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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, September 04, 1924, Image 8

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BUY YOUR T I R E S at HARING’S 168 PIKE-ST. 0pp. Orange Square PHONE SOS \a. You This You? Think- Mi$‘S “Hol?n atflnlpn, oC n.'i’.l stroot, who-'-hiis been spien^in^ .the fsuminer vacation, in Noiv l^ork City and sta- glkqn'/has''.returned to, :his ('.’ly to resume her teabb^ng-. , . Br.jmhijng-, IVIr, and Mj-s. Jp,-.. G. j Zviaybe • and ihliisp Mabel OBranning-. o£ Narrowsbiirg, .are the guest of Mr. 'iBranning's daughter^ ; Mrs. J.' ‘ a . JIorrLbeck, of T'er^usQU avenue, ' • ' Mrs. 'Gertrude' -Quaclcenbush and daughter^ .OertV-Ude, . o f pike s'tree.L., have rfittirried home froni a .v'eek'B vi-slt in •Warydek; and ' Greenwood Lake. ' - ’ ’ - ‘ ' ' Mias B. McCoVi' who ha^ ’' '\been I spending the stmi.mor' vlniatibn • nt. her ho(me in waterfow r i,;hss, return­ ed to this city. ' ' , Mies Anna MeTCeoW brief ' visit to >l[is.s ila r y ^Wash­ ington.. avenue, on rbiHe from Mew York City to- her homo, in Hohesdale, The Misses Mae ’ and Bessie . Quick. I of 1‘2 ITniont street,' left town 'Wo'd- ne.5day for a Week’.s visit, to Hones- dale. ■, ; ’■■: ■ Mr. artd' Mrs, Q. Mj. Hlg.gin 2 , o,t Ilartfordj arrived in - t h is city Vred- nosday and .are the 'guests -of thi'ir niece, Mi's. Jame.s, peck, . of ^outh Maple avenue. r Mis.g Blanche . 'wi’gant^ returned to her home in We.stb’rookyille •\Vedne.n, day a.fter a several’days’ visit tp thi.> city. • “ , . . . ' • Mr. andl Mrs, , Clyde Pov:K.s, of ___ I - ,Kv- . ,, 3»ratafeofaa. sept.]^—'fee pathflB^^ ; “ers Glass of Hope ' Church, .teach.?t jEtev. It; -w. Albright, -will meet at Jlib hom e of Stanley Prey on AvfhUe G and Second street tonight. . A.:'busi.^ hess and social time will be enJoye4 .by all. ; ‘ ■ \w. ifv, Page was*-calfed to 'Newark on account of the illness of her mother. Mr..and Ifes, Chris, sm ith and chil-' dren. of Middie'i;oivn, motored here and spent an evening at th e .h e t n e of Mr.,; and Mr.s. Saniiiel Boyce, . - . Mis.s -Bncile Marvin ,ha.s resumed her position as I'eaCher,; nt- EaldWih, •L. 1., -aftei. spending\ Ihft'Mimni'eb; a il the“ Kohie of her parents, Mr. and M rs-’p-.-B. M ariin; \ - - - Ml^.s-.'Iyene GdiA»p.na;.pf MJd'dlet^bWhi. ;Wa^R; Visitng At /fh e hoibo . Md.ry,, •^’■pqd\ andVwith, .Bori Jen\4s;for a\few.Ma fe.w..da 3 »s: Robert o f Tr< here Tije.sday hnd.is.'y WHY DELAY? The demand for coal during the Fall and Winter is very near. The production of coal during the pa-st summer is 1 S^c below- normal. This can only mean»a shortage of coal if .we have a. normal ..\^nter with cold .feather and snow. ^ We cannot too strongly urge you to tKirik about your winter supply of coal, arid in­ cidentally.