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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, August 18, 1924, Image 4

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t:-'' m f t n a m m m ■ ^ s s i a a n a w f . < ! ! » ! 3 s r ^ s i p ^ y s ? p s 5 f » 9000000000900000 ^ w w w w : - r . Open for their-inspection'. THB pyiQIff oy SALE. Bible relight For Today. •peace and nOfJARX, IHIIIEiiSi PillSlN il , — ’f .— NgcDonaM Urmsf Frfff 4 wfl Tof«tt«r ' in Ftijna^ Grw^gt London, Aug. 18 — ^Tho s tory of flip •London Con 0 te-nco .closed ^ t u r d a y n i;^ ^ ■with a notew o rthy incident. Tho sighlhg of th e documents was] ended, and tlie BirJtidh Pyiimo Mj.niafer, Eatnsajy INIaciEkjnalid, Avas shaking hand's all ax-dund. - When he canie tb Ohancellor Mai'x, the Brime M|iiister, isUH gripping the Chancellor's hand, led\ him to -where hi. .Herriot,.'Uie French Frcmiet,. ■waa standing, sur- x-oundod 'by fx-iends. W ltliqut a word, bo tlxe stoVy 'gpes, llir. <MacT>onaJd lilted • M. H e r r io t’s rig h t Ixaixd amd joined i t w ith t h a t o i Dr . Ala^x. Then he stepped bac-lv, sm iling gen^ ially w h ile tih'o F r e n c h m a n and th e (Jerm a n t i g h t e n ^ th'e gx-ip an d shook , h a n d s co rd ially ,^ ‘ / 1 THE l^T jiByh,ia<BN^ 3 WQlSnC IgZt\ Out of tlie BaJ l-ands .. , • ‘ / • ■•!| ‘J MOWIVEKS LMES Will BE V SOON ApplicaB^^ Most Swear to Exper­ ience^ MOef Driven, Time Op­ erated k Car, Etc. , . ' KWIZ 0 ^ 1 y ^ - MCKTOB A C C I D ^ T MONTJhjEEh'TS AkrOn^ 0-, ‘iTSt^a. new plan to cui-b autombxle accidents'^ 'hy^^*”hriixging'j hom e to\ e v e ry driv&n the fcXtal' fei- ‘ su its of carelessness or recklessness. A t every point in- the city : wheife a fata l accident has occurred, there, wiij set up a m o n u n ien f telling tvho w a s killed th'cx-e, and how, w h e n and why. T^xc i^ost stx'xkihS' feature will be a black skull and cross-bopes. - 0rew^oni,e.? Tcs. T t xnay ixjxduly shock the .^.feelings of a good m any . citizens. T e t • fhV A k ron authoriltcg.. belfevc .fhe driving public nenls such a' shock, adm inistered continually, to bring a-'realization of the seriousness of disregarding the traffic laws and the laws of huixiau courtesy and coirnnon, sense. May it ^ never be­ com e necessao' to cover the whole. country;-w ith such m o nuxnents' r o y a l t y “D oug and Mai-y’’, aliaa l\Ir.: and >Irs. ^ F a irbanks, o r ‘ajs • ’ they wore know n in Germany, kfr. and Mrs. Pickfoi’d,’ h a v e returned to Am erica, afte r a'.glorious tour. Much is m ade of. t h e 'f a c t t h a t w h ile xh Fux-ope they w e re received and entex-lainod by so^', eral royal fam ilies. W e ll,' w h y not? It is som ething new. to be sure, for royalty to con­ descend in this Avay. Even in tht^se piping tim e s of d'emoci-acy, 1-07,'al perspxxages no d-oubt believe it sheer condescension on th e ir p a r t to ox- terfd social am e n ities to actors. A'et it ixiust'be adm itted th a t “Doug and Mazry” are the royalty of moviedom, w|xJch is a g r e a ter realm th a n th a t ruled oyer by m any a crowned king. Also th a t these particular specim ens of .'American royalty ha,ve done m o re to justify th e i r position th a n have some