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O L Y M P IA N F E S T I V A L . S a n d s , L e n t A C o .’s A m e rican C ircus. (First season since their tour o f Europe.) W ILL exhibit in Binghamton on Saturday the 39th day of August 1846. Doors open at 3 and 7 o’clock. Performence commences at 2) and 7* P.M . Comprehending in one extensive and magnificent entertainment, all the varied exercises and talent oi T h e A r e n a , t h e G y m n a sium an d th e M enage! embracing the most beautiful stud of Horses, -and the most costly and brilliant equipage to be found in all Europe pr America. Among the great features a lllsurope or Ame ofthis Circus; are y U R A S C O P U , Doctors Snyder, Willson & Co*, g e r m a n b o t a n i c p h y s i c i a n s , W IL L hercafter b e at the House of Jesse Or-' cutt, (formerly. Peterson’s) in Binghamton on the 26tb‘ 27th,'ind 28th days of each month.— Their unparalleled success in treating old chroiiic diseases ot every description, and particularly ’■ * ' throughout I sumptive cases, is well Ohio, M ichigan con- Neiw- and the York, Pennsylvania, Canadas. - ; , Those wishing Medifelneof them will remember that they describe diseases by the Urine, hence it is not necessary that they see the patient. Their medicine is safe in all conditions o f life, and those able to perform light labour or attend to business will not be prevented by taking their medicine. TERMS—For medicine that will last about a month, taken daily, Two dollars, always Cash. Jnly 20,1846. nl8tf HARDWARE! 'I*he celebrated Dancing Horse May Fly, The French Polka Horse, Pas Tempts, The Twin Waltzing Ponies, The Fighting Ponies, T h e Lilliputian Troupe o f 12 Ponies. The astonishing performance of the great classic gvmnasians,,Mr. R. S ands , and his talented chil­ dren Maurice and Jesse. The .unequalled Juvenile Rider H brnandez , cal­ led the Ducrow o f America. The celebrated Juvenile Rider Master W alter A ymar , Mr. Mosely, Mr. E. Perry, Mr. Ruggles*, -Mr. Latham, Mr. Huntington. > • The N egro M instrels , Master W . Aymar, Mr. ■Conover, Mas er Perry, d o w n to the Ring, Mr. J. Pentland. Master of the Ring, Mr. B. Huntington. Full particulars of the entertainments will be gi v- •on in bills and pamphlets on the day of exhibition. Price of admission—box and Pit 25 cents—re­ served seats 50 cents. ________________ ■ _____ Magazines lor Aiignst T HE Columbian, Illustrated, and-Ladies Maga­ zines, 25 cts per No. The Youths Cabinet, ;8 cts per No. or SI pet year, tbe best juvenile f ub- il-ished—the Boys and Gitls can examine it by cal­ ling at my Bookstore. The American Flora, 25 -cts. The Penny Magazine, a new edition. The RedSkins, or Indiajns and Ingins, by Cooper, 50c. The American Agriculturist fur August, $1 per year. What Farmer-can affjril to do without it 1 Having made arrangements with Loak’s express, I can supply any Magazine or Periodical at the subscription price, without. Postage ' Call at _____________ PR A T T ’S Cheap Bookstore. ARDWARE, a good assortment mav found at No 3 Empire J. & C. ROGERS. ROWN and Bleeehed She: ting cheapest in J. &C. ROGfcRS. CELEB RATED ~ H B town at No 3 Empire DR. J. PE T T IT ’S A MERICAN EYE SALVE.—a sovereign rem­ edy in all cases of a c u te and C h ronic infla- mation, debilily ol Hie opiic nerve, weakness and dimness of sight, arising from intense use or old age; all affections Symptomatic df oilier Diseases, viz—Scrolula, Measles. Small-Pox, Spinal Disea­ ses, &c. &c. Price 25 cents. aug.5-lf For sals by L. M. REAFORD. West’s C hlorine Cosmetic A N D PILLS, F OR the cure of Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Ring Worms, Ac. Unparalleled success! 'This remedy has given relief in every case, and lias Cured over two thousand nine hundred in three thousand. The above medicine is a rare combination of med. Jcal remedies of great value; from its superior heal­ ing properties, and from its use in many cares when all other remedies have failed, not only curing blit giving relief ini mediately—justifies us in saying that ills the niost valuable and efficacious remedy ever presented to the public in cases of Salt ltlicuni Ring Worm, Scald head, aud-all diseases of the Skin and Blood. It is not offered like many nostrums of the day, upon the tuere recommendation of the proprietors, but upon the testimony of Physicians, eminent in their profession, who have not only examined the compo sition, but tested its healing virtues in their practice, end upon the.testimony of others who have been relieved from a state of suffering, after having tried all other prescriptions in vain. The success which has attended this medicine is wonderful beyond description. Persons with the most inveterate eruptions covering the whole'body and head, causing the hair to fall off and who have tried all the remedies and skill they could