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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, September 04, 1924, Image 5

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1 »? t M C K E Y & G Q .J P * TB[>e WTCAX DRUG ftTORB ■ |« - 1 9 « PIK* STRliTO K E W S 1 E R « & i i 4 t ^ ' ; t h « G p t r [ 1'” Clearl surtacc. ap-j ply a first Voat of P evoe Ifot^ Cai^; pnisli linde^Qtt of \}ie correct! color. A llow to. d!ry. Sanc^apcjci lightly with W sao^aper or^nef steel w ool ^nd idust 6 £ ’ clean. I Int«n^ ly m*aj?iat|c ^ r y w ltli a Hap- Apply D evoe M otor C m ; pt Bnai«s^^e m eat, of the color selected. A llow to| 'Jlie George ntzm aurice prodac- drv dioroughly. - I “TJie O h Ht.” for ^paramount., \— ----------------- ■ j w itlv PQ?a ^ N egri in the ste\lar roi®»' •-was ^.^ecelved in a ;nanner befitting; f i'tft es^elleoicc at the 2 ^ew Tlieatre yes- ■leiiday, and -wfeere It will ibe given its ia s t presentation i^pnight. ' The etery . deals, w ltli a ..weaitiiy girl of Xiajtln- Amenicaii parentage w lio elopes with an Ahierican in ^ari^s,^ where she'has excitetKtlie interest of a crook posing a s an tindian Pidnce -who follows her •to New -Yorlc. M eeting with finin'' eiial I'cvei'seis, «he Is forced to* |ro ‘to, jhlm for Kid. \Wlien th e tlm$ cow os foa* the- girl to nieet the terms of h'er haj-gain si>e recoils and th e . “PriniC^” brands he.i‘ as a \cheat” -for •n'KlcH 6 he shoots him . H er hnsband, to : protect her, assum es t h e blame. Thig‘ is a nvdst realistic episode and, along with the •courtii room scene in •wliiclt .s’he tears the dress frpin lier should­ ers and'reveals the bi’and.pladed up-; . on her, thus reversing th e veiidlet o^f I guilty against her hushanff, kept the j two largo audiences epthrallod. It is I a highly saLIsfactory ab^'rhing pho- otpkiy pregentiug the famous star in a most fioiightful' ammier. JFa'ek Koi-t and flliarles de .Roche head an excep­ tional clex'or supporting ;cast. Com­ pleting the progi-am Is '.‘A •Gliostly •Night.’ a ((Timmy Au-l?rey Cciniedy, and STAGE m i . •.ti^uairy is correct in. F A S t ^- r , Y o u A t e O M ^ O U R .te E T L - H : '- AT v m \iinv ■ waj. K ij a^i ■\Vfl4 Ori>l)**s\ » . th e '*i2gn M o a r t 8uS^'o| ,.Y . ; ;■■ I IVIiUe tniaking h is adapt»(Roh.of;;/-ii^,^^j^-urda 1 &vt^^ ‘WUd Orangey,” w h ich '^ fhown a t -antiquary ' hi ‘ qii:e|tt03t'v' as W.eid. as the'N ew Paiaco TUod-tro tonight, Vi- { owner' 0^ the ‘'head; '‘p u r ^ ^ e d dor spent poheidfimbie ' time in tiio- it;\last.year Jat the , M d tp e d u o t ,‘-4 study of. the' There ; bnlMihg whe^e fo r c .^ -'at^tiot^^ ii^- bnly five people in the entire i Raria are . held, Virginia Val|I play#ll^e^ only f ^ I n ln p head hold’ soine ihexpHoaft^ role, while F^hH iSfayo tsthies. th^ tion fOr him . . 