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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, August 27, 1924, Image 4

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- tivated p ^ r m«n> ftn* )t»is f f m , ds well ; as llitj; iijumber pf'^.acr^.i.jpejr horse, wer below average. •' i^e reaie.died; ;f4dH«-^ 4'ig£»| TRI-STATBS ITNloif local a n d Kenerai Thiirs- culatioa books and records ar* open f^or th e ir inspection. ieopoiooojaof THK UlflOW Oir » A ^ 2 ^ ^ S E 1 “ Bible Thought For Today. war. . l i e ' 0oi4 b lriih vi^owilQJit . aan ’' ^ hts.^ crop a r ^ i -t:ejadc}h^.^’| S S . f f 1 ^ « R p W > S a » S l from l*a, ■fields to nine fields 0 | liottei proportion. ' ' lA t-the ciitl of th e second year li|* figui’e's- tallowed th a t the incom e from the farm , a f t e r paying all cxliensea and interest, on lila investm e n t, h d * achieved: ah iiicyeaso o f jp o 'o v o r t l | | preceding V e a r , .. 1 > -' U There’^s a lesson ih this far'm a n ? ? other farhters. There is also a l'es-1 soh fo r a; lo t of ^olhs who are hot; farm e rs. ’W 'oli-planned budgets idiid’ prperly : ^:ept aceounts can show m a n y aii Individual Avhei'e the *iinm,t- cial leaks .are an d -where protits rnay be improved, by norm a l • rt^adjhet- m en’ts. iCarrying the idea .stilt fur,^ th e r ; i t Is lieihful m any tim e ar to m a k e a reckoning of one’s m e n tal and) spiritual activities and, if ihv|AS in these ^things a te falling hChfild possibnities, to im p rove them b y fig”- urin g out w h e re the w a ste has come In an d w h e re m o re profitable use'^oi w oi-klng 'and leisure- hours, m a y . 1^# .made. i v -' ' ■ HAVSEED REPUJBIilCA jf N O flN A T IO N S Of M a ssachusetts . C’HART.^R Of Illinois, AJUEKltlAJir <rAPJTA l4:TO -- ■When lili^OOO persons^ pai'tieipat*? In a a25,OOQ,000 loan— a s they did in- flie-A n s tr ian loaii— a n d im a rly 50,000 persons tak e p a r t in a $ 100 ,, 006.000 ioan, it is obvious tiia t such m a tters *.re n o t confined to th e large activi­ ties of 'poAverfuI capitalists,. So^ too, thet f a c t th a t th e ow n e r ship of tho prin c ip a l x'ailroad aiid- 'in d u s t r i a l ■lodes'\ is to d a y Avidely distributed Among tens of th o u s a n d s qf owners l^o w s th a t a good m a n y persons- of m o d e r a te incom e s are am o n g tiie na- fln ’s rea l capitalists. M a n y of these sm a ll investor.s in big concerns a r e school teacliers, professional and business m en, sten ­ ographers and so on. Tliero are sev_ meal pleasing^ featu res here. O n e fs th a t n o t all in v e s t o r s o f m o d e r a te in c o m e lo s e the'ir fu n d s in fo o lish in ­ vestm e n ts or f a k e prornolieri schem es. M3gb as th e fool ratio is. tlxeri'. are still pei’sqixs who spend a little' le.ss th a n th e y earn and p u t th a t -surplus , to w o r k . f o r th e m in AA'ays w h tc li jn- erease th e ir coinfort and .happine.