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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, August 27, 1924, Image 1

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^ p ii ij iT B p n r i h ^ i ^ t V ^ m W OF THB inJlILlfF j •igafajaga m h , ■ » K iv-;,: si\ fiERMiYlLLSlGNlilNPilCr, E V E N iF ffiim A flR E iE c rsrr ; (By Assocl&t^d Pres*.) : ^ B e riin, Axijg, 27-^Tiio G e rm a n Oovcnuiiesnt \vlU sYicn tlie I/ondon asrreem e n t’ t^heithe*'. o r n o t th e ' B e i< ^ ta|t; ;approves of it, It w as o^fftciiillr apriohnceitl today, if •. th e I t e l q t i s i ^ Jejects t h e pact on. th& Siawes ' P lan .it.w ill be dls* ' i«olved, acepi^iiie to ‘ oimoun.ee- inent, ' IiOnidoii, Aug. 27f7-The sitting • o f th e Beichsiteg^ w a s suspended teniporarlly today when, during deli^te on . acceptance of the B a w e s P lan iLondon Agreement, the Coitimimlsts . caiised an up­ roar by demanding that their eic- polled and Imprisoned m embers should be allowed to vote tohKp’- ^ row, according to, a new s agehey dispatch from Berlin, . Paris, Aug. 1 2 T ~ T h e I ^ n c h 'Senjitc today j^tifled th e treaty of lionsanne,. witK only twenty ne^tive\ votes,, alteip a , debate of two hours. The <dimnl^r lu ^ voted for ratification on liilon- day. I . ^ This gives o f f i c i i ’Prettch ad­ herence to the ‘treaty, w h ich wps signed July 24 , ;reeatahllslt- Ing peace, in the Ne^ai* iEast, IN BERRY PAltH Ifalian Had Gone HncUeberrylng With Another^ Who is Now “ fiding Sought for Roh- heiy and Murder IV. . ; S^rnvdsthvrg, Aug. 27 — ^T..ocaT n«, thorities AroncTay'he|?n:n a search for ^an Italian w h o is believed to Ji-ove' hilled George Cjudfoski, about .\0 years of age, of K e rry Patch, Ashley, in th e woods on the pocono M oun­ tains. . G u d foski’s hones w e re found b y hu c k leh e r ry . p ickers S a turday a f ­ ternoon a t a j)Oirit ahm it three An iie..^ frona Poeone Siinafnit. : > •Tn j|dgiist,- Gudfoski and an- biher Ttaiian ;who were working for a hitciilebtyry. magnate, went om fo c ,. a ''' bag. oontainng h.etween . .$ 201 ) and Saoo tied-aroiind;^ his neck. • . • About tw o ,.hours later, according to testim ony sxibmittefl pefore .\cting f%toner p. AI. 'Kili.s of Stroud.sbiirg'. and his coroner’s jury Sunday'moru- ing. the one Italian canrfe hfick to ihe camp alone. iHe w a s in a .hi%'yv ,He quickly got his edat, 4- 4^ > -f ^ t -t 4 - . > 4 1 -4^ 4-' 4 , ■ All Alcmbersi May, Shoot All the- memfbea'a of t h e P o r t uTervis Kod an d Cjiin Club are. ■eligible to enter th e ,fU*st big shoot, to he Yield a t D o n o h u e ’S G-roye on Xjabor. D a y 'w h e ther they buy tick e ts • for-the heeC- steakr dinner or not. It is hoiPed th e r e w ill‘b e a large numiher pf contestanlts. 4^ 4, 4- 4- 4^ 4^ 4. 4- 4. 4, 4- 4--4^.4- 4- 4- -Prince Wms Priase DoU in iFancy ’Dre^ Dance on Ship Berengaria,:—B y wj|w>le.s.s ' ' to iho ii.ssoelated P40s,s, Aug. 27 -—The ‘ B ilnco of W ales was awarded tho “Booby” ' prize for Ills c^ tn m e at a fancy dress daucei held In the l ^ i l voom of h.' the Bcrengariik. last evening. H e AWis m a d e t ip if o rep r e s e n t a n Apahhe, thcftx wa-s‘ iv p e a ted chet^Iifg w'hen h e and 4 la>dy clre.sscd a.s a boy received the. Sp^ifow Rides on Erie Engine For 112 Miles CAMPBREENKIE