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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, September 08, 1924, Image 6

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iU ':U 'ty _L^ f -Chief | f v P « f e .M o o rehead retu r n ­ ed. homd^oV^a'liiriflay from hi» anna_ 4i vacation of %wo. weeks w hich wa.s ' ’ ;6.hioya.hle fhrotigh jsTew England arid t h e W h ite IMountains of Kew T-lampshire, M rs, Edw ard ^ r a z e e an d $ori, I>lck:, of Boyoxine, returned hom e Sunday' a^tex* a. three weeks’ visit w ith Mps. F r a z e ’s m o ther, Mi’s. jiarinah Post, Of Hudsojx street. Mrs. aerU ’ude Covart,' who has been the guest of Mrs. H e rbert 'F d - Sall, of M atam oras, for t h e past tw o m o tor trip weeks, retu r n e d to h e r home in. p a t- =4 Liliger; k W'- ^ :>;r ,e s ; ■ BOY YOUR XI R E S HARING’S 168PIKE-ST. 0pp. Orange Square PHONE 905 L A U N D R Y Let’ u& do your worrying by calling for yoiir washing. You ‘Will find our work, prices and service the best. Try our Rough Dry Department. We wash and iron all flat pieces ready for instant use and dry the' balance, ■ for ........... ................................. ............ ^-V'-S'C P®? pomi We^ also do quilts f o r .............. .... ^ .25© each , Single Blankets ............................................ 1 5G Double Blankets ........................................... ....... 25 C each Overalls L...: .. y ... ...;. ...... ......... :.. . ...:...25c a suit ' . 'Get in touch with us by letter'or phone and olir Mr. McKay will call-on you. We guarantee ndt to tear or lo§e any of your laundry, S k w k i U P i n e s C a m p MHJORD, PA. • ' Phene Milford 229 W . V V . V W A ^ % V f V - V i ^ r A W - (^eat^t Watch Value J; Ever Offered! r r ^ I S is .the first tim e JL w e h a v e ev e r h a d an o p p o r tu n i ty t o o f fer t h e fa­ mous* n a ti o n a ll y ad v e rtised B U L O V A W A T C H in t h e p o p u l a r f a n c y s h a p e s , as illu s t r a te d , f o r o n ly S $27.50 Wc recommend BULOVA Watches b e c a u s e w e k n o w h o w t h e y ’r e m a d e ; w e k n o w th e y ’l l give y e a rs o f d e p e n d ­ able a n d 'fa i th f u l service. Seierf vow B U L O V A WATdtli»o*> iv^i& dursttick is still . emplete. A small deposUwin held your watch u ^ it wanted , ^ modeL BumVJL The. asw PRINCIPE m<x s S l S $27.50 ersorii on .Suix^ayp * M rs. UovaL_ form e rly Misi^. idertrUc^e Terwiiligfr^ daughter p f ACr, and M rs. J. S, T:er- ‘wU'Iiger, form e r r e s idents of tUis cit^. M r^'and. Mrs, Ei’au k Brown, of EF m irai rixoto'i-ed to P o rt ,Teiwis snd 'aye vlsiititjg’ a t t ‘h 0 hom e’ ftp Mr. a n d ’ Mx*d,^ G-eorge Post! „T'r„ p t Hiuison streei; \ Miss Irene Fhiohester, who has beea spending th&‘*.summer vacation at her hom e irr t h is cit.v% r e turned to Yonifers on Sunday, whei*e she will teach dniiiig the Goming yoai'. I Ril^s H o rothy W ilkin, a mir.so in ^ train in g iia the\ City TrlQ.spital, NeAW Y o rk City, speiit th e w eek end witit hot* p a r e n t Mi*, aiitl Mrs, F r a n k \vW kin, of M iO 'Rift. . Mr.s. .Ten,uie ..Tones, of Pro.