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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, June 25, 1845, Image 3

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X .wtoc sale a t the* w »anufotfure rs‘ W H O L E S A L E H i & J S E S , N E t ^ l g G R K . - -- ' ^ . i i c i i . ^ j / A . i 'i : '. '- * •*• • . 'TA. ■ MX *$' ' 1 __ V*rVN -a* ji * .* r p H E undersigned M ^ l i i i ^ ^ l ^ h j i l c m r e r s : J . and \Vholesa]e<Dc ^ er\sjlh ^ t l f e a ^ j ^ ^ f New Y o rk, b e ing p rovided w 5 ^ ^ i r » t o 5 ^ o f G o 6 d s , re- kpecflulljr invi.teiflh e chants, to a n . ej 0 tqili^Qtfie-'^j^W«fXLv'T^jpw{^QVje a s sortments.- j H • : ~t . -*. • T h e y trust that iffepyrces .'anff terms w ill,‘••prove- fr\i fttn a f A h «* ^ --. %. I _ J*1 \ ■ _ - * • ! • '-3 I. ,u —I A . -1 . . e; Grit - S avih|r, wTth^ t left oiybffcl' rbi d h a r h a r t eg,. do G R O G E R Y . o f f i c e ., Q & J V ^ ^ T H Q M P S G N i 's u c c e s s o r s to-E..&~G. JOTfc Field,: h a v e just received a new stock of GRO- C E R l E S o i ’ a ll k in d>> wftich they 'will sell .cheaper tlw n ’c a n W b p tight a t ^ n y o;ber.?tore iirth tseo u n - trv , for ea^b b u T v /’ 4‘ ~ ' .' •'. 4 Superfine'W h e a t Flbiif ; a t' '• 2§ cept?!p.erpou4d i! - J -. ' - ,T :’ 4?~ -V d.° H Vmrg'tTa 1 tow-Cand 1 <?s, - - 11 ,t‘ ‘ ‘ ,J- *’ - 4 F i r s t rate a rticle of Co.d Flslj, . 3 f A fair article of Coffee, s. • . 8 d: G o o d . do ■\ -- 9d: Good a rticle of Sal®ratus, /. , 6 d; G o o d a rticle of Bro wn Sugar,; 7d: ‘ -a 10 ., F ir s t rate Mojasses,‘3s.', 3s. 3.d£ and 3s..6d..p P e ^ g f.i^i& ip icefT e a ^ ' Cocoa, C h te o la te, &e.in. proportion. ' - ' ‘ ; \ :- - .A n d tor t h v benefit' o f whom - it may concern, W ip e s and Liquors of almost all .kinds; at priae.s, ■#^efi;canitot/tail to suit those who arg j.tidges qF > rW e -give .a'general ln-vitat/oh. to tlie: p^hR c ;talcalland see/ox,themselves. ... - j^ipglifim toc-Jiuie 17th.l:845: ' ~ ‘ • ■ ' ' ' ^ ^ ^ A t » r t i i n t ‘ N e w s / f r o « i ; E u r o p e /1 -; to u n i tH ttB n i ii ty i J a i^ meals'. 7 -. ur-&?-/.*:&* -.-./ A.-:v^-f’/ • :: - :-• ’ •-1 ir •. -.; i.'r.-r' -sr-rs'-: -,• > rr .Vrriilk riM ^ T4r/l /3/wwrt - i X - ' E x c h a n g e Eastman ! • . Peck,^&fico.lson &WYrieht I. - ‘ . .. - Mabbetr, M u lligan dp Co., No. 219 Greenwich-st corner Barclay street. ;*. ’■ \ '^ £ c ^ ^ - j | ^ . a n ( f ‘3 f o % vt|^V lori.be present re hwunaiiid; b e parties.r;* TJippe h iY .iM ,A c e .eu n isag M ^ .ip ll plqaSq l iS ,*t'» _ ^A. 1 . n *>/1 ikncA T*\JaT%Ka^ 1 ' & .opposite 139 -. Pearl-,si. and 90 d<3. - da -do. *db‘r. d 0 ‘ def­ er ;gall. • A -R ftlY A L . O F TH E - G R E A T W E S T E R N ;,--* The-subseribers a re now 'recei v ing and opert- ine“a la r g e ' a n d .weir'seJecfed^ssortm ent o f . - X '..-’e k o C K f i R Y , , : • . ... 'ifipoRed direct from Liverpool expressly for.this lnafket.w h ic li. tlie v)cati,.and are bound- to sc-lie heap- e¥i^en? can be bought-inany. other - establishment •Ii-.- W e stern Nevy Y o rk.' Young ■ M a rried people -who a re about .to commence house keeping will do w e ll to c a ll and examine o 'u r'st ck before pur,ch.as- in s elsewbefe. .' O. H. B U C K L E Y &.Co. 'Bingham ton June lO, 1845. . * -Y L i 'R e a d y M i r d e C i o t h i n \ ' A L L Ji.ii -------- ^ •' ^ Og at Ne ^Jtine 1 0 ,’4>. - t:- ■• d ___ Jrinds a nd o f our'own manufacture sell-- '^ ’4n g at N ew -York.prices. . ‘ '• C. H . B jJL K L E Y & C o .'; j r i N O T Q . U I T E l i n i V K l ) BY T H E F I R E . I -AM once more rcadv to offer..to rny fi iends and fjhe; public generally, a large assortment of H A T S , o f the SPR IN G and SUM M E R ST Y L E S , made of the finest stock, finished and trimmed su­ perior to any H a ts ever before offered in this m ar- 5 ?efvahd warranted to do as good service as any lia'dbifi the U n ited States. * I haye also \a large ■ assortment of SU M M E R H A T S ; including [Leghorn, and a new article of C A N A D A S T R A W B R A ID E D -H A T S . Also, P/alm .Leaf H a ts o f all qualities an d p rices. *G'A’PS.