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C O N S U M P T I O N - ' has BEEN CURED BY BRANT’S PULMONARY BARS AM,, r m & G R E A T A M E R I C A N : I N D I A N R E M E D Y . O H S UNBOUypuD ANp t r i u m p h a n t success which has A resulted fromthc use ofthis Great H e a ling and P u r i ­ fyin g medicine, ill the cure of Colds, Coughs, Asthma Consumption, war.ranjA the-assertion, that, itis lhe most \nfaUi'ahie \remedy in lhe would,, for any form or stage, of Consumption —-tlie worst and m o st hopeless cases. Ma.tiy Physicians, Tin'S 'hat tlie human Jungs when once vlc-erated. 9 ,evc-r can be healed-and ctiretif but if experience, ^nd thc tcstrmiuiy of many persons ofth e highest 'standing unci' character for vcracity ctcn he relied an* IHf-f, s \ Jian. p u lm o n a r y Balsam, has cMied m a n y decided, cases tf ulcerated, **ul diseased lung*- such ruses as were ffltl- Consumption by the most the-rawi strongly marked and indicated CilSOI of llleerdletl |ungs—such disease? many persons die m consequence of, everv” day. , . , The hifallible anil most wonderful HEALING AND PURIFYING anilities ofthis best of all remedies gives Co it curativcvir- I tics \wideh no olhcp Cough remedy possesses. Ir. also no«se=s«saH the n.ecessaiy qualities for facilitating expec­ toration. soothing and removing pain, and subduing cough. Jliat Other rough medid-aes have. Thus, then, by its com- t.oiind healing virtues (its absorbent, its power »f eqnaliz •So-lhe circulalio.i and secretions, its qualities of cleansing >:ul purifying the blood, of subduing cough and easing pain) heals and cures ulcers in the lunqs, as certainly as it never has failed to heal and cure ulcers or Scrofu,lavin the jjegs or anus, or any other part ofthe bodr. BUA.NT^& INDIAN PURIFYING EXTRACT,. fct prcnaration ofthis great Indian remedy, which is sim­ ilar io .nodical virtue to the Pulmonary Balsam, in all its pur’fijm g properties, but, it differs from tho Balsam, in not possessing expectorating and nervine qualities, Which, are only essentially necessary in Cough remedies, and it is a STKQHft'ER and more activepurifyer of the blond, which, h wi 1 certainly purify withont a shadow ofadi>ul>t,in every • nd d’J e.nes where a fa ir trial w made. W e tea rr aril 1 ! .iny-nilee, that a bottle of this 11 preparation ” posses- r ■ir-'m-f s nioi e alterative and purifying virtucf ,'ban u ■»>tle o(any preparation of Sarsaparilla everofTered . • - pith,in. And tints, by its purifying virtues IT CURES SCROFULA! ; nit fail, in any instance . and also, many other.chronic ,=es which are caused by derangement in the sacrc- nn’l impurity of the blood, viz: Erysipelas, Scald v/?’* Th, ates nnd Matementsof For full particulars of every case here I . .ed, arid other wonderful cures, read the pamphlets, 'zvcmi agent has them. Get one, an 1 you will bo con- ./ all Skin disease*:'- And a l l o t h e r cases—of •lional or s e c o n d a r y d i s e a s e s ofthe b l o o d . ■ It a l - ■ il’zingthe circulation and secretions: hasproved ' . fjic Fn curing all debilitating weakness and oth- -entonrs incidental to females. real Indian remedy L compounded and prepared ” ■ <'iw,'J~cehj lrom vegetable substances ,-and its wonderful efficacy in all pulmonary complaints, and as a pnrifyer of tlie blond,, is the result of practical Indian experience.— iVb injury has ever been done to any of the many who have fe d it eith r constitutionally or otherwise. READ THE EVIDENCE. We here give a few of tlie many names of well known : respe’e1 bio persons who have used this medicine,and have voluntarily given-cerfi . rtant cures. it Every ^ . . . wneed, if human testimony can convince you, that the a- bove is all a true statement o f facts. We refer, in the first place, to persons who have been themselves cured by the use ofthis Medicine of the sever­ al disease; mentioned in connection with their names.— We therefore refer lo General John Dunning, Ballston Spa, N. Y., who was for tinny years Sheriff of tne county of Saratoga, cured of Consump:; >n. yir. Gilman Dickey, farmer aud wool merchant, Elba, GenPSCC Oct., N. Y., Inflammation ofthe Bungs, whieh ter­ minated. i.n Consumption- 2Ir. J. Toimseiul, Merchant, Ovid, Seneca Co., N. Y., Incipient Consumption. fllss Potter, Piano Forte Teacher, 23 Herbert s t , N. Y., Consumption ofsevcral years. Mr. R. Chapman, Merchant Middlebury, Vt., long difficulty of Breuthin Mr. John R. Sifiith , Merchant, Lee, Mass., Chronic Rhfumati.-m. Mr. r Sthnpson , Jobbing Merchant, 22 William _• V V -rofula,in the Neck. zig, Merchant, Medina, Orleans Co., N. Y., Sal. the ■ Cap-. E . iZnapp, 37 Willow st. Brooklyn, N.Y. Scrof­ ulous Erystpr as, iu both legs from the knees to the ankies. Mrs. San i Barlow, Batistan Spa., N. Y., Salt Rbeum, pf 13 \ears iu the face and eyes. An- we further refer in the second place, to the follow­ ing r .actable persons who are known to, and have stated ..at tn \y have seen the happy results of the use ofthis medicine in its effecting cures on other persons,of such com­ plaints and diseases, as are mentioned in connection with th ..-names. V/c refer again therefore, for such proof, to M r. S . J . Van Vcchlen, Merchant, Catskill, N. Y., for purrs o. Chronic Cough and Consumption. Doct W. J . Skelton, Druggist, Bridgeport, Conn., for Consumption. Rev. R . Dunning, Pastor ofthe Presbyterian Church, yt Ad nnsBn-in, Monroe Co.,. N. Y., Consumption, Fever £ore a id S;i ifula. Doct. Ro.-s.man, 132 Henry st., Brooklyn, N. Y., for Nrrsfinr Sure Mo Un. ; }’)d. Salmon Skinner, corner of Cranberry and Hicks si., Brooklyn, N. Y.. for Scrofula and Erysipelas of the ■ > and riri-ifirions tZ. vsipelas in the legs. Doct. F . 21. Hunt, Druggist, Auburn N. Y , for cure of Ohfcnic Cough aud Eruptions, and a case of Scrofula in .he neck. ATr. M :!o Heath, Merchant, Eastown, Pa., Scrofulous Eru .it i’in-- of long standing, on his sou M r. S. J- Striker, Merchant, 22 John St., N. Y., aggra­ vate 1 erupti >n, on his child, which a celebrated Sarsapa­ rilla could a it cure. Doct. G\.,’- re Francis, Druggist, Middletown, Conn., C-vs.’pe'n? ' ’ Eyes. 'Ir. T t bn h . ilarr:r., Sheriff of Saratoga Co., N. Y , his •iirvu u! C. usump'S m. J. i.i Wait, Merchant, Ballston Spa, N. Y., for ,i r ■ \ i'. .d) and Consumption. Tv \Y. Chapman, Merchant, Middlebury, Vt., for the _• .