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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, September 11, 1924, Image 4

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l i THgroMjraVBa»ei s s t t S I ' ^ & a a s O. Cooley - AdTertislaif: M»n»s«r ^ BtbieThoi%bl iFor Today- i!i K W IZ Pofonsa Pay §how« irc.- 4 -Ps^lm 95 : 6 , KEPUBMCAIT XO^ftSfAiiOJSS For President ci-LVIj COCiJLiBaE “ la^a-chusetts :. Of Ma&''a.chusetts For Vfce-Presldent ■ ' CH>^ziLES G. I>AWES Of'Illinois. ' % POMirTED WATFR I ^ _ Aij^V ei^gineers throughout the country havre’ *been ordered to jnvesti. jgate -'tije pollution of navigable war ters, lender o.n act of the last C’on- gress.-r Their main interest is in tiie intorfei'encO with navigation and dshing catised by oil pollution, from oil-burhing vessels and other causes; but they will extend their inquiri-^l to- Cover all possible sources of pol- lutoioh, including sewage and facto.'-y w^ste. This is an extremely valuable piece ■of • -tt’orlt. It should be. done thor­ oughly and proxtiptly, and its fiadln.g.s mg-de’available for use in federal, state‘and iriuni'Cipal legislation, in or- ifroi der tp protect the seashores, lakes 7 - 'Wih! ■ Sind ^treanns of the ‘country from an ' jg e-ver-^-o-wing e\dl. Jt concerns not story? Atjswei-s tQ ITcstci'Oity’s fKWIz 1 . Lethal means de{tdly PQl^pn; poisonotis, as a deatU pot-l'in. 2 . Jloclianrbeau ii-as a Frencli soldier and inqrslml who copimanded the Frpneh allies during tlip Amari' can Eeyqjutiop, The expression' *'t?ec line l£ founded bn the habit of the bee, t.vhich goes straight to the hive, tak­ ing th,e shortest distauce between two ■points for its ctrurse. i. ^,oger ■\Yillia-ins founded I^hodc Island.'^ ' 5 , .The Severn ja the longest tun­ nel in‘England.. It is four aucl one half miles long.' 6 . Ailteaian wells are so dolled fuom the old country of Ai’tois fEat- in, 4 rtp.sia> now ptil-t of France, oldest Avelil in Europe was Writes Special IMcssnce. An iu'ticie written by iMaj.TGen, L. J-Encs, .deputy chiefrof-staff for the*^ American Defense Society, gives a lu­ cid statcniient of what -Defense' Test P*ay is: The Naftion is alt present preparing- for the “Pefen'se Test’ which will take place op*ISepteinber l» 2 ’fh. The na­ tional Crbrcrnahont through, its own agencieg and thrpugh tlio States, is now engaged in preseiiting to the puBtr- lic inforipation as, to-.the character and meahing of tlils dvent^. -Of -na­ tional scope and Import, it is a sru'b- -iect -which «I}OMld’ engage the p^atrio- tic consider^on . o f every Axixefi \— N 3 EW ■ A ijg -P sta y^EAPS . ‘i i E ^ gpHaa c o a p p y ^ Angysta Wnpojt,’,^ Jt k w ^ m m i! B S 9 6 ; ag- whei-e the bored in 11 : 36 . 7 . Australia -VN-^as formerly called Ife-w Holland. 8 . \John Barleycorn’', is a person­ ification of' barlej' or malt liquor, used in humorous effusions* by Rob­ ert Burns. ■ 9 . Edward Bok created the Am­ erican Peace Award, offering to the author of the best practicable, plan by which the IT. S, might cooperate mtli other nations. looking toward the prevention* of war, $ 100 , 000 . 10 . tBaugk'Ok is th.e chief port of the plana and provisions mainiaining it's integrity against gression in the event of an emergency, Our country has al-vvays relied phief- ly for its defense up'on'the readiness of its patriotic niaphood to take up arms wheix tipcessity demanded, ‘Tn ■ the iMational Defense Act of J 9.20 OQng-re.ss enacted a law requiring the formulatidu of plans to carry Into effect the Constitutional provisions for the common defense. Pursuant to this laiv, plans are being dmifeed whereby the readiness of the Nation’s manhood may be efflcloutiy-and intel-^ ligently maintained.* The ‘-Defense | Test’ marks a step in the process of making known to th;e,Nation the character and significance of these plans. \V& have no need as a nation iilit£ to cQuceall They have plans are n^ot secrei mizsitlon New iQuestioiis w many peraoui me in all States? 