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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, December 17, 1845, Image 1

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i** t« ro i U s H C O KTJCUr WEMKfDAT^^ ^ I in A d v a n c e * Okton's BookbTokk. * , . , 6 » HATBS Q F ADVERTISING. . 0.it«|Ukre'on« week, ' *- — ’ f— $00'50 I ; '»■ ’three weeks, —• * « 1 0Q ■ r,..; i -je tf ,'; * -•*; '• ; / ’ff do 'Hilf'colamn 1 year, - - - . 15 00 ’Whole column 1 year, - / ‘ 30 00. rFrofo*«ion*l Cards not exceeding 10 lines, 5 TOO. V f frLcfrff advertisements *t the fates allow'cdby law. T i i A B T G A G E S A L E .— M o rtgagor, Jo s e p h K , R jigg,; i Y l i^fort)?»jCee H e o r v M a th e r , D a te o f M o r tgage, the. \tWert.ty’-nint(» d a y of M a r c h A . I ) . 1839; R e c o r d e d ih the' f]Ofc*rks office'of th e eounty- o f B room e on th e h r s t daiy o f A p r il .1839. in-B o o k of M o rtgages num b e r /eight, p f g e e four ^ h u n d r e d a n c l e ig h t, (408) a n d four h u n d r e d and.nine (409); ’M o rtgage d u ly a s s ig n e d by H e n r y M a th e r lo G y rtia S tr d n g .’ ^ T h e a u m o f four h u n d r e d atid six ty dollar* a n d tw e n ty l i r e ce n ts is c la i m e d to b e d u e o n s a i d m o rtgage a t th e first pub-: lien tion b f this notice : th e m o rtgaged p rem ises a r e d e s c r i­ b e d as \follow s: All th a t piece or p a r c e l o f L a n d ly in g in - the:T illage o f B ingham ton, being lot n u m b e r s i x (6) in Eli* h u E ly ’ss n b - d i vision o f lots num b e r t h r e e an d four-(3 and. ’4) i n t h e plot-of th e village o f B inshatoton, bounded a a fol­ io w a V iio r th b v lot n u m b e r four (4) o f s a id subdivision,'east b y W a s h ington stre e t, s o u th by lan d o f M ason W h itin g J u n . , w e s t by. la n d o f J o b n T . D o u b led a y ; said lot b e ing .h l i y eig h t (58) feat front an d r e a r , and one h u n d r e d and ith i r t y f i v e (133) feet deep, being t h e sam e p rem ises con- - r e y e d b y Eliho. E ly to s a i d M a ther. D e fault h a r i n g b e e n m a d e in th e p a y m e n t o f th e . niJneys. s e c u r e d b y said nrort- g a g e , th e above d e s c r ib e d p rem ises w ill,be sold a t pnbjic- an e tio n o n T h u r s d a y t h e tw e n ty fifth d a y o f D e c e m b e r n e x t, at one o’clock P . M . at the P h e n ix H o tel in B ing- hiM sten. D a ted S e p t. 22d IS45.- C Y R U S S T R O N G , A s s ig n e e . J oh i T C l a p p , A t t y . ' 27tds; . •fc.WII . .1— . ■ ■ - ■I I I ■ ~ . —■ M O R T G A G E S A L E .— M o rtgagor, S a m u e L G . N o r th , -M o rtgagee Jo h n Lockw o o d , A s r-igneesof Mortgage!,- E d w a r d J . B o y d a n d Jo s e p h B . A b b o tt; M o rtgage dated th e 8th d a y o f J a n u a r y A. D- 1845. R e c o rd e d in Broopie 'co u n ty c l e r k s office, t h e l3t.U d a y ol Jan u a r y A. P . 1845 ? » t- 3 o - lo c k P . M .7n B o o k of m o r tgag e s No 11, pages 493. -* n d 494. Amou.nt claim e d to be due at the first publica­ tio n ol th is notice T h ir t e e n dollars w ith in terest o n th e ’’w h o le sum — D e s c ription o f m o rtgaged paem ises. “ All -’th a t c e r tain L o r piece, o r parcel ofland situate in th e said ,ko.Wn d f O o n ’k lin aforesaid in. th e tract df Land, fo r m e r ly «t>Wfted b y Jo n a th a n H e d g e . Tbe-said parcel o f land h e r e ­ by- in ten d e d to be coftveyed is more' p a rticularly d e s c r ib e d •sJoH o w s, t o w it: B e in g ten ■ a c res o f L a n d laid o u t in a ,squa»-e form in t h e south w e st c o rner of a Lpt o f lau d pow o w n e d am i o c c u p ied by W a lt e r J u n e and being .the s a m e -piece o f land conveyed by W a lter Ju n e and wife to John 'J6«j*s*tr as. s u r r e y e d by W illiam W e n tz A p ril 18 th ’ 1839— \excepting otit o f the said ten acres, t wo a c r e s off th e w e st­ e r l y sid e ^ o ld by the said p a rty o f i h e first p a r t to I s a a c 4 ^ n k l i u — D e fault h a v ing been m a d e in th e p a y m e n t d u e th e r e o n , sa i d m o rtgaged prem ises will be Sold a t public au c ti o n on th e 2 0 t h d a y o f N o v e m b e r next, at: l o ’c l o e k P . M . a t t h e P h e n ix H o tel in th e village of B ingham ton, B room e county’. D a ted A u g u st 26, 1845 , E D W A R D J . B O Y D , ) . . ■ , JO S E P H B . A B B O T T , ) A ssiSn e e s * Bi*D9ALL * B a b t l e t t , A ttys. 23- - T h e sale o f the above p r e m ises \is h e r e b y postponed u n til S a turday the 20th day o f D e c e m b e r n e x t, a t t h e tim e an d place in the above notice of sale m e n tio n e d .— B in g - kauiton, N o v . 20, 1845. EDWARD J. BOYD, ) 4s, Jw^ JOSEPH- B. ABBOTT, ,J BlKDBALL ( t B a r t l s t t , A tt'ys. _______________ . A D M I N I S T R A T O R S S A L E . rN Pursuance of an Order of John R. Dickinson, th e u n d e r - Surrogate of the ■ '\i. ■jn i - . “ E q u a l P ro te c tion to - a ll C la s s y , Jam e s , 1C. P o lk * ,Tr- V O L ; V I I . N O . 3 9 . ] B I N G H A M T O N , N . Y . ^ W E p N E S D A Y , p p . C E M B E H 1 7 , 1 8 4 5 . .[W H O L E NO.' 7 4 3 . A F a r i u t o L e t , T HE Farm of Nehemiah Randall senior,; is of/ ferCdto an hoiiest Tenant, to be cropped oh mtmim shares, ritte with a small Family would, he prefer- ed- A team will also he-furnished to the Tenant. The FaTm Jies near, Port Crane, in this Town. Enqaire.ot , \ A. DOUBLED AY. . Binghamtdn Oct. 31,1845. i n33tf * Important News from Europe. A RRIVAL OF T H E GREAT WESTERN;— / 3 l The subscribers are now receiving and open­ ing a large and well selected assortmentof C R 0 C K E R Y , imported direct froiri Liverpool- expressly for this market whie h they catt, and are bound to sell cheap- er then can be bought in any other establishment 'in Western New Yprk.