=is a n d provide fo r a n inllepOndent OM age. ' > A n o th e r pleasing featu re is the ev­ idence th a t A m e rica is becom ing le.ss an d less agnation Avith asraan capital­ ist-class. -Anyone w h o Avill save eon_ sistently an d invest wisely in.xy be­ com e a p a r t n e r or sh a r e r in alm o st an y of t h e country’s big linanciul en­ terprises, ---------- ^ --------- 3TASHlIfGTOi»r a n d I>UDJ>I n M ^isliington, a f ter all, m ay ixot i jsend a n envoy to Dublin, as the I;*i.sh y*Vee'State desires. Dublin v/Iir send A rep tj|sen tatlv e to W a shington, w ith th e edftsent o f - t h e B ritish .srovern-': itm ntj in the\ person of P r o f. Tim o thy i t . gm iddy. vBut t h a t is as f a r as the HM-tter\ AV'ill go for the present. I t ap p e a r s th a t a law would be . jieceusdry tP create a legation a t D u h , * lift,'.and m o n e y w ould have to be ap ­ p r o p r iated for tlie purpose. Con- - .gress presum a b ly AVould m ake no: difficulty ab o u b th a t , for it has alivays g , < h e e n liberal .w h e re Ireland Avas con- -But • c o n g ress will not be hi ^'%’^eaaion fo r so m e . m o n ths The f .Jidm inisti’ation, m o reover, Is doubtful .fW hather i t is good pol.ey to c-stablish Abont tim e foi* the li:gypUau‘arcli- jicologists to sl|irt in to p e e r am id th® pyram ids a g a in. Ikey—^Dot is a ,I r i s h lake. , * Jakey—V y dl am a I r is h la k e t Ikey—‘Bacuz, .Takey, the w a t e r Is Im o k s like avc a r e going to be busy over th e w e e k end \and holiday. urday a D rum Corps ixavadc a n d TC- j gion Winter SjXQrts. Sundny. a Jball gam e , h a b o r D a y b h ll gained jand m a s q u e rade slild B e e fsteak IMnncr and Shooting M a tc h . O u g h t to -k e e p everyoiMJ huisy. . •. • The Rod and Cun Club ought to arranged for all IS-pound t ro u t o r '20- pouncl bass ea.ugbt (by its m em b e rs to be kept and oxbibitod at- t h e 'a n n u a l dinner and shoot, to gi,ve the reel-;' wtorkieds a slxare of t h e g^ory ^nd few prizes. Timre ought to be a' prize fo r the one telling* t h e biggest yarn or lie. , . < 'J-'p- precedent, b y .sending a uiTnister i‘'V»:|‘-of t h e B ritish domlnion.s. becai g ;*'yr,H»«'»ame treatm 'ent would have to be Show ers f o r the next few days yyill be as foilOAvg^ aceorttlng {o’ p i’cseiit' SGhCClule: • . j : r. i Satm-day-:-a :33 and; 5- p./ Suiiday-^3;d4 pV ifi. - • - -Ic M o n d a y —^3;-I0, 3:50 an d 5:20 p. m . Tlie Legioxx’s big 'Walor 'Ciarnival on Satux’day afternoon avx II prove one of th e real big events of th e year and it is hoped .there will be a record crow d a t Joyland P a r k to enjoy it an d help th e Legion. O w a tta F r ig h t has con­ sented to do her dax'ing trip le som e r­ sault dive, .landing on tfxe w a ter like a rubber 'ball and 'bouncing back to the diving boai'd. OHIO DEMOCRATS ADOPT DAVIS’ AlSTI-IOiAX PLA NK Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 27—T h e D e m o c ratic P a r ty of Ohio, in S tate Conve-ntion yesterdaj'', adopted a s its platform declaration on t h e K u 'K lvtx K lan the pronouncem e n t of its n a ­ tional standard bearer, Jo h n W . LaAis, in his recent Sea G irt (N. J.) speech. The plank reads: “W h e n ever an y organization, no m a tter wixat it chooses to