tickets Already Manager G< Sold for JLp23-^Splendid Program 1 (Hosed Saturday The Ch’autapqua' will'be. here agaih, in 1923.. The' eontract has 54 .si'gna- B ig Field D ^ . A t Gheffy VaUey( George .Fv li'mm of Scheiv^- tady the Speaker-Races, DrUls ' and Fireworks ' side those ah- Main Sti’eet, The the-sale ■-'uldrr-\*- e advance p of 401 .adglt !, which wdll -si a ^ the'kamek hf the g iakntork'r^-^ E5i|?S?lsS ;he question b'efore Richfield Bprings. r for petitioner, ation was'' granted e proceeding insti- . Gole against Elsie ■' D. • VanDerwerken Proofs were taken, and rights of in- terepted parties, decreed and intefloc- utory judgment granteU in the fore­ closure proceeding ^otlgnh.^y Charles Olinstead against ' — — 1. Some^f thes rugs wilT be sold on the evening of ^Infe naoney’ collected from “ Bridge\ this y ear will he spent entirely for the locaf blind. To be sure, one outside blind person will send some r u ^ . This is a M r.. Andrew Grelg. of Amster­ dam.' He is a thoroughly competent blind wegver whogg tourkot has bech curtailed by the general industrial de- ision‘ The State Commission for certain defem . . , -- --- ... Breweib^ Was RaidM r,Em ission cannot too heartily thank ',r*d commend the Women^s, Club aad comini— — uiking over the local C o r p o r a t i o n s M u s t F i l e R e p o r t e t o B ^ e e p A l i v e ThfHo Organized Prior to 1898 Must At Canajoharie The Bie'rbauer Brewery of Canajo- ivie, said to bo operated by Ercd G, 0 ^ ' o f Cherry 'Valle>% is 'thk.flrst „, eWing plant in the Mohawk ¥alley to fall into the hands of the United State? government,for alleged viola­ tion of the Volstead act in manufact­ uring JUggal heef. .Rhiddd twice by 1 ' - - - ‘ -■ ..... - syra- _ ____ ...jed and ?ig,ned3.efpre a isstoner in Schc- The Children’s Circus Saturday af- irnoon was v ery ry largely attended and the kiddies' es- ' athe h e - '-ro- - 1 was v e ,s -a big. time. — - ciglly. Humpty Dumpty,, p isiojial clown, used his art to im­ press several.•hygienic, truths upon the audience. The Hif by Hon. , tiring efforts in the\ had rnUeb' to do_ with impre crowd. Races in the street, a boxing bouf, the-.music of the Hgrfcimer ItaUah Band and -a drill by the Fort Plain \nights of Pythias' and a baltoon s,..afternoon en- I’Was aigplsndid ad a dance with festfa of'Herki- ;j^yp$ies Got Into - Mfee Tmublo ^ n d 'W h o Terrorized, this Section and Were Escorted Out of County -Fait ' • to Find. Welcome \ ' Those persons ,who .were sbme- what~;disturbed'pver» ■ the hand of 'gypsies wh'q- .weht through the county a^cw '-days' ago will -toe interested to: r'lnd what became of ; them.: -after. Sheriff 'Williams had escoited them ; -°'’The^cSs1dll^°D^^^^^ Mail', of July .20th says, this of their depredations ^'^YeSterdty^at diffehept hours •eight utomobiles, ah but- one 'being big of'the -cars; were '7-padSf:iiger \ cars' and the band . - ues o f the day ip >rward manngr. His message re- ifding tha tariff, the soldiers’ bonus id' the ship subsidy was no different thah that glvdn by the newspapers day to. day, a n d wa? given in'a most lucid, manner. The Senator’s speech ;s punctualed with many wcil*tpld> _ .jrles and anecdotes of the 'south < ^ ich wore heartily applauded, as w e te the telling points in his address. Senator Hairison visited Cooper’s grgve''an(rmhher points ' b f Inter ' abdut the village during the af( Ho left by automobile for Ui the lecture to catch a train for lington, ^his ’two-weeks engage- with t h ^ Chautauqua having Pay as You Go. . ' Say the Grangers Bond Issue, M ethod thi^ i t o ctisc, th e