—Also, a n e w style of men and boys’line b'^dk Cloth Caps: ^Tfduth’s.SlL K V E L V E T and F reneh.Cloth Caps. X geiiuipe a rticle of.M en’s S ilk Caps. *Menari(J bbys’s fur and wool sporung caps, both bjack-and white. W h i- e 'a n d black' W ool Hats. ' A first j;ate'article' of T a rpaulin H a ts, w a rran- ted.noLLo iu:eako r.c ra c k . . Together with many other a rticles, usually kept in-my -1 Trie, and .tpo.,_nnmerous to m ention, all of tfjnclijiave been purebased T H I S SPR IN G , and at nr-ie-s a s low as any other live man can buv.— rlrT H E Y W I L L BE. SO L D A C C O R D IN G L Y . Purchasers are respectfully, invited to call and ex­ am ine mv stock, and salisly ihemsel ves o f th e facts here stated. * A. B. ROGERS. N . B. Since I w as burned o u t-of try old stand; I have removed to the opposite side o f th e street, in W m . Pratt’s Boot and Shoe store, two doors west Rexford’s. , JJingham ton, J u n e 2,1845. _____ _ £ T I M B E R L O T F O R S A L E - i 311(1 ^flSSSll'StS. * • r% ■ ' • y jDuttVsA Phelps/ 59'pkdfar>-st: betWe'ei&’Nasisait'knd' \ W iPiam v s reet-s/' ’* ‘ *• , 5! H a ll. A Parsons,'49 W illram-stre'et. ’** ' ‘ Ely A .W jlcqx, 40; Geder-st reet; ‘one door from ’the ' 'cbrne/.bifW illiam -street.. , .. <-.p Imfhr-tefs anil Dealers in lMdies\ Dress' Tyirfimingsi,. I Hosiery, Glovesand Haberdashery', ir( every-VQX%etifl Lb^es-A' U u a c k iqbi^b/ 20 : 1 ^ i ) l i ^ r / ’trb.ei ’ • • . Importers, Jobders and •Ma’tmf riebnrers o f Siispenders, ; Gloves, Cravatst 'Scarfs, Hosiery, fyo. Caps, Slocks,' . Itincns, OU-Silks $ df-Cr^-v. v *. - John M I.Davies & Jones, '106- W illiam -st., c o rner of J o h n /- - . . \ • . t ; j g s e p h -R . . a r b g t . l , . . ’ , .Y- n r A/v^N0-p^feifas^:^ife;iKidrcsp-Gf’ D iwufa; J. l- l'i .Boyd, ih- tbje' busi rie^s- for'riisrly -condncted-by' Bojrd AltAbbdifiiijiktji# old stand ; 6 n Court stredt, IT doo?s <weSt;o'f:tfife;*Ph^nix Hotel; thet' subscriber would itoform-'ifbeir; cuSfqmei^ and the pubiic *in> generxlfthatheK a s re.cehiJy made a • - ■ :' “ •: -, 7 'k ; r lo the-'forniei: s.toek, w h ich makes- the assortment th e ^ t e S T a N v T H E C O U N T Y —W h ich Js com- po^edof.-' , 'i, ■ - v - ’ ■{ - . , t i . S O L E , U P P E R , H A R N E S S A N D B R lD L E ,; ' : 4 ^ T ^ E R 5 ..ClAliF;.'iKIP;';P A T N A J' . / M O R O C C O A N D L IN IN G . '- v -»'SjK lN S ^ 'A laQ av - ' . ............. L a r g e .A ^ p r im e n t- o f -F I N D IN G S , composed of every a iiicle in - ihat line,' A* full assortm ent of LouckN besl L A S T S , -BOOT T R E E S .& C rim p s ; Lam p ,-N « its feot a n d .T a n n e rs’. OlL,-by Ihe Bill o r less.quantity, A larg e and: w e ll. selected assort^ ment ot. .• • ■ . . . > /F A M I L Y G R O C E R I E S ^ C O D F ISH : S H A D • M A C K E R E L , H E R R IN G , PO R K , FL O U R and SA L T ! ; .The abovd cbinprises a Variety hot u sually found at a n y one’; store ih thecounty—and w illbe sol’d. Chfeap for C a s h 'or'.exehanged' for m o st'kinds Of 'Produce., ; ' ‘ ■ * . • •- i . J O S E P H B. A B B O T T . -' . P . S.-^H ides and Skins wanted, for which Cash and Goods will.be paid. % ‘ , - Jbfie 1:^1845; ' ' • ' • i U . Importers,- Dealers:'and Manufacturers in Dye Stuff#,. Dye Woods', Acids, fyc: . -W illiam Parfridge 'S l Son, 27 Clijf-strddt. ... . -’ Shepard •& M o rgan, '47 Fultom-sfre’s i . . • * * ' » «-■ • * • . China, Glass and', Earthenware. . .. •„ H e n ry Stevenson, Im p o rter /and Dealer No, 270 Pearl-street, next.doorFrom Fulton Bank. .. Imp or ter s.'and .Dealers in French and English Drugs, ■ Chemicals, Ess. Oils, Perfumery, Brushes, tpc.