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ATWOOD'S j I o t A i r E m p i r e C o o k i n g S t o v e . m H E citizens of Bin^h^ioton nnd vicinity 3K re* L spectfolly informed, that the undersigned has procured the right to sell Atwood’s H o t A ir Empire Cooking Stove. The advantages which this stove possesses over all others that have been invented will be readily appreciated upon an examination of the philosophical principles upon which it is con­ structed, and its perfect adaptation to the purposes designed. It is simple in its arrangement,neat and chaste in itsappeai asce, economical m the. consump- i ion ot fuel, and both durable and convenient ,n its •we It has a large oven, and four boiler holes—the •ntire heat at all times passes directly in rotation mder the first three boilers, and then, by an entire ew arrangement of the flues, is carried around ach end ofthe oven, and under the fourth, boiler in- othe exit pipe, as will be seen on examination. C E R T IFIC A T E . O ' Annexed are a lew who have these stoves in •i<e which will serve in some measure to show the estimation in which they are held: “We the undersigned, have 111 use Atwoods Mot A ir Cooking Stove, and are willing tobear testimo­ ny to its many excellent qualities. It performs all the vaiious operations o f a cooking stove with great convenience, and less fuel, than any other stove we have ever seen or used, and we would recommend our friends andthe public, w ishinga first rate cook- jn^ apparatus, to examine the Empire Stove p revi­ ous to purchasing. P . Robins , Wm Cook , E B Green, S a m i W e e d , j Felter, Ja s H a lstead. Binghamton, Sept. 20, 1845. The New-York Evening Post contains the follow­ ing notice o fthis Stove, which was exhibited at the late Fair of the American Institute, at Niblo’s Gar­ den, No. 401 •• Atwood’s H o t A ir Empire Cooking S tove.— We .a^e °iven this stove a thorough examination, and ve think that it is better adapted to culinary pu\po- es than any other stove we have examined, and tor baking or roasting it must be invaluable. Thestove U so constructed, that cold a ir is admitted through ’t hole at the bottom, and then passes through a ••hamber by the side of the fire, where it becomes nerfectly heated, and is then introduced into the oven. A t the top o fthe o v en.thereis a hole ihi ough which the steam that arises from the article baked is carried off Our attention was directed to this stove by a member of the American Institute, who has lately purchased one for h is own use, and he savs it is superior to any stove that he has ever us- >-d. This stove may be used either in summer or winter, and with either wood or coal, and will an- wer every pui pose of an oven, with about one-third .f the e x p e n se. =rv Constantly on hand, and for sale by S. J. ■ )L M S T E D , Franklin-slreet two doors south ot L. M. Rexford's Drug Store, and one door north of The Iris office. . N. B. Five siz s of the Premium Cooking Stoves, together with a general assortment of P a r .or Box, and other Stoves, and Sheel-Iron, T in nd Copper W a re, constantly on hand, and manu faetured to order. \ n.28tt Binghamton Oct. 1st 1845.,. ________ ; \ /T OU RNING~Balzorines a few pattern's at iV i June 3d ’45. CROSBY’S. F INDINGS.—Another lot of Linings and Find- in g s , just r e c e ived and ior s a ie at July 1st. ___________________ A B B O l l b. , r \ ROCERIES. Just received 10 hhd sugar 30 O T hhd molasses besides any quantity of coffee vnd tea very cheap by S. CARY A C O .. T S q T H E CA M F A IG N “ t j OR 1845 has commenced, and Cary & Co. are r-n h and w ith a large lot of Goods and are receiv­ ing from New-York weekly supplies which they are now selling a t very low prices. Call and see. Jan. 1. 1845. ____________ S. QARY & CO. ^ W A T E R LIME\ \ GOOD Article for sale at the “ Exchange Storehouse” A.BY C. M’KINNEY. : S A L T & F L O U R O A L T & F lour by the barrel or load for sale by 3 F . W . TO M P K IN S . N AILS:—A full assortment o f Fall River Nails for aale by __________ F. W . TO M P K IN S . , P R IN T S .—T h e best assortment of Prints in, town for sale cheaper than the cheapest by F W . TO M P K IN S . S A N D S ’ S A R S A P A R I L L A , FOR TH E REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE OF ALLDISEASES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF TH E BLOOD, OR HABIT OF TH E SYSTEM, V IZ; Scrofula, or King *■ Evil, JRhcumalitm, Obstinate Cut­ aneous Eruptions, Pimples, or Pustules, on the Face, Blotches, Biles, Chronic Sore Eye*, Rinse Warmer Tetter, Scald Head, Enlargement and Pain of the Bone* and Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symp­ toms, Sciatica, or Lumbago , and Diseases arising from an injudicious use of Mercury , Ascites, or Drop­ sy, Exposure or Imprudence in Life. Also, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will beremoved by this Pre- peration. I F there be a pleasure on earth which superior beings cannot enjoy, and one which they might alsoen»y men the possession of, it is tlie power of relieving piin. How consoling, then, is the consciousness ofhaving been fhe in­ strument of rescuing thousands from misery to those who possess it. W hat an.amount ofsufTering has been reliev­ ed. and whutastill greater amount ofsuffering can.be pre­ vented, by tbe use of Sand*’ Sarsaparilla! The unfortu­ nate victim ol hereditary disease, with swolten glands, contracted sinews and bones half cartons, has been restor­ ed to health and vigor. The scrofulous patient, covered with ulfcers, loathsome to himself and to Itis attendants, has been made whole. Hundreds of persons, whohad groaned hopelessly for years under cu'ancous and glandular disor­ ders, chronic rheumatism, and -many other complaints j springing from a derangementoflhe secretive organs and : (he circulation, have been raised as it were from the rack i of disease, and now, with regenerated constitutions, glad­ ly testify tothe efficacy of this inestimable preparation. The following certificates recently received will be rend wiih itite.resf, and for further proof lhe reader is referred to a pamphlet which