• -\.ni non of Meeding at the lungs, which terminated l > i .:ion —Cure of Consumption in another man, V al o.i ui !y, all o f whom the best physicians had given V i ' - I V'ttiBLE. .\mc ■ -. J. Christopher, W. TF. Here ell, R. D. Howell , and T V.n. M cLaughlin, Gentlemen, well known- at Ro­ chester City. N. Y., for Consumption and Liver Complaint. \Ve could thus go on and refer to hundreds of ot her per­ sons as respectable as the above named, from whom we have received certificates and statements, hut if these be not sufficient to prove all we have said respecting the healing yncl purifying virtues ofthis Great Indian Remedy ,then thousands ofour references would be equally as unsuccessful For Sale hy tbe following agents: L. M REXFORD and R. O. TRIVETT, Binghamton ; CHARLES SUM­ NER, Windsor; HAGAMAN & BIRDSALL, Chenango Forks; MESSENGER & JENNINGS, Union Villa-te; E. Patrick, Harpersvile ; D. A. STEVENS, Whitneys Point; WHSELOCK CORBY, Conklin. _______ 17-Iy N E W H A R D W A R E , LEATHER, W OODEN-W ARE A ND -FIND ­ ING STORE. A T T H E S I G N O F T H E P A D L O C K . G W , GREGORY, • would respect fullyfthe inform the inhabitants of Binghamton and viciuiiy that e has taken the store No. 2. Ely Place, directly opposite the Phenix H o ­ tel, recently occupied by W. M. & J. E. E!v and It. C. Trivelt, where’ he -is now opening his stock ol\ goods, consisting of a splendid assorlni nt ol Table knives and Forks, T e a do. Carvers, Forks and Steels, Pen and pock­ et Knives, bread and but­ cher do. Hay and straw do. Scissors, shears and razors, Brittania Tea and coffee Pots, brass and com m o n And!run s, s h o v ­ els and tongs, &>•. &c. HOUSE TRIMMING ARTICLES, consisting of Locks, Lat­ ches, Butts, screws, brads Nails, Bolts, patent win­ dow springsand blind fus- ‘enings, shutter and sash fastenings, &c &c. ■ nsralassartmmt of TOOLS for Carpenters ■ i ners, Cabinet and Wagon makers, Masons ■ iciCS'Tfiiios Shoe Makers, Tanners and' C$r- Caddie and Harness makers Tools and ” i >s of every description * F A . l M I N G TOOLS . Js, together with a general assortment of T H E . G E N F I N E ; P A T ’E J I 3^ , - G A L V A N I C • R U N G S * j A n d C h r i s t i e ’s M a g n e t i c F h i i d !! T HIS R-emark«bI*.diMJoVery,Hm received the univer- gal, apprpbajion pf the\ medical profession .of.G reat 'Britain,Yas now been sufficiently before th.c Apueriean public to give a fair test of in; power and efficacy. The Galvanic Rings have Jong been used with pcrfect'success in all cases of RHEUMATISM, acute or chronic, apply­ ing to the head, face or limbs; Gout, Tic Doloreaux, Toothache, Bronchitas, Vertigo, Nervous or Sick Head­ ache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy, Epilepsy, Pits, Cramp, Palpitation of the Heart, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints, Lumbago, Spinal Complaints, Neuralgia, General Debility, Deficiency of Nervous Energy,,anjd gJI Nervous Disorders. • Tbeir extraordinary effects upon tlie system must be witnessed to be believed ; and as a certain preventive1 for theabove complaints they are equally to be recommended. T h e G a lv a n ic jB-elts, B a n d s . B r a c e lets, drc. In some complaints of a vtfrv severe character and of -longstanding, lhe powor obtained by the Galvanic Ring? is not sufficient to arrest the progress of-disetisc^'. and ulti­ mately restore health. The improved modification in the Galvanic Bells, Bands, Bracelets,.etc., entirely remedies this objection; any degree of power that js required can easily be obtained, and nodtsease which the mysterious a- gent of Galvanism can effect, will fail to be permanently relieved. Certilicates“l>earjng-strongest witness of the extraordi­ nary effects of ihese articles, are daily accumulating.' The following are merely offered as a sample of him dredsof a similar character: The first is an extract from an editorial which appeared on the\2!lli of June io the Albany Daily Citizen—Stainly Pinitji. ci-q. editor. ‘‘The Patent Galvanic Rings, which are making such a stir in the worldjust now, are a novai invcutiun of this ago of inventions.” * * * * “With regard lo tlieir eflidacy we can say that two or three cases have fallen under our notice, which have-fa­ vourably impressed our minds. The first is that ofa high­ ly respectable merchant of New Yurlf, whe declared to us that their use speedily relieved him of a cnugli, seated pain in, rhe side, and many symptom? ofa pulmonury complaiint, and he is now entirely well. The second that we shall nolire, is tbaiofa young man named Robbin's, a resilient ofthis city, who about one year since was visited with an attack of Paralysis,-which affected ths whole- of'one side of his body. We accompanied a medical friend lo his resi­ dence, No. 9G Beaver street.,on Sunday, to enquire iutudiis case. We found tha* he had been deprived entirely of thi use of one arm and leg, mu] that sensation had been lost li­ the whole s>d? of his body. lie h id been unable to use tlie leg in walking/or the arm-ill eating, anti tho physicians said they could not help him. Within the last two weeks- •he has worii two ati^l four of Dr. Christie’s Gilvanie Rings, and used the Magnetic Fluid, and the effort upon bis para­ lytic limbs is astonishing. The deathlike i oldness left them, the nurnbnesshegan to give way to majiy sensations of returning life and feeding, perspiration came, out more freely, and lie has been rapidly gaining, and while before he wore the Rings, lie was unable to articulate distinctly, walk-or feed himself, yet now he talks freely', titles out, and forthe most part is able to help hi in self. These cases coming to our personal knowledge, certainly testify to the merits ofDi-. ’Christie*:? Galvunic Ringsand Magnetic Fttrid.” The foil jwing is copied from “The Orphan’s Ad roc-atc and Socitd Mottilor,” the welLknown publication in Bos­ ton, edited by the Misses A, and E. G. Fellows. Preju­ dice iim.