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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, June 24, 1846, Image 4

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L a n d s for S a le. G r a n d D iv isio ii o f B o s t o n P u r c h a s e . L o t no. 9 S E co rn e r 79 S W co rn e r 132 ' \ 166 S E ex. 5 acres 233 ex. 46 a c r e s E end 2 4 6 S W p a r t 293 S W 3 9 9 “ 56 ex. 8 acres N E- 60 S E 61 “ 215 N W 226 N W C( 300 373 415 503 N E tt K 17 acres 2 9 35 9 2 2 3 103 14 13 94 14 18 10 12 7 4 12 19 8 60 - 2 5 14 32 26 25 9 13 6 10 8 4S. 530 ex. 32 acres N W 124 N E 481 5 1 2-of west part 29 .1 S E 290 “ 322 “ 271 N W 559 S E , 347 N W 356 S W 375 N W 381 S W Nichols S. W . T ract, tVmdsor. Lot no. 6 East half 51 Acres. 7 “ 124 10 » 131 13 - “ 247 14 West half 69 J5 “ 168 16 159 17 “ 130 Nichols N. W. T ract, Windsor. Lot no. 6 89 Acres. 7 121 8 51 E d g a r Tract, Sanford. Lots no. 3, 5, 6 , 8 , 9, 10 , 11 and 12 , containing about 95 acres each Lot W a tts T ract, Sanford. Lots no. 1 , 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, containing each a- bout 98 acres Carpenters 750 Acre T ract, W ind­ sor. Sub. 6 ex 6 acres N W corner 69 Acres 5 N E part - 20 4 S E corner 18 4 10 2 « 14 Randolph Township, Sanford and W indsor. Lot no. 17, sub. 3, 4 and 7, containing each 80 - acres 27, sub. 1 and 2, 80 acres each . N W corner of 6 and 7, 15 acres 15 sub. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, and 8 , containg each 80 acres 22, sub 1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,\ 7 and 8 , contain­ ing each 80 acres 23, N VV corner, 50 acres Also eight lots in Great Lot. no 16 in the Ran­ dolph Township, known as the “Wain- wright Lot” containing 640'acres Hammonds P a tent, W indsor and Colesville. Lot no. 38 S E corner 41 N W cor 91 S half 43 N W cor 68 u 57 72 102 112 114 (C u 10 Acres 10 20 79 24 11 24 18 12 28 Capeoter’s 1000 Acre Tract, sub. 3, whole lot, 160-acres . _ - Carpenter’s Mile Square, south bf no. 13 Ran­ dolph, southerly part except 49 acres S E part, 153 acres Carpenter’sr Mile Square, south of no. 14 Ran­ dolph, called Hotchkiss square N W corner,,50 acres Nanticoke Township. Lot 75 west half 64 Acres 178 except 12 acres S E 88 8 0 -Whole Lot 128 - . 5 143 S E 25 146 “ 33 149 north side 82 166 S E ' .19 140 N W 19 150 « 10 151 except 12 acres S E 116 M cM asters, E a s t H a lf Township. Lot no. 3 N W 14 Acres 15, Whole Lot 254 M cMasters W e st H a lf Township. Lot no. 61 N W 15 Acres 89 ' 16 91 « 24 49 “ ' • 9 Jam e s Clinton Patent. Lot no. 3 N W corner 26 acres 31 « * 15 32 “ - 13 Coxes Patent. Lot ho. 55 N W corner ' 21 acres Chemung Township, 10,000 Acre T ract, o r F isher T ract. Sub. 6 whole lot 130 acres 4 und’d 9 10 139 8 “ < 9 14 « 9 24 f£ 8 28 “ - . - 8 32 “ 8 v 34 « 8 36 “ 8 . 44 “ 8 * ’40 “ 9 2 “ 9 Chemung Township. L o t no. 4, C h e m u n g T o w n s h ip, stlb .‘6 N W corner, 4 acres. L o t no. 155 N E cor 33a. L o t no 158 S E co r 10a. L o t no 158 N E fcor 20a. Lot no 157 N E cor 5a. ’L o t no 174‘N E cor 59a. L o t no 14 N W cor 9a L o t 111 S E cor 17a. L o t no 126 S E cor 16a. L o t no 126 S W cor 20a. 127 S W cor 33a. L o t no 129 N E cor 17a. L o t no 136 S E co r 12a. Lot no 151 und’d, of 3 0 a N W cor 12a. L o t no 151 S E of 85a ap . pended to S H u tchinson, 14a. L o t no 1 5 f u n d ’d of 16a N W 14a, L o t no 151 ass’d to • L. Quick, 4a Lot no W of 553a as- f se*sed as E . W illiam s ’, bounded north by T . G. Evans and A. .Thompson, east by C. Den­ ton. south by Chemung, west by 147a owned - b y E . W illiam s , being 69a. W a tkins and F lint P u rchase, Tow n ­ ship 1, n. e. section. L o t no 10 7a, S E cor. L o t n o 2 0 6a, around 2, N W . T o w n s h ip 3, S VV S ection— L o t no 34, 17a, N W o f lot ass'i! to 8 a m u e l C o rp in H .a n d A l- cot N survey. .T o w n s h ip 3, S E Section— 3 0 a N W c o m e r of v 245a,-bounded w est by sectional-lines, north Bv lots lots 28 and 26, east by lot 73 and 74, nbrth by lota 7 6 arid 6 8 7 ' 29 acre®, N W .co r n e r of-53 acres' taxed to the heirs of Xohn C a rpenter a n d bounded west bv sectional, north by lot 71, east' By lot 30 and south by a 50 acre l o t To-.vnship 4, S E Section— N o 2, S E deduct 17 a S E . 10a. ’ T o w n s h ip 7, S 1-2 S W section in no 3, N W of sub 2, 6fl, T o w n s h ip 8, S W Section— 4 3 0 acrevj north part of 630a, S W cor o f 3 1 2 5 a , west p a tt of said S W section, b o u n d ed east by T o w n lline of C h e m u n g , T o w n s h ip 8, S E Section— 2 0 acres N W cor of 12Qa, bounded north and west by sectional lines, south by lot line, east by 19, 2 0 , School­ craft’s- location. T o w n s h ip 10, N survey T a lm a d g e T ract, S E sub division— L o t 19, 8 acres S E corner. L o t 2, R a n s o m Lot, c o n tinues location N W of 133 acre*, bounded w e s tby heirs of Ver- noy, south by J o h n B ishop, east by J Holm es, noith by M ilitary line. N o 29, N W 37a. N o 60. N W la. N o 63 N W 14a. N o 64, N W 11a. N o 71, N W 10a. N o 81, N W except 30a N W , 13a. T h e above Land w ill b? sold on accommodating terms. In the absence o f th e subscriber applicants will call on Henry Mather, or A. Doubleday jr. A. DOUBLEDAY. Binghamton, M ay 25, lg46. nlOtf NEW L E A T H E R , W O O D E N -W A R E AN D FIN D ­ IN G STO R E . A T T H E SIG N OP T H E PADLOCK. G W , GREGORY, • would respectfully in f orm the inhabitants of Binghamton and vicinity that e h a staben filestore No. 2. Ely P lace, directly opposite the Phenix H o ­ tel, recently occupied by W . M. & J .E . Elv and R. C. T rivett, where he is now opening Iiis stock of goods, consisting of a splendid assortment ol Table knives and Forks, Tea> do. Carvers, Forks . and Steels, Pen and pock­ et Knives, bread ana bat­ cher do. H a y and straw do. Scissors, shears ancl razors, Brittania Teaand coffee Pots, brass and common A n d iron3,shov­ els and tongs, &c. &c. H O U S E T R IM M IN G A R T IC L E S , consisting of Locks, Lat­ ches, Butts, screws, brads U N a ils, Bolts, patent w in­ dow springs and blind fas­ tenings, shutter ancl sash fastenings, &c &c. A general assortment of T O O L S for Carpenters and Joiners, Cabinet and W a g o n makers, Masons and Blacksmiths, Shoe M a k ers, Tanners and-C a r­ riers, Saddle and H a rness m akers Tools and Trim m ings o f every description. , TOOLS O f a ll kinds, together w ith a'general assortment of rope and cordage. SOLE A N D U P P E R L E A T H E R . H a rness and bridle Leather, Morocco and calf skins, lining and binding skins, together with a general assortment of F indings. S T O V E S A N D H O L L O W - W A R E . W ooden' ware, W illow Cradles, W a g o n s and bas­ kets, o f a ll descriptions &c. A ll of which be w ill sell as low as can be pur­ chased in any village west o f the city o f New York. H e confides in a generous public for a share of p a­ tronage. N . B.