procure without any lasting benefit, hive been in a few weeks perfectly and permanently cured. Of this fact bun dreds of certificates could be procured, but they could not more thoroughly convince the public than the testimony already adduced. When men of the first respectability and standing in community think it their duty to .incur the res­ ponsibility of recommending it to their fellow citizens it is evident that there must be something more than common In Its effects. Il is also equally' appa­ rent that Physicians will not hazard their reputation in recommending a medicine not jnsily tested, or which is unworthy of notice- These facts offer an argument so plain and conclusive (hat they need only be mentioned to enforce convidion. ID\ For sale by Robert C. Trivett, Binghamton; Sandford A Steele, Union ; H. Jennings, Union Vil­ lage; W. R. Root, Chenango Forks—where ample Testimony may be seen, 31-ly JUST RECEIVED A T THE O LD 22&Q!DW&l&!a © 3 # a large ad­ dition to the lormer extensive stoek, which makes it the largest of any in this section of coun­ try. It consists ih .part of HcwiJ) Rack, Slitting, Webb and Key-Iiole SAW S, F I R M E R and M O R T I C E C H I S E L S , Gouges, Plane Irons, Braces and Bitts, Augers, Auger Bitts, Steel and Iron Squares; Mill SAW S and Files, of all kinds, Patent Saw Setts, Trying Squares; Chest, Till, Closet, Pad, Morticeand Rim LOCKS; Table and Door Butts, Palmer’s Patent Window Blind Butts, Hooks and Hinges, Door Latches; Brittannia, Brass, Iron and Japaned LAMPS and CANDLE STICKS ; Tea Kettles Sauce Pans, Glue Kettles, Hay and Straw Knives, Corn Hooks, Sickles, Grain Scoops, English and American Cast Steel Shovels and Tongs; Cut and Wrot Nails of all sizes ; Locket and Plate Castors, Curtain and Cloak Pin ?; Hunt’s best Broad and narrow AXES, warranted; James’ best Screws of all sizes, Ac. &c.—f^ A l l of which will be sold CHEAPER than can be bought at other establish­ ment in town. Call and s e e ! J. E. SAMPSON. Binghamton, July 1, 1846. U . S Q U I R E S , CLOCK & WATCH HAKEB, (3 doors west o f the P o d OJtee.y H E R E Clock's, W a tc h e s andJeW e lry, will be k e p t constantly on band, a n d for sale at lowest cash p rices. * Also; S ilver, Gernfati Silver, and Plated Spoons, Silver P e n c ils, Thim b les, scis­ sors, Pins, Needles, Card Cases, Silk Parses, a- large v ariety o f F a n c y a rticles , Ac. . . * Binghamton, July 1 , 1846. * /B L O C K S A N D W A T C H E S Repaired ' warranted, R. SQ.UIR1 and HIR E S . P O C K E T K N IV E S .—A splendid assortment m ay be seen at iheffewelry Store o f July 1 , 1846. __________________ R. SQ.UIRES. PEC T A C L E S .—Concave and Convex SpeCta- cles, for sale cheap by July 1,1846. R. s q u i r e s . N ‘ EWTON DARLING’S best Cast Steel Graiin and Grass Scythes, also a large lot of graiin Cradlffs, Scythe Snathes, cast steel Hay Forks, &c. which will be sold cheap, and warranted, by July 1. SAMPSON. F OWLING PIECES.—A choice lot ol English, German and Ameiican, for sale cheap at Jnly 1. SAMPSON’S. W M , M . & J . E . E L Y , ' N o . 1 , E m p i r e B l o c k , A RE now offering a very large and general as- jfx soriment of^ ' M l nonsisting in part o f black and blue black Italian, G r o .#,Sw issr and other styles of silks; shawls, balzorines, delaines, reps, uo; Linens, a very choice lot at very low prices; lirien handkerchiefs, silk handkerchiefs, napkins, colored borders; gii)g* haras, gingham -muslins—a very rich and fashion­ able article—gloves, hosiery,baraZe scarfs; Prints, from 6 to 19 cts., White and red flannels, parasols, pararollettes,sun shades1, silk mitts, knitting cotton, carppl bindings, ribbons, diapers, French linen for tor ladies’ travelling dresses, India rubber suspend ders, hooks and eyes, buttons, spool thread, Irish thread, white linen spool thread, foundation mus- lins, ladies’ cravats,'fruits. do., linen bobbin, gal­ loon binding, English ‘•ilk sertre, white satins, linen' bosoms, black and white wadding. Tailors’ Trimmings, A GOOD ASSORTMENT, consisting of every thing in that line. Jet buttons, ivory combs, linen sheeting, bird’s eye diapers, green moreen, scar'et do:, blue dam- ask, scarlet do.; black and blue black bombazines, ladies’ and gents. cf.rpet bags, umbrellas, wide and narrow tickings, sarsi-nett cambrics, striped lmis- 1 ins, apron checks, splendid satin vestings, and a heavy assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Tweeds, and Satinetts; SUMMER GOODS, agreat varie­ ty. Ladies’ Bonnets, Ladies’ Shoes, Hardware, Crockery, Nails, Groceries,.Salt and Fish. The above Goods are offered very cheap for cash. W m . M . A J . E. E L Y . Binghamton, July 1,1816. N O T I C E . Dr. Herz’ German Vegetable H E A D A C H E P I L L S , P REPARED-by Tilden A Co., New Lebanon, N*Y.