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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, October 07, 1924, Image 2

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V ' THE POW JERVIS UNION/PACaTyPO^lTJESDAY. OCTOBER 7 ; 1924^ M I L F Q R £) s - \ IIZATI Iffl PR IS iP ilD Loretta. Huisrhes' ’Walsh, spent last ? w « f]| in (Brooklyn, superintending tl^e ipoving of thfi^ furniture from their ^ Brooklyn hoipfe to an ap^rtm^nt they leased in /NeMr York. Mrs. Vys© and daugh,ti|r -Edith, former Milford residents, have a h apartment I'n t h e , ^ ^ ^ .s feahje bundling, a floor below that 1 Pittsburgh, ‘and the nokt ^ y the taken by Mrs. Hughes and' daughter, adult men's Bible classes of the Alle.- tit Higlb DivMon Has B^en M n Six-Year Ilii^ S cfaoqt federation ~of Pennsylvania Women, at ‘Philadelphia. Either October 15 ot; u he Will speak at SprantonTTyit^ \ a speech scheduled for -Erie. October 23 ; and one a t Johnstown. October 24 .October 2 5 - the governor ■ w ill ad- « ^ce^s the Board of Trade, Plffal'ini^eyW -nAvf #lav t.h-ft AETNOI LEGAL Pa®^4- te«t in typewritinsr. and' have heen awarded certificates Typewriter Com- ' course, which is a' re^^trcd study for girls of the Oftinipr and .‘an elective, for th^.Seninr . ^ 1 ^ Bchooj, is a new course for the ddWprd Hifeh SchpoA- - Only abf Senior School j girls haye failed to elect ih e course. ‘ . , Ohisaes p t ■ th e School hayp organized with thte foHoyfing . « 12^tl5 Qrade— President. Paul Wolfe; [^ic^-prekkcnt, -Loren Angle; Secre- ^ tary, 'ijntherine M ld^Ugh; Treasur- 4 «r,;‘Edith, Quinn; Sponsor, Mr. Bris- • 11th. €frade— ^President, Jack Jo- j i | 4 ‘Y i c | \President; Amos' Gregory; WUlicent wood; 'Rr^siirer, JbhhPiyderi Sponsor, Mr. JS^arkley. ■ roth , O iad^ P ^ e ^ d e n t, William ^uram frr 'Vice President, Peter Stro- yah; Secretary, and Treasurer, Clara MJ?s. Bristow. .?th Erank Sny- W i YA-e*'PrealdPht. Rpbert Stroyan; ^^ftfa-cy, ^pharles- P^rosr;. Treasurer. ® l ^ r i f e n n f t ,- sppnaftr,‘Mr. Klein. • • B?*»ld.ent Theodore K«.ih»i?;i^;crklar^ E«i;n«stine - Me Kit- '^^a^if'fer^ edrhelia Raymond. * s h y ^ h # €iii^:de.^ -Pi^sldent, Sidney _:^ce‘‘T^resdd.ent, Eliza- nhth Secretary, George-'Be- lots 11, 12 and .13 on the James C ..' .ford last week to see the removal of Rose property in W estfall tow n ship.! some furniture she had in storage f.Dated'Sept. 23, 19,24, 1 l^ere. W hile in town she stopped at A. F. Kramer. Treas., to Henry M. j the home of John Poillon. Weill, of New York, 412 acres 13-3 ! Mrs. J. C„ Price of Montclair, N. J., perches in Palmyra Township. -Dated', visited her Sister, Mrs. Hannah Roe, June 22, 19S22. ‘ I the early part of last - ““i- Herman Hendrickson et ux. to May H. Riis,' 63 acres S^perches in Lack- 19124. -Curtis D. Coykendall et ux. et al. to Norman B. Coykendall of Milford, | Mr. and lilrs. James Miller of Car- hondalcyPa. visited Mrs. J. H. Van Etteh the early part of last week an.d then motored to the Mettler farm in Sandyslon, N. j. to stay for a time 'with Mrs. MMler’s son, Benj. Mettler. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Kipp of Poughkee]^ie, N, Y. have been visit- ' Ing Mv. Kipp's mother on Broad street. Geo P. Van Wyck and wife re­ turned to their W a shington hom e last Wednesday. Mrs. X, P. Huddy is spending the week with Mrs. EiiU in East OJT^nge, N. J. Miss Ball and a fpipnd motor­ ed to Milford last Thursday and Mrs. Hiiddy returned to East lOrange with Miss Letitia Harsell came to Mil- ghehy county, in the afternoon, add the Roosevelt memorial meeting in th'e evening, both in Pittsburgh. The tour will conclude AvSth- a speech on -the evening of October 27, the