MINRTREESiW PROVESEIiONE Tumbling Team; Bbtkface Comediaui Large Com­ pany of Camperi Tuesday Night - OrppnUlll r'anip, AUg. 27—-Twe-nbv- ifour lam p hlacHpd cam p e rs wutb their jokes and song.s, the nuted v/c.st Side Y. ivr. C. A. Tiimibling'Tean^. nnd 8O4 laug:h.s from tho audleue*^ m ade Up 'th e larger p a r t of thb annual C?!amp Greenldll Min.strel jthow. giv'\-n last night on gand pond to the ro- m a inder of her own cam p e rs those from Gamp T a leott and-invited guesLs from p o r t Jervis. . As the curtain w a s raised, th e nit ano w a s playing a lively m arch, and the ten merUhCrs kef. tile M'e.sf .Side Tum b ling Team, who a r e in cam p , m a rched on the .stage, They, gave some exhibition mare^hlp.g, linnd- stands, diving) tiinibling, and ]iyra- mid building. iSpic^ w a s .added to t'lii.s act by the a!ba,urd~. e.aper.s of G h arles Janse. dres.sed a.s the ram p clown, ' ' : I A por.qon groe.ci to . n. cireus to he Ihrilled, to .a m^V^tcry p lay to he .sear­ ed, .and to a m instrel to laugh. The flashing w it-.of the end m en as they conversed w ith th e fnterlocuter eoro- bined w ith the parodip.s- a n d songs of the chorus, k e p t the audience douh- led w ith laughter, GhiOf De.slie K.. Aloore, ’2-1 Gradu ate from H a m ilton College, .and .as­ sociate Camp D irector, was in chorgo of th e . s tag in g - a n d directing. Afr. M o o re ha.s w ritten , s e v e ral , sppgs. som e of w h ich a r e 'b e in g ' oyer tliC radio, .and.b«*;ba.s a.\ w ide cx- p^^rletlce in drb'matie.sH Rome of the songs usQdi. In the .sboW w e re of his ’ ^ ■ . iferic lEtigineer [Prank C'. Eickhart. Chief w n iiaw A. W^b'er. the itjrei’- loentoc, h.oldp the honciir of be.ug the, most favored story teller of We.st Ride Y and of-G ampfGre^'nkill, M r M’eh^ er 'i.s inf hhaiji0?s. j i t ‘ .ifsfetV' Yr<rk .artff during; »'hts! s p |i ’ib'' 'tim e e'dlij? ‘ Ih a “TiTost Side Action”, n. special Doy.s’ Division paper. E a c h sum m e r h\ .spendii his vacation in the cam p 'an left- HotKiug hais ^heeji -pf-lum olt, th e 'D e l.aw a ro Division p a s e e n ^ r iepriied to loveT TTi.cf song; ‘‘T’SO e Pofcofigk sirfce. '' - ' ‘ ^^rtrain service, h a s had two unu.siial ^o M a rrow ” .w,as a Xiv. experiehces ■ w ith birds w h ich have''^^*^^ brought forth ecntim ied ___... _ _ ______ _______ _ annlaii'se. • . \ . fftahi-w Tnill’.eldV » o n th e Criidf^,sk.l # ifvet: h a c lc^ O th­ er berrj?^ pteker.s'thought be^ba’d\ q u it and gone, hom e, like- nickers sotiie- tim e s did -witliout notifying anyone. La.st S a turday afternoon, Jo o .P r .i- aski. of H2 TTnion .street, pittsto n , and Jo h n AOller, a n o t h e r ’‘I talian, of Ash­ ley. b e rry pickers w o rking on the m o u n tain, w e n t' out; to pick\ b'errie.s N e a r B ig D e e r Dake,_^ aboiit ‘ thr-^o mile.s from J*ocbn'o Runimit,' tJiey cam e ac r o s .ath e .skeleton of a m an. ‘Sunday C p iinty Detective j . C-' s h a - ' fer. A c ting C o roner' P. _M. Nili.s dud b i s jury, inyevstigated ‘the finding. •The sk u ll of the m a n who had 0:^00 found, had been crushed in the h-ack. The. coroner’s j u ry reached a vVrdict to thft effect he had m et his death from th e effects of a )>low .struck from th e rear. . , , T h e skeleton w.as found lying by th ^ .sid,e. of two . tin pails, beneath ta l l htickleherry bush in a swam p . I t i.s bPhf-Ve.d' Gudfoski had been' p i c k i n g ,Ixerrle.s Y'hen the other ital- iau Mruck. him ip the back of 'the head w ith .a chili., Xfr. j . it. Rhull, w h o fpenied one of the inve.stigatihg .