<!poPt street, is stopping .at the hprae ot M rs.^ George post, jr,, o £ ^ Huclson Mis.s' ’Dai.sy Cisco, a nlem b e r of the faculty of the H a c k e n s a c k ' High .‘school; returned Sunday to resum e h e r duties after spending t h e sumtpei*- vacation with her ; p a rgpts, Mr. and . M rs. F r a n k C'iscr^ of C!.xU'‘ert street. Mi.SK C lara,.E e e les’lon, of FraaklU i street, a n d . Mis.s M.o,rgaretha tlutan. of Bxtll .street, left town .Suoday for Pbtt.sdfiJ-n, N ; y., w h e re Ec.clc.s- ton will e n i o r 't h e pottsOam N o rm al .School fo •„ , iliTCR ycar.s’ eour.se in mu.sie anti Mig.s R u tan w ill' resum e her stu d ies-after'.sp e n d lu g , the siim- mop with lier-parent.^. Mr. '.and Mrs. P'. C. Riitdln., ‘ ' M rs. R o b e rt Cleland^ of I ’rospeei street, returned hom e Sunday after .*i ten days’ v isit w ith her'Si.stei^s in pa.s- saie, ' ■ Mi.s.s 'noicn f^A^rinton, of EnkE ’Mnin .str<H‘t, left town today for fjortldml. Y.i w h e re ‘she will enter the. C o rt­ land Xot-mal school for a th ree yeans\ Mi.ss B o rotliy’ Delauay, wiio ha.' bottii .spending the sufnm e r vac.nUoji w ith lier parente. M r.-and Mfs. F rank Delaney, of Rum.sey street, left Sun­ day for New Toi-lc City, w h e re .she wall teacher during the coming year. Mi.ss 'Mildx'cd Kirby,- of Ricbinond Hill, returned hom e Sunday after a brief visit at the borne of MJ.ss lr< no Leonard, of R e servoir avenue. Tat- Miss B e a trice Snyder, of Ri<-h- ■ nioixd wlio has been .spemliug a w e e k Avith relative.s in this city, .’e- turned AVith her, Mrs. M e ta Yerg, of Ooshen, spent the w eek end Jit the hom e of Mrs. Y e rg’s .sisfer, yfi'-S., F. Tf. N o rthi iin, of sxisson . : street. Tlie P o r t .Tervis AiiloinobUe t-’lnb •will m eet Yiie.sday evening id .x o’clock .at the Hotel M itchell. A full attendance is desired. Kittle Miss Fvmlyn Clallaglier. wOio has been visiting at the home of her grandfalher bn Pt’o.speet street, for s'evcral Avecks, returned to her Ixonie in Hun tin.at on, Iml.-, Friday. Alr.s. Roy Mo.sher ami little son, Billy, Of E a s t Qriinge, Avot*e the Aveek end gUests of the* jVfisse.s B u ih A/ills- ixaligh and M ary (flex/.iejiia, of K.mt •Milan stroet. Mi.ss M arie Bkackmer has rotm*n'*d to Yonkers after sixSnding the .su!u- nun- with her m o ther, Mi*s. .r<>hn ■•Bliickmcr, of klatam o ras. Mrs. P. K e lly r e tu r n e d 'to pe.. heme in Seranton Saturday after a brief visit Avdth her si.ster, Mrs. Chnile? Kennard ,of Sussex street. Miss Pauline Quick, of E a s t Mfdn .street, .spent the- AA'oek -end tt her hom e in Barryvillc. The Iron Crane Tea Roopb under the m a n a g e m e n t of the Misse.s MiUs- ^augh and OlendeniiT. wilt eles.^ a successful iseason tod.ay. Mis.? Mills- paiigh and Mis.s eiemVonin AAili .sail the 23rd of this m o n th for-Madx'hl, Spain w h erg they will rem.am u.atil solnet’lmo xxext year. Mr. and M rs. F r a n k S. iSWinlon a n d Miss H elen Swin'ton, of E a s t M ain street m o toretl to Cortland today If.