dedication of the Roosevelt Junior -High School, (Philadelphia- Alphoug lEensley et ux. to James ' Wednesday Mrs. Price,^ Mrs. Roe, (M. -Bensley, Jr., interi siihpdi>;a'^meiiibfr of' the Gen-: dtd^.bi'fapl»tiQ». ■ ~' TOe«fblTowipk have heew or- fph i^24>-lV25: Boy' Scouts,r Jbu|Siallsmj Dramatic, Art, Bibrary, (br^J^tra,^ \and-Radio.' ^ c h club is- s^onSored by a meniber of the faculty, f^cK-outlines a dMlnfte programf ^^fblldw: The first- edition • of the School’s, appeared Sep- tpirther 19th-- Paul Wdlfp ia th^ Edi­ tor in Chief. and ^ r o l d Clsem ^ the Mapf^ing “Edlip?. - ■ ' . ’P « ( . ' ^ 9 ipr Hijsh School division okthe..M ifford Hldh Schaohhas beefi ot|lcla>ly -recognized . by the S^tate D ^ a ttm e n t. ‘The hikh schdol isThow o j ^ ially classed' aa a Six*:Tear Higd This classification has been iiir^ed: hy~the. addition of the Prac­ tic a l A r ts' Courses to the curriculum, o r Orades^ 7-8-9?, by the establish­ m ent .of a standard course for th^ Junior. Htgh School, and by the ac-, lion taken by th e board; whereby they axi td take steps in fembdelinSr the present building to fit t h e need4 ojt.th e schook W hen the Depart- ms^nt‘of .School B u ild in g m an effort to find' a suitable solution for the ftoue'iny-* of- the schooL th e Depart­ m ent gave its approval to th e schooV li7 perches in Lehman township. Dieted April 2, 19,0JT.^ ,Mary 'J, McKean hus tg Peter B. Hans'enr 20-8'39 a<i. ft. .of land in Sho- hola Twp. Apollonia -Kress to Arthur Vander- mark, Lpt on W ater Street 50x25$. Comnionwealfch of Pennsylvania to. Eilzaheth -W. Pharo 22- acres 122 nerches ifi Twp. ------- CTMTBAWES Mks. >obn E. Aimer . One, o f tne saddest deaths that haa occurred in -Milford for a long tiine was ‘t^£^t of E'isi? Heil-emann Aimer, w^o' diod Sunday morning at one o’clock from, complications following the. birtfi of a daiighter af the Deer- park San,ira.rium four wgeks ago. Mfs- Aimer, returned to her home 0,1^ George .street a week ago last Saturday, accompanied -^by a nurse, and was,^conYalescin|:.when on Fri­ day, she W idep'tally on the -fiopr of hei’ bedrooih and fell causing a relapse and. shock from which- she ,4ifed to raiiy. JVfrs, Aimer was the dau&hter of .Mr.‘and Mrs. WiUmm G. -Heileman.n, £^nd was born in -Brooklyn thirty-five years, ago. When sfie was abtrtit slx- -teen; years old her father purchased a farm nn, th f Milfoxd, turnpike and 'brought his family to Pi'k^ County. -There she lived until her marriage to ’John Aimer, of- Milford-, seven years agp. Mrs, Aimer was- an actiye member of the MTethodist; church, for several years and \\p to the time of her death, she was president of the ladies aid aociejty and most efficient in the co.u- duct of its lovely unspifish character,, beloved b y ' a circle of friends, her. death cam® aLchock to the comfijunity, whose .sympathies' were stirred, to an unusual', difpth by, the sad’ circumstances gf hpr passing. It was just'tw o years ago thatsiVfr. eet in 29 , .acres ’ Mrs. Virginia Baker and Mrs. Eliza- Cantrabs^ers’ Gkrk James^ lielbir; Get* Notice From Stale to that Eifect PinchotW tH MaJee 9 Speeches on State Tour and Mrs. -Heileman lost their only; son at t h e 'a s g of thlrty-tWo witTh'tfie; loss of their ^hu.shter, their op.^. re­ maining child,- tfieir grief sgems al-; ^ most mpr© thap t h ^ pan . J ^gath^^^ wa's PuneraJ se^ y ices-^ ii h? , -' feared would devekm into mastoi- the late hom? Mm- Aimer, on ■ riooTc-B-'isfcrftet at o’clock On pWed- on The atrenfth thaf adequate facili-: tie»; would be provided In*'the near future. . ■ The Milford High School- is one of the .smallest scfiobls of th e Mate if not .the s.maUest, To' earn tficpshitlon as' ,a'.six-Year H igh SChooh l^ v . boivio: Speaics a t -AseemMy .On. W ednesday.