is furnished gratis Vy a.l the agents. Mbssbs. S a n d s : New-York, Dec. 1, 1843. Geiltlcmen—Parental feelings induce us to make the following statement of fads* inrelation toth* iroroi tant cure of our little daughter, wholly effected by the use ofSands Sarsaparilla. For nearly three yearsshe was afflicted with a most inveterate eruption on the body, which at times was so bad, connected with internal disease, that we despaired of her life. The complaint commenced in the roots ofthe hair, aud gradually spread until the whole head was envel­ oped, and then it attacked the ears, and ran down the neck* and continuing to increase until it covered the most of the body. Itcoinmenced with a small pimple or pustulp, from which water at first discharged; this produced great itch­ ing and buining; then matter or-pus formed, the skin cracked and bled, and the pus discharged freoly. The sufferings of the child were so great as ulmost wholly toi prevent natural rest, and (he odor from the discharges so of­ fensive as to make it difficult to pay that particular atten­ tion the nature ofthe case required. The disease was cal­ led Scald Head and general Salt Rheuiii. W e tried vari­ ous remedies, with little benefit, and considered her case! almost beyond the reach of medicine; but fromlhe known! virtue ofyour Sarsaparilla,we we 'e induced lo give it.a trial. Beforethe first bottle'wjs all used, we perceived an im­ provement in the appearance of the eruption; but the change was so rapid forthe better, that we could scarcely give credence to the evidence of our own eyes. W e con­ tinued its use for a few weeks, and the result, is a perfect cure. To all Parents we would say :—If you have children suffering with any disease’of the skin, use Sands’ Sarsapa­ rilla. With feelings of gratitude and respect, we are yours, &c. ELIHU and SARAH SOUTHMAYD, 95 Madison street. The following was addressed to our Agent at Savannah. Ogechee Cross Roads, Ga., August 24, 1843. ' Mr. G. R. Hendrickson, Savannah. Dear Sir—Having, just recovered from a most severe Chronic Rheumatism, with which 1 have been afflicted for many years, and having used various lemedios without any success, 1 am induced to write to you in respect to Sands’ Sarsaparilla, fo which valuable medicine I now owe my present enjoyment of health. Despairing of ever re­ covering from this distressing disease, and, while laboring under the most acute agony and pain, I Was persuaded to try the Sarsaparilla so highly recommended for the cure of rheumatism. 1 tried one bottle, and the little benefit 1 derived from that one, induced mo to give ft a fair trial, which I did, by sending down to you for half a dozen bot­ tles ; and am now happy to say I find myself, for the first time in twelve years, well and able to attend to iny neces^ sary duties I send you this through a feeling of gratii- tade, due this excellent medicine, and a sense of obligation to my fellow beings, that those similarly afflicted, may be induced to try this valuable remedy, Sands’ Sarsaparilla. Yours, with respect, Ac. DANIEL FOX. Prepared and sold wholesale snd retail, by A. B. & D. SANDS, Wholesale Druggists, 79 Fulton-street, N. Y. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the U. S. Price $1 per bottle—six bottles for $5. For sale by L. M. Rexfotd B i n g h a m t o n . _______________41 ORIGINAL CHEAP DRUG STORE R E M O V E D . I N T H E H E A L I N G A R T I im p o r tant t o Invalids and Friends o f the S ick. i/TED IC IN E , however efficacious, has always _‘YJ_ been taken with dissatisfaction by the sick, • .ving to its unpleasant nature. Hence it has ever een the study of all great physicians to disguise its auceous taste. But their efforts have never been rowned with complete success. It was left for Dr. ' -mith to accomplish. H aving given the subject his tt remitting attention for n early two years, he has, fter spending a considerable sum o f money, produ- ed a medicine which, wh le itis every way agree ble to thepalate, is snre to triumph over DISEASE ,nd all opposition, and to repay him for his devo­ tion tothe improvement ofthe medical science. D R . G. B E N J . S M I T H ’S SUGAR COATED » '*Im p roved I n d ia n Vegetable P i l l s ” \re the result of this labor. T h e ir effects, ancl the eneral favor with which they have been received -i all parts o fthe United States, warrant the propri- ior in the declaration that “tiby are the greatest ■aprovementin medicine ever known.”. Unlike -n all other pills, these neither gripe, produce nau- >a, nor any other unpleasant sensation, while thev • e as powerful, as it is possible for a medicine to Ye, and.be harmless . PA R E N T S '•annot be too cautious o f mineral medicines which xert such an a ll powerful influence upon the sys- m a < to supercede every thing else; stilling and itencing both the disease and n a ture h erself alto­ gether, and often constituting a greater and more grievous disease, which shall weigh upon man urough life. SICK N E S S IN CHILDREN requires the prompt and certain effects o fa mild and igreeable purgative medicine, like these pills. ' - W ORM S are instantly expelled from the system by their use. Foul Stomach and Furred tongue find a positive antidote in these “ S ugar Coated P ills,” FEM ALES under any circumstances, may take them,ar.d.they will promote regular action, and preserve health and strength of body and vivacity of mind. For certificates o f ladies, we refer the invalid fo apam - phet to be had of the agents. But we will merely refer to a lew who have been cured by the use ot these Pills. R. Thompson, 56 N orth Moore street, (nephew of the late Judge Thompson) cured of periodical Headache and pain in the breast. R. M. Park, U. S. Navy,fever and scrofula. Jacob Oarlock’s daughter, No. 8 Staple st. cured of W orms. Mrs. S. A. Gould, (M atron of tbe U. S Naval Hospital) cured o f headache and billious affections. Satah Douglas, corner o f Ludlow and W alker sts- cured of pain in the head, dimness of sight, Jas. M. Turner, late of the U. S. Navy, 581 Greenwich st. cured o f weakness in the breast, cos- ti veness and difficulty of breathing. Ira Alvord, Cazenovia, N . Y. cured of bilious complaint. James J. Bevins, deputy sheriff, has seen them us­ ed in the debtor’s prison with astonishing results. Hon. P. C. Lawrence, and N athan Ball, M. D. of Michigan, have testified to several remarkable cures o f fever and ague b y these Pills. Sold at 179 Greenwich st. N. Y. C A U T I O N .