brewery a- BoSer is .to_be arm i ■UfiilelF'States commis neotndy. ' Chi^E Bremma in. dampany \vi Willmt Gordon, New York City brew­ ery expect, visited Canajohario and Little Palls last* week in connection with-two important prohibition mat­ ters. The one was the closing of the “lierbauer brewery and the other the the accomplished pianist, w^o has de-1 Bierbauer brewery and the ol _ . charge of assault against Agqnts Maloney and Beattie, preferred by Aid. Gtiiney of Little Falls. ' .Are you alive? This is the queL ^ Secretary of State Lyons is ask- , le^ion ja te Lyons'is ask - incorporated eom- ■brk State in accord^ “‘in effect,! and lanigs, to file Lit Secretary of J these days o f ales in New Yoi lice-with a new lav .! !• which requires compamqs^ to ni(^ ___ . ____ i F jl . Byennan has decided to surrender the two officers for trial on the charge rif f iltering Giiinev’s -salooa arid- rais- h'lg h o b without eshihiting.,authority. But the di-y chief intimates fight by the remark: “My menJmew what they •were doing, got what they wanted and f win back them to the limit.’’ ipanies. The grangers Its- em tie in this neck of the woods. ‘ ‘ — - ------- - ----------------- ’srV fllalnable^fr^ SecretorjHsf S tate The new law coveis all s ts e k ^ ^ r* p.nations organizqd under N« Lite, laws prior to January, 1 . not include corpoxations wJuch ‘ paid a-francliise tax subsequent taniz^ cave paid a-fraftctiise tax subseqm f , .lanuary, 1919, cOrpomtions ,or- raniz ^ u h f e special act;-Jjardang;: in-surance, transportation or ra.iIroat ^Xp^whM e ^ state’s corporations, i'S for the purpose ’..f geffing. rrd of an immense ^amount of dead wood in the_^w^ Oppose Bond Issue, M e of Prqvid- \ing Good RSadd; S tate Masters in Confmence at Siyracuse LdSVdll, Master ol National Grange, - last week, fused a request from “the American Automoble Chamber of-Commerce to endorse the policy ofi-paying for good roads by -bond issue. The grangers believe, and will recommend to their state organizations, ’th a t a \pay-as- you-go\ policy should be adopted in pushing the good roads movement, and that\ if it is not, carrying and maintenance charges will pile up such tn'n n'burden that the movement will 1 ' halted within a few years. , ' The state masters also endorsed •oposa! by Master Lowell that a sy touring d .comprised . some, and children. As ghpuse im tiro was i excitement, . . . tTved- in town stating that the gypsies had been plundering the country froih' Palenville, through’ Lawrenceville and Gayhead- to Round Top, and were ad­ vancing on' Cairo. . People were arobbed of money -and mds. One party Went into the Ro.ck-^' while, sc One MUHdred^ears Ago ^ P E O M ' t h e F IL fJS , o f ; T H E JO U R N A L A-uk. 15, 1822. . . The'U; ,S. sloops, of war .Horniet arrived at Havana on'the 10th ftpin- a 'Short cruise, •with.-'a* French, brig, from, th^’coast of Africa with 260 slaves; having i-ecapture’d hgr from the pirates. • , .. .* * ' \'• * 'Strange'Affinity-^-Therenovv lives a man-in -Boston.wh'o m atr ried his. father’s sister, his mother’s sister, his -aunt, hir'tfi^er thq . niece of both of-his ■ aunts, and tJi-e .niece of his sister, hig' sister’s daughter; his fafheifs mother’s daughter, his uncle, and' aunt’s ., daughter and his nurse:—^In aU h e had but two wives. lUe jiracnemg the li^t-fingered art, .One man was relieved -of §50, and several thbfts of from §5 tq §25 \yere soon reported.