-remind you that to sell GOOD KLEAN KOAL is our business. LeFus have yoiir order NOW. 01WMINOUS COKE ANTHRACITE K. M, DEPUY ^ Greenwich, Conn., returned hom e'roi day after a .we.elc.’s visit--with \Mrs.” IFo-wks' aunt, Mrs. Thomas. E. -Eidni. Of w e s t End. 'Mrs. Prank Denton, of East Main rlreet, who ha.s boon the ,gue.st of Mr.s, Harry McCartney, of EUenvIlle. for the past two weeks, has returned to her home In this city. Miss Edith Eox returned to Ja­ maica lodlay, after a several daj'.s* Visit at the .hoinc of Mrs. Sarah Quick in We.st End. ?g5 Mrs, Anna Bmith and daughter, Mias Ruella sm ith, of Highland Mills, l!^ arc visiting Mrs. Smith'.s daughter. ^ Mrs. ATn 3 '- DeW itt, Of Jortos .street. ; Miss MeWo Luckey,. tvhq has boon .spending' the' summer vacation with her father, Wilii’am Luckoy. of Wo.'’.(; End, returned to Jamaica today, f ^ l Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kramei*, of i i Phone 461 PORT JERVIS Johp Ed-ward ‘ med . 10 mil l 2 ;io p. ;'WMnesday, 3 r d tufter' -a,- long Illness. P e e k e d ; born In -waa ,^1^4 atrg; aeorg© k ; irt Jen\4s',for a 3 ts: '■ - Mr. a n d M?s‘. Hrnnk Brown,'daulb-i iers;--Miar'y.,Hnima arid FJday'and; s o k ■Genrgc' R„ accompahled by The .sumvihj^ relaUvee irq- Ms par- e;nts, and one so;n •J.-.iLel#jnri Case, o f this city,.. ;two . sisters;? ;M e ^. Jennie- ;Montross,, of \New jlkJnd’driVj^nn., a n ^ Mrs, iBlsie,-Sheel^y Jeryisf one. brother,,. H6rbertiH.;t<^s^ of Port {’Je-f\ds,_ ,A--„ .; . • :<-^he .4^anerkl ;ta^04#M^e at thd’ .hbuse,“BQ\-HllLvstri&tV'At-.-ffSo p. 'm. where- the. by'the w ill 'be\ ■ronton, •afriVQ^b Vi.sHipg .at. the hom e .pt Ills-aunt.iiSa Jtr. and ICktaSafe,- ..the ' sWu-. iina MARK pVRON.INC.. ANO. a u . ■rHECRinCSSAV '“ M K ' Philadelphia. are the guests of Mrs. Kramer’s mother, Ivlrs. Amy De'WHt, ^ j o f Jones street,. . ’ I f Mrs. Anna . .Simons, Mrs. IVtarj' . • , ' - : • ' ______ ‘ ______________ - _____________________ : I Mrs. Vos© have gone as delegates of '• -■ _ /\ ^ ' I Daughters of America. No. 29, of. IN E W THEATRE \iS-sf.hiSr' | aftor sepndlng her vacation with her sister, Mr-*’- I''* 'Weigel, George W . Marshall, of ErarikforL, Her’kimer icexmty, N. V., formerly of Port Jeri’ls, is the guest of his •nephew', John Devore, of iMeirltt .Piace.] ; , Ja,mes.15- IScptit and Mis.s DllMan Scott of Middletown,. Mrs, J. J. TTal- lahan, Dorothy itallahan and Miss Betty, C, ifallAhan, kit’ o f Nr4' York City were' the guests on Wed- nes'daybf Mrs. W. J. iMcKim, of Ham­ mond street. Miss Beitity B. Icollier who has been tho guest of Miss Antic :R. ilVtcKlm, of Hammond street has returned to her home In Pa.'ssaic Parts, N. J. Nepi-nn© and OBeaiiUes Parjtde Atlantic' City, ,£iopt. 4—ir-r.in,g Nep­ tune and the intercity licautics staged trlumph.anit march along ihc board tvaik this m orning before a crowd of 75.-000. ■ ■ ■ 5\rrs, William. f?ca.lesj Mr, and Mrs. Blauth, of Bloomfield, jf. j r and William Blaiith, o'f Ne-Wark, Werp.