-party, ^aid the crack on th “ skiiP h a d been .made with' a club, , T h e m o n ey liag 'w a s 'still around th e bones, o f . the neck, tied w ith a ■ String. D iit hfle .end of it had been' to r n open, an d the m o n ey taken out-, rWhp_.ihe- i ta l ia n .i's, w h o werft pick­ in g bei;ri^5’-with 'pudfo.ski.a ye'ar ago' AUgU8t.*‘' ^ d .w h ere , h e Is today, is wha-t th e local 'authorities ’4re trying- to find out. Danc« Funds’ Thi« At i^yland; Mafic B^Monclay ■ T rii*i^r« of41;he light fantam ie and ih e iazzers are mu9li interested in the Biiaie o f t h e M o d e rn D a n c e and the €^JegIa4e pancie- contest a t iToyland B*u?k.iD(aTme Palace th te week. To- .: wu^iBer^pll -«|itrieg^, f o r in'm it Wfll h r 4b|oM ■■ .:-Plnal« Und ^gh0^^ C a p £ k tl and itre a t h e r dan<5* w in fsi»| h f id n n T*ridfy fvnBlng, Wbwi used his engine as a meanst of tran s - apiflause. portatidn betw een this city ari-d gus-McGoWdn, quehapna’ .. IfPrcd Aleyer, A n thony Ma=ciarelli. A few'Cluj'S ago''W hile o n ' t r a in Wahsh fn d V ictor V a lthnu- th e we.stbounci M o u n talh EKprefes, Air. representing a laboring. (?> m an Eekhairt w h e n oiling around th e en-^ond bis portly wife, a colored par.sort 'gihe in this city discovered• What be apt ,de Shop’ud of hi.s flock” believiid to be a dead sparrow c a u g h t ' ‘T- tfavellin’ m an and hi.s Im.g- in the;'frontf. -of the. pilot. The t ta i n g a g e • : s m a s h e r, ‘ and an ex-eonvict w a s s^on under Way and w h e n he got w e re the' end men. Tlieir conlinual 'off ' th e engine a t Dackowaxen, 23 AoW-.of Wit. “Wise cracks”, and sar- m ileslw'est -of P o r t Jervis, w h ile''the interspersed w ith the songs of engine w a s tak in g w a te r, he\ was\ -chorij.s m a d e iip the bulk of .the surprised €0 see. the supposedly dead Pi'ogram. bird pxtricate itself an d tak e -flight [ -Thei Oppenheim B rothers added a acroas; th-e-mountains in thb direction 1 t ru ly fRdutheru Negj-o touch to the of iRfeknton. ■ The bird had'probably 'T^’rfrtvpiano.e w ith their acts of the hoard,Gd the ongino a t J e rsey City for ; ‘^Baneln’ Foots,” *Both are exeeption- a rid<i. tbuRusciuehanna an d had man;* artiists W'ithi th e i r feet and cut aged ito cover a b o u t-li2 m iles 6f the. m a n y difficult caper.s as th^y kept journey. ' ' ' - i tim e to the music. M'hile engineer on an eastboiind | . 'Clc.npip Greenkill is ope cf the fast freight -iVain several y^arg a g o , ''Bi-anch t . M. C. A. Gamp.s from New M t. E c k h 'a rt found a 'h e n and new lj’ fY o rk ^ City, ioc..ated on the aoa-acae laid k g on th e pilot of h is engine h-ract .owned by thks associ.ation. At Whenf a -sftop- wa.s' m a d o a t -Cb^llicobn > P resen£ Cam p Talcott is the only oLh- one- d’oM w inter May. The ben h a d '. e r B ranch c a m p on this site. The ^ ri +/\ rtnnri£»iaf»H GIRLS DEFEAT iD F fa iS E l ----------f - ----------- Annual Contest on Diamoud Again Won by Young Ladies, WKq Put Up Snappy Game probably--escapid from a chl6ken bar and .had decided