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The Freeman's journal and the Oneonta press. (Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y.) 1922-1924, March 22, 1922, Image 3

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Wednet^ay* March 22 , 1922 the freemans ^ journal I^AGEtHBiiE CmiNOT UVE illWTHa SMca OisGinea iatVitaniiiigs are AMutelf Esseiitial ft HtalHi flic s m u H mof siaiB V ib^nea 'ttOlBS^ds of ittea and women ate felling off in health and vigor because the food they eat is lacking jn one element, without which they cannot - his-oleihent is ^ tam & & “ Ordinary meals and fish donot contain it.' Milk i$ not rich in it. • Manufac- tured foods have the Vifamines _______ SCHENEVUS itt £ :s s s s ls * s s s a s one. What were not a helper were preparing woo Tk Wilber tiational fiankjrl'^l^'S^ Experiments conducte Britisl lil examination of icted by both British and American authorities shows that Oranges contain an abun­ dance of b oth “ B ” and “ C ” Vita- mines and Apples contain a relatively largeamonntofthesevitalSuhstances. Why is it that“ Pruit-aTtiVes ’ ’ gives such marvellotisresultsinovercoming ConstipatiOU) Impure Blood, Starved Kerves and a rundown system? Because -‘Fruit-adives’* is a trao fruit medicine^the only mediclpein. the world made from intensified fruit juices. “ Pruit-a-tives ” is rich in the “ B” and “ C^* Vitamines, derived from the juices of oranges and apples. To take “ P ruita-tives’’ regularly, is to supply the system with thp-Vita- mines which are needed and which are absolutely necessary to health. 50e a box, 6 for $2.^, trial size, 25c. ‘ At dealers or from FRTTTT-A'TIVES limited, OODliiNrfliUilG, N. Y. DiRExrro] mm 9’I1 J/aJecUSt AX^B&NT, H. T. ADVANCE SEA S O N m i l u n e r y that's never ordin­ ary though sold at ordinary prices j $5.00 TO $25.00 ^ I hdler shqji with betier I sefptge for your better I satisfadioh liB lillB IH HOWARD’S ■ ■ ■ ■ M i I WBAT OTHERS SAY* EXCERPTS FROM AIBANT EVENING JOURNAL DECEMBER 2». Ittl iDDlS SHOP HAS EARNED APPROVAL OF ALBANIANS, AibknVw AfbaSy%anuf iW.I.AddisCo.i Ngiri H pearl A t MAIDEN LANE ALBANY, N. Y. H. ;L. BBfAZEB D, R. RBPORT OF THE CONDITION OF started oiT a run for the farm buil#' tinned. , „ ^ friends at Chase & Bennett * - « . . . liieBB,-IjIaTfel, BESPFBORS l discounts . . . . . . .-i\. ;4eiwe m c a i . by F a n c i » g . t ^ S . |bpy^place vacated^ by W: llj f a S ! xiABnaimB ’ ffiS? Total ............ . ............... ,....|3,963i55:1.2< State of New York, County of Otsego, mM ITTBR. CaaWer. before me thin )RE, Notary Public. mia. viuboria wiuieiora nas appointed registrar to succeed ward Theysori, resigned. The iD. & H. Telegraphers began : work on a new schedule Friday with two shifts instead of three, as in the- last. Rifenblirg goes on duty a t 6:30 I. ni. for eight hours, when Norton takes up the work for eight hours and no service for the remaining third of a day which is regretted by the public since patrons of the sleeper will ,, be depriyed the use of the depot. A temporary shift of three, John Gar.^ rettjOf Pennsylvania Division; P. L. loofd of Maryland, and Wm. Col- ■ S S S i Eeo< lins COMING Season’s^Greatest Attraction Auto Show Auspices Co. G I State Armory Oneonta, New York MARCH 2 9 - APRIL 1 y ^ r s ] 5 .tomacb was so all the lining \ Have You Dyspepsia? Do You have .Sour Seomach, or Gas ? Are You Often UncoiVifortable 7 Then Read This: .dyspepsia. My *e it .'leeiaed that easily di- was sure to sjiffer. I tried many medicines b u t nothing seemed to give me any permanent relief un­ began taking Dr. Pierce’s ‘ icovery. It com- this ailment and ___ rmanent, for that was ten years ago and I have never felt the least discomfort since.”