— T h e public should re­ member that NO (Sugar Coated) Pills can be gen­ uine, unless Dr. G. BENJ. S M IT H ’S signature is on the side of every box. _ T h is is important, as miserable medicine may be enveloped with sugar. ’Pbese P ills a re made of the purest materials , and they will bear the scrutiny of either physician oy chem ist. But a worthless im itation has been made, which has no recommendation but the sugar which covers up a v ile mixture of aloes and colcynth. Be­ ware of such imposition. P atent O ffice . - Receivedthis 17th day of June, 1844 from Dr. G. Benj. Smith by Col. J . D. Stevenson, the fee of L'hirty Dollars, .payable on his application for a Patent for a Pill “ Coated with Sugar.” H . L. E L L S W O R T H , Commissioner of Patents, - For sale hy L. M. Bexford. Binghamton. 6rly N O T ICE.—In pursuance of an Order o f John R. Dickinson, Surrogate of the County of Broome, notice is hereby given, to all persons laving claims against the estate of John W . T. Potter, late o f Coql^nn insaid county, deceased, to present the same, w ith the vouchers thereof to the undersigned a t herTesidence in Conklin aforesaid on or before the 10th day o f November next.—Da­ ted .Miff MARGARET POTTER, >7-fine Administratrix, A N D LO S S O F H A I R , Is caused by a want of healthy action of the ves­ sels which throw off the perspiration from the head. W hen these vessels are weak o r diseased, ihe per­ spiration is thick and clammy and adheres to the mouths ofthe pores and clogs them up, and dries and forms scurf o r dandruff, Les> blood is thcil carried to the roots of the hair, and for want of which the hair has not sufficient nourishment, and consequently becomes dry and harsh, and begins insensiblyto fall off whi-h continuing to increase, eventually produces baldness. Restore tbe capilla­ ry vessels o fthe head to their former healthy circu­ lation, and a fine silky new hair will make its ap­ pearance which will increase in quantity and vol­ ume until the hair becomes thick and nealthy. J atne ’ s H air T onic is the only preparation that has ever been known to produce new H a ir on Bald Heads, which it ha* done in innumerable instances, and will seldom tail, if properly and perseveringly used. . For the Efficacy ofthe above medicine, we refer to Gen. Ephraim Robbins Jr.'of U.iion, whose hair has been restored by the use of it. For sale by - L .M . REXFORD, Agent. J a y n e ’s E x p e c t o r a n t . T he whole 'W orld should know I t , that Dr. Jayne’s Expectorant is a certain cure for Asthma, and that for Coughs, Colds, Consumption, W hoop­ ing Cough, Croup, Bronchitis, and every otherdis- ease o fthe Lungs or Throat, is sure to produce the most decided benefit. It is recommended by thou­ sands, who have tried it, and all say that it is the best remedy, without any exception for all Pulmo­ nary Diseases, that has ever been known, for it al­ ways give relief, and cures when every other means have failed. L . M. REX F O R D, Agent, Jayn e ’s G a rm inative B a lsam Is a certain, safe and speedy cure for Dysentery, Diarrhoea. Cholera Morbus, Summer Complaint, Sick and Nervous Headache, Cramps, Dyspepsia, Sour Stomachs, &c. &c. At this season ot'the year it is particularly necessary that- families and per­ son's subject to these complaints, should provide themselves with it, to have it a t hand whenever nee­ ded, it will not only be the means of frequently a- voiding severe and debilitating attacks of illness,but has and will preserve many valuable lives. The universal opinion ofall who have used it is, “That no family should be without it.” L. M. REXFORD, Agent. Jayne’s Life Preservative, An A lteratite ’ andDEPDRATivEPREPARATtoNcom- bining all the medicinal virtues of those articles', which long experience has proved to possess the 'most sale and efficient alterative and Dubhstruent properties, forthe cure of Scrofula, King’s Evil, White Swelliugs, Ulcers,. Scrofulous Cancerous and Indolent Tumours, Rheumatism; Gou:, Scur­ vy, Neuralgia or Tic-Doulouienx, Cancer, Goitre or Bronchocele, [Swelled Neck,] Enlargements of the Bones, Joints or Ligaments or o f the Ovaries, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, &fc. Ali- the various Dis­ eases ofthe Skin, such as Tetter, Ring-worm, BOes Pimples, Carbuncles, &c., Dropsical Swellings, Constitutional Dis >rders, and diseases originating from a depraved or impure state of the blood or oth­ er fluids of the body. L. M. REXFORD, Agent. W o r m s a r e S w e p t A w a y From the stomach and bowels by Jayne’s Vermi luge, as by the besotiKof destruction. They periish under its, searching influence instantly, and .»re ex­ pelled with the mucus in which they are imbedde The cure is-in almost all cases permanent-, and if recurtence of the disorder should take place, a lew doses of the preparation will never fail to produce the desired object—for the effect does n.ot wpaken with repetition. Those who suffer from piles or,re­ mittent fever, or any complaint where a mild ionic or alterative maybe desirable, will find in.Jayne’s Tonic Vermiluge, a most valuable remeby. L . M . R E X F O R D , ageqt. J ) r . D . J a y n e ’s S a n a t i v e P i U s . F o r Liver Complaints, Gout, Jaundice, Dyspep­ sia, Rheumatism,Fevers. Nervousness, Erysipelas, and diseases Of the Skin, Impurity o fthe Blood, In­ flammations, Melancholy,Sicb Heahache, Costive­ ness, Pains i u the Head, Breast, Side, Back and Limbs, Bilious Affections, Female diseases, Ac Ac. and whenever an Alterative or Purgative.M edi­ cine may be required y~V- The above popular and valuable Medicines are prepared only by Dr. David Jayne 20 South Third st. Plitl’a, and sold by L. M. Rexford only agent in Broome Co. ____________ n3-ljr RUSHES. — A general assortment of Paint