of tlie vaxdous kings axid queens -- gx'aciously unbent to entertain CSA P R R O N IX G t h e AVOftliD F L I E R S A fleet of cruisers, fx'om the Uxxited S tates ISTavy crossed t h e A tlantic at forced speed to co-operate w ith th 6 ; arm y aviators in th e i r last ;big#!junxp, ‘ fw m Fpgl.and to A.merxea. I t is a .'line th in g to do. It sl,ioWs how ih o f o # h i y Uuite'd' governm e n t is .commilted to m a k ing j the w o rld flight ti‘ su'ecess, and how j deterrrilned-it is 't o do evex'ything in itg pov/er to help th e aviators. Yet, With all - the appreciation the r.iers m u s t feel for such solicitude in iheir pehalt, it m ay be th a t they feel just a little resentm e n t in th e ir hearts at , being too m u ch chaperoned. T h e ' F r e n c h and B ritish aAdators CQmpettng\w'ith them have w'oii glory by H hei? individual daring, tvxHx very' little , sij^port.- T h a t fac t h a s . ra.i.st;<l tbbxr achievem e n ts from tliQ realm of fi^nsporfation jto t h a t of almo.sf pure -fpie' A.merxcan aviators m q y f e e l / a s .tnaxxy landsxnep saf-.? on their ow n ! .g o o 4 ' eertaixxlj'' do. ~that ft I ’'§povtin$^’ to have feo' iWilQh'{help, ■ Btill, ■ th e ygot'crnm e u t never, ■admitted th a t thi.*? -is a -^O r.ttng;cyen|, - , yehk-lQ ObOl’H- E v e ry operator of ii xnotor in this county xnusf' hdve' an opora- to r ’s license not later th a n October •Distribution of these licenses ■ill begin ixot later than A u g u st 25 -^. On o r after the latl e r date per-' son deh'xdng an operator’s' liceijpe should m ake application to the I C o u n ty 'CJox'k. A fter •niling out ,lhc I a p p lication block v/hiclj xvitl be su’p_ plibd^ it-should filed im}nedial|'ly'^ A fter the''applicatiqjx^ has beeu^ garb-* fully ex^min-ed, a license bb is­ sued to experienced drivers w ithout a road leaf.' ' The appUcation -requires a sworn stateinenn as to expeiience, length of tim e th e persoxi has operated a*calv approxim a te mimbei* of ‘ miles, the applicant’s physical condition, w h e th­ er or not there is an addiction 'to drags Or intoxicants an d m any other question.^ pertinent to the applicant’s fitness to operate a Jiiotor vehicle on the highw a y s of ilic State. If the application s I xoavs , after a | careful - examination, th e slightest-I discrep%ncy in any statements made tlieron^ the issuance of the liceixse AAiiil be deferx'ed and the applicant subjected to a severe road test. A ny person granted an operator’s licexise Avill be perm itted to oper’ate a m o for vehicle anyw h e re in tite State, pi'OAided he does not operate for compcnsatioxi o r for •Iiix'e, I f a pei'son operates for com p e n sation or for hire, a,,chaul’feur’s license is -re­ quired. An. perato r ’s license does not nec­ essarily resti’ict the holder to the op­ eration of a A'bliicio owned by him - se if 'o r his' fam ily. ■ProA'ided lie has the ceuxsehit of th e oAvncr and the regis,tx-atipn certificate identifying the license places 0x1 th e car, h e m a y le­ gally opex'ate a car belonging to a n ­ o th e r persons. • .