3 . Hbw many per in aecidehts in 1932 3 . In what ; rate.s i raons were killed . ear w a s B o n g I&Uand geund frpzen over? 4 . When and by whom wa.s the U. S. steel Corporation organized? tyiio discovered the Tubercu- gerni ? H o w fa r ’i.s th,e city o f Q uebec N. Y. C.? lat is th e atom ic. AveigliL of \Ro-biuson C r u soe” o. true our orgaiuzsitlon and : our system of National Defense rt quiro the cooperation of communities and the voluntary action of indiividual citizens. (Behind this there must be eUigent -wbeiTb -w-heiTby fuIfllJed. (Behind this there must be comprehension of the ob- of'Citizenship, apd the means those obligations are to bo t'hcrefor, ' - . - organization and the plans formulatetl since the World sd upon its less only pa-vigation and ./ishing large part of the nation’s water sup­ ply., ' ' . , ; . Such effort should no.t be confined t (0 navigable waters, Although the iarmy-'engineer.s- are subject to that limitation. Ahnost . everywhert. tUnre are rivers, creeks, brooks ami Lakes that are used , by the local comviuini- ties Tor boating,, swimming, fisuiug and : drinldng water. Community health depends as much on thd pu-rity of that water as oiV any other factor. Is allowed 10 , What queen brougb! of thp cross into Scotland? is true that Indians are not to vote in some statc.s? i.een brought a portion HAYSEED without While .$ 50 ,QUO mid $ 25,000 Tviz'es ai-e being awarded for l>e.st. plaji.-! to .e»er-CTo™g danse.- of cottlaouo,. ^ a Um.T Sevopom l.on.;OT owease germs Or oaem.cala ^ ^ the W tlnsr, enaanpnne the pubUc hemtli. . a.Kl It I3 on!)'ja fl-icstio.. Qf wiousl, “E-ye^y state and every county and rain Jto end tho battle altogether. city lidjight to have its own iaquiry, . - D » -b ♦ that 127 \Wives asked tiieir husbands V it a s b n e s f o b c 3 nu>Bt;.v ■ t’Tl.'r-' y<--<;™ m «■’ f >/ ______ jCe-hf'Ofnia where earthquakes- aoiriQ. jCe-hf'Ofnia where earthquakes- times occurred. lYe cannot give the The,Journal of the American Med. .ical Association tells of a small .child « « « \thral'gu t o f mduT- | „ \iJhte\ W at senoe .-ol Imr parents aim had be-n. 3 (S 0 - a t Oa, «<|oa,.o, at tho D e tw a e Day 'oxcrcisos. . “Wilson, That’s All,” used to be a slogan. Just at present in Orange C/QUiity it is “Wilson ..and some lieu io n .” al defense- orgaTiization, and of the Plans \wlitch the W’^ar Department has laid do-wn in gecordanco with tho lasw. •Qur present peace-time military svstcan is essentially different from Biat whiich we had before the World W ai*. Then ^ire had a- Regula Army tt*oo mnall to be used -nd a National Guard tha-L e epardte State organizations in}ty as a whole. -The Nation founu .on April 6 , 1917 ( , tluvt the kind o.f an army wo peeded -was not in existence at all. have remedied that im-^ possible situatiion by molding the Regular Army, the National Guard, «nd the -Organized ResorVe.s into tho fen.se pf hojne and co “There are incorporated in the Armv of the United States the organ- izaiUon« which took pai't in the World. \Aar. fbr they t-epreceht our emer­ gency needs. They larp distributed over the United ‘ States .accordling to popiila-tl-on. and as nearly a.s (possible are as-signed to the. .same regions from win'eb their members c-amo In h 917 Id 19 ! 1 S, ‘ )n. each certain units of the Ar] ted BtaLtes. They'bclongt-o the-com­ ity In the same sense that, its the units )f bricks © oylston ‘ “Ge-rtrude: fthe ■ 'A f f e c ted' clubw om an yi'ho iig:orat-|ye|y ‘fb f e led . liu^bapdA With .the aUiU of;a big tim e y a u d e v illj’ perform e r and''>wriggled out of ,em' barraasing sitUfitiOhs' like a H o u d lni .discslidhig prim itive th e yiya-ci-ous cehWf of “M eet the W ife”', a Idlariops; 'epnmdy by Dyhn ^avllpg, -wkli ap intricate 3plot,; -![y-lii!Bh ■w’a s presented to a iatge*-audience in \Kc Nmv T h e a tre on W e d n e sday night. \iMlss Boylstoja. -ig by no m e a n s th e only capable mmub'e^’* d r i h e cast, but the plot gives her an opportunity to p-resent an exaggex-hted type wliicU holds m a n y •acccp'te'd* possibilities-- f o r am u s ing presentation, Misfe BoylsiEdfl takes \the p a r t of t h e tw ice— o r better, doubly— m a rried -w|^fb of H a rvey Den-, n’ox (D o n a ld Gampibell) and wMpw of Philip Bella-my X M e ^ e n g er BoUis) w h e n the action opeijs, .She is dlso tho m o ther of Doris . Bellamy- ((Hoipn \U'est) wlm is loved ' b v 'Gregory Brown, a no.w.spaper reporter. In tljP first act Mi-s. Dennox desires t h a t her daughter-Shall mn-rx'-y^yictof StaiiptOn ('Byiuxc .Ben-y), scionthe .fii'st fam - _ ily of the nci-^Xibeudioo'd, wbnso,reSP-vd \ for Doris is e-\'idently based upoix thp fqrLun'O w illed to her. 