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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, February 24, 1847, Image 3

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$ c t D 2 U r m t T 0 t n u n t 0 . NEW^YORK C a s h a n d R e a d y F a y S t o r e . T Iffi Proprietors of the N E W STO R E , have opened, in the building formerly occupied by Messrs. Newton &iCo., comer of Court and Wasnington-streets, a large and general, assortment of _ D R Y GOODS, DOM E S T IC GOODS, H A R D W A R E , BO O T S <$• SH O E S . H A T S 4- C A P S , G R O C E R IES, $c. ■which they intend to sell as cheap-as can be bought in the County, and to which they call the attention of the in­ habitants of-Binghamton and the adjoining towns, to ex­ amine and judge for themselves. All kinds of Country Produce wanted in exchange for Goods, at J. C. WILSON & Co.’s, Comer o f Court 4' Waslcngton-sts. Binghamton, Feb. 2 0 , 1847. 49 B o i l e d & r a w l i n s e e d o i l — 1000 gallons pure, country pressed L I N S E E D OIL. 500 gallons boilod L I N S E E D OIL. 5 barrels TU R P E N T IN E , at the lowest market price at Feb, 2 1 . T R IV E T T ’S Cheap Drug and Paint Store, Sign o f the Golden Mortar. P R A T T ’S BOOK EX P R E S S .— The Horticulturist, 25 cts.; Dombey and Son, illustrated, 1 2 * cts. per N o .; Chamber’s Information for the People, 25 cts.; Chamber’s Cyclopedia of Literature, 25 cts. per No . ; the Living Age, Nos. 143, 144, and 145; the Battle of Life, hy Dickens, 6 cts; Sarton Resartus, 50 c ts .; the Progres­ sive Principle, by Headley, 25 c ts .; Twenty-six years of the Life of a Manager and Actor, 75 c ts.; Immortality, a Poem, $ 1 ; Pickering’s New Greek Lexicon ; also, new Music, just received a t PR A T T ’S Book-store. IN CHANCERY— Before the Chancellor. H enry K. Murray, vs. Benjamin Chamberlain, and Thaddeus Spencer. B ILL for specific performance of Contract, and con­ veyance of Land. G. W . H otchkiss , of Bingham­ ton, N. Y., Complainant’s Solicitor. Thaddeus Spencer, one of the Defendants in this' cause, whose place of residence is in Suffield, Hartford County, and State of Connecticut, is required to appear in this cause by the 10th day of May, 1847, or the bill fi­ led therein, will be taken as confessed by him. Dated Binghamton, February 2 0 th, 1847. G. W . HOTCHKISS, 4:49 Complainant’s Solicitor. IN CHANCERY— Before the Chancellor. John Almstead, vs. Augustus Trowbridge, and Lucy, his wife, and others. B ILL to foreclose a Mortgage. C. L. M o n e l l , of the City of Hudson, Complainant’s Solicitor. The Defendants, Augustus Trowbridge, and Lucy, his wife, whose place of residence is in the State of Illinois, and the Defendant, Sheldon Buckingham, whose place of residence is in the State of Connecticut, are respectively required to appear in this cause, by the 10th day of May next, or the Bill filed therein, will be taken as confessed by them.—Dated Hudson, February 13, 1847. C. L. MONELL, 4:49 Complainant’s Solicitor. W INDSOR ACADEMY— Mr. H.Laihrop, Jr., have ing become connected with this flourishing Insti­ tution as Principal, witbyi view of remaining permanent­ ly, the undersigned fe.el.no hesitancy in assuring the Pub­ lic that no. pains will be spared to make it, in every re­ spect, worthy of that patronage which it has heretofore enjoyed to so unexpected a degree. Mr. L atiiiiop is a young gentleman of fine attainments and unexceptiona­ ble character, and is, we believe, every way qualified to discharge the duties of his station. Miss F airchild , the Principal of the Female Department, is an accom­ plished and experienced teacher, having taught with much success in this State and at the South. B O A R D O F IN S T R U C T IO N . H. LATHROP, Jr., A. B., Principal. Pdiss SARAH FAIRCHILD, Preceptress. Mrs. JAMES Y. BROWN, Teacher o f Music. - Assistant Pupils will be employed in the Primary De­ partment. T E R M S . For Tuition in the Primary Department, per term, $2 50 “ “ “ common English branches, viz. Or­ thography, Reading, Penmanship, Geography, Arithmetic, and Grammar, - - - - 3 50 In the Higher English Branches, viz., A.lgebra, P hi­ losophy, Botany, Chemistry, Physiology, Astrono­ my, History, Rhetoric, Mental and Moral Science, 4 50 In the Languages, and Higher Mathematics, viz. Lat­ in, Greek, French, and German, Geometry, Trig- .onometry, Surveying, &c., E X T R A C H A R G E S . Drawing. - - - - $ 3 GO Painting, in oil, or water colors, $ 8 & 3 00 Music, with use of Piano, - - 1 0 0 0 Board and Rooms, with lights, fuel, and washing, be had for $1,59 to $2,00 per week. The Academic Year is divided into three terms. The first, term will begin on the Wednesday following the 4th Wednesday in March, and continue 14 weeks; the sec­ ond will begin on the 2d Wednesday in August, and con­ tinue 14 weeks; the third, will begin on the 4th Wednes­ day in November, and continue 15 weeks. It is very de­ sirable that Scholars enter at the commencement of the terms. The above Institution is located in the village of W ind­ sor, upon the Susquehannah, 14 miles east of Bingham­ ton, in the midst of a quiet, thriving and enterprising community. Few places can be found in this section of the State, where pupils from abroad will be less exposed to those influences which, in larger Villages and Cities, prove alike prejudicial to intellectual and moral culture. Parents and Guardians, who feel a proper degree of anxi­ ety for the welfare of those they Rave in charge, will ful­ ly' appreciate these a d vantages. E. COPLEY, Pres’t Board of Trustees. O. T. BUNDY, Sec’y. Windsor, Broome Co., Feb. 16, 1847. 