be called, Avhethcr K u K Iux K lan o r an y o ther nam e, raises t h e stan d a r d of x'acial or, religious belief as a t e s t of fitxiess for pobllc office, i t docs v io len q ^ to th e ’ spirit of A m e rican institutions and- m u st be condem n e d by all w h o be­ lieve in A m erican ideals.” ’ --------- ' -Font O rders Ooolldgc Bivkes to a ll t h e qthei s. J?);- ^ ^ a t ;se e m $ likely to come In tug I^tbre,, w ith tl^e i*apid chaxige o f Aire W w ^ h 'E r in p ir e int<r a volun- ^t*T7 jm fopm tion of self-gjvernlug ^memberer- B u r i t m a y be as wqil to l.ffepr® t h e m a tter, ju s t now. ' * ... I ; ' ^ A C C O i^ T S ' W/r Aftplcuitn^At 'exteiisloix v o f th e ir tim e workers- de- to teaclting ^ ____ |{er» how to keep and analyse 1 wwr.agcounts, and the fdimxer.s ‘H#e qblok to th e value o f this oiiis awch b«sjrlii1»er in fdrrn book-1 jUHjBiiif dl»covffo4 a^t t b f el»d o f hl» vf careful figuring t h a t tbe 0 ^ m livestock brought hbn linm c y tllftn th e oiges jfota p u t\ tita f l»l« mothOd o f I f efflolentf th a f heJW imi rOturiMi fro m hi# Pittsfield. 'Mass., Aug. i27—dfexirv F*ord has ox-dex*ed a dozen I’akeis' o f Max'shall W . Stedm-ail, of Tyringham , for u s e -at W ayside Inn^ Sudbury. Mx’I ■Ford w a s so piloased With the tw o Stedm an presented to President; Coo- .lidgo t h a t be 'telephoned his . o r d e r a t once from Sudbury. fMi*. 'Sted'man is the fo u r th g e n e ra­ tion in the fam ily t h a t has m ade rakes in th e sam e factory f o r ninety- eight years. , \ . . FLIES AT ir »3 MTI/Jl &F 15 E 1 > W H n ^ E TUB BROADCASTS M itchel Field. L. l'.. Aug. 27—JMm jor ''Wlllfam N, Hen.sley Ji*., com - inandant of the ax-my a ir s tation here, invited people of Nassau Coiinty last niglit to atsteiid P e fense D a y ex- ei’cises a t th e field. * ' . Major..Hen«ley t ran s m itted his ipes- .aa^e thx’ough a sepcial broadoasting appax'atus fitted Infto i h o cockpit of a I>ef Havllan^d aiJT|>lane, and W'hUe he apokie the ship Avaa t r a v e lin g 105 njjleft an hour. JE W S ^ / A N l!H,000,000 “CHICAGO” I N aCALBSTINE Chicago, Aug, 27— A' fl,000,000’ jowisi) City of Palestine, to 'lig nam ­ ed “Chicago,” and to b e built in f!,ve .years,”h^'t^^een pJklRbfe,^ by tiieMewish comm ittee of the-^ Ziopist movement and the Faleetlne Foundation. Fund here, according to Dr, S. M. iMelained, ehalrman. The oily ■’vlll he built a# a ifoiony fo r & 0 mm in E m o p e and tb#i« w ipf IfD Eiuior Ooinf Now . • - t i V i i j r t ^ ^ jtiij-ott t i e f e r f |H»j«bes- hirsiRH v l l ^ y 'w g g pot ? tli« vicf 1 p arly given by his majesty. 1 George, king of England. er.c„ tn represeniatives^ o f thr American VBar Association visiting in Lun t '•linn' . ► . ............... . . higli-Iigiiis our or ilm heard m ar he ■ graying twilight of. liis year.s ad Vances. Age. however, has not yet touched ihe jauntinrss of J e.x. was accorded first place (n graynu? .e line of bearded lions f .' . >’«ard Is Haunted witlij,all t,h« abaii- Crowding him close, rKow*iv*jr. an d ' p|r%Pi^“ ’kept,. S S l B l a S - S s S s s : in turn