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SA T U R D A Y D E C E M B E R 15. 1888. PUBLISHED EVERY^.EVENIll& EXCEPT STJN Editors and Proprietors. OFFICE, FARl^UM BCTILDINa, PIKE STREET TBKMS—T hb D ailt tTinox win be delivered Thursday morning. Terms $1.50 per year, strictly In advance. Orders hy mall for subscription or advertising will please address TBI-STA.TES PRINTIKG CO-.F obt carrier to village subscribers at ten cents a week Sent by mail for $5 a year. T he T bi -S tates U nion weekly, is Issued THE FCXUBB OF OUK VILLAGE. The articles published in our issues of TVednesday and Thursday have found many readers and attracted considerable interest. The author whose identity, we believe, is quite generally known, de­ scribes a state of things which is pre­ sumed to exist in this village at the be­ ginning o f the next century. Irrespective of any ulterior purpcse, the wit and hu­ mor which characterize the articles render them eminently readable, and we trust that the versatile author will find time in the future to brighten our columns by many contributions of a like nature. It does not seem improbable to us that in writing a series of humorous articles descriptive of the future glories of the town with its fine buildings, electric street railways, perfect railroad facilities and all the other paraphernalia o f modern metro­ politan life, as contrasted with its present cor ditiOD,lhe author had a serious purpose, that he was actuated by a laudable desire to awaken in the minds of oar citizens a pi^per spirit of local pride, a sentiment Which has heretofore been non-existent in this town or has remained dormant, but which is very strong in Middletown, and . has made that place the aspiring and ag­ gressive little city that it is to-day. We have o f late years fallen in the rear of our neighboring city, not because o f any in- feriority of location or lack of natural ad­ vantages, but from the lack of public spirit and enterprise on the part of our own cilizins. With a Madden or a Low to encourage and stimulate local enter­ prises, and work for the town as though its prosperity were identified with their own, Port Jervis might speedily become the peer o£ Middletown, even if it fell sh o r t of t h e brillian t fu tu r e depicted by “ Old Chestnuts.” Precisely those conditions under which rapid grow th and im p rovem e n t will be­ come possible are now opening out before us in the completiou o f the F. J., M. and N. Y. railroad and its projected extension into the anthracite coal fields. It will certainly he our own fault if, with the advantages o f cneap coal and cheap trans­ portation at our command, we do not carve out for ourselves a future of sub­ stantial prosperity. EX C H A N G E TA C T ICS. The farmers o f the town o f Thompson rt cently held a meeting to talk over the milk busmess, in view o f the fact that the new railroad from Bummilville on the Ontario and Western to a point on the Monticeilo branch, proposes to establish a milk train at an early date. So far, well. But they listened to a Mr. Hopkins, who Tepresenta the N. Y. Milk Exchange, limited, and this charmer talked beauti­ fully to them, expatiating on the advan­ tages of dealing with that association. Our advice to Sullivan county farmers is “don’t.” Go into the milk business as soon as you please, but give the Milk Exchange and its emissaries a wide berth. They are the enemies of the milk pro­ ducers, and are only interested in the skinning process. There are plenty of other parties who will sell their milk and guarantee its payment, just as cheaply as the Exchange. It is not wise to play into the hands o f our enemies. THE SAME STORY. The Chicago Grocer’s Oriterion has the following to say of hog butter We have lived in Chicago for over twenty years, where a large proportion of the oleomargarine andbutterine supply of the world is produced, and we have never ind o\ ■' of these commodities e _ oiore in this City. Tons of it are P . sumed here. Where does it go to ? It goes into the hands of keepers o f hotels and restaurants whose