^1 opei-atoir’s and chauffeur's li­ censes w ill expire on .June SOth of each yeax'. These licenses mxiy bo renew e d at the sam e oftico Avhere the origixxal w a s obtained, provided th e previous llcexxso has not iix the meaxxr tim e been revoked. r -------- -------------------- AJkttqp.ti’s Body F o u n d 1 ,-:b- MilSS ,boiiO T H y :;ic^A N 25 ,-'CQn'Cspohdoixt.--FnC>ED; T8?>rM lated press.) ^T iiefody ' t e s r s ? * AUlUe w r i i m roofl^rcii «ild th « i I ry w k v\ vaomc, Aug. l 8 r-,-Tiie -hody of .Giaco­ mo Mattedti', the Socialist deputy a ^ o disappeaa;ed June 1 ', h i s been found Qlbout five rniTes frotu E'ome hear itihe ^pot' Avhere hist coat Avas found some tame ago, iltoinc ne-Avspapers declai'’ 6 , BUM B L E B E E CAUSE • ‘ p F iCI^SET O F AU’TO Tarrjlowji, August J 8—Three A'ew itochello Avoixicm -hiid an unusual ex­ perience, They Avet'e on their Wciy to a picriic AV’hen a big bumblebee stung>] |.}ib driver Of tjie ear on the leg,. She let out a yell and pulled tke Avlieol to oho side, .sending'fho car - ■ kxAvn whoi?c it turned oaxu ’, rolled out of the ear. hui-t. fi’he car was it Avreek. , s F G A it m i m m f ! ^ u p DUE TO MAiVfPULATJlOA' New York, August :L8-f~ln a state­ m e n t' the 'Federal' yugar Befining Go.tni>ahy declares that \manipuki- tioxi. by cei-tain Cuban interests has caused the recent rise in xxiav ’ sugar [prices,” .The company announced another advance of ly polxxts in the Ij^lce Of refined. * - -------- . f t l i f r m / i P . T h f gelltf <J#U {WHIMigf •yg^ rtht fcittyiif t bUttdmr-f 7 (Motamoras, Aug.- IS.-^r-Mr. ^aud m | s , ^ ‘illiam Dilger aud;^ch|ldi(e-b^Mr. ajT-ll I's. IIoAvard, VoUrj^ex^ :ja-ud[ Mrs. F^'mxk D ilg^r, ^Mrs..' ; (^•ancest T u rns and Mx-» L e n a BObex-’ts and daughter, 'V era, M r. and ?Jrs. Fred Kx*au.se and Mrs. Adanj.’ E|iger,,.aixd, Mrs. H e n ry D'llger and faxnily moitor- to B e a r M o u n ta in on Biuiday and j-enioyed a 's h b r t ; \l 3 i t . ' ' : [ • , I Mr. and Sirs: IJames Dross ^nd twb [ daughteirs g f Bed^Fank, %er;^i'ece'nt ' visitors' at sihe hdfnc ['oF-the Misses Kate and Maxy I>bWitt,''oh Penn ave- ■Miss Bil}a Faslier sp e n t tli-e Aveek- nnd a t .lUlendale.' ' • • ill*, and Mrs. G. I . Strunk and chil­ dren hav'tLreturned h e m e .froaii.a va-J c'atibn •with •relatives a t E a s ton. Miss A lite Guok, o f Poi’t Jervis is th e g'ue^{at‘ the hom e' o f h e r autit, Mrs, irx'ank iScales, on-’A v e n u e 'K . bVilliam Itxgo spent yatiirday and Kujiday.at Loxig Brau'ch Avith -his Tam- ^ah - - . At' the meiter is equivalent to 3 .- rA nephalist is one wl^o a dvocates the to tal ^bseinence from intoxicating P a trick, apostle and patron in the year 7 ^ . 1 ? w e m ^ p e i?d * ^ ‘* s s s .w * p th e y I 9 :^—Oilhx^lter is a crown c G r e a t B r itain and is undex- [ inlniBtratxon o f a goA>'ernor. lO.-i—A Avater blink, in t h e A rctic r e ­ gions. is a ainaJl w h ite cloud above lolony of . the ad.- w a ter .-serving -'to indicate ' ■esence. - ' • New Questions 1 .—■'What does “viA’-are est cogitare'-^' ean? Flam inian W ayT 3 . —^Where is M o unt 'Mo-i'an? 4. ~ W h o wat ■ - 5. —^W h a t do Mount Mo-ra H a n s A n d erson? -, 3 Mendacious mea.ni? . 16.—W h o w a s th e th ir d vice pres­ ident ■of t h e U. S.? 7.—JFi*om w h a t is quinine obtained-? W h a t is t h e capital of Sw eden? lat is a vade-mecum?