barely niosed out ahead of , \'1^ nappe J Ham Lewis of Chicaso, former peeved in dead^^^^^ the bearded beauty Of the United tuesidebtial eleo»10ii-'dkl3:;..ta I. has States Senate „... , v; ,^rricd up th c |^ n e f a j iy unHnow^^ ,lou»ly. H ushes Just i,ea,‘. Xene.s by u whisker' ' ’ ■>» * , ^ ; r presidents tjf the United States • J ^ O nture Interest,„« e .,.u t ,„ u ; i . : i e S : ' ' ‘r u S ' ' t h e . l’nsli,h'H t4n th,: chuliiTeiW 'h \ t\ - 'h und tnirtv the t T j , # l ' A 4 d Of course the king's own w ljii. kers are the last .word in British hirsute adornm ent So George. in the line of bearded lio n s?. ’ . .-a:: Crowding him dose , rgow ^ y sr. was worn records, :i,e ..... ^vhat La Fol- „ uy-en in .pi.nkestfdajy; “ ■'Mtl'jksea^chei- .. 1e{v^ngrf.:n- Ught .as nay happen should changes Iii ■ When he retired from the Su preme. Court to run for the presi­ dency in ISIG: Hughes' beard was u rich nut'browh. of. niediuni length, fastidiously parted in the ' middle. \Vhen he returned to W'ashnig- • ton. afttfr four yrar.-i of law prac­ tice in New York, the barbers had 'taken half ah lixch 'off it^ length ' and time had spripkled it with a - acatlering of gi;aiy hairs ’he fourth of March. iX-4'J. fall­ ing ini a Sunday. Zachary TaylOr was not sworn in as president un‘ tirth e tollowins day. March -7 In tb« .mejjintinip the tel’ni Of James K Polk hud e.'cpired at .noon on Rlarch 4 i ’he CongreiXSiotml Blogniphicul Direetor.v.. conipi/r-d under .authbr- ilv of Ooiiyress, and therefore'of- 1101111. records'of Atchison: She is. a lifelb^ng nxeinbei’ of the P r o testan t E p iscopal C,burch, and th e fix*st m essage phe • telegraphed AAdieii it b-gcame eextajn th a t she had received the nom ination Av^as to ^the rector of the church of w h ic h 'slid is a m em b e r, Jle Avas-dli Chicago. 'Pile Fei’gusoji hom e in Tem p le 1^ th a t of la Avell-to-do A m erican fam ily oir standing. It is avc II but siniplj'' furbished. /Ev'Ci’ything in the house shows t'he good taste of the Woman ■who rules it. Mrs, Ferguson Will jirobably rO- m ain in th e . tehvplc until the Dsm o- c r a t i c ' State • C onvention m eets here next' Aveck. It is tlie general under­ standing th a t the sta t e ticket; anti- X lan from top to hottbm , AVill Insist On a straig h t out anti-klail plank. ^Trs. Ferguson w ill o^ortaiilly favor such a iVlahk and so will Danf#!-Moo­ dy, nom inated for Attoi-ney. General. • The convention is al.se expected to lake note of the actiAn'tieg of Thom as B. Love, Texas m em b e r of tlxc N a ­ tional Demoei-atic Com mittee. Mxv Love supported tb e K lan tic'ket anA w o rked w ith th e Klan delegation Avhieh I'exus sent to the KeW York c'bnvmntion. ' The convention cann'ot- romovo him but it can dem a n d hiS resignation a n d 't h a t -Is the course th e anti-K Ian delegates are expected to take. . ■ .A fter tbe convention Mrs. Fergu-_ son is expected to deVote m u ch of her tim e to doing “Her bit,” as she expresses it, for John w . Davis'. . --------- ■^ ****- • ----- . To Brighten Gilt Fr|in1tl. Gilt frames can be brightened