— ■gh. 141 Front St. willj sell. the lin thing that was i -ordtfjntdr or s end -Ific fo to fir. Pierce’s Invalids Bufiiiio, K. y., and medical advice. d s ’ Hotel in Tite for free Spring Rugs and Curtains Ton have no idea of the difference in Pric^ a year has made, in the hoUse-furhishing department' particularly. Now is the time to brighten up for Spring with new rugs and curtains. ■ ' \ We have a Splendid line of Rugs, Tapestry, Brussels, Axmins- ters. Velvets and Wiltons. Our lace curtain stock includes the famous Quaker and Scran. t toh Lace lines. a, Scrim curtains are from 95 cents a pair up. Marquisettes from $L.39 a pair Up, and Filet Net CurtamS from $2.25 up. We have also a fine line of* curtain materials. THE CAPRON COMPANY, Inc BuBiness Establi*hed 1872 O N E O N t f r N - Y . itw by Wm. Paimeter; family .will move fcoin now owned by .Jenkin) <Mrs, Eugene Moekei 1 of Maryland, and Wm. Col- f Albany are operators at the H. Warren until ithe permanent men can he selected through the sys­ tem of, bids 'by oldestin in service. -------- ------- „ ------- serv Over $15,00 was netted from the sale of bake food by the Truth ; !ternobn at H{‘ iming < ir their home on 'South side Sat-- Dr. Winsor reduced the frac- hih urday, Jas. Wilhup and family of J Hill visited at Mr. and Mrs, Jas. A_St. Patricks dance for the _ .,.,icks danc of the Catholic Society was Thursday eveningning in Chase & Bei eve broke all benefit held records for attei ance. Kdipnockie Syncopater’s Or­ chestra of Oneonta furnished the sic. A delicious pork supper ' served early in the evening and ronized to the last morsel which is no reflection on quantity, but .bespeaks the excellent menu and the number of hearty feasters. Dr. Arthiur Drane. .. , _ j .Seymore of IQneonjfca 3 spending a few Weeks a t Mrs,, Ije- antia 'Sherman’s. Mr. aiid Mrs, Prt_, , ____ Sharon Springs were week-end guesfc^ of Mr. and Mrs.Ylharles Lewis, Jr,\ ' MIDDLEFIELD ^ Mrs. Mae Wright from Chicago was called here due to .the death of her father, LorCn Brown. She will spend a gthort tim^^ with Mr. Daniel Pitts before returiiing home, The many friends of Fred Page’i are glad to, learn that the; are moving back to their home in Mid dlefleld. For the past few years ■the; have been living on Murphy Hill. Miss Jennie North wiH --enibeFfeai3 the “Cheerful Workers” next Satur­ day afternoon from 2 o’clock until Floyd Pitts and Leland Mowei were business callers in Oneonta Moi Jerry North is improved in healt! Mrs. Prank Petti of Cooperstown was^a guest at Burdette Brown’s last Mrs. Harriet Bjoivn has ref home after spending the win! Daniel Pitt’s. Last Sunday was the election of of­ ficers in the M. E. Sunday School. The folltwing officers were elected: Mrs. Geo. Snyder, Superintendent; Mrs. Chas. Hearn, Assistant SuperintRhd- ent; Mrs. Clair North, Secretary; Miss Emma Briggs, Treasurer. Dr. Arth . D. Carpenter, a lectur­ er, who should attract a large audi­ ence, wiU deliver one of his popular 'rations under the auspices of the School Course in the hall T ' is number will < course for the ! :eum School Course in^tb This . ivening. Th elude the lecture _ lesday evening until all are served. Leslie Roberts, who retained his position ns foreman in a coal mine a t Boardman, Pa., since the purchas.es, of the Pancher farm last November, has resigned and joined his family, ar m n g here Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Effle Clark has sold her resi dence on Monitor Street to B. F. Per- tehes possession May 1st. Mrs. Clark and daughter ■will move to