—A ll kinds of PR O D U C E taken at the M arket Price, in Exchange for Goods. Binghamton, Nov. 29,1645. 36-yJ. F A L L A N D W I N T E R . H a y i n g re - ' . ceived the Fashions for fall and W inter;— I would cnll the at­ tention of my customers and the public to this fact, that I have my usual assortment of Hats, finished and trimmed superior to any offered for sale in this place; 1 need not add, that they are made o f the best stock now used in H a ts, as any one willad- .m itby calling and examining. Prince de Joinviiie Caps, the most approved style in New-York for the W inter. A first rale article of M en and Boys’ B roadcloth Caps. Youths, cloth and silk velvet Caps. Cloth caps, fine and com­ mon, F u r Trim m e d , and of every variety of style suitable for the season. Also a good assortment cff O T T E R , SEA L , N U T R IA and M U S K CA P S . H a ir seal, seloit, Velveteen and Glazed caps. T © r U E L A IB) O S ® 8 I wish to call y o u r attention to my large and! beautiful assortment of M U F F S ! such as Isabella! Bear, Rocky. M ountain Fox, no. 1. X X. Black: Lynx, (no better can be produced) short Lynx, Im­ itation, do. Grey Fox, German Lustred Genett,(not: inferior-to Lynx) Belgium and French Coney Mulls. Ladies! stocks M isses Fancy Muffs.—- W h ite Rabbit and French coney skins for trim­ mings. In short e v e ry article usually kept in the Fancy Fur line. -Please call and examine. B U F F A L O ROBES. A good a rticle which w ill be sold a l a small ad­ vance from New-York prices for C A S H or ready pay. . J N. B. All o f the above articles are ofthe latest patterns, made of the best m aterials, and bought as low as cash can buy, and I shall not be undersold » A . B: ROGERS. Binghamton, Nov. 4th 1845, FO R B U F F A L O . = bs 'MM \Tl*- a * . T H E G E N U I N E P A T E N T GALVANIC RINGS'. Ami Christie’s Magnetic Fluid! !- H p R l S R e m a rkable disefoveryliKS received ti& uriirsr- JL bs I approbation of tlie m e d ical profession o f C irM l Britain! has now been sufficiently -before, the American public to g ive a fair teat ofit*. p ower' a e d e fficacy. T h e ’. \G alvanic Ring* have long been used w ith perfect aocceaa in a ll cases o f RHEUM ATISM , acute orc|ifonic, apply­ in g to the head, face or lim b s ; Gout, Tic Dotoreaux, Toothache, B ronchhas, Vertigo, Nervou* or1 S ick H e a d ­ ache, Indigestion, P a ralysis, P a ts y , E p ilepsy, F its, C ram p , palpitation of HlC H e a rt, Apoplexy, Stiffness of Joints, Lum b ago, Spinal Complaints; N enrafgia, G e n e ral D ebility, D eficiency o l N ervou*.Energy, a n d all N ervous Disorders. r ‘ ^ T h e ir extraordinary effect* upon the system m ust b e w itnessed lo b e believed; an d ng a c e rtain preventive for theabov- complaints th e y a r e equally lo be recommended. The Galvanic Belts, Batfds. Bracelets, &c. In some co in p liin ts o f a v e r v s e v e r e c h a r a c t e r and of long standing, the powor obtained by tho Galvanic Rings is riot sufficient to a r r e s t the progress of d isease, and ulti­ mately- restore health. The im proved modification in the G alvanic Belts^Bartds, B racelets, e tc., entirely rem e d ies this objection; any degree of pow er that is required.can easily be obtained, and no disease which the m y sterious o- gent of Galvanism can effect, will fail lo be perm a n e n tly relieved. _ Certificates hearing strongest witness of the extraordi­ nary effects of these articles, a re daily accum u lating. « T h e following a re m e rely offered as a sam p le of him dreds o f a sim ilar ch a r a c ter: T h e first is an extract from an editorial which appeared on tlie 24th of June in the A lbany D a ily C itizen—Stabiy Sm ith, esq. editor. \The. P a tent G alvanic R ings, w h ich a re m aking such a stir in the w o rldjust now, a re a noval invention of this age o f i n v e n t i o n s .” -*• *\ * * “ W ith regard to th e ir efficacy we can'Pay that two or three c a ses have fallen under o u r notice, which have fa­ vourably im p ressed o u r m inds. T h e first is that o fa high­ ly respectable.m e rchant o f N e w Y o rk, whc declared to us that their use s p e e d ilyrelieved him of a cough, seated pain in the Bide, and many symptoms o fa pulmonary complaint, and he is now entirely w ell. T h e second that we shall notiee/is that of a yoiing man nam ed Robbins, a resident ofthis city, who about o ne year since was visited w ith in attack of P aralysis, which affected lhe whole of one side o f his body. W e accompanied a m edical-friend to his resi­ dence, No. 96 Beaver s treet,on Sunday, to enquire into his case. W e found that h e had been d eprived e n tirely ofthe use ofone arm and leg, and that sensation had b.een lost, to the whole side of his body. H e had been unable to use the leg in walking, or the arm in eating, and lhe physicians . said they could not h e lp him. W ithin the last two w e e k s he. has worn two and four of D r. C h ristie’s Galvanic Rings, aqd used the M agnetic Fluid, and the effect upon hie p ara­ lytic limbs is astonishing. T h e deathlike coldness left them, the numbness b egan.to giv.e way to many sensations of returning life and feeling, perspiration came out-more freely, and h.e h as been rapidly gaining, and while before, he wore the Rings, he was unable to articulate distinctly,' Walk o r feed himself, y e t now he talks freely, rides out, and for the most p a rt rs able to h elp him self, T h e se c a ses .comiftg to our personal ' k u o w ledge, certainly testify to the m erits o f D r . C h r is tie’s Galvunic tlingsand Magnetic- Fluid.” The following is copied from “ T ho O rphan’s Advocate and Social M onitor,” the well-known-.publication in Bos­ ton, edited by tlie M isses A. and E. G . Fellows.