—Among the various remedies before the public there are-none whoae virtues have been more cheerfully and universally acknowledged, as being peculiarly well adapted for removing Headache, Sick Headache, and the whole class of kindred disea­ ses by restoring a healthy tone and action to the Stom a c h , from a disordered state of which arise most, if not all the difficulties of the head. It was the result of many years study and experi­ ence of an eminent physician, and was used by him through a long and extensive practice; it is a happy combination of vegetable substances, is mild, safe, hut effectual. Headache is a disease from which arises, more misery lo the human .family than from almost any other, being insidious in its course, and not being directly fatal, is frequently neglected to such an extent as to impair the general health, injure the constitution*:and induce dangerous diseases.— When there are indications ofan approaching attack of Sick Headache if an immediate resort be had to the Pills the attack will be obviated. Then, if a dull, disagreeable sensation of the head, is felt, caused by a determination of blood to the head, or in cases of periodical Headache; they will be found effectual in curing and obviating the attacks. Food should be taken ia moderate quantities,, hearty and stimulating kinds, and articles apt to produce acidity avoided. When the system lias been a long time put of order, and a predisposition to severe and sudden attacks, soma little time with patience, and constant nab of the medicine will bo necoseary, before full advanta­ ges will be. derived, from it.. They have been found equally efficacious in Dyspepsia, Indigestion, lose of appetite, Heartburn, Giddiness, Ac. I t . aoceesa whiie ueed in private medical practice, as wall aa aince it has been before the public, affording conclu- aiva evidence of ita value, and the- proprietor. desi- inos of placing it within the roaoh of every individual,’ have been induced to reduce the price la twelve and a half cent, per Box, t T F o r Sale by Robert C. T r i v e t t , Bingham ton ] Canfield & Steele, U n i o n ; H . J e n n ings, Union Vil­ lage* W . R . Root, C h e n a n g o Forks— wksre am p le m s j be a q c^ , 32-lj. THE- undersigned begs leave to in­ form his friends and the public, that ti is H A T a n d C A P E s t a b l i s h m e n t may be found one door west of L. M. Rexford’s Diug Store, directly opposite the Empire Block. The very liberal patronage which has been ex­ tended to me, since my residence in this-village, hasbeen duly appreciated. My arransrementsave now such as to-enable me to offer every article in my line, atprices that cannot but induce my friends and the public generally, to call before purchasing elsewhere. Mv beautifu l ly Finished and Triittmed F U R A N D M O t E S K I N H A T S , which are too well known to need commendation, will be found still farther improved and beautified by the Spring Fashions. Also, a complete assort- •h-nt of Gentlem en s’. Youths 1 and Children s’ (? A P S , Oregon, Straw, single and double brim’d Leghorn Hats, very fine, and of recent patterns. A very large assortment of LEAF HATS, and every kind and shape of WOOL HATS, TARPOLEANS, &c. &e., all of which will be sold on accommodating terms. A. B. ROGERS. Binghamton, July 1, 1846. the a iarge lot of Benson’s, sisting'in part Smoothing Planes. Plows, Beads, Dadoes, andl Rabbet Planes of all kinds; all of which will be sold at cost bv.calling one door wesl of the Empire Block * J. E. SAMPSON. July 27, 18-16. _________________________ . Stove, Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron ESTABLISHMENT. LIVE AJXD LET LIVE. J UST RECEIVED at a large lot of Benson’s, (Albany) Planes, of Jointers, Foreplanes, Jacks, and Old Hardware Store con- ISAAC W. OVERHISER. H AVING purchased the interest of A. J. Coffin, fn-the above Establishment, would respectful­ ly inform the citizens of Binghamton, and the sur­ rounding country, that he is now -.opening forsale, at the “Old stand of Overhiser A Coffin,” the lar­ gest and best variety of STOVf£S ever offered ini this market, among -which may be found PREMI­ UM, UNION, and ELEVATED OVEN Stoves, olf different patterns; W A G E R ’S C E L E B R A T E D A I R T I G H T said to be the best in use. Six P late . Box, and PARLOR Stoves, of*every variety and stvle. Also, C O P P E R -W A R E , T I N - W A R E - A M D S T O V E P I P E , Manufactured and kept constantly on hand, for sale, as cheap as can be bought in the county. REPAIRING of all kinds, done on short notice, and all orders in his line promptly attended to. The subscriber thankful for past favors, hopes by strict attention to business and the calls of nis customers, to merit a liberal share of the public patronage. I. W , OVERHISER! Binghamton, Nov. 4,' 1845. n33tl J UST received some beautiful French and Swiss GINGHAMS, BALZARINES, GRADUAT­ ED ROBES, fof Ladies Dresses with almost eve-- ry style of desirable DRESS GOODS to be found in the market, which will be sold very low. R. J. WISNER. Binghamton May 26,1846. J TEAS. UST received a fresh supply of those Choice Old Hyson? Imperial, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin and Black Teas, by July 1,1846. J B A B B O TT & SON L EATHER—Auother large lot of Sole & Upper Leather, for sale cheap by . - JUly 1,1846. ________ J B ABBOTT & SON OROCCO— Another choice lot of those Cur- rassd ahd Mogadote Morocco, for sale cheap by the doz. or single skin, al ABBOTT.