- Al­ so., -Plalina Wire, Plates arid 'Foil. ’ . ' Johnson, M oore .&.Taylqr,^ 8 b Mwi.den.Lahe, (up sta i r s : ) .'- • .Sh&et, flfyptc&fc. B . W f& G. F . How , 151': W a t’er-street-, on.e .door frotri M aiden'Lahe. 5 . *■' * • • ■ ?<’ „■ Importers and General Dedlers in Hardware jGutlerij,- Edge Tools, fa,, German and' A m n m i , compris­ ing every thing in. the line. Osborne & Little, 33 t ulion-street, opposite the United States’ Hotel, between P e a il and W a - leivstreets. ' * Wood,. F rfger..& Messer.-, No>-2l9 P e a rl st.j ( n e a r John street.) . Manufacturers and. Dealers in Camphine,Solar,Pair eiit Lard and Hall Lamps. Also, Spe:m, Whale , Lard and Chemical. Oils, Camphine and Burning Fly,ids. Dietz. Brother & Co., 13 John street. / 1 Manufacturers and Importers o f Britannia Ware,and - Dealers i n Block and Bar Tin. Boardman & H a rt, 6 Burling slip, between Pearl and W ater-streets. • , ■ • Horn's Patent Glass. Fountain La,mps for Camphine, manufactured wholesale and retail uy ' • J. O .F a y , 136 Fnlton-street, Sun Buildings'. AlfO) W e b b ’s superior Double Distilled Cam phine. Metalic Tablet Strop Manufacturers. Pric-e, ^‘4, 6 , 9, 10- and 1.3 per dozen—Portable S h a v ing C a s e s , P e n K n ives, Perfum e ry, tf* c. G r S aunders & Son, 177 Broadway. M a n u fa c tu r e rs o f P e r f u m e r y , . Cosmetics, F a n c y Soap , ff-c. A lexander & John Ramsay, successors to N.-Smith Prentiss, sign of tbe Golden Rose, 45 M aiden Lane. Importer and Manufacturer ' of Fringe, Gimps, Cords and Tassels, Coat Cords, Zephyrs, Worsted, tyc. D. A. Booth, 100 W illiam street. r p H E Subscriber offers for sale a valuable tim- | ber Lot, containing Tw o H u n d red acres of land, lying in the Nichols T r a c t in the the town of V e stal, tourteen miles from Binghamton, and Diiies s o n .h o fth e Susquehanna R iver. T h e land is .ieVel, and a travelled road runs thtough it into Ptfaqsylvan ia. Pine, and Oak, together W ith oth­ er tim b er. F o r a more particular description, call on Stephen Card near the premises, and W m . H . ■Wadsworth, who will show the prem ises to any v b m a y wish to purchase, cr the subscriber in A lfpid M ass. T e rm s made easv. FR A N C IS E A S L AND-. ^Vestal J u n e 10, 1845. 12- w 4 - STOP ! DRIVEB, STOP !! 1 ,-j A T C A R Y & CO.’S * 0 H E A P ST O R E ! for thev do say the prettiest, x f i best, and Cheapest .PR IN T S , can be had of them ,,in town. • H a y e y o u s e e n their s tockof C L O T H S ? If not, just call and look at them, as they would; like to show '.you,some o f . the^best P’rench Broadc-ioth.s in the Burgh, at prices varying from T E N S H IL ­ L IN G S per y ard to .TEN D O L L A L S . ‘ J J ’T a k e off that ragged Coat, I'say, boys! ’ CASH paid for WOOL. € A S f I paid for W O O L at Crosby’s Cheap Cash Store Eagle Buildings, C o rner of Court and Frank! iu streets. ' Jane 3d 1S45. a» ' < - - — — _ C 1 L 0 T H S , C A S S IM E R S & S A T T I N E T T S a ) large assortment for sale C h e a p e r than ever offeredYh -B roome-cotlnt y— at C R-PSBY’S \Juhe 3d ’45. .Cheap Cash Slore^ ‘TV/FOURNlT'sG Balzorines a few patterns at I V L - J u n e 3d' ’45. ’ • C R OSBY’S. I NTfeSS SIL K S , a few rich palters, for sale very low at ____________ CR O S B Y ’S Cash Store. . 