the flat in R o b e rt' Shearman’s house on Upper Main Street. Edgar Chase recently purchased the e and lot owned and occupied by i Monitor Street. Mr. vart are planning ’■* lungalow on Welton AVer DECATUR Gorden and Ivan Roy 9imi house and lo A. Neivart i and Mrs. Newart build a bur urday evening. Mrs. Albert Davis of se day last w ter spent oni Dawson You Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark were guests Wednesdny of Ira Snyder and Burlin Waldorf, an old time Dei tur resident passed away at the hoi of his daughter, Mrs. Leonard Lynn -- l.ill 1__t ^ygg]f_ ! is the guest of his 1 Dumont. „ of Worcester was a caller in town Saturday. M?-s. Alrilda Banker returned to her homo here .Saturday after spending several weeks at the home of her son, Tr/in Banker at Sebenevus. Mr. and Mrs. A. J, Rhodes and Mrs. Marie E, Day of Richmondville lent Sunday at W, J-. Day’s. Mrs. Irwin Hunt. Miss . ^ t a Mfereness who has be ’alescing at the home of , Mr. and Mrs. Will Merc are ill. ita Sat- East Woi eek with at. Cobleskill Clyde Hartwell is the gt mother, Mrs. Ada Dumont. I: Goodenough o: r in town Sat convalescing a t tlie borne of her .par­ ents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Mereness re~. id to OneOnta the first of the , „ . S lend, Lueretia E. Dailey. Mrs. Delbert Wandell and son Leo >t the weekFmd with, Austin Hil­ ton and wHe at Worcester, Ray'Banker of' Sebenevus <own Saturday. WESTVILLE Piei-cie Parslow’s goods have gortie and he ' ha.s takdn, peJssessipn of the W., R. Saxston farm which he will work this season. Charlie Eckler' was a business .cal-; ler at Cooperstown and Oaksville brl. Monday, Mr, Nelson of Onei ’veeibend -vrith his daughi orge PrafSi: ■ John Manchester was a caller here. Sunday on old friends. • Mrs. George P ratt and' daughter have retirnied' to ’their hobie here af­ ter spending some* ■■■ Hais’y Eoseboom at 1 Mrs. FaUn Chamberlin spent Satur man Pratt, Henry Eckler of Franklin spent the week-end at his h^he here. June Hooker spent Wednesday wfth' his brothel-, Edman Iloolcer. rs. FaUn Chamberlin of Maryland it^^Saturday night with Mrs. Free-i The best care to give a setting hen is to lertve hei* alone—-she knows her husiness better than most men know' jEaffiRgY VAWBY Mr. and MfA William QoUntryi tograph: rank Carroll of Bingham ton^as Seth -Pearson was a recent ealler in. Miss Gladys Morton^ was,- a recent lest^-of^her grandinothet, Mrs. Mar- jloy Neal has retmrned bta where he has atu .from One^ i been -visiting his dinner- and qililting o Cari Edmonds of Oneonta an^ Ward Edmonds of Unadilla, were home last 'evening in their hall, ; rihe, a gradUa On aoeount of Rev, A. D. Rines b e - ; School in the ing at Itaurens assisting Rev. Paul in town over Fri ^angelistie naeetinga,-the Union sex- ' ’ vices Wjere held in the Christian Dillon pastor. He _ia ionoi spent Sundu brother and ■wife.^Mr. ,ai alS'-R l Ye« •Mrs. Lucy Rich was a business cal- ir here Thursday. evening i : parsonage; These meetings interesting aM all are welc iS’iS’SKigS Patrick Fay was a f aller at his, this writing. There were 24 pupils in one de- partment of the.high school unable to attend Z e roises last week on ac-; lurtt of sickness. . Mrs, Horace GetHiBB u Charles igene Moeker and son, Hei lend of Oneonta w isiteil h e r _aister,_M h^,fL &__Thpi Mrs. Sarah Clark is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Homer Hunter in Gooperstowfi. <- Mrs. R. J. Shepherd of Colliers l cently spent the day with h e r mothi Mrs; Belle Preston. James Rowland is reported _ proving, Walter Alger is earn him now. leatrice Pratt of Westville iding a few days at the vices will be beld at t h e ------ -, ----- day a t 2 o’clock. Further particulars will be given next week. “ ^ WESTFORD Howard Snyder and wife of Rose .boom have moved in with Anna Skin , FourtSih ladies were present a t the meeting of the Home Economics Club in the Ladies’ Aid Hall on Tuesday, March 14th.