& SON’S • July 1,1846. \POINDING—Goat and Sheep, in roll or skin, at July 1, 1846. A b Z u TT & S on ’ s . L ASTINGS—A few yds of lasting for Ladies A Gents Gaiters,.yet on hand at July 1,1846. J B A & SON’S L a s t s , b o o t t r e e s , &c—a good ass< ment o f Lasts, Boot Trees and Crimps, m assort- man- ufactured by Loucks & Co, Utica, at July 1, 2846. _______________ J B A & S ON’S B OOT and shoe Trimmings of all kinds. July 1. J B A & S O N P ICKLED SALMON, No t and 2 Shad and Mackerel, very fine,hi July 1, 1846. _______ J B ABBOTT & SON’S O ILS—Linseed,Lamp, Tanneis and Neats foot oils, for sale at July 1,1846. J B A A SON’S. W a n t e d * 5 OR 6 GIRLS that want to learn the Tailors trade, can find employment by applying soon to C. H. BULKLEY. March 30,1846. > n2tf EAYER AND PILOT CLOTHS, for Over Coats foi sale cheap at Dec, ist. BOYD & CROSBY’S. PRING PRINTS, new Patterns, Also Delains, Cassimers, Alpacas, Sheetings and Skirtings in abundance besides some desirable fancy Goods forthe season—atloW prices NEWTON & Co. H IDES AND SKINS—The highest price pai foi- Hides and Skins at GREGORY’S Ne Hard Ware and Leather store, Opposite the Phenix Hotel SU G A R S . S U G A R o f a ll kinds as c h e a p as the cheapest at the old stand of S Car> & Co. Nov. 25, - ________ A C M ORGA N E a g l e L i v e r y . T H E subscribers have this day opened a new LIV E R Y ST A B L E , on W a ter street, in the rear of the Binghamton Hotel, where H o r s e s a n d C a r r i a g e s , Can be had at all times, and on accommodating terms. P A R T IE S furnished with Two and Four Horse Carriages. 3 ^ - O F F IC E S at the General Stnge Office, be­ tween the Phenix Hotel and Post Office, and at the Binghamton Hotel. H E N R Y BATES. F. A. MORGAN. Binghamton June 4, 1846.______________ n l3 tf New Works Just Published. L ECTURES by J. Richards D. D. on Mental Philosophy and Theology, with a memoir by Satn’l H. Gridley. Christian Imperfection, by Seth Williston. Union to Christ, by R, Taylor. [50c. Scenes and Thoughts iu Europe, by an American Notes lrom over the Sea, 2 vol’s $2,25. The Living age 12jc; Works of tjhe Puritan Di­ vines, 2 vol’s, 50c vol.; Journey from Cornhill to Cairo; Tholuck on St Jqjm; Eliza Co,.ks Poems 50c; Union Bible Dictionary; Confession o f Faith; Western Clearings, by C. M. Kirtland 50c. Just received by H. E. PRATT. June 2d ’46 W h o w a n t s I n s u r a n c e ? O H. P. HALL as agent for the Hartford Fire O * Insurance Company will take suitable risks in Broome County. • Also, as agent for ihe Etna Insurance Company of Hartford, wilh a capital of 250 Thousand Dol­ lars, « ill insure on reasonable terms. Policies insurod upon applicat’on to SAM’L H. P. HALL. Binghamton May 2-2, 1846. nlOtf containing 1 dozen SO D A P O W D E R S \VTEATLY put up in toxes .L \ papers, each paper being sufficient to make a refreshing glass of Soda Water. For sale at 6 cts. per Box L M. REXFORD. June 10, 1846. WOOL! WOOL!! B OYD i CROSBY will pay CASH or GOODS for any quantity of WOOL delivered at their store. ______________ [Binghamton June 8 , 184&. HARDWARE. A NEW and large supply just received at the “OLD HARDWARE STORE ” Great in­ ducements are now offered to those who wish to iay CASH, as the subscriber is determined not to ie undersold by any Establishment west of New York. J. E. SAMPSON. June 17,1846. S HAW L S, SH A W L S —Shetland Shawls, new and beautiful article for the summer, for sale by ‘ F W TOMPKINS. M ORTGAGE SALE.— Mortgagor Amos P a t­ terson ; mortgagee, Ausbum Birdsall, Mort­ gage dated December 17, 1844, and recorded the I3tb day of December 1845, at 2 o’clock P. M., in BrOome county Clerk’s oflice; in No, 12 of mortga- S s,.pages 354 and 355; amount now due $100, 27. escriptiori of mortgaged p r e m iss:—“ One tnirt ofall that certain piece;of land, being thasouth east corner o f lot No. forty one in the Nanticoke Division oflhe Boston Purchase—bounded on the; east, by land.pl Samuel. Seym ouf, deceased, on the south by land belonging tb the W illises’, and west- wardly and northwardly by tbe Susquehanna River, as by reference tb Release ofTChester Patterson and others, heira-at-lawol Amtos Patterson, deceas­ ed, to Lyman Patterson, Recorded in bookof deeds No. lO pagfts 140 and_l4l,in tbe clerk’s office o f the county of Broome!