to- get- badk on 'th e trafn from t h e fro n t of t h e engine. Maronsof Three _ Counties Meet at. - Monticello, Aug. 3i(l ultim a te plans are to conceqitrato the five cjamp.s comducted by tb*' n c ^ v YorK^Gity -A.s.socia.tion on this -lai'gc traet.VEanh cam p will retain Its own individualft/ and yet will be closely as.sociated with the others. At prf.s-, pi Monticeilb- A u ^ , 2k—The Masople. Lodge of Aronti'cello, has arranged a m o n ster convention of R^llUv-au Greene and brang-® Gounty ,'Af.iaon5 a t M onticello ATmisemont p a r k on S.aturday^ ApgMst., ,3Q, Througlv .couir- -tegy of the P a r k m a n a g e m e n t the agates and ‘^rouncl.s are throW a opop to, m em b e rs ,of the- craft, th-Mr fam ­ ilies, friends^ and weil-wlsheys. .. , The entire proceeds, o f the day a r e to be clouatecl -by- the^manag.e.t‘ o f the P a r k fo r th e - b e n e flr.;o f ihffi.fdUow- Craft team an4-otlv.^'r-weeetiigiiijy M a­ sonic w o rk. . The ne^vt\ pienie groves have been .re.oondltioncd, fOJT t h f use of th e visitors and their, f.iTWiii?S who m a y w a n t to. bring t h e i r aw n iunchc-s. The attm c tloim o f t'b e ' diiy will hC^ the nnmhfer V f w ho vS'Ill- lBtt*n4 attdV w h a will ry.* thelr.vJcw s o q toiilci^hf - *Nb‘[eifim U . _ hiui; ip inake ent these cam p s a r e distributed over {N'e-w Jersey, New York, and Gopnect. ic.ut'. Cam p G reenkill i.s operated, by the W est Side B ranch Y. M. C A.. .3d_8, \west 57th .street. Gamp Talcott is.'O p e rated by the Bronx LTjiion -Branch, 161st street and ,1rd avenue. make fhef wlii.^xjeo pCif -was m f e Bancroft, Sheffield, .Ainba^dors to ' Japan and M^iep .y .piVmouth, Vt., AUg. 27 — Aippoint- ment ofl.ifedgar Addison. Bancro%, of Chiejago,' as Ambassador to .Tapan, and I of Jame.s Rockwell Sheffield,' of ijlcw; York City, as Ambassador to ’Mexico, Was announced yoMerdoy 'by Prealdeht Coolldge,' * ; • T h e aVpdIntwehts fill th e t\iro mfij* pjr vacahciec ih th e diplom atic, edrint- ^ p t h m ^n^are ptdmiheafc in; the leisal: VrdfhMton. Cyfui- E'. -'Wood* ..t-Magiir, ^ a> ehvoy to Tdltro In June and th e pbif Was m a d e t a e a i f t by th e ^ WMtr9V BO DksTSSBT OBiiiBK V _ B-BIiERg. /f. ■By AaspeiAted >Pif^ A . lLei]Bp4 'Germany* Abg, 27 4- T h e Soviet apfhoritie.s have 4- pn^^ilbltetl the iippoVtation In- “4 ■ of bo.aka Ahhut ants -.,- 4 -: a n d l ^ p l s i u ’w h ich i ‘‘queebs’’ A are’ 4hentiohedL jSays th e 4-‘ Buchandlcr Bprenbrntt, \a 4- /4^ a c o «ald jsuijuu-iuifpi iir 'Weekly piiiblicatiop ^dcYoted %b fbe book, trade. : * T h e W h s h ^ k i ; nCO eald . to' iobject to €he 'dfesCFiptibb -4'' o f io io n ieA b f'ab h ji^^ 4; 4: • heJpIeW -when l # k i h g the i’ul'^ 4 4- . Ihg .power Af th e i f hiteym ; _. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4=4 -4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ; ■'S’ : . . ■ - The Prince-of W a !t4 spends oonsiaerable of hie ,time on the tihkS. over here, -we hilvi&i’iir h e a rd .df hihi Avlnhmg any. niedals dn his s ....-I■■■■» . — - --tr But ] his golf. \ NEWffliWOF (Special to Tlic U n ionj M 'l^ r d , Aug.' 27— T h e .annual ball g.ame Pf the Blupr House Girls and Gic ‘Afarrled Men w a s played on W e d n esday afternoon, wnth the usu- rc.sult,' th e girls being the victovs, the score being 13 to 6. 