\ P reju ­ dice must vanish when such a u thority vouches for evidence like the following. It speaks for itself. . “ C H R IS T IE ’S G A L V A N IC R IN G S .” “The efficiency of Galvanism in the cure of d iseases, particularly those effecting the nervous system , has long been acknow ledged. T h e difficulty has been Ihat while the patient received a benefit’in one direction, h e was in­ jured by the severity ofthe shocks. This difficulty hug of late been in a great m easure rem e d ied by an improved construction of the galvanic battery. B u t the great d esid­ eratum lay still beyotftl; i t was to apply the galvanic power g e n tly ancl unceasingly. This important object has been accom plished by the Galvanic Rings which have lately been invented, arid have suddenly risen inlo much public favour. Ih relation to these Rings we have witnes­ sed some very practical results, unless we w e re greatly m istaken in the cause. O n e,w a s that of an orphan girl in our own charge, and tem p o rarily in our family, who had been a great suffererer Under paralytic.shocks, till she had n early lost the use of h er. lim bs. O n e o f h e r hands,for .example, was com p letely twisted up, .She has used D r. C h ristie’s Galvanic Rings and the fiiagnetic Fluid whieh accompanies them , for-a few w e e k s, and she is now almost com p letely c u red. W e could name other instances of p e r­ sons in poor h e a lth, being greatly benefited, i f not restored 'ey their use. W e are happy to testify to what we know, leaving the reader to judge for himself. Tlie expense cf trying them is b u t little, and they certainly can do no harm. M any of the sim plest rem e d ies are, after all, the most efficacious.” It is unnecessary to add more, except to state that the G enuine G a lvanic Rings and M agnetic Fluid are only to bo obtained o f L. M. REX F O R D , n 44 - ly . Sole agent for Binghamton. IM P O R T A N T . B. FO S G A T E ’S A N O D Y N E CO R D IA L A BATE and effec'ual remedy for the SUMMER COM- PLAINTS, v z : Diarrhoea and CeoleraMorbus; a k o Flat- it e n t and Spasm odic (Jholics. This invaluable medic’ne forthe above complaints, surpasses any other remedy now in use. Hundreds of.cases have come to the knowledge o fthe proprietor, wnere a gpepdy cure has been effected by lhe use ofthe Cordial, after a resort to the common remedies had proved unavailing. It h as been ex'en- sively used thfoughont this S late'and elsewhere,for many years—has- been approved, and is u edin practice by a c reat number o f the most respec-able physicians, as may be seen by their certificates aud recommendations accompanying each br-ule. This medicine is discovered to be a certain and effec tna! remedy forth e-intestine diseases, p reduced by the drink­ ing o f the waters o. the rivers in the southern and southwestern sates, which renders it o f inestimable value to those who re aide t r travel in those sections of the. country. N. R. To secure the public against deception, the external label o f each b ttle ia secured by a-ccpy right, which was en­ tered (according1 to a cl of Congress) in the Northern District o f New York, o a the 9th day of November, Anno Domini, 1840* A fac sim ileofthe proprietor’s rignature w il,be foundolithe outer label of each bottle, if genuine Price, 31 cts.' For sale by L. M. REXFORD, Binghamton, \ [u5?-ljr SURPRISING RELIEF “Binghamton and Baffalo Line.” A B O A T of the abovp-Hot,, wdll fitted for pas­ sengers and fraight, will leavfr Binghamton for Buffalo direct, EV E R Y TU E S D A Y during the season. T h is Line will run in connexion with a daily line pf steamboats and Propellers on the Lakes.— Parlicular attention w ill be given to the comfort of passengers on the Toute and every assistance will be rendered at Buffalo to enable them to get comfortable accommodations on the Lakes, a f mod­ erate charges. Binghamton,. 1846. ' 2tf A N D E R S O N & CO. Proprietors. J. M. H U B B A R D , Agent, Baffalo. A . C. C U L V E R , “ Utica. C. M cKINN E Y , “ Binghamton. O T IC E is hereby given that the Notes, Books and Accounts o f Benjamin Tone s have been as­ signed to the subscriber. They wil I be found for the present w ith Joseph W h ite at the Office of B . N. Loomis Esq., A li persons h a v ing unsettled accounts with the said Jones a re requested to call and settle them immpdiately ISA A C V . W H I T E . Sept. 25 1844. ' 27 tf. N E W A R R A N G E M E N T .—FA N C Y W E A V l- IN G A N D DYEING. J O H N R. H A R V E Y , has taken shop form erly occupied by Chas. fi.. Johnson, on Court street in M c K inney’s E x change BuiZding, on the Eastgide of the Cana], w h ere he is p repared to Color and W e a v e F low e red Coverlets; Flow e red,striped and Rug C A R P E T IN G , and also P lain W e aviog, on as short notice a n d aschoap a s a n y other person.— H e w ill keep experienced workmen, and hopes to give satisfaction to those that w ill give h im ft Cail. Call once a n d see. fitoak, found and m ade up to oader, if requested. Binghamton, J u n e 27,1844. For Sale. t O E V E R A L H o u se Lots, Eligibly situated in this k J village, with or without Building m aterials for sale on long c redit. A , DOUBLEDAY! Binghamton Nor, l l , 1844. 34 ' L A C K T E A .