guests imag­ ine they are eating butter and into the hands of dishonest grocers who sell it to consumers ft)r the genuine article. What an ac.::ui:8ed fraud it is ! How ean any man befriend it and not be ashamed to look honest people in the face ? The a j^le market abroad is badly de­ moralized and the past week American apples have sold in Liverpool at about the same price they would have brought in Kew York city. nature’s ways, whidi, they imply, helps to make them ashamed of belonging to humankind—that people talk of every season as if it were tbe first made and had a character of its own. The blase citizen of the world would have us believe that he despises, as the trashiest of small talk, babble of the weather and the aspect of the landscape. To speak of each recur­ ring spring-time as an event full of novel delight is banal; to lose one’s speech, and almost his senses in the Fata Morgana of an autumnal forest, triviality of afleeta- tion which is beneath contempt. Such critics have no charity for what is to their jaundiced visior the delirium of Christmas joy that has its incipient stage with the purchase of the first gift, and waxing into ecstasy with the budding and bursting glories of Christmas windows and Christmas decorations, through the suspenseful blisses of Christmas eve, reaches the crisis on the morning of the great birthday. Yet this non-responsive class are o f all men the most pitiable during the weeks that precede the glad celebration, and when the auspicious dawn has actually W e used to think it would never be here when we were children! Our infant imaginations could hardly span the awful gulf that separated one Chiistmas from another. The very long-sighted or strong- of-faith began to save pennies for the next by the time the exchequer was drained cf the last copper by the demands of that which had just passed. It helped us to believe that life might have in store for us another possibility as ravishing as “ next Christmas.” The ring of each coin (does tbe world ever witness holier hoarding ?) was the echo of the good time coming, and when, in the fullness of months, the guiltless breaking of the bank was an complished fact and the allotment made for each g i f t ; when the surreptitious shop­ ping, the delicious mysteries, the sacred deceptions; the toiling of tiny fingers upon useless but priceless pin-cushions, upon unwearable smoking-caps and pen­ itential slippers, went forward to the music of heart-heats, and we really dared say to our souls, sinking in a rapture cf awe and longing, “ Christmas is coming !” ah 1 when did painter or poet put all that upon canvas or paper ? Christmas is coming! A Christmas that will be like no other that has ever dawned, and like none we shall see again. Ho two were ever alike, and each is the beat that ever was. That is the children’s creed, and at this season the children are all in the right,the callous critics all in the wrong. A graver, sweeter phase of happiness com es to him w h o looks below t h e surface of the tumultuous joy the child does not fathom. It is not the thought of what he is to receive, but what he is to give that brings him most delight. Each Christ­ mas, with its preparations and surprises, is a course of training for the highest plane of human living. The men who decry as puerile the observance of the anniversary, and with a sort of strong-minded assump­ tion of superiority to popular weakness, flaunt the fact that “ we don’t make much account of Christmas at our bouse ’’—have surely never taken into consideration this branch of practical tuition in self-denial for others’ good, the study o f others’ hap­ piness, the cultivation of gi-nerosity in thought and deed. It is a factor in the work of the world’s regeneration. Thoie of n s - i t is one of the hopeful signs of the limes that the number increases stead­ ily —who do “ make much o f Christmas,” trace with leverent gratitude tbe analogy between the free and loving bestowal which is the preeminent feature of our Chief Festival, and the event it commem­ orates. To give up without