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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, December 04, 1924, Image 4

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JllEPQjltJBlVBfflBlW |Sisw*\\’ &s>X m W l '« $? H“ JiS«,S!: f t?5 5 ; , SCBSCllIPTIOlV B A T E S PayitWe i« Adyaijffti Delivered by Carrier - - •!■ - 1 5 c Weeli >eliver^d by Carrier - -. 60c \a month Delivered by Carrier - - $1.80 3 months iellverfed by Carrier - - |3.B0 6 m o nths Delivered by Carrier - - $7.00 one year By afall, outside of Port Jervis mail carrier zone, payable strictly in ad­ vance, $6.00 a- year. Remittances by Check, Post-Office Money Order or . Registered letter . hould be made payable to the — of the company, . ATESl’* Iliyw ‘lE E WEEKDY TRIrSTA a large and flrst-cIaSs local a newspaper, is r ’ ' ' day a t $2.00 per S a l RCRLATIOW l^ECORDS g Advertisers, or others inter­ ested, are cordially invited to call at our office where our cir- I ’HE UJfflON QV j SAIiB- The Union Is on sale every aftertt' Basso’s, 9' F ront-st. Ohion*News Co., Erie Static: Clancy’s, 32 Jersey-ave. Voigt’s, 187 Pike-st. *S5S*S!f 1 ♦ ^ t r t • HAfSiPD Hm Looks as if it Woiiim^ Up to 1^* Af tUii ' ■ ' ' ' ' i v i i ' - '' ^ ' g r e d i ’: j ivH E K in d u e The credit om itted The article entitled “Labor Banks in 'W ednesday’s T|nion should have been predited .to the.N e w .Y o rk Times mno hjjg. .vras- inadvertently T j | e T w m HUSBANDS From the •beginning- ofH lie dram a, th e r e have been plays baaed on th e re- sem h lanc Of twins, Plautus, the La-; tin playw right, produced, a fanibus piece of the kind, inspired by an old­ er' Greeh pla 3 ^ Shakespeare often used the them e . I t is still used on every stage. 'Nearly always, howe-\|er, audiences pronounce the entangle­ m ents of the play absurdly exaggerat- edj and insist t h a t t h e tw ins could not possibly be so badij’ m istaken hy everyhody. W hat, then, is to- be s a id of this h u ­ m a n dram a from real life, in A u d u ­ bon, N- V-? A m a n nam e d M organ, charged w ith bigamy, says th a t his tw in brother 'Was killed in France, during the war, and th a t he kept the news from the widow and ophans and took th e brother’s place as husband arid farther, w ithout th e 'substitution ev'er being discoyered. H e explains h e w a n ted to save the wife s o rrow and •take care' o f her and her children. All went well then, until this sur- ’ viving t\vun fell im love w ith a n o th e r ' •woman and m a rried her, spending five days a w eek ip his wife’s home and week ends in his brother’s home. The two women discovered the dupli­ city of the -husband, and haled him into court. The first -Mrs. Morgan- still m a intains th a t the defendant is her real husband. He sw e a rs be is Now, w h a t do y’ou m ake out of th a t? It is a case .for a Solomon. Al­ so for a contemporax'y playw right. Tlu-ee -wpeks to ^irist|fi«sr--dpw'C| weeks to get yqtif ji^sent i^ d y ntaiiefcl and one wej^ to rest wp. apdi wait for the hiy to arrive. ‘Tt ain’t-gpin’ rain no m o ’ ’ is area5 serious m a tter just a t present and the W a ter Company asks everyone tp- be carel^ul a n d not was^e any -water, a^’ the usual fall rains ' h a v e not come and the reservoirs are Speakhigf albout g-ettingr tvater iq tlie ^i^Neaervolrs, Eddie Simpsoq reeeiit\!. iy renmrhed: “You Gait gpt two feet iw the I’eservqir in no tlni©.” R n t ho’i:^ b e tter not he caught a t it. The ice on th e sidew alk todaj'-. i^ just like papa before • 'Christma.g— loosening up a hit. . , Hmh^orist Coining Aq imustial and somewhat startlihaf announcement is made ahout'-the iieyt uumher of the Teachers’ Course at the High School, on . Dec. 12. Mbs Harsch inforins the public ttiat the man coming here is a liiunorlst, which Js sometlnng of an accusation very seldom ?