—A very choice article for safe by F. W. TOMPKINS. M S A ND Permanent benefit is obtained in almost every case of suffering v,here Hr. toiler’s Remedy is recommended. It has been fairly tested in that most disiressing complaint, asthma, and has proved itse f to be a perfect antidote. It has been faithfully tried In Consump ion and has made more curea than any other Remedy in the World, F o lger’a Olosaonlnu, ox A ll-H e a ling B a lsam . Mrs.\ Lucretia Wells, residing at the Home for Sailors, 322 Pearl Street, has been filleted wi h asthma for tne last 42 years, and to euoh a degree that jt was thought of tcntimes that she would die. She could not lay down in her bed. she coughed constantly, she could not go up'stairs and raised a good deal of matey from her lungs. One bottle of this great remedy has so far relieved her that she is now comparative.y well. W. C. Gowau, ol the town of Woodctock Ulster county, ex- perienced more relief from- one hottle of thia great remedy than from a I the med.cines he had ever taken in his life. His disease waa asthma, and he prt'iiounc'es the Olosonaian to be the most valuable med.cine in the world. Mrs. Bond, the wife of Mr.-Wiliam Bond, the celebrated Boston Cracker Baker, of Brooklyn, was affl cfed withasthtra for 30 years. She oftentimes appeared to be dying. -The best medical ad vine of New-York and ilrtxiklyu give her ndriiate- rial relief Af.er taking three d sosofthe medicine she per ceived a very greatsherr.Uon in her breathing, arid in a week or two under Its use she pron uticed herself to be- “ sa wed as she ever felt herself fn her life .Henry Jackson, residing in 13th street, catne to the store in a carnage for the purp se of obtaining a bo tie:of th* Olosao- man. lie was so exhausted on his arrival that be could not speak. He.had suffered Lr more than 30 years with this dia- t easing disease He returned home with a-bott.e of theorem- cay, and in four days after commencing its u^e, he walked X r * 1? e ®ffice‘rf tel1 hi? the wonderful ef- » d„*t*nee or more than two miles. He Is now comparatively \well , atrtw’- _Mrp.McGa.nn, 20 Walker 'Jh\ ^ , ett,of Morristown, N J . ; Mr. WJIk- n if' ' *nd hundreds of name* might be ,>u.C!vCaCy ot FoI««r’* Olosaonian, or AU-Heal- ing Balsam in this disease over every other remedy, S P I T T I N G O P B L O O D . ' ^ •ffnrptom- It is unnecessary to say that it belongs to the symptoms which often precede, but more pro* mrly indicate the presence of that fell disease, Consumption. Yet there are many who are troubled with this symptom who do nottake the alarm, and trifle away the\ time WltA the uie of pslliatve remedies, while the diseuecan' iouea its ravsxeannd the sufferer is »on beyond the reach of hope. Read theJol- Extract of a letter dated 19th May, 1815— .D ^ S i r , - ° n the 20th of April I was attacked with spiffing Wood, but did not take much nt tice of It for a week ormdr? ihtakiorl should get better in a few days! I howwef^rtSl wowe, raising great quantities of blood, had a ticklingcOuxh. wjthaaesere palp in my cheat andlefl aide, I became aoSe’ bilitate dat the end of the month, that I could actreeirwiik T commenced taking your olosaonfan, a; d from the woriiarfnl relief and benefit received from the nae c f two bottles, i most heartily tender yon this testimonial. I am nearlv Well aaain CHARLES ROBERTS, m cw ffit! -Mrs \WiTby the wife of Mr V. -WiTjy; IS^West 17ifi k 'v a i reduced to the rerfe of the grave by miring blood. Ali the means adopted for checking the liammorfhue from tbe Innas failed until she used this great remedy. It waa rteridedmh immediate effect;and a fortnight artcr commencing the Use of it, aae was able to pttendto her usual duties about the houae. Mrs. Thoubourne, 352 Monroe street, who had been trou­ bled for a great irng‘h of time by a severe cough, and raised quantities of blood, was relieved by one battle ofthe Oloaaoni- amand declares it to be the greatest remedy In the world. vDavid Heiiddrson, 60 Laight itreet, Dennis Kelly, 28 Water street Henry Lisbon, 190Rhridgton street. Goo. W. Barnett,for­ merly of Newark, N. J., and numerous namsieoald beadded if necessa-y„ _ _ • For saieat tOB Wssssn s*reet, one doorabore Ann,1aad at Mr*. Hays, 1)9 Fulton street. Brooklyn, for Mlsalso by L,m; TtEXFORD,- Birgtiamton. Ilwl3' C h e e ^ s e m a n ’s A r a b i a n x B a l s a m , ifroa tfie body the tarious forms of hussen suffering, tod {thus, reversing the doom of the afflicted.- Being prepared [in accordance with atrict and welt cwtabHshad ebcmieal Raws, its'reputation has been awd strfl is o*iwafr(f,.and«tia inovf extensiyclyiused- in all partsof the United'States.: 1 Could a multitude off recommendations-be’ of any H e , it would be easy to obtain credentials and lesjlaiowtalii from thousands, of the first standing iri cpmnfumty wno (have receiveilIienc fit from this Balsam ; for all who hare. jqped.it liafe been so wcH ^afisficd that they ltq^e adriacd -their friends tb try it, & thus, simply by bclng recominen- dfd from neighbor to peighbor, its efficacy has been ao tested and proved that it has acquired tbe \ unparalleled reputation of being tire most Valuable family medicine ever discovered. Prom manytestimonials in itsfavor, we' jcopy the frollowing: Certificate from Mr. Cronk. ' Granville, July 27,1842;’ ■I Hereby certify that I was-afflicted witbthe Inflamma­ tory Rheumatism for five or six weeks. 1 employed a' physician but reeeived-no relief,.my-leg became swollen und black to iriy-body, to yriiich 1 applied Cheeseman’s Arabian Balsam,And jn twelve hours it was more comfor­ table, and in ten days entirely restored like tlie other! 1 used only three bottles W M . CRONK. , 'From the Guide to Health. Clieeseman’s Arabian Balsam, the medical qualities of which in reducing infiairiation, in relieving pain, in chang­ ing diseased action and restoring vitality, are far superior to any preparation wilh which I have been eonversarif,aud from m y own experience can testify that as an ahtiplHc* gietic rem e d y iri local infiamation, it is far s u p e rior lo any thing o f the kin d used or recom m ended by the m edical faculty. E x tr a c t o f a letter to D r. Chccseiriari. ' M a b q e u .