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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, October 22, 1924, Image 7

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ATE UP GPASSH0RPKHS, f SO U, S, F«pT*;.CTS Washingrtoji. Oct, 2.0.— The United States Governmeoit ha§ formally rcv-r ognized useful foes of the gressnop- per, and will use every means to pro­ tect and, preserve him. The pennrt- ment cC Agriculture' announc^ed today that from <1,000 to 5.000 hirrts in Pondera Couniy, Montana, had de­ voured. most o f the hop-plng pe^ti^ this season. An o:fltlcia.l observer stu.tos great clouds of Pranhlin galls prey on grasshoppers in the alfalfa fields im­ mediately after the hav has been ta^eu off. The whole dock usually 'moves from place tp place. Aftei- it has -worked for a daj' oi- two In a field very few grassligppei's remain. Reclaim W r it in g P a p e r . A process for n'r!a5nup.v used vvrlh |Hg paper has imen naieuiefi by a Rer< man invemor. L i m NOTICES . f . w # p n o p o s m o x AihviBEii o > E STATE O'F hlEAV YORK Ollice of tiio Se<?i‘etax‘y of State Albany, September 15. 1924. Q?ursuant to the provisions of sec­ tion eighty of the Election Taw, the following proposition will be submit­ ted to the voters of this State for ap­ proval on November fourth^ nhieteen hundred and twenty-four.- Jam e s A. Ham ilton, Secretary cT State. CHAFTE ir 60:: An Act Making Provision for h'--su- ing Bonds to the Amouiit of Not to Exceed Fifteen Million Hollars for the Extension and improvement of Existing State parks and the Estab­ lishment Of New State Parks and Parkways in Order to Create a Comprehensive and unified State Park System for the Promotion of The Recreation, Instruction and Health of the People, and Providing for a Submission of the sam e to the People to be Voted Upon at the General Election -lo be Held in the Year Nineteen Hundred and Twen­ ty-Pour. Eecam^,.a law May- j,-i'Md. with the of the Governor. Passed, being present, of the Slat.' of New ;rr 5 itsente{l in Senate and A.s- “^M lbly do enact. a.s follows*. Section 1. There shall be issued, in the manner and at the times liere- inaftor recited, bonds of the state in an amount not to exceed fifteen vuH- - . dieui' dollars, which bonds shall bo .sold the state and the proceeds thereof pe':''- ■■ 'mi|L info the state treasurj', and ymtlC'h -thereof as may be neccssarily for the clsveiopmcid, im- provement and exlen.-3lt.-n el' state P - parks -teitliin the state of New York including the acquisition (>f laiid.s, ah\ for the establishment of a inufled state I>ark system a.s hereinafter p r o v id e d . Such bonds when issued shall I'C empt from taxation. § 2. The comptroller is hereby directed lo cause to be prepared tlxe bonds of the state to an amount noi to exceed tifteen million dollar? (515,000,000)., such bonds to bear in­ terest at the rate of not in e:<ces.s oi five per centum per aujium. which in­ terest shall be payable semi-ann-ually in the city of Now* IToi'k. Such bonrl'S, or .such portion thereof a.s ^ issued, shall be ssrial bonds payable in' equal annual iuatallmeats, the first of -which shall be payable one year after the date ,-of issue* and the last , of -which, shall be payable --at SUOll time as may be hereafter prescribsci by law. but not more years after the debt or fraction thereof, shall have been contracted. Such, bonds shall be sold for not les£t than par. The comptroller is ■ hereby charged -with the duty of selling- suet • bonds to the highest bidder after ad­ vertising tor a pex-iod of twenty- con­ secutive days, Sundays excCptcd. in at least two daily newspapers printef’ in the city of Nev/ York and one ir the city of Alban:-. Advcrtiseu'cnh shall contain a provision to the cdleci that the comptroller, in his disex-etiou may reject any or all bids made in pursuance of such advei-tisements. and. in the event of such- rejection the compti'oiler is authorized to read -i'ertlse for bids in the form aud man- XXer above described as xxxanivx tiixxe.