^ yisilirig re­ cently a t 't h e home of'^rr. and'Mr.s. Allen Johnson. • ’ Mrs. WiiWam .Johnson, o f . Ear'’ BoCkaway, ha.s retjirned hbmo^ after, being the giipst.fot:,'a foW' weeks ^af, the hbnie_ of her gori Xhen 'johhgon. Bobort-Danham’-and Bobert Heater are spending the day at N ew Dur- Tlie Epwopth hr. E- and the Hope Rvangelical f^unday .etchoois Will have a joint mec-Upg 'tbnl.ghf in Hobe Chtifch at 7'3b. '.H. P. RockWcU, of Eric. ■' Pa., .a member' of the- Rural •Dep.artmcnt of th e ' ' fttatc. -sundpy School organimtloh.. -n-ill speak' -or “The. Challenge ofZ the Sunday School.” ■ , Thl.s is a very, important meotin? very late in belrig announced, tm’ well worth y'our ’ at'tenlion. All in vited. A-^ijlarge attPiidaiice urged. Mr. and Mr.-u\ Q-eorge IJllcy havt returned to ‘their home' in Elmhurst I,. I., after ’.spendi-ng the. T-ab‘or' Bd: week'end a t ’lKe home of Mra. H< Oi ivor Wiue^ of irarnllton .st.r»-‘ct. Madi .son 'Lilley. w b o ’-bas been visiting hi- aunts,' Mrs. Winb'Hn-d-.'-Mrs. Norrnar Lam.bert.; returned WHh ihcTn.. iZilr. a n d ’Mrs;* W.‘’ e . Jacobs.'forme re.sldcnts' o'f thi.s aity,' with dheli daughter and son-iplaw . Mr. anc' Mrs. ,;Waltor' Stpoyk^^ all of G-ien- •burn,''near Scranton^-cTre tlfo gur.sts on llabOr Day pp>f^. Margaret Tiick- er, of **,£ • been at the. meat mark.et ’;6f ^>fax Co­ hen, 111 Je'i’aoy. avpnue;r Wvhere he pUreha.sed so'm© goods..and pre.sented a che'cli-fgr '.th;.‘‘George F. .Smith,” ori tire First-National Bank of .Tbrt Jccvl.s/.signed\ bj*'“Nefeon M. Hoyt.\ ; • The vbpclc v-as,. endofsed. ‘George P,...4mHh.” Go.hen-notified-the •boiled apd • Kalmbaoh’s ■ arrest soon followed. Nelson J. H o y t'is a well' known citizen of 'ArinJ.slnk and when' questioned bj' telephone pronounced the -check transai^Uon a .forgery?'?; LYNN STARLING 'wtH AUGUSTA BOYISTOR Prices: MA-HNEE........................................50c, 85c, $1.10, $1.65 EVENING ............................. 50c, $1.10, $1.85, $2.20 Seats on Sale Monday OBSEq^I^ Alward 'James ■ T.hb funeral \of James Alward wan hold at the. house; 't' \Wright street, at; 2;'30 p. m . on' W ednesday -where the ; sorViices .were condilhted by the ‘R e v .' W. V. Borg. J. E. Bennett,' Egbe^ri Nearpaas, Theodor©' Smith, Harry- P'orclVal, W. R. DUryea, and’ IT. Corwin were the p a ll'bcarer.s. Inter-- inent w a s in Laurel GrovC Cemetery. Alexander ]Vfab]|tcnzie The funoiTil of Alexander ■ M aek- en:do w a s hold at the. house. Windy Knoll, Glen Spey, at 2 p. m. on W ed­ nesday. 'geptomibor 3rd where ■ the services which were largely attended wore conducted by the Rv. D r .'M c - IQe of New York and Rev. Charles M. Ackerman, of Port Jorx'ls. There were many ibeautiful floral trJbute.s, Initer- ment was' in the fam ily plot in' the Glen flpe.v Cemotery. [ \ s9'N.'C3;^GFfcJI3 oiP^FqriG'ER.'Y- , was Obief mpbelj bhVa charge'for­ gery, Hie w'a^ •^■brought.