^6, Jan. 13, 1843. D ear S ir—I have used your Balsam in m y family d u r­ ing six or e ight y e a r s . It is w ell adapted to tlie cure' o f chilblains, cuts, bruises, sprains, burns,-colds, sbre throat and inflamed lungs. Used according to the directions; it is com paratively cheap and efficacious, so far as opportuni­ ty has enabled me to test its efficacy; and I can confident­ ly s a y that I hold it in high. estimation, and would ad-, vise every one to have at hand a bottle of Chceseinan’s Arabian Balsam . Youcs» &c. JO H N SA N D F O R D 1” A C H A L L E N G E .— I h e r e b y challenge and defy any man on earth lo prove that such cures have eVer. been ■ made, by any man, in any region, by th e use of any known m edicine, as have lately been perfected by the use of C H E E S E M A N ’S ARABIAN -BALSAM. It is notorious­ ly know n that 1 have sought out, among, tho poor, those hopeless case.s,~which had been declared mcuraole.- All surgeons.had Xorsaken. them, and had g iven them up to die in d e s p a ir. I t i s w e ll known that I have boldly w a rrant­ ed the cure o f oil these cases, and have succeeded, v iz: I n v e t e h a t e R h e u m a t ism , apd F istu l a — I ncur able F is ­ tula , as it is called, which never before was cured by ariy man. And now lhe most horrible cases of-in v eterale Piles and d eplorable Fistula can be cured by any common n u rse by following m y d irections. '». A ll ulcerated and rotten old f E veb sores —oil gashed 'and mnng/ed wounds arid mang/ed joints, may easily and in a short tim e be enred by t4iis vegetable compound. . O n horse flesh, till gashes, co/iar gaZ/s and saddle gaZZs, are cured\ so-quickfy that n e horse\ n e e d be stopped from his Zabor 45-ly T h e above m e d icine is for saZe by II. C . TR IV E T T , Druggist, Bingham ton N . Y. and the principal merchants and Druggists, throughout the S tate .—Richfield Springs, N. Y .Ja n . 1846. E . C H EES EM AN. M ’A L IS T E R ’S A L L -H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T . B I N G H A M T O N F O U N D R Y . npH E S u b rietibers h a v ing ftyrttedaco^T^iw rehlp, I -*• and purchased the entire ihkrwt oa Hv Blather tn’-thfs ekabHshsrient; wrould w a p e o fW .y'sniosw !* fo the eiti 2 eBso£BiBffhuntoh i n i the pffMiffgtnir*. t i t t t l i e j a rc prepiLiv^o pxders i p t CASTINGS MACHINERY with promptness. This establishment h a s h e e n ^ited'upon an enlar- g«d Scale with special refierene« to the increased de^ mand for- castinsfs and machinery' aiidt is fiirnidied w itba superiorS.TEAMENGINE o f sofficieatpow­ er for-tbe: -Various .branches o f the establishment,en- awing theproprietor to execute all orders for cast­ ings and 'Mkcniiiory u p o n 'v erjr sboftrnotice. Connected with this establishment is a maehine shop urider tbe strlet personaZ supervision of-one of theproprletors—M r. Overhiser, whp-hasforseveral years l^en connected with some o fthe h e a v iestm a a- ttfactttrlnig'establishrfietttfr i n the state as-a nhafchinist where machinery and other • work can tee fitted up in as 4*ood styZe as a t any other esfcabUshment in the State. Plans anddraw ingsof m achinery o fevery description can be furnished at the furnace. In'addition to fhe general assortm ent o f castings usually found at establishm ents o f th ish in d , em­ bracing a great v a riety, can be found C a ldron Ket­ tles of alZ sizes. ATso h ollow w a re o f e v-ety des­ cription. Stove and stove castings, a general as­ sortment em b racing d iffeientkinds o f many o f t h e improved p atterns made from the best o ffran. A l­ so D u rkeys recent im p roved w ater wheel. Also Hotchkiss reaction w a te r w h eels, AZso Johnson*s recentim p roved wheels for Hour, and saw m ills, and a ll the e c e ssary patterns for miZl g e a rin g of every description. Also steam- engines m anufac­ tured ofsufficient power to drive any m achinery used in this sectien. W a n ted in.exchange lor c ast­ ings any quantity o f oZd iron, stone c o a land most kind of produce. 'T h e subscribers hope by st riot attention to this business- to- m erit, and respectfuZlv solicit p a tronage. T H E Q . A . TH A Y E R ; BENJ. H . O V E R H iSER . Bingham ton, October. 2 5 ,1843. _______ 3g L I S T O F P O P U L A R MEDICINES. . For Sale by L. M. w i r e s : F I O T ^ O K H C . O M C U t-oW ,^ M a r n u m •fflictol -ln «ll iKTW Itt Seijfnfss o /tke Jbints, NytrairxMi. Dol*reuxy Pa -T. .. . . .. ' orders, o t however long-st*.ndlfcg— ccrtiirr;r.A**. dy ih Ibis 'wonderful discovery^ , , , UAUTIONF.—The- genuine Cttlvanic Rings ye* quire noptum to promote thier ariljpn. The^oolyi sennine.article can.beprocufed^ny th i) toura.Q^ county o f , J. R. pifeJvN * ’j ■ ' ' . Duly authYiflzed Agent. _ Ttoe very best Medicine ih use OT’ I B; D ]t* Ghfipnrsii s BummcD Got djalior ihu curff Dysintery, Diarrhoeaand Cholera M orbus, Srritn- mer Complaints, also PlatuleritandSpasniodlcCho- lic. This-medicine'is prepared from a rente scription of the Celebrated Dr. Chapman o f Phi la. delpfiia and is really ar,d iruly the pest remedy, for the above complaints n o w in use. Every fam ily' should keep a bottle on hand as it invariably re* lieves-the sudden ■ attacks whieh most frequently-' characterise. the commencement o f the above djsr- ease. Price 18J cts a n d 37 i cts gr Bottle. 3 For S ale o n ly by L . M. R E X F O R D ; T HE day will come when this medicine w illbe pronounced capable o f doing more good, than any fiv j remedies be­ fore-thepublic. At pre ent, it is but par'iaJly known; the half has n ever been told. But when it shall be testi d in a-1 the various departm ent o f sicknc s and d sease ; whon it- w-md- eiful virtues shall be developed; i-s power over ihe maladies of n u n , seen aud feb, ihe'n n will be acknowledged that M’a)- ister’s Al;-Hea!ing Ointment has power to cure more diseases than any .five rem edies before the world. This wiil appear plain .upon a moments reflection. There are two prominent reasons fqr this assertion: , ' • J la't. That by opening thepores of tbe skin, it re-r-oves ati hin­ drance to .he full and free discharge s o f the Insens ble Per.