- . ■ • In this emergency,’ Sheriff .vPiqrce was appealed ’to by tetephone tq come to the scene. Be a t once organized a‘strategic descent upon the invaded section. Officers James and John Fitzsimmons were'sent m cars td aj proach b y way of Lawrenceville yrhii Sheriff Pierce With Under Sheriff D( well proceeded by way of Cairo, ar these .two converging law and order divisions-eiofeed in an the gypsy- infeSted Section and founded'the raid- ets up, loaded them in their c’ars, and took them b^ore Justice <Anthqny The. ,^sJce Jtound ho had a difficult roblem before him. Most of the peo- 1 their; money back a n d ^ h e Judge N. P.'Willia ^ Takes L a v Partner Hon. Charles -A.-:.'^ tomey General < come Associalated l (llark,-‘Deputy At- of Albany, Will Be­ In Business Must ISfow Regulate. - Weight of Truekloads Stato^jpopers Instriicted.-^’j^torce ~ New^Law Which \lYas. Passed Last Spring = Not all'owners of-trucks ard .com­ plying with- certain pfo'^isions of the motor vehicle law which -became^ law on iApril 7, it is. said, and these new .provisions are o f i n t e r e s t because state troopers and local • officials may be called uppn' shortly to enforce the , , . , , law to the letter. , and have already commenced Section 286-<b of the M otor Vehicle - „ law provides* - - • ■ - The announcement follows “No motor truck or .tractor shall mediately th a t of appm^^ be used oh a publ'ic highway or bridge Judge Willis as atoorney tor the Del- Claric of .nership law under the title of 'Wil The new firm wjll toe lot-._ ifRces now* occupied \by Judge, Wilh's md have \already commenced' husi- hn- lany have formed a part- for the- general practice jif • le o f Willis & Clark. ' ’ )cated ip'the ' Wilh'i gg?|=sa a i Irivet’s seftt, th e foHowng “Weight of vehicler-'pounds. .. ,- , YManuiaptureFs. Htoted capacitjp-- pounds. •'T— . “Gross ‘Weight —^pounds.“ \O r in lieu thereof there may 1: a metal plafe containing tha, same information placed ip th e same lo- , Iff a metgletgl platelate iss used, thehe eptipn. I a m p i used, t letters and figure? shall he“~fegibly amped theyeon in letters not less an half an inch in height. “No person shall operate or drive motor truck on a public highway- or toridge on which the load exceeds the weight of thO;iallowablo load as “I ------ '•y the sign cm its side, or tor .the duties attorney giving h business, Clark ex new .parti sxpects to resign i •rship. 'Mr. deputy at- his 'vjhole i his ; Mr. Ch ity .and mily in th e n e t,. -------- - lark attended Corndll Univer- i New York Law School. [ the office of deputy at­ torney general tor th e past five years and prior to that time practiced law in.. Owegowego withith Jamam ess S.. .Trum:ruman, in O w J e S .T formerly the partner of his father, thkiate H. Austin Clark. The latter -------- attorneyttorney in % - ■ Avas an a in Tioga County f sh lf r f - W f t and directed the expeditio warn thei vvrite the popular war song , ^ T r i p mJk^who I s e p S S s e ^ ^ S confedmm; - T o S u U U y F r a P C e singer and musician, said i t reminded. IiiTO of the re p ly a sm all boy m a d e ‘.p, when asked Itow he came< to fall itt thfe ■ dter; 'i didn’t come to fall in; 1 1 *' to fish.” The song was sung and | came to nsn.' The song w as sung and | played with a j l the vibrations anyto.odyi t could .think o f, to the g audience. me of th e number ratae-consisted -of a 'yictrola, sented a T-ecord with Gavuso' ritten fo r the gr-eat id another •O’Hara’s t oWn-songSr ley^Springtfeld Eoad I S r / .................... . . . ; ■ ___ singer by M r . O’Hara- and n cuss- 'i^ctrola record - with Mr. • Cherry vpice singing one of h is own-songs^ ay taito-himself accompanied the record .with Months in France in 192.1 Will Reward Four