'It cloA'oIops Uiat Philip ttiord, a oolo))rity \who visits 'the Lonn'px home, is G e rtrude Uennox’s first husband, : .who, years ago chose t h e confusdon of the Saut iFra'iioiKC-o earthquake to* es- j cape from his wife t h a t lie m ight In­ dulge his desire * to -n’rite. 'Mr. Bel- . la.my’s retunx is opportune. T h rough hip inteiwc-n.tipn ip ' episodes -wliieli provide m u c h , of the luixtior of the* plot, t h e dism issal of V ictor Bt$%nton, -pixo really never seriously .threatens M r. 'Brown’s conque^, xs accom p lish­ ed. Dox’^s and G regory are uiiited. , ' j \tMr. Bellam y tactfu lly escapes hjs * wife, and H a rvey Lenn.ox is left to li^'o ip thp hope t h a t an o th e r e a r th ­ quake m ay ,give hixn \an opportunity, to\ follow Bellam y ’s\ vxaxnnle. There a r c a m u llltudo of' funny .situations, ‘b u t perhaps tlxe best shotvs M rs. Len- no^\'’.s v.'illinguess to* posse.«-\s either, of he> tw o husbands. , T h e re are two , ^ other cliai-£iclei*.s- • in th e pla-y— AiHce, ^ ilic mhld, (Irm a Zucca) and W illiam , tl\o butlc- 1 % (IRobert, G a rrison )i ■Directed in th e ■fjgliL ch a n n e ls a l ­ m o s t any dPbutautbV. it-fCoi-t' to b e populaf?- would* S’f-V ” -, . Pa., writesi “I. had aulE«rlng h'ltii my lafliieysAhd noHiiiii: i-c.C'med to touch th e am iing ^pot uptj} I , cured FOiDDX P-lJAtS, witix iyxi 7 ^d.ei<- -ful results.’’ 'F6DEY BlDLs; a diu­ retic stlixipiant for the kidneys, g e n t­ ly and thorouglily tlush, .and cleai-ipe- the kidneys, and h e lp to elim inate poisonous w a ste m a tter. Try a bot­ tle today^and -you will b e Well pleas­ ed -svith the veiief obtained. T h e use of F O i SSY' PIDLS ixicreasfi kidney ac- 'tivity.— QUlck’s D rug Store, .Qx-ange. 'Square.-r-Adv. . ‘ • ^ 6ye.ji Bioiiday, 15 W f.lli.ll ■.l-l,.l i.,.- ■ - T FlJHMIE&f SHOW OH EARTH '• N' / If. ;c. L U T t : N t ' X ' . t D l T I O N SI^RK P l i l i For Sale a| Quick's Drug Store .L ' V , ' MAtlNEE, Aadu SOc; ChiUrsn 25c .® EViNINGi—?Sc, $0c; 8Sc; I L lO ^ e a t Sale Friday SQUIRES’ Cider Preservative, Qjie package keeps jjafrcl of dder sweet and wholesoipe. IRH-UBUCANS!! SQDIRES and 19118 , As a result of this alloca­ tion. each comindn-ity xioav -contains ;s of the Army of the Uxil- axerrpitted to follow her own - iuelir.- atioiis* in i-egax'd to food.\ By the time the doctor xvas called tlm chikPs legs -were soi*e and she could not ■walk. ■ This xvas her accustomed dietaiT; “Tlxe child ^consumed 3 % pints of comiiiercially*pasteurized milk daily by bottle, never by glass; in addition she a-i'e ice cream cones, often twice j daily, crackers, cake, muffins, not ^ a k e s with syrup and candy^ and on rare bcoasions a meat broth or .so-ap, mad\e-without vegetables, which she - disliked.” Ferhaps this is an extreme trase of foolish feeding. Yet day after day ■one sees on tho streets or in the parks' pale, anemic little Avi-etches nibbling ico cream cones or all-day( fjuckers when they ought to he get­ ting orange juice and fresh spinae-li and buttered carro-ts and *whole'’ wheat toast instead. A n d h a r d e s t to \undex*s.tand is th e umvillingness of polish parenig- to pay.tiie price for the best miU-:. Cft*- tified raw milk costs more, than pas- teuri^d milk because it is harder to Icee^A it is necessary for small chilAi’fn' tho difference in price at tho eixd of the week, amounts to less/'^han ■ the , cost of some of the silly 'lliings purchased by these same parents without a thoug]it of r ric->. Mere quantity of food is far from being the only thius* needed by a chJldV 'ThoFe curious and preclons sub^nces called “vitaraines” ore all- Impoptant if tlxe child is to be well . and\'maixitain a xxormai .growth and health. They p.re ^present in I'ci-w xnilfc.