3'he m e n ’ had to b.at a t a large, .somewhat .soft, indoor baseball, while the regulation hard one w a a u.sed^ -w'hen th? girls w e re a.t, bat, and they • w a lloped the .pitching of Mes.sr.s. Lew itt and AIc- G a rthy all over the diam o n d a.s-they pleased. Mr. M cCarthy, wflui n.ns been a player on 'th e m e n ’s tean.-. I 'j r the hast ten years o r 7uore, declared it -was the fastest team of girls he ever played against. Rome of the young' ladle.s w’ore their bathing suits, |vhile oOiers preferred ' the knicker cpstum e, and bid fair to riv­ al the fj^ o u s Bloomer Girls. . Rpeolal credit -for the w inning of 'the gam e was due »‘MUriel Gonlin, th e ir pitcher, tvhose twflrling tva.s som e thing rem a rkahl*^ .and ; a lm ost llts her In the .Toe . TTooid class. B u s ter” Benm'sh also did some sw ift pitch ingrT^Alice K indler as a back,-. stop 1 ^ -abbed . every -thing w ithin reach, and Gomtie eam e ron, o n 'f i r s t base, eclipsed them a ll w ith h e r stopping of ansMliing. from grounder.? to high throw s- ‘H e r batting m s a; special feature, w i t h - a hom e riln driving in two ,rhn»- - T h e team s pos­ ed for photos the game, for the Bluff HMtsft A rt Gallerys. -The lineup m s a s follows: . ■ ; , Giri.T—Alice K indler, catcher; M u tici Cofllihr pitcher; “.Buster” Benr|ls1i; pitcher; Aaice.-.Elkins, rig h t' field;! Miss Charken, centre field; Miss Lehrh.a.ilpli third hase; Miss Fellow s; fiecond- base; -Connie Camera on, first base;' M»s« -Jtetm an, - left (field; . K id K indler, Whortslop. ,• ■ - Men—iLewltt and M cCarthy, .pitch­ ers; JtJdelson, c a tc h e r ; ‘ B elton, first h a t i ; <3rtrroll/second base; R ichards, t^ilrd ^hasd; Pyne, centre field; Brod- n i n , r i f h t field; . D e l i n g , : left fiejd, MjcOerrlty% short atppv / • . . » ‘ t h t * w e r r W l y ’' K s lfafA , i t Harry^HMm-; FDRGASMIflN F. J. GasoUne W CHl Col is Head , ed by iuhn Sheniian-r-$2^^^ 100 Foot kora|[e Bjuld- ittg Started The attractive, , -w-ell-lighted, new ifilling station on- W e st Main street, above the Givmaer House, has greatly Improved th e .appearance pf t h a t p a r t of the city, and bids, a co^dieL w el­ come to tourists coming in that,, way, The new organisation is know.n as the P'ort Jervis Gasoline .and Oil Com-pany; an d is pfficered.. by ployfe of the Geo. W. Case Company, Inc., as foll9%ys: . < PreSident-^John Rherman; 1st AUce President— F rejl Sherm a n , 2hd Vice P resident—C a rl Kestln.g. jKecretary— F lora iToffmati. T reasurer—P a u line Quick,- . , w ith Howdrd AT. Case, m a n a g e r. The. rapid grow th of th e new ven^ ture already w a r r a n ts the erection 0.P a p X lOfl ft. .building,, now in course .of constructioh. -Avhich will he used exelu.sively for storage sfrvice, ■and' will be heated by a m o d ern oil- burning fmaiaee. T h is ■ Company eX- peoia soon to'he^in a position to - f u r ­ nish oiLbiirners fOp the heating-, .of private home.s and public- luiildingS. and w ill also f i n i s h fuel oil- . , As i fuel oil is the jreal solution* to, the eoal* p roblem , we congratulate the P o r t Jervis Gasoline. a n d OH Com­ pany; on its business fores'.ght; The burner *they have, i,s ,-the Ray R o tary, w h ich .haa - b eeh used .over four years and has replaced a mwm- h e r of other burners. I f Is praictl- C a l i y , n o l s g ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . ^ - '!