- Miss Bosserman, the Home Bureau Agent was present and plans for activities of the year wore outlined, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Breese and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kuich were callers in Oneonta Wednesda; .nson oii _____ , ^ ^ . ither William Lynes. His father Ed. Lynes who has been spending the past week in Westford returned with R. D. Baty was in Cobleskill - Saturday.^ entertainment fol- jr a t the M. E. There will be an lowed by a suppi church on Fi-iday evening, March 24. There was a dance at the home of Harry Roseboom Friday eveninj March 17th. . ’athew Pank ha.'; hired out to Wil- 1 Roseboom for the coming ses PLEASANT BROOK [r. and Mrs. Sidney Markel 'and daughter Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Markel of Lowell’s Corners spent iunday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. B. :d upon Mrs, ■ afternoon, ftern r--., and . Seventeen ladies ca Evelyn Eldred last Tuesday a 't being her 85th birthday, A very able afteinoon ------ ------- -------- ■nioyable after was spent and ’ efore depaifitig they all wished Mrs. Eldred many more happy birthdays, Mr. and Mrs. Donald ChaTnberlain wei-e called to Cherry Valley Friday <1 help care for his aunt, Mrs. _Cha ' pflaih who is ill with bronchitis. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eldred spent Friday in Amsterdam. B. G; Warren and chi; mothei*, Mrs. Mary -C day with. Mr. and-Mi sel. of Aine Mr. and lildren and his ■Cadin spent Sun- Therpn Wesr Mrs. Everette Dornburg yy outut off to-vm. pent Sunda o o t Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Countryman Sunday callers at Mr. and Mrs. i pitcher’s. Mrs, Mary^Gaden ^ e n t Tues^^;|_ev- mons, Mrs. Mary Cohrad of Seward was a pecent visitor at Mr. and: Mrs. See- ber ''Jones’. _ ______ | MIDDLE VILLAGE \Owen FasSett and wife were_ in iooperstown Friday to see H a riiett -.nd Everett Richards who are patients’ at Thanksgiving HospitaL —■ • •n Richfield Roy Flint was i Rie Thursday -to see 'a'-doctor. Mrs. Benson of Lri®i •g her daugl Springs )ol I s visit- red i ---- -- ----- -- ----- . Mrs. Clark Fowler spent Sunday at Eve Gray’s. Miss Mary ard Freese calk dl^ Village Sum Ser and Mrs. How-; _ ^ on friends in .Midr II returned from Flor- named Anna May. Lee Qheldbn of Wan-eA was in East Springfield Tuesday on business. _ The Ladies* Aid xnet. ift tne Li­ brary ThuTsday and a ner. Proceeds were $1.0; HARTWICK Born to ,Mr. and Mrs Steere Wednesday, Marc' ^ Bom to Mr. and Mrs. MILFORD. TIDINGSU Vy. C. McRorie, MUfbrd R«pr«Mnt|itive for 8ub«eri||»tioh«, Amendment.” l^ayer medt^g: Christian; are very ' pneumonia.„Last week 'she attended the funeral of her brothebin-law, the late John Gox, and Soon afterward was taken ill. The funeral services; were held on Friday at 2 p. m. Rev. J. A. Dillon of the Christian church: officiated and interment, -was made in the Hartwick cemetery. The deceased Was the daughter of the late Benjar min Dingman and Amanda Newkirk,, and was born April 21,1851. Most of her life has been passed here. She was oije of a family of 13 children. SUrviVing her are her husband, one Son, George, residing at home; one brother, Marcene D in ^ a n , residing near Utica, and one sister, Cox, and a foster son, Her —Haijjtyick Correspondent, MILFORD CENTER Mrs, R. E. Townsenc