-pi- rati n, and <lius remove the grand cause o f nine-tenths of ihe diseases In-this w o rld; and it is ill refore as applicable to one disease as at>o:her,to the liver complaint, consumption and dy­ spepsia, s s the siclc headache and ague in the face, or to ine asthma, coughs, fevers and bowel complaints, as th i quiip-y sorethroa', bronchmis and croup, for they are caused by check log the insensible Perspiration, in other wotds, in ‘tak­ ing c o d -” 2d. That for almost evety disease, there is a specific remdy; and although there a re a legion of them recommended for the cure o f the same particular diseases, yet how seldom is it. that one OUtef a-hundred do any goo-J. whatever. Inc-tead there fore, o f being u nder the necessity of opp'ylng a g r-at variety of cures, the success in each of which is doubtful, the All Heal­ ing Ointment takes tbe p 'a c e o fihem a 'l ; and by its action upon the skin,.throwuupcn the doors for the escape of ail the humors within. To make this appear plain to all, suppose a per* n is afflicted with a cough, or a cold or consumption, or iiver com­ plaint? lie seeks a variety ofi.nwa'd remedies, but in no one does he find relief, u n ie-s it is ex. able o f forcing off perspiration,which is but a momentaiy relief as the pures aga:n close the moment the effect o f the med cine h as ceased. It may be said with truth, that inward remedies fail o f curing these complaints six if not eiglr. times in ten, the world over; a> d y et a med cine that will not cure at least h alf the casis it is applied to, we cab a poor remedy. Now what is the c -use of the above complain’8? W e an­ swer, checked pcrsf.irotion, in o her words ‘catch ngco’d The skin then, and not the internal o ganu, ia out of order — And we assert that unless the sk n is brought into healthy a c ­ tivity, and ina 'e to eliminate the Insensible Perspiration free- ly and fully, n ot all the med.cines in the world will save the consumptive from tneg-ave. To make our wo=ds true, let us quote from a cel- brated southern doctor, who wrote 0~Iabored treaties on pulmonary.consumption. He says : “butlet us re­ turn to the cotfsid ration o f the indica ion3 o fa c u t e ; itissim ply thia: the restoration of the Insensible Perspiration. In other words, to exci'e a natural healthy action in ihe ek.n.— This is all that is required fur the cure of 9 9 cas-s out of a thous-nd.” Here, then, is a no her case where the true jnlnci- ple.of physiology'is understood, and the results to be produced' in sickness and disease, and yet not knowing any other ageui than inward medieines to effect it. Physicians begin to see this, acknowledge it in their own hand writings, deplore it with much. feeiing but know o f no prescription that will apply to the, human cuticle to restore it io h e tithy activity, and hence their necessity of still administering inward remedies. Itis from this very fact that we t l u i . f r the All- II* ating Ointment a su­ periority overall other-remedies yet discover; d. Physicians know o f no o ther art cle, the world at la.ge know of no other— indeed there is no o ther article hat has such power over the human skin. And it is this power to open the poregby re -tor ing the nervous energy, quickening tbe vital fluid within—that it is s n instrum ' n to f curing more diseases than any fire.orten rem edies w e are acqu iotidw ifh. and in regai d to consump­ tion and liver complaint we will make one remark,., ahd we wish it to sink deep into every man’s heart: it is th is: That upon a proper and fair rial of the AltiHeaiing O n tm e n t.no good good results f o m its cure, that persons may as well cease all efforts a t o n c e : for n o t ati the balms, balsoms, pills, syrups, Ac. Ac under Heavens, wiR-ever restore such a-per- son to health. W e wou‘d be slow to make this rem ark, if we did not possess the evidence to to establish it. Now as most other disea'CB are caused iii the same manner, ft foliows tbat the speediest cure should be the same. - . Branchittis, quincy, sore th r at and influenza, a re Never caused but by checking the Insensible Perspiration. Agui in the face, heahache, earache,and \frequently toothache, are produced in the fam e way, viz: “taking cold ” Fevers, also,- and hearly every- case of Inflamstion o fthe bowels, o r Ofthe stomach or lung?, is the direct result o f cheeked perspiration. Betides these, we may n a m e . diseases ofthe spine and o f the nerves, rheumatism, fever sores: ois esses o f the chest, such s s asthma, tightness ofbrea'h, pains, weakness, dyspepsia, also constipati n of the bowels, croup, cutaneous eruptions, and all dfseases of lhe sk io : in . short, nine-tenths o f th e diseeses iri o u r country, are produced by this one thing—checked perspiration. ,If it is not serious at first, it fioally-setties upon some vHai organ .When it is almost certain to result in death: nnlcaait is rem o v e d ,; ' The only:advantage the All-Healing Gintment has over other remeidios, lies in this one thing—the restoration, o fthe Insensi­ ble P erspiration.' .When this is done, ihe hum ors and impuri­ ties n ever remain to do injury. This will be seen by contem­ plating the following facts: » let. Tbat-five-eigths o f all We receive into the stomach, pass off through the pores o fthe skin, injnsensible Peispiriation. 2d. That tbe skin eracutes more m atter than the inngs, kid­ neys'SOdbOWelS put together. ' 3d. That the skin discharges m o re m a tter in twenty-four hours, than the bowete do in fourteen days! and that by severe exercise,* m an will lose three, four and even five pounds in one hour. . * ? 