-t vanish when sueh authority vouclias for evidence like tiic following. It spraks for itself. “CHRISTIE’S GALVANIC RINGS.” “The efficiency of Galvanism in the cure of diseases, particularly those effecting the. nervous system, lias long heen acknowledged. The diflicultv has been that while tlie patient received n bene'fitin one direct ion,, lie was in­ jured by the severity ofthe shocks. This difficulty has o! lute been in a great measure remedied by an iinproti ed construction ofthe galvrnic battery. But tlie great desid­ eratum lay still beyond; it was to apply the gulvanir power gently and unceasingly. This important ohjert Ita? been accomplished hy the Galvanic Rings which have aloly been invented, and bave suddenly risen into miiirli public favour. In relation to these Rings we have witnes­ sed some very practical results, unless we were greatly mistaken in the cause. One was that of an orphan girl Ir. our own charge, and temporarily in our family, who Ii .-I been a great sullerercr tinder paralytic shocks, till she had nearly lost the use o fher limbs. One ofher hands, for example, was completely twisted up. She has used Dr. Christie’s Galvanic Rirgs andthe* Magnetic Fluid whii.'h accompanies them, for a few weeks, and she is nowalniosl completely cured. We could name other instances of per­ sons in poor health, being greatly benefited, if not restored by their use. AVo are happy to testify to what we know, leaving the reader to judge for himself. The expense cf trying them is but little, and tliey certainly can do no harm. Many of the simplest remedies are, after all, the most efficacious.” Itis unnecessary to add more, except to state thatthe Genuine Galvauic Rings and Magnetic Fluid are only to he obtained of L. M. REXFORD, n -IJ-ly. Sole, agenlfor Binghamton. IM P O R T A N T M e d ical Notice !—Persons afflicted k with any of the following diseases, may find a eerlnin and sovereign and immediate remedy' in the GREEN MOUNTAIN VEGETABLE OINTMENT. Glandular swellings, ague in the face, swelled breasts am! sore nipples of nursing women, bronchitis, felons and ringworms,-;;! It rheum,scald hea!d,and isan invaluable dres­ sing for burns, scalds and drawn blisters,shingles, erysip­ elas, piles, inflammation ol tho eyes, all bruises nnd liresh cu; wounds, fever sties and scrofulous sores This Ointment has stood the lest of centuries among the Indian tribes of North America, and of more than <10 years njnong the whiles inhabitants; and wherever it is used, citli- ci by the medical faculty or others, it gives the most unex­ ampled satisfaction, and performs the most wonderful cures. The principle upon which it effects euros in theabove dis­ eases is lo reduce inflammation, nnd restore the functions of nature to healthy action: In no instance will it or can it fail of a cure, if applied according to directions. The proprietors are prepared to --how certificates tod bis effect, signed by persons of tlie very highest respectability now living in the. city of New York and elsewhere. The certificates are not old ones, signed by. persons wlusc names arc n t known, but by- merchants, hotel keepers, mechanics, clergyrm:in, dec , who are well known. The present proprietors of this Ointment were indticed lo purchase the right to make and vend it, not from the rep­ resentations of its groat virtues simply', but from cures nf the most extraordinary nature that fell under their own per­ sonal observation. This Ointment is incomparably supe­ rior to any and every ointment before the public, ami all persons laboring under any ofthe above diseases, no inn;- ter how extreme their case, can be speedily cured by this Ointment. Let such visitjho general depot, No. 35 0ourt- landt st-. ancl they’ v.Ill be^sulisfied, perfedly satisfied, that this is all true to the letter. State, country, r.iry and town agents arc wanted through­ out the Union. Persons wiil li ; I it lit -ir interests fo apply for agencies at once. Address the subscribers, post paid. ARMSTRONG it VIURD, Proprietors,] No. 33 Cocrtland street, N. Y. Price 23 c.ts—For sale by agents (Merchants and Drug­ gists) in all the country towns. Also, hy L. M. Rexford and li. C. Trivett, Binghamton ; H. Heminway and li). A. Stevens, Whitney’s Point; Dyer & Bean, Upper Lisle; Hagaman & Birdsall, Chenango Forks. The. above are al­ so agents for Bristol’s Sarsaparilla, Barclay’s American Balsam', Pease’s Hoarhound Candy, and Fauhnestock’i VertniUige. N. G rimes , of Marcellus, Onondaga county, general agont for the State. n20-6tn ■rdage. \c. A N D U P P K R . L E A T H E R . Leather, Mbjocco and calf A* loseth“ witb “ 4 N D H O L L O W -W A R E . u I ware, W i low Cradles, W a g o n s and bas- ’je. all acscriptions &c i wo A n o which h - will sell as lo.w as, can be pur- $r\ase*l in any v illage webtof the ciiv ofNew York H e coniiles in a generous public foj a share o f na- - vronage. * r n . . - H I kinds of PRODUCE taken at the J)Wk~ Price, in. Exchange for Goods. N o v .‘29,18-15.. 36-yl, tr e e s e n i a r P s A r a b i a n B a l s a m , H A$ lpffg been known and appreciated for the effica­ cious anxfpeculiar property it possesses in restoring dtscMeg action tan. natural healthy state, in expelling front the body the various forms of human suffcringljfad | thus reversing the doom ofthe afflicted. Being prcpfKff iifaccordance with'strict atid well established chemical laws, its reptAM.ti.On has been aud stijj.ig onward, and it is now extensively used in all parts ofthe JJnited States. • Gqjj^I a multitude of recommendation# be ofany use, it Woma be ifasjr t a obtain, credentials and testimonials from thousands, of the first standing in community who have 'received benefit from, this Balsam y for all who hare used it have been so well satisfied that they hove advised their friends to try it, & thus, simply by being rceommes- ded frotn neighbor to neighbor, it* efficacy has been so tested und pro»ecJ thai it has acquired tbe unparsllelsd reputation of being the most valuable family medicine ever discovered. From many testimonial* in its fkvor,we copy ihcfrollowing: Certificate from Mr. Cronk. •G r a n v ille, J u ly 2 7 , 1 8 4 2 . I hereby certify Umt I was afflicted with the Inflamma­ tory Rheumatism for five or six ' weeks. I employed n physician bqt received no relief, my 1-g became swollen and Black to rny body, to which I applied Chceseman’s Arabian Balsam, and in twelve hours it was more comfor­ table, and in ten days entirely restored like thc other. I used only Ihree bottles WM. CRONK. From the Guide to Health. Cheestemnn’u Arabian Balsam, the medical qualities of which in reducing inflamation, in relieving pain, in chang­ ing diseased\action and restoring vitality, are fur superior to any preparation with whiqh I tiavp beeneonve.rsant,and from tin- own cxpei jyiice cun testify that as an antiphlo- triKtic reined v in local infiiiihnliori, it is far superior lo any thing of the kind used or recommended hy the medical faculty. Extractor a letter to Dr. Ohccseman. M arckllus , Jan. 13 , 1843 . • DearSir—I have used your-Balaam in my family dur­ ing six or eight years. It hr well adapted to the cure of chiiblaiiis, ruts, bniipt-Sj sprains, burns, folds, sore throat and inflamed lungs Used according to tlie directions, it is comparatively cheap and efficacious, so far as opportuni­ ty has enabled me to test its efficacy, and I can confident­ ly say that I hold it in high estimation, and would •ad­ vise every pne to have at hand a bottle of Cheeseinaii’s Arabiafi lialsam. Yours, ic. JOHN SANDFORD-” A CHALLENGE.