-Oct. T, Rav. Bev. j(^.lvin and Rev. Jerow visited; the school. Rev Jerow enter­ tained ns by selections on the piano, accompanied by th e school'’ pupils. Rev. Cohdu- gave a very entertaining and ■appfhprmte. speech and RoV. E l i o t t ’led us in,a short prayer. j/ThUifollowing estate transfers in Etke’Gbxm-ty kkye been entered, for recdi^.fmrthe w October 6; ‘ smith, Jr.,, et ux to Thomas' E t Campbell et al- of Carb’ondale, Ra. M&W .to Bdsar o i .Rort .*Jcp;is, lot J0& In „ '(Dated Sept. 23.* 19 2 A iSralth'et ux to ^eorge lYhA^fV.'si: aer^ I n L^hmau township. 13, pass.. * . \H. Litts to DurUng Whit^ tak#,;'L -3/acre tn Lehman township et ijx. to Bari - property in Mata-. m or^.v Dated Sept. 23, 1%24, BMomon JM* St«w»rt, «t ux- to. SEUr- ^ t h i W . I^haro et al, o f Hfiverford, townuWp- \\■'■‘Yai ^ o r g e ’btreefe at 2:30 neaday affernOon. Interment will be made in, the MBfurd cemetety.' rRwhl%knoI Survey P(^nme4 by State: . Surveys of typicak rHV^VA communi- Ties throughout- Pennsylvania with, the Idea bi aM4i.hLn^ facts relaUng To coh^lilans in these combthflitie.^ 'as they- effegt educational peecla and Tesourpj^s will b f made by the com- (mlttee'receptly-apppmted to study rural education:: conditions. , The committee is being directed in Uts woi'k -by Ernest Bbrnhahi, of Ha-lapiazoo, Mich. ■The committee- organized by select­ in g Dr: 'Lee L. Driver, director of rural education ip the st^te d,epart- iment, as\ chairman and prof-. H. S. JPstrkinfon, chief of the department L o f rural edu'eation, Reunsyl.vania jiState College, as secretary- ^ ’^ e s committee will be assisted in ■Its au,rv«ys. by county superinten- 'dents. Oh the basis of tha findiugs. ^recomendatlons will be made with the purpose qf. producing maximum educational, efiiciency in the rural (districts. ‘ - ' ' . . !y<ni r - ------- B ir^ h n ji^ lM W D n y T p |^ ‘< ^ le Jb er ^ Friday, lOctoben 24, w as de«ti«nated ;a.s (piir^ and 4 ^bor d V ' pm ciama- rtifop' by Governor f'lhbhqh- annouhCtd at -the executive offtce today* P He asked that the , duty ‘-‘be AP- p.POP^tft^,Pb^fr;«e<L.tbrUPu\ the eb“ - imopwe^ltb. by-RltpUp« trees, observ- ^Int 'antf et:u<lyin» th* * b M s • and ;«ft^h.oAher tdewt^pdini^^pd ni^ipA'^cWlou o f our ’bird*. t « e . a i ^ l o r ^ . rnmsmm John q , ETigwfey haa p p r e h ^ d a, \ » r , beth Armstrong had a reunion din­ ner at Hotel -Fauchere. In the after­ noon Mrs. -Price attended the mission- ery meeting at the home of Miss Hul- dah Bull, at which Mrs. Frank «Ed- gingto'n gave one of her interesting H. J. Dynes and Mrs, Dynes are spending the week in New York where Mr. Dynes in attending the World Series. Sheriff Emmiett V. Steele left Nev/ York on Sunday to take in the New York games of the World Series. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eddington and Miss Biddis closed their summer home here last Thursday and started for their Washington home by auto­ mobile. F. J. Herbst is building a large ad­ dition on the rear of the Klein prop­ erty purchased by him, and expects to have one of the most up-to-date and thoroughly equipped drugstores in this part of the state. Mrs. Bertha Armbuster, of 'Bloom­ ing Grove is conifined to her home by an injury to her knee caused by a Lewis Gregory’s family ni-oved to Dunmore., T*a. last W^e^nesday, th*eir household furniture being taken in trucks by John 'H. Ryd€i’ and son, A daughter Avas born to Mr, and Mrs. Ketchium M. Depuy at their home on h:igh street last Wednesday morping.' A reception to Re,v. and Mrs. G. S. Aldridge will be held in the Parislr House of the Episcopal Church on Friday