-''W’ the. City' Hall an-d^ h eld fpr-ta-hcarfng. ; IVerthf ijrncr Case on A g a la | (SpeciaTto The Uninn-j . Milford, Sept, i —^The -Wertheimer: Will oa.qe was on .again tlvla, rnorning- at the Court TTouse. and Jud.ge Reno took the brief.q of the att'ornej's. Catr,' for' the bontestanls^ and Erdrnan. for ■W-erlhelmer. Arguments \U'ere-Thadp by-these attorney.si i ' ^lechRnips IDlcct {\'ByTacusc Sept,- -4-^Thc fifl 3 ’--.sccond annual State convention of .t^p Junior Order, Anicnican Mechan.|p.9, ^losed, vesterdia'y with the election of''tJheee officers; Andrew Ruppel, Brooklyn, Stale Councilor; •'G.;. W .;-Anthony, .BrookUm, V ice Conductor; Willdam H. ^legman, Brooklyn, ’Stale' Secretary;; P; F . Malone, Lon.g Islajid Cit 3 % ^.ate.' Preasurer. ? ' Thought for the pay. The mhn Who gets, angry when you want to ipjftstigflte hla credit nstmlly ha.sn’t'miVr\'cjbdIr;toT^^^^ ' ' wiON^cLitssmis i Yorir J ^ t h e M o s ^ ^ FUi Ratr of Sc « liiK IsseitMii, telepiio0eii4 and )roar wanU far td$/iBder thu headn^ wH. fOceiTe aftentioa. TAKE notice C la^^d adi. are payablje la advance or on Oie day of in^; teiiioa. /When not so paid, a chairgp of 10c wID be meda far Ml^bepinil Pnless the adrertto bat an open fedger litcoint ’WANTEID '■ jjnrger space for • Factory f^paoe r Would' prefer compleie factory .Yvlth sewing maobJji&si. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMplTS cfRER MIL UMR further l I Will operate otice.—C. ^ m us© iargv slw :ully equipped if : Call at onc/£ Henry Handelsman 74. Pi' Call a t once t P ik e Street'. I ' ' ^ North St., ANNOUNCEMENTS 4 :^, 4 Cretonne .................. $1.00 &I 5 -Percale ........... r..:. ............. $1;0Q ! , |}'§\o 7 Linen fewellng- ............................ tLOO Sun East Drapery .... ...... ...... . ' 59c • . II-1 7 Pains Men’s Hose ............. ,...$1.00 Men's Blue Work Shirts CMryoTan|‘| | | ^ ^ ^ ^ SCHOOL 'sriPPCiES,. P'oubtairi pens,, ^aper, ^16-we.st prices.—Laidle 5 '’.s, 3.07 JaXiM y « l w c ^ ' ”* * Phon« S82-W FOR SALE i l r l E i i l ..... Men’.s Unionglls. each Umbrellas ....... ■Window Shades, 2 for . ....... Double Window Rods, each ■ ^ ^ S S T jS f S i^ S v S r ’ l<on.sclaie:.Cajnbric; 3 ',ard I'.SSdnc: l’5§ rC»wiis, 2 ?o'r '-son FOR Furni.sb^d ' rboms.-i;;-In- F,OB RENT-^Large ■ furnished, front room for two persons; all iiriprove- ments.—23 SullR'an \— ................ ., PROVISION^' l IL, ICT-fAN No.'147.'of Port Jervi.s, de.sires to thank the Manage- ■‘inent of Joyland' Bark, police, city ofCic- ials, and all citizens who aided in the succes.s of the Klan Day.activlti.es and parade-bn Wednesday, September 3rd. ____ ___________ ____ is! gains:—Sin:ger Sewing Mnchirie'Co'.. 177 T o m a t o e s 7'5 c basket,\also eucum,- ber pickles. Birehwood Pafms, Phone SIO-W 2 . ' ..................... • ■ FOR SAl^E- ■ , . W - . - - : .. V TrcrvvHnger-Xlfllool^e^ Co yunefat ahrectorg . 