4:48 5 50 , may N EW' BOOKS, just received and for sale cheap, at J. R. ORTON’S BOOK-STORE and Printing- Office — Pictorial Bible, with 1000 illustrations; Burkitt’s Notes on the New Testament, 2 v o ls.; the Naturalist’s Library, with 400 engravings; D ’Israeli’s Novels, com­ plete in one vol. ; Lives and Sufferings of Protestant Mar­ tyrs ; Frost’s Pictorial History of the United States, splen­ did edition, complete in 2 vols.; Jack Hinton, illustrated; Godman’s Natural History, in 2 vols.; Sear’s wonders of the W o rld; Love and Madness o f Tasso; Lives of tlie Presidents, edition of 1846; Universal Biographical Dic­ tionary; Goldsmith’s W orks; Laeon, by Colton; Oxford Bible, beautiful edition; Poems of Ossian; Milton’s W o rks; Moss Rose; Ladies’ Scrap Book; Household Verses; the Memento, by C. W . Everest; Goldsmith’s Rome; Marshall’s Life of Washington ; Kame’s Elements o f Criticism; Clerk’s Assistant; Bullion’s Grammar; Davies’ Geometry ; Knowles’ Rhetorical Reader; San­ der’s Reader; Book Keeping; District Library, in 10 vols. together with many other works, suitable for Libraries. F e b r u a r y m a g a z i n e s , & n e w b o o k s — All the Magazines; Living Age, Nos. 137, ’ 8 , ’9, ’40, and ’41; The Knickerbocker; the Biblical Repository; the N. Y. Journal of Medicine and collateral Science; the Chess Palladium; Poems,by Amelia; Fact and Fic­ tion, by Mrs. Child; a new supply of Headley’s Napole­ on and his Marshals, and Sacred Mountain's; Views a foot, by Taylor; American House Carpenter; Macauley’s Miscellanies, ftSrP He will also receive on Wednesday, a large supoly of \hew publications. . Feb. 2 . _ _ ______________________ II. E. PRATT. •The greatest assort- Come and see. V ALENTINES at PR A T T ’S, ment to be found out of New-York. M ITCHELL’S B E S T M APS, ted State Maps—$4£ for the two—at •The State and Uni- sc —at PR A T T ’S Cheap Bookstore. W ANTED- Jan. 26. - 2 0 0 Bushels D R IE D A P P L E S , at S. H. P. H A L L ’S. N j P r g < 8 > 0 o i >0 # < & Y Q ttf\ts. New Goods in the Empire Block. S. F. CARY & CO, H A V E j ust opened one of the best stock o f Goods ever offered in this m a rket, a n d in v ite th e atT tention o f th e public to th e ir splendid a s s o rtm e n t of New Goods which have been bought with g reat c a re and can be sold at. least 25 p e r cent cheaper than us­ ual. O u r customers may be assured we w ill sell in accordance w ith the tim es. Rem ember to call before purchasing, a t C A R Y ’S store, and look or you m ay lose Great Bargains. P . S. L iberal advances in C ash m ade for G rain, at the h ighest m arket price. Also, C A S H for B U T T E R . S. P . C A R Y & CO. Sept. 23,1846. _______________ 4, Em g ire Block. FALL & WINTER FASHIONS. M IES. D A V I S , H AS just returned from N e w -Y o rk w ith theP a ll and W inter Fashions, and a large aud ele­ gant assortm ent of I M Q L l L d M I ^ Y suitable for the season, to which she begs leave' to call the attention of h er friends and customers. Velvet, Satin and Leghorn Hats w h ich cannot fail to please. H e r Caps and Rib­ bons a re unusually tasty. and other Rich Goods w h ich it is useless to p a r­ ticularize, a ll of which will be sold low for cash. Neapclitons, Leghorns and Straw s cjeansed and dressed as usual Cutting Dresses, Cloaks &c., and D ressm a k ing to an unlimited extent. Confident o f h e r ability to suit h e r custom ers, as the hands she employs a re very superior, she«olic- its a continuance of p u b lic favor. M R S . E , D A V I S . Binghamton, Oct.21st, 1846. NO. 3, EMPIRE BLOCK. J . C . R o g e r s , H A V E just received a large and splendid assort­ m e n t of Fall and Winter Goods consisting of D r y Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, Looking Glasses, and a l­ most every other article wanted, a ll of which are offered at prices that cannot fail to suit. P . S. T h e highest m arket p rice will be p aid for all kinds of C o u n try Produce. J. & C. ROGERS. Binghamton, Nov l l t h , 1846: R E now S. F . C A R Y offering their & CO. larg e stock of goods consisting of as good an assortment as can be found in the v illage, a t such nrices as will compare with any of our eompettitors, no m istake! Call one, call -all, and be convinced o f the fact, C A R Y & CO ., No. 4 Em p ire Block. M ay 27, 1846. ________________________________ _ Im p ortant to the Ladies. J Uie Ladies will, no doubt, be pleased to learn that Noland has just arrived from New Y o rk with a new and beautiful assortm e n t of F a n c y goods, am o n g w h ich m ay be found—B a g .an d Purse clasps, steel Beeds and Tassals, Plain and shaded Bag and P u rse Tw ist, B e rlin Iron Combs, Bracelets and Broaches. W o rsted Patterns, Perfor­ ated Paper, Steel P e a rl and Sliver Slides, Steel and Jet Buttons, a variety of Broaches, Combs and 0 her articles too num erous Lo mention, a ll ot the Latest Fashion: the Ladies a re respectfully invited to call and e x a m inej/iem before, the best setelmons are made. W . H . N O L A N D . __________ Emporium-of Fashion. F RINGES &e.