- State 'Norniia] - > -T\ ilrof pearl streOf, fM^n,fayet i'e, t i'dris f H. J . PIPPIT T V 9 1 P i k e S t . IW HITNEY’S S Sttccesgor to Whitney & Denton ______ N ew F a ll Dres$ G o o d s jj The fabric emphasizes the ~ mode, and this fashion fact is borne out impressively'in our showing of the new dress goods. Every 'want is cer- taih to^ be'fatisficd^ fpf from the \lowest priced fabrics, that are worthy, to the very richest; 6tir assortment is complete. ^ 56-inch all check, all wool Flannels and Crepes. 42-inch all wool. Canton Crepes, all colors. 56-inch all wool Jersey TuHng, all colors. All Wool Flannels,, assort­ ment o f colors* Silks, Satins and Figuil^ Sd|a in aijwirtoetit o f eofe»i iwho¥&; Mlsp-: p o u m of study ; \elb on. AChCAh Oe .wif PaChu* V u ter.slty. ' Mi^: myx M m F r a n k of H u d .^p, street, have rprp<Jved to Vi’^p.^tbiOftkidlle.’ ’ ; ' ' • .tos.'ph* B o e d e r haK so il his rffi'- denc.O «t <^5 Hudswx stre*-' T- J. TCetctiim, ,nf M-iiou*«r.-. .nuV um.'? ‘purchasoil t h e proTxtu’ky af f-I' Hridsoii street. - , . \ ’ . Mi.ss Marga.rot feabeock, Me.s'dariieV, L. Vose, O. A. B o n d ,‘Florence^iyoh’IV gei*. Iir.ary R,uriP, A'nnp. i?im o n s,.ka.% Tioss, N e ttie Campibpli a n d , Florp. bx’ohic. delegates fimm .Tiinioi* ^Belighr,, Cftxmcil, n o ! 2 a, liaugliters o f A.mci>“ ’ ic.T,. ixavo returned Xiome from -Al­ bany, Avhere the.v -aTtended for ivAm d,ays th e anmiaT. tilp'* N cav Y o rk s t a t e C o u n c il;. of.,Am erica. T h e r e w e re '• 'd 'h ir 'l gates in atlendancfc' ..‘d p the-- sesKion eAmr held hi B<e R’fat\-*! m eel ing place being .tho ha nrbo-m ot‘ the Tlotel Ten -Eyckj; ;r ; ; ■ r Mb'?. W illiam J. ,GoirF»% uf.‘ iltudao street, i.'! viv'xiting' friends' in Rong_ inland. ‘. i .. Cii'slcr Reed, of Rdyside, -T.; j tored'.io P o rt Jervis-on SxiTiday ^m l yisiled a t - ‘the, .home’ \ o f ' h ’ianiricle, Oeoi'ge Y-imng, of Ea,Kt Arairf: str.e.et. T h e Mi-'wes IMynlle and Edri,» ■W'e“t- fall. EATlyn Clarlc and Charles W est- halil m o tored to Syraeu.sse today in .spend -the, week, . . * Dr, C. B. Frnwley, of .Syracuse, .spent the w e e k end ,af the home ni’ Mr. an d Mi’.s, Victor* Rdhis, in M aia- moras. ' ' PRT>?0 f T o MriTET. PLYER.S;. WTEN^r TO BKD AT 5 A. M. fBy Associated Press,■» fl.vo.sset .Sept. S— T he Prince of Y'ales motr.s to MitchCl Field thi.s a f . ternon to .areet the A-mCrio.an Avorfrl fl.V'cr.s. H is pre.se-peC .Aviil h** uno..Ti- eial ,a.s- G reat B ritain’s form.al ptri. srf!lul.ation.K will lie extended by f^ir E sm o H o w a rd. .. The Pi-ince retired '.at* ihe u.snnl hnui'*—fiA'e o’clock f^his m o rning, afVei a dinner a t the Piping Rock Caib a.** Bir Esm e ’s guest a t a partj*^ for th( .British and-A m e rioah .polo'plixyt rs. t e B l w ' ' WoweA fuppar^ptly, .-.jyrotolqrikla, w h o , i t ip! I>ell6ved, h f e operated In ' ^ a o u ^ ; .and E lm ira 4*h.o«tihped.^..tmip S tate In-’:Blnghamto4^ '^rly oit Sunday moimirig. ;4vli«a by th^ us© .lofi nltroglycerlno, Hhey •crafeKO'd-.a safe ihr, the big’;dfePflLftin;4nf IhaSld- son • Brothferii-Welden Cojmpariy, ^ r p e r pt.