by thfl folIoAving. method:\. ’'/alee sufficient- floAvers of sulphur to give a gold, tinge to a pint and a half of water; in this boil four onions. Strain off tlie. liquid when cool; apply to gilding Avitli a soft brush. ig of gi;aiy I By degrees, aa Secretary of stale, this abbreviated length ha's - ■shortened been -shortened Today, almost, wholly gray and still parted w.ith\ meticulousI • eiiough 01^ Ihe to give tlie most angry dipl a , hand-hold ' A diplomutically ■“safe'* beard’ ■ Denioerais here’ lit\ the eapitai lUre ix a r t ic t il a r l y .- p le a s e d that care, then*, is not. . t Hughes board iolt ipldnu This. oUice ’iRresidcpt pro-teni-. ix;re of rim senate) made him pies- .idem of the United States during ,Sunday. March 4, 18-iU. a s General Taylor wa,s not sworn into office until the following day \ All of which is now presented as a precedent for the accession to . the presidency, next March 4. of President Pro-temjior.o.Cuninpns of j tdwa, should a deadlock in both housbs of Cortgress^ folloiv a dead­ lock m the electoral college Mrs. Ferguson, Tiexas’ Nexf Governor, ' Mome-Lov% Woman of Abilify i^NtmcES. CODNTY COUK’r-^rnOifANlSB GQIJNTTf Marion Y eager. .. - ^ .. In pursuance of a Jiidgipent'of Fore- duly entered in tlie offic-e of the Clerk of the County of Orarig.j, I, .the sub­ scriber, the Referee in and by said. F ront Streots,. in the City ot^Eort Jcl-., S I ', f l 2 j i t t 1 ' o S g r ! ? ? h o ^ « o \ ' £fd‘ Map of Lincoln P a rk made by Josepli Leone, owner, said .map being liled in the County Clerk’s Office of - Oran.ge County, a t Goshen, N. Y„ a bout Novem­ ber 1, 1920, and b e h ^ the same prem.- ise.s conveyed by Jo ^ p h Leone^ito Mae Quigley by deed dated' November Cth, 1920,'i-ecorded in the Orange County- records of deeds in Book No. 606 at *^'^AL^O^>(LL THAT TRACT OR PAR­ CEL OF LAND, situate in the City of Port Jervis, Orange County/'NewTork, bounded and described ag follows: . BEGINNING on the northerly side of W e ^ Main Street a t the southxvesterly corner of the lot form e rly of John Ed­ gar Decker a t a bar of iron driven in the ground, and running thence North eight and one-half (8.%°) degrees West two (2) chains and tw e n ty-six (26) links to a point two (2) feet easterly the center of a small rock oak thence' South seventy-four (74°) degrees W est one (1>,chain and four (4) links to andiron bar driven in the ground; thence South eight and qne- half (8%°) degrees E a s t tAvo (2) chains and ten (10), links to a cross marked on the coping of wall on Main Street; thence along the same N orth eighty- three (8S°) degrees E a s t one (J) chain and four (4) lin lp to the place of be- ^ The foregoing bfi'lng'-the same prem ­ ises cbnAmyed to K a tharine 0. Beek- -Wlth by Charles 15, ^eckAVith by deed dated January Igth,'I'90f,-r^orded Jan- m gy b® w a d t tram mat«- rlttl Avhteit tuGomaa Iiardaaail «n «;!