'V T E W ,.O R L E A N S SY R U P , a p rim p article for J.Aj sale lower than at any other Establishment in tg # h at C. H . CR O S B Y 'S. - - •* ^ i , t • ------------------------- _ _ (,ORK, a few bb’s, City inspected-, mess Pork at - June 3d CRO S B Y ’S Cheap Cash store. I L t i / x c u t , h a n d & W e b b s a w s for * sale lbW at C ROSBY’S. -y4f£.J -T* * . - J --- =-rr-= ------------------------ - ---- ’— ' 6 R A S S & G R A IN SC Y T HES o fsuperiorm ake W a r r a n ted , at* CROSBY’S. C \ ‘ O T T O N B a tiirg, Cotton Y arn, Carpet W a rp jand. W icking, in any quantity, by J - ' J. & C.'ROGERS. JSevf.Arrangemfentsand R u l e s ! Post Office,.Binghamton N. Y., June 2,1845.. ^ /Y N . t h e first day of July next, the new Post Office. law.goes into operatioh^by which poslageis so' ijttdfi reduqed, a.s td render Credit on letters entirely ottVpf the qhestion. ' ^N d tice is therefore hereby given—th a t from and afterihpt date,-the -following R'ules will be observed attbiV o ffice: 17 T h e postage on all letters, -must invariably be paid on delivery; Y 9 T N o 'letters will be s e n t from this office a n d ■fiirked “ P a id” unless thfe postage Is actually-ad- v t i i t e l postage on all pamphlets, w h ether peri- o d i w u r not-, to be paid when deliVered. 4 rThe~'p»>^tage o n , occasional:; newspapers or pam p h lets, must be paid when taken,'or they will be rttafHed. -l . ’ postage on newspapers Is payab’e qw^rfet-ly'in advance ;* b u t this rule Will be relaxed r^d;ii> 1 fav°r qfihose havi.ng private; boxes aJMl-who'pay prorriptij' at tbe-fend <-'f eac-h q u a rter. lA l! R ttfrs lor iransm[ssion, must-b: deposited inAhe office-kgrt:eabre' to law, half an hour -ITefqre tfciusual bduFOfclosing the mail's, or diey will lid Qvet fd n i lid next m afl. — ■ , - ~T-h«-*bove -Tesnlations' h iv e been adopted, to tbune^lA W , and they will L f lb i S d 1 # ppCTate-'.b'^neficieliy to the public, and save m e ftb< ^ w ittal lo » f '!i n d 1t f uch uim c tf^sary tTn £ » w a a i a F R71-Tt V i 1 ; b e Useless fo> » h y pe rson rr . w ■-*«»' t •r* 'Importers, Manufacturers and Dealers in Blank, Books. Foreign and Domestic Stationery, c. Frm ieis & Loutrei, 77- M aiden Lane. Carpets. Oil Cloths, Bugs, Mattings, Druggets,-<$•£. Pieuben'Smith, J r., 254 Broadway, (opposite the ci­ ty H a ll.) L.. W . & F . A. M iller, 48 Canal street find 447 , Broadway. Joseph Gillott’s Steel Pens. A complete assortment of all kinds ol the above Well known Pens, on cards and in boxes, together with a large stock of cheap Pens inboxes constant- i* on hand. H e n ry Jessoj>, Importer. 91 John-st., cor. of Gold. Watch Maker, Jeweller, and Dealer in Diamonds. H iS on hand a n d is constantly receiving all de­ scriptions o fW a tches and Jewelry. Second hand W a tc h e s rnd old Go’d and Silver taken in ex­ change or bought for cash. Amos R-. Thom p son, 309J Broadway. Fancy Goods, Table aad Pocket Cutlery. Im p o rter and dealer in F r e n c h ,- E n g lish and German Fancy Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Scissors, Brushes, Combs, Faiicy Boxes, Jew e lry, Toys,& c. W illiam Noyes, 21 Cedar-s.tceet, up stairs, between P e a rl and W illiam streets. Importer and Dealer in Cloths, Cassimers, Vestings tyc. At the old-established City Cash T a iloring ps- tablishmetit. • Edward Fox, 202 Broadway..between Fiilton anct John streets. ' n7J6m I .. , V. B. pAtjfEE. J^Ajtaj.Atrectr.New-^orkv { ^ B, ire anthurizyj''agent* for thief paper. 7’ ; . )7 3 FEA 'R E \ S T R E E T » - [O/ie' diku .aborc-Pine S t } r '. V ; ■ • . RE .how recfeiving: by- late- arrivals ■ from Em-. 19 RC, and lrom.M atuiHcriifPfs a *lafke asburt 1 • A f t i - W 'O F F i 0 M;;r: 1 ' SOUiblTORS Ak.n .