compulsion, to give out of that which we have and prize, that others may be enriched, is to grow into Cbrist-likeness and Christlike hving. Ohris’.mas is an object-ltsson in the dili­ gent practice of noblest graces. The in­ terchange of gifts between friend and neighbor is a token of universai brother­ hood, a pledge of a common faith and nope. Nor, he it noted, is it the intrinsic worth o£ the present that constitutes value and significance. It is the act of giving —the passing <mr from hand of donor to that of recipient, of tbe things seen and temporal, which denotes the existence of that which is imseen and real. The heart that does not bound at the call, “ Christmas is coming!” is hopelessly sad or hopelessly selfish. As little chil­ dren, let us heaiken and be happy; as men and women who have fought, suf­ fered, lost and won battles of which our darlings do not, as yet—thank Qodl- dream, let us catch in the shout that is sounding around the globe, the echo— never quite spent in the world’s darkest middle-age, never so clear and thrilling in betore ia the earth’s history as on this Chiistmas eve—of the angel’s song “ Glory to God in the Highest I And on e arth peace among men of good-wiUI” —Marion Harland in Home-Maker. Worth, of Palis, has decided in favor o f hoops, but they come in use slowly. In this country everybody has decided that Dr. Bull’s Cough ................. for couget into gener Salvation Oil is the greatest pain-de­ stroyer of any age or clime. For the cure I neuralgia and rheumatism it has no equal. Price only 25 cents. —Bojos’ Ja6k in the Jungle, Jack Hall, Lion Jack, Tom Quick and Dick Brod- head at Westbrook and Stoll'A tlon o f th e Gazette, Our esteemed contemporary, down the street, having emerged from the soup into which they were plunged on the 6th of last month signalized their partial recov­ ery two nights ago by a mournful wail, which, if indicative Of their feelings, plainly shows that they do not like being “ in the soup. ” In their wail we find the following; “ The imports o f the year were in round figures $723,000,000 and the exports $678,000,000. So long as we pay for our imports by the es change of commodities it makes little difference if the balance is sometimes against us, but when we steadily draw on our reserves of gold the case is different. ” In the language o f Gilbert this is “ A paradox, a paradox, a most astounding paradox ”. So long as we pay by the exchange of commodities, the balance of trade is not against us and there will consequently be no exportation of gold. Again we find the following: The “ pauper”auper’’ laborabor of fertile India and “ p l ( the fertile plains of Hungary and_Kussia rheat into irope and drive farmer and his products. ingary i pour wheat int the granaries of Western Europe and drive out the American So you will acknowledge that there is pauper labor in Europe will you ? For months previous to election you were devot­ ing your best energies in trying to convince your readers that the laborers of Europe were in better condition than ours but now “ the soup” has washed out your eyes and restored your vision and you are willing to acknowledge the truth of what you so strenuously denied before election. Again we find this ; I and Central America would gladly with US, but it must he on as good i as Great Britain and Germany Do you know what the terms o f Great Britian are to her ship owners? Do you know that she pays a subsidy to each v es­ sel for each mile she runs ? Do you know that by pursuing that policy she has built up the largest merchant marine in the world ? Do you know that when John Roach Started bis line to Brazil that English subsidized! vessels put the rate so low that he could not do business and as soon as he withdrew they put the rates up to where they were before he began ? All this IS undoubtedly so, yet you tell us that subsidies will not help build up our mer­ cantile fleet. The Gazette article thus concludes: The remedy to which the Republioan party is pledged is increased taxation with free tobacco and whiskey. It will be