Varnish, scrub and W h ite W ash Brushes. R. C. T R I V E T T S . B R O B E R T C . T R I V E T T , Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Window and Picture Glass, Dye-Stuffs, Patent Med­ icines, Brushes, Es ences, Family Groceries , <pc. q-c. W OULD respectfully inloim his customers and tlie public that notwithstanding the interrup­ tion caused by the late fire, he has now completed an arrangement by which they can be accommoda­ ted as heretofore with every thing in his line, and they m ay depend as formerly upon obtaining supe­ rior articles at the C h e a p e st rates. After the 1st o f April he will be happy to see his atrons at the Store recently occupied by Benjamin \ Sisson, O p p o site the “P h e n ix H o tel,” two doors west o f “Canal Bridge ” On the opening of navigation his stock will be replenished with a most desirable assortment of Fresh Goods. The community at large will find it greatly to their advantage to,call at this establishment before purchasing elsewhere. P h y s icians can obtain a full supply of both mineral and vegeta ble Medicines, at New York prices. P a inters and others wil! be supplied with any quantity of W hite Lead, Linseed Oi’, Boiled Linseed Oil, T u r­ pentine, Copal Varnish, W hiting, Paris W h i e, Em­ erald and Chrome Green. Verdigris, Glue,Brush es, &c. &c. at twenty per cent less than the usual prices. T o M anufacturers. A large assortment of Dye Woods, also Cochi neal, Alum, Copperas, Blue V itriol,' Madder, Ex­ tract Logwood, Acids, Annatto, Borax Olive Oil, Comb Plate, Clothier’s Jacks, Indigo, Tenter Hook’s &c. iScc. for saie on the most advantageo terms. N. B. All articles warranted to suit, or the p u r­ chaser has the privilege of returning. Binghamton March 26,1845. BINGHAMTON FOUNDRY. T H E Subscribers having formed a co-partxership, and purchased the entire interest of H . M ather tn this establishment, woufd respectful.y announce to the citizens o f Binghamton and the public gener- aWv that they are prepared to execute all orders for C A S T INGS & M A C H INERY.with promptness. This establishment has been fitted up on an enlar­ ged scale with special reference to the increasedfle mand for castings and machinery and is furnished with a superior S T E A M ENGINE o f sUfficientpdw- er for the various branches of the establishment,en­ abling the proprietor to execute all orders for cast­ ings and M achinery upon v ery short notice. Connected with this establishment is a machine shop under the Strict persona! supervision pf one of the proprietors—M r. Overhiser, who hasforseveral years been connected with some o fthe heaviest man­ ufacturing establishments in the state as a machinist wher§.machinery and other work can be fitted up in as good sty le as at any other establishment in the state. Plans and drawings of m achinery o f every description can be furnished a t the furnace. In addition to the general assortment o f castings uYua!ly found at establishments ofthis kind, em­ bracing a great variety, can ne found Caldrow Ket­ tles of alZ sizes. Also hollo.w ware of every rdes- cription. Stove and stove eastings, - a-gfeneral as sortmeftt embracingdiffeient binds ofm any of the improved patterns made from the best o ffron. A l­ so Durkeys recent improved water wheel. Also Hotchkiss reaction water wheels. AZso Johnson’s recent improved wheels .for flour and saw mills and all the *cessary patterns for mi!l g earing oi every description. Also steam enginesmanuiac- tured ofsufficieni power to drive ahy machinery used in this sectien. W anted in exchange torca ings anv quantity of oZd iron, stone coal and most kind of produce. T h e subscribers hope bystriat attention to thisbusiness to merit, and respectfuZlv solicit patronage. ■ TH E O . A. TH A YER, BENJ. H. OVERHISER. Binghamton, October 25, 1843. 33 L IST OF P O P U L A R M E D IC IN E S . For Sale by L. M. V A L U A B L E E X T E R N A L REM E D Y. H UNT’S LIN IM E N T .—This celebrated remedy is now tor the first time offered to the New York public; the celebrity which it has obtained in the county (Westchester) where it was originally introduced, has induced the propri­ etor to extend its sale throughout the country. There has never yet been discovered an external remedy that has proved so certain in its effects in permanently curing the following diseases: Kneumaiiem Swelled Li[nbs, Pain in the Chest and Back, Sprains, Bruises, Nervous Affec­ tions, Weakness in the Joints. Contractions ofthe Muscles, Burns, Salt Rheum, Group, Ague inthe Face,Tooth Acbe, &c. &c. The following letters from the highly eminent Physicians who have had charge ofthe Hospital in the Sing SingState Prison for many years, is the most powerful evidence in fa­ vor of this celebrated External Remedy, and is a sufficient guarantee that itis worthy the confidence of fhe public.— For particulars, see the certificates accompanying each box. Price 25 cents. Sing Sure, December 26th 1844. My Dear Sir: Received your note of yesterday asking rny opinion in relation to Hunt’s Liniment, prepared by Mr. G i3. Staqton. Knowing its composition, and having freqaentlyusfid-it, I can recommend it- to yon as a safe ex­ ternal remedy, and in my opinion the best Liniment now in use* -Very truly and respectfully yours. A. K. HOFFM AN, M., D. Col. Pins an Van Court IANDT. 1 fully concur in the above opinion. WM. N. BELCHEB, M. P . New Castle, Nor. 20, 1844. Sir—My child was seized with a severe sore throat; the lumps on each side were about half the size of a lien’s egg, and closed her throat, so that she could scarcely breathe.