«adc agahist any meiuher of ^ the genus ..I t is so'long since ope of these rara atises iuis hehn here that t]ie city lig no ordinances regard­ ing their arrival or sojopm In the city- Circuses and carnivals I^vc to pay tny to eoine here, hut somehow the arrival of a lidmorlst l»aSd'never been contemplated imd *» there is no ta,v on one that 'might ho hroiiglit here. Mliether the Conuuou Council will JiiGCt and haA’c Altowmj^ Parshail draw up an ordinance in regard to haviTig- a Innnoxdst come lu-fc with- GUl paying an amuseme»t ta.v, is up to the mayoi’. There.has been somO talk of making the Boudoir Cap Bri­ gade take out n, license t<vi>arade in anifornij and it that can he dem^j it ought to he possible to reach the hn}h- orist oiiestion and have a tax charge. Not that we want. tp. iuterfex'c with the success of the Teachers’ Course—’ bless tlieir iiearts they dcsefre your patronage—hut the city inust be ^ f c - guartlcd in every po^ihie w a y .. It Js the duty of every citizen to attend the eWnre at the. New High, School .on becemher 12, and show’ the humorist w’lio is to ho there ajttiongh lUetc is no fax oii humorists lie is Aveleoinp to come at any time, provided he has the backing of tlic Teaelieva’ League. A special effort is to he m a d e to have young Kravitz, the H igh School funny boy, o ccupy ^ fro n t seat-at th e lecture and absorb a few of t h e rules of thp gam e fh*.st h a n d and save t li c cost uf a coia-sepondence course iOlfiMPIfilD IH i i W F i S qmeome SHoonk>S& EKDS ^ GO-GETTING An old footbiill scout, in, a series of published confessions showing th e comm ercialism of college athletics, hiam e s the situation on current ideals. L e t t h e average m an, -he says, begln-to believe t h a t real education is im p o r­ tant, then “secretly professionalized football will no longer bestrid e /th e cam p u s like a Colossus.” The trouble, as he sees it, is that sport ideala and businos ''ideals both have been alloived to ■Interfere w ith ' th e . ideals properly- associated with higher education. The psychology of busi­ ness, particularly, he holds responsi­ ble. I t is the ideal of the “go-getter” applied to college life. The student body and alum n i body th in k their 'team s have sim p ly got to. win, so they em p loy eoaches, scouts and others w h o se duty is to got them the win­ ners,, w ith little regard to the m e th­ ods used. This is practical sdece^s of a kind •of w hich colleges winning team s should boast less -^han. thOy do-, if all th e reAelations roliablo, -'And perhaps In business life- itself, this “go-getting” 'has boon cari’ied foo far. T h e re seems^ tp ,be. a strong ’undcrour- ren t of reellion-against it, In behalf o f an idealism th ^ t upholds other methods- and aim s as y^orthier than . m erely trying to .beat com p e tition,’ HLAN M U m c ^ m - > # A M I FLIGTIT Mt. GlemdhA, ; Mich., Dec. 4 T w e l v e a h ^ m axim u m 