—I hereby chullcngc-and defy any ir-titi on earth lo prove that such cures have ever been rn'ttlc, by any tngn, in any region, by the use nfariy known medicine, as have lately been perfected hy tho use of GKEE.SHMAN’S ARABIAN BALSAM. It is notorious­ ly known that 1 have sought out, among tho poor, those hopeless ninos, which had been declared incuraole. All surgeons had forsaken them, and had given them up to die in ctespair. It is Well known that I have boldly warrant- ed t li o cure ofall these cases, and have succeeded, viz: Invem e atl- Rheumatism, and F istula—IjtcukableFis­ tu la, as it is called, which never before was cured by anv man. Audnawthc rposl horrible;oases ofinveterate Piles mid deplorable Fistula can be cured by any common nurse by foi lowing my directions. AH ulcerated and rotten old fever SORES — all gashed and mang/ed wounds and mang/ed joints, may easify and in u short lime lie cured by this vegetable compound. On horse flesh, a tl gashes, collar galls and saddle galls, urernred so quickly that ne horse need be-stopped from his labor ■ ' 43-ly The above medicine is for sale by R. C. TIIIVETT, Druggist, Binghamlon N. Y. andthe principal merchants ami Driiiraists. throughout the State .— Richfield Springs, N. Y. Jan. MiG. ' ____________ E. GHEES EM AN. M ’A L I S T E R ’S A L L H E A L I N G O I N T M E N T . lf»£ •A a I jp H lS is a great country, and whatever is marie .L to add to its prosperity ancl the comfort ancl health ol the people, more especially what tends to relieve the distresses of humanity, should be hailed as a public blessing. The greatest public blessing o age therefore is Dr. PH E L P S ’ TO M A T O PtL L S —so acknowledged because they have re­ lieved more physical distress than any one or even ten medicines ever before discovered. This is no boasting, for now even the onee greatest sceptic,and most faithless, have embraced them as the'triecl,pro­ ved aud most valuable general remedy for diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood, dyspepsia, scrofula, and all chronic diseases; also a substitute for calomel as a cathartic in fevers and al! bilious affections. These Pills are no: among those of\ doubtful efficacy. They have endured the test in millions of cases in the last six years,aiid now.stand establ.shed high in the repatation ofthe public, in all paits of tbe United States, the Gan.aclas, ancl Texas; being extensively prescribed by the medical faculty wherever they have been introduced. .D u ringthe last louryears,morethan two millions of boxes of these Pills f\aye been used, with the most desirable resuiis,and in. many cases pr.- lucing most iXtrac-rdinary c u r e s . All that is req ived ol the invalid is to get the genuine B ills and tDe ac­ cording to the directions, and health will be restored and strength and cheerfulness. See th\ t. the signa­ ture of’G. R. Phelps, M . D^ is on the label. CjrFor list of agents, see advertisement of Green Mountain \Vegetable Ointment. n20-iGtn B R I S T O L ’S B A L S A M , — \be most celebrated medicine in existence, for the speedy and per­ manent cure tor Coughs, Colds and Consumptions Every person who has ever use 1 Bristol’s Btilsam of Hoarhound, pronounce it the best article ever in­ vented} and so justly celebrated has it become,that the market is already full ol.imitations, counterfeits and most dangerous compounds, under the name of Balsam ofHoarhound. Therefore always be care­ ful\ to call for Bristols Balsam,and see that his writ­ ten signature, is on the outside label o fthe hpttle. The public are referred to recommendations in the hands o f the agents, which are sufficient evi­ dence di Lhe value o f the medicine, and a trial of its virtues is ali that is necessary- to. convince any one of its extraordinary qualities. M ark—Thjs invaluable medicine has heen no.w some twelve years: before the public, and without any effort on the p art of the proprietor, its sale has becqme very extensive and is daily increi^ing.— T h e low price at whichthem edicine,is sold (25.cts) enables all to partake of its healing qualities, fti^For list of agents, see advertisement of Green ■Mountain Vegetable Ointment. r.20M>m che: B ROW N and Bleeched \Sheeting town at No 3 Empire J. & C. :ROG est in R I - L I S T O F F O W L A f t For Sale by L , M . R E X F O R D . ~ » w - mmeBBtemmmm T HE day wi’l conic wltrn Ibis mr.dicirc will be pronourccr! raiMDlc uf tluiu^ more go-ni, iliau a.iy fiyj remedies b - fare tlie p .tide. At pie e.it. it is hut partially known; Hie ia;l li»' • evtr becu told, t ill \\ h-u. it shall !-r- tef-teil in a i iln- various department ofsickne s and d sease wri< n it-, wond- e ful virtues shall t e d ve op>-d ; i's power oyer .lie maladies f un n, seen aud fel*, t i n t will be acknowl-diied that iV Ai- .stei’s Al.-IIea ing OiiitP. nt. i as power t-i cure m- re diseases lit-.n any five rrmedi'-s l»-f * c M-e wo Id. Tiiis. wi-l appear pU.u upon a moments riff jction. There arc two prominent •ei-:oi s to- i h s asset tion: L-)'. That by openin'* the pores. i'tbe,kin it ro roves al1 hin­ drance co he fu’.l nod fre-. d.schar. >-s ■ / the fnse.;s ble Per.- j»i- rati n,aud .hus rcmf-v.- the era . ■ cture of ninc-tcnths of ;h\ d.suasts tn this worid ; arid it is 'h reu re as applicable to one d sea?e as a o.hety’o the liver eumprtiiy.. cjnsumpiion and dy,- -oepsia, as the sick headache andague iu the Dee, or to Ihe .