Strange if we do not have a financial panic before 1892. As to this we beg to inform our friends down the street that the people at the polls decided that question last month and concluded to let a Republican President and Congress do the legislation and all the wails and pesslmatic views of the Gazette will avail nothing. —Rolled! plate jew e lry, cheapest a t Westbrook & Stoll’s. —We have still a splendid stock of newmarkets, children’s cloaks, etc., to select from and those wishing to purchase would do well to call at G. TJry’s, 119 Pike street,. —500 fashionable hats and bonnets to be sold before Christmas. Great bargains in tips and fancy feathers at M ibb J. E Shay’s. —^What elegant silk handkerchiefs and mufatrs you see at Westbrook & StoU’t of art materials just opened, Embroidery stamping doi neatly and promptly at Miss J. E. Shay’ —Keep the “ Little Ones” warm, and s ve their Health, by getting them a suit of “ Natural Wool\ Underwear, at the Boston Store. —An attrective display of holiday goods at G. U r i’s, 119 Pike street. A fine verieiy of albui ‘ ' iso a large assortment lieffl and mufflers f o r !adies l and gentle- —Seal, lynx, fox, badger, coon, opos­ sum ami bare muffs and boas at W< brook & Stoll’s. For over a quarter o f a century physi­ cians have prescribed fSichols’ Bark and I reli!ble ........................... .. Iron as a relia and vrluable remedy for dyspepsia and general debility. eL b They gi the bo The action of Carter’s Little Liver Pills is pleasant, mild and natural. ver, regulate . They are sure is pleasant, m : ___ stimulate the liv do not pui Try them. A clergyman, after from that loathesome _____ , ______ , ___ ig every known remedy, at last a recipe which completely cured ived him from death, lis dreadful disa ipletely cure Any Buffen Lawrence, 88 W a rren street, H ew Y o rk 3ity, will receive the recipe free of charge. BCZBMA, ITCHY.^SCALY, SKIN Tetter, Salt Rheum. Ringworm, Pllee. Itch, Sore*. Fimplea, Bozeme, all Scaly, Itchy Skin Eroctionf. no matter now obitiaate or long ttanOlng. iii> potent, eSectlva and ooiti but a tHne. POOR BUT HONEST. Charlie Sullivan is a poor but honest Irish lad, who, while walking down Washington street, found a wallet con- checka and money to the valuie ------ ■ough hah . _ ____ owners, „ Co., proprietors who gave him a lib- ____ AOgave __ tr _____ itters for bis mother, been a terrible sufferer with rheuma- ______ ^ ________ , _____ __ vallet taining checks and money to the valu several hundred dollars. Alth almi destitute, he returned it to its owne Messra A. P. Ordway & Co., proprieb of Sulphur Bitters, who gave him a l._ eral reward, and also gav him six bottles of Sulphur Bitters for bis mothi fence p o s t s tood i n C e n tral P a r k th e other day, with a book in his hand, watching one of the dem o cratic camels recently im p o rted, with other Asiatic laborers, from the Old World. In Popular Science M o n thly the boy read these words from Grant Allen: S tructurally, of course, the hum p s are nothing—mere lumps of fat, collected un­ der a convenient fold of th e skin, and terly unprovided for in the fra the skeleton. W h en th e anims beat and well fed, they are full i standing up on his back firm an hut on a long journey they art absorbed to keep u p tbe fires th w h ich a rrive a t th e coast th e skin ban over, an em p ty bag, upon flanks, bearing w itness to' tl external food duri th e scarcity of any one who has only seen th e fine. B u t w ater is ( ipt beasts in E u ropean m e n a g e ri zoological gardens could r e a d ily im agine. than foo d ; and against w a n t of wate therefore, the cam el Jias had to provic him self, functionally a t least, if n o t struc­ turally, quite as m ut herbage. H is stom a ch has accordingly s quired the pow e r of acting as an interr lie powe ing^ a he can take in a s m u ch w a ter th e ’ I T h e re are some difference T h e African kind is m o st abstemious bast a d a p ted to sandy deserts end m o re rugged country. Stoll’s for kid gl h jfovea to the Boston Store at once ; remep life is