Chapipion fanning. ‘Club Members ms a n y ^ d y The New York State Farm Bureai X (lelignt ot I Federation, at Ithaca announces tfia __ Ttihe tour champion canning club mem- the country in 1922 will be concreted next year, time i t is to be repaired tempi to make - g,:-eireWT Valley- id calls ft o r le mean ____ jorarfly, passable. \ afications for the iaron Springs road 15 mChes of stone. This ex- xy depth o f road metal should good, substantial road, for lany years, and when the surface is orn b u t it is planned to concrete this lad alAb. • __^ Did You Ever - Stop to Think? calls f traordt: use to express hinis(— — — ch a fine entertainment. AnyhoWr -nrikter O’H a ra, M-mister O’Hara, Y-oU*re the only b-b-bird that I ado; \When the m-m-moon shines over tl show tt&nt, e i r f g - ------ r r \ : ' , I’ll meet yoti a t the k-k-kitchen d The largest crowd of the Chuttf show ;est cro qua season w a s present a t the tent Wednesday to witness the play the Right,” presented in a, m aim er by a' c a st of ; Lyons, these Story -Father andi Four Sons, Tfudgijig Frond ^en w h o ' compose \ ■ ' '\•“ '■■‘\ a r . i i i s ’ p o , ■ ' ■■ said that .h]s gage, r They sleep m 1 MUREtoCK-CHASE REUNION- the te n t 'TtmCto the Right,” pi jgh-class. manner by a: nner by a' c a st o Nev actors. ' I t came fully up to th( expectations of the' audience. - The large number who attended the'lectoifi.hy .Quinn-O’Brien Thursday -nightnight wereere imi ^e e thanhan interestednterested and - w i ^ t i pleased, in h is treatment nf'the ji ^stofej^ts-ie Hiscussed. Tn- apen f< BTitud the auffienc questions', 1 ranked to^Eui ed th e county to nes ler fine, and. wntclied.until th( thiriheidff and ofii they had entered the border line, anu. — had crossed from whence they came So ended one o f ’the liveliest days this section had seen sincA the June stowms friends in Gooperstown who -will re­ ceive the announcement with pleas- m*e and extend g heapty, welcome Mrs..,Clark was Miss \Mary .A. 1 four wheels: or a greater weight tlidn 0,800 prounas on one .wheel; or the axles closer together than eight feet and the weight on one wheel more ' thgn 5,600 -pounds; or more ‘than 70ff, pounds pressure per inch width of any one wheel.- finns and wash Jliem down into the valleys. ftm-'W ttFsome Tnri\TTrthig~5oiinty ’ four to go? s’’club work is an im- the pfograras of rm Bureau Federation and the New York StatorFarm BUreau Federation and .officials of both or- anizations are taking an intense in- srest in the competition. If. is the ‘I largest p rize eVer open to farm giirls they say. Tfie trip will begin June 1,1923 and will last three pionths, eight weeks o f which will be spent in the parts of France rained by the w a r demonstrat­ ing modern* and efficient methods'■of canning to the Frencto inhabitant. The remaining time will he spent in ’.visiting other pai J jSanitary Milk Company In Financial Straights The ,Sanit£<ry .MiJk C o m p a n y ^ H m - kimer wdll continue business Yor the present having obtained permission to boiTow $5,O0O with which to operate. \ f the court was given to ‘ Ming to maining time Will he spen r oth e r parte of. Europe. Resources. Over ThrPA MilTTon Dollar For the first time in its history the Second National Bank of GaoperstaWn announcees' that its re’spurces arc $3,- 028,883. ' This we j believe is the first d e r ' consiaeratjon. He opened his time that the th rp million mark has lecture with a glowing tribute to the :ever been passed in Gooperstown'. The memory of Jam es Feniinore Cooper,'pirosperity of a community is regis ;hite f . tary bankruptcy are about Ri2™|35,8do! ^ ^ T ^ e ’^totomppy ofes many farmers, for -milk and “the First National hank of Herkimer.