\-tlima. coughs, fivers and bowel complaints, as the quin, y sore throa , bronoh.tlia and croup, for they are c..uscd by ehccai lithe tnsensibic Perspiration, in other words, in -tak- co d.” •* ha’ for alnvts' cve.y djUease, there is a sp cific remdy; and allhou li 'here i-.re a legi-n ofthem r. commended for the­ atre ol the snne pa'tie.i.ar di oat-e?, yet how seldom is it that me out of a hundred do any goo J wh never. Instead there fore, of being und r the nc-e-sity of applying a great va.iety of our< s. the success in each of wht -h i- doubtful, the All Hcal- itig Oiiit'Hout takes ttie p'rme of I hem a 1; and by its action upon the skin, th.ow it, c.ri tho doors for the escape of all the hu mo,* within To i lake this appear plain to all, suppose a pers - 11 is afflicted with a cou'n, ci a cold or consumption, or iivcr rom- pl-iini 1 He sop.’/sa vaticty of itwa-d remedies,but iu no one does lie fi..d reli f, u ne s ili-tct a; la of forcing off pet. pirat.on,which is b «t a a omenia'y re.iei aa the p ires again close the moment the rflbct ofthe mod cine has c-easr d. Itmay be said with Until, Ihat ail inward remedies fail nf cu.ingih'se ci.niii'ainln k:x if not oiali times in ten, the wt.rid cvet f a d ye*, a med ci. o- th it. will not cure at least half the can s;t is aopiied to, -at c d a p ;or remedy. iSo^ what i.* ill i- .11 r; ii. ill- above complain's? Wc an- swer, cbe :iti d per.,-ir thin, In o her words ‘catching coid ”— Til- skin the... and not th - iiiit-mal o gans, is out of order — 'vr.fl.w.; as-er ih .t i.rueis the sk n is brought into healthy ac- f.viti?) aud n a e to ' llmiu-1 - Ihe ins'-nsiblo Perspiration free­ ly and fn ly, n t ah the mod cities iu the. world will save the consuniji'ive irom neg ave. To ntukeour words true.let tis quo e. f.om a ..oi b.atoil south, ro doctor who wr, te alab> red trca'i'S ti jmlino .ar. c mstt npiion. lie says: '’but let us re­ turn t ) h : c nsid rati n .f ;ta-in dca ions ofa ru-e.; it is sim plyti’ , : the \ .s orat on of rhe Insensible Pi.r.spiration In ■!'...r i word- t-> • x c u a natural beilthy action in th-skin.— 1 ii s o :11 ii ' s ro pi *td f riho cure of 9.‘1) cas-s out ( fa o-is l ’. ■ , i,'rt. tli *n, is .-.no her case \Vhe\e th- true prir.ci- iil- ol'iih, St .,:-1 v i : understood, and i lie results to be produced insi-fcne - .>,■ i d s. a-m, and yet not knowing any other agent tha . i ma. : medi iuesto effect it. Physicians begin to see this, acktiuw! d-e if ui t heir own lmid writings, deplore it with mitcli feelir g but know of no prcsciipdon that wiJiat’idy toilie uuoi-,n c-i*io to rest-uc it o he-tthy aciivity.and hei.t.etlieir no e.---i:y i f s ol ad/iiiaistoring i.,ward remedies. Itis from tnisvorv fac't. ar. v e t h i . forthe itr-H.aling Oiotmcnt a su- per oriiy ove- all otlierrcniedics yet discovered. Phyticiana kno.\ uf no other ait cle, the world at la ge know of no other— indeed ih -re is no < ther article ihat has such powor over the human awin. AnJ it is this power to open tlie pores by re-tor ing thi nervous energy, quickening the vital il-ud within— thtt it is an inst runt nl of curing more diseases than any five or ten rcDi, dies we -nc acqu.iutcd with. And in regard to consump­ tion and li' er complaint-. v<e will make one remark, and we w.sh t to sink deep into every man’s heart: itis this: That upon a proper and fan rial ofthe All-Healmg Ontment.no g.od good results f om its cure, that pers.ns may as well cease all efforts at once: for not all the balms, balsoms, pills, syrups. Ac. &C under Heavens, will ever res'or? suchaper- n to e.;hh We wou d be g’ow to raake diis re nark, if we id nil.possess tlie evidence to to c-s ab-i h ir. Now as most othe. d sea es an: caused in. the same manner, it follows that Hie si eedust cure should be the same. U ran chi tis, q'.incy, sure tl.r-at at.d influenza, are Never cau ed t-ui bv oil. eking th i Iusc-n ible Persi'iration. Ague in the f.'ce. t ealiaciu.-, • Yaphe, and ficqientiy toothache, are produced in the sani,. oay,vis:-‘hakim; cold ” Fevora, also and hesrly every c-ots of Inlhmation oftho •owels, or o. tlie stom-,ch or lungs, is tlie oirt ct re--iil:of c.htfeked porSi iration. Re- ides iluse, we may name diieus s if the i> .up an i of tlie nerves, rhou a;i nt, fever sores: < is . ases o f ; lie chest, st;ch as as hrm, tigh’fiess of brea h, pains, wi-.tkio • dyspepsi-v, also co pati n of the bowels, croup, ait-ij, ous eiii[i*‘ons, and .-.11 d se.»sej offfie skin : in short, urne-ten'hs of thu < isee-es in our count, v, are i rod.uced by 'his one thing—ch> d i a l perspirali n. If it is not serious at iist, ir fi all. .tth-supon to .ne vital organ when itis almost certain to vecti'r i t d'.a h unless ir, is reiiit v; d. 1 in*, rdy Adva t.-ac the Ah-IIsaling Ointment has over other rem- vs. he un this one thing\ the res o ation ofthe Insensi- 3116 l’c-a* iratioii. V\!ipi- this is done, ihe humuis andimpu*; L i ' never remain to du injury. This will be seen by contem- i I uing • he fo lowing fius t 1st. That ffw.'L’ig hr '-f all we receive in'o tlie stomach, pais offiluoiuh ihe no.e- oitno km, in InsemjblePeispirtation. 2d. That the sk.n • va-.n es more matter than the lungs, kid­ neys and bowels i til together. 3d That the skin dspharges more matter in twen'y-four hours, th in the bowets do in fourteen day-1 and that by severe, exercise, a man wilt lose three, four and even five pounds in one hour. 4th That’the creator pierced tbe human cuticle wilh pores or small opening to the almost incredible number of 500 miL tion, making this the grand out-.et of all the redundant matter ofthe body. 5ih That through these poresire consrantly exud ng theo’d altered and worn out particles of \the blood, the humors of the body and the w&ste of the system. 6<b That to stop up these pores, twenty-four hours would cau-«- instant death. 7’h. That sodden changes of weather and exposure to cold,, close t hese pores in part, end hence the long catalogue of dis­ eases over the land. 8 h. That as the skin is the medium for evacuating a'l the humors of tbe hod , we see the profound fdlj and absurdity of restoring to pill , thugs aud other mix utes,f.o cure tho great mav» i*. ..fill--eases pr duced by checked p-.rspirsion- Sth. That until September. 1^11, ther# was no medicine be­ fore the pub Xc that had t ower to restore the Risensib e Per- atfirst on, bv itnpa'iin-' vita.ity and nervous enerey t.