— B ullion D ress Fringe, M o h a ir Fringe, Gimp Cord, Double chain Gimp; col’d Silk Girdles, French bullion Buttons, S ilk coat cord, Splendid brocade Tw ist coat Buttons, Linen Edging, M u slin Edging and Inserting, Overcoat binding and W h a le bones. Dec. 2d, 1846. ________ W M . M . & J . E. ELY. \ S I L K G O O D S . ’ C H A M E L IO N Gro de nap. Plaid Po DeSoi, Blk. Lustring, Blk. Grode Swisse,Gro de Rhine M atteonie Lustring. Blk. Silk Surge, Figuired Satin Vesting, H e a v y B lk. do. Blk. Silk Hose, H a t Ribbons. Also a good assortment of Ladies H. S. Gloves, Linen bobbins; Linen tapes, Taffeta and Satin Ribbons, D O Hdkfs Ladies Cravats, Gents Blk. t l Cravats, Gents B lk.and W h ite H S Gloves at v ery low prices by W M . M , & J . E. ELY Dee. 2, 1846. _______________________________ C A S H M E R E S . D E L A IN E S , A L P A C C A S &c- T h e subscribers a re selling their desirable and elegant Cashmeres, DeLaines, Alpaccas, Im p e rial Robes, Graduated do. &e. &e. al reduced prices.— They feel confident in recom mending the above enumerated goods to the public as being the most fashionable and desirable in m arket, as well as the cheapest by far, quality &c. taken into considera­ tion. ol any offered in this vicinity. Dec. 2d. 1S4G. W M . M. & J. E. ELY . W M . M. <fc J. E . E L Y , W h o lesale an d R e t a i l D e a lers in D r y Goods , G roceries , Crockery. N a ils, cfc. <Sfc. A T T H E OLD ST A N D N o rthw e s t corner C o u rt & W a s liingtou-S ts. ET®* as> 1222 IP I I S S BINGHAMTON, N Y. A S T S , B O O T T R E E S , &c—A good assort­ m e n t o f Lasts, Boot T r e e s and C rim p s, m a n ­ ufactured by L oucks & Co, U tica, at Ju ly 1,2846. . J B A & S O N ’S L T R I M M I N G G O O D S . g I L K buttons, G im p s a n d F ringes, just received at the Exchange Buildings by Oct. 21. 1816. R .J. W ISNER. C ROCKERY— N o w openihg a choice, lot o f flow­ in g B L U E , in w h o le o r pgirt setts, a s m a y be w a n ted ; also,-a full a ssortm e n t o f com m o n w a re, Sept. 23, 1846. _______________ at C A R Y ’S H O U G H ’S P A T E N T S K I R T S —W h ic h are u n r iv a led le r cheapness o r durability or sale at Bingham ton Sept. 8 , 1S4G. R . J . W I S N E R ’S. t a i l o r i n g C l o t l j m j g . L a t e N e w s f r o m M e x i c o . Cheap Tailoring Establishment. •’T'HE subscriber would inform (lie public that he still continues in the T a iloring business at his old stand over Boyd & Crosby’s store, where he will do work atthe following low prices: Cutting and making Coats from $3,00 to 5,00 OverCoats, 3,50,“ 5.50 Pants and Vests. 1,00 “ 1/25 Cloaks, 2,50 C U T T I N G in proportion. All work warranted well made and to fit. The latest Fashions always on hand. J. N. RING. Binghamton Sept. 30th 1846. _________________ AS THE DUTCHMAN SAID “JEvery Man for myself.\ A T the former stand of Tracy & S hiverick, op­ posite the Binghamlon Hotel, and over Fish & Webstei’s cap and shoe store, the subscriber con­ tinues the Tailoring Business, where any amount of work will be done in the lat­ est and most approved style, with great neatness and promptness, at the following remarkable low prices, viz: Cutting and making Coats, from $2,00 to 6,00 “ “ Pants and Vests, 1,00 to 1,50 “ “ Cloaks, 2,50 to 4,00 “ “ Overcoats, 4,00 to 10, Cutting Coats, 31 i “ Pants and Vests, 16 “ Cloaks, 31 i “ Overcoats, 37^ Olher work in proportion; undivided attention shall be given to the business, and every customer may confidently expect entire satisfaction. Great care will be taken in C U T T I N G , and more garments cut from the same amount of cloth than has been commonly done. i^T Tw o or three Journeymen, who are efficient workmen wanted, none others will be employed. E. S. T R A C Y . Binghamton, Oct. 5.1846. Books, |3aper, N E W B O O K S ^ T H E subscriber is constantly receivingnewsup­ plies of Books at his store one door east of Among w h ich rieu ltu r a l and are nu- M iscel- the Bingham ton Hotol merous Law M edical, A s laneous works. Also a large assortm ent of the various school Books, J u v e n ile Books, M itehel’s o u tline maps for common schools, a g reat variety suitable for child­ ren’s Presents at the coming Holidays, A n n u a ls for 1847. Stationery large assortment of Caps, Letter, B il­ let, D raw ing Perforated, Tissue, M usic, Marb)§d Blotting, W rap p in g P a p e r &c., &c. Bristol Board, D raw ing Cards; Abbot’s series Visiting cards, a great v a riety D raw ing pencils, Lead pencils, Inks, Ink-stands, Slates &c., &. In addition to the above he has a well selected assortment of Fam ily Drugs and medicines, Dye- stuffs &c.; also, Groceries, T e a , Sugar, Molasses, Coffee, Spice, a superior a rticle of Fam ily Soap. A ll ofthe above articles w ill be sold as cheap for cash as c a n be purchased elsewhere. Bingham ton, Dec. 7th, 1846. A. CO OK E . C UTTER FOR SALE.