0^4 it ’‘h 5 p'ftfe- an^; masculine-leads A ll the^aetfeii tran-. . nig int^rcvst in^ the acquisition-'eVn^ spires oii‘a lonely iG^rgih^eochriamid Wantlj--%rcAy : oheC day hc'sudt, ------------ -- ------------- 1 —vc^^ap^h^> denlyealiased r 7 I t s atrikfhir.'resem- the wild orange gro thick hlanco tg-'ilK? gallant .King o f ' m . H e m ade _^n^>xhaustu;4>\ioScaT|l|i i , dnd decided W e re ^yas cV e r y 'lik o J t * 0 m -_ ’ moss midorgi’on'th lands. . ' ‘ “The study of cliaraoters. is one of the m ost interesting phases o f direc­ tion.” said the youthful • dircct.or, | hood that he was in d/ossessiou •Tliero is notliing that cause? tnOTo the head o r the venerated ruler. „ mirth, more sorrow or more luuk-ed H enry IV., research showed, -ft’as than the ‘actioris- of our fellow hu- 1 omhalmed after the manner .brought mans. The dfeefiption of charactei’?'| into France by the Medicis, which is one important phase of screen w r it- ' inclu(l;ed ;.the severing of the head, ing that many amateiirs overloc^k., .He waV '‘buried at Saint Denis, but They fail to convey to the director during • 4 her'devolution it is recorded the exact picture o f each character in that .when ^ the mob opened the royal their story. ’• | tomb^'.fhC.Ypdy of K ing.H e n r y waa^ “If a dii’GJctor is making the ten, ^ found in a state of renjarkable pries'-'* twenty, thirty type-of m e lod r i^ a h e ©rvation. demands plenty of uclton. Th^ .char­ acters are lost iii' -H ser'iGb'.of haip- hazai’d happenirtgs. ^Motion pictures have graduated from the cheap -form o f melodrama. fA ll “Prom the venerable head still T l^y '’must .present life, and in truthfully pijesenting it the story must be logical.” ' “Pathe News.” - f - .aiia « « iC(« 5 3 ^ ^ » ^ H ' -\VEATHEH ^ set 0. 53 301J2 A « 33 ji3 '» « ^ju^iine, yesterday ..... 1 ~ : E | ;ay!-w;.r.:Tr.-;Tr 7..-^0 llainfaU for year to date Tvalnfall to^dat© last year resterd^y .. • S Tp”,., ves. Jtt noon today... ..... e IS M o n ta g u e iifo u t a g u c , .Sept. 4 j - m o r e Will be a^;Pn h.fac( ijiublic Sale o f church furniture, siiveiv|+pvillipr 4 dishea and numerous other articles Whiclt belonged ‘ to the iMethodist Hpiscopal Church of Montague, at the M. 33. iChm-ch at ,1:30 P. M,,. Sta«- •darad Time, Thursday, iSept. IH - .q’hla shlo is Iby the order o f 'Rev. C. C: W o iafu ff. Dist. 'Supt. of tiio Pater­ son Disirict, of tlie Newark Annual Conference. - Mr. and Mrs. John Staudt and sous, \him ^ 'and'John, Who have been tour­ ing York State, are again at home. Douglas Fairlijink's lii Iris Greatest Picture “The :>IoJlycotldJe.’ Tlio presentation at tlie New The­ a tr e Cor F riday w ill be one of Douglas Falrban3%,s grealesi presenLation« of w h a t i t Is possible for m a n to do when beset by o d d s ., The sto r y 'nm® th.at one R ichard M a rslihll r ich idle 'an d indolent, i.s a Mollvcoddfc and not able to t a k e care of himisclf l e t alone anyone else. However,- an op- nprtuni.tv is given 'tills (Cliap^ to'.prove himseJif, -which he do?s -onl,y a f t e r be- imr tliorouehlv aroused bv iseefng the aii-1 ho -wishos-fordilmsetf being taken by .another. It is full of sustained action, -whicli t a k e s place in th e great r-ioutlnv'est and across th e fborder into ^Mexfep; (SimTigglcrs, co'vvbo 3 ’s‘| Jn-’ dln.ns. M exicans with a fc-vv Am erican f'ollege c-haos' tliro'vvn in go to m a k e Ibis one of the fsiste.^t ,.a;nd,exol<tjlng niettires ' t h a t lihirbanlt's- h a s ever.