4th. That the creator plereed the human cuticle-with pores or smallopening to the aliriost inpredibro num b er o r 600 m il­ lion, making this thegrand out-let o f all the redundant iriatter ofthe body. , 6 th. That through these pore* are conatantly exuding the old, altered and worn out perticles-of tUeblood, tbc numors o> the body and the waste ofthe aystem. Sth That to atop up these pores, twenty-four hours’would cause instant ‘death- . - 7th. That sudden changes o f Weather and exposure to cold, close thesb pores in part, and hence the long- -eatalogne o f dis­ eases over the land. 8 h . T h it as the skin is the medium for evacuatingall ths bumora-oftbe body, we see tbe profound folly and absurdity of reMoriMfoptU^ aiun and other, mixtures, to cure tbo great maforttv of dUeaatm produced by cbeeked-^airapli-aHon.' S h i Thatnntil S eptember, i3M, there wss no medicine be- fere the public that had power to restore the InatuWibte Par- tbat medicine, and wblch, by pbaaeaatng-Uiia power.^ia e ff ct- iris more not) than any five or even len remedies in tidacoue- cry. raSTWINJ^FTVSANDm £ C O .^ ies South St., N. Y-. (Sola Proprietor. L. If. REXFORD, Agent, Binghamtori N. Y. [nitt ly &c C ROCKERY—A good asrortm eut o f C rocker as cheap as the cheapest a t th e old stand-of i Cary A Co.' root court at. b f A 0 M O R G A N A R D W A R E —A good Assortmeht of shelf ; Haidvrare. also Shovels, Grain Scoops, :Ac. selling Tery cheap by A C i d O Sand’s Sarsa.parilla Sand’s Salt Rheum Remedy Roman Eye Balsam Indian’s Panacea M cM u n n ’s E lix ir of Opium Phinney’s P ills Moffat’s Life Pills “ Phoenix Bitters Sherm a n ’s M edicated Lozenges “ Fever & A g u e Lozenges “ D inner Lozenges “ Poor M a n ’s P laster Jayne’? E x p ectorant - H a ir T o n ic “ Tonic Yerm.ifuge ” Carm inative Balsam “ Sanative P ills Dailey’s Pain Extractor Play’s Linim ent for Piles W a s h ingtonE lixir lor Dysintery. Cooper's, C o m Salv.e M a rr ’s C o m Salve Gridlcy’s SaZt Rheum Ointment D r. R u s h ’s Lrialljble Pills Phelp’s T o m ato Pills “ Restorative B itters ' M ile’s Tom ato Pills Fahnestock’s V e rm ifuge Clieesman’s A rabian Balsam A llebasi’s BZk. SaZve “ Cough Syrup “ P ile Pills “ C a thartic P ills “ Plasters “ F e v e r & A g u e Syrup. W inslow ’s Balsam of H o rehound Taylocjs Balsam of Liverw o rt M o ther’s R e lief Fosgate’s Anodyne Cordial W istar’s Balsam ol W ild C h e rry -Resurrection or Persian P ills - Jew David’s o r H e b rew P laste’- Egyptian Balm Fislrs.Lily. S y rup . Longley,sG reat W e stern Indian Panacea Dutch Pi/Is, o r Lion ofthe Day Bisho-ps’s Anti-Bilious Pills Hitchcock’s Balsam of H e a lth “ W o rm T e a “ C a tarrh Snuff ' M agnetic Odontica “ H a ir Regenerator P a r k e r ’s P u lm o n a ry Balm G regory’s Pills Balm of Colum b ia H itchcock’s A n ti-B ilious F ills Covert’s Balin of L ife M ichaux’s F r e c k le W a s h Lee’s Pills Brandreth’s Pills Post’s Poor M a n ’s P ills Badeau’s Plasters - Libby’s 'Bitters Nerve and Bone Rheumatic Liniment Wilkinsons Tr6matie.Wound Salve Thompsons Eye Water Hills-BaZs. Honey Cephalic Snuff H u n g a rian Balsam of Life .j , McAllister’s All Healing Ointment “ H a ir Oil “ Toilet Oil Segur’s Restoritive-PilTs Larbor’s Ext. Lungw o rt Clove Anodyne, C e rtain cure for toothache Clim a x Syrup Dr. Foord’s Pectoral Syrup Tonic Cordial U n iversal P ills H o o p e r’s Fem ale Pills Anderson’s Scots Pills Godfrey’s Cordial Bateman’s Pectoral Drops Turlington’s Balsam of Life Pacific Oil Eddy’s Rheum atic T incture W a rranted Endertnic beatiti/ying Soap K e e ler’s Invisible Ink Connell’s Pain Extractor U n ited States Pills O riental P ills W a tterm a n 's Rheum atic Plaster Opodeldoc, Hard at.d Liquid Edward’s Salt Rheum Ointment Medicated Cough Candy \ White’s Salve Gelatine Capsules Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam Chapm an’s Summer C o rdial Harlaem Oil Le Baume De Ninon or * f T h e French Balm o f B eauty j Knapp’s Strengthening Plaster Dr. Sm ith’s Sugar Coated P ills with m any o thers.net e n u m e rated. is rants e v e ry article ^enwHie Price $1 CO . 1 00 25 2 00 25 25 a n d 37| 25 a n d 50 1 00 N E W A t the Old\ Favorite Store Corner o f C o u r t a n d W a s h ington Slretig (formerly occupied by R. A. FordSpCo.). r|* H E subscrlbers havejusZ receive.! the 'Largest A New stock o f goods to-be found in this v icinity Consisting of a ^ a r g e choice stock of D ry Good* Groceries, Crockery, GZass w a re, Boots.- A jShoeg, H a ts and Caps &c. SA L E S , to stqt p u rchasers—A L L kinds o f pro* in Exchange for goods. d u c e tak e n : S. A , N E W T O N & Co . rN WnTlMtt MiJlNlf ww.amm 50 and I Cheap M arble Factory. c o n g d o n * W H I T I N ^ M arble Dealers^ Binghamton , N. Y , begjeave to say ty> theirlargecircleoifT customers, a n d thff public generally, that they still con­ tinue their M arble Shop on Court St., a few *o6rs ca?t o f tue Canal Bridge, and that they ar* -constantly enlarg­ ing their facilities for the accommo* da tion ofthosfe who may need articles in-theirline. In the beauty and _____________ _ ____ durability o f the m aterial they lurnish, as w e ll as excellency of workmanship, correct and appropriate lettering and carving, and fineness o f finish, theyare determined not to be excelled: while th e y a r e free to pledge themselves fo the citizens of Binghamton, Broome and tlie adjoining Counties o f this State a n d Penn­ sylvania, that they w ill supply them, o n a s favora­ ble terms as any dealers west of Albany and New.- York. They have now on hand a well selected assort­ ment of Marble,- for T om b Stones,Tables, H earths, Paint Stones, Sinks, W indow Caps and Sills, &c.; and any rarer a rticle in their line, such as costly Monuments' or M antels, they will hold themselves in readiness to furnish to o rder on the most reason­ able terms. - - - Orders from the country are solicited, and th« articles .DELIV E R E D , i f desired. Country Produce wil Ibe received in payment. Binghamton Feb. 17. 1845.* - - V egetable u it 25 25 T h e s u b s c r i b e r w a r - Bingha’m ton, F e b . 11, L. M. REXFORD. 