—A new, light and handsome Cutter, at a low price. Jan. 13, 1847. Wm. M. & J. E. ELY. J U S T received at the Exchange Buildings one case of Broad Cloth “ d irect from auction” which w illbs sold very low, By R . J . W ISN E R . H IDES A N D S K IN S —T h e highest p rice paid lor H ides and Slcins a t G R E G O R Y ’S New H a rd W a r e and L e a ther store, Opposite the Phenix Hotel L IN IN G S —A f r e s h lot of white and pink sheep and iamb linings, by the doz. or less quantity, J uly 1 , 1846. ______ ' ~ ‘ J B A B B O T T & SO N J U S T received one Cartoon of C ashm ere Shawls, w h ich w ill be sold cheap, Bv R J. W ISN E R . L A S T S A N D SH O E F IN D IN G S —A full as­ sortm ent of Lasts and Shoe Findings fo r s a le at the New H a rd W a r e and Leather store, Sign of the'P a d L o e k to S P E C T A C L E S .—Concave and Convex Specta­ cles, for sale cheap by July 1,1846. R. SQ U IR E S . OTICE.—All persons indebted to the subscriber, are requested to make immediate payment, and save, &c ___________________________ L. M. REXFORD. W ANTED a t the Exchange Buildings, 5000 bushels Oats; 5000 bushels Rye; 5000 bushels Corn; for which tlie highest Cash price will be paid bv _ Binghamton, Jan. 20th, 1847. R. J. 'W ISNER. M OLASSES .— 2 0 hhds. for sale by the hhd. or single Gallon, a t Jan. 1, 1847. _________________ S. H. P. HALL’S.\ S UGAR— 10 hhds. for-sale by the hhd. or single pound, __________________________ S. H. P . HALL’S. T EAS — 2 0 chests of Hyson, Young Hyson, and Hyson Skin, by the chest or pound, at Jan. 1 , 1847. _____________ S. H . P.HALL’S. P O C K E T C U T L E R Y ; A splendid assortment of English and A m erican cutlery^ majv be found at SA M P S O N ’S. Barrels SALT for sale at Jan. 1,1847. S. IL P. HALL’S. NEW LINE OF MAIL STAGES. From Bingham ton to Cortland and Syracuse. \ N E W LINE OF STAGES has heen estab- lished three times a week, from Binghamton to Cortland, via. Castle Creek, Hvde’s Settlem ent, W h itney’s Point, Lisle, Union Village and Mara- thori—leaving Binghamton Mondays, Wednesdays , and Fridays, at 8 o’clock A. M. and arriving at Cortland about 6 o’clock P. M. on the same days. -R e turning, leaves Cortland Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays a 8 o’clock A. M. and arrives at Binghamton a t 6 P. M. on the same days. This line connects at. Binghamton with Daily Stages for Great Bend, New Milford, Pleasant- Mount, Honesdale and New-York; also for Mont­ rose, Oarboudale, W ilksbarre, Owego, Elmira Bath, Corning, Ithaca, &c. At W hitney’s Point w ith the Ithaca and Catskill L in e ; and at Cort­ land with Daily Lines for Syracuse, Skeneateles and Auburn—making a direct line from Auburn, Syracuse and Cortland to New-York, and also the shortest and most direct route from Binghamton to the Albany and Buffalo Railroad without any night riding. O F F I C E S —at the G e n e ral Stage Office _ jiarntorij and at the Cortland House C o rtland. » 2 l t f HENRY BA T E S , F* A. MORGAN, Proprietors. Bing- A u g u st 19,1846. SH A W L S . \ great v a riety Zephyr W o rsted, Kabyle, Strad- jA i l l a , andD e la n e Shawls, W oollen, Silk, Cash­ mere, aud Broche, singularly low for (he cash at PA C K A R D ’S. 1 1H R E A D ED G IN G S and L A C E S —a beautiful . assortm ent just received and for sale at P A C K A R D ’S. P .O C K E T K N IV E S .—A splendid assortment m ay be seen at the Jew e lry Store o f July 1 , 1846. R. SQ U IRES. V E L V E T RIBBONS for trimming, one more lot of Col’d and Blk. at P A C K ARD’S. G L A S S —7 b y 9 and 8 by 10 Glass by the box or sm a ller quantity, for saleby June 3,1846. F W T O M P K IN S . M ON E Y C A N BE SA V E D , b y ihose who wish to b u y Cloth, by looking in at F O R D ’S T O T H E L A D I E S . D E L A IN S , Rept, and plain, a n d Caslimers, to­ gether w ith a ll the most-outlandish styles o' dress good?! cheap a t B O Y D & CR O S B Y ’S Ja n .27, 1846. L EA T H E R—Another large lot of Sole & Upper Leather, forsale chea^by July 1,1846. J B A B B O T T -& SON P INK TA R L E T O N M USLIN, for ladies eve­ ning dresses, just received by Sept 23d. r , j . W IS N E R . A R D W A R E , a good assortment m a y found a H g O O T S A N D SH O E S No 3 Empire J . & C . ROGERS. ?ood and t^yap, at A big lot ju s t receiver CARY’S W A T C H E S Repaired and R. SQ U IRES. C l o c k s a n d warranted. Mammoth Muffs. \ A FE W Isabella Bear Muffs ot the largest size -ALmanufactured. Also a great variety of Lynx Genet, Fox, Coney and W o lf Muffs, selling off at 33 p er cent lower than Elsewhere, call and look at them, at PA C K A R D ’S B U T T ONS.