iriteA h er aister^JMhSx, ^ _ ___ Company and son, Henry Leone, Who i% by the Francis C o m p ly are cm *-i their home b y illness. Marvin Cooke is in Cooperstown iM week ;attenddng county coxirt as has been spending a home of I. E. Laff b. Mrs. Belle Preston has rented hei farm to Porter Backus of Mofris whe -will take possession April 1st and live in Mrs. Preston’s tenant house, Marshall Thorn spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. R. L. Schenuer- horn on Dutch Hill. A business meeting of the Ladies' Aid was held with Mrs. H. J. Fergu­ son Monday afternoon. _ ^ Mrs. Mary F ' her uncle, Egbe- .SeveraPof the PATENT it^and Bert Shaul s lunday at D. M, J Elmer Talbi family spent Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hall spent Sun-, day a t Clark Kraus'. Owen. Douglass is spending the week ■with his parents. Mrs. Mary Jenks who has been -vis­ iting her daughter, Mrs. Russell •Bowmaker for the past -two weeks returned home Friday. Eliza Getman, -wife of Horace Get- man died at her home last Wednesday She was the and Amanda 3rn April 21,1851. er husband, a e \viving her are her husband, a son 1 a brother Marcene. The s held Friday. ■ The 1 Surviving her held Friday. ■ The Kev. J. A. Dilion officiated with inteiment in the Hartwick cemetery. RiCETOWN Some from h e re attended the cemi tery meeting at Middlefield Tuesda afternoon. _ Lynn J, Paishall of Cooperstown u-veyed Cleon Benjamiti’s farm o Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Thompson. a1 mded the funeral of her uncle, Loi en Brown at Middlefield Friday, B. F. Slater was. in Cheny Valley in -business matters Saturday. Mrs. S. G. Thompson called on her istef, Mrs. George Garlock at Mid- ilefield Tuesday. Some of the farmers here have tapped i* ' Mrs. ] eral days Clyde Ottaway. , , . E. A. Wiltse has rented his farm to Mr, Whitney of Cb.operstoWA. Mr. Whitney expects to take possession the last of the week. plans are not know as INDEX Mrs. Harry Pitcher visited her cou­ sin in Ilion last Sunday, Franklyh Mele called on his par- mts Saturday night. Mr. WiltsFs Mrs.\ Charles Mercer of ,ake called on Mrs. Hs nirsday. Mrs. Earl DeMei led on Mrs. H. Piti irph Aney^ Monfey SNOWDON Ceorgianna Jackson, and i ing the acquaintance of her -andson. Mr. and Mrs. Otto DeMett are ri n attack of influenz ii-esent assisting Robert Stoller. Eugar season has conimenced ■ttiis t a t AutomPbiies are .occasionally seen m tW hill roads as the rOads are ’'^VVillianf mdstol is feSling somew'hat m-proved, baVing recovered from his -ecent illness. Advorliiing ..and J*>|^ Prititint Docsd H appenings a membi located £ M, Broun in toWii sev< eli and family expect to move soon from GooperstpWn where they have resided for the pasXseverM months. Edward Francis, agt ' rant is noW showing a which is a very-neat ^p e a riu g au­ tomobile. ‘ V Mrs. J. C,. ■Woodward of Oneonta f riends in Syracuse Mrs. Jknpie ^ JBibwn , Russel Christian parSoiiaL . _ _____ David ThoriiC on Dutch HiB; me of i Mrs. H. D. Weeks, les is to parentsi Mr. and Homer Beames is to have ariT tion of farniing utensils and lious- hold: goods at his place in Hinman Hollow this week .Saturday a t one )ck. Mr. Beames exqpects to spehi summer with his sister at Wor returne< __ gin and wife, who ter in Binj' Thursda; •ock. Mr. Rea ,_mmer Mrs. E. M. Ayres is speiidin; or three days at Schuyler Lake. Kent Barney was a business tor at Richfield Springs last day evening. ) his imployed ccMifinet' HARTWICK SEMINARY John Daley was 'taken to Thanks­ giving hospital on Monday for treat­ ment, iMiss mchard from Meridale and Iiilie ieele:^ returned bn Wednesday from