- m ade. In- addltJon to th e .above -the-' nrop-ram includes chanter Now -i, \Tliei ’ * Hnw.” of the chapter-play; +brdlip.g with realism . “L c a tliersl;ock-/ ’ in;g.” fi'om th e .world-fam o u s novels ■iiv Ja-ines Fenlm o re Cooner, •F'fina M u rnhv and K«-roia-'Miller. “ oo , .)T tp ReriGw’’ and “To-pics of th e Day.” f i s h TJffH # E A D POOD ; FQ H BliJAH'lV'-rTlIAT’S W'HA t , t h i s DTXJL^'IS A tlantic City, Sept. 3 — '“F isli^^ d c e ;a day keeps the beauty doctorb, 'aw’ay.’* m ight well be th e slogapf ;the U n ited sta t e s Fisheries Ass*bcia,i; ition which is (0 open Its anlukil .^cpiu'- ;vention here Tlmr.sday. i- Y ! - 'The open .sesame fo^ a'syi'pliHikP i%.urc is the eating p,f fish - at least ^ once a day, and better, twice a day.’’ >is the rac|)Sago of Gardner Pqolc. of .Boston^ 'of t|ie a^s.o,ciatlon, •w-i.ll deliver to the co|iyqntion. ‘Flslt |s,Um,.b^e,s|:,aii^|otl To,.^ fat.^'* ho said, ;< bJt ^ i d health-' f ul, bu.t #i:%' 66 t add. an ounce p i gup-i crlluous.,/);<^}|, medical researchliasr show n .lETood pressure- is also, 'liou- sidcrab|^ reduced | - f i | l ^ ’^ ^ ; ' f , - REPXTsiijG ijiAVFB.' iO ^ JlaiATlNG ■ TAl^tE letbwn. . ^lopt-i'^'^FoUn'd' Wan- afound- ig c|., |. , Of - ThVaai’sklii# .A'aa (Saturday ly'gbE h'-ken .tQ..1^<>wl'uri tfa^^uring According;-jo a rloty-gRT-'n the New- id' I''Pllor.' hm-gij gdfin- b<- had- yMtidered .av NEW THEAlTRE “M eet the WtEe” with Augusta Royl- Imme o-f rMrs. Fredericks’ parents, Mr. aiid Mrs. jJohn TeRer. , Mrs. a ; Oamuin and son, of Hoho- jeus, are visiting a t the hom e of Mrs. Anna 'Wesbbx'ook. ' iMisS'QVIary D. Day recently returned li'om a '-visit w ith -friends in Bevans and Andrew. , ■ State Vegetable Specialist Nis.sley, oT. N e w ‘Brunswfek, and County Agent Hvans w e r e recent. ca,l.lers in this vi- chiity. The s c h o o ls of t lie township opened Tuesday w ith the following teachers .comedy, . ’[IVleet. Gie- e played at the New T’he meri'5'- W ife,” xvill I Theatre Wednesday, Sept. 10 . Au- •gusia BovJston has scored ona hun- iftdd percent in the liking- o f -old and new friends, playing . a mei’ry w’ldow w idi light, deft touch, making her in Bevans Points -ouiite as certainly as in former plays in which she has delighted plavgoers. who will not only -meet the •wife witli two- husbands, played by. Messenger Beilis and Donald Camp­ bell, but a vetw charming daughter In the 'iierson of Helen \West. Mark Ry- I’on, Ine.. has given a notable pro'duC”- ih oiiaTgb-~-^Bric'ic House School, Miss I Ro’i ‘tp the play, and it will be found BVelyii MoMickle; River School, U liss' \to be one pf th^ m o s t plausible, am-ifs- RuRi McConell; Clxurcli School, Miss m g a-nd witty uom edies seen here In D o r ^ liy Middletown, and Clove j many years. School, Miss Louisa iBertsch. -County Helping Teacher Miss F lor­ ence Farber -Was/a caller a t th.e' . schools on Tuesday. ' Ifr. and Mrs. James Middleton and Margaret Ididd-Ieiton, who have ‘hewx spending' the .summer m o n ths in Scotian^. -' reterheii hom e the past find Hugo Goss, ,of New S|L'- .. - Y c ^ Gify, spent tlie week end at tinr V* r ' hom e of- Mrs. Goss’ 'parents, (Mr. and iSfoh H u g h Miller.: - ‘fH iK V E S GET c a s h a s ■ EMFLOYE FELDS GAS TANK .;^on,ti-oeIlo, Sept- 3^—County a.uthor- iti^ in v e s t i^ t in g the b'old theft of eanly Monday night from the easii . rejKwter of tbd h|bnticelio Auto Sal“.s , w h ile Jack Campbejh the only en^loye^on dutyr, w*a.s outside -filling noilegd *a stranger enter the of- Y - ; 3£ARS IS NOT W ilABTrED, SCIENTISTS c6iS[CIiIJi;)E; NATDIIE B B IIH GANxlLS he was waiting to , , - accesgorles. The vigitoji- .,.,‘lw>J^fent)y 'Wa? In-a buriy sfud left in 'j^w iiffnvtm-,- ^ h e n lie ojieped the, r e i s e r ±he Teas was disco\'-ered Jiatt entered an-autp-mobile |y night _ hpi-glara foarced an . tli&, restaurant Of Xton V a l, S outh Fallsburg, taking 1 reglitter apd a quantity pf cjl other am a irattl- -/Tha'clwih regtstef,. -yrhieh con- J8$, w«m foudd later in (■ireot. ieuMdied to pleoes with the jMr wlMdttg; W ■^ -* *-“ * r m ^ m h m m $bt m t dJek -Gbservatory, Mount Hamilton, Cal., Sept. 3.— The . (Score of m ore of astronomerd,'-ivha h%ye been manujng the giant telescope's ' h ere since Mars has been in o;^positiO«, liaye conclud­ ed the jdanet'is not inh^^bit'edv - The supposed**‘cap[al£y'‘{ w h ich long hax'-e 'been the chl^f basis dJT Sipienti- fic belief th'at .Mdr? b o a t e d animal and pro'bably. hti<mah lifeY iu c b like our own, they say , drd'toO tvide to be man-'made affairs, fu lly lOd- mil^s across. Also'“ tli.ey are 4 'ecl.aited, to be -too winding:, in 4 lteir (dburses'to 'be the result o-f any Martian engineering pi-o-Je-ct. • . ■ , Gbseiwations and photographs vir- tnaliy haVA esitablished that Mai’S libs clouds and .almosplierle oondltlonis similar to our otyu, and also rivers and mo HI) tains, land and sea. ailddletbw n. ^.Ji'ing ^ m n d - J V - x - . i . u , i - ( v Tovw im g e of - ThVaarsfclii# .V'aa oii ■^•n tne New ­ burgh :^di 5 c\ 1 j <- had* VMtidered mway from thd-,Midd!“tcwii 'sanitari.dm. As a result': TtiGiil'i, of PoliQ'-’ there,’ requested deUtH-s frenjt ;'Lleut. Molm Gier. - fn charge of the\ night desk at polide;; headquarters. , Inforpaation’'^ivdn at the (Sanitar­ ium reveal^V tehti. torw illiger,. ..ac- ,co-inpanied vbf.-hts -ino'ther, Iradf.gono . there ‘ w h em -.he was to undergo an bpCratfeii.- for;'ah'*. 'p e n d h ^ Y - ' ■ 'Y : ; '■Whoji the surgeons \vero ready tp operate,;'VonvilIiger is said to have wanted'Mt- perforpjed without the. a d j m inistfaftoii ;.qf .Ah -..hnaeSthH|c. , HO ' flatly refused 'to ‘lake -e ther'•dnd Drs- C. I. RedfierdYud B- R- Kiunic r e ­ fused to 'unless he sublhified to etherizhilpii . * : Mr. Tei'VdlliKer 1? ?aid to .' have jumped fropi th e - • operating ' table, dressed, and^ left the InsUtution with his m o ther.. 10ie ' story that', he had wandered 'aimlessly-Ti;oni tlie' .Sani­ tarium tvas discredited.. . Koted 4g<? Y'arwfck, Sept. ^-—William' c. De- Graw, noted for Ills work in 'reeo'/_*r- ing bodies of persons drowqied ^In Green-wood ijake,. di^d Friday ,at l Y home there:-folloiving. a stroke , of paralysis,, at the age of lO-yeark,.. ,... LM-r-.