— At your recommendation I purchased .a b. ttle of Hunt’s Liniment, which I thoroughly applied to the .gland} of her throat; it operated like a charm ; a few applications re­ stored-her to perfect hcallh. I have suffered much from salt rheum in my feet. I applied the Liniment, and am happy to say that the soreness and distress which I have experienced in this c impluint was entirely relieved. This valuable remedy should be in the hands ol every family. AARON L. RYDER. Price 25 cents per bottle. For sale by ROBERT C. TRIVETT only agent for Binghamton. nl5-ly. TO CITY & COUNTRY MERCHANTS AND G R O C E R S —H O T E L & S T E A M B O A T PROPRIETORS—CITY & COUN­ T R Y F A M I L I E S , A N D T H E P U B L I C IN G E N E R A L . W H O L ESALE AND RETAIL 163 G reenw ich Mreet, n e a r C o u rtland, and oppo­ site the Pacific H o tel, N e w Y o rk. I j T Be p a r tic u la r to rem e m b e r the locati n o f this store, and n o t confound it w ith any other T e a E s ­ tablishm e n t in the s treet. T h i s store is c o n v e n ient to the place of lan c in g of the A lbany and T r o y ste a m b o a ts.^ ! W E B E G T O IN F O R M Y O U T H A T W E have established ourselves at the above p lace principally to r t h i purpose o f m e e ting the v.ew s o f o u r w n o lesaleand larg e fam ily custom e rs on the N o rth R iv e r s id e . T h e upright m a n n e r in w h ich w e have ca r r ied on our business for several years past, in this cily, together w ith the very high quality and m o d erate p r ic e of o u r goods, have e a rned for us a degree q f reputation and renow n far b eyond th a t o f a n y sim i­ la r house in the U n ited States, and we consider these the best Teasons we can u ig e to obtain your patronage.1 - \ W e have, however, much pleasure in stating that w e have.m a d e , w ith g r ? a t c a re and judgm e n t, o u r selections from all the spring cargoes, and which com p rise tbefinest specim e n s o f H y son, G u n p o w ­ der, Im p e rial. O o long, P e k o e , N ingyong, Congou, -Souchong, &c., w h ich, have arriv e d here this sea­ son, w h ich, w ith an iram m s e variety of.fine and good qualities, w e offer a t w h o lesale a n d retail. W e have, ajso, the true Government Java and other Coffees, as usual, roasted and ground daily. W e ec n tinue operations at o u r other places as heretofore, especially at J 21 C h a tham street. W e a r e v u r obedient servants'. New York, 121 361 318 CA N T O N TEA COM PANY. Oct, 1845. New York. A u g 20, ’43, ,00 p e r bottle 89Chesnut street, & ) ni„-i„jai„i,:, 45 North Fifth st., ' f p l» IadeIPh‘a- M E D I C A L C A R D . D OCTOR F A W C E T T , of 196 Fulton street, New York Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, o f London and Edinburgh, Graduate o f the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia .; al Sand’s Sarsaparilla' Sand’s Salt Rheum Remedy Roman Eye Balsam Indian’s Panaeea McMunn’s E lixir o f Opium Phinney’s Pills * Moffat’s Life Pills “ Phoenix Bitters Sherman’s •• M edicated Lozenges ■ “ Fever & Ague L ozenges “ Dinner Lozenges “ Poor M an’s P laster Jayne’s Expectorant “ H a ir Tonic • “ Tonic Vermifuge “ Carminative Balsam “ Sanative Pills Dailey’s P a in Extractor H a v ’s Liniment for Piles W ashington Elixir lor Dysintery, &c Cooper’s Coni Salve M a rr’s Com Salve Gridley’s Sa!t Rheum Ointment ? Dr. Rush’s Infallible Pills ' Phelp’s Tomato Pills I “ Restorative Bitters- - Mile’s Tomato Pills f Fahnestock’s Vermifuge * Clieesman’s Arabian Balsam Allebasi’s B!k. Sa!ve “ Cough N « W ; Y » k C i t y A d v e r t i s e m e n t s . T O C O U N T R Y Price $ i CO 1 00 c 25 2 00' 25 25 and 374 25 and 50 l 00 25 1 00 50 124 50 and 1 I CO 00 50 50 25 00 00 1 00 25 25 50 124 374 25 50 25 50 and I 00 50 50 25 25 124 50 50 50 00 W H O L E S A L E HOUSES, N E W -Y O R K . - - r p H E undersigned Merchants, M anufacturers J . ‘and Wholesales Dealers in. the City of New- York, being provided with full stocks of Goods, re- spectluVly \invite the'a tention of Country M er­ chants, to an examination of their respective as­ sortments. They trust that the prices and terms will prove satisfactory, as they are determined to meet the reasonable expectations ot purchasers, and with a view o f communicating directly with them, have embraced the facilities of the Country Newspapers, to unite in an invitation to call at their establish­ ments. Staple and Fancy Silk Goods. Eastman, Sheldon &• Townsend, 28 Exchange Place, next Store from W illiam-st., opposite \ the Exchange. Peck, Nicolson & W right, 139 Pearl-st. and 9(1 Beaver-st. Mabbett, M ulligan & Co., No. 219 Greenwich-st .corner.Barclay street, Importers and Dealers in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods. Bates &Masterton, 26 Liberty-st., between W illiam 'and Nassau-sts. Cutters & Phelps, 59Cedar-st. between Nassauand W illiam s reets H all & Parsons, 49 William-street. Ely & W ilcox, 40 Ceder-street, one door from the corner o f W illiam-street. Importers and Dealers tn Ladies ’ Dress Trimmings, Hosiery, Gloves and Haberdashery, in every variety Lopes & Cluackinbush, 20 William-; treet Importers, Jobbers n n d Manufacturers o f Suspenders, Gloves, Cravats, Scarfs, Hosiery, fyc. Caps, Slocks, Linens, Oil Silks, tyc. # c. John M. Davies & Jones, 106 W illiam-st., corner ofJohn. Importers, Dealers and Manufacturers in Dye Stuffs, Dye Woods, Acids, Aft. W illiam Partridge & Son, 27 Giff-street. Shepard & Morgan, 47 Fulton-street. China . Glass and Earthenware. H enry Stevenson, Importer and Dealer No. 270 Pearl-street.next door from Fulton Bank. Importers and Dealers in French and English Drugs, Chemicals , Ess. Oils, Perfumery, Brushes, tf*c. Al­ so, Platina Wire, Plates and Foil. Johnson, Moore & T aylor, 81 Maiden Lane, (up stairs.) Wholesale Dealers tn Boots and Shoes. B . W .& C . F. How, 151 W ater-street, one door - from Maiden Lane. Importers and General Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery , Edge Tools, <$'C., German and American, compris iiig every thing in the line. Osborne & Little, 33 t ulton-street, opposite the United, States’ Hotel, between Peail and W a- ler-streets. Wood, Folger & .Messer, No. 219 Pearl St., (near John- street.) Andrew L. Halsted, No. 7 Platt street, sells only for Cash. The cheapest Hardware Store in the city. 1 and 1 2 Syrup P ile Pills “ Cathartic Pills “ Plasters “ Fever & Ague Syrup W inslow’s Balsam of Horehound Taylor’s Balsam of Liverwort Mother’s Relief Fosgate’s Anodyne-Cordial W istar’s Balsam ol W ild C h e rry - 1 00 Resurrection or Petsian Pills 31 and 624 Jew David’s or Hebrew Plas'te-’* 50 Egyptian Balm > 50 Fish’s Lily Srrup l 00 Longley,sGreat W estern Indian P anacea 1 50 Dutch Pi!ls, or Lion o fthe Day , 37 | Bisliops’s Anti-Bihous Pills 25 Hitchcocks Bnlsam of H ealth 1 00 “ Worm T e a 2s “ Catarrh Snuff 25 “ Magnetic O’dontica - 5 0 “ H a ir Regenerator . 