- 10 .- edira” mean oath- —- ----- : Emergency. Fuel Line Repair M r. qnd M'l's. ElioL,Moad an d Miss Isabel Scixuitz. of ito.phester, Avere via*- iti^ ^ x'^ati‘Vesiiher 4 over;-tlfo -wcek- ' TIxe W. XJ. T: U. ’^=111 h o ld' its regi lar meeting 011 Tuesday, August 19, at the home of Mrs. Laixgton, -on ave- Bcnjamin Clark, of Poughkeepsie, Is.A-jsithxgvat U\o ho^!g).G . 0 ‘| Mr. oiid Mx'.s. -Tfain-cs, {oii, Avenue K. - , (Mrs. Jenny Tibn-pj'l aUxd daughter, EdiUv Ajy>x-e gUesta W:g‘x*'‘the Aveek-end dt thb-fhbxne -of Mrk'Tiiixiey’s father a t Slate ilUi. ^ Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher, Si-., Masses Elizabeth axxd Lena SchUr j mae’her -aixfiL Miss Elizabeth Kestipg, left early tins morn'ing. for a motoil trip- -to Pihiladeliffiiai G e ttj^urg, SHari’iisiburg, IVashingt-on and Atlantic Oityi Mr. and k L s . . ExAiniett ‘Curtis, of P e r t Jej.'vi§, a r e ;Op!cdj;)ying.'the, a p a r t ­ m e n t of' S i r a H. • V a n G o rdon, ^ o p Penn a-A-enuc. ,.4^. \ Willard and Kaymond -Pierce, and itom aid Coykendall Spent ^Saturday a t ^Middletown. Jo h n 'S m lfh . w ho h a s been visitipg * ____ _ »,. __ iPran'Cisco.—Autoanoblle Digest. Common yelloiv soxip. is. t h e b e ^ m a terial Avi'tli v.diiclx to ihake em e r­ gency repairs i'f the gas line sprixxgs •a leak--Tlie-sam e aippUes U y a leak in I'ihe watei: cooling systemi.—Autoniid- bile D igest.' ; / r****** ■■' ■ If aii: aufompb.il^ of the Unit- [ed States. ■wei:e{ lin^d* up abi’east the w idili of th e JVA^'rage; h ighw a y they B i i i i i i 10 fAV ALLIES TOE WAR DEBT Fruice iiad Belsimn to Eytqiate Riibr Pay­ ment im Pfibt Beimt % 6 b 'London, Axig. IS—This is how Ger- maxjfy'6 Avar debt to the allies is to bo paid under pi'evi-sio-ris of ilia Daewea plaxi, measures for applying AvSiich were finally agreed xxpon Saturday a f- tcir a long conforetiicC of allied, pre-. nxiers in London; ^ ' 1—-paymexrts by Oermaixy to t h e a l- - ea shall 'begin !fr-atn t h e date t h e re - ' oft becom es effective. (U n d e r t h e rThe paym e n ts Shall be m a d e a 0 follOAVs: F irst year— 1,000,000,000- g o ld m a rks. gold t Mks. yeax*— 1,2'20,000,000 y.ear—-1,20.0,000,000 year—' 1 , 750 , 000,000 ‘‘2,500,000,000 limiL ble fall in BinighamtO'i?- turned to Ixis hom e M rs. S m ith a b d son, J o h n Jr., .-, tending theve visit a t th e 'hpmb .'o'! j A car should m e v e r be ;Was!hed in hex- mo^fher. M rs. W eller, wx Kins?^ton ' sunlight. Tlxe direot rays of th e sun avenue. ' ' s t r i k ^ g on -water.- c a p s ^ ' heating Mr.-o.-xxd-Mrs. F rank.-L a ilan, y P which, , of palpt, xVeAv Y o rk City Avere recQixt.yi&ltora lenamel, or yaniisli.-y-Ahtcmi D i­ a l t h e hoinre of Mr. {and iMr^. J . D. ^ gest. .J-: • . ■' v., Wilkin, on AATnue , J ' | ' | ^ \ Allsscfii L o o x ia'an d - E d n a «miith, o f a - x«VW' a V ' iMtiss E ls ie B a irdlaB p g rvding ^ v e r - | . -^jjj^any. Abgflbt- al days Avith rel^tiA^ea .at H a n e c ^ k . eMored a The follow ing ..students, w h o - h a y e ^ f e t y ' « a C ^ ' - . a € l ' ’dF , been attending the. teaeh e fs’ e u m n m r .em-pIoye&'‘^ b ^ % d 'D e lS lw a m '' «ftd; com-se a t E a s t Stroudsburg Nbi’wqJ iiudsoix