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The Port Jervis union. (Port Jervis, Orange County, N.Y.) 1888-1924, March 27, 1888, Image 4

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THE POET JE E V IS D A IL Y HNION, T H E S D A I E T E N IN S , MARCH 27, 1888. C O M a rK K C T A f. K K W S . T h e Com lition of th e New T o rh ami Ohi- eago Stock M a r k e t To-I>ay. Reported by Wni. Spencer, commisston broker, Gra­ ham’s Block, P o rt Jervis, N. Y. TTK M S F K O :\r N V R U O A V S ftn iO . W here th e Blizziivrt was not so \ ery Had. The llriilge wa.« D a m aged h.\ N a b k o w s b u e g , N. Y., March 26.—Ac- cSf^o^tNorthWerilV.'..^ . .:‘i l 'i* S'* S ! |: |: Opening. Closing, counts o f the blizzard o f the 12th and 13th N. Y., L. E. & W ............ Northern Pacific, p fd __ Oregon & Trans ................. Philadelphia & Beading.. K ich.& W .P ...................................... St. Paul & Omaha.............................34% Texas Pacific .................................... Sl?ft Union Pacific............................ . . BIV 4 Western tTnisn Telegraph Co __ 74 Pacific Mail . ...................................31 P CirtCAQO GBAIX AN1> PHOVIStON MAUKET. {March.. W h e a t - { M a y .... i March.. Corn— j Mfiy __ ( March.. Oats— •< May ----- (March.. Pork— ■< May __ ^ ^ (March.. 4 March :d— -{May.. Opening. -- m ::- 3 % Closing. Man wants b ut little here below. Blit w ants t h a t little strong. This 18 especially true of a purge. The average man or woman does not precisely hanker for it, as a rule, but when taken, wishes it to be prompt, sure and effective. Dr. Pierce’s Pleasant Purgative Pellets leave nothing to be desireil in the point of efficacy, and yet their action is totally free from any unpleasant symptoms, or disagreeable after-effects. Purely vege­ table, perfectly harmless. —We would be pleased to have the ladies call and see our display of Millinery - --- ------ mention of which is made Tb(e Over Niagara Falla. [\b spectators at Niagara Palls were ■rifled yesterday to see a green object start down the rapids and plunge over the falls. Being picked up it was found to be a bottle of Kemp’s Balsam, the best cough cure, which had been dropped by a child returning from a drug store. The mother’s grief at the loss of ner child was not lasting, as she went herself to the store and bought another bottle. Old G a rm enta M ade I.iko New. All gopds that you want colored and led attend to now, then the}'^ will be for spring and summer wear, such its, panti eleane hanakerchiefs, rib thing. Fine laces, eo'llai beautifully. Need i 3 will not be i up anything, if SO desired. Linings w ill not b colored if so d( Skilled workmen. Only establishment of this size on the globe. Leave goods by Monday noon with H. 0. Cunningham, PortJetvis, N. Y.—adv^ ______ A CERTAINTY. Steele’s Little Bile Pills are without an equal for stimulating the liver te healthy action, and creating a proper secretion of bile, thus removing from the system the gems of malaria, curing constipation, in­ digestion, and inducing a healthy circula­ tion of the blood, without which no one can enjoy sound health. T h e y are small, but effective; free from nauseating pro­ pensities and griping pains, and do not in­ terfere in their action witli the ordinary routine of daily life. Heavily sugar coated. To be had at 25 cents per bottle of S. St. John, E. T, Laidley and T. R. Anderson. FARMS NEAR BY. Farm of 48 acres, 3 i um of 48 acres, 3 miles out, house, plenty o f good fruit and water, $1,800; 44 acres improved land, 2 miles from Port Jervis depot, $30 per acre. D. Holbrook, Port Jervis, N. Y. BUSINESS BRIEFS, —You will always find at Kadel’s a de­ sirable line of ladies,’ misses’ and child­ ren’s fine shoes. —Anew and handsome line of jewelry ’ ■ • • ’ ■ i^Mar- —Wm. Sagendorf, clairvoyant, will be at the Hamilton Hotel, Middletown, until further notice Patients can get a com­ plete diagnoses by mail, if they send small lock of their hair,—-dw6m. —Closing out our entire stock of ladies’ and gents’ velvet and plain extra holiday slippers at reduced prices. Do not miss this chance at John A. Kadei’s, 100 Pike —The subscriber desires to inform his numerous patrons, that the destruction of Ms mill by fire recently, w ill not be al- lowed to interfere with his businesa Flour, feed, meal, oats, etc., will be for sale as usuM at his store and a contin­ uance o f patronage is solicited, W . A Drake.—tf. —Try those $2 men’s railroad shoes, all .solid and warranted to give satisfaction, at Kadel’e. -T h e store fMargot’s old stand), repairing done promptly.—dawtf. —Emmet Van Sickle, who has haa .30 guaranteed. Watches Kinds can be purcl prices.