( Young Married people who are aborit to coiiimerice house keeping will do well to call and examine our' st ek before purchase ing elsewhere. - C- H. BUCKLEY & Co. Binghamton June 10,1845. T o th e Ladies in particular. A ND to a)l who are desirous ofa Y o u t h f u l a p ­ p e a r a n c e , or are troubled with P i m p l e s . E r v p - t i o n s , recent F reckles \’RlNNED'or D rIKd and Shri?- v e l l e d S k i n , or P r e m a t u r e ,\W r u c k l e s . LE BAUME DE NINON, or , T H E FRKNCH BALM OF BEAUTY, will be found the best remedy ever yet offered fo the public. Price 50cts pr .Bottle. For sale by L.. M .REKFORD, only agent at Binghamton. 6 - C H E A P B O O K S . H OGARTH;^ Musical History, Biography i -criticism, 50c. Forest Life,\by Mrs Clay county o f Broome, the 7 «bjrned, A d m inistrator &c. of! Addison c . s pencer •deceased, will sell at public auction, at the house ofH . N. Bragg in the v iljaseof Windsor on Tues­ day, the 20th day ol January next at 10 o’clock A. -Ar: the foi lowing desc ri Ded real estate, to wit; A -.certain piece or parcel of Land contracted by Charles Rose to Orwell Phillips, bounded as foi* lows ; beginning at a stake standing on the south sid.e of the highway near the north end of Lot No. T in Lawrence’s north west Tract, thence running •34’dcgreee 45 minutes W . 1.92 links, thence N. 50 degrees west 2.93 links, thence north 14 degrees east 1.70 links, thence stuth 89 degrees 30 minutes east 95 links, tlience south 50 degrees east 2 7ti links to the placC o f beginning, containing two roods twenty two rods of ground more or less—said Lot is improvvd and has a blacksmith’s shop thereon, now occupied by Lewis Riley. - Also, .that certain piece of land situate in Windsor, beginning at the north west corner of subdivision Lot No 2, in Great Lot No 2 in E L Hommediue’s Tract, at a beecli ,tre< numbered andmarked, thence south8Tdegrees east 12 chains to a stake and stones 8 links east from an old beech stub marked, thence south 3 de- ”grri£s West 33 and 33[ links to a stake and stones standing-in the west line of Lands owned by Elias jWhittemore, thence north 87 degrees west 12 chains to a stake and stones standing in the east line of Lands owned by Addison C Spencer, thence north degrees past 33 chains and33[ links to the place of beginning containing 40 at res more or less—a- bqut 20 acres of said Lot are under improvement, arid it will be sold subject to a mortg.' ge of about $160. Also, the interest which the said deceased bad in a certain Contract made by him with John A Collier for the purchase ot a certain piece or paccel of land, situate ia Windsor aforesa’d, being the equal west half of Lot No 2 in the Hommedieu I Tract known as Tract No.2 in the Randolph Pur­ chase; said west half containing 5S acres and 32 perches of Land more or less—said contract to be sold subject to about $593 unpaid' thereon.” Dated Dec. l<t 1845. ; JAMES Y. BROW N * 37tds . - Administrator &e. ADM INISTRATOR’S SALE. - I N pursuance of an order of John ft. Dickinson, , Surrogate of the-coumy of Broome, thesubs'cri- ber, administxatoric.of Duncan MpArthur,deceas- ttd, ofters for sale at 'public auction at the Birig- hamton Hotel on Thursday the 22tlday of January .next,.at,10 o’clock A. M,, all those Cerfain.pieces , 9 /parcels .of (arid, situate, in the town of Chenango, County of Broome, about one mile from tbe village o f Binghamton, distinguished as lot No. one U ) in tlnf sulKlivision of the' Burrill farrn, so called, ac­ cording to a mAp made bv.W illiam Wenlz, and recorded in the Broome county 33 >ok ot Deeds No-r^4, page 371*- said lot containing two acres mote or less;.,bounded on.the west by the Chenan­ go river., Th.e same to.be sold .subject to. at ejaini | thatiriayarise in eqrii y on a bond gtvenby the said DL McArthur lor the purchase money of said Lot, oforie.hundredDollars. - - , - Also,, Lots No- two (2) and the west. half .of Lot No. three (3^ of the same subdivision; and map, and recorded as above, containing three 2-100 acres, more or less; bounded on the -West by lot No. one; to bersold subject to a mortgrrge of one hundred and M yDoHatr.^.,...... . . •• -. ’ ; •The above desc tubed lot? are improved.’meadow larid with a Lane leading lrom the main road to the same. , 38-tds ... ALFRED COOK, Administrator. pOTICE.—tn Pursuance of an Ordfer of J .'R . Dickinson ^Surrogate ofthecountyofB roome, notice is hereby.given to allpersons having clainis Against th e estate of Eph ram D a v is, late pf Union- in said connty deceased, to exhibit the srimfe ritith fiq vouchers thereof- to the riridersigned, at his dwelling ho s.ein Union aforesaid, on or-before the 8ih day of May next. October 29,1845, v- ■**' ‘ \ OLIVER RUSSELL, ' ~ ’ ’ -. - ' • Admibistrafor. and lavers.-- A Memoir of Mrs Judith S Grant 50c.. Table talk •by* W m Hazlett 50c The Jridicator, by Leigh Hunt50c., Lschokke’s Tales^ by Park Godwin 50c, T h e Pupil of Raphael. O’Connell’s Ireland 25c:.. For sale by ' H. E. PR A T T . JVeio G o o d s b y E x p r e s s I ! F ORD & Co. have just received from ,N. Y. by Express a beautiful lot of fall DRESS GOODS, comprising all the new style of Cashmeres, Crape- D’EcOss, Chusans, sliaded Ginghams, &e. Also some beautiful English Prints and rich fall Rib^ bons., The^ all “open rich” and will be soldchegp. Sept. 16,-1845. M I M 1 1 L L k R O O T .’ FASHION FOR FA L L 1845. e » * T HE subscribers, are now ready to furnish their friends and customers with H A T S p f the fol­ lowing style. ■ Crown—7 inches high— Bell—9-16 Yeoman—. 4 Curve. T i p — 4 Ova). Bum-—2[ inches xvide. Curl, small and round, rather fuller at sides., meeting at front ancl rear-wi th a v e ry fine turn. Set— S lightly rolled a t sides a n d ‘ the under part of the brim 3-U» sloned and . 1 inch curved. Band and Binding U-16 inches wide. ' North side of Court street. MERRILL ROOT. Binghamton Sept. 9, 1845. * N E I V G O O D S , ~ N E W G O O D S ! s r s m C H. BULKLEY . & Co. have just returned • from New York with a splendid assortment of Fall a-nd W inter Goods which they arc now of­ fering to the public as low as can be found iri ahy other Establishment in town. Among which are Broadcloths, Cassimers, Sattinetts, Vestings, dress Goodsof'all descriptions. American English arii'd French Prints ofall styles and qualities, together wilh every article usually called for inn Dry good store. . . . . . : is* In the Crockery line we beg leave to say that our assortment is large and that we are not to be under­ sold by any ct our neighbours. Ready Made Clothing kept constantly on harid and selling at such prices tn a t ’customers cannot complain.- Produce of all kinds taken in exchange for Goods. • - . \ .fir- Clothes Cut'or.Made to order oh the shortest noiice and Warranted. . Doutforzet the'name. c . H BULKLEY A Co. Binghamton Oct. 27th 1845. F A L L A N D W IN T E R . \F A $ W m W i H AVING re­ c e i v e d th e Fashions for fall and W inter,— I would call the at­ tention of my customers and ihe publicto this Fact, that I , ;* have my usual assortment of Hats, finished ana trimiried superior tq any offend for sale in this- place;* and 1 need not add, that they are* made of the’best stoek now used in Hats, as any one will ad­ mit by calling and examining. . . . (Hi ■ ? ~ ~ N E W G O O D S . : Cheaper than the Cheapest! ! F . W . TOM PKINS. A T TH E LERQY STORE one door east ofthe. cqnal.is how offering to- the pnblid gre.at bar­ gains In goods ol all descriptions. Among his as­ sortment will be found a great' variety of DRESS GOODS, , Consisting of Cashmeres, Rep do. .Muslin de' Laine, Black Alpaccas, changeable and figiiced do. sjlk W arp do. ..Prints of all kinds snd qualities.' BROADCLOTHS, - r. . Cfissimeres, Satinets, Beaver and Pilot cloths^ French cloths and Cassimeres, French Doeskins,' Flannels of all colors', Salisbury flannel, Plaid cloaking, Drab tnoreen. « • . * * HOISERY. • , Ladies’ white Merino Hose, white and black Cotton da. black Worsted, do. ribed and plain,, black silk do ribed andjplafn, Cashmere do made- colors, Alpacca do. made cOlbrs, Men's’ Merino and Woollen-4 Hose. - _ BOOTS A N D SHOES: Mens’ and Boys’ coarsd and flue boots\ and shoes.. Ladies’,Slippprs of all qualities, Ladies’ fine kid Buskins, double and single go les, • cheaper than they have ever been sold in Binghamton. GROCERIES, P A INTS. OlL&AND DYE STtJFFS, NAILS, G tJkS S &e &z . . All of which will be sold lor R e a d y . P a y - cheaper, than they can be bought atnny other store, west c f ' New York city. ’ . \ ' ” ‘ -Binghamton Get.'6£h 1845-. ‘ - '« 1 . , n e w a n d f a s h i o n a b l e * BOOT A N D SHOE STORE. A T Binghamton N York.—The subscribers beg leave to inform the citizens of Brootrie arid fhe adjoining counties, that they have open aiid are'riow opening at their store opposite the.Binghamton Hos­ tel, Court st. the largest assortment of Boots arid Shoes* Ever offered iri thjs market; consisting of Gentle­ man’s, Ladies, Misses and Childrens Boots \and SI oes of every description which wilTbe sold low­ er either at - W H OLES A LE OR RET A I L Than at any other place in the qo,anty. The stib- scribers intending to devote, persona).attention and knowing no other ncinc’ples in trade than those of strict int€^rity, hope to giv.e satisfaction and secure permanent Patronage'. Ladies aiid Gentlemen'arc respectfully invited to eall and examine for them­ selves before purchasing elsewhere. . Also on hand a Jarge assortment ot H A T S AND CA P S Which will be sold very low. FISH & WEBSTER. ..Binghamton Sept. 8, 1845. •' * - : C L O C K S . W A T C H E S & J E W E L R Y . I NTENDING to make it his permanent location; \the subscriber announces to the residents of Binghamton a n 4 parts adjacent, that he is ready at all times'to exercise his skillin dorrecting the dis­ orderly habits of every variety of time pieces, from the Yankee Glockto the Chfonumet.or,.and-with>bis practical magic make them, . . , ‘•Point w ith 'unerring finger to the m arch o f tim e .” ( With his knowledge ofthe recent iririprovemen’tsin the art of Clock :and W atch making and' repairing, he feels confident in giving those Who may extend to him their patronage, t:lie assurance that he can give entire satisfaction. He kdeps constantly and is receiving by month­ ly expresses direct from the irhpotter and manufac­ turer the latest and most approved styleS of Ameri­ can and Parisian J E W E R i, not excelled,in beauty of-design,\ or, brilliancy of finish in Western New- York—rogelherwith An assortment ot selected with\ the design bf suiting'the taste o fhis patrons. He also keeps'Silver SpOonk and' Specta­ cles; Brass, Wood and- German Clocks, all of which will be sold-cheap for .cash or exchanged for produce. . U * OLD GOLD and SILVER taken' in ex­ change forgoods or rash. . « RICHARD SHUIRES. BitlghamtonMay-27, 1845. ■ ; . Prince de Joinvi.lle Caps^the most-approved style in New-York for the W inter. A first rate article of Men-and Boys’ -Broadcloth Caps. Youths,, cloth and silk velvet Caps. Clolh caps, fine and\ com­ mon, Fur Trimmed, and of every variety bf style suitable for the season.. Also a.eoodassurtrilet)t: r f OTTER, SEAL, NUTRIA and.MUSK CAPS. Hair seal, seloit, Velveteen and'Glazed caps. \ * . [HIE L f P I I I S I wish ^ call your ..attention ,tp my large and beautiful assortment of MXTFFS! sUcn as Isabella Bear, Rocky Mountain Fox, no. 1. X X. Black Lynx, (no better .can be produeed>short Lynx, Im­ itation do. Grey Fox, Ger,man Lustred Genett,(!not inferior to Lynx)>Be)giuit^ and French \‘.Coney Mu'flsV Ladies’ stocks Misses Fancy Muffs.