Coiifpaixy’s v rjatroad School have fin ish e d ' th e 'couree; c o lo n lo .' Siixce i p r i k n thby^ Misses G e rtrude Cox, E lizabeth Sokh- w o rked a m illion hours w ithout naelicr, Gladys Cole, E d ith T W m ton, a m an beiu'g injured. T h e se a r e the Lester AVood, xVlfred IC’aus'e a n d W il- th.e-ancieirt guild system Jam ^ le a te r . ^ oiupIoye-eiinpio5’’or relatio-ns Iia?. Floyd F iring, of'R e a d ing, Avas vi-sit- i . -'- ■ • - -<- - BY HABRY B. HUNT NBA ^ r v iee Writer 'TTTASHmGTON — P a r t i s a lU mlnd^ person*, who feel the drge to derhpnstrat* their ^hjijralty ^ 5 ? nan'h't their inMculliio Iprefeny after the pr««»dcnaal can: dld^ee of th.eh- favdi^ r ^ tfc phtfefe * hea.vy handicap on their off-^ i^ r in g . \ To begin wiUj. should the caud>- date for whom the'child is ixamed [fee the wtessr in the cdm'palgn.' a 'merk of achievement is at once eetabltohed for the name which the - natneoake can hardly expect 'to No;i ________ j e u vote the Pemoc^^ if - » -inseiKii* ^ -ikiger*: ■ f. ‘ ■ ''• '■■ ■ ^ euch le dilt extreme .1 atjh^h of vng frieixds h e ro -over -the week eqd. G'COi'g© Coxxnex', of Susquehiafutia, spent iSatarday .at tho hoxne of Mr. and. ,MVs. James' ELyon, on Avenu^e K. Tho-nras 'Moi-gan, o f Br'Ob'kilyn, was the guest o v e r the Aveek e nd of fiTcindg and relatives liei'.e aard xxr P>oi't Jer- Mr. , ail'd . Mrs. M a rtin Arx-pstrong la n d Ml*, an d M rs, Eai-l M elroy, ■of I Hache'ttatown, w e re w e e k -end gu-esls. Mr. and M rs. Jack Q iiinn'and son Jack, Jr., spent th e Avoek end a t tho ihome of Mr. a n d . J L ’s. A im stroixs on AA^enuo K. O ld O o m e W e e k Avill s t a r t today, w ith - 11 x 6 Mjoxxarch Show s giA^ng t;lie!ir ‘exM bition o n t h e 'Bisland lot o n iPfeim 7 avenue. been seit up to replace''labor unions. Second m arks. Third m arks. Foi F i f t h year- m arks. , (Th^se figure 3—^The , . -------- ^ ----- rateed ^ Oordlh^y r^hkry bud-- ; hy-changiing tfle-German; gOA’ei-nxti'ent • owned • rallAvays- systeni into a privately ew n ed com p a n y •vvihoae proffite .wiill be. u sed f o r r e p a r a - tioiixa paymejiiits; by raisixi,g-a f iv e 'p e r cent m o rtgage c ' ' m a r k s on the secui dustries. and by loans. By the end ■of the fiscal year, 29, the fifth yeax-di liayments, the financial an’d'econ'6,mjic, situation of Geranany Avill have returned ' ^ ‘ J a r e sxiibject to oertoi^xi ______ ions based on a possi- ing o f f in G e rm a n y ’s incom e.) lie -mottjey f o r reparations' pay- 3 to. be raise d b y o bu d ■nial a nd an. “Index i ed ooi G e rm a n y ’s r« be apj ,t additional repam tiem s pay. Tihie in- legre^es a n d tex-mine Avhat addition a l repa r a ti Sums the G erm ans can pay. Thf dex w ill be a p p lied by degree s a n c beedniiS 'fully- dperatiy'd ; In' i9'.a%-'S5t ' Thei'e is no indiicafion-when G e rm a n y ; Avill cease paying, 5 .