'sfk-ed of m o re th a n miles h o ^ , polfted by m e m b e rs , of the. FTrsb D iifsuit CfQhp, A im y Air Ser­ vice, wilV. fttem p t a daw n -to .rtusir ■ flight frCm' gelfridge Field, near-here, tp M iami, 'F ja„ in. February. ■' The- expedition vviiD b e lK*e Army Bervien’s hrsit m ajov attem p t to dp’- elhp th t military pb^ibiflitiefi indl- b y Lieut. BtiPseH X<. M augham s flight, acrojek the Gon- l:|nent lauit ih A htmlhu* plane. , Now i.s the tinie eertaifl yoUng ladies begin to show their gentlem e n friends how m u ch they think of them . D. N. R. Confederate Women Object to Arrest 1 1 . ^ J [SoJan, for exai-tjPle, on which the list 0 y V O | 0 ] f 0 U / i » « O p 8 Pi'icB was. form erly' J s now ■Washington, Dec 4 — Two factions of th e D istrict gf' Cojumbia C h a p ter of the 'United D a u g iiters of the Con­ federacy alm o st reached th^^ h a ir-pull ing stage in M emorial Confederate Hall,-Tfiear t h e D e p a rtm e n t of justice, yesterday afternoon* Shrieks ren t the air in th a t fashionable neighborhood and som e one called the police. .Private 'Baxter, a Negro, respond­ ed. H is appearance caused a fresh outbreak, and the irate women turned on him and ordered a quick retreat. H e escaped to the sidew alk. The thought of the audacity of the police in sending a Negro to restore order a t m eeting of th e D a u g h ters of Confedea-ate Soldiers diverted the women from th e im m e d ia te row a't hand which was of long standing due to an clcctidn of officers. PO E T ’S STONE I N ST. PAUL PA HK llkEA lH E H S ’ d EELGHT. M innehaha P a r k , St. Paul, has a poet’s stone dedicated -to t h e beauty- loving public. The stone Is the in ­ vention of a St. P a u l m an, George ■Luther Burr. Excelling Die old-tim e prism s, the poet’is stone enables the droamev looking through it to soe lakgii, hills, trees,. icIou.^s, sunsets, ji-ight-Ughted^ cities m o u n tains and valleys in theh* pwn «hap0', b « t painted in such -ool- ' prs as arti.stS- dream . I t has been So p laced and pivoted, f t •Minriehaha P a r k as to. enable viaitQ}.A to see through it the waterfaU, spray and nearby rocks- bfi-. B u rr wrotej in connection w ftb the poet’s stone, tho legend of p ik e ’s Peak, which, ac­ cording td present tentative plans, is to be perpetuated by the D a u g h ters of Colorado In a log cabin,, on a m o u n ­ tain trail, with l o u r poet’s s tone win­ dows. ' ' —rSt, P a u l Press. EreJglit Car WhU B e e r Can Bo SpW. . SyraoUse, N, Y., Doe, 4.— Local pro^ hibiton officials can seize and sefl through public auction a railroad; freight car \vbfch contained $5,000 -worth of beer found in the-NjSdV York C e n tral y a rds a t Dewitt, • H h ^ ^ s t a t e s Oom'miss|uner . Harvey N* Henderson inform e d itbf prphP»Itton entofpepiept office here Com W loner A lepderson declared the freight ear t o be liy the _ __ _ - _ ____ , same cliMfs at automobiles or hottt >|»ir 0 iwp m m imo ^ ■ plwntd. «o»WBtoar imuor «#4 REDiE PRICES PASSENGERCARS Swfettantidl Cuts M?ide ia All types Exc|pt Cpm^ial, Cars and Cli«is9^ , I / e 4 4 e r Announcem ent of a reduction-in the prices o f all Dodge Brothers Passenger Cars.jvas received today by the \G. AV. Case Company, local Dodge B rothers dealer, ^ ( The new prices arc pffocliv.j. M on-' day, December 1st. ’ ■ ■ ■ / The red-ucitions are csp'epially sharp op tho closed types. Tho ’Type $1245. Tbe Type B SedhP, M'hich form e rly sold f o r $125Q, f.o.l;.. Detroit, is now listed' at ^$109:5. There-, is also a reduction from S1035 lo - $995 in the list pi'ico -of the Busiuess, Coupe, Dodge B rothers Roadster, undfer\j;he new price,- v/Ul sell for $8 o 5 and the Touring Gar f o r $.