pent With Gea, W, , in Floridh- C. Byafd of MiKord wiNi a bwi- Uess caller in town Saturday. M r.'and Mrs. George Becker and mother, Mrs. Akeley,- are s p ^ i a g a few days 'With relativrit near lliddle- ihip Contes lay even! come to all who may come and enjoy a pleasant evening together. Prayer meeting and Study d w a 6a Thursday evening. M. E. Waltey and wife wilt aaore froni the Henry Bradley farm Ike coming week to the tenant R ommi eon- er‘ and brother’s fainily, fliMilM, Tripp, on -Sunday. !S Anna Fobtenier spent the ■end -with friends in Coopers- rhe Home Economics held a n \All ly” meeting at the home of Mrs. [orace Weeks last Thursday. Mi'< and Mrs. Vernon I. Deitz lhany, N. T ., are v i s '' ‘J N. J., gave an ac students on Tuesdby evening. The Woman’s Improvement rfcained by Mrs. Dorr E Seminary ton on Wednesday. Will Lawn of Rhinebeck, NT. Y„ /tailed on his uncle. Dr. J. G. Traver bn Sunday. Dr. -C- Wv LeitzeU of Albany, Presi­ dent of the Board of Trustees made a business call at the Seminary this BOWEHILL ! beeneen t a ll are I There has b a lot of sdckitess here for the past -two weeks hut at present most a ll are better. Fred Martindale has been on the west side of the hill sawing wood the past -week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Scott and son Egiiert were in-vited dinnep guests at Henry Smith’s Sunday. Miss Irene Fritts of Cooperstown has been home for a few days recent­ ly nursing an infected hand. . Mrs. Fi-ed Martindale spent Satur­ day afternoon with Mrs. C. \W. Sal­ isbury. Frank Fritts goes to Oneonta Mo day where he has a job ■with tlie On onta Milling Company. His fami expects to move there about Api Enjoy the Spring Weather You can if you insure your buildings against leaks by using our roofing. Regal Roofing is one of the best for a medium price. Furnished ■vrith clamps and nails instead of large headed na'ils. Not necessary to use cement on ordinary work. C J. Armstrong & Sons LUMBER PORTLANDVILJLE Mr. J G k ^ home of Fred Rprdick, -y ■■ E. Van Dewerker of (>Q 0 oi|i» was a caller here 6n Sunday- Mrs, Cora Allisqn visited luw jKoife^ Mrs. W. E, ElWood is ffeiting Syfacnxse for a. feir dSpi. nffie JBibwn fe Her illness , o f tl»e pMii Wiree _ s oiov5i« iiM ll» Those who 1 closed for the winter are ______ from Oneonta; S, lay. lard ____ ______ Wheele:^ rotiimed 6n We< several months spent W Rose and family i itoji, edine Ro«« last id' ,Mm . Irriiig BBBOBX OF T H E ’ cOWDITIOlf O F ” THE MILFORD NITIONAL BMK “• sw\-- “ RBSOUBOB8. n r u n r AirithL u:-aGiV«mlAiat seourltlea ........................... . Other bo n is, a^ju r iuei, etc 26,003.lt ■ f i l i s - s S H UADICJTnBS paid Iri.....', _ I m m '*! 1.3,S .„ S.O t.,1 o S S , Car&'d \ a ,;;; \ i i U u a , ■l^aSKSl s m ................... iZ Not»‘s nnd bt »!»!■ mimt nf this bnnk .. . . Correct—Attest: 3. MBRRIAM. Notary Ruhllc. CHA.S. J . ARMSTRONG, S. S. HARRISON. -T. D. H.AIGHT, Next year's farm income tax will be simplified by the t it books. You; come ta nse of farm ac- oUnty agent has Special Reduction 1 Corsets, Rust Proof and againstgai bre n Spire’la guafaiit'jed a Wriie a t once stati wor, and whether high or pr'-ierred. •' We can only furnish a limited nuri- beFiand m statoJ ■ 1. M. ELLIOTT, Corsetlerre, Milford, N; Y. GAR FOR HIRE Daj or night, trompt ser-icc. 2p, prompi Careful driving, Ipecial Jght calfe Reasonable ;feacli. West h^lain St., rates. F. J. Beach, West IVfoin Milford, N. Y. Phone 11 •M.| Pasr Tour Bills by ‘ Cheek and Shve a Beceipt Open a Checkin-g Account with the MILFORD NATIONAL BANK :r- Isfelford, N. Y.

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