**' Default havingbeen made in — ../-.I ------ • ------- ■—— J b y s a i\ _ y m e a tol inem onev.seeureq nysa said mbrtgasred prem ises w ill be sol'd at p u b lic ahe tion at the . Phenix Hotel in Binghamton, Broome county, cuxthe 7thcUy*»fNovembe r 1846, a t 1 o’clock P. M -D a t e d Affgwi 1, lBjfe \ _ Jkm J^IRPS A LL y RinDsitA. fit. BjiTL'ITtj t ,,r' A LARGE LOT OF ENGLISH AND AMER- ICAN, Cast Steel, Saw Mill and X Saws, just received and for sale cheap by J. E. SAMPSON. H ATS, Caps and Muffs at No 3 Empire J & C ROGERS. ROG Has produced much Excitement iu this community, . ' t J T N O T SO M U C H as the arriv a l of a n o ther larg e lot of S U M M E R G O O D S — — at the M e r c h a n t s E x c itA N o n ^ w h ich has been purchased'in Boston and N e w - Y o r k exclusively fat cash at greatly reduced rates, a n d w ill be sold W h o lesale or R e tail at such pri­ ces a s w ill defy competition. C a ll and exam ine the goods a n d prices a n d then you w ill bfi sat­ isfied that the C A S H S Y S T E M w ill save you nearly 50 per cent. B e low are enum e rated a few of m a n y a r ticles alw a y s to be found at this store. L a d i e s ’ D r e s s G o o d s : P L A I D and S T R I P E D S I L K S , C h a m e lion B rocade do. C h a n g e a b le and W a tered do. B l’k and B lue B l’k do. E x t r a heavy 4-4 ivide plain w ith high lustre for M antillas. R ich shaded & striped O m b re M .-D e Lanes, P o lk a do. A fighan do., with alm o st every new style to be found in the m a rket, and som e as low as ls3d p e r yard. 1FK1N@!MI, ®©@T©lnl Si F©(LJ!LAKP P lain, striped and shaded Swiss M U L L S , Jaconets, Cam b rics, B ishop Law n s, and fine Swiss M ulls, for e v e n ing dresses) Bom b a z ines, A lpaccas and Calicos, em b racing every new style in m a rket. S H A W L S — C a shm e re, B rocha, Printed C a s h m e re, M e rino, D a m a sk and F ig u r e d S i lk ; Stradilla, Shetland, M. D e L a n e , striped and plain B a r e g e Scarfs, &c, &c. English <fe American B R O A D C L O T H S , P lain rind F a n c y C A S S I M E R E S Do. G o ld M ixed Codington M e rino Caisimere nnd Roweh do- Cashinarelt dncl A s h land Twefeds fdl* SUUitoer Ooatlng-s; W h i t e and Brown Drillings, Bl’k and Blue B l’k SATIN for Vestings, plain white and figured iMarselles do. F A N C Y C R A V A T S and S C A R F S , K id and L isle T h r e a d G L O V E S , &c. & c., with a Full Assortment of DOMESTICS. T h e citizens of B ingham ton are invited to call. ^dy^CouNTTRY M erchants in particular are requested to call and take the price of our goods, before buying. A s the subscriber is confi dent lhat by confining his business exclusively to the C A S H S Y S T E M , he is enabled to ofier inducements to buyers, that cannot be equalled in this or any other place, and in order lo pro­ tect purchasers from imposition and fraud, he% ill adhere strictly to the O N E P R I C E C A S H S Y S T E M , by marking every piece of goods at the l o w e s t possible selling prieej froni which no deviation he made in any case. Binghamton July 1, 1846. R. J. WISNER. N O W F O R A N O T H E R R U S H A T T H E O L D C A S H S T O R E . J U S T R E C E I V E D .— R. A-. F O R D &> CO. havejust received another b e a u t i f u l lot of R ich and d e s i r a b l e G oods ; to which they particularly call the attention of C A S H C U S T O M ER S . W e continue to receive N E W GO ODS every week, and you always find the very l a t e s t s t V l e s at this establishment, nnd what is the most important thev will alwavs be sold at the R I G H T K I N D O F PR IC E S . ’ J u n e 17, 1846. ( i l t H A T A T T R A C T I O N ! AT ■ B O Y D & C R O S B Y ’S N E W Y O R K C H E A P S T O R E , where DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, & CROCKERY b# sold at a smaller profit for. cash or produce, than at any other Store Brigham to rij May 20,1846* 111 THE COUNTY. n9tf. A L L H A I L ! C l e a r t h e T r a c k , C a r s a r e C o m i n g ! F A R M E R S O F B R O O M E C O U N T Y A T T E N D ! ! D r y G o o d s , G r o c e r i e s , C r o c k e r y & H a r d w a r e . H A L L ’ S B E A U T I F U L N E W S P R I N G GOODS H A V E A R R 1 V E D ! ^ - E X T R E M E LO W P R I C E S Y S T E M !!— H A L L is now opening one of the largest and most complete Stocks of Dry Goods, Groceries, Ceockery, Hardware and Pape!-Hangings, ever offered in this village. T b e complete success which has attended my sales during the past year, induced me io extend lo the People of Broome and adjoining Counties a still larger variety than was ever offered in Binghamton. Without the least exaggeration. 1 may safely say, that no T W O STO C K S in this village ofier so G R E A T IN D U C E M E N T S to purchasers as are to found at this etofA I have adopted the “ extrem e loio priced S y s t e m and am determined that no per­ son or F irm shall in any manner undersell this establishment. . 