$85. T h e • announcem .ent from Dodge B rothers also carried the inform a ­ tion th a t balloon, tir^s are standard equipm e n t on all pass»tng- 2 r cars. New prices on Special Type cars are .follows : Special Ptoadster, $0.33.00 Special Touring, $9S5.-.'o ./ Special b Coupe, $1005.00 Special. B Sedan, .$1133.00 Special/A Sedan, .^'LioO.oo The .special types carrv such cx- ,tra euxiipment as nickcknl radiator Shell, inofom eter,. front iin.l rear 'bumpers, body stripe, steel disc wheels, scuff plates, covJ lights,., a n d five balloon tires, \A n n o u n c e m ent of thv’'SO reductions provoked endless discitssmn throughr opt th e entire indfls^tW. T h e year 1924 has been the m o st successful ip Dodge B rothers history and it is no'vv evident th a t the factory is deter­ mined to establish an even raoro en­ viable record in 1925. Obviously, the ' m a rket for Dfid^o Brothoj’s M otor Cara will be broadened im m e asur­ ably by Die lower price?, particularly the closed car types. ' • ' . •SubSt'afltial ipiprovenioul-i in the appearance, tiding com fort iimj o’her Im p o rtant eonstrueiion and design. Plus 'th e car'u loK.g-stknd«ig reputation for ' d,ope.udKJ>hi perform - ance> were- peephnsiblo for the. g r e a t­ ly accelerated' dcman-d, d u ring . 1 924. F o r a num b e r of m o n ths ptoltiction ■^vas m aintained qoslflcptly a u a rale Close, to 3,oioo^ e d rs p(T j-ipy. Prices of Dodge Brothers Commer­ cial Cars and Ch.a^Be.s a re not aftectec} by the reduction^. b y H A R R Y B . H U N T I'flSA Soryied Writer XByASEHNGTON — Republican y/S senators oro much upset by the thought that W i l l i e M. Butler will be among them for the next four years. ^^hat the Jtepublican solons fear is that Bu^er is going to be vtry%ard to gfefe along with. ^ Whetliet* « j.not BaUer enteif the Senate as freddent Coolidge’s personal representative even more than as a representative <?f the state of Massachusetts, it is a fact that most of the o t h » eenators are sure to tht|iij4 he does. Indeed, those -who arO in the capital al­ ready say so,' tho’jgh somewhat dlicreetly, for It $o«n ’t pay them, to antagonize the administration. the present' R ^ h U c a n party management is entirely a Afferent management from the one -which caietedjbrfore the Cleye^ land c o n v c n t i^ ^ ^ A o ld ^ ----- — ■ ' —— ment was t h r ^ ^ out a t that time, spokesman, his ready access to a “ \ J . Katurally it «pr«»Ident Who is notoriously' Democrats, however, are : X, not the only ones who are dis- satistiedi Thdre ■ are hfossa* chusetts Bepuhlicans also who -would like a cbauoe against Butler in the primaries. The Eepuhlican senators, who would distinctly pro-' fer somebody else/ syinpathlze with An administration always wants various things done that Congress objects to. I f Butler tho ^ the administration’s representa­ tive, it will be his job to make its Wishes known to his fellow law­ makers and to do his best to get them acted on favorably. He knows as well As ahybody^^ their aflcction, it’s suspected, be won’t' try to, hUt WiU seek tg ac­ complish his pinrpof^ with a cFub- Heni h&v« the <duh-«n right- his national comihittet chsl$|pan- sbip, his prestige as an exce^on- ally s u c c e ^ u l campaign manager, his standing as W hite Hoijee Official Ri^nrns Show Smith Won Ovj^ ffooseYelt h j 108,561 »98,|4SBIimh Albany, Dec. 3rY-Out af a. total vote of g ^ 5 ,6 8 cast for Governor in thig state on 'No-vember 4, there Tvere 9'8,. 