-r EXSERVICEMEN ORGffiEli i J^oA e rick IE>' iHbdCrwbbfi; ficekidefit ^ o f th e iEric 'ralltdad^^ ‘ m a n y years, leaycA tim t impprtainif post on Beptfem'l?er .L >f ■. Aliif, Uxitleriiirpbd' -witt ,'tC;9der-M»i4 - r e f 7'7- slgnatiw i a s .*»reHideht, It wdil b e a c - , cCipfced !by ''ih«' 'B o a rd 0$ h u t - no pucce^^k Will be ilifiredi T h is in ■ - | C. A, IHinU thiiniMii •( U k i I ' Comniitee That Will Work- {of Congrostman in Primary the bHClde PJaje; it I» sajd„ ; ■ , -;.TbM« wlllp-aheTroid-the:*^ Erie a man, who Ibak pany tbrougb., m.atiy .ttmh#ent . 1 M is ifltBhg t h k t AO » h d e ^ 4 # h h u i 4 ' • be nam e d , for Mr., U n d e rw o p d Is enti­ tled to t h e boho-r pf1beIiiig. tho^3^^^ esi tim e and la 4 President of th,» ‘ ; c t ^ p a n y . (He haA ifilvon fh o best years of his life to railro a d serVloo and t o th e E r ie. IHe s ta r te d p h th ^ first am n g /ot th e . ladder, atvd w o rked ^ bfe w a y to t h e ' t o p - . H is hks hfeen a ' , h a r d im smpih:, ’w ith , 4 ^ 4 .i'p^he'is a g r e a t 4 Thh •Lackawanna, D. & H , and Lehigh, which a r e pointed out as “wonderful.^ Ex-service men of Pbft Jervis and vicinity haye opened a campaign for t^e revnomination of Gongressmaiv IJb.milton .Eishi Jv.* in the primaries , on -R^e-raberyja.,: P.pBt^s^ha)v.e hceA 'Mi financial suc'ceseesj,” aye mere^ ^'obqyt ‘ lin e s ’* compared to the gigan-tio ’Drier system, A regional manager op 4bo: E rie h a s as -much responsibility' aS the president of t h e -Lackawanna, i>. & JJ. or iLehigh as a rple. Being pre.sident of the E r ie-is one* o f tha most iim/portant positions that man la called upon to fill, /Frederick D. Underwood need have no woryieB- -as to M s tu tu r e , as it is secure. Of th e “World;« goofia” ' h a s a '.lUbejpal aliate; it i t -una^r^po^j--' les, f«rm«riy oft th e r iu r houss n o # for- the, Dodg<| ,auto- ihohlte 4 t «*P®tV D. .rp w h o , is m pn^pl ; ^ r « for t$ 0 days, Whaler’* Crew afe Resciieid Tods^ . u Ciiitty Hniik, hfaM.,^ - Eight mlseln« mcA fr o a t a '.whalJog .^ 4 w a r '‘«roiw -.wi« -m , last ^ ^ tefiay- .. f b e y i i M l i i m i t IIP . .ir., w r o : Cooley. Ju d d 'V o s e ; l^eA WeaUp. Jf., !FrM D. Saimpp;; O illlnder W illiam- Bfoomer, ’‘Derby Bo'fck.ov^r. a n d ; .Jam^gs * H u r r y .. . . T h e -card rfea<f« a s follows * “We. the undersigned ex-service m en o f thls.clty, desiring' to see^one Jvhto ‘h a s been friendly t,o th e cia'uSe ;of the; U n ited, S tates o f A m erica, contipi ue t o represent ps a t W a shington,, r e - iipecitfully, request you to serve w ith. US b n a cam p a ign com im ttee t o ibring abouif the re-nom ination an d re-eaec-, tion of -B e p r4entatiye -Hamliton Fish) Jr.,’, in the 'Republican Prim iarles to be held on Se.ptenrber )P6. ‘IS it - \The - op,position to . h fajor iMsh eimanaites, f rom In te r e ^ s w h ich a r e try in g to puni.sh him for keeping his word to hisvconstituenls to vote f o r artjusaed .com p e n sation^ H© has eh(anipioned this, cau.se in Gongrese .with t h e ...same fearless attitude th a t has; e.haraeteri^sed his every, m o ve In beh a lf of .w a r yeterans since he was first elected tp .the im p o r tant offiec he has so. c a p a b ly , filled ’during the jjast fo p r ypATs. , H p , fuHy fi'eserVes our. u n tirin g dnd undivided . suppont in .the cmmlng prim a ry election. “Please, sign th e attached card and drop 'it; In t h e nearest mailbox.”i The com m u n ication ie .signed by th e m e n . whosie: .nam es a r e , m e n t toned above'.