371 Parker s Pulmonary Balm I 00 Gregory’s Prlls , 3“* Balm of Columbia 50 and 75 Hitchcock’s Anti-Bilious Pills ,25 Covert’s Balm of Life j 50 M ichaux’s Freckle W a sh 50 Lee’s P ills 25 Brandreth’s Pills 25 Post’s Poor M an’s Pills 124 = Badeau’s Plasters ' 25 Libby’s Bitters . 75 Nerve and Bone Rheumatic Liniment 50 & 1 00 Wilkinsons. Trom atic W o u n d Salve 37 § ThompjOJis Eye W a ter 25 H ills BaJs. Honey Cephalic Snuff H u n g arian Balsam of L ife M cA llister’s All Healing Ointment “ H a ir Oil “ Toilet Oil Segur’s Restori'.ive Pills Larb >r’s Ext. Lungwort Glove Anodyne, Certain cure for toothache Climax Syrup a- Dr. Foord’s Pectoral Syrup “ Tonic Cordial “ Universal Pill* Hooper’s Female Pills Anderson’s Scots Pills Godfrey’s Cordial M a r b l e F u c t o i f . Manufacturers and Dealers in Camphine,Solar,Pat­ ent Lard and Hall Lamps. Afso, Spe-.m, Whale, Lard and Chemical Oils, Camphine and Burning Fluids. Dietz, Brother & Co.. 13 John street. Manufacturers a iid Importers o f B ritannia Ware,and Dealers in Block and Bar Tin. 31 j Boardman & H art, 6 Burling slip, between Pearl and W ater-streets. 4 Hor n's Patent Glass Fountain Lamps fo r Camphine, manufactured wholesale and retail b y ’ J. G. F ay, 136 Fulton-street, Sun Buildings. Also, W ebb’s superior Double Distilled Camphine. Mela,lie Tablet Strop Manufacturers. Price, $4, 6 , 9, 10 and 13 per dozen—Portable Shaving Cases. Pen Knives, Perfumery, q-c, G. Saunders & .Son, 177 Broadway. Manufacturers of Perfumery, Cosmetics, Fancy ‘ Soap, q-c. , * ’ Alexander &,John. Ramsay, successors to N. Smith Prentiss, sjgn o f the Golden Rose, 45 Maiden Lane. Importer a n d M anufacturer o f Fringe., Gimps,Cords and Tassels, Coat Cords, Zephyrs, Worsted , q-c. D, A. Booth, 100 W illiam street. Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers fin Elank, Books,. Foreign and Domestic Stationery, c. Francis &. L outrel,'77 Maiden Lane* Bateman’s Pectoral Drops Turlingion’s Balsam o f Life Pacific Oil Eddy’s Rheumatic Tincture W arranted Ende rini e beautilying .Soap Kee er’s Invisible Ink, Connell’s Pain Extractor United States Pills ' Oriental Pills 9 W atterm an’s Rheumatic P laster Opodeldoc, H a rd ai.d Liquid Edward’s $ alt Rheum Ointment * dedicated. Cough Candy W h ite’s Salve Gelatine Capsules -Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam Chapman’s Summer Cordial Harlaem Oil Le Baume De Ninon or ) The French Balm of Beauty , j Knapp’s Strengthening Plaster 25 Dr. Sm ith’s S ugar Coated Pills ’ 25 with many others not enumerated. Thesubscfiber is agent for most ot the above. M E D ICINES and war­ rants every article genuine. ■ ' L. M . REX F O R D :- Binghamton, Feb. 11 , 1845. - 25 1 00 25and.50 50 50 25 and 50 1 00 15 50 75 374 25 25 25 12* 124 • m 25 and 50 50 50 25 25 25 .25. 50 124 150 6 ‘124 25 and50 \50 25 . 121 50 Carpets, Oil Cloths, Bugs, Mattings, Druggets, <f-c. 25. Reuben Smith, Jr., 254 Broadway, (opposite the ci- - H all.) Dr., Segur’s Restorative Medicine. B y attending to a fam ilial fact,w h ich others passed unheeded, Dr. Jenner relieved mankind from one o/. themost destructive diseases that ever afflicted them A B O U T eight y e a rs since D r, S egur firs dis­ covered an d tested the propertiesof this med- so, author of a work embracing the following sub- I t 1-116’ in V Ti>al on.hi n' e1lf> in a case ot Dyspepsia jects viz:—Matrimony, Impoiency. and Sterility,’ anatomically, physiologically, and medically ex­ plained, with a comprehensive exposition of the nature and modern treatment o f Syphilis, Seconda­ ry symptoms, gonorrhoea, gleet strictures^ noctur­ nal emissions, and all the consequences arising from self-po:lution. Doctor Fawcett continues his private consultations on the above-mentioned dis­ eases, at his long established office, 196 Fulton street, whe ethem o st aggravated forms o f aft affec­ tions o fthe generative organs will yield* to his mode jof treatment, without restraint in diet or excercise - and without mercury. Even when the procreative* energies become torpid o r paralyzed, from- exces- s've indulgence, or Irom:masturbation, he will.-be able to restore-tbe parts to health and-vigor. Per­ sons at a distance, enclosing $ 1 , can have a copy of the work. * All letters must be post-paid, and-directed to Dr. H-Fawcett, 196 Fulton street N. Y. nl5l6m - To the Ladies in particular. * A ND to all who are desirous of* Yoirrii/uii av- pearance, o r are troubled with Pimpl.es, E rup­ tions, recent Freckles, Tanned or. pum p and Sm i- TELbED S kis , or P remature W rinki . es . ' LE BAUM E DE NINON, or, T H E FRENC R BALM OF BEAUTY, will be foupd the best remedy ever yet offered to tbe public. Price 50cts p r Bottle. F o r aale by L. M. R E X F O R D ,.only agent at Binghamton. 6 H is attention was immediately attracted bv parti - nlar influences and effects on the system, which he conceived to be both n e w and important; and des­ tined toeffect important results in fhe application of medicine. ; , - , ■ \ * ,'* The pub/ic are invited to make a trial of this Medicine'. It is befieved that there is no Medicine offered at this timeequal tothis, forthe cure of Ner- vous Derangements in a llits forms—Hysteric Af­ fections and-Weaknesses and Suppressions peculi­ ar to females—^RjliousComplaiiits, Costive and re­ laxed habits,bowel comptaints in chrldreitas wel! *s adults—dizziness and general a.ffections ofthe Head, Ears and Eyes—coldness and numbness ofthe limbs, and want of circulation in recovering from fevers bodily- injuries, <Sr —paralytic indications andaffeetiohs—Seroffula/locaf swellings,, inflain- matIons’and Eruptions, Sore Eyes and othernEfleets oflmpure-Humors; • i It is remarkably happy and thoroqgh in removing the lingering effects’ o f severe colds,tightness, tick- ilingcatarrhs, and o\ her Bntnchial and Lungj !.ffec- tions, so often leading to perm anent disease. The price o fthe above Medicine;%hich is inthe form of P i 11s, is 25cts. <fc.50cts.per Box;. For aale byw. L. M. R E X F O R D , A g e n t g i n ghamfop- - a . . , f J LUf- S C A R Y * CO. have j n s t ' received a fresh sop- .. ply o fall kinds of Dry Goods, G r o c e r ^ Crockery Hardware and provisions; w h ich theyare determined to sell as cheap a s the cheapest, (tall dndseet - S. C A R Y A G O, L,, A F. A. Miller, Broadway. 