- pogure to the stia, TJie process Of leaking cofasists In. first’exposing ’molded bricks to tli^ kun for a then^taraing them, ex­ posing different faces for from seven tc^foarteen 'daxi. -Because o f the lack ;ef cqherendy^ adfibes can be employed i only 4n regions of limited falnfalU *0ERALy 'iW miNCE , r - f S p A HiiU^ estate John C .Farnmn MAwtalc fiw^ 53M K W IZ Answ ers to. N e s terday’si K w ls ^A u s tralia'received ro y a l con- t to- b ecome a Coutm o n w ealth J u ly * t ! ^ T h e Vo'rd ‘^ i d ’y I s pronouniped ;he iRebellloh is the’t^vll (War in Temple, Tex., Aug. 26—(\ATien Mrs. •Miriam A. Ferguson,, the D c m c cratic nom inee for Governor of Texas, halC Gd as ceilain of electlbh, greeted^hel’ friends AlQnday.jinorning it \seem e d th a t Was Jin > mpL^ serious, nioad th a n she Avas in the m -sr/liish of lier v icto iy ,, T h a t sl»e fully, appreciates onerous c'ham c te rs of tlie duties she Would assum e -with the Gqv^rnoi'ship is certaini X b one can tA a flkifivpd^lh, e f f v p utes w ith hex* w ithout ' ' ^ M any rlhiculuus stories have been tefegraphed to all parts of‘ the coun­ try about her. To begin w ith the use Of tlie Avord “Ma” has probably been xnisiinderstood. Mrs. Ferguson' to he‘r»da^iikhte!’«* o ¥ -hhr is “Tnn-tb«r” anrl • W l?™ o » ’sbip. Ferguson Is a .^sprt of d Jnoat of Aidxose tlm e 'l g spent <ver I'caaizing th e kitchen stove, sw e e p ing a hack milking, ilking cows aiitl So On. Mrs. husbanth «he is “m o the r” and “m m m n a ” to her two girls and M ir­ iam, to her husband and intim a te friftiids. ) I ” “Mit” M rs. 'FerguU n is alw ays negtly dl’cssed*^ a n d so far as t h e 'Wearing of clothes Is concerned' T f x a s j would have- no occasion -to hOr a s a Governor. i»he Is uiiasadiw- iiig and has a kind .■word for'CvOry*' body she conics Ju « o u tict with, re- pardies# o f their th « ' ioem a n and the Avaa used fo^ caiupaigffi8p u r ­ pose behuse Mi^. Fergusott’a initial* are \M. A j ’\ (Her cam p a ign lUapa'^ gers advenisod her to BUtQ a n d ’ n a -; tion not as Mrs. M, A .; Ferg1|M»nf which Avouid be hey slgnatyreTto all Bfcate papers, Uqt a# ;“M i|’ th w |r Word ‘W d ’M s pi it w e re spelled “sed.” .. 4.—The W a r . o f th< -- an o th e r .nam e for ^described her asl-a Avpman of no ed -7 5 . ^ ^ a m o n a n d ' Pytthias'w e re tw< she is a c u l t u r ^ Avoxnaii and those Who knoAV her best here ili TempJe say there are .Avomen in Texas; or any otiiei* sta^io Avho ai*e her peers in inl-elligenc. | An impi-essiou’G iaii.gonc out th a t \Mrs. p’erguso n fs > ^sprt of drudge, ..... - ' • e n t o a . ^ ha c k yard, m cows a i ^ so on. M rs Fer^ guSoii delights tovm ake dainty things to -'eat> s(}ch as preserves, m a rm a ­ lades, jellie.<f, &c.,7aiid is an excellent cook. B u t {he F e rgusons have sert vants and M rs,; F e rguson Is, in the TulDsehSo ©f tlld^Avoi'd m istress of a household. < pirebcCuddTberk ises to Mae Quigley by deed , dated Mdfch 301923, recorded in the Or­ ange County records of deeds in Book 1530 at page 161 on the -2nd day .of April, 1923. — M^LLIAM A. PEUCHS. Esq., Referee. . ' Dated, August 11th, 1824. -'K LYBOLT; Esq., . irney for Plaintifl;, -. , , Geifdral Insurance arid ResJ Estate ^ W.D. McCOMBS AGENT ^ Truckhig & Moving •» Att IM i u Atum *** Bamt For Sih aad E k M iis * kLOCK AND SFUT WOW FS.es jll«»4 A. W. SCHWANEMANH ../•L I h ' v l ,, 7 . - ^ 1 ^ , Invented the sew­ ing machine in. 1819 ' . ? 