—One more lot o f Daisy Buttons, a so Gimp Fringes, Blk. Silk Laces andl Edg­ ings, &c., &c. for trimming dresses at P A C K A R D ’S. O ILS—Linseed, Lamp, oils, for sale at July 1 , 184G. T a n n e is and Neats foo J B A & SON s t W a n t e d . p . OR 6 G IR L S that w a n t to learn the T a ilors trade, can find employment by applying soon March 30,1846: C. H . B U L K L E Y . n2tf ‘A IL S A N D IR O N —A general assortment for sale cheap atth e New H a r d W a r e store, Opposite the Phenix Hotel A ' NEW FIRM. N E W G O O D S T REDUCED PRICES.— The subscribers have at their S T O R E , (2 doors west ofthe henix H o tel,) the L A R G E S T , B E S T , C H E A P - ST , and greatest v a riety ol Goods, in their line, ever offered in Broom e-or any of the adjoining counties, which w ili be sold C H E A P , in large or sm all quantities,, to suit purchasers. T h e ir stock consists m a inly o f th e following articles, v iz: L E A T H E R . Sole, U p p er, H a rness, Bridle, C o llar, Calf, K ip and Patna. M O R O C C O —Carraso, M ogadore fcM addrass. L IN IN G S —W liileand Pink Sheep L inings, do. do. Lam b do., Sheep and Goat Bindings, Black and Cochineal Reel Roan Skins, for carriage trim ­ mings, &C. SH O E FIN D IN G S , o f every description, shoe thread (from 5 cts. to Is. p e r ball) Pegs at 6d per Q t..N a ils, Awls, Knives, P incers, Ham m e rs, W a x , Sandstones, Bristles, Size.' Shol’d and long S ticks, morocco, and tape m easuring straps, hand ana spring Punches, b l’k a n d bluebl’k Lastings, for la­ dies abd gentlem en’s gaiters, &c. .Galloon, Boot cord, Boot webb and laces, &c. &c. together with a large and fashionable assortment of Lasts, Boot T rees and Crimps. A l a r g e and well selected assortment of Teas, Sugars, M olasses, Coffee, &c. &c., every article in this lin e called for. PR O V ISIO N S .—Flour, Salt and Pork, by ihe load, barrel or pound. F I S H .—Codfish, Shad, Salm o n , M a ckerel, and Herring, by the barrel, half barrel, box or pound. O I L S .—Linseed, Lam p ,-Tanners and Neatsfoot Oils, by the barrel, gallon or less quantity. Our arrangem e n ts for additional supplies arc such as tc keep c o n stantly on h and n.full assortmentofGooDs, sold by us. W e think it u n n ecessary for u s to say that the above G oods xvill be sold cheap, &c. &c., qnt we will say, that we w ill not be u n d ersold by uny live man. A ll kinds ol P roduce taken in e x change for mos! ofthe above a rticles. W A N T E D , H ides , C alf , K ip , S heep and Lam b Skins, for w h ich the highest price w ill be paid. J. B . A B B O T T & SON. Bingham ton, July 1st, 1846. B R O W N and Bleeched town at No 3 E m pire Sheeting J .& C. cheapest in ROGERS'. JPnt £0 and JHrtficinw. T j S T ^ F ^ P D P l H ^ A R ^ M E D I C I N E S r For Sale by L. M. Sand’s S arsaparilla Sand’s Salt Rheum Remedy Roman Eye Balsam Indian’s Panacea M eMunn’s E lixir o f Opium Phinney’s Pills Moffat’s Life Pills 11 Phoenix Bitters Sherm an’s Medicated Lozenges “ Fever & A g ueLozenges “ D inner Lozenges “ Poor M an’s P laster Jayn e’s Expectoran t “ H a ir Tonic “ Tonic Vermifuge “ Carminative Balsam u Sanative Pills Dailey’s Pain Extractor H a y ’s Liniment for Piles W ashington E lixir for Dysintery, &c Cooper’s C o n i Salve M a rr’s Corn Salve Gridley’s SaZt Rheum Omtment Dr. Rush’s Infallible Pills Phelp’s Tomato Pills “ Restorative Bitters M ile’s Tomato Pills Fahnestock’s Verm ifuge Cheesman’s A rabian Balsam Allebasi’s BZ1;. SaZve “ Cough Syrup “ Pile Pills “ Cathartic P ills “ Plasters “ Fever & A gue S jr u p W inslow’s Balsam of Horehound T a y lo r ’s Balsam of Liverw o rt M other’s Relief Fosgate’s Anodyne Cordial W istar’s Balsam ol W ild C h e rry Resurrection or Peisian Pills Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaste” Egyptian Balm Fish’s Lily Syrup Longley,sGreat W estern Indian Panacea Dutch PiZIs, or Lion ofthe Day Bishops’s Anti-Bilious Pills HitcheocFs Balsam o f H ealth “ W o rm T e a “ C atarrh Snuff “ Magnetic Odontica Price $ 1 ' 00 1 00 25 2 00 25 25 a n d 37* 2 5 a n d 50 1 00 1 1 1 35 00 50 12* 50 and 1 I CO 00 50 50 25 00 00 00 25 25 .50 12* 37* 25 50 25 00 50 50 25 25 12 * 50 50 . and 1 50 2 00 31 1 00 31 a n d 62 50 50 a n d l H a ir R e g e n e rator P a r k e r ’s P u lm o n a ry Balm G regory’s Pills Balm of Colum b ia H itchcock’s A n ti-B ilious P ills C o v e rt’s Balm of Life M iehaux’s F r e c k le W a s h L e e ’s Pills B randreth’s Pills Post’s Poor M a n ’s P i ll s Badeau’s Plasters Libby’s Bitters Nerve and Bone Rheumatic Liniment W ilkinsons Trom atie W o u n d Salve Thompjo?isEye W a ter Hills BaZs. Honey Cephalic Snuff Hungarian Balsam of Life M cAllister’s A ll H ealing Ointment “ H a ir Oil “ Toilet Oil Segur’s Restoritive Pills Larbor’s Ext. Lungwort Clove Anodyne, Certain cure for toothache Climax Syrup Dr. Foord’s Pectoral Syrup “ Tonic Cordial “ Universal Pill3 Hooper’s Female Pills Anderson’s Scots Pills Godfrey’s Cordial Bateman’s Pectoral Drops 50 1 00 1 50 37* 25 1 00 25 25 50 37* 1 00 37* 50 a n d 75 25 50 & Turlington’s Balsam of L ife 50 50 25 25 12 * 25 75 1 00 37f 25 25 25 1 00 25 and 50 50 50 25 and 50 1 00 25 50 75 37* 25 25 25 12* 12 * 12* 25 and 50 50 50 25 25 25 25 50 12* 150 6 12 * 25 and 50 50 25 12* 50 Pacific Oil Eddy’s Rheum a tic T incture W a rranted Enderm ic beautiiying Soap K e e ler’s Invisible Ink Connell’s Pain Extractor U n ited States P ills O riental P ills W a tterm a n ’s R h e u m a tic P laster Opodeldoc, H a r d ai.d Liquid Edw a rd’s Salt Rheum O intm ent Medicated Cough Candy W h ite’s Salve G e la tine Capsules Vegetable Pulm o n a ry Balsam Chapm an’s Sum m er C o rdial Flarlaetn Oil Le Baume De Ninon or ) T h e French Balm o f Beauty j Knapp’s Strengthening Plaster 25 Dr. Sm ith’s Sugar Coated P ills 25 with m any o thers not e n u m e rated. T h e s u b s c riber isagentform o s totlheabove M E D IC IN E S a n d w a r­ rants every article g e n u ine. L . M . R E X F O R D . Bingham ton, Feb. 11, 1845. T ] E i m E T T ?