*> the sktn 10th. TV-at H'Al.TSTiiR’S ALL HEALING OINTMENT is that medicine,and vhicb. by p ossessing th;a p->wer,, is eJt et- irs mor*goodtlian jn? fiv- or sven *en reme lies in his coun­ try: PRICE, TWENTY FlVfc AND FIFTY CENTS. J J . M 'A M S T E R A L O ,, 168 South st., N. v'.. Sole Proprietor. L. W. REXFORP. Agent. Rioehactun N.Y. [n50 ly L ININGS— A fresh lot o f white* and pi-uk sheep and lamb'linings, by the doz. or less quantity. July 1 1846. J B A B B O T T & SON . — ~ Sand’s.Sarsaparilla Sand’s Salt RJbeum Remedy Roman E r e BaBam Indian’s Panacea McMunn’s E liJtir o f OpitHn; * Phinney’s Pills, Moffat’s L ife Pills “ Phcsnix 4 Sherman’s Mod-ieated Lozenges ‘‘ Pever. & Ague L ozenges D inner Lpzenge$ Poor M an’s P laster tl u Jayne’s Expectorant “ H a ir Tonic P r i c i $1 00 1 00 25 2 00 25 25. and 37* 25 and 50 1 00 25 1 OO 50 - 12* 1 CO 1 00 50 50 25 50 and 1 00 1 jOO “ T o n i c V e r m i f u g e “ Carminative Balsam “ Sanative P ills D a iley’s Pain E x tractor H a y ’s Linim e n t for P iles W ashington E lix ir (or D y sintery, Ac 1- 00 Cooper’s Corn Salve - 25 M a r r ’s Cor?t Salve 25 G ridley’s SaZt Rheum O intm ent 50 Dr. Rush’s Ltiallible Pills 12* P h e lp’s Tom cto P ills 37* “ Restorative B itters 25 M ile’s Tom a to Pills 50 Fahnestoek’s V e rm ifuge 25 Cheesm an’s A rabian Balsam 50 and I 00 A llebasi’s BZk. SaJve 50 “ Cough Syrup 50 “ P ile P ills 25 “ C a thartic P ills 25 “ Plasters 12* “ F e v e r & A g u e S} rup 50 W in slow’s Balsam of H o rehound 50 T a y lo r ’s Balsam of L iverw o rt 1 and I 50 M o ther’s R e lief 2 00 Fosgate’s Anodyne C o rdial 31 W istaP s Balsam ol W ild C h e r ry 1 00 Resurrection or Petsian P ills 31 and 62* Jew D a v id’s o r H e b rew Plaste-*\ 50 Egyptian Balin 50 F ish ’s L ily Syrup\ 1 00 Longley,sG reat W e stern Indian P a n a c e a * 1 50 Dutch Pi/Is, or Lion ofthe Day 37* Bishops’s A n ti-B ilious Pills 25 H itchcocFs Balsam of H e a lth 1 00 “ W o rm T e a 2s “ C a tarrh Snuff ^5 t; M a g n etic O d o n tica • 50 “ H a ir R e g e n e rator 37 }, P a r k e r ’s P u lm o n a ry Balm 10 6 G regory’s P ills 3 ~j Balm of Colum b ia 50 a n d 75 H itchcock’s A n ti-B ilious P ills . 25 C o v e rt’s Balm of Life 1 50 M ichauds F reckle W a s h 59 Lee’s P ills 25 B randreth’s Pills 25 Post’s Poor M a n ’s P ills 12 * Badeau’s P lasters 25 Lintiy’s Bitters 75 N erve and Bone R h e u m a tic Linim e n t 50 & 1 00 W ilkinsons T rom a tic W o u n d Salve 37* Thomp-;o 7 is E ye W a ter 25 . H ills BaZs. Honey 25 Cephalic Snuff 25 H u n g a rian Balsam of Life 1 00 M c A U istet’s A ll H e a ling Ointment 25and50 “ F a i r Oil 50 “ Toilet Oil 50 Segur’s R e stori 1 ive P i l's 25 and 50 Lai b u r’s Ext. Lungw o rt 1 , 00 Clove Anodyne, C e rtain c u re for toothache it5 C lim a x Syr up 50 D r. Foord’s Pectoral Syrup 75 “ T o n ic C o rdial 37* “ U n iversal P-illF 25 H o o p e r’s Fem ale Pills 25 Anderson’s Scots P ills 25 Godfrey’s Cordial - 12* Batem an’s Pectoral Drops 12* T u rlington’s Balsam of Life 12* Pacific Oil 25and50 Eddy’s Rheum a tic T incture W a rranted 50 Enderm ic beauti.iying Soap 50 K e e ler’s In visible hik 25 Connell’s Pain Extractor 25 U n ited,States P ills 25 Oriental P ills 25 W a tterm a ii’s Rheum a tic Plaster 50 Opodeldoc, H a r d ai.d Liquid 12* E a w a id’s Salt Rheum Ointm ent 1 50 Medicated Cough Candy 6 W h ite’s Salve 12* G e latine C a p sules 25 a n d 50 Vegetable Pulm o n a ry B a lsam 50 Chapm a n ’s Sum m er C o rdial 25 H a rlaem Oil » 12* Le Baume De Ninon or * ,n T h e French Balm o f Beauty * K n a p p ’s Strengthening Plaster 25 Dr. Sm ith’s Sugar Coated P ills 25 with many others notenumerated. T h e subscriber is a g e n tform o s tol theabp.ve M E D IC INES a n d w a r ­ rants every articlegenuine. Binghamton, Feb. 11, 1S-15. L. M . REXFORD. iN K VV G O O D S . A t t h e O l d F a v o r i t e S t o r e Corner of Com I and Washington Streets { formerly occupied by . R. A. Ford Co ) T HE subscribers have j.usZ received the Largest New stock o f goods in be found in tbis vicinity Consisting of a L arge choice stock of Dry Goods Groceries, Crockery, GZass ware, Boots & Shoes Hats and Caps &c. &c. , iSALEiS. tosnitpurchasers— ALL kinds of pro­ duce taken in Exchange for goods. S. A, N E W T O N & Co F o r S a l e . EVERAL House Lots, Eligibly situated in this village, with or without Builjdin^matenals for sale on long credit. A, ' - -BLEDAY. \ T Bi 11 gham tonN o v .il, 184-1. s good Assortment of H a r d w a r e —a , H a rd w a r e , a'so. Shovels, G rain Scopps,. &c. selling very cheap by A C M O R G A N D O U JJ4 ___ T o t h e L a d ies in particular. 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Also, as agent for jhe Etna Insurance Company of Hartford* with a capital of 250 Thousand Dol­ lars, v ill insure on reasonable terms. Policies insurod upon application to, f SAM ’L H . P. H A L L . Binghamton May 22, 1846. _ nlOtf P o lish Your B o o t s !! \T O man can be well dressed unless his hoots are i.1 well blacked, and i f you want your boots to shine according to the latest style, huy HINDS SU­ PERIOR OIL PA S T E BLACKING, an entirely new preparation, W arranted to n otinjure theleatn- er, and to produce a morcbeautifnl lustre than any ulocking ever us>fd. For Sale Wholesale and retail by L. M- REX F O RD, Boleagent. t c T t h e L A D I E S . .E LA IN S , Rept, and plain, and Cashmers, to- ' gether with all the most outlandish styles oJ dress goods, cheap at BOYD &- CROSRY S J a n . 27, 1 8 4 6 . _____________ _ 1 /TOL’ASSES, Teas, Sugar. 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W A G E R ’S C E L E B R A T E D A I R T I G H T said to be the best in use. Six P late . B o x , , and P A R L O R Stoves, o f e v e ry v a r iety and stvle. Also, c o p p e r - W a d e , t i n w a r e A M D STOVE PIPE; M a n u factured and kept constant I v u n h a n d y for sale, a s cheap a s c a n be bought in the cou-nty. R E P A I R I N G o f a ll kinds, cioue o n short notice 1 and all orders in his line prom p .lv amended to. T h e subscriber thankliil for past favors, hopes by strict- attention to business and lhe caffs of-his custom e rs, to m e rit a liberal shave of the public patronage. I. W , O V E R H IS E R . B ingham ton, N o v . 4, 1S45. n33tf F o r e i g n P e r i o d i c a l s . R E P U B L tC A T J ON OF The London Quarterly Review, The E d in ­ burgh Review, The Foreign Quarterly Revicio , The W estm inster R e v iew , and Blackwood's Edinburgh M agazine. 