*'• A ' rr. ; CROSBY’S Jjfew YORK C H E A P C A S a S T O R E . ' r' T O T H E P U B L I C . . T ^ H E subscriber would take this opportunity to- ■. A •inform.the citizens . of Binghamton and-those who may>visit this village, that he Is offering a- .largeassortm e n t o f • * : - D R Y GOODS, - , G R O C E R IES, C R O C K E R Y , IR O N , N A IL S , - - ‘ S T E E L A N D H A R D W A R E . A ll o f which have bden-purchased in New York, for Qash, • this spring, and will be sold at axtrernely- low prices, in the Eagle Store, corner of Court and Franklin-streets, and lately occupied by S. Cary & O o . , Ladies and Gentlemen are invitqd to call and ex­ am ine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. C. H . CROSBY. . Binghamten M ay 21,1845. ' 1 BOOT AND SHOE STORE. T H E Subscriber has j fist Opened, one Door west of C. Eidredge’s store Court sl., a heavy as­ sortm ent o f Boot? and Shoes, whiqh he will sell at W h o lesale or Retail, for reardy pay cheaper than have ever before been offered in Binghamton. A lso Leather aud Shoefindingsat Retail. J. DE H A R T . Bingham ton M a y 19.1845. “ N E W ~ J & C. ROGERS would inform their friends and • customers that they h ave recei ved their assort­ ment of Spring and Summer Goods, which they offer a? cheap for C A S H as they can be purch a s e d in th is v illag e . W e h a v e a la r y e stock of DRY GOODS selected with g reat care, also CR O C K E R Y , BO O T S A N D SH O E S , H A T S A N D C A P S , N A IL S , &c. &c. W e invite the attention of those w ishing to pur­ chase, to examine our stock of goods, nnd even if we do not profess to sell '•'■Cheaper than the cheapest we w ill try and give satistaction to ali who may favor us with thsir patronage. J. & C. RO GERS. Binghamton M ay 7.1845. C O D F IS H , M a ckerel and Shad for sale lew by :.y ___________ J .& C.ROGERS. iUMMER stuffs o‘f all kinds can be found cheap O at the Store of J. & C. ROGERS. B AREG E S , Balzorines,M u slins, Ginghams. &c. &c., some beautiful patterns, fur sale by ___________________ * J. & C. ROGERS. S p r i n g F a s h i o n s f o r H a t s , 1 8 4 5 . Store north side of Court S l . two doors west of S H. P. Hall's,- A T O U R O L D S T A N D . T H E subscribers inform their friends and custo­ mers that they are now enabled to exhibit.a full assortment oi' H A T S O F T H E SPR IN G STY L E S , of viry superior quality, and which in point p f durability and Elegance a re not equaled by any other establishment in this place, and in point of Economy, we pledge ourselves to sell a better a r ­ ticle a t LESS PR IC E F O R C A S H or approved credit, than can be bought elsewhere in this village. W e have on hand a large assortment of P alm L e a f H a ts at wholesale or retail as low as can be purchased in New York. Also a large assortment of Double and Single brim- Leghorn, Panam a and W illow H a ts, Mens?and boys C loth G lazed and V elvet C aps ofall the new Sryles, also Youth and C h ildren’s Fancy Caps in g reat variety. R E A L S I L K G L A Z E D C A P S % very low. W h ite and black W ool H ats, F u r and wool S p o r­ ting H ats of all colors, together With all other arti- ticies in our line of business, all of which have been purchased this spring W I T H C A S H and will be sold a t very reduced p rices for ready pay. M E R R IL L & RO O T . ;jBingha.*.ton A p ril 15.1845. F O R Q k J . £ M. E. PllATT. —Com mission Lumber Dealer, (Corner Whst and 13rA Streets ) r H E subscriber having established him self as above hopes by devoting his. time exclusively to the lu nber business; and prompt returns ol'sales, to receive the p atronage of the ptiblid: Advances m^cte on Consignments. ; I New Y o rk A p ril 2 0 .1845. * , 6 -Om 1 J “Still They Come !!” A N O T H E R lot of rich and cheap goods to be seen this week a t the “ OLD C A S H STO R E .” A s one .of the firm spends most of h is time in the qity, we shall continue to receive fresh supplies every week-. Cash customers will b e a r in mintl that {his.is the p lacejo ‘fin'd, every thing nice at the low- esLkind o.f prices. R . A ; F O R D & Co. | May~S‘7.t0. 