§ * Cheap Drug Establishment. N EW and Tremendous Stock of M E D ICINES P A I N T S , O ILS, G L A S S , P U T T Y , S A S H D Y E -STU F F S , C H E M IC A L S , B R U S H E S , S P I ­ CES, ESSENCES, PE R F U M E R Y , M A T C H E S , & C ., & C ., &.C., Citizens of Broome County and tbe s u rrounding country, look to your interest, and remember that at T r iv e tt’s you will always find the most complete assortment of articles in \the D rug line, all of which are w a rranted fi rst qualit 3 r, aiid offered a t W H O L E ­ SA L E OR R E T A IL on the most advantageous terms. Sign of the G O L D E N M O R T A R , “Em- piie Block.” L O O K A T T H I S !! T r p H E subscriber has just received and offiers for L sale JO N E S C E L E B R A T E D CO R A L H A IR R E S T O R A T IV E , also his C H E M IC A L SO A P ior rem o v ing freckles, blotches sc. also Spanish L ily White-Tooth Paste, G rain Soap, and Moorish H a ir Dye. These a rticles a re so well known and approved, that it is only necessary to look into a New York, Boston,or Phila., or other city papers, to read daily accounts of their extraor­ dinary Efficacy. For sale by L- M. R E X F O R D , sole a g e n t for Binghamton. \ R H E U M A T I S M . L A K E S L E E ’S celebrated specific Bone Li- m entt'or the c u re of R h e u m a tism sprains &c for sale by L .M . R E X F O R D . B F a r m f o r S a l e . NE of the BEST FARM S ever offered in this or the adjoining Counties, for sale , situate in the town of Triangle, at the junction of the Otselic and Onondaga rivers, containing 200 a ’res under good culture, and 130 acres unimproved. Terms jo suit the times. Apply to tbe occupant and sub­ scriber. [30tf] H . M. GRAIG. T E A K O LD HYSON, Imperial, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin and Black Teas, all warranted good and cheap at _______________ 3QYD & CROSBY’S J - ■ TEA S . U S T received a'fresh snpplv of those Choice Old Hyson, Imperial, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin and Black Teas, by Ju ly 1,4846. J B A B B O T T & SON L INSEED O I L .— 1000 gallons Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil, country made and warranted per- fectly pure. ________ R . C. T R I V E T T . L AMP OILS.— S uperior bleeched Sperm Oil, “ W hale Oil, at T R I Y E T T ’S, Sign of the Golden M o rtar. To the Ladies in particular. A ND to all who are desirous o f a Y o u t h f u l ap­ pearance, or are troubled with Pimples, Erup­ tions, recent Freckles,^T a n n e d or D ried and Shri­ v e l l e d Skin, or P rem a ture W r inkles. LE B A U M E DE N IN O N , or T H E FR E N C H B A L M O F B E A U T Y , w ill be found the best remedy ever yet offered fo the public. P r ice 5 0 c tspr Bottle. F o r sale by L. M. R E X F O R D , only agent at Binghamton. 6 P o lish Your Boots ! ! N O m an c a n be well dressed unless his boots are well b lacked, a n d i f you w a n t your boots to shine according to the latest style, buy H IN D S SU­ PER IO R O IL P A S T E B L A C K IN G , an entirely new preparation, W a rranted to not injure the leath­ er, and to p roduce a m o re b eautiful lustre than any B a c k ing ever used. F o r Sale W h o lesale and retail by L. M. REXFORD, Sole agent. D M OROCCO—Another choice lot of those C u r- rasso and Mogadore Morocco, for sale cheap by the doz. or single skin, at July 1,1846. * A B B O T T & SON’S B UCKSKIN W R A P P E R S .for persons having weak lungs, or in delicate health, at ° * PA C K A R D ’S; A T S , Caps and Muffs at No 3 Empire J &C ROGERS. . DENTISTRY. .EN T ISTR Y . T h a subscriber continues to perform every operation upon the teeth accor­ ding to the most modem and improved principles of the a rt. These who are desirous of repleting the vacancies caused by the loss of their o riginal teeth are respectfully invited to call. Term s reasonable. Office directly opposite the Phenix Hotel, and over B. F. Sisson’s store. J. C. ROBIE. N . B. Dentists supplied with full sets o f instru menls. Turnkeys and other surgical instruments kept constantly on hand and for sale. J. C. R. Binghamton A p ril 14,1846. Weaving, Weaving. J OHNSON & HARVEY have removed their shop near to the Clothing W o rks of H . Lewis where they are prepared to weave all kinds of FLO W E R E D AND PL A IN W ORK . Coloring done as usual. BiSushmton, August ‘6i 1846. GREAT BARGAINS ! T -JO YOU WANT CHEAr GOODS! Do job w»nt good Goodo*! Do you m