'T 'H E above Periodicals are rep tin led in New- -I York, i mmccii.uely 011 their a v i va* by the Bi.i- tish si earners, ia a bcatpuu) clear .vpe, on fine whiie paper, and are fal'liful copies of rue originals —Blackwood’s Macazine\being an exact (ac-simiie of 'he Ed/ nun,' gh edirion/ T h e wide-spread lame.of these so1 end id Periodi­ cals rend, rs it needless to say much iu ijbei r praise. As literary prgaa-. they stand far in advance of any works oi\a sj mpa r stamp now pub] ished, while the poij.ical comple-rlon of each vs marked by a dignity, candor and lot bearance not often found in works of a pariyLha racier. They embrace ike Views ot ihe three great par­ ties in England—-Wh'g, Tory, and Radical.— “ Blackwood” and the “ London \Gfuailerly”\ate To­ ry; the “Edinburgh Review,” Whig- and the “ Westminster,” Radical. vThe “Foreign Guar'er, ly” is purely literary, being devoted o’-inti pally to criticisms on foreign Continental Works. 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GENTLEMENS H A T S ; ofthe latest style,and; of superior quality ol every kind. CAPS; Otter, Seal and Muskrat Fur, Ftw-lnm-- ed doth caps; Cloth, Mohair, Plush, Velvet, Habr- Seal and Selett caps of every shape and qualify from one sliillino- lusutji'ds, M l J F F S ; Isabel fa Bear, Lynx, Cross Fox, Squi- rel, Wolf, Fitch, Lustred Geueti, Chinchilla and Cony Muffs,, from 3 shillings to #17. Squifel Boas,.wHitrliafags? Cony skins,.Brtffalo> Robes, &c. tog-eteer with all' other articles us- I uali'y kept in-a Hat,.cap. and Fur store. In all the principal cities and Fowns through-} From our long experience jn the-purchase anff out Lhe United Stales lo which there is a direct Rail- s a l e si ' ~ Road or W ater communication from the city o f New- York, these periodicals w ilt be delivered F r e e op P o s ­ tage. LEO N A R D S C O T T & Co , Pulishers, n i l iy 112 Fulton St., New-York. IM P O R T A N T . B. F O S G A T E ’S C O R D I A L A iSAFii and eff c u.ii remedy for 'he STM-‘PR ' DM PLAINTS,v z: Dia rhcea arid CeoleraMorbus; a.io Flat- u ent and Spasmodic (Jholicn. Thisliivaluab'e med.c ne lor the abive complaints surpasses any other remedy now in use. Hun rite is of cases have coins to the knowledge cf the proprietor, vr ere-a speedy cure ha.- been effected by tlie use ofthe Cordial, afteiia,resort to the common remedies had proved unavailing It has been ex en- .-Lvely used thiouglv.nt this Siatc and elsewhere, for many years—has been approv'd, and in u ed .n practice byamed.- . umber ofthe n ost resprcab.e p!i>sici:.ns, as may ne seen by their ceriificat.es and recouuceudati ns acco- jianying eacii h ttle. This med.cioe is disccv red to he a certa’n and effee tisa' remedy for the ini es* ine dis> ases, p--- duced by the drink­ ing of the witers o tne riv.-r- the southern and sou;,hwtste--n s ates. which render-, ir of inestimable value to those wl.o re side ■ r travel in those se. t ons of fhe .•ountry. N II To secure the public against deception, the external sbel of eavi d ttie is secured by a c py r alit. «h;cb was en­ tered (i'Ci qrdins o ac of Cm g*esR''in ih • N.irth rn D.ftr r». of New Yo’ k o.i the 9th day o.f Nuvembe-, Aero Do eini. IP-10 A. fac 'imile fth\ oropr.ieior’s igna'u e w;l bo fotin.! on the ou'er bb'-l o f each botf’e i r» ' r-uin - Eric . 31 cts Ftr sale r>y L. M. If-XFORD :iecha\.t.-vn [. .5 -ly u Furs, we flatter ourselves that we are ena­ bled to select better articles, and al less priees, than, any other person in this village. MERRILL & ROOT. N O L A N DVS KMPORIUM OF FASHKW. T I H A V E F O U N D 0 \ T R E A S U R E . H E attrac.ioiJ-at this Celebrated Establishment), L during the past week, is unprecedented. The- new goods j.-nsl opened have created quite a sensa­ tion atm ng the iovers of Fashion—tlmy are of f t? n extest and most beam i fab sty! es, such as we rem ev­ er belore introduced in Binghamton.. Those LADIES, IN PARTICULAR,, who have not yet called, should,not fail, to do- so.ai the earliest opportunity, as the-proprietor would' most respectfully, give a general,invitation to call and examine the goods, w-hetlieu tliey. wit.-hto buy or not. Tlie GENTLEMENS’ F INISHING DEPARTM E N T has,also been replenished with an entire new and-, beautiful, assoE'cment. fn short,.everything has been- selected with great care and—well/well,.say noth­ ing about th. laste-,.only don’t forget to.dfop bi andl ee for j-ourselves, as t here is no other-way to form, a proper idea of what nyiyhehadat the- EMPORIUM OF FASHION.. Binghamton, Sept. 5, 1846;. T h e v e r y b e s t M e d ic in e in u s e !! I S Dr. Chapmans Summer Cordialifor the cure of- Dysintery, Dijarrhcea and Cholera Morbus, Sum­ mer Compl a’in ts, a iso-FI a.lulen t and Spasmod ic Cho­ lie. This medicine is prepared from a verit ble pre- .icri,priori ofthe Celebrated Dr. Chapman of P hila­ delphia and is really aid-truly the best remedy f >r the above complaints now ip. use-. Every family should keep a bottie on hand as it invariably re­ lieves the sudden attacks whkh most frequently characterise the commencement of> theabove dfo-, ea -;e . P ri c e 1 ' * c t? For Sale on'v bv and 37* cts pr Bnrtie. L .M . R E X FORD. D ! F L O U R . A f \ r \ B B L S Owego apd T o m p k ins C o u n ty 4 U U F l o u r , for s a le b y B. F .S I S S O N , Feb, 24, *846,. _________ N o . f . E l y P lace. Y E W O O D S . &e.—D y e W o o d s an d D y e stuffs o f a ll kiDd.sand ol the b e s t quality, f o r s a le at abp.ut h a lf tbe usual p r ices by Inno 3 ” t % *1 tt *T7 n i f n t r tato %^ i i niyffiiftji'Mi '— j T Usi cunsuinpiive .ays who hub b- ea * \■ Py u...... a d'?- :res ing i.ougti, Cain in 'lie s'dean i ciies:, and lebiiitarn g night oWtuU, and'cou d n t fi;.d a-iy r- l.ef. - o saj s th-s Asrl.- matlc. wh se d fficulty ot'b eaUnng v-ss tuch that he cou d ; < t lay down at night. o says the p^rs'Hi wh > has be m blei-.otr.g a' the L -iigs, anu « li ■ failed dajjby r a-s un ll he li el With .ll S : invauiab!.'h. lp. Would y m uinw it> n >u.e ! S l i e r m a n ’s O l o s a o n i a n , o r A l l - H e a r i n g B a l s a m . Is this invaluable treasure, whieh has ne mo.e duringthe pa 3 t six tnon'hs la rel-e> u.-g he abuve riisea e~, than a”.y uther remedy in.fr-e world This i , no hu .'