41 FRONT ^T., POHT JERVIS, CWPER GUTTERS and LEADERS At the Lowest Prices. Ever. S . a McDonald PHONE 315 167 West Main St. lots 30 X .100 feet main f Oad' to Mat? Or one jiouae- free to puimhaser -of -Eve lo t s / This-offer ■ good for ,ten days.,.' .'Address^ To the Brotherhoods; their auxill- street, w a s h in __ William des', -Shop Grafts, all labor orgnn'^ .umslead.. JzaUQ«.s n.nd the Public: Count>unt 3 ' Confereni 3 ' Coi win hold a* m eeting Fri b924 at 8:l'o P. M. at Mi over -Gazette'--ofilee, Alt ed 'be pr'e.sent;- •Carmen P; M.-^Mehdn -Piatt, J • • Chairman. FAmll; Real Church, on Thursd;ay, Clams, chickeh. gweiet tbmatoe.s. foits cofcee trimnimgs. B a k e . wlil be meet, at .,..10 gjiA.B^appJs^^^^ lo. E.lmend'ort 'Ic Se.pt. 1 It;'., i potatoes, cprn. waterraelor FOR SALIS— 1 acres, 7-rbQ' raterraeion .out-.bldgs; bro. rved fra.m Sacrifice.— F. 'L, y ! 6ne^ ^Tickets EO'R SAL'E-^'DOckA.sh, ran^e. ^-with by'imembers of . the. enterta.irimen£ water .fropt; also.; kitchen.'table .-— 31 comm ittee,'and mu.st be secured by Fowler-,street; ...... Saturday. September Gth. Come ,nnd ------ ^ ^ ---------------- - ---- '' '■ ----------- bring J.he. family, ...................... ....... :o,, Inc. FOR SALE~fi room house, w ith't! anre.s of land—^Phpne 287 Y. , ^ . TO LET (FOR PJENT-^Threo furnished rooms for-light hou'sekeeping, uptown, elec­ tricity and bath; 'first floor, pii&ne 73S.-W or call .36 Hudson street. - Toy land \ PARR FRroAY NIGHT, September 5 Confetti and Streamer DANCE During month of Septoiiiber The Dance Hall will be open WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY ; . Mutichy Lee Steyeiu R>p*«!ioes INSIDMPT 5 WN to MAKE AN ;INveSTl 6 ;«fn 0 N OPHlSf^Al estate . .AFTER POT- TirtS LJPAT THE R oach hotel he INTERUIEWS MEMSTIVMP the best P o s t e d M am « m 4 • p o s e v COL»^^ GUAJ(OlSMt/WAM£l t } VVONOER IP VOU CoUtD WFoR/y\ /vve Rec>ARD«\>6' A P iece OP cawd iiv T hi S yiciroitv k>oouj/v> as n tHE r^ots FARM , IT'S Pool I rn- Cl HOWJ .FAR ISIT FROM HERE Ai^b WHICH IS'THE ' V qUlCREST VML/1 n To REACH IT? — - . 4 RO'OMS to let, Avenu St.' AIatamora.s, R_ Schlage 35 and :el. ' ; '. 1 DON’T FANCW RlOlMG IN A B uck BOARD MORE THAhi I. DO V\/ALKlfO& - ISN'T T here A garage - TOWIS)^ r—r; <VJO.su?> UOE CAN’T b r a 6 o f . aims such , th in g s ilV THESE r- ^ P a r t s m e t * p _ l i:.; rriJMSfeet.. proveme ^ . S - A ' i ' E S M - ' E V ■ jitm i be a..reslde,ifc ef.r-orV Jer^ ' . V r lte us,your experience-in-de-*' : .MODERN Eurni.shed Apartm conveniences. Private bAth, Pho or call. 18 East Main’street. mt. All le 43-M oidS,. -with or with>. ping privileges.—144 LOST AND FOUM) liSJSSdTglr - WANTED , • ^ ' ga^k'eatin;’ *PindeT'please'return to ' S f .’S i S B y i W ■NO washing. AUdreas T o il’e °„'t 'thfs ‘ .office. I'..' i i t ‘ V ’ANTEiD--A stead; ir .millinery. ’ dy man to -vp-ork in L WI a NTED—^F u II or 'part set 1 *« T qi * - ‘ street.- ^ B L w^ted, aVfrhe Candy JCltchen. Experienced .clerjc preferred. jm ^ Maktt Ipiddw^^ U t l f e k i ^

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