a t lint rue BmmTm, a tittlo' J - / better than can be had at-any other Stcwe-nn Binghamton? If t<p, just walk into 8 . U . P . h a a§ Ifisdd Stand, where you will find a large assortment of * s t a p l e a n d f a n c y d r y g o o d s , at wholesale and retail. Goods welt bought are half sold J _ Haying been many years engaged in the mercantile bu­ siness, and having an extensive acquaintance in =our principal cities with -whdlesale dealers, it enables me to offer m r ' present Stock a t such prices a? to compete with all. As ior colors, quality and quant^y, the guarantee shall in aQ c£u?cs fe© iQ3.dc good. . You will find in my Stock, plain, plaid, a^|d fencjpPRIESS GOODS,, o f all kinds ; Merinos, Bombasine, Cash­ meres, Alpaccas, De Laines, &c. &c. 500 pieces ot uALICO, so low as to astbnish the purchaser. A large assort- • ment of Brocha, Cashmere, Stradilla, and D’Laine SHAWLS. Linen Goods, such as ThWe Cloths, Napkins, Shirt­ ings, Sheetings, &c. French, English, and American Broad^ Pilot and^ Beaver CLOTHS., passimeres, Vestinga, Satinets, Fulled Cloths, Flannels, andaU kinds of woolen Goods generally. Also, a iFS^stockofbrown Sheetings, Shirtings, Yarn, Batting, Wicking, Carpet Yarn: and a well selected stock, of choice F4 l MIL j £ GROCERIES* A largc^ assortment of CROCKERY. All ©f Which, come and examine ^ we will attend to w a politely, -and if we. cannot sell you, the fault shall be ours. We will not force you to buy against your will, but if youdo purchase OU£ goods, you will find whatever*we may say in respect to them, iht uhcne Truth , and nothing out the Fruth^ Binghamton, Jan. 1, 1847, S. H. P. HALL* G O O D S A R E D O W N ! A T H AVE you been to see the large and splendid stock of DRY GOODS,: H A R D W A R E , C R O C K E R Y , G R O C E R I E S , B O O T S A N T * S H O E S , R e a d y mad® Cloth ing, H a ts and Caps, Muffs, and F u r and F a n c y and Staple G o o d s of every d e s c rip­ tion. 25 CENT. BELOW THE TOWN PRICES. T W O S H I L L I N G C A L I C O , tor R i c h Cashm e res and D e L a in s - 5 0 E m b roidered Inside H d k fs., 50 F ine G ingham U m b rellas, 20 0 prs. Ladies M o d e R ib b ’d Hose, 20 0 do do W h it e Cotton Hose, is 2 s 2s 6d. 2s 6d. I s 3d. Is R I C H T W I L L G I N G H A M S . 2s. O regon and C a lifo r n ia Robes t l Y d s . for 18 a P L A I D S for C h ild r e n ’ s C fo a k s and Dresses. 3s. ^ GoocT F u r and S ilk Hats, 10. M U F F S selling lower than were ever offered before. Splendid L Y N X M U F F S , selling ai $ i o , and others from 4s to $4. m m m R E A D Y M A D E C L O T H IN G .-^-A great variety of Over Coats, Sack Coats, Pants and. Vests, at short prices. BO O T S A N D S H O E S — Mens’ and Boys, Coarse and Fine Boots, Brogans, Shoes, Gaiters and Rubb ers L adies ’ Buskins, Gaiters, 1-2 Gaiters. Misses Gaiters, Fine Kid Slippers, Morocco Bootees. R U B B E R S — F u rled and Pat. Plate Rubbers, Ladies, Misses, Mens and Bovs a meat variety, 25 cts..less than they can be bought elsewhere. C O T T O N 3 Y A R N , C A R P E T W A R P , C O T T O N B A T T I N G , and 10 Bales of Sheet- ine at Cost. C L O T H S . A great assortment of French and W ool Dyed E N G L I S H C L O T H S & CAS. S IM E R E S . Beaver and Pilot-Cloths for Oovercoats, all Colors, and Satinetts, 2s-5a per yarC| 1 5 , 0 0 0 L B S . Best Spanish S O L E L E A T H E R , New Y o rk Inspected, at I I 1-2 cents per lb. Upper Leather and Calf Skins. '■ < _ These Goods were bought chiefly for C a s h and at Auction. A il I ask my/prices- be­ fore purchasing elsewhere. ^ ' _______________ , N. B. CA S H , G R A I N , B U T T E R and all kinds of C O U N T R Y P R O D U C E wanted in exchange for Goods. * P A C K A R D S Binghamton, Nov. 4, 1 8 4 6 . ________________ . next door to M errill $ Root s. I m p o r t a n t I n t e l l i g e n c e ! T O M P K I N S , A T his Store opposite tlie Binghamton Hotel, is now receiving the Largest, Cheapest and most perfect assortment of Goods ever seen in Binghamton, to which he invites the par. ticular attention of those who wish to gel the full value ol their money. D r y Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, D y e W o o d s and D y e Stuffs, P a ints and Oils, N a ils, G lass, Fish, and almost everv other article wanted, are selling at such very low prices, that no one who will look, can fail tobe suited. T o t h e L a d ie s ' he offers a great variety of D R E S S GOODS,- consisting of . . . Cashm eres, rept and p la in ; Muslin d’Laines, A lpaccas, fig’d and plain j California Plaids, Ginghams, t w ill’d and plain ; P laid C loakings, and the largest and cheapest assortment of Prints that can be found west of N e w -Y o rk city.