--.. .a!- ill his judgment may bq necessary to effect a satisfactory sale, yajd bonds- shall be sold in such lots and at suci- tipies as may be required for the ixur- pose of nxaking partial or dual pay ments in accordance with tlu* pro visions of this act. The principal ano intexest on such bonds as the sane acefue shall be paid out of approrj priations rxiade therefor pux’suant to; law. § ' 2. The pfoce'eds of such bonds after appropriation or appropriations tlxe^efrom by the legislature shall be applicable to the development, im­ provement' and cxtefisxou of state parks within the state of New Vork, inclinin g the acquisition of iund?J or -wafeiis or both for the extciicion or establishment thereof, and for sur­ veys,examf nation of titles o.nd other xxecessary expenses xncideiihtl to the acquisition of such lands, n-s toliaws, provided that no part o f Ihc sum set aside' for the state forest preserve shall be use^fox’ any Ather purpose than for th e acquisition of la.nda with­ in tho forest preserve couuiies, which lauds if fidw ovmed -by tlie state uruler exietihgi lo-w, would be part of the forest preserve:, F o r .th e state-fofest pre-^. ^ servo. . ................................. , For the F a fi^des inter- - ata-ta park--. ..-p - . FVj' tbe AUejrattyi'atale -park ....................... .. ........ 2,000,000 For the New Voik state ros- ervation at Niagara. . . . 1 , 000,000 P'^or the Letch-trortli park. 500,000 For the parhi? and park- ■ W'c^^-s iji the Finger laU,c i’egion .............. .. ................. . 500,000 For ptudiway connections between the Bronx river pjtx-kwaj!- aud the briclg:' from Peelvskin to Bear • mountain in West.chestcr c o xxnty... - ....................... 1 . 1 ) 0 0.0 0 0 For the d(-*velopnmat of tx State pax'k system on Long Islaxxd .................. l,000,00n For'the developmouit and cxtensiQh of other sta.tc parks and the acquisi- t jQ-xx ' a.nc| dsv'elopxTxent of additional pa.x*ks5, in­ cluding the further de- vclopm-ent of tile ,state i-eservatioir at Saratog-a Springs, _ -the Tacoxxic parlc* aixd the paTk on the Tongue _ -jnoimtaiii loeninsukt at Jmke Georg-e ............ .. 500,01)0 § 4. The xixoneys for the state forest preserve shall be expended and hxnd,s acquired under the direction of the conservation commissioner bj' au'd with the advice axld CQnaetxt of the com m issioners of the laxid office. The moneys for the development, improve­ ment and extension of the -Palisades' Interstate park shall be expended aixd the laud.s shall be acquirotl by the coxxmxissionex’s of the Palisades .mtex’- slate park under the px-ovisions of chapter one hundred axul seveufy of the law^^ o f xxiue.tcen ‘ Ixuudrod, ftjnenrfed. Tim wpireys for the eXten. *ion pjj; .the AUe- Saixy state park expended by the coxhtnisBxonera or rx.o -M leW * state park moneys for the ok - tension, and improvement of the NeW reservation at Ni-Jgara shall be expended by th e Qommisslon. ere of that resm-vation. T h e ludnevs for the Bronx parkvl-ay ekteneiom. and connectlona shall be. spxp*^^^, W estchester county park Commission as the agexxt of the state, p-r otherwise xis tlxe lesislal-ure- may determine. The monies fox* the Lon» Island park system shall be expei)ded \by n. oopi-' mission constituted by-the legiisiaturoi to be known as the JAxng TfVand state park commission. The itioixeys for the extension and improvement of the Letchv.'ox-th park shall be expended by tlm American Scehic and Historic PreserYdtlon Society. The moneys for the extension and improvement or state parks in the Finger lake i-egion shall be expended by a commi8aio.n to bo constituted as . the leglslatur** may