2 4-3 b lank, void and scattering ballots, •aocoj'ding to the official co-unt made today 'by trfe^State B o a rd of Canvas- , sers. Included am o n g th e scattering votes for G o v e rnor -were five for 'Wil­ liam H ayw ard, th ree for Andy GumiL and one ^ a c h for form e r Governor N a than L. M iller a n d Lieutenant-Gov­ ernor Lunn. The peak in the blank, void an d 's c a tterin g vote was reached o n 'th e proposition -where there were' l;101,438 such ballots. A lfred E, Smith,. Demi, carrying Al­ bany ;COunty and Ne-w York City, de­ feated Theodore- Roosevelt, Rep., for Governor by 108,^61, according to the official figures. The vote was. Smith, 1,6.27411; RooSevelt, 1,518,.- 550; Th omas .So c., . 99,178; Fasso nUQ, See,, Lab., 4,9'23; Cannon, 'W orkers’ Party, 7,613. Total, 3,3'55J18. The registi-ation last fall was 3,887,554. V, T he official canvass today credited Governor iSmith w ith a vote of -a-ce,- 941 in New F o r k City and Roosevelt •with 417,975'; Thomas, 44,iS:52; .blank’ voids and iscatterjng, .3S;2.61. The So­ cialist -v’ote in the s tate i-an from noth­ ing in H a m ilton, county to 17,689 in Kings county. ' Coolidge cari’ied New Y o rk s ta te by 8-69,262, today’s . m eeting disclosing tliat^ .Smith, -Roosevelt and LloyS George had ®ach x-eceivod one vote for President. Candidates for other state offices received the following vote; Lieuten^ ailt-Governor, L o w m a p ,. R ep., 1,526,7 849; Luhn, Dei-n. 1,430,321; blank, void and scattex-ing 247y.351, Secretary; of State, K napp, Rep., 1,- 530,763; H am ilton, Derri., 1,39'7,S04; blank, void and scattering 2'62,9'74. '<i Comptroller Mux-phy, Rep., I,5i24,- 670; Flem ing, D6m., I,36i2,0i92; blank, void and scattering 295,603. Treasurer, Pounds Rep., 1,-568,9.65, Shuler, Dem., 1,32 5,695; blank, void and-scattering, 296,221. Attorney 'General, Ottinger, iKe'p., 1,541,1'6'6; Sherman, .pem., 1,362,585: blank, void and'scattei-ing 281,410. State lE'ngineer and Surveyox’, Fxiioh, Rep., 1,5G3,5'89; LaDUj Dexn,, 1,.296,9-54; blank, void and scattei-ix-ig ai 35 ',S® 5 . ■ ’ . 1 ■ The State P a r k Bond issue v/as c a r - , ried .]}y a vote of 1,54.2,928 to 556,920, being favored in th ir ty counties, in­ cluding G reater Now York. ■ HARD TIM E FO B dBRORS W HEN JUSTICE M ISC/IRRIES , Ylib teeflg of kUpwle^ge estm no^ har%.- Ahd m a r W every month in the-^YW and if well eu lti-. , a t e f l j g l l produce |>Voatable cimps. . Holiday Suggestion Leatker Ooodls, Watfcrmatt Fottii. Iaiiif0&i, Pcifiiiiic Ga!4 Cfliitf acts, ?