short, and goods like these Past. ______ AS5V1U3E M.U'JTHLSSiaS* Are you disturbed at night and bn of your rest by a sick child suffering crying wdth pain o f cutting teeth ? j send at once and get a bottle of 3 Wmaiow’s S oothing S yeot fo b C __ oKBN T b b t h i n g . Its v a lu e is incalculable It -will relieve the poor little sufferer im mediately. Depend up o n it there is no m istake a b o u t it. It < sntary and diarrhoea, regulates stomach and bowels, cures wind o ms,reduces inflai softens the) lammi energy to the wholes ’mar w’e SooTHnia S fri C h h o b b n 1 2 THNG 1 is pleasant gives tone M bs . W e 0 3st female nurses Case of Brown Gravel. M e a n s H a v in g ; F a i l e d . A man resened from a bnrnlng scarcely cause more Interest tbe my life, m the spring of 16781 was taken with Bht palDB In Ihe lower part of my bowels. In the res the bladder. Short-y blood a] te bladder. Short irnln t tbandi isred mixed Inflam m a tion of the B ladder, ------ Trop, afL_. . le to consult an e hre« months Iwas edy, of csoBdoni so. Soon the n and distress we am now well. My Recovery was Complete. ay one BO n S r diam ari'^PSi Bhoild be known cv( A w^hei e.^and h my stotei^nts -^lli help spre^ a ini li- bladderdls^ses^shallfeel*ttmlwn*'pOTtlyrep^^ Price One dollar. Prepared at Bondont, N. Y. ^rvte, f 0 C Dlrectc business which c ill be hi v e n (11) o ’clock a . m. C. if. V a n I n w b o b n , C imio-'to l i r m . ---------- W. E. S cott , Cashier. ANTED. ■ “ ■ gentlen _ __ , , leant rooms and good : 28 Pennsylvania ayei <‘ Boyal Liqnl h in a . Glass, Wo( >ia by Grocers, la i d G I n e ” m e n d s broken W ith E v e rlasting Tenacitj :ers, Druggists and Genei ROYAL GLUE business to h e r locality. Salary about $80 p er EARTH, and wo h ave secured the sole agency for this section through a leading exporting bouse o f Baltimore, Md. BALCH & CLAWSON, Matamoras. f 3 jp L A I N SEWING. ’■ SOMETHING NEW N E S T WEEK. r ® M rs . W m . B ii A ntobd ’ s L adibs ’.B azaab , NO. 20, P ik e S treet . f FRESH EVERY DAY Headquarters for the celebrated Nanti- , coke and Wicomoco oysters. Oysters opened 1 fresh from the sheU. Clams and fresh fish al­ ways on hand. The famous Horseheads celery 5 always in stock a t L. L. BARKMAN’S. - A B. MOORE & SOH’8 J, j O L , TRI-STATES STAGE. Leaves Carpenters Point 8,9,10 and 11 a. m., and 1 , 2 ,8,4, 5 and 7 p .m . Returning leaves fc P o rt Jervis 8.30,9.30,10.30 a. m. and 12 m., and 1,80,2.80,8.80,4.30 6 and 8 p. m. 3 II/H E R E SHALL 1 GET INSURKDJBBFOSB . VY deciding this question call and look a t the . securities offered by the following lino ol Com* t panics; The Llverpoel, London & Globe, The _ Imperial, the Northern, the London Assurance, , the Orient of Hartford, and the Washington L Fire & Marine or Boston, also Life and Accident r Insurance and Beal Estate bought, sold or rented, J, a , FISHEH, r Booms 1 and 5 westrooir Building, P o rt Jet- . VIB.H.Y. 1 y \ R , H. T. H. RUSSELL, jLJ> S tjooessob to D k . H. F. B obbs . j J S t x x x r s o 0 2 3 . Z O o x x t i n t . ^ OflSce in the W estbrook Building. Office - hours from 8.30 a. m., to 6.80 p. m. Dental P work o f aU kinds. Gas administered. ; JQ E N T iSTRY. ‘ I 3 r . T lL a c a .. 3bw£eaeSL, ' St. J ohn’s Building, np-town, practices \ DKNTI8TKY IN ALL ITS BEANCHB8, ^ Office honrs from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. ^ J ^ R . JAMES J. MILLS. [ D E N T IS T , j Office In Fam nm ’s Building, Pike St., For ' Js)rvIa,KoomBX6,l7andi8. office hours from r a. m. to 5 p .m . GAS a d MINISTEEED. * J ^ R A S T U S SLA D S O N ’S LIVBRY, SALE ANDEXOHAN6B 1 - ------- STABLE --------- ) NO. 222 MAIN STKBET, Adjoining the P ark HoteL Horses and Cam* 1 ages let a t reasonable prices : p^W OHG WAHLLB, No. 83 Pike St. 1 C H IN E S E LAtTKrUiY. • First-Class.aundry work. All kinds o f TB a S 1 from friends in China, at prices , that defy competition. 1 Q P. HOWELL, \ ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR AT LAW Famum Building, Port Jervis, i NOTARY PUBLIC AND NEW JER SEY COMMISSIONER. 