^uft;|knd and oVerlftol^ ed another. safe..- w h ieli coiRained a ,nons.ide.ralldie sum dfi-cash.-‘*’ATlhe comU ^panYh lQ.^p.lt .fe sta-fedv 1® dovkred ! iy ‘ instiranc-O-r. -u* ■ i* . .... __._„^^.*Airgenf : tine- .w ithtfier,.Started la ^ ;^^ n in g ip ' an attemj>t- .tp .sAyim a-cr0;3S;'^e Eng-*- •li.sh H Jiariuei -' Mdsp Hartig^k;'.;rwas h6 firkt- Av-ftinah to swim arCroj9s-’l|iO B lver :paata. . A.-:::. 4 . 3 ?lor('nof,lr..>'fi,llidt>and r*; ^^^eller Avere united;'ih holy rn'a,t^im.ony i'hy the.'R e v . F a th e r Donohtfe. :jof Sa-. creef H e a r t xiiOhatreh, 'on S a turday morning, .;A u g i© t’‘'thirtieth,‘ ’ 'fit ten, o’clock, r .. T lie Gef*0irio'riy;^’'^biodi waA very sirnple, Aya^s,A^itrio.kffed^hy {I large Xiunib-cr'ofyile.iat^^ T h e . brjde;..was ,.,Aitep4ejdA- ■ b v bc-r a.nnt,. iyi.t*.*3* ,^Mipha,el -I^elly,. irhom - a .s. - C urtis, • r brm.hrer*>inH^A<r-'' h t th e groom, was b e s t , man,^ ceremony, the bridal pariY le^ft' for a wedding: hpealctest fn Mi'd'dletoAvft.^rf-f ; ter yrhlch..lV4'.* ari/lfhr^s, j2.eljer-k*.ft-fnF a *>shpi]K nvotOr ■trip..; They areA dOAY, a t hom e to I hear many.^fjt-iynds a t 73 King.ston nycnuei > : ■ • b r a z i l j o i n s lOTlBRItS J n BECHARIN g T*’Olt. I'EACI* OenoA’a,. Sept. •'i'^l.Xijazil ha.s joined AX’ith the othe,r natiof/s in dedieatin.e herself to tlie'determ ination expre.^sed before the League'of* N a tions assem ­ bly.. heneeforth -to ’ m.alie eoi;ipalsoi*.v arhitratiftn the fOlimlfttiOn of int’ormi- lional law and tiie A'di'^y b.asik of h u m ­ an .Soci^t.Vi, -At a diuneV g iv e n ' in 'honor Of al] the cleth.gaiions by Al* franio McHo* Fruneo',*’ forme,j. fliuzi! Ian minis!or- of the- fnioriOr, thi.s in­ ternational com m itm ent was nailed as m a rking a neAV erri'of I n term n e ii- al relations. j a iff ,I*abHc NpUce; . ! : fTWay, SeptO'mlipr , Stb, Jho - . •: era! erection Oh Tuesday, November ,^ia.w a r e street. dN T ,A IU & * \ t l Jeap , $20Y<'inc.s Sit Fit.A’ Court Three tra.fTic I uav violator.^ and one defendant fOp .a.ssaulfe'* in th e 'i l i i i ’'-! degree aati ’ o lined $j}ioaeh by Jiistir-e W, H, N e a rpass on Saturday. R em edy for Ciiri in Rugs. The curling up of The edges of rugs is caused by the Way in Avhioh they are Avovem A remedy for this is fo take two sti’ips of very thin wool, each about three inche.s long, and sew' on the underneath part of the rug at tlje corners. Let the.se remain for about a month, when The ru.as av HI hxive conformed to tl ^ 'Hooi-.s. Or rab- ber coi’ner rips niay be rum'lia.sed In £ '■lu’ulrnre ste *e. ' ' ■ Jean . B ernice Taynton, infant daugiuex**'of Mr., and l\rr.s, -Leuas 'B. Taynton, M ilford ; ROad, Matamora.s,o died this pioxming a t the hom e lof hCr- parents. In te r m e n t 'i n Manning* Cerh'* 4tCry/ Greenville, O B S l p E S ' ' ^ Tl. -Cits© _ ' ’ i ' The funeral .of . Jo.hn. E. Eas'e was held a b . ^ e houpe,, f o Hi.U street, ,a$ 2:30 p. Ah', on fijitiirda:^,, S'ept6riH.»er 6th, whei'‘o'^tho services -vvem conduot,. ed h 5 f the ReV. Gharles pe\Vo<>dS’.,’i)n F riday ovt|ning the .Elk.s he,;*J th e ir .servioe^ a.t tb^-house In charge-,of. Ex*- alied iflujcr J. ^I. Kinney, ,G'ha;)Jairi Rev, XTriah -.Symondk .