$^ume Atomlz- sfl, Vacm^m iotilss, Luacli Kitg, teof$, |)aiHs, Ivsiry Sets* SQUIRES P aiUfl STORE 76 PIKE STREET ■M none too politely, didn’t like it. I Most of the Republican senators, outside the ^progressives, were identified with the old mapage- .meut. Butler not only ia Identi­ fied with the new one, but, as nlitionai committee chaiVrsau, ' actually is head of ih Butler takes hla seat, too, under circumstances which his fellow ‘ senators regard with disfavor. ’ Senator Lodge^’ii term had more ’ than four years still - to run when I he died. Governor of Mwsa- I chusetts appointed Butler to fill out the whole;of It. He wm en­ titled to make the appointment but the .Democrats say he had_* right to nil the vacancy only umpo- rorily-T-uhtil h spedal . election ■* be‘,heid,Ai T b ^ ’4atsBd to try tp ioi iree one. TWO-YEAR S ^ J J v E 15NDED Lackawiinna ShonjiJfe^'Makc xlppiica- tioii for T h « ^ Old Jobs Sci;anton, Pa., Dec. 4.—A break Xh the twd-year-old strik e of -Lackaw'ap- na Hall-road shofliiien came yester­ day lyhen the m em b ers of the BPUer- m a k e rs’ Union voted to call t h e s trike off and -make applications for theii- old-places. (Qflxccr.s . of the Ij;nion'' stated .that they felt they w ere waging a losing battle and desired t V return to 'tyork without any sligm^. Approximately 100 boilex’makers afe involved. No action -was taJken by th e 2,500 other shop employes of the Lacka­ w a n n a here. The places of virtually all of the strikei's hava 1)®^^ filled foi* t long time, accordlngY n the railri. company. OANAl>x\ SlENDS M ticai ’ WHISKEY To V. S. Ottawa, Dec. 4 - - G a p a d a expoftod whiskey yaiped a t |4,7PO.pOo to the TTnited sta t e s fh :i9 2 4 , m6rj^ , than -aoublo th a t oxpoi|ed jii thelpre^iptlihg, SSrear, uccoftling tp ^the oifidiai gpVcVfl^ m e n t trade report m ade public yes­ terday*- • More than. 3 , 60 . 0,000 gaUohs. of aie and beer c r o s s ^ th e border, In tbe last 12 m d h tha. Aooor4|ng to th f - rc- “READ oua»< CJONGRESsjlHBf V4lsconsin R e im h itoin clfib liicludc.s ' All D e s e r t ^ bir CoolidS'C. Pshkoj’h. Wd8., Dt%. 4 :—Afl;eh read­ ing out Of thp PvGpUhHcan FaTtY Congressmen w h p shp^orted Senator La Foliette iq thg recOnt bieetion, the nwmbere of the s ix t h IflptHct Bepub- Ucan Club meetlhg here, adopted re»- mutiong mvitiflg «ln,nar ' dlubs to^a cult fbr most people to Mtabllsh close relations with or understhpd^ even. Armed with a club. Rutler has the reputation of a man who doesn’t hesitate to use it. In short, the Indications mw hE will step at once into a DosiUpn of leadership. He -won’t hear the leader’s title but i t is foreseen that-he may dis­ pute authority -i^th the senator who does, and perhaps do i t m we - or less successfully. Yet he’s a brand-new eenator. He didh’t become one by election. Even his right tp continue-beifig one I s questioned. In fact* an up­ start. as the dighifi^ old-timers Iflpk at it. The prospect of having to ' knuckle under to hbn is bitter. j PemocratR Spent $300,000 More than They Had Received tol Eelm-ont, yestei’day issued the fol- . xXew York, Dec. 4 r Jesse H. Jones, D |rectpr of' .Finance of th e Dem o - cx’atic'N a tional Comniittee at the H o ­ tel Eeln lowing; ■“\Press accounts from W ashington cov'Cfing the- D em o cratiq . N a tional Com mittee’s Repox’t ai-e '-soraewliat misleading. • -For insta.ix<;e, ilm contri­ bution o f 'J o h n D. R y a n w as $5,000 and not $55,000. Thom as' F. R y a n contributed 50,000 in two checks of $2-5,000 each. Mr. B a ruch’s contribu­ tion w a s $25,000, M r. M organtlm u ’s $23,500, 'Mr. G e iafd's $18,000,; Mr. Lehm an’s $10,00o and Mr. Shaver’s '$ 10 , 000 . The C a m p a ign. Committee spent money An^ inqux-red 'debts of nxorc th a n $l,-lOO,QOo an4 has a deficit of approxim ately $300,000.” : EETBRA