9 U 3 * I N V I T A T I 0 N is extended to O n e and A l l to call and examine for themselves, and if there is any thing which pleases the taste or fancy in my stock, no exertion on my part, as to price shall be wanting, to continue to make this Resort a Resort for ihe People. B in g h a m ton , May, 1846. S. H. P. H A L L . N E W G O O D S ! C H E A P E R T H A N T H E C H E A P E S T ! ! F . W . T O M P K I N S AS Removed to the B R I C K B L O C K , opposite the Binghamton Hotel where he is now receiving the best and cheapest assortment o f goods ever seen in Broome County, consisting of D r y G o o d s , G r o c e r i e s , C r o c k e r y , B o o t s a n d S h o e s , N a i l s , G l a s s , P a i n t s a n d O i l s , D y e S t u f f s , and almost ever other article wantpd, all of which will be sold for R E A D Y P A Y lower than they can be bought A N Y W H E R E ELSE.^ A very large assortment of • • • • # on hand, to which the attention of those purchasing, is particularly invited, as they aye sefling M U C H L E S S than they have ever before been offered in this place. Binghamton, May 4ih 1846. __________________ . . H SPRING & SUMMER FASHIONS. M R S . D A V I S , H AS just returned from New-York with the Spring and Sum mer Fashions, and a new supply of elegant MILLINERY GOODS, suitable for theseason; to which she begs leave to call the attention o f her large circle o f customers and the public. Ladies’ Hats, Caps, and Ribbons of every variety, and a general assortment of rich Goods in her line, too numerous to particularize, all of which will be sold extremely low Jcr Cash, » K3r LEGHORNS AND STRAW S, Cleansed and Dreseed as usual. DRESS MAKING, Cutting and Fitting, to a limited extent. TRANSPARENT NEAPOLITANS cleansed and dressed m the best style. Binghamton May 11,1846. New Hoods .& New Fashions. M i s s e s P . S i P . B a r t o n W OULD respectfully re.urn their thanks to their customers, for the very liberal patron- 3gC’ extended to\ .them, and beg leave to say, that they sffll continue theif Millinery Establshment on Court street, oiie door west of Overhiser’s store; and having just returned from New-York, they iu- vite tlie public to examine their elegant S p r i n g a n d S u m m e r Fatshlofis, and (heir rich stock o f Millinery and Faney Goods suited to the. season; •which have'been purchased eitremely low aad will be sold aeeordingly. Fashionable Bonnets of every description on hand, or made to order, in a 9tyle_which e an not failto please. i . & Realised ana Dressed tvorder. Binghamt<mMay t l , 1846. i8 l f D. S. & J. R. DICKINSON, A TTORNEYS and Counsellors at Law,\ and Solicitors and Counsellors in Chancery— Eagle Buildings, Binghamton N. Y. D0CT. S. D. HAND, M AY be found at his old residence, Collier st., opposite Evans’ Basin. Prompt attention given to all who may desire his services in the practice of Medicine and Suigery. Binghamton, May lst, 1845. “ 1 ^P. B. BROOKS, P HYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Would res­ pectfully give notice that he will as heretofore attend to all calls in the line ol his profession. J j T Oflice at his residence ou the west side o f the Chenango, on Front Street. J . T . H O T C H K I S S , M . D P H Y S I C I A N A N D S U R G E O N , W I N D S O R V I L L A G E N . Y . W inmor , Broome Co. July 22,1816. N o t i c e ! A LL persons indebted to the subscriber are r* g u e s t e d .............................. savi, Ac'. Ac. - A p ril 1 $ 184$, to make Immediate payment.. and M . REXFORD. T A I L O R I N G A T 1 E D ¥ C ! ] S D I P M C E S . T HE subscriber takes this method of informing hisfriends and the public generally that he still continues. in the aboVe business at his old stand in the Eagle buildings and makes garments at a cheaper price than is done in any other shop in town for cash or produce. All work W ARRANTED to be Well made and in the latest fashion. C U T T I N G done a t the shortest n o tice and w a r­ ranted to fit. J. N. RING, Binghamton Feb. 1 8 ,184G. L ASTS AND SHOE FINDINGS—a fall as­ sortment o f Lasts and Shoe Findings for sale at the New Hard Ware and .Leather store, Sign Of the Pad Lock F L O U R A BBLS Owego and Tompkins County 4 * U U Flour, for sale by fi F. SISSON, Feb. 34,1846. ________ No. l,E ly Place. 5 0 P O R K . , - < B B LS Stipe rlor Mess Pork, for sale by ~ ' B. F . SISSO N , No. 1, E ly Place. jy £ I L , L and cross e a t (Raws, at. No. 3 Etngi^rc^ • TY Y E W OODS Ac.