4 ^ 5 . -' ______ ■ , - C L O C K S . W A T C H E S k J E W E L R Y . I N T E N D IN G to.make it his perm anent location, the subscriber announces to the residents, of Binghamton an I p a rts adjacent, that he is ready at. all times to exercise hi* gkill in. c o rrecting the dis­ orderly habits of everv variety o f tim e piece?.; from the Yankee Clock to the Chronumetor, and with his, practical m agic m ake them ‘•P o i n t w i t h unerring Anger t o t h e m a r c h oftim © .” ^ W ith his knowledge ofthe recent im p rovem ents iti the a r t of Clock and W a tch m aking 'and repairing, he feels confident in giving those who m ay exfena tb h im their patronage, tbe assurance that he Caff give e n tire satisfaction. He. keeps consiantly and is receiving by month- lv expresses direct lrom.the importer and manjifac- tu rerih e latest and-nmst approved sivles ol AnterL- qan and Parisian JEW E R Y ', not excelled in b eauty of design, or brilliancy of finish in w'estern New. Y o rk—together w ith'an assortment of selected w.ith the design of sailing the taste of h'is patrons. H e also keeps S ilver .Spoons and Specia- qlg? j Bras?, ;Wp-3d and German Clocks, all pf w hich-will be sofd- cheap for c ash or e x changed for produce, v “• . t« /* O L D G O L D and'SI.LV E R taken, i f i . e i - change for goods o r cash.. - - - R IC H A R D S a U I R E S . _Biin'gKarfftclft Majr f t , <845: ' - A few C A S E S b f th a t?n icean d ^ r h e a p .P R I N T S , just received F O I)D ' A; C o’s; Tffey open de-: eidpdLyTi.cjq. a-nd a r ^ eheap^X tbatt^yer^ • 1 'M a y .27th-’4.5/1-• *.... i .f ' f ■ . '.. 7 . 7 ,■ T l i r e e v a l u a b l e B u i l d i n g L o t s , S IT U A T E D a few Lots below the Brandywine Hotel. T e rm s m oderate. F o r farther partic­ ulars, enquire of FR A N C E S E. BERR1AN. Bingham ton, M ay 28,1845. 10-4\v ~ C A S H G R O C E R Y . f O m d o q jf w e s t o f t h e P o s t O ffice .) S ‘ B . & T . , ^ H p M p S O N successors to E. & O. • Field,- have just receive 1 a new stock of F A M I L Y GROCERIES, W ines, Liquors &c. &c., which’ih^y'pledffe* themselves.to sell as cheap as ever, and positively.as low*as they can be brought in town. ; i Binghamton M ay 27/1845. tefttfs 1 ThetrjStt^k.cous'istsTn part;of— - Cloths^Casfim ers, Satrinets;--Yesting's‘. ' / .■# A m e ricai^Prin,^ o f - ;■ Brown and Bleached'M u slins, - v a rious' styles and '. Price§ . ; • ■' •; Irish Linens,‘Linen.-Lawns, Seoteh Gingham s. P rinted. M uslius-and Lawns^^-tiewstyles.- o-‘l.Zr-iles’ 0 AlpaGRs,, Liistres.' . . S ilk a n d GMtQjn/Wio.rki * Silk and Cotton V,el.vets. • -■ . • - Fancy F rench and.-Engl.ish GambroOUS# . ' 7.' -^ 9 D n ? T weeds-^singJe-and ffofibie' width; ' ' Ghepk G m g h a m a p d M erifio Cassim eref D rab D ’Etes-for-.summer-wear. . . . Am erican Pataloons Stuffs, ; ' - - -•■' B rp.wn H o llands, Sil esia? and P a p e r Cambrics. • 7 Cotton Hosiery-—bleached andbrow n . - / Faiiey and Silic Handkerchiefs, . Ribbons, Sewing ‘ . S ilk and T.wist. r . C o rded-Skirts,Table CoversyLinen Thread.. Jaconets, Cambrics, Gloves, &c. &c; * . - / ■ • - ; / M erchants buying ^goodsfor C a s h will find it lor theipIntere*t;to buy of'us.. • - 50-.4ih B I R D S A L L & C O L V E R ; ; . •• • A . ■Produee C(jmmission, Merchants FI irah 'B irdsall , ^ No, 214 W ashjngtqn S t , J ames D. C olter , ) 'NEW -YORK. '- Personal attention given to. th e . sale of Buttet, Cheese,' Lard &c. &c. and the. highest market-price obtained, LIB E R A L ADYANCES M ADE. REFERENCES:. H o n .. D S;.. Dickinson, B inglianffon,.M e ssrs. Strang, T o w n e r & Co.