- DeGraw was‘ .born -Dec'cmbev -3'3. I'S'GS, at- Green-tv-ood .Lake and w a s a son orW illiam-D;- r>eGra’-W-an'ri . wdk- m'arri^t W ANTED ' k a \ 5 - S \ s S p » LOT--Ce*tri4I^^HUpfe'^: V FO R RENT j FO R SALE 6biiiw»k N O E 90 PIKE STBEBT Tel. 1C5-J Kqtiucy Publlf r: I m m 0 - G|rA#e ,^ u a r e .Y ■ ■ : ' 1 ^ ■ ' r - f v'.-r -RwpiS.f- I BUSINESS D i R E O b W e e »i»» >»>» >'i*»i|WK ^ M r A G Q ^ ;^:p4V '^.-iip^ m M 1 tot $l prfatF 1 fet $l prilier # c ? ip efc^ P ^ fu r IN f ?? ^ W . ' AlWBIIETy^AflP hAW , ' B E N N E T ’S (SABMM m i G R A m w m m JokD E. U w ^ t e y a o i w c w 2 4 4 E a s t M a in St. T e l. 3 3 5 - W ^ T§DAY (■Catheriffe ■ Havdn. ' • HO'. wdk-niarried mahy^ycars ago-to H e _leaves, Ills wife and, .one -..^‘• 07 , ' at hofn'e..’„ . ^ . , A Mr. D e^raw served as a deputy sheriff undev. sqye.rai..administrations. p l l p l p . K. I nane is revealed 1 tuofuldxng, of the jj.ijd cU r-lpd'ends. to harm o n ize V Wifii th e n a tu i’a i contoiar of the. 5 ■bead aiid features. . J - IJj Long hair waved with a-'per- 1 fectly imturaV iharcel effect. ; 4 9 Ball St, • • Phone 331 f i f . 1 w s a \ T JERSEY'S DEATfl BATE ‘GItO W S ';, 8& iSlJICXDES IN STATE IN JtT>Y Tx-entom'.'Sepf; 3 — Tbei-e were* 3 ,-' 047 deaths in New jersey 'in’ the m o n th’of Juk’. of which 35 were sur dcidC‘?;'*’a:ccordling to statistics made public by the state Departm ent' pi Health hero. tTiJiwe xvere 35 q deaths of children under one yeaj. of age, 1'21 dealdis of children over -one and uxider five years, and 1,083 deaths of pcr^'ons GO years or older. The detitb 1 .* rate for the month was JO .14 a islight increase over the j.ate for July, 1923 ' ,^ which was 9 ,. 71 , the lowest for a number Of years. Diaeaes of the circulatory system 1 nnmHyir* ni^ * ipdlNeqf} IR'qtieCheif TmBk-TJs* (OET o n l y - s ' GI31NTS :iN EGTO IBBHGtiABTES FirUicliffe, SCftL 3—^InduMrious .burglars in Firithclilte, .a. few;, mile» from Highland Falls, had a, bard 1 , time Sunday nlejit, invertlgatlon.:™ \'”’* *t\ ' “T ,''* T °L ' ' __• Y Yr -i,.,....!.,..- 4 ’+« being responsible for 569 . There k tihowed Monday. They broke\ Into the Firthcllffo poatofO'ce and. found hot even a two-cent stamp. They jimmied into the private residence Of Mrs. John D^wliurst. but found no money or easily carried valuables. ’Wiey In-vaJeJ John Ke.hoAeld’r new‘s- paper atorc without anythisg, but finally fot t n m p«nt» trlien they tortfiA tlijM*’ being responsible for 569 . There were 320 deaths from diseases of thel' nervous system and 300 from cancer. \ Mero Mountains May RfiMi. Tho *raat qhange.«i that tho earth uiv fl9fgo«8 rany be ju^sed from ffi^ | that fo^r tlw«a since geolojlcifi history ] xiew generatlpwi of mouBtabHi bi^ro arisen In Europe, and tbafa laad —- to aupiMMMi that tharv a *“ \ -O A C IC r { t a r n ] l; fairbante - m - r HERE^S Pbla Ne^ri as youVe NEVER seen her. In 4 symj^lhctic role.: a |oojisK young who bargains her soul for Itixurics ?incf—-keeps tlic bargain. The mp&t TO^yerful ^ n e s of seenes ever flashed on ^thJ Screen. ^ Evciy scene a big apene, a ^ ^ clim^ sensaUiwud “ A G I K B T I Y N I G K ^ ^ ^ ^'EAnniiEi^iiQ . «#’’ A O N B S K m 2 S CENTS EVENING t : t « a. % ? (n i(i F a r o iitij ■ M m ‘T fir k S ^ fiU M T ’ J ■ t - 4 i i

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