n A^BC Y X ]^TED Sex-apJ-or, Dec. 4—r'W'oe be unto a- jux'Oi’ in Scranton ivheix justice m-is-- carries. ' Tony Sesso, sllieks o f-Scranton’s un- dcrWox'ld, shot and killed a 'man. He claimed self defense. The, police departm e n t of Sci-anton believed it wap wilful, prem e d itated mux’der, and prosecuted tlie case vig­ orously. ! _ ' *6n the jury w h ic h tried Ses.so was a. city police officer, and a m em b e r of' th e city fire departm e n t. These men were believed to be immxxne from a n y ; thp-ught of sym p a thy .for Sessb. They proved to be the .two -who insisted u p ­ on \a-equittal. Sesso Avas - acauitted and again roam s the streets of Scran-, ton,,; '■ ■ ■ T h e police officer -jvho voted fox’ quittal Avag givexi the ‘worst beat’ in Scranton city, and the beat farthest fi-oni, h is home. He v/as “balled oiit” by his chief and every officer of the- departm e n t. -He Avouid haxT been dxschax’ged. Avere it \irot th a t he is-'un­ der civil service rules. - - Tlxe city firem a n w ho voted-for Ac­ quittal was “hauled oyer the Coals’’ by his chief. Civil service also saved his job. \ • ■ The. f a ther of the city firem a n con­ ducts a salQon In Scranton. • T h e ’* p o­ lice aepai’tm e n t ordered a x-aid on Die ply.ee, and fifteen uniformed officers surrounded the saloon. They found a large quantity of. boos?e. The.^pro? iPrietor, .father of the firem a n who voted “not guilty”, was Placed under arre s t siid a term ixi jail. An# sA Ifc goes, iix Scrantdxi when justice m iscarries, - t a k e 3 ^TITGHES^ IN RDBATp? F l’jsou ^Surgeons Sa.A'c Life Convict; 'U l i o W as Stabbed. Moundsville, ’W. Y&,„ Dec. 3—A life convict a t th e W est 'Fii-ginia P e n iten­ tiary ig alive, due to. a surgical opera- tinn performed .by px;ison physicians in .which three stitches Were used to close a gash in his heart. . ^ . The convict, Roscoe Caidwelh a ne-. gx’o, w a s stabbei^ in tixe left chest w ith a pOir fSt scissors by .another convict and the, blade penetrated tht» lung and slashed-the h e a r t. T h e stabbing occurred six TOOhths^.^ago au d ’M o n iiay Galdv/eil' w a s disch'argGd fimm the hospital dntl returned to prison. qiean; y r , Dec, ,;4j — Leo deJohn. 32 , world -vY-ar Tcteran, Was a»pby 7 t- h . t - Morse o u t or sflipipug Boaxa. lated by gas trp in a plpejess gas sfovp in his room in thA R o ss,.block. O th- room ers detected th e fum e s and when fhq poUce broke Into dejp h n ’s a^ r tm e n t hla body, c%d In working ■Washington, -Dee, .i-LThe resigna­ tion Of H u n tington T. MblUe, Shipping Hoard and Enicrgency Fleet Corpora­ tion Director far Bnrope, \was. an- \ - S i M ....................................... BUSINE® OIRtHOltY : ' W A G O X t Airla AE-rO BODIXS. PBJNTISTI?, • ^ ATVpltNSITS AT X<AW. Room 4 Rooms 1-4 Hub- B«ner. Proo, SELL YOUR BUSINESS PROPERTY you to offiei*.? meola & meou MIDDLETOIVN, N. T. s^- New . Magazine Stand All S ciqq I ! Siippliies and Sta­ tionery.' Ice Creain Parlor Confectionery F. CALABRIA Cor. Pike and East Main St. GENERAL INSURANCE —^and— REAL ESTATE John C. Farnmn III uob I c IBik. _ I f l j FOR SALE TWO-FAWiy HOUSE Bn» Lecetiaii, Uptew- FOURJ^AMIIY HOUSE Oeod inveitmeat f repos^aar W. D.| McCOMBi AGENT ■ * l e # i l | j g e » » HUM«fwS*l«^ Enlnf* iifiei J i o s n n i ^ Aw.s(awiwiiU«( 'ifiiiiM i

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