—’F r a n c e an d B e lgium ag ree to ' ■ ’ acu a te Gie-R u 'h r witlun. -ooimpletely ■one year from R e d s of R o u iuaiila T o r ture and D is- n i ^ b e r W obiaii , Sofia, August i;s— A d A lc^ freni ' , 'B u c h a re^ h a v e b r o u g h t d e tails of t h e ti'agic fate of Mile, M a rie Cpurtiscu, a -woman datectiA-'e asSigU'ed ti> ‘^tlxe task -of spying upoxx RbUmanlau Com­ m unists',' 'iluSpeeWd by th e Keds> . - Mile. Coux'Gscu w a s followed to a 'gqV^ ' •ei'nment *. ■office. TIxus' .her actual identity w a s learned by 'the Com mun­ ists. At the next rn'Cetlng s h e - •^<d s h e w a s seized, bound a n d tortured. I Cionfessloii^ faile-d to save' hex*. Still ' alive, she w a s m u tilated am l'dasm e tn- ' bered- Hei'\failure to report' caused, search, lo b e m ade fox* lier and t h e ' fx’agxuents ■of h e r body Avere f o u n d ■ stuffed into''a furnace; ' :-.-•'■ '■ ••' ' •; ■ . -;,r . . SAVTEEPS ISO TOWjJfS , \VHEN .C 1 I I 1 V£S .|2 d y k e b r e a k s I j l thvet' Kono Avci'O Similarly—and thik-ytor there fs.‘ A tw6*l6-o'rte chance that such w ill' nam e d be lief^ted, tho child far a t ©nee h ^ p e r e d by bterlwg -th© name qf one “who couldn't, make the grade.” \ Paycholoislcanj’. such u sitUkUod I. 4.^.1 eha<[«n “ouvln c j o l f e , S r WUlilng. TcU them Give' of t ^ p i n r . I .Twhr paifiitsehqdWn’th e n g po- ike yotinf«p ««»«»»* Peking-, Aug, IS.-^-A break in the Gx-and Canal dj'^ke near E'nhsien, in W e stern Shantung* has-flo o d e d 150 - villages and destroyed the crops, re ­ ports received here- indicate, Some, j C0,000 peraons ar'e affected^ by th'is 1 la test reported inundatiph. In other 'p a r ts of China, tho floods are subsiding. H a n k o w rebpr-ts th a t th e Y a n g t ^ ' R i v e r . is steadily 4:4Iling. tNe-ws from . FoophoAV is to the ef­ fect t h a t ' the original estim a te, of daxxxage -of 'more th a n 12,000,090 in ‘the Y 'uki'.district, south pf the Min Ri,ve.r iix.Fukien px-oA-ince^ is. unveri­ fied an d m ay have' b e e n eW g g erated. $ 5,000 pjizfe- •Byffalo,' Aug. 18 —^Baby Gar IV,, the -now siped boat of id^ar ‘\yood, of Detroit, whlciix ^Saturday scored a leg on i h e •FfeherrAVliflon Gold ' pui>, -o’u Bqnday 'captured' first prize in the iW^pm Hwe%)- stakes -OA^T the. N l a g ^ a B iyer -cquri^. Sh.e carried -ehough'fuk tp'-ilhiMx' tixe race w it'hoqt ^tpipping.; H e r tiane- ^ o r th e lUO s''.i,S: 0 #,\«ux a v e r s e | ( ^ d Of- I' 4.44 m iles an-'hour. -Firkt ■ppizd ,-wm: f|,o:oO.- ’ ^ h e D ^ f .p it iboat won a n additiofla.i SlOO foy leading at fifty m iles.r V'.' .' ; ' . ' PrjyM fft I# F r l w ^ h j ^ .. NEW PALACE THEATRE PHONE 9 3 6 Pal &Mine ----- FEATURING-— . * IRENE RICH BRiLUANT S p o r t i n g CAST I Including Pauline (^ron, Josef ; Swickard, WUlard Louis, AI Rotwipe ahd J^n De Bria^ Exciteitteiit had iccB life, iht addation ©f crawds ineat and drink to her> and then she iparried^^arried a man who hid her away in a hig house on^ sanrants as her i daily com{ianiQ^. He nurtured her on l^dness^ iaidshed her with attention, but % lacked % sun of crowd admira­ tion in which she baskedi ^ The inevitable nther man fMme along and tempted her, painted pictures for her that appealed lo w vanity, fed hef ^ egd on datzlmg prfm m But why spoil the $ t^ in the fjelli^ __If s ' at situation j that has to be seen |d he appreciatH! AQ we can say is that it's strong drama and leads; jtp efenfs that ^ 1 pnli you Old of your seat wtth eafitement I

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