*! The concern is^a large shipper to New York and makes ice cream , 'he Sanitary M'iite-'Gompany was or- ■ccive the announcement wit ure and extend g heapty, welcome. Mrs..,Clark was Miss \Mary .A. David- • son, daughter of Mr. and Mrs,' Clar- * ence W. Davidson of this village, and -- they hav€f\tW\ehildi'en, T ............ and- Charles A. Clai' Housewives- jCan Assist the Veterans Here is - an opportunity f or-every atriotie house ' wife in New Yurk tate 'to aid a tubercular or other onvalescent veteran, a large number . .f whom will soon be cared for in the Veterans Mountain Gamp, Para-, ffise^ Point, B i g ’Tupper Lake, New tables, Jams, or t Jlark , Jr. ., Richfield Springs \ Man Dies Suddenly ■John S. ,Eox. Proprietor of Cana- dariigo Park, Found Dead In Bed •Yesterday Morning . John .Samuel Fox was found dead ih bed Tuesday_ morning a t , his _ s ws; pil- ^ sheets, be thankfully ire- tors who were c due to a. hea r t ailment. — Mr. Fox was born in Sprout Brook 72 years ago, and in 1870 he'mUfnqd iMiss Amanda Furmin. Their, early married life was.>pent at Sha.ron Springs, where Mr. Fox was ticket, agent for a number of years. The- ■-for many yeans traveled for shoe companies. During the • he had traveled for the ■\lochester. - ceived. The members of the 'Women’s Aux­ iliary of the local p o s fare urgedfo bear this in mind and assist in the s will IVl-tBU: W tl lection and l.be njade\li __ not mem- lerate. ’ Plans , _ ipment of the Tuberculosis Findings A t Commuhily House .... ... years Came' t r u d ^ g lore alter, .xne regumr .Bf R. WAITE, Secretary Shawnee, Oklahoma, ■ Board of Commercb, . PAGE. REUNION ' ' . eld •Aug, ing cup! ’ S d y I Oneohta Offender Held ; . For Grand Jury One Man W a n t s 1 c a » . « s . , b ; ? ; 5 o To Ford the Biverjjja-s ......... « 'p i t w l i T S w n :ii,•S i ; ”?'\?-. & One-Hiintod-^Third. Dividend Dedaired Church w ili Observe Hs 88th Anniversary town was of assault in Huiiting- laturd'ay moriii’ £ E CongresshS s from, othpr-clinics,_ fiv-6 were dis- “* ■ged and four found‘to be improv- 'There were two., ex-sanatoriuP iMcSr}de', convii m'enfed the Iteryt, com- leir 90-day Nineteen cases w« the regular monthly Ipsis clink held July i'herra- Atoout 18 y er and propriet The firm namf -Hfe ehfield Springs, years ago |w became\ own- rietor of Canadafago Park, —„ ___ „um e toeiug John S. Pox & lSdn-.‘-r ’ - . ' . His rwife 'died in September, -1914 b leaves thrge children, Mrs. Wil- Q W. W e st of Richfield Springs, i. George C.' Steele of Herkimer, son, -Fred P. Pox of Richfield ings and • a grandson, Frederick rtin Fox of ^Richfield 'Sprihga, a jii. I bfotbers, Charles D. and George of Sprout ‘Brook. '-,;The funeral was held in th e ^ E i t H Pi ‘ ' Church a t 2 o’clock, stamdard Thursday afternoon.' The n Fort Plain. Mi ; Prestoyterian stan time, ion.; The interment 'r. Pox was a'genial ! esteemed b 'in Fort P ----- — - . hospitable -man, who was esteemed by ’ all who knew jhiiiv .and his death will toe deeply mourned. '' May Appoint Cadet From This District an Clarke Naiiies Coiumittee .Representative John D. Clark, .wfo . this fall, has selected the following erva Dalm'atier of Binghamton, S.^Flapti^an of.N the 34 th cong'ressio) be not runder IT nor. ' age on^the date,of.'^aj height. lemy on the seeb ! display of erOekei 'f M cLaiiryM a :^^ ' Close ItrPriittaries in |iarvqgt and have_ nothing;-r-iPrc!y. ■

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