—- White Rabbit and French-con by'skins for tnrii- mings. In short every article usually kept in the Fancy F.u[-line.. PJease call and examine, * B U F F A L O R O B E S . ,. - A good article which will be\sold at a smull ad­ vance from New-York prices for CASH of rieady pay. - N, B. All of the above articles are ofthe latest patterns, made of the best-materials, and .bo ught as low as cash can.buy, and I shall not be undersold, 1 A: B. ROGERS. Binghamton, (Nov. 4th 1845. • * ’ New Plough Manufactory. F ARMERS TAKE NOTICE.—The subscriber has-commenced the manufacture of Ploughs,1 in. the village ofBinghamton, and is n.ow prepared to furnish the Farmers of Broome County with a superior article, ina'de of the verv best castings and timber, and of the latest and most approved pat­ terns. Persons wishing to piirchase aVe invited to call at his manufactory, one door north, of John A. Collier’s office 1)1 Frahklin St., where the Ploughs may be examined, and where they may'Be obtained as cheap as at any other establishment’ h r the state of N ew York. Ploughs Will also be repaired at short notice, and. by competent and experienced workmen '; and all'kinds of farming.produce will be received in payment.. • NvB. Ploughs and CASH 'exchanged for all Ignds cl'Lumber. ' - . ,• ‘rt Bjnghamtoni April 1845. OTTCE—Application will be made to theLeg- l; islafure df this state at \its next session, fnr tlw formation of a new' county, to be comprised of the tollowing. Towns and parts of Townsy v iz: - Bainbridge..CQyenty.andthe.sQulhpart of.Quilford In'the county of Chenango, Otego, Unadilla and in or the south part o f Butternuts in thetounty ot O^ego^SLdney,- Masonville and Tompkins inthe county of Delaware—Sandford aiid the/easi part of Colesville in the county of Broome, with the at Bainbridge. ^ - I Dated Noy, 10,1845. n35-6w T T r B; DISTRICT* COURT;—In Barikrirptcy. m' Notice to show canseagainsi ihepetitionot’ Thomas Williams oi Sandford Broonie county N . Y. for hts discharge and certificate as a bankrupt it Auburn New-York on Saturday the 31st day of January, 1846 at 10 o’clock A. M. \OTICE is hereby given that an application I 'Will be ihade t6 theaeXt Legislatu re to revi ve aad amend fhe act entitled' an act to incorporate the JJtipa and Susquehannah Rail Road Company, Srissed April 25,1832.—Dated December 8,1845. ^Hustswir ‘ , • / ■ A DM INISTRATORS N O T IC E —Ip pursu- ' ance of an Order ot the- Surrogate of the Coonty o f Broome, notice is hereby giveff to all -who’ have claims a gainst.the.estate-o/John 5 ;rMeceased, to exhibi t the same with the vouch- ersthereol, to the undersigned, administratrix and. REMOVAL. J. G. ROGERS, ' H AVE Removed to the new -and commodious store No. 3 EMPIRE BLOCK. (4. doors a- bove their old location,) and have now -opened a large and -well selected assortment o f goods which they offer to thei r friends and the public generally as cheap for Cash or Ready Pay as can be lounc in this market. Our stodk-ebnsists of Groceries, Crocke’y, Looking-Glasses,. Glass, Hardware, Hats and Caps,'Leathei; Codfish anc Mackerel, &c. &Ci 1 W e inyite’ali .to call and examine ,o.ur.Goods ant prices before purchasing elsewhere. The highest market price will be paid for Coufi- tiy p ’roduce. D o not'forget th'c place N o . '3. Em ­ pire Block. Jt & C; ROGERS. B ingham ton N o v . 12,1845. ’ T h e “o ld casli S t o r e ” i n lu l l B last. F O R D & Co’s i s th e ' place to h o y a l l kind o t griods CHEAP, they ' have 'ju s t received deci­ dedly, th e largest a n d b e s t a s s o rtm e n t e v e r In B ing- . h am ton, and the low p r ices .at which they a r e s e l­ ling cannot fail to pi ease. , • ■ R e m e m b e r the “ old C a s h StOTe,” is.n o t to be undersold! C a ll and ju d g e for yourself. •“Oct. 15^4845. - : « - ; ' ■ - •/ T T YOU W A N T TO BUY CLOTHS CHEAP 1 go tq the “Old Cash SfoYe.” All jj^ministrator of the said deceased, at the dwelling 1hmm?oY James B: C h u rch i n L isle, in s a id C o n n ty •?H»r’before the 3d day of January next. Dated; J u- Broadcloths Cassi mers, Satinets, Bearer and P ilot k W of James B: C h u rc h i n Lisle, in said C o n n ty eloths, Vestings o f c“ ** ----- - next Tin tpA Tn. 1 ?f th>sEstablishment CHEAPER than-at* any other slorejntqwn anfl no mi-take! . . « ^ Oct. 15. ’ R. A. FORD ftO u , ly.2d,l845.. . i - 15-6m ^L U C Y B. TODD. Administratrix. JAMES B. C H U R C H , Administrator. DeL'AINS, Alpaccas, Bombazines, and other Dress G o o |s for sale* cheap at No. 3. , ! N f c v y M A i i D w A a i ' ; , ■ LEA T H E R ,, W OODEN-W A R E AND FIND- ; ING STORE. . - A T THE SIGN OF THE PA DLOCK G v w , GREGORY, • Would respectfully inform the inhabitants of Binghamton arid vicinity that he has-ta ken the store No: 2. Ely place, directly opposite the Phen ix. Ho­ tel, recently occupied by W /M . & J. E. Elv and'R. (8. Trivett, where -he is aow opening, his stockrif goods, consisting of a splendid a^sorlmfnt ot Table knives aiid Forks, Tea-do. Carvers^ Forks . and Steels,'Pen andp.ock- et Knives,,bread,a.nd but- 'cher do. Hay arid straw do! Scissors/ Shears arid razors'; Brittan ia Tea arid: coffee Pots, brass, and common Andirons, shov­ els and tongs, &c. &c. v HOUSE TRIMMING ARTICLES, ' . consisting- oi Locks, Lat- ; ches, Butts,screws, brads: Nails, Bolts, patent.win- dow springs and blind fas­ tenings, shatter and sash -fastenings, &c &c. \A general assortmentof TOOLS for Carpenters and Joiner?, Cabinet and Wagon makers, Masons an,d Blacksmiths, Shoe Makers, Tanners and Cur­ riers, Saddle and Harness makers Tools and Trimmings o f every description. - ! FARM ING TOOLS Of all-kinds, together with a general assortmeht of pope and cordage. SOLE AND UPPER LEATHER. Hamcs^ and bridle Leather, Morocco and calf skins, lining and binding skins, together with a general nssortm nt of Findings. • STOVES A N D HOLLOW-WARE. Wooden ware, Willow Cradles, Y/agons and bas^ kets, of all descriptions &c. . All ofwhieh he will sell as low as can be pur­ chased ip any village westof the city of New York. He confides in a generous public for a share of pa­ tronage; •' N. B.r-All kinds of PB.ODUCE taken-at the Mapket P rice, in Exchange for Goods. Binghamton, Nov. 29,1845. 36-yl. C H B A g A S T H E C H E A P E S T . r p T E subscriber is receiving his Fail and Win-; 1 ter s^ K r i J Goods, consisting in part-of 1000 sides Sole,- Upper, Harness, and Bridle Leather.^-4 1000 Calf, KipjUatna, Morocco, Linings and Bin­ dings, skins.; Together with a large lot ol Find- iugs, tdnumeroils too mention. / A L S O , A .large and well selected-assortment of Family. Groceries. • ' , - . FISH . ' 4 Codfish, Pickled Salmon, Shad, Mackerel &c, • - OILS. Lamp, Tannefsj and Neats' Foot Oils. F L O U R A N D S A L T By the'Load oi ‘Barrel. The above goods willbe sold cheap foi Cash or exchanged,fpr mofjt kinds of.c lUntry Produce. Hides and Skips, \Wanted ih exchange for cash •Tho^q wishing to purchase any of |he N E W S T O R E . A . C , JlO ltG A N , L ATE .ofthe firm of S . Cary & Co.wouldim form hispid friends and customers, andthe tracjingpublic in general, that he has just received an - ' e : ■ Entire New Stock of Goods, At the old stand ol S. Cary & Co. foot of court st. Consisting of D R Y GOODS, G R O C E R I E S ,. CR O C K E R Y , AN D H A R D W A R E , And would he glad to see all those wishing to buy- Good? cheap as he is determined to sell as Cheap as the Cheapest. Binghamton Nov. 25,1845. \ SU G A R S . S UGAR of all kinds as cheap a* the cheapest at :the old stand of S Cary & Co. N jv . 25, __________________ A C MORGAN G ROCKERY—A good assortment of Crockery as cheap as tbe cheapest at the old stand o f S Cary & Co. foot'of court st. by , A C MORGAN ARDYVARE—A good Assortment of shelf Hardware, also Shovels, Grain Scoops, &c.. selling very cheap by , A C MORGAN H A TEA. TEA . Lafge lot; some of the right sort at Nov/25,’45 ' ‘ A C MORGAN’S B OOTS & SHOES.—A good assortment for gale very cheap by A C MORGAN. \ PR IN T S ^ P R IN T S —A Large Assortment of Calicoes of th e - L a t e s t s ty l e s a n d P a t t e r n s , a n d a r e offered very cheap by . ! .. A C MORGAN Nov. 25, ’45 i 1 • , I., L .BAPvTLETT. n2--tf. B OOKS—100 Morse’s Geography, price only 50c. Mitchell’s outline Maps. Key to Mitch ell’s outline Maps. Neal’s Hislory of the Puritan Stephens travels in. Egypt, Arabia, Petrea and the Holy Land. Dr. Olin's Travels in the East $2 — Bang’s Lite of Arminius 50c. • The'Diary ofa Physician’. Life in Earnest bv Hamil on 50c. The, Abby of Innesmoyh W hat’s to be done, or the will \or the .way. Italy arid the Italiar Islands.— Seaward’s narrative of liis shipwreck. Tytlers discovery on the northern \coasts of America.— Wealth, and worth, or which makes the Man. His- Yory of education by. P rof.-Sm ith. The young Crusoe by Mrs Ho (land. Cooks voyages round the'world. For sale at • . ' P R A T T S New Book Store. and Goods, above, will do. wed! to call, before where. - ‘-'.’t r~ J. ' Novi, IT/1845. / 'T \ tfrGhasing else- ABBOTT. S O L E A N D U P P E R - L E A T H E R — T h e la r g e s t and best assortment, for sale cheaper than the cheapest a t J B ABBOTT’S N E W BOOKS. /Y R A C L E S from the Poets, by -Mrs Gilman—the v / . Elements of Morality and Polity by Wlieweil. The Farmers Library for November—^selections from Taylor, Barrow, South, Fuller, &c. by Mon­ tagu 50c. Laughabl e game.' a great vari ety. The Farmers. Land Measurer 50c. Tbe Arncrican H o u s e Carpenter. M e m o i r s of Hannah Moore in 2 vol’s. Renwick’s 1st Principles of Nat..Philoso- phy'38c._ The May flower by Harriet B Stowe, 38c. Lewis & C larks Expedition 38c. Conquests and self conquest. -Frasers History of Mesopota­ mia. Just Received and for sale cheap at P R A T E S Book Store. NEW MlfStC J USTReceived a choice collection ofNew Mu­ sic, comprising,- Songs, Duetts, Guartetts, Ctuadrills, Marches, Waltzes, Polkas, &c. arrang­ ed for the Piano Forte and the Guitar, also Bar- bwes Musical Primer and Blank Music paper &c. a t _____________________________NOLAND’S M I L L I N E R Y R O O D S . F a l l a n d W i n t e r F a s h i o n s . M 1 RS. DAVIS has returned from New York w i i h th e fa l l a n d w i n t e r fa s h io n s fo t E a d i e s H a t s , C a p s , &c. . To which she begs leave to call the attention of her large circle of customers. H er stock o f mate­ rials is large and fashionable, and cannot