—dawtf. From the Gulf Coast. The leading druggist of Moss Point, M iss, J. W. Stewart, •writes ; “ I am sure that Van Wert’s Balsam is the best cough remedy that I have ever sold, and while you keep it at its present standard I shall always keep it and advise my custo­ mers to use it.” For sale by E. T. Laidl^. inst. from all sections of the country which were affected by it, show a much greater depth of snow and very much more damage than it caused in this vici­ nity. We had some very respectable dnfts, but no suffering either of man or beast. Of course business was impeded, trains delayed and travel on the roads leading out of the place stopped for three days, but the trouble was not in our im­ mediate vicinity to any great extent. It is very evident that the young people will have, in the winter of 1887-8, the founda­ tion for a great many tough yarns to spin in their old age. All agree that a more severe storm was never known in this county, and the vast quantities o f ice and snow to be melted during the next few weeks, almost forbids all thought of a rea­ sonably early spring. The ice in the Delaware broke up for the second time this season on the morn* ing of the 22d, at about 4 o’clock, and not Within many years was it jammed up so high on the banks. In passing under the bridge here it came very near taking away that structure, tearing out the feet o f three new timber arches and two old timber arches, leaving but four old plank arches and one timber arch intact on the Penn­ sylvania shore, and taking away other supports besides, and on the New York shore taking out some of the supports also. The bridge company has closed it to all but foot passengers, but expect to repair it with the least possible delay. This is very bad, as this n ew bridge com­ pany has not, so far, received the interest on its investment in tolls, and the penses o f collecting them, and the damage now done will take some time to repair besides about $1,000 in cash. And yet we have heard people wishing that it had gone away. How criminally foolish such expressions are. The final preparations to put the cream­ ery in shape for action are being made, and everything-will be in shape for the receipt o f milk in a few days. The dam­ age to the bridge will interfere with the milk business for a short time only. The “ baby’s best friend ” is the 1 ■ etith ■ -- ----------------r. ■ appropriate title for D Bull’s Baby Syrup. It is perfectly safe and reliable under all circumstances and by allaying the usual stomach and bowel disorders o f babyhood keeps the child ffom fretting and crying. Someome people are queer ; they will suffer )sia or liver disease f( S I with dys] and even years, a 25 centpackag they never tried it before. and when finally cured by ;e o f Laxador, wonder why EASTER CARDS AT EEA'S. If you are looking for someting fine and artistic—something worth preserving at the same time at reasonable price—just take a peep at Lea’s drug store windows and then go inside and you can purchase an Easter card from one cent to $5. Re­ member Lea’s drug stoi’c.—adv. Salt Bkani My head and face were a Boild mass of putrlflcatlon and my ears discharged of fenslve matter Utles. I itred of get! chat’Dr. Kennedy’s 1 ___ Remedy had cored ....... \' s c r o f u l a , and I resolved to try it. I ^ ^ e i i a d not nsed one bottle wlieu 1 began to improve. I con .ttmifcd to nee the Favorite S^i^Item e d y and am now well. Kennedy’s i^avorito Kemedy Is tbe greatest blood purifier I know o f .- J . A. Patkec, SunderilnvlUe, Pa. N. Y., says: “ I suffered ----------- - ----------- I W A S ENTIRELY CURED by Dr. Kenncdy'B Favorlte»Remedy.” In the treat­ ment of ScrofnlouB Ulcer.s, Sores, Glandular Swell. IngB, Dr. David Kennedy's iTav< beyond any other alterative. It If 1/'/ (M THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH. Under a spreading chestnut tree The village blacksmith stands, And in a brimming basin he Would wash his brawny hands; But something else than water dean His sooty palm demands. W eek in, week out, from morn till night. H e might h ave rubbed, I trow, Had I not given him a cake Of I vory S oap , when, lo l Full soon those honest hands of his W ere spotless as the snow. And when the soap escaped his grasp, With wonder he did note That on the water’s surface dark The cleansing bar did float. As swims upon a turbid lake A pearl white fairy hoat. “ Thanks, thanks,” said he, “ my worthy For this which thou hast brought; No village blacksmith should forget The facts this Ivory Soap has taught; For hands like mine it is the best That can be found or bought,” U R IT’S U R Y ’S Grand Opening — ---------------------0 3 ^ — ------------- — SPRING MILLINERY f WILL TAKE PLACE ON Thiirsday, Friday and Saturday, MABOH 