- Elmira_ M essrs. Bowne,. Tow b ridge & Co.,Poughkeepsie,C .M u rdock',Esq’.' Hudson, M essrs. Lee, B rothers & Co. N . Y. Messvs. Crook, F o o w k s & Co. N.-Y. M e ssrs.Lew - »s &■ C'p. Oswego, B. Isaac & Co. Oswego. , ■ N e w -Y o rk,'A jgqs't 1 , .1844. • . ' MOilE TROUBLE!! 7 ”. The “Qld Gash . StoreJ; yet Ahead. TYj O T W I T H S T A N D I N G the grent'Excitement' J.U -in the m ercantile trade in this .town Rr. A. FO R D & C O . wish, to inform Iheir num erous cus­ tomers, and ‘a ll who have C'SH-topay-for goods'that they are “ S till-o n hand” with fhe “ t a l l e s t ” kind ofa stock of goods, and as usual will continug to sell them Iro 11 10 to 15 p er cent less than any es­ tablishment that-ever hras o r e v e r 'w illb e started in.'. this county—and we wish i t ‘d istinctly understood that we a re • not to be undersold on any article. , W e know our facilities fo r ‘purchasing will war­ rant these assertions, and we shall-live up to them, let the consequences be what they may. Am ong c u r extensive assortment o f D ry Goods may be found R ich Siiks, comprising every style and quality—Rich Balzeriites, Bareges, Printed Lawns and m uslins, m u slin Ginghams, D e L a ins andchaliies, with all the n ew styles of Dress Goods, Prints, more than 500 different styles—good quality lo rd cents, and some beautifbl styles chintz-from JO to 12J cents—Sh'awles, Dress Hakfs. Cravats; Silk Pocket and Linen Cam b ric Hakfs. Laces. M uslins, Bonnets, Ribbons, Gloves, Hose.ry &c. &cr with o u r usual large stock of. . Fancy and Millinery Goods, T o w h tclithe attention ofthe Ladies is particu­ larly called. , T o the Gentlemen we would only say, just drop in and exam ine the bast slock o f Cloths, Cassimers, Satineits, Vestingsand Sfimmer Stuffs o fall kinds ever b rought into Broome Co. and we will satisfy you that the prices are right. Domestics. - ... ■ Sheetings, Shirtings, Ticking, Checks, Cotton Yarn, Carpet warp., &,c., in fa t everv thing in the DfV Good line, w ith a big lot of Boots and Shoes— Carpeting, Oil floor cloth, Papar Hangings &e. a t the lowest kind of prices. Also Groceries, of all kinds proportionality low, a b ig lot of those good T e a s at g reat reduction from former prices. Our stock is unusually large and to one and all we would just say c?ll a n d examine for yourselves and be satisfied that money can be saved by buying goods of It. A . FO R D & CO. : Binghamton M ay 7th 1845. -* NEW STORE nV E W STO R E !! C. H . B U L K L E Y & OOi, H A V E opened an entire new stock of GOODS, (one door west of M e rrill & Root’s store,) in Binghamton. B U L K L E Y & CO. are determined to sell Goods cheap. Persons purchasing Goods are respectfully invited to call at T H I S STO R E , where they wiil find a general assortment o f D R Y GOODS, GRO C E R IES, CR O C K E R Y A N D G L A S S -W A R E , w h ich w ill be sold at such prices as will satisfy all. TAILORING. In connexion with the above, they have estab­ lished a T A IL O R IN G E S T A B L IS H M E N T —r- have p rocured workm en from the city, and will do C u tting or m a k ing up in the latest a n i most ap­ proved styles. fjfL o o k for C ; H B U L K L E Y & CO ’S. Store.. j Bingr amton, M ay 6 , 1845. n7 B O O T S A N D S H O E S . VERY large assortm ent o f Boots and Shoes for sale cheap by A F. W . T O M P K IN : cusUJffisrtf*tid 'ortiers-'wlto -wi7h -to--buy ‘ga<ids at cheap rates. W IL L IA M M. ELY . Bingham toil A p ril 1st 1845. . • COPARTNERSHIP. . f riffiscriber having associated with h im his' A Broilier Joseph- E. Ely, the business will h e re­ after be Conffffctedunder tfie name .and fifm of W . M . & J . e . Eiy; w i l l i A m m , e l y . Binghamton A p ril l s t l845. T O P !J. S T Q P I J ’• a t H a ll’s, H eaa Utia rters for ’Fashionable and cheap Dry Goods-^such un- cbmmpp c h eap rates cannot be found in Bingham ­ to n .' No m istake in this^, call and see< .Oct. 8 th, im.