8 .—Nestor Avad- a Greek hero at F io ; —Lynch; law ^^anevm applied ■|^.~Who ^discovered the'(East Coasit ° g.-Jwim fqm ed tuVconfederartkm the-Nonth $|a? .i l:zfili“ 1^0 bopughg formed old New Ybrk Cfty ? - 7 .- 4 When did • the Bevoiutipa pc- J. M. D e WITT I B3-8S Pike St., Port Jervis, N .Y. ONE CENT SALE Friday S: Saturday S u its fo r I c e n t ; O T c r c u a tV f o r 1 c e n t a n d M en^s D r e s s S h ir ts f o r 1 c e n t , elc \ ' M E N ’S SU ITS $ 2 ^ S u its— O n e c e n t sale, 2 su its fo r .................... .......... - S Z S - O I $ 3 5 S u its— O n e c e n t sale, 2 su its fo r ................. ...... $ 3 5 . Q 1 $ 4 5 S u its— O n e c e n t sa le, 2 su its fo r .......... ............. ~ $ 4 S . 0 1 M E P O V E R C O A T il- T h a t w e r e l e f t o f e r f r o m la s t season^ $ 2 5 O v e r c o a t — Chie c e n t sa le , 2 overcoats* f o r .... $ 3 5 O v fJrcoats— ^One.-cent sa le, 2 o v e r c o a t s f o r .... $ 4 0 O v e r c o a ts— O n e c e n t sale* 2 o v e r c o a t s fo r .... BOYS* O V E R C O A T S T h a t w e r e le f t o r e r fro m la s t se a s o n . $ 7 . 5 0 O v e r c o a ts— O n e c e n t sale, 2 fo r . ............. . . . $ 1 0 O v e r c o a ts— O n e c e n t S a le, 2 fo r . ......... $ 1 5 O v e r c o a ts— O n e c e n t sale, 2 fo r ....: BOYS* SC H O O L SU IT S $ 12 S u i t s ^ O n e c e n t sale, 2 suits .: ....... . $.1-5 S u i t s - ^ O n e c4rft sale,* 2 suits ......... . $ 1 8 Suits^— O n e c e n t sale, 2 su its _.t..,.. MEN*S ST R A W IHATS _ $ 2 , $ 3 a n d $ 4 S t r a w H a ts, yO u r ch o ic e $ 1 — O n e c e n t • s a le, 2 fo r .................. ......... ...... J J J t $ 5 . $ 6 to $ 8 P a n a m a H a t s , y o u r c h o ic e $ 3 3 0 — O n e • c e n t - s a K 2 f o r ......... ....... ......... .................... ...... - - i S i S I ' _ TIES- . : • / M e n ’s 5 0 g T ies— O n e c e n t s^le, 2 f o r ...I ^ M e n s $1 T ies— ^One c e n t sa le, 2 f o r . . , 1 . . ....... .............. # . $ 1 . u t MEN*S D R E S S S H IR T S - $ 3 S h irts— O n e e e n t sale, 2 f o r .. . . ... j . $ 4 ^ i r t s — O n d c e n t s a le , 2 ]for .... : .... M e n s $1 P o r o s 'K n i t O n d e r W e a r - ^ ^ e c | n T s a l e , ^ folf ....... ..... ...................... J\llen*s C o II ats , 2 0 t — O n e c e n t s a k r J c o l W fo r . ; . Boys* 2-PieG e U n d e r w e a r , S O f K f ^ e e e h t ^ l e . 2 fo r. .' i l f i . Boys* Stra>v H a ts* 5 ( ^ - ^ 0 r t e j c e n t • SI8,01 fili llli ¥ ,: 0 Boys’ Cloth Hats* | l - ^ ^ n t sal^ i for :. Boys* Band Waiits* $ 1 to $ 1.50; yoUr c^ome 75fc-^ ' . .C h ie-cen t snld*‘ 2 - f o r .............. ■ Boys* Shirts* ba4* $t;25M>ne centlife 2 for Boys’ Wash Suitl, flt^B^^Otte cent 4 * ^ Mon« 2-Pioce B.V,Pi Suits, $1 ;per fkrnient~^c cent snlci 2 for- Men » 2*d^©cc AfMetic ^ ts / SOc per g a r ^ Dr Belli. $lMJpe 21^: i

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