1845.' in g to a fSm iliat fact,which other I passed unheeded, D i'.Johnmr retie fe d mankindjrom oneo) • tKcmost destrUetipe diseases thctt ever, afflicted them, A B O U H ^ e ightyears since D r , S e g u r first dis- i l cov'ered a rid t^sted fh e ^ ro p e r iies o f this med­ icine, in a tjriai f n hiaMW|f,in-a case' o f Dyspepsia. H is-attention was im fnediktely a ttracted by p a rtic­ ular influences and effec^TDO the system, w h ich he conceived to b e both n ew d ipd im p o rtant; * a n d des-- tih e d to effect im p o rtaqt^eaiilts i n fhe^application of m edicine. ^ , T h e pubZie are invited to •make a t r i a l o f this M e d ic ine. I t i s beZieved t h a u h e r e isnO M e d irtne offered a f th istim e e q u a lio th f M fo r th e c a r e o f -N e r- vons D erahgeraehts in a ll itsW rm s -iH y s teriO A f­ fections a n d W e aknesses a n d SupprCissions p eeull- ar tofem a les—B ilious Com p laints, Costive a n d re- laxed habits,bow el c o m p tain tsfn c h ild r e n a s welZ as adults—dizziness and geivM Hytflections'Dftbe H e a d , E a rs a n d Eyes—coldneaSH B numbne^s o fthe Limbs, and: w a n t o f c ir c u latio n ^ J lico v e T if f g f r o m 'c i n d i c a tions IRS. iuffairi fevers Bodily injuries, A c —-parsa andaffections^Scroffala, iiieaM J m atrons ancfEruptions,. S o rsH ji ol Imjure Humors. * I t i s rem a rkably h appy a n d the... thelingering effects o f s e v e r e eodda^ ling c a u irh s , a h d qtteerByoncliial tions, so often leading to perm anen , T h e price o f the abtive Medici&e, form^ o f p i l l s ,i » 2 5 c t s , A.fiOets h*!*- ■'•if ' .•Binghamton. i for worms w ith^w h ich s6 m alflicted. : C iS ttr Oil-Candy, Sahdr AcBH The genuine articles ,ktg ^R/-'Cf. T ;Dlik«FcBciCt9 gfdBM ffiig •' ickr Dr. H e r z ’ German p i l l s , P REPARED by T ild e n & Co , New Lebanon, N. Y .—Ampng tlie various'remedies befors the public there are none wltose virtues have been more cheerfully and universally acknowledged, as bei ng peculiarly welj adapted for remoying Headache, Sick Headache, and the whole class of kindred disea­ ses by restoring a healthy tone and action lo the Stomach, from * disordered state of which -arise most, if not all the difficulties of the head. It was the result of many years study and expert, cncc of an eminent physician, and. was used by him through a long and extensive practice; jt is a Hippy combination of vegetable substances, is mild, safe, but effectual. Headache is' a disease from which arises more misery to the human family than from almost any other, being insidious in its course, and not being directly fatal, is frequently neglected to such an extent as.to impair the general health, injurs the constitution and induce dangerous diseases.— When there are indications of an approaching attack of Sick Headache if an immediate resort be had to the Fills the attack will bo obviated. Then, if* dull, disagreeable cenwtioiiof lhe head is felt, caused hy a determination of blood to tbe bead, or -in cases of periodical Headache; they will be found- effectual in curing and obviating the attacks. Food should b« taken in moderate quantities, hearty arid Stimulating kinds, and articles apt to produce acidity avoided. When the system has been a long time out of order, and a predisposition lo severe and sudden attacks, so mo little time wilh pa tie nee, and constant use of lhe medicine will be necessary., before full advanta­ ges will be derived from it. They have been found equally efficacious in Dyspepsia, Indigestion, loss of appetite, Heartburn, Giddingss, &c. I.ls success while used in private medical practice, as well as since it has been before the public, affording conclu­ sive fevideocc of its value, and the proprietors desi­ rous of placing it within the reach of every individual, have been induced to reduce the price to twelve aud : a half cents per.Box. ET For Sale by Robert C Trivett, Binghamton; Canfield Sc Steele, ^Union ; IJ. Jennings, UnionWil. jage; W. R. Root, Chenango Forks— where amplo Testimony may. be seen. 32—ly. W e s t’s Chlorine Cosmetic - A N D P I L L S , F OR the-cure of Salt Rheum, Scald Head,*Rin|r Wprms, &.c. Unparalleled success! This remedy has given relief in every case, and has cured over two thousand nine hundred in thKEE thousand. The above medicine is a rare combination ofmsd. ical remedies of great value ; from its superior heal. ing propertiesj.and from its use in many cares when ail other remedies have faijed,, not only -curing .hat giving?|elief immediately—justifies us in saying that it is the most -valuable, and efficacious remedy ever presented to the public in esses of Salt Rheum;Siog Worm, Scald head, and all diseases ofethe Skin « bn I Blood. ' . It is not offered like many nostrums of tha day, upon, the\ mere recommendation'of the proprietsrs, but uponlhe testimonynf Physicians,eminentin-lbefr profession, who bave not only examined the cempo- silion, bul leated its healing virtues, tin their praotice, add upon the: testimony bf others who have-been relieved from a state oi suffering, after having.triad *11 otber prcscription* in vain. • The sucees* which ho*, attended this -medicine As wonderful: beyond description. Persons <with 'tlie moat in veterate eruptions covering the whole -hod/ and bead, causing the hair to fall off and who bave iried sll theremqdiea.snd skill tbey could, proeuva withont s ny. lasting benefit, have been in * /e«v vaski perfectly and permanently cured. Of thir fact hna. dredsof certificate* could be procured, boffbeyeoriJd not more thoroughly -convince the public -tbanvthe testimony .already addnccd. : When n enof the first renpfcctobility **d standnig in oommonity think it their doty to inenr ttea^ai. ponsibtjitj of recommending it their feUow ejUceni tit; »• evident that there mm t - he eomethimtt -irwre than eomnon in its effeefs. • It is aiid. squally* apinu rent thatTbysicianr will not haMid their lepnmipB in recomoiendi\) a medieine wot'gastij >tes««d,^Mr which A mnwnrtby of notice. These.Jaeta eSw-en be-mentionfed'to 'eplqree conviction. gy-For sale-by Robert G. Trivslt, fiendferd'A Steele,iUiuon; (H; Jennmaw^ Qny*eVB>' W.:RvRoot, Cfcenapfo F>t)» 'vHwa-fipyfa IP

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