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much IVevrs in Little Space. W A S i H U S a T O N . N bw Y oek , Oct. 25. —The Timee’. Wash­ ington special Bays it: is doubtful if an bouor- able way can be found by the adm inistration to refuse Mr. Cameron’s nomination as E n g ­ lish M inister, f t is absolutely certain th a t any other nomination would be regarded by the Pennsylvania delegation as a violation of confidence on the part of the President. On the other hand, the appointm ent can hardly fail to bring the adm inistration into dishonor with all t h a t cla'S who have trusted in the determ ination to secure improved appoint­ m ents to the civil service. The selection of Mr. Cameron by the Pennsylvania delega­ tion was caused by a desire to influence the Pennsylvania election. The President, in conversing w ith a prom­ inent Kepubiican yesterday, referring to the case of Judge Northrup, recently appointed D istnot A ttorney of South Carolina, said there was not in bis possession any such in­ formation as has been called Co his a ttention by the press. The President seemed to de­ sire tnac the Senate should reiect Northrop. The World’s W asnington special says i t is quite probable the English mission will be offered to Mr. Oaraeion, who will decline. The T ribune's W ashington special says the President and Secretary Evarts were sur­ prised by the action of the Pennsylvania del- gation In naming Mr. Cameron, and refuse to bo bound by it. The mission will be of­ fered to an Illinois man. Senator Cameron says hi.: father can have the mission if he wants it. A friend of Senator Cameron be­ lieved tee m atter would be held in abeyance, and it the Pennsylvania Legislature proved Democratic, Senator Cameron would go to London. 4. Western representative, opposed to the Texas Pacific subsidy, who has canvassed the House on the subject, reports that the pro­ ject is weaker in the present Congress than m the last. General H u m p ' reys, Chief of Engineers, call a ttention to the need ot b e tter protection to American harbors a n d of a better torpedo service. Speaker Bandall allows the minority an unusual membership ou committees. W ashimoton , Oct. 25. —The Committee on Privileges and Elections, in secret session ibis morning, unanimously agreed to make a thorough investigation upon the m erits of the Louisiana oentestants. They further­ more requested each of the contestants to appear before the oomuiittee to-morrow and present in writing their views as to the scope ot investigations which will include the question as to the legality of,the Legislature by which each of the ooucescants claims to have been elected. There was a lively condition of affairs at the Executive Mansion to-day. The ante­ room TO the President’s office cham b er was filled with vary anxious throngs seeking an interview, all in reference to appointm ents. Two different d elegations from Pennsylvania, who have been in consnltation with the Pres­ ident, are of citizens, prinoipalJy m erchants, of Philadelphia, looking after the appoint­ m ents in th a t city, the collectorship of th a t port being, it is intim ated, part of the dis­ cussion. I t is also mentioned th a t the pres­ ent Collector is being strongly endorsed. The most interesting consultation was t h a t of the President a n d several of the most prom inent members of the Eepnblican or­ ganization in Pennsylvania, including Col. Wilson, Chairman of the present Republican Central Committee ot Pennsylvania, Col. Hoyt, Chairman of the Committee last year. Gov. H a rtrauft, Gen. B ingham , and Messrs. F reem a n and W ard, members of Congress. T h e se were with the President some time, and explained their views upon topics rela­ ted to what they consider the true interests of the party, and with regard to c ertain ap­ pointm e n ts which it would be advantageous to have made. The bill introduced by Mr. E e rnan by re­ quest, for the re establishm ent of the C o a rt of Commissioners of Alabama Claims, and for the distribution of the Geneva awards, provides th a t the court shall have three judges. The court is to enter judgm e n t in two olasse: of claims. The first class consists of claims resulting from damage done on the high seas, by confederate cruisers, ex­ cluding claims . already allowed for damage caused by the Alabama, Florida a n d Shenan- doab, a fter the latter left Melbourne, in July. 1865. The second class consists of claims for the paym e n t of premiums for war risks, a f ter the sailing of any confederate cruiser. Judgm e n ts in the first class, shall fee paid before judgm e n ts in th e second class. If the mon­ ey unappripriated fee insufficient to pay judgm e n ts of the first class, they shall be paid ratably. The bill to provide for the further distri­ bution of the Geneva award, resembles Mr. E e rnan’s bill of last sestion I t authorizes claimants to sue in the Court of Claims, within a year from the passage of the act. The bill a u thorizes appeals from the Court of Claims to the Supreme Court, and pro­ vides for the paym ent of judgm e n ts with five per cent, interest, in lull, if there be money enough, otherwise ratably. The caucus of Democratic S enators to-day chose Messrs. Bayard, Thurm a n and Mor­ gan to act upon a committee authorized by Mr. Edmunds resolution to consider the state of laws respecting the ascertaining and declaration of the result of the election of President and Vice President. Seoretary Sherman states, the interview of of Members of the House with him Friday, was p u rely a private call, a kindly friendly m eeting, without special significance. There was not an unkind expression about the

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