determine. The x-emalnlxxg moneys for other park extensions and for nexx^ parks, including th6 ful’thGr development o£ the state x-eservation at Saratoga Springs and Lake George park, shall be expended under the ’ direction of the conservation ooni\ mission, or otherwise as the legisla­ ture may determine. The loglsiafure m ay at any time hereafter provide that the moneys a.s to -w-hich it is. hereinbefore pi-ovidt-d that the ex- ptmditui-e .shall be made under the direction o f the respe-etive conimi.S- sionex’s, coraxrxissions or .societies in this section speciriecl, mo.y he expend­ ed by- 4 ,py other: etf-te 4*|>Ar£m«hC; board, com m issioners, .fcOJhluisskm, cr officer that it may J ^ c e p t as in this section oU^wifwf pro-vidod such lands n:ay be acqxih;:^ in such manner as the legialaturo inay pro- tide, which may be eitlmr by purr, •chase, by condemnation or by entry and a-ppropriatiou. Avith S3^missiD]i to the court of claims or- supreme dourt -for the determination -and award of damcxges .for such eixtry and^appro- -piiation,-or by one or inpre 6f such methods as t-ho ^I^islatiu-e xxxay pro- § 5. The moixeys abpropiated for the acqu-lstion'of lan^s^uncler this a>ct shall be available for t'hh?pa a t the i^pasuneui' purchase price Avlx^e -land.'^. system for Urn pVp.mqtjpn .■of, the ai’o acquired by rontr^dt or for pay- l^tehtsi of Judg-nxienta ancf aAv^rdo iin aftd lap. _ purchase by cbxxdemjiatioxa. Aloxieys appx-ppiatfd th<»^ uaqui^i- llon of foresi prcgqrvo' laiids..,anii gf. lands in tbo Allbgahy sstato park shalh also be avaxla'ble for'tlxe payments of^ judgmcxxtg and aw'-urdKIn Vaie of pro oeedings by entry apd appropiaiion. § 6. The ter-ni “lands’' as^^used in this act include-s the improvern.ents thereon. j UI .lands acquu-ed ub.der the state park system coxxtempla-ted by this \act shall be for the use of all tha people. § t ! _ This law -shall not take effect until it shall at a genei-al c I cct tioii have been subnxitted fb tlxe people aud haye received a majority of all the -votes cast' for and against it at sueli eloeUon; and . the .same’ ?:hall be submitted' to the people u.f this state at the general clPotrdh'^tTx 'be held In November, ninoleen hundred law and th e pro^ositibix . to bo submitted Shull be prlnteri thoreon' in substanti.%lly the fp-llqwiris form, ni^miriy: ••Shall cluCpter- (here insert the numbeT ,qf. the ehapter) 'of the la^'-S of nlhot^en hundred aud^ twenty.four ontltlod- “An .act m aking; ■ provision td r issuing? bonds to fhe: amount not t.o «;fcee4 hfleon mHiion apjlars for Ure extension axxd^' inx- provement of existing state Parks and the establishnient of new stute parks aud parkAVays 4n order to create ; a ecfmpr^ensive a n d nf v,.vi for a, abb.- , mission of the .samo Ibithe pe.Qple W..] bo voted, upon at the geu-eta), ^to be held in the year nineteen Run-; dred and. twenty-four, be approved?\: FOiftM a p «OBMi?SBOiN'OF PK<$- POSITlON NUMB'E'B creation, lixstruotton .and heaWi :thq p'eio*),I-e, and Providl ■ ■ V ^hich is JO marv4tohsly attuned that p ^ p l . thiroannualdawce ^^ Hebrew U » A i d i ^ y FREE FOX ^ W O ?o 1 “Shall 'Chapter -6 0;2, qf tim law:s o f • 1924, entitled ‘An a-^t making pro­ vision for issuing bonds to the amount of not lo exceed 515,OQO,Od9 ifor -thh extension and iutpr.Qyement of b a s t ­ ing state pax-ks and ib e establisbinoJit of new fitat-^ i^k s and .parkw-aya- Id ordGi- td.’iGrc^e-'at cbm^.mhe^^ .aii4 .unified state park syjtem for the pro­ motion Gf-the-xiMdea'ti'oji, instrucMon. ■ •and health of the peopl-e and- .prevdd.- i,ng for a-submission -of the eam-4' the people to b e v o t e d upon, a t -the geixeral election- • lo be held in the year 1924, be apprdved?” 4 ' 50,900,000 5,orUU,U0i> STYLES THAT LEAD THE WAT Fi^sMoaable Appart? 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