48 Canal street and 447 Joseph GilloWs Steel Pens. A complete assortment of ail kinds ot the above well known Pens, on cards and in boxes, toge.her with a large stock of cheap Pens inboxes conslant- 1.'on hand.. Henry Jessop, Importer. 91 John-st., cor. of Gold.' Watch Mo.ker, Jeweller, and Dealer in Diamonds. H is on hand and is constantly receiving all de­ scriptions o f Watches and Jewelry.. Second/hand W atches rnd old Gold and Silver taken in ex­ change or bought for cash. Am os.R. Thompson, 309| Broadway. T Fancy Goods, Table aad Pocket Cutlery. Importer and dealer in French, English and German Fimcy Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Scissors, Brushes, Combs, Fancy Boxes, Jewelry, Toys, &c. W illiam Noyes, 21 Cedar-street, up stairs, between Pearl and W illiam streets.- - Importer and Dealer in Cloths {Cassimers, Vestings fyc. A t the old established City Cash. Tailoring es­ tablishment. Edward Fox, 202 Broadway, between Fulton and John-streets. n7-6m CONGDON . W H I T I N f t, M arble -Dealer*. Binghamton ,N .Y ' beg leinre'to xayto their largefeirde o f ■customer's, and the public generally, thattheystill. cdit- tinue their' Marble Shop on Court s t , a few doors east of the Cahal Bridge, and that they are constantly, enlarg- J n g their facilities for the accommq- da tion o f those who may need articles intheirline. , In the beauty and _____________ ■ durability of the material they lurnish, as well as excellency.of workmanship, correctand appropriate letteringnnd carving, ana fineness o f finish, they are determined not to be excelled: while they are free to pledge themselves to the citizens of Binghamton, Brodmc and tlie adjoining Gounties o f this State and Penn­ sylvania, that thev will supply them on as favora­ ble terms as any dealers west of Albany and New- York. They have now on hand a well selected assort­ ment of Marble, for T o m b stones, Tables, Hearths, Paint Stones, Sinks, W indow Caps and Sills, AC,; and any rarer article in their line,' such as costly Monuments or Mantels, they will hold.themselves in readiness to furnish to order on the most reason-* able terms. Orders from the country are solicited, and the articles DELfVERED,, if desired; Country Produce will be received In payment: ’ T>* L - ^ _ 73^ IO ACL -Binghamton Feb. 17. 1845. S I C K N E S S IN C H I L D R E N A ND the suffering \yliich,they undergo from “w o e m s” often tend to a fatal termination, while the cause is n e­ ver suspected: Offensive breath, pickingat the nose g r in­ ding the teeth during sleep, starting in sleep with fright and scream ing, troublesome cough, and feverish, are a- inong same o fthe Prominent Symptoms o f the p r e s e n c e o f worms. ~A timely use of - SH E R M A N ’S, W ORM LOZENGES W ill immediately remove allth e se unpleasant symptoms, and restore to perfect health. Sister Ignatius, Superior ofth e Catholic H a lf Orphan Asylum has added her testi­ mony in theii favoi, to.the thousands which have gone be­ fore. She states that there are over 100 childrgn in the Asylum, and that they have been in the habit of using Skermaa’s Lozenges, am1 she. has always found them to be attended with the most beneficial offects. They have been proved 1o be infallible in over 400,000 cases. C O N S U M P T I O N , Influenza, Goughs, Colds; Whooping Cough, TigbtneBB o f the Lungs or Chest may be cured. Rev. Darius Anthony was very low fVotn Consnmption, Jonathan Howard, the c e l­ ebrated temperance lecturer, was reduced to the verge of the grave by raisiug blood. R e v . Mr. Dunbar, of New York the Rev. M r-De Forest, Evangelist in the W estern part o fthis state, Rev. Sebastian Streeferj o f Boston,the wife ofOrasmus Dibble, Esq. in Moravia, and hundreds of others, have been relieved and cured by a proper use o f SHERM AN’S COUGH LOZENGES, ' .And no' medicine bas ever been offered to thepublic which has been more effectual in ‘ the re lief/if those dis­ eases, or which can be recommended with more, coiifi- deuce. They allay a il itching or irritation, render the cough oagy, promote exjjectoration, remove the cause'and produce the mosthappy and lasting effects. - - - - H E A D A Q H E , - - Palpitation of the Heart, Lownttss of Spirits, S e a s ickn e s s , Despondency, Faintness, Chplic, $pasths, Cramps of the Stomach, Sum m er or Bpwel-Compfaints, also all the dis* tre8eingsymptom8 arising from free living, or a night o f dissipation areqtiickly and entirety relieved by using SHERM AN’S CA M P H O R LOZENGES. Thty. act speedily and relievein a very short space oftime, f?!T,af* t°nc *nd vigoi- tojtbesystem, and enable_a person usingthcin to undergo great mental or bodily fatigue: RH E U M A T ISM , ' JW eakBacir, pajnand_wgakne.es in.the Breast, Back, Lim b * and o;ber,'par1s ot the -body are speedily and-effec­ tually relieved, by SH E R M AN’-S POOR MAN’S PL A S - . T E R , which cnets o n ly T i V-2cents, and is within the reach ofall. .fifcgreathas become the reputation ofth is article, that one ‘million w ill not begin to supply the anuualde- mand. Itiaaeknpw lpdgcd to bje the best strengthening P lasterin thew o r ld. - V . B E W A R E O F J M P Q S I T I O N , Dr. j$herman’s Poor Man’s Plmter has his dame with di-- rcctions printedon the hack oftbe Plaster, ancka Xjpfac sunslcaCJrpfthe Uoctnr’* written name under tbe direc­ tions. None others are genni!f*,.or tffbe rsliod on. Dr. iShermanV Warehouse 1 * No. 106 Nassaust. New York. For sale by L . M. R cxford, ’Binghamton .