evening, at 8 o’ clock. R. McCulIum, manager of the A. & P store has asked us tp contradict the report that be has rented the stpro and dwelling of E. Kyte. !Mr. McCollum says such a thing never entered his head and he is entirely unable tc^ understand how such a report was circulated. Mr. McCol­ lu m came from Goshen and. perhaps^ had not lived in a small town before. Chai'les Foster took his seven year old daughter, Lelia,i to New York last Friday to the Eye and Ear Hos­ pital for ah examination. Delia had feared ivould develop into mastoi­ ditis. Mrs. W inifred Bournique in visit­ ing her sister, Mrs. Gus DeBerhle in Port Jervis. (Mrs. J. H. Van Etten and Mrs. Dora Kanoiuse Jones motored to Sus- ■ sex-Sunday with, X. P. Huddy, and, re­ visited the scenes of their childhood- : In these. d.ays Sussex was knoivn Deckertown and Rev. peter Kanopse, father of Mrs. YanEtten and Mrs. - Jones, Ayas_-the pastor of thg Pres- • byteri.an church. . Mls-s Guyonnet, of New York, who , rjic.ently r^'turned from three months ■ spent in Par‘isj'\spent the week-end ' AVUh her parents residing on -George sti*eet. Harrisburg,—Nine ' speeches in various sections of the state are In­ cluded in^the revised itinerary -of Governor PinChot’s- s p i k i n g tour of -Pennsylvania. The governor’s original itinery called ‘for more than seventy-five speeches with a visit every county in the state, but changes were necessita.ted by the throat op­ eration he underwent In a New York hospital, two weeks ago. r The governor will deliver the first address of the nine at Lancaster, October 13, and^the next evening will speak to the convention of the State jail Avas mentioned as needing im ­ provement. At the Court House there Avili be prominent speakers to discuss the party issues. RepabU<|Bi-n Meetlnye. A ‘Republican meeting was held at the home of Prothonotary Bonn Fri-i day evening, at which Edward 'L. Banks, chairman of the toAvn. com­ m ittee presided. .\i*lans for the camr paign were discussed, and it Avas de­ cided to divide the town into districts for a personal canvas. . Ho hum! : shooting our glas.q dressing rooms. This Chinese war alphabet for a row < -Jam.es Heller, clerk to the countV commissioners, last AA'eek received of­ ficial notice from Clyde L. King, sec­ retary of the Comnnwealth, that the Absent Voters Act of May 23, 21, is unconstitutional, having been so de^ dared b y the supreme court of the state, -January term,. 1924, in affirming decision of the” Lancaster county In the communication from Secre­ tary King county commissioners are directed to give no further considera­ tion to the provisions of the act. This means that qualified voters at the. coming Novem b er. election can only cast their votes by appearing at the polls. The act, declared uncon- -stitdtional, had permitted absent vot­ ers to mail their -ballots to the coun­ ty comm.issloners. Ncvv Postmistress at Egypt IVDllsji Edith -S. Cortright has been ap­ pointed postmistress at Egypt Mills, Pike County, succeeding Eugene W. Mack. La Fayette’s BJg EntollineMfe . The registration of students at La­ fayette college, Easton, -lias reached the 960 marie and the question of building more dormities is now being considered. In the e&timat’.on of the college authorities this cannot be avoided much longer. ..Shade? of Borne! A London warehouseman, several, Of whose AA‘atchdogn have been stolen, is noAv using geese, as watcJnlogs. W W T E ' A s f c io a ^ r : VnRE PREVENTION ' SLOGAN CONTEST No,r *»r 3rd Prize . ................... ifO O - ACT - AT q^CE Foe- full p^rtiewhirs see, Phque, ... FREN’K D. FOiLER REAL ES-TATE INSURAINCE 89 Pike St. . . ’Phone 47-J «Youv Physlcln.n on lusurnn.ee” THIS IRtgHT BilBYGIBl Brouglit Joy to Homew Mrs. Pricers Hc^^hh Restore4 by Lydia E. Pinkham^ Vege- table Compound Scootac,Psi.