iail to suit. H e r - ' M u f fs a n d F u r s Are rich and elegant, and need only be seen to challenge admiration. - =£jf* Leghorns and Straws cleansed and dressed as usual. Dress Making, Cutting and Fitting— to a lime­ ted extent. . ' Binghamton Oct. 28,1845. _______ _ MISSES P , & P. BARTON, W OULD respectfully inform - the JLadies of Binghamton, and vicinity, that they haveta* ken the rooms formerly occupied by Miss Tisdale, in court-sireet, next door to Overhiser’s store, Where they have on harid a choice selection of RIUH AND FASHIONABLE M illinery and Fan e y G o o d S j suited to the season, all of which have been pur­ chased recently at ih 1 lowest cash prices, and which will,besold to say the least, as cheap as at any oth­ er establishment in tbe country. They have on hand, and wili furnish to order, all descriptions of BO NNET^ Made in. the neatest and most fashionable style, to­ gether with everv description of. MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS called for in this market! Triey. respectfully ask the LADIES of this place lo give.them a call, as they are determined to do their work in a superior style, and in'cuch a manner as to give entire satis­ faction to all their irieads and customers. Hats cleansed and dressed to order. Binghamton Nov. 13, 1845.\ 24tf [Flwnlhe ChenirijfoTelef rtph/Dec. 3.y Arriotig our ffomesijc news, We do riot koowr of an item of more ltKai inferRit, than the sed windfall to q u f \yhig friend, Geo. H|if* ris of .South Nevv-Berljn, in. thi* connty, and the hopes aqd /ears it blif: occasioned, and it will yet occasion him.. : | p f jntd our part* some 15* years ago ffbm Y ^ inqn^ a Taw look­ ing boy, but cute and ke * ing a hr.wk from a ha other-Green Mountain * ,seed, patent bempbreakv^ on Bookeeping and Irish sc ri ption,and other cont settled down to hqrd wotJt« by marrying a daughter o f j mer in the town of pat loo a sj*ap. and kno w* * !_ ♦ quick e* a ahy dealt in hernp* Wg Treatise* on guh. lie finally »ste«ji!y home r; Smith, a far- ri, ;where fie has EM P IR E BLOCK, ' V - N O . 1 . • O N C E more the subscribers.wofild beg leaveto call the attention of the citigens Bjng.hamton arid vicinity lo their large arid vvdll selected as­ sortment of .-'i ■ • C H E A P D R Y GOODS, ! ^ Selected especiall y for the good of purchasers.—’ Qn examiningrireir ass.ortrqeUtof ■ ,* v ? P O M E S T I.C Q p O D S ; , ,r - You will find evlsry style of. Sheetings, Drill/pgs^ Tickings, &c‘., which will positively be ^pld^yery D R E S S G O O D S : -' ' Of every variety, .quality; arid; price, ‘Oashriieres, Cashmere DeCosSe, M.DeLaine, Alpaccas ‘a large and cheap int., bopght- expressly for this .-market, because \they a r e cheap. ‘ i * . ' , . SHAW L S . Hoselry a beautiful article ofLa- dies’ black cashmere Hose, Linen^pLawns, Laces,- &c. i- i*-, • - • '• Inthe CLOTH' departmqn.t may be found every variety, consisting oi French, Beaver, Braadcloth? of every shade', Cashrrercs, Saftiiiets, Jeans,‘&C ' R I C H P R I N T S ' ' W e have now more than 300 pieces'of prints, new-siyles, lrom 6d to 2 lc per yard., , , f W e cannot he, excelled J n GROCERIES,.they, were bought cheap, and will'be\ sold cheaper than elsewhere in this town. * : * ' CROCKERY; a g^od assortirient. NAILS, befet qualify. W e ask but a comparisdn jof our gqqds ahd pfices with any i n town to ebbvirice any'orie that better bargains afe to be had-With us,'than at apy store in Binghamton.. : I ‘ ' - id? Be sure wh^n yqu ,pome iu.town *.ta goto No. 1 .Empire JBlock. if you-wantfp.saVe money. ' - * \ ;v - ' ( Don| forget ULY’S W m . M . E ly . ) 1 ’ Joa. E. E t r . - «ir; . * : . < ' ’ ^ l N o y /12,1845.- • - Binghamton' i- - , . . N O T I C E . I S hereby given that the Partnership heretofore .existing'under thV fiiriftbfC a ry •day dissolved'by mutual'' consent. \The ;Books and accountslare assigned td/S.'F. Gary A-Co. who' -will attend to the sealing of.ihesame, Thosenax-# ing accounts unsettled will confe^ a great favor by. settling, soonv Those hiving accounts agains said1fii‘m-will- present fhein. ’ Dated- October 22t 1845, , - .** ;■ - - ■/ 8. G ARY.: - \ • A- C.; MORGANi ■ • •• : s N . . , c m y ; , T HE.subscr.iber has just received, aL his old stand qn. CoUrt Street, Binghamton, a.large and wHi'selected stock'of Hardware in all'its. vari­ eties, to which he invites the afterifion of the pub­ lic/and which he will sell a t prices Which cannot 'ail to suit., vHis assortment of ' - Isespeciaily'invitfngi Alwaiys On hand,' Cbokiug T H E N E W Y O R K A N D B O S T O N © ^ S I K I @ T ® R S d No. 2 Ely Plate. B F. SISSON has on hand a geheral andwell • selected assortment of Goods wh 'ch are offer* at the lowest-prices for CASH. OR PRODUCE.— All persons wishing Goods o f any Description are 'invited to. examine his stock before making their purchases, as lie flatters himself that he can offer such inducements as can not fail to suit. Bi ngh am ton Nov. 4th 1845. ________ i _________ N e w m u s i c B o o k s . —200 Psaimodists by Tho’s Hasting arid W . Bradbury. The North* e r n H a r p by M r s D a n a , c o n s i s t i n g o f s a c r e d a n d ; moral songs adapted to the most popular melodies for th e P i a n b , F i u t e , a n d G u i t a r . The y o u n g M e l- odi. t by Bradbury 31 c. The school singer, qr y o u r i g c h o i r s c o m p a n io n ’■y B r a d b u r y a n d S a n d - ers37ic.