- V A L U A B L E M E D ICINES, F o r S M.E at this O ffice . B R A N D R E T H ’S PILLS, and the only place: where the purchaser can rely oa fiuding thd GENUINE., / Brartdrelh’.s Liniment. Bishop’s Pills, \ ' / Goodmaii’S P ills, \ • * Miles Tomato Pills, • ' Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaster, Longley’s Great-W e tern Indian PanaceS# _ Root ’s Ringbone Cure, 4 **>.' R o o f’s FouM er Ointment, Kittrage’s Ear Ointment, t __________ N O T lG E is hereby given that the Notes, Books and Accounts o f Benjamin Jones have, beirn as­ signed to the subscriber, They wil! be found forthe present with Joseph W hite at the Office ofB . N. Loomis Esq., Ali persons h aving unsettled accounts with the said Jones a re requested to caJl and settle them immpdiately ISAA C V. W H IT E . Sept. 25 1844. 27 tf. - - NEW ARRANGEM E N T —FANCY W E A V ­ ING AND DYEING, * J OHN R. H ARV E Y , has taken shop formerly occupied by Chas. E. .Johnson, on Court street in M cKinney’s E xchange BuiZding, on the East side of the Canal, where he is prepared to Color, and W eaveFlowered Coverlets; Flow ered,stripedand Rug CARPETIN G, and also Plain W eaviog. on as short notice and aschoap as any other person.-— He will keep experienced workmen, and hopes to give satisfac ion to those that will give him a pa 11 . Ca'l once and see. Sto.k, found and mafie; up to order, il requested., , Binghamton, June 27,1844. ' Crockery and Loooking G lasses a i H A L L ’S. O NE of the largest Stocks of Orgckery is ior sale at H a lj’swhich is to be -ft und in BrOome County. The prices are made to s- it the times:call and see, i f you want te find a complete assortment. Sept. 9th 1845. ' , ’ \ . D E N T IST R Y . T h e subscriber continues.- to perform every operation upon the teethnccgr- ding to the most modern and improved principle* ot the art. Those who are desirous ofrep 1 eting the vacancies caused by the loss of their original teeth are respectfully invited to call. Term s reasonable. Offiee directly opposite the Phenix Hotel, and over U. M.- Stowci s’ Store. J.-C. ROBIE.. Ni B. Dentists supplied with full sets o f ih k r u r ments. Turnkeys and other surgical instruments kept constantly on liand and for sale. J. C. R> F A I N T S A N D O I L E ~ \ fresh supply of Pure Extra N o . 1 W h ite Lead', - i Ra\y and Boiled Linseed Oil. Pressed W hale Oil, Venetian Red, French Yellow, Spruce Ye j- ■ low, Emerald Green, Chrome Green, Verdegrise, SpanishBrown, W hiting, P aris W hite, Putty, Act A c . For sale at New York p rices, call at . . TR IV E T T ’S ___________ Opposite the “ P henix Hotel.” P o l i s h Y o u r B o o t s ! ! N O man can be well dressed unless itis boots a rt well blacked, and if .yon, want your imots to shine according to the latest style, buy \HINDS SU­ PERIOR OIL PA S T E BLACKING, an entirely . new preparation, W arranted to not inj.ure theleatn- er, and 10 produce a more beautiful lustre than any blacking ever used. For Sale Wholesale ahd retail by , L. M. REX F O R D , Soleagent. • T f T D E N T I S T S ? :\ v TN C O R R U P T 1 B L E T E E T H .—T h e subscriber A is agent for the sale of Dr. James Alcock’s cel­ ebrated Incorruptible Teeth, w arrantedsuperior to Stockton’s o,r any others in use.. A lull supply of ali the varieties constantly'on hand,ior ;sale a t thq m ' ufacLurers p rices. ' . arauuary, 1844.' * L . M. R E X F O R D . , Genuitie M edicines. , ^ F A H N E S T O C K S Vermifuge a sure remedy for Worms with 'which so many childreVi' are afflicted. W istars Balsam WiZd Cherry. W ilds Caster Oil Candy, Sands &, B ristols Sassaparillai The genuine articles, at R. C. T R I V E T T ^ . CA S H F O R L U M B E R . J 1H E Subscriber has opened the store, Cornet . of Court & F ranklin St. ( f c merly occupied by R. A. Ford & Co.) with an entire new Stock!of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES; BOOTS: and SHOES, CROCKERY &e. which w ill be'sold cheap for Cash or produce;, Also good P lN E LUM B E R bought, for which p art CA S H will be paid—SHINGLES taken in exchange for Goods.- . n38 S. A . N E W T O N : T H E . PSA L M IST, a new collection of Hymns . for the use of Baptist Churches, by Baro» Stow and S. F. Smith, for sale ai this office. , * -M ay 14,1845. _______ - • ' ' ' ' A R DW ARE and Groceries uncommonl* cheapat S .H .P . H A L L ’S , May 1.1845. H M R A W AND BOILED LINSEED OIL.—A largq quantity of raw and boiled Linseed Oil just received and for sate cheaper than ever before sbfd inthiscounty. W arrentedpure. T R I V E T T ’S - ' . June 17,1845. Cheap, Drug StcMf. - Look at T h i s ! D R. J O N A T H A N T . K IT T R A G E ’S valuable EAR O IN T M E N T , Which is an infallible and immediate eure (or,the c a r ache, and for soriea gathering in ihe.hpad, One application will c u ra the ear ache, and a lew applications In the coor*q o f a few- weeks, will effect a-permahentenre o f sores gathering in the'head. It will prevent Deaf­ ness, it used in.season, and isan irnmediate cure for humors in cuts, burns and h6g bites, quelling th* fever and humors and causing.it to run. and neal, and shin sores which some are ‘troubled i’tb for many years, ar. d ate beyond the reach of the skifl of Doctors to_ eure, may be cured by J?ne or tw it. applications. It cures the ear ache aDdjsores.j|nth« head, without causing any pain. Price 25 cents.’!# For salb at this Office, also by Haganian t t Birdsall, Chenango Forksp and Canfield AiSreeleJ Union.. • .... . - >' . • p-. The very; best Medicine in,nse J ! .tt I S Dr. Chapmans Summer Cordial Jor the e n r e o f Dysintery,Dtari-hoea and Cholera Morbus; SniWr mer Complaints,-also Flatulent and SpashiodicChcd lie. This mediciiie is prepared from a vefiu b le prtO scrip tion o f the Celebrated, Dr. Chapman o f Phjlav delphiaand is really, ar.d truly the best remedy,fog the above complaints now in use. Every family should keep a boitie'on ' hand as ft invariably- lieves the sudden attacks which most frequently characterise the commencement oft theabo.yerdkH ease.. Price l 8 i cts and 374.cts pr Bottle. -3: , For Sale Only by L. M. REXFORD; N B E A U T Y ! B E A U T Y !■’ OBLES M kdicatsd ExDX*»fic SqXj', * A. At' _ ApplicatioB which will rempre ol! P»liniA*» u or FascKtssfrbin the Skin 1?” frots b L m u h o r diotcut forsale by ft. M. REXrO * P March S, 1844.

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