— “ inevet felt like work­ ing, nna when I try to do any ------------------ drag around all day long- At times I would have terrible pains and would be Ribed three or four cs. I was in this ..jdition about a (V e g e t a b l e C-om- ^ u t i d advertised:'in Pasting of Ancient Custom. The agerold ciistoin of tile Japaness ol sitting doiyn b n their folded Tegi on a eushlpn br mattress is going out of fashion, All th^rJSchools are’using chairs and benches of the western sj:yle. PubUc gathering places now have benebeSi even the Buddhist tem­ ples, and Jo many families, w e are tol:^ chairs and tab l^ sire in regular use-; Y E S H TH IS IS C G N G O L E U M W E E K Rugs Y a rd G o o d s . R u g B o rd e r AH so ld a t a sto n ish in g ly lo w P laces W M - H JO R T H , 167 Pike S tre e t heard different wbl _ for women’s troubles, and my atunt. thought ■t i would help me as it had helped her. e r . , So I,toojk took -egetable ^ , - t)omwtpi-nnd it brought ‘th m p right, and I was in_good shape before I b< th my other tha rouid help me as it had helped h So I, the V ---- -J _:.j Jo. '--ought‘things right, tape before I became again. , \ believe it helps at as with both my other babies ‘ more than wi1 a thousand tiifli dicine has done me. our hpme a happy iber ’ T P rice ,‘Sebotae, laven, P&. -, n a recent country-wide canvass of purchasers of Lydia B. Pinkham’s Veg­ etable Compound;, 98 out of every 100 report -Ihey were benefited by its use* VUC;* 7—ATAA-O.. via liockhaven, P&. . :duntry--mde ci IT ’S T H E END, T H E FIN ISH ! 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Delegations Avere present I from Mill Rift, Matamoras Mrs. piiiichot fii'st took her eueats on a walk to SaAvklH Falls, on, tb© -Pinchot estate. The falls after the heavy rain were beaiutlful. Mrs. X, F.’ Huddy, chairman of the Milford committee, presided at the; meeting. It was deeified to: hold a public meeting' at the Court H o ur © some time %fter the tenth of October^ Mrs. Plnehoit having e it g ^ in e n t s ujx to that date. A special effort w ill he made to get out t h e vote ’in ember and a hoifse to housa gunva*^ ,wiu he mad^ tp ipfg# wotnen tn eom* to the pou» on electlpu <^y. At th© eonclueloii o f the ! ntfeting, Jtandwiche^ Ice OTMili ««#{ o^UowK^ Some 4ipenM|( •pteW B it d f Uf W n rk R ^ ts That were made |5y Rea^ng Woollen Mills. The hind that will' hot; show wear easily. The materials are all good, and- the workmanship is excellent. Belt loops, buttbii-down flaps, cuffs, etc.. Plenty of wear in every pair; and on sale at ' DreNNSilrts Merchaindise that YOU would be .pypud .ta own--^alid wear, aiid at a truly femarkabhs saving! tom e in and sec jaiesc. ^ e do not believe' that you can duplicate ffiem under $2.50, and tliey would'be cheap at that. Sale price $ ! . * » Neckwear Some of the prettiest patterns that have ever come into Port Jervis. Neckwear that brings $ 1.00 regularly. Silk, and silk and wool mix­ tures. If you will take our tip, you will buy several of these ties NOW. They will make fine, gifts~~later— and you will save hand- s.omel 5 ^ .Safe- - etc H a tg — F o r F aH lection herejbecause they are all mighty g o ^ numbers and the price is far beloiV their ac­ tual worth. On Sale $2.49 ^uits aiui Overcoats At reductions that are de^-down. This is < real opRortWty-^and REAL; dppoft^^ are rather scarce in this day and Age. i^r- ments that are |Jesigned ^tp- please you in ev­ ery w^y—~g 3 itment* diat were built by master craftsmen. 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