‘ The Vocal Guide by W m JEdson25c. The W a s h i n g t o n i o n H a r p 12fe. For sale.by . _______ H. E . PR A T T . aud.Parlof Stove.s of the most approved patterns? a full .stock of • • IR O N ■- ... Ofall sizes-and qualities,', crif and wraugbt Nails and Spikes,. An v.ils aiui Vices, Sawsof all descrip- tioris, Aries and. edge tools of ail kinds. Lead, Lead Pfpe, sheet Lead aiid Zink, Sfedvels/SpadeS, ’ ' _ Iron1 aud Copper Wire* ‘ , Halters, Trafe'e Chain's, \Brqss Kettles, Cordage Twine, togethCr with all' the hiticles which enter into his-brarich of business.. , H i s a s s o r t m e n t o f A m e i i c a n H a r d w a r e i ' p e c u - l i a i j v fin e , a n d h e p a r t i c u l a r l y in v i t e s h i s cu s to - lii'ers a rid t h e p u b l i c to e x a m i n e it. __ _ . - - „• JOHN E. SAMPSON. Binghantton, Nov. 2 5 ,184p, ■ T h e Patent Electro Magnetic ;• R I N G S .' • T HE subscriber having recently arrived in the United States, from. London, has learned with surprise, that ignorant impostors have commenced soliingipiiiations ofhis Galvanic Rings. The gen- .uine require no use of'fluid to promote their action, and are a certain cur'e'for all nervous diseases,such as Rheumatism, Gout, Tic Dolereaux, Headache, Indiges ion,Paralysis, -Stiff Joints, General Debil­ ity, and a)l Nervqus Disorders Agents wanted in the : ted Statts; to wbom a liberal triade fop cash remittences. Any/person remitting $1, will receive fourrings by mail. .Gold plated, price $1, $1-50 and $2, Ad dVe-s, post paid', ' Prof. H. G. CRICHTON, . ' 34tf ' 21 4 Broadway, N. Y. , a F . C A M & GO. 3V«wj Store, in/the Empire Block, / BINGH A M T O N N Y H lS Firm inform the Public in General, and thqir, PJd.Gusiom*xs tn particular, that they a r q n o w - o p e n in g a n e n t i r e N e w a n d F t e s v A s s o r t ­ ment o f staple M e r c h a n d i z e , consisting of D R Y GOODS. G R O C E R IE S H A R D - ‘ W A R E . CROCKER Y $c. Arid, announce, confidently, thak they will sell as Cheap, or a-'Little Cheaper \.hth the cheapest \ ..................... Hot* G INGHAMS/ some new and beautiful J*atter»s at No 3 Empire^ “ sale- cheap at Ho. 3 L n R O W N and Bleecbed Sheetingheeting cheapestheapest 1- 4 C. ROGERS. I .L> town at No3 Empire J. A C. ROCnRS. J- A C. ROGERS. S c In w r . ... ____ [ e cheapest* store. Call one, ckll all, andexamine frqply. for looking at Goods, for every body ought .tri-see before they buy, * . BROADCLOTHS. Great Bargains in Broadcloth;, Cassimeres, and Sattinets. ' P r i n t s f P r in t s ! ! ,P r i n t s ! ! I Latqst styles and Newest, FashionJ of \Prints in the greatest-VaTiely , atleasit T en per cent, cheap­ er thin aay other.stora. I ‘ '* ” \ I .. * -T E A S A?- Fresh, Good and £hedp, .as eVei drank iri “ these parts/’ , Best Yourig Hyson at 50 cts. p e rlfrr i Dori't laii to c*lL . + . • i ’ ‘ 1 S i F . C A f l Y , ) P m n i f u Rlru»lr- . , . ; 't SvGARY, J Empire. Block, BinghamtonNov. 18,184fi. : / W ANTED, ‘ ( O r any othet Huantity ofSH E E P PELTS, for which,. Cash qr Gpods will Wrixchangedi ? ' S. B. ABBOTT N o r . l l j i e S . • 1 f ‘ * ‘ - ‘4 ' ' town? ofthe Uni- deduction wi ll be . E M P O R IU M O F FA S H IO N . C h e a p .C a s h T a ilo r in g and R e a d y M a d e C lothin g , * l @ T ^ © L O © H I M I M i r = T HE Proprietor ofthis celebrated Establishment is now offering for sale Ready Made Clothing cheaper than at any other Establish ment in Broome county, the clothing is all Manufactured under his own immediate direction, assisted by one of the most experienced workmen, procured from one of the most \extensive Tailoring Establishments in. Europe. He employs abant .twenty Tailors and TailoresSes, among the best iri the Village. Every article warranted to be macte well. Clothing Made to order at theshortest notice and atthe Lowes' prices. \Warranted lo fit well. Cutting done in the most approved style in Which particular, he cannot be su:passed by any in the state for Beauty and Fashion. W. H. NOLAND, Binghamton Nov. 4th 1845, - rS E N U IN E FRENCH CLOTHS and Cassi- vX meres. Also French Doe Skins, rich plain black and fancy stripe French satin Vesting, and all kind of Woolen Vestings Selltng Cheap at Oct. 15,1845. FORD A Co’s. since .resided. Five Bmith arid wife and all hi* children had died with the.ex* ception qf Hui ris’ vvifo andJier brother. Sidney Smith, a merchant in Nevv-York. He will bo remembered as having beep iormeily a clerk in this villages; and more rfecet^jy a partner’jn the weahhy nrm of Ctark & ofN e w Y o r k city Over two years-ago, Sidney, who had a* - massed a large property, gradually-found him* self sinking under consumption, and sailed from New-Y.ork in a packet for Maderia, where and -in Italy, he.spent tbe winter and spring in 'pur­ suit qf health\ and returned to New.*York in June, 1844. Gen. John A. Dix and lady were his fellow;passengers out and hom^. and were much wi(h him abroac|^B;efor«iaailing, he ^hTs wiT in which, as./'weLterifupSe^cvq Lrge legacies to the children .of his partner, and directed the payment of the interest o fa certain principal sum to . Harris4 wife during - her life, and at her death.the principal to go to her only ‘ child, and in -themvent of the child’s dying with­ out issue, it was ail to revert to his partners,- th* Clarks. . . On his return.to, New-York he made atrange* menta for coming out and spendina the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Harris. He shot ouf by ta* nal. furniture, provisions, and numerous!bathe* lor comforts, and wrote a long letter to his/sister^, describing his return, his health, his anxiety ti> see her, his expected happiness on. meeting- arid giving directions about a carriage arid 'other nr^ rangements. He told her that Mrs. Dix. who had often, heard him mention her name, sent-her warmest rpgaids. and promised to come with her husband from their summer residence, Brookfield, apd make a visit to them. He theo alluded ;o his will, which he said was notio hi* mind; that he should alter it as soon as he. got out to Chenango, and do better by her, as well as change il in other respects. Then for fear he might not live to alter it, he concluded to pro­ vide for her at once, and he drew on the top of the third page of his letter a draft, in the usual; form, on his partners, the Clarks, payable to her order, of thirty thousand dollars. He tells hex how to. Invest It, to take the advice of Enos S. Halbert, Alva Babcock, Abijah 'Gilbert, North Ely and Horace O Moss in managing it; to ' live well and procure every thing .that would! make her comfortable and happy. This JeUef- came to the South New-BerRn Post Office in the absence of Gen. Harris, and Mr. Babcock, the. Post Master, took il to her. She was near-sight­ ed and sick at the time, and she read it imper­ fectly, laying it aside until her. husbarid’s return# In three days Harris came home, and at.tbe ve­ ry moment of his return, received another letter from.New-York, saying that Sidney was fast failing and desired their immediate presence.*— They did start immediately, she - forgetting in her alarm the former letter. Sidney lingered a few days after their a rrival and died?--and they brought back bis body to be buried with his father. On examination of the will, it was the opinion' of Gen. t)ix, Benjamin F. Butler and Judge Denio, Harris’ counsel, that it was void as to the disposition of the greatest part of the property, owing to its running through too many fives, &e. . - . They filed a bill m Chancery to set it aside.^—- A proposition was made by the Clarks for a set* tlement, which for some cause was riot effected, and the suit proceeded. Here a ne w leaf turn* over, A day or }wo before the last election, Harris received a letter from Gen.. Dix directing him to look over all Sidney’s oltfjiapers and letters, and pick out every.thing that had any bearing on or reference to his will,,and send jthem to him, In executing this order, he found-and saw for the first time theone-coniaining'the thir­ ty thousand dollars draft, which had laid bur* ivd up for 18 months in a heap pf Smith’s other fetters. • An ■ explanation/-by his -wife showed how and when it came. Several copies, of the letter were made, and in the presence of Gen. Welch and Noab Ely, the draft was cut from the letter au,d endorsed by Mrs., Harris. Harris then with Alva Babcock, and anojher Mend went to New.-York, Babcock cariyirjg the. -letter in his valise and. Harris the draft,—** As bad luck would, have it, Etabcock’s valice, with the .letter arid his overcoat were etojen from Dunning’s Hotel), shortly after stopping i h ere. .The d ra ft, h o wever, was safe, and that Babcock took and presented for payment to Enos R Clark in his store. Clark took it, mut­ tering that it was. strange and that he would speak to his partner.: walked out to Police Jus* lice Osborne, swore it was a forgery, and obtain­ ed a warrant on . which Babcock was arrested and examined.' Babcock succeeded hr showing that fie presented it as the agent-of Harris, and he was discharged. The Justice- retained the draft, .and Harris & Co. retttrned hojne wtth fleas in their ear? But- Harris’ troubles were not yet ended., He had. scarcely got to South; New Berlin,. when a Police Officer from New- York\ arrested him for the forgery, on complaint of the Clarks. Harris gave bail, and on Mon­ day ofthis week trudged off again to the city tn answer the charge. The General is a hardflut to crack, and they who attempt to squeeze, him.- will find it so.. This is a game with the stakes at $30,000. If he, collects the draft, he has a fortune to begin with and to fight the will with. If the will stands, he gets something handsome by that, and if it falls, he will have a second for­ tune. The General is a bold player and we bet on him. * But we pity Mr. Post Master Babcock.— Though a loco foco, Alva is 33 honest as the day is long. This was bis first rfsit to the city, and he promispd himself rich fun. He got it.— In two days they stole his valise, stole his pa­ pers, stole his clothes, took him up for forgery, and ail but got him into the Tombs! He thinks he shant go again in a hurry ! The General is not at all dashed by this blow. He loves a muss of this-kind as well as a cat loves-cream. He has Gen, Dix. B. F. Butler. Judge Denio,, B F. Rexford and H, Rennett for counsel, arid his opponents will need a# ma­ ny lives as a cat if they expect to go to law with him and to live until he is tired of g. T 1 I C H DRESS GOODS, of every disfnptioa I*, -jttst received at the “Old Cash store, rich, plaiDj printed, and rept Cashmeres. Eec ' \ ‘ 3 \ Cashmere D - i^os^V Affkhan satins and crapes, crape andS M. De Lain?; plain, figured a n d striped Alpacas, Tfob- et cloths, black aiid colored Bombaztns, Tt en h and English imerinoeS? with the most splendtd a*- soritnent o fRichDreasSilks v ver shown mBuig- N ew S alt S tring —A new Salt Spring has been discovered at Canas’ota 25 miles E a s t of Syracuse, on the Erie Canal It was dis­ covered in digging a well in the village for fre9h vyater. Ai the depths of 30 feet a cavity was met with, u$|a fed, indurated clay, or rock, in which the brme boil id up The waterra said to be a* strong as that of Syracuse.

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