^and fresji buttex-, in fresh vege- , tables and fruits. 1 Undoubtedly it is more trouble for a busy m&ther 'to -prepare vegetables than h o buy ice cream cones. But , q,lpo it is more trouble to care for a ’ tdclt! child than A well one. To re­ turn .to -fho child in the medical journal, it is cheerful to record;..“A prope-r dietary , su-on corrected th-s ' cohd^Gop,” » « ?3 No nve ajre i-not xt (candiclfi.tp for SherllT, hut our candidate Is Jim tis Peabody. He's the elghtlt candidate, and M’e predict ei Toii.sing' ivote in thO' Primary for Port Jervis’ only exthfU’ date for .the position. «ftt . f '■Firpo and Wills are to fense Day—also Offense evening—f.or about $ 150,000 each. —-D. N. R- and mortair. “The Ariny of the Uxiited States 'therefore, not a tiling apart fropi. but rather a part of the people -of the na­ tion. existing in them and composed of them. The 'bulTvark of potentHal ' ' * 1 which* our cnu'ntry 155 - not tUe.littl nwi-f* r\ bult tlxe stren g th ■whole. A n a tion c(onsta Ich’ I. little gi-ou.p ts uniform today, '£ the nation as a itly in arm.s °’but ■It QS pt m'Oigi'ess\ nor long .endi unarmed and defenseless natl iuvitc-.s aggi'Gs.sion. and disaster, our 'cndea-Vor to .strike the mean whereby the xnaxinium development of our industries and commerce will prw-ided for and the mogress of development ,at tho .same time -ed as unassailed. This -can he aq- AYIATPH® HAG 15 i * * f o r § 50,000 RRIZE.^ Dayton. O-, Sept. H—^Aviators wJio Hew togrbic-r over t-lie Gmmin lines in the Wo-rltl' tYar, and others_^who waited together for th^t op'portunh:^, will meet here Jix. one^ of the biggest militax-y reun ions since -the armistice, when the Intex’ixational Aii*-.Races are held at 'Wilbur Wright held, Detober 2 , 3 and 4 . Tli,e Army -Air service has given assurance that fl^rs and ollicers tluioughout tlxe country will be per­ mitted tiO httepd, and approximately 400 frpm almost evex'y px'ldary. pest aiid -field have already signified that ixxtention. The Ihierxiatiohal 'Air Races, the chief attraction here. W'ill uxclix'-le 13 x-acing events, -for which 850,000 ill prizes have been offered. Many 'a man is glad to see’ daughter ■ -I'® caix sit in >arlor' again. Flvo Fof««t ¥ Ff? iSNt. , i ....... *'■' ' F ff Calif., Sept.-I-r^ 1 Ftve :forfst fires are reported out of control with at least eight other lsf.rge fUtftn hdfPtng in various ,p§rts .of the -Ilie'Ywrot b|a»e is n#aJ?:^ef*Y- ervllii in Trinity county, .Four more in Mendociiio County, To prevent furtber outibreal|H, the B » n M add * Angeles .national Tofeeti. Iiare *^en ordfifed ciemedf ibiingin* he prw-ided for and the iirogrej that development cat the.sap obsexve D «?-1 hisxired as unassailed. This can Bay this coinplished onlv by a Pitizenrv Coi t .scioijs of tlxe need of Adequate defen! .■qcioijs of tlic xieed of hdequat' px'ovislon and .competent to part! pate In that defense, should the PE e need therefor arise, “A ll un-iits o f o u r Ai Rpsrular. National Guard iviU assomibled in. t'lxeir ho-nxo sftation^ and will exnxlalhx through'aproprialte whether ‘R'eaorvD, . J sftationf 1 explaSn through aproprialte ceremonies and demonstrations tliclr Specific mission in th e defense plarr a s a iphola. T h e ir iioighhora a r e being ^ k e d to help, j o s t as t h e y would if the occasion of emergen.cy demanded. ” a.ch comimi'-ty as asked to appoint-a rffpoimibie committee of citizens to take charge of the** ‘De­ fense . Teat’ activities ■ in its terptory. All commUnltie.^ free to determine what how it wdU be done. That is thmr reaporisibility. ' The T:>e; fense Test’ is in.lended aa much to I Make Him Yo^ir Choice for sheriff Vote for RoVt W. 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