.bug, nor any dt ce;>!ion p.acticed. as the teslim it.ia s are leitai the tfii. e for the in- sp ction of all who may \wish to see them Over : hr-, e Tin in sand i'erson* have used this grea- reu.e iy in the city cf New- York alone since the 20t t of Mar- h last, and no ccmp.aim has ever yet been made co cerning its effects; on th • contrary, all whe have ever used it speak of it in ter.us of unqualified prais -, and among the number of cases ■*>> ich have been tn-aed by the oiosa nian are. to be found many of ihe most ast.oni. bing cures o n rec'd . Read the fo'lo ing an i some of your doubts con- ce rung the efiicacy < f this remedy may be removed. M s Wil- y, th-; wife oi F Wilb.,Esq. re i iing at 133 West ! 7 th street was given up by ttie two physicians who a'ten 'ed her. and I ft to die. Every d y was erpected to b,- her last. - Her diseases was pronounced con ur. pfive. and dnrh g h.r sickiic-ns «iie raised very large quantities of Blood Her Oough was incessant, her wealtn- ss and em; c t'cn ve y g, eat.. Af/er us n\ tht OtosaoIlia1’, or A'l Healing t alsam, a rhor. time, she was endrely relieved and is now attendii g to her fami'y du-ies abou the house, where ho. e who douot. can pad and see her il they leei sufficiently intere.-ted. . ‘ Artemas Raymond, wh > resided during hi.? sickness ar 339 Madi-on Ureet, b t lias since remove i tu P ovidei ce, R. I., was attend d by 7 of the b st phtsicians in lhe ci y. They a tended him ihe beuer pat t of i hi ee months ?-nd gave up his race as hopeless. They pronounced his disease an XbscerS.or Ulcer- afion ofthe Livtr, and Sorofjla ol the Lungs. They told him :ht-y cou'd nor. lielp inm, and that he n ust < ie, as i.is Longs were eniirely g ne. He ha t a monstrous muiqnr in the s de, which was opened and discha ged over ti ree pints of matter from the Live-. exact ly res<= mb mg that raisenlitin> the ^mus He w a s persuaded ty his friends to try the Qiosaon an, and at ter using two bodies was enti. ely rrstoiecl. . We would ref r all who doubt the authentiity of this c ^ e to Mr. Isaac l.a' agh,27 Norfolk str et, \’h'vsiiedM r Lay mend during his sxkness, and was familiar Vommence- A 1 nndred cases equally as unpro.uis ng .n th.. r yommenee, ment \*vebe/‘n 1),yotiR.foeffkod7 Are icihm a or d\ffiou*ty-j-nd shortne«« of breath- R H E U M A T I S M . ILAKESLJ v E’S celebrated specific Bone Li- 5Uieut tor the cure ol Rheumatism sprains Ac; for sale fey. L . M . REXFORD. CELEBRATED. ’ 0eHERB Remedy,'herefore do Uo\be%offw-ffi»ny othe?. tie sure and get “E o ^ r ’.Dlo- .aonian or AHTIealing Bamam. ^ For sale by L , M- REXFORD, Binghamton. [23-I3j N e w P l o u g h M a n u f a c t o r y . T * ARM E R S T A K E N O T I C E .—T h e subscriber _F has com m enced the m a n u facture o f Ploughs, in the village of Binghamtojn, a n d is n o w prepared to furnish the F a rm e rs o f Broome -,Coutity with a su p e r io r ^ r tiele, m ade o f th e verv best easting', and tim b e r, nnd o f the latest and m o st approved pat­ terns. P e rsons -wishing to p u rchase are invited to call a t his m a n u factory, one d o o r north of J o h n A . C o llier’s office in F r a n k lin st.. w h e re the Ploughs m ay b e e x a m ined, a n d w h e re they m a y be. obtained as cheapras a t any other e stablishm e n t in the state o f N e w York.\ Ploughs w ill also be repaired aj short n o tice, a n d by com p etent and experienced\ w o r k m e n ; and a l l k inds o f farm ing produce will be received in paym e n t. N- B. P!oughs'\arid C A S H exchanged fo r al kinds c f L u m b e r. I. L. B A R T L E T T . B ingham ton, A p r i l 2 , 1 845. _________ n2-tf P O C K E T C U T L E R Y ; A splendid assortment o f E n g lish and A m e rfo-n cvvtlcrv m-iy be found: a t ' \ ' ~ _____________ S A M P S O N S . ‘ L A C K .- 'r E A — A DR. J. P E T T I T ’S I A M E R ICAN EYE SALVE.—A sovereign remv edy in all cases of acute aud Chronic infla- mati'jn, debility of the optic nerve, weakness and dimness of sight, arising-from intense use or old age; all affections Symptomatic of other Diseases, viz—Serolula, Measles, Small-Pox, Spinal Disea­ ses, &c. &e. Price 25 cents. aug.5-tf For salb by L. M. REXFORD. T H E N E W Y O R K A N D BO S T O N, ' © A s m © y ® ® i « * No. 2 Ely Place. B F. STSSON has on hand a general and w e lt • selected assortment o f Goods which are offer at the lowest prices for C A S H OR PRO DUCE.— All persons wishing Goo.ds of any Description are invited to examine his stock before making their purchases, as he flatters,, imps elf that he- cap gffer- sueh inducements as cannot fail to suit. Binghamton Nov. 4th 1845. C A R P E T S ! C A R P E T S ! ! Do you want a Carpet cheap'? W E have fitted up a room, expressly for- G arf etS, Oil Floor Cloths, and Paper Hangiqg,. bnd! are now- offering greater inducements than ever, ii^ these articles. Rich Three Ply,Ingrain, Venetian, Stripe\ and Stair Carpeting of qj t qualities and; Prices, Oil Floor Cloths of all widths. Plair^ and. Plaid Matting Hearth Rugs &c. Also plain, and satin face Paper Hangings, o f every descrip-* tfon, Bordering. F ire Board Patterns, and heavy, wide papers £on, window^. Gfereat B argains will be. given in any of these articles, May 19th * R. A. F O R D & Co,. : T E A S . \ \ O LD HYSON, Iraperial, Ypung Hys.on, Hyson Skin and BJack Teas,-a]] warranted good and^ cheap at 3 OYD-A CROSBY’S C H E A P A S T H E C H E A P E S T ! ! L. M. REXFORD, D R U G G I S T A N D G R O C E R . K EEPS Constantly on hand a large and better se­ lected as orjment o f goods than can be found? at any similar Establiihment in the Country every, article o f which wil] be sold a§ C H E A P AS, T H E C H E A P E S T . The subscriber assures, the Public’ that he #ill not be UNDERSOLD. . Attention i.v requested to fhe large Catalogue of Patent Medi­ cines in another Column ofthis paper. L . M . R E X F O R D . A*Beautiful lot just ter«.” Theyhey ai FORD A <30. > IC H DRESS GOODS- 1^- recei red at the “ Old Catk. 9d*re.\ T are. selling fast and very chyap, June 17th 1846. TYTEWTOTf D A R L IN G S best Ccst Steel Grain, i i and Grass JScytkefh-als© a large.loti.ol grabc* Cradles, ffcythepeatkes, cast steel Hay Forks, Ac. which will he sold ^3*kk asS i«fet?ant«d. bj7, July. | . T T A T S , Capa and MuffaatNo $\Yhhpire J f l * ' C ROGER3>

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