‘ind, Ke'cretary J. W. Elerlein, ,a.sjristed , by-'Mc-sprs. Kellam, Blood and \gwartwout. There were m any b e a u tiful'tributes. Ihtei’. nient aats in Laixroi GrOve Cemetery. •Frank M'c'Coy, -p„'I./; May, Charles Topper, P e ter i^ i il ia m Mid- daugii arid 'Cla'ifde“*SAva'rtA^^ w e re the. jiall: b e a rers. . ' / 'T h e flower.* he.arerk 'AAmr'e - Ohatles Bnyder, F., -jr.:* W h itneS v ;’H a rold Green. E d w a rd i R u t e h / H .' W! Crafg. IpA’ing Xirilson.’ Thortia.s Clark* and l\, D Mai'ion. ’ ' , ' t > - J • > * i ube - ‘ - t t e r w i l l l f l e r - ^ d l f e c r C o yunetai aitectocg 41 f r o n t PT« FORT 4BRVfS. N.T, MOM^NPOP A Word to the ■ i S t _ T a « 6 ‘400 SORe, 1 'sfco H-*wEryr made AHlSTAKE-NOO OON-r CAUL THIS MiSeRABCe SUJAMP TW6 ftiOSS FARM'?* ^}OW X KNOW €UERN tJOOIf Al4»C0RN6RINPOSe/ . OOONTH APT THIS tSTM* ( MOSS FARM BECAOSe AfONoeRO»LOEt2R<CKlS I ' AP4DMARK* r~-* i MON MV LAP4DMARKJ ■ t e d BY TAYLOR ““SI W h a t - AN o iu OeRRiCK ON rn e F^LAce'? P ' MlP6e-OU>M^motS COMPCEreO AN* THIMCS HME s e e w AT A -ST A N O S n u . |— ^ e o e e s w o ^ ^— > . -= j U . , SSESSiliE .. ... . I .'a* -!* ■* V\' .V* _____ _ d M ^ . a d i . . m . i n y 4 l « t i ' m ■« .y ■?» d . » » is ..»;a » - ■ . - - - •• ■ ' ^ ' - ■ - / S S i f t a ' ! : . ih^Utfis.9. v P i B P S lp.#t*.*Jrr W a s , ... .,9. . W o u ld p r e f e t .oomi^ctc ' . factory >Avith seAVin;^ macUtOG rraii atmticc - * pTt H andelsi ' H « n ry . H andelsiu an. : 74 Pike Street. ^ iWNbUNCElMENTS TH E ■ IRO j N -F'RAiNE Tea Room-, /•» E a s t- M a in .street, k‘3 closed fbfc'*Xhe sea.son.' R H I ^ loperfy , on igton, S ' 11 j j 4.; Ru^vism*, ;zer, H u g u e n o t f 6 r S-ALE—Jlard^ wood, spilt i 6 t TO LET , ............ .. ....... -m'ora-A' ‘•*iqraV^i:tf6F\b^e*'Kdris% . t d i QI-' pbrehiMer .rybt ffVc ^ . ......... .cfct* iin*: •Tl y LOST AND FOUND biahkets ■ B ennet, Jr,,'- , .3'35-W.'- - • - ■■ • E. n St, Tel,. KOST-^Elack -Cat w ith C -Fandagfe* ■} a w f abaoins„. Eovi-ara. * i*ho,« IT'S A U30N0CR SoMEo^JE ecse. HASNnr SON£ 'WAAL-EVEfN BOOH eus6 RGeeRSTkAT IT VIOOUO COST LESS Tti QUIT FOOUIN' vakth so m e t h i n VtfHfCH AlfJT NET AN' THAT'S JUST T M e - m o o i u . W«TH ^ R|^» -W in K I^S - o p p o r t o m t m h a s b e e ^ , kNOGNUMS AT MOOft POOR , B o r Motyue b e e n SN o « n 6 A vo A lj a m p D i D N T h e a r It! V^HO KA)ou;S 0 o r VHMAT r f THEteE M _se RICK^OI DEPOSITS HERET, fi^ATS rr» v*»Mo ' . • ‘ KNOIUS? IFI4bU Vi«Mr: a m p l e IWWilS ; 28 Buckley .*?tr.eet, R e -i^rd. ipGST-THRnrialL packager . containing * ] black .aatiri.* Firider.,plWtsG-^etnrn lh |s otiicr C M ffiO F T m W B bS .We wi.sfi to tbattk ail friends nnd ’ rbors for the kindness and-?yrix- i 1 W M i $ l l j l h i a c l M J F i n i E R A U p t t ^ At the itw e it Pdcw E f il: • -iniONEr31S.*.:k;-r:. ■ S S S S I S S ,

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