—Dye W bods and Dye'stuffs U ofall kinds and ol the best quality, tor sale at abofft half the usual prices by' June 3,1846. F quality; tor sale at 1 v ■W TOMPKINS. , F O R S A L E C H E A P , A GOOD Orange county LjfMBER WAG­ GON, i t A. FORD A Co. April % 1846. __________ 5,00 7,60 8,4)0 100 10^)0 « tl G R E A T i M p R O V E M E N t T i t THS ' BINGHAMTON FOUNDRY. - T HE subscribers during thelasl year, have ma da improvement in their MACHINERY, and added largely to their Patterns lor Mill Gearing, so that they now have several entire new sets oi Patterns for G r i s t M i l l s S c T a n n e r i e s . and are how able to execute orders for Machinery of every description upon very short notice, in a good s ty le , and as REASONABLE TERMS as at any other establishment in the state. Their stock °f P ^ T Y E R U ® is such, that any individual wanting Machinery ol any description can have it furnished on reason­ able terms, and without charge for Patterns*. They have also the Patterns for an entire new style of C O O K I N G S T O V E , which, so far as it has been tested, proves fhb best stove now in use. Also. PARLOR, BOX, and COOKING STOVES of every variety. Also, Hollow Ware, o f every description, Sleigh-Shoes, Fire-Dogs and ail, other articles usually .keff at establishments of the kind, all which they afford low. I3 » 0 L D IRON, and G R A IN o U v m kind, ta­ ken m exchange for Castings. THEODORE A. THAYER, B. H. OVERHISER. Binghamton , July 8 , 1846;. B ~IJUjH?TEA.^A Very choicer, article for sale by F .W . T O M P K IN S . F o r e i g n P e r i o d i c a l s * R E P U B L IC A T IO N O F The Loudon Quarterly Review, The Edinburgh Review, The Foreign Quarterly Review, The Westminster Review, AND - ' 4 Blackwood’s Edinburgh M&gaisine. r p H E above Periodicals-are reprinted in New- A York, immediately on their arrival by the Bri­ tish steamers, in a beautiful clear type, on tine white paper, and are faithful copies o f the DriginaJs —BtiACKWoob’s M agazine being a n exact fac-aimile of the Edinburgh edition. The wide-spread lame of these splendid Periodi­ cals renders it needless to say much in thei r praise. As literary organs,\ they stand far in advance of any works o f a similar stamp now published; while the political complexion o f each Is marked by a dignity, candor and forbearance not often found iii works o f a party character. They embrace the Views ol the three great par­ ties in England-^-Whig, Tory, and Radical.— “Blackwood” and the “London Quarterly” are To­ ry; the “Edinburgh RevieW,’’ W hig) .and the “Westminster,” Radical. The “Foreign Quarter­ ly” is purely literary, being devoted principally fo criticisms on foreign Continental \Works. ■ The prices of the Re-Prints are less than one- third o l those ofthe foreign copies, and while they are equally Well got Up, they afford all tbat idvan-* tage to the American over the Kngtlik reader'. T E R M S . V a t j k i n t ' t o S e m a d e , i n a d v a n c e . For a n y one o f th* fonr Reviews, $3,00 peranhum F o r any two, do For any thfee, 'do For all four o f tbe Reviews, For Blackwood’s Magazine; F o r Blackwood * the 4 Reviews, CLUBBING. Four copies oi a n y 'o r a ll o f the above works Will Be sent to one address on paym ent oi.the regular’ subscription for three—the fourth copj being g ratis. Remittances and comm unications must be' m ade in all cases .without expense to the publish­ er*, Tbejform er Way always be done through a Fdst-raastef by banding him the ainoirat to Be re­ mitted, tak in g . his receipt and forwarding the re­ ceipt by mail, Post-paid; or the money may be en-' closed m a. letter, \ JPost^P/iid, directed to the pub- lisbefS/ * * . ' N. B.—T h e Postage on a ll these Penodicals is reduced the late Post-Office law! io ab«ut «ie third U tefiniur rofe^m a lti^g * Very inQtortjrtff skr* ing in the expense.to vuail subsctioerti, ' - * 4 * Jn eSi ike principal cities and ToVftuikrmtgA- out the ttn itei S k ies tksdhieh thete ts aAhrmtlUdU Road or Water cosununicalionjrim w a f f i t y fBfcio- Y#ri, themlueriodscals trill K ieliveredV u tu Or P o s- taoe. LEONARD SCOTT fit Os.iPmWiera, n ll-fy i n Fajtoar St .J ^ - Y o r k ; B OOTS AND SHOEB^A v«ry lp«at variety ofBoots and-Sboes constantly oohaudand for sale vary 13* by < Y W T O l ^ i l N B - NEW FIRM. N E W G O O D S A T REDUCED PRICES.— The subscriber* have at their STORE, (2 doors -west o f the Phehix Hotel,) fhe LARGEST, BEST, C’ttKAP^ EST, ahd greatest variety oi Goods;'in their.Jine, ever offered in Broome or any of fhe adjoining counties, which will be sold CHEAP, in large or small quantities, to suit purchasers. Their stoek consists mainly of the following articles, viz; L E A T H E R . Upper, Harness, Bridle, Collar, Caif, Kip ' and Pktna. r » r ? T y S S ? C a r r & s o , Mogadore ic Maddrass. L IN lN b s—White and Pink Sheep Linings, do. do. Lamb do. Sheep and Goat Bindings, Black and Cochineal Re4 Roan Skins, for carriage trim» nungs, &e. SHOE FINDINGS, o f every description, shoe thread ([from 5 cts. to is.per ball) Pegs at6d per Q.t.,Nails, Awls, Knives,pincers, Hammers, Wax, Sandstones, B j istles, Size. Shoj’d and long Sticks, morocco,_and tape measuring straps, hand and spring Punches, bl’k and blue bl’k Lasting*, for la­ dies an4 gentlemen’s gaiters, &c. Galloon, Boot cord, Boot webb and laces, &c. &c. together with a large and fashionable assortment o f Lasts, Boot Trees aud Crimps; A large and Well selected assortment ol Teas, Sugars, Molasses, Coffee, &c. &c., evsry article in this line ealled for: PROVISIONS.