29, 30 AND 31, W H E N WE W ILL EX H IBIT THE dolledtion of dl\oide jSforeltie^ ever shown at any time by any Millinery House in'Orange County. A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be \just as good as the ‘ Iv o ry '; '' they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for “ Ivory ” Soap and insist upon getting it. CopyriRlit, ISSG, liy Procter & Gamble. Call anfl See fler Easter Caras. Buol Binains for Perl Jervis E aster B ooklets ! EASTER \ novelties . Unique Designs^ AND VlCINn’Y. H E N R Y M A I N E DRACTlOAIi BOOK-BINDER, nnounces to tlie citizens ot Port Jervis and vl- einity that lie Is prepared to do every descrip­ tion of book binding In a workmanlike manner Bindery Comer Main and Pika Streets, PORT .TBRVI8. N. Y. Special efforts have been made by us this season to eclipse all former endeavors. Our goods have been selected with the greatest care, and will be found by our patrons to answer every requirement as to quality, style and moderate cost. WE H A V E ADDED A N ENTIRE N E W L INE OF Kid G loves, Corsets, Hosiery and Ladies’ Muslin Underwear © . U ry, 119 P ik e S tr e e t -A T T H E - Pavorlte Remedy It promptly and I restores healthful action to the affeci gans, removes Impnrliies from the blood, and bo cures the many dlee:ises that springs from a vitiated condl* of the life exurent. Liver and Kidney diseases that yield to no other medicine, are readily enrod by his potent remedy. Dr. D. Kennedy’s Favorite Remedy, Sold by an Druggists. Price | 1 ; 6 for |5. Send2-cent stamp to D r. Kennedy, Rondout, N. Y.. for Illustrated book how to cure Kidney, Liver and Blood disorders. Mention this paper. LOW PRICE from 1 cent to $5 LEA’S DRUG STORE. '^ H i T O N BENNETl’, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW AND NOTARY PUBLIC, Bt’ John’s Block, Front St., Port .Tervla. N. Y jq - E W TO-DAY. English S qo M Bloaters. HOAGLAND’S - - THE GROCER. NEW YORK STORE Two Special Drives for this Week IN DRESS GOODS. 1ST. AN ALL WOOL DOUBLE WIDTH DIAGONAL CLOTH AT 29 CENTS PER YARD. 2D. AN ALL WOOL DOUBLE WIDTH PINE CAM­ ELS HAIK AT 33 CENTS PER YARD. Also otu‘ usual fine selection of DRESS GOODS that cannot be matched in the town at oiir Low Prices, with Braid and Beaded Setts and Trimming to match. Don’t forget that you can buy your WALL PAPER cheaper at the New York Store than at any otlier place in town. 3 3 cSs 3 5 X=’135:e S t., B - Toid-aag, 'WOOING THE ZEPHYRS” The “ Ethereal Mildness ” with which winter “ lingers ” in the lap ” of “ something ” tliat may come sometime in the dim future ‘Makes A Man Tired.’ W e’re no “ kicker,” but we know when we’vo got “ enough.” We’ve done all we could to straighten things out. We’ve wooed the “ Gentle Maiden ” Spring, but she won’t woo for a cent. ‘-i W e’ve talked of “ Sunshine,” and got ‘‘ fiowlir(^ of “ budding trees,” and in twenty-four hours had to tunnel through snow drifts ten feet deep. “ It won’t do.” “ Woolen Blankets ” and “ Lace Floimcings ” won’t mix, and Dress Goods in Mahogany, Gobelin Blue and Serpent Green can’t draw very hard when the thermometer persists in contin­ ually loafing around zero, BOSTON STORE REMARKS. ” FRENCH SATTEENS of our own importation. The finest goods made In Colors and Black. -IE W A L L . P A P E R . e :- We liave the largest and best assortment of Wall Paper ever shown in Port Jervis. N e w Carpets. New- Carpets. WESTBROOK & STOLL Headstones and Mormihents manufactured from American Mar-, bling, and from barren Clark’s Island, Westerly, the Celebrated Quincy and other good Granites. Scotch Granites will he im­ ported upon order. Orders for Granite Monuments are now received for Spring trade. GALEN BEN NET, No. 1 Main street. PEF and PENCIL STAKF.- \ When ordering by mail state color of ink and number o£ type desired,and enclose five cents additional for packing and postage. Ink fui-nisbed in Red, Yiolet, Blue, Green an^* Black. The full amount must accompany the order. O n e lin .e - 4 = 5 o t.« i. 349 350 351 % u A , f tijled of f gpe. T w o l i n e s OOc-ts. 408 D a v e P i e r s o n . WESTFIELD, N. J. 729 P A . I D Charles Wirtli. 347 i. M. C. MARSH. 735 Igjon, 1 - 737 Cba*. Joned. 413 . J im , F ahcher , 415 C het . S mith . o. Ic. J.G. BLAINE. 366 Beoeived Payment ^ T h r e e lin e s •J'fiotS; 717 ; GEORGE A. BAYARD I DRUGGIST. ^ W E S T F I E L D , ----- N .J= 383 I AFTER 10 DAYS RETURN TO WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY, 7250 NOVELTY STAMP WOEl^'J S T E N C I L S . 7 3 C o r tla n d t s t . IST. 3610 Charles JB. Laitbe,. H A E D W A E J .4 OOI-IOBiS, IV. 'V . 385 H. V. BODINE. €GE0CER,» ASBURY PARK, N J. - SOLD IN POBT JERVIS AT LEA^S DRUG STORE

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