'lip^ILTON BENNETT, ; ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, [ at* John’s Block'Front St„ Port .jervls, N. Y ' y ECKLE’S SHAVING AND HAIR ■ j L J * Cutting E stablishment in the ! ------- FABNUM BLOCK ------- ' w'\Ladira’ and Childrens’Hair Cutting will receive my personal attention. I have also in connection with my business ------- FINE BATH BOOMS ------- ; w ith h o t and cold w ater supplied re adyfor ’ use a t aU hours from the opening until tbe 1 Closing Of the shODB. L. E O K l^P ro p . ! T 3 U Y YOUR F I S H I N G T A C K L E i -A> ___ ^ ___ i S t. JO H N 'S DRUG STORE [U p-Tow n.] rYYSTERS SERVED IN EVERY v / STYLE at , ADOLPH OTT’S PAELOES, : 123 JEESBY AVENUE. ■ Oysters retailed I n any quantity. 1 jr^U M B E R l LU M BER ! GILMAN sells LUMBER cheaper than any , ne else, and b etter. SHXNGIJB, LA T H and CASINGS OUT , TO ORDER, ' DOORS, FLOORING, BTC., ETC., Ships b y carload o r In large o r small quanti­ ties b y freight. ALFRED GILMAN, GnjiAN’s D bpot , N. Y. : ^ CAR D FRO M HON. T. J . LYO N. 1 am pleased to announce to the public and 1 my m any friends th a t my health'is so much Improved that I wlU be able to resume the du- 1 ties o f my profession in all the courts. 1 will 1 be glad to give council to my friends, and all others who may call upon me, upon every question pertam lng to m y profession, and 1 ; where n o utiration follows, I will make no charge. I will also make a specialty of all kinds o f coUeotions, and where I fall In col­ lecting there will be no charge for professional services. : My office will b e a t my house. No. 21 Sussex St., until further notice, where I may be 1 found a t ail business hours of the day and from 9 u n til 9 in the evening. THOS. J. LYON. T IV E R Y , SA L E A N D EXCH ANG E J U STABLE. FIXB STBXXT, OFFOSITI OBAKaB SQUIBB. ^ ,H . 6 . PORTER, P e o p s i b x o b , [J . A Buchanan’s Old stable.1 Cohveyanoes o every description furnished a t short notioo. P r io e s ^ r e ^ n ^ le. Telephone call No. 3J. DAVID BENNET, Agent lo r several of the most reliable K re Insurance Companies, XHB SQUITABEiX! ACCIDENT ASSO­ CIATION OF BINGHAUXON, N . Y. XHK IsnCPUOYKS I.IAB1I.ITY ACCI­ DENT COMPANY, HHLXABLH INSUBANCB FOR HOBBSS. THB OLD BBLIABLS! NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Offlea St. J o h n 's B loeh. FRONT STR E E T , - PO R T JRBVXS. LADIES’ GOLD HEAD UMDRELLAS IFroin $1.25 to $8.50, and every one a beauty. L adies ’ E mbroidered H a n d k e r c h iefs ! A l l th e w a y from 12 cents to $ 3 each. FIHEHD GLOVES-WIHTER SHADES at 50c, 6 3 c , 8 5 c , $ 1 , $ 1 .2 5 , $ 1 .3 9 , $ 1 .5 0 , $ 1 .6 5 , $ 1 .7 5 , $ 2 . AND EIGHT HERE IS WHERE WE GET 'EMAIL. Centimeri Kids-The Best O n ly sold b y us. Our Book Display is Big, and runs the entire gamut, from a Five Cent Primer to an elegant set of lOXOZESZIEiIbsrS! Z B L L X O T oar !T!EB‘‘V IZ b T O -. In this department we have exercised our very best eare, and among our varied selections will be found nothing of a “ Hair Split­ ting” o r B l o o d Curdling” nature, as we are fully aware of the had effects of such literature upon the youthful mind. We have nothing on our shelves that any parent can obieet to plac­ ing in the hands of the Our Big Holiday Spread SENSIBLE, ATTRACTIVE and USEFUL ‘Our Ring^ of 19c Silk Handkerchiefs cents to 3 9 cents. -S . n y L a c i y o / ’ G rexitlexn.a.zi. that can’t find what they want in the SILK HAHDKER- OHIBF or MCKFLER LIKE among our stock must be hard to please. Just before we go we want to say ONE PARTING WORD ON CLOAKS. We’ve had a Big Trade on these goods, but we purchased very heavily, and we’re got 2 ^ o i e T l i a a a . •^X T a n .t, id if you will call and see them we will MAKE THE PRICE CONVINCE YOU that yon eaimot afford to do without them. Oiif .re the Best in Town, and they MUST 6 0 CHEAP. On these goods we shall show no Conserratkm, nothing but R a n k R a d i c a l i s m in P r i c e will fill the bill. T u n B O S T O T I S T O R H Keturns thanks for many piuat favon^ and wishes to all S V e fy JVieffy

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