- -<v.\ . 'cACording toM r , Lefferts, chairman ■Of the epmimttoe, similar pommittes have been -formed in tbo other cli^ea and A’hiageB' o f the county. , '• j * ■ . , , p o t a r i a n s Dlnf) a f Inp^’ , I M embers ?o£ the. Jlpri; Jeryi.s B e tary Club 4 H l.m o to r from th e if. M.AC.47 B u ilding a t B'.'hS th is .aB e rnoojr to th e R ^ a l inp-^at/RnyderevlJe,, Arohroe' county,. Pa'., wherp dinner will be spryed at 7:?0. .T h e speaker will be, flon'. ,j=®muel E . Bhull, Judge of the; Courts df ’Itom mon in Alonroe and P ike counties.' , *;r Btalf ; * 'WomcA' readers' of T h e Union, Will be i n t ^ s i t e d In file offer m o de iA fhls iSefie by R. Jo rd o n Cp, iD r e s s e a 'it jua.t 'hoif price idi-fine doyoniy* S a t ­ urday. Aug. ‘ 30. i« their Offer ah d W b done (to ee tt ie i a W ^ e r . 4 ^ e l h ^ * you W iieve ih .wogcfs e f fidt, t h e f a c t fO. nm ine t h a t cn-iBatii^day you -will haOre- a gOiden opporiunBY' a dreae cheaply. ’ R e a d t h e a * • ’ ' ■;. .i>.t V i f. It. ------ --------- ■ % iN ^ A i|« M ■ th e A t o o o f t h e hew .cditf ^ pony, and b is exiferiehce .will 1^ ff^e- 4 deed: iby tn© ne-w .dltecting'h^itds the m erged Interests-. Tots ; OuOsto at Jbylsuid ; ^ Fao’fe fer a Day / The, c h ildren of th e R iverside'.Play­ ground ‘ w ere ^ the guests o f . joyia'pd l*!avlc iod,ay, and'.ii J s *reedle.ss to say th a t all th e little, boys and; girls h a d the/time.fp£ t h e i r l.Iyeai*^tt^ rides' o n , t h e airiplane ' swirtgs and m e rry- ' go-r.ound. free lee cream , free b a th ­ ing^ and m any pthier things. E v e ry­ one connected w ith th e P a r k did fils', best to m a k e th e ir guests happj’ ah d keep them busy ©very, m o m ent. ' * The. ■ Mlg'se.s, Atiilham . a n d . Malcno* who have been in charge of th e wdrfc’ a t Rlversid e , t b is season, • w e re . -lu .charge of the p a rty. / • . ' \ Ji - 4 - ■ •=' \ < } 0 ■ County ‘’Y” to R r f s o E n n d s M iddletowh. AUg. -27^ThC O r o n f 0 cdunty Y. (M. C. A . subscription caJp^ paign to raise ftindS' f o r t h e caten ^ o ri of the w o rk In t h ia s ^ t l d n opened; Tuesday and will, c o n tinue un itl B'ep* ; tenrber t . The f u n d k w in be u s e i j t d ©mploV an o th e r secreiory to aaslaii Bdwi.h S. Jonhd, of Jlonfoe, «rho fifr •present-is cairy in g v o n . t h e - w o r k .of groups a n d boys’ c lubs a lone. ,; P lan s ar© also mad© tp extend th e apU \4iea 6# t h e i* - . M. C., 'Ji to in - ' .elude m o re igroups. w h ich have ibeoli . constantly .oalled for. Clubs; In iilty h a v e been focm ed ajt the. * ' school. U n i v e t^ l ist a n d W ebb U d r - ‘ ’ i o n (Mcmbrlal Churches; ' „ : ;n<» ■ Sparrowbusb*: -Ahg. Lllley, bf^^CTOW bdshV 4 a « p . k f a a i e tb n . m d fined m u o p f ii:, charge Of rcckleae. d riylng o f *n, a n - ioxnO b n e .‘i ’- O fficerM k b y ' Walkhig Into a R r o p e U e r

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