—■ Also a great assortment of Broadcloths, Cassim eres, Satinetts, Sheeps G rey Cloths, F lannels, T ickings, Brow n Sheetings, c. <£c., all of which are selling at the V E R Y L O W E S T -P O S S IB L E P R IC E S . Those who wish to economise in the easiest wav, can do so by making their purchases a tthis establishment. . F . W . T O M P K IN S , Binghamton, Oct. 5, 1846. ________________________ Opposite the Qinghamtop Hotel. R e d u c t i o n o f t h e T a r i f f , ■ And consequently a G R E A T R E D U C T IO N in the Price of D R Y G O O D S , _ A T R. J. W I S N E R ’S in the east end of E X C H A N G E B U I L D I N G S , where he has just received J$>1090 0 0 wrnrth of D ry Goods, bought in. Boston and N e w -Y o rk at from 20 to 30 per cent less than spring prices, and will be sold accordingly, at W H O L E S A L E or R E T A I L cheaper than can be found elsewhere west of New-York. T h e subscriber has given his whole attention to the purchase and sale of D ry Gbods alone, where purchasers can always find a larger assortment to make their selection from, than at any other Store in Broome County, and the prices will be guaranteed satisfactory. L a d i e s 7 D r e s s G o o d s , in great variety; embracing almost every N ew Style lo be found in the N ew-Y o rk m a r k e t - some very rich graduated and shaded Cashmeres and^d’Lanes, together with a large assortment of Shawls, varying in price from $1 to $20. G e n t ’s French Cloths of Biola & Fils manufacture, English'and American do. wool dyed and warran* ted not to change their color; also a full assortment of Domestics, &c. &c.— All which the citi­ zens of Binghamton and vicinity are invited to examine before purchasing, as the subscriber is confident he can offer inducements to buyers, (hat cannot be equaled in this or any other place; and in order to protect purchasers from imposition and fraud, he will as heretofore adhere strictly to the O N E P R I C E CASH SY S T E M , by m arking every piece of goods at the lowest possi­ ble selling price, from which no deviation will be made in any case. B ingham t o n , S e p t . 9, 1846. R. J. W I S N E R . N O W F O R A N O T H E R R U S H TH E O L D S T O R E . IBS'® aBS<83IS J U S T R E C E I V E D — R . A . F O R D & C O . have just received another b e a u t i f u l l o t of R i c h a n d d e s i r a b l e G o o d s , to w h ich they particularly ca ll the attention of C A S H C U S T O M E R S . W e continue to receive N E W G O O D S every week, and you alw a y s find the very l a t e s t s t y l e s at this establishment, and what is the most im p o rtant thev w ill alw a y s be sold at the R I G H T K I N D O F P R I C E S . ' J u n e 17, 1846. G R E A T A T T R A C T I O N ! AT B O Y D & C R O S B Y ’S N E W Y O R K C H E A P S T O R E where DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, HARDWARE & CROCKERY will be sold at a smaller profit for cash or produce, than at any other store Binghamton* May 20,1846. n 9 tf. HATS, CAPS, MUFFS, BOAS, B U F F A L O R O B E S . in TH E COUNTY. A H O T C H K I S S & S E Y M O U R , TTORNEYS, Solicitors and Counsellors.— Office, corner o f Court and Franklin St reets. G. W . /J otchkiss . L. S eymour , Jr. Binghamton, N. Y . Auar. 1st 1846. M J. T. HOTCHKISS, M. D. 1 PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, W INDSOR VILLAGE N. Y. W indsor , Broome Co. July 23,1846. P H Y S I C I A N A N D bU R G E O N . D R. D. D. T H O M P S O N —Office, opposite the Leroy Store, and over Congdon & Cone’s.— Residence, Phenix Hotel. Binghamton, Sept. 28th 1846. 28tf K. SQUIRES, CLOCK & WATCH MAKER, Ice.f Jew e lry, will ________ , nd for sale at lowest cash prices. A lso, S ilver, G e rm a n Silver, and Plated Spoons, Silver P e n c ils, Thim h les, scis­ sors, Pins, Needles, Card Cases, Silk Purses, a large variety of Fancy a rticles &c. Binghamlon, July 1,1846. __________________ ^ B O O T S A N D SH O E S —A very great variety of Boots and Shoes constantly on h and and for sale very low by F W T O M P K IN S . M OUS D e L A IN S , Alpaccas, Bombazines, and other Dress Goods ior sale cheap a t No. 3. Em pire by J . & C. ROGERS. M ERRILL &> R O O T have just received the- largest and best assortment ever offered ia this village, alb of which have been purchased with; Cash, a t very reduced prices, and Will be sold ag­ low as can be bought at any store either in city or couutrv. GENTLEMENS H ATS; of the latest style, and. of superior quality ol every kind. CAPS ; Otter, S e a l and M uskrat Fur, Fur-trim-, ed cloth caps; Cloth, M ^ g i r , Plush, Velvet,.Hair- Seal and Selett caps of every shape and, quality- from one shilling upwards. M U F F S ; Isabella Bear, L ynx, Cross Fox, Squi- rel, W olf, F itch, Lustred Geuett, Chinchilla ancfe Cony Muffs, from 3 shillings to $17- Squirel Boas, white linings; Cony skins, Buffalo. Robes, &e. &c.; togeteer with all olher articles usr aally.ke.pt in a Hat, cap and Fur store. From our long experience in the purchase and sales of F urs, we flatter ousseLves. that we are eua-- bled to select better articles^ and at less prices, than, a n y o t h e r v e r s o n i n t h i s v i l l a g e r ' > ' M E R R ILL & ROOT* F a r m e r s o f W i n d s q r . S. HE. P . H A L L - H AS® store in the village of W indsor directly opposite Bragg’s Tavern, where goods are sql, ling at Binghamton Prices for Cash or Product* Those wanting goods will do w.ell to calk June 3£ 1846.

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