—Flotir, Salt and Pork, by the load, barrel or pound. FISH.—-Codfish, Shad, Salmon, Mackerel, and Herring, by the barrel, half barrel, box or pound. OILS.—Linseed, Lamp, Tanners and Neatsfoot Oils, by the barrel, gallon or less quantity. Our arrangements for additional supplies are such as to keep constantly oh hand a full assortment of G ood *, sold by us. W e think it unnecessary for US to Say that the above Groooa wiil b e ' sold cheap, &c. &c., but we will say■, that we will not be undersold by any live man. All kinds of P roduce taken in exchange for most ofthe aboVe articles. WANTED, hides , C alf , K ip , S heep and Lamb Skins, for which the highest price will be paid. J.B . ABBOTT &SON< Binghamton, July lst, 1846. __________________ Look out for the Engine While the bell rings t E X P R E S S T R A I N W I T H FISH ■& WEBSTER’S N e w S p r i n g G o o o d s . J UST received by the subscribers, direct from’ the Manufactories, a very large and splendid assortment ol GENTLEMENS AND LADIES BOOTS AND SHOES consisting in part of the following,-viz.: 20 Cases Gents Summer eajf seal, and grain’d Leather. Gents C)oth, Button Gaiter*} Prunella Gaiters; Sew’d Goat Brogans, extra qual­ ity; Peg’d Goal Brogans, Calf do extra quality, and Kip and Cowhide Brogans o f all kinds and prices. Boys and Youths BOOTS AND SHOES of every grade and style. L A D IE S SH O E S . Ladies Black Gaiters, Patent Leather Tip’d do do do Morocco do do French Bronze Gaiters, . do Fancy Gaiter*, Black Cloth Half Gaiters, Pat. Leather Tip*d» do do do Morocco do Fancy do do do do do do do Pat. Leather do Ladies French Bronze Kid Buskins do do do do Slippers, do Patent Leather do Black French Morocco Buskins, stich’d seams, .do Kid do_ do do Black French Morocco and Kid Grecian Ties, do do Slippers, Green French Morocco Buskins, White do . do and Grectan.Tier, Besides ANY Q UANTITY ol Ladies cheap pric- ‘ ed Shoes, say from 2s. to 6s. per pair. & C H I L D R E N ’S SH O E S too numerous to mention; in *hbii;We would invite the citizens of Binghamton, and the surrounding’ country, both high and loW, rich and poor, to call and s<?e What a Quantity and variety o f BOOTS fit SHOES we have on hand, cheaper than at any other syoRZ in this place, no mistake! Jlist bear in mind that We keep FINDINGS of all kinds, for sale. W e have itt in our employ 6 or eight ofthe rk ’BEHT Workmen in the state, so that We manufac­ ture any and all kinds of work in oUr line, of the vety best material, and at the shortest notice* W e have all kinds of H a t s S c C a p s , which we will sell very low. Now all that ire'iit Want of Hats, Caps, Boots dr Shoes, can have them, and recollect, C H E A P E R than any where else, by- calling at Fisfi & Webster’s opposite tbe Bingharii- ton Hotel, Court street one door above F W Tomp- \\\ 1 i’ re Tight then go ahead.!’ FISH A WEBSTJSR* M E D I C I N E S , r V A R N ISH E S , ’ M e s t V f f s , R O P E T W I N E , E S S E N C E S , kins. First, “be sure you’re rijaffit then go ah< Binghamton, May 25th 1846.__________________ ‘ . T B I T E T T ’S C h e a p D r u g S t o r e , EMPIRE BLOCK, SIGN OF THE GOLDEN MORTAtt. JXJS5T received, a large and well stock P A i N f $ \ OljLSt G L A S S . B R U S H E S , p e r f u m e r y , S P I C E S , , #&* &e' * The facilities o f this establishraent for obtaining goods a t the lowest market prices are unequalled by any in thisaedtioft] therefore the public will al­ ways be able to p u rchase ou bettor term s than else­ where. 25 per cent, may be saved by patronising this establishment. A large assortment- Of Valuable Patent Medicines constantly o' ii hand. Remember the place, ROBERT C. TR iV E T T . Binghamton Jane2, 1846. AILS AND IRON—>A general assortment tor sale cheap at the . New Hard Ware stofe, Opposite the Pbenii Hotel N E W S T O R E . A . C * M O R G A N , L ATE of the film of 9 . Cary fit Co. wonfd’iw- form hisdld friends and customers, andthe tradingpnbliC in general, that he has just received an ■ , F U ittr e N e i w S t o c k o f G o o d s y At tbe old stand o l S. Cary A Co. foot of court i l l CoffiiMilfgibf e f t t t f c i i B i n k c k o C B b B y , itA R D W A R B , ' Ahd would be glad to'see all those wishing to bsqr Qdods cheutas be Is deterurined to sell tis Cktmp as the Ckmptot- .'. ' - - Binghanrtbh: 85> MAS,. /, -.1 and smaller quantity^! JUtre'3,1846, \ ONEYCAN to btty Ototh'

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