„ - ■ :37ewr G o o d ^ A t H a il ’s The cheapest Store in. tow n a -idrno m istake L A D IES Sum m er D rdsi Goods, a large assort­ ment of sflmncter Goods for then and boys. Cheap Broadc.ioibs and Satinetts v e n low—Sheet- J n g cheaper'than everr^-Shawls; Gloves/Calicoes, 5^i)pjeffes (qwer than the loweSL Always look for H a ll’s store before ourchaSing. M ay 1.1845. -. I o r e ,' at - FOO R D ’S. B O O T S A N D SH O E S ; a big lot c h eap i . ‘ ‘ . F I ~ . . G L A S S , a L a s s . A U C T lO N FR IC E S .T-The subscriber offersfdr, A>' sale, a large lot o f 7 bv9, and. 8 by lOGJass, bought a t a gf&it bargain',apdjwill ba'soldat a strtall advance, at. * T R I V E T Y ’S “ C heap D rug Store.” - . - . .Gpgoj-sitetbe Phenix Hotel.- /T t O P A L v A R N lB H . a prim e article of- 6 o a e i V F u rnitnia.. VarniSh;ff»r Ml« a t a lu ttrp r iceb y '.••• -• |lO B 'F s. . ^ 1 tlR lV f i r r x ,... -:•• - ■ .*, _•: 7 Opposite the Phenix Hotel. M OLASSES A N D SUGAR.— T h e best and cheapest in town lor sale by : ____ F . YV. T O M P K IN S . C O D F ISH A N D M A C K E R E L , first qnalitv for sale by ' F / W . T O M P K IN S . T O B A C C O . P LU G and Paper Tobacco for sale a t about h a lf the u sual p rices b y F. W . T O M P K IN S. B A L Z A R IN E S , Bereges, M uslins, Lawns, &c. a beautiful assortment for sale by $ - F. W . T O M P K IN S . L INEN , Musli®, Cam bric and Cqtten Edgings, Linen C a m b rieH a n k fs. and Irish Linens ftu sale v ery cheap by F . W . T O M P K IN S . - o a n 'D L B S . TVTEW -YORK Patent m o u ld.C a n d les forsale by i \ ” ‘ - F . W . T O M P K IN S . P R I N T S .^ - T h e best assortment of Prints in town for sale c h e aper than the cheappst by F W - T O M P K IN S . |MR8tf8 8UPERHR PATM T R U S S W S , N iahd-rib'structioii. :-Z V • . TEA'CH e A s T. ... •: M l t T p N W A L P O / A s s i s i a n k ',-;. .M iss HI A: H IN C K L E Y , -Principal of-Female D e p a ri^ffl;. / -:■.{ < I: '7 . ;; As^fSta .... - DAYIS'; W: ‘./ty t s y i . (f. BOBlfe, T6at:figii-lff<i ^ i i i i \ J . / ForR e a d ing. W riting,E n g lish'G ram m e f,/ '* • ;•. Geography, A m thm e tic^and.H istdry v; - ,U, S,, pe.r- term oiffilteeti $4'Q 0 . F o f Physiology, Algebra; -Geometry; Shpi-*-' /.o-'r's . .veying-, M ental antl'.M o ral Philosophy: - • and Rheforip per Term ; •; ;7 .\• v ;' F o1* Bptah.y,*'Chemis'try,’ \Natural P'hil'eso-- ' • why, Astronomy; the- Latrih, Greek and French Languages, per Term, '0' QQ For- Drawing -and Pointing,-.- /per..Term /,:'. -. •* - 1 . Extra ... / ; For Music, on tb.e-P-ianO F o rteand'O fganj - -.^r;Ternj|,Extra, ’ • iff-.OO. . Tuition bills.payable in advancef- a n d in all.cas- 'es to t e paid to B. M arvin , Secretary of .tbe Bqatyl; >of;-Trustee.s, on whom persons fiaving-busmeSS'Wiih .tfig Academe are requeued fb-call..'. ^ | -f~a? Good-Board can be pbtained near .the. Aeade+ my Building for from $4. 25 to'Sl 75 per wdek, . - • .- M Y R O N M E R R IL p , Pres?t.7; i 'B-,-M arvin ; Sec’y. * ; IT. H . CHANCERY. ' / .V ;,Q8i^Jityd;dof north o f th^.$yjs'OlfeeV? *''. 7 ' 4i^,.C^’q-KSSi.t<plb^T LAwgjAND iKmr^'rOiiJ 730UivsEhuq&’'iN*cHANGfe1R r : : ;t* / ^ L B . / : AY; bfe.lquniVat hi? olff resideftce'.'CHoiHer- s k .^ ^ ■ /o p p y s it^ lty q n f Ba&in'-’. ;':m m p .U tten tio ir. g iven .to.a 11 W h o m s y d e s irefity : s.ery tees jjulfie JiraEttce d £ M edicine aad Skrgfiiy: * P,B. BROOKS, A S T H E C A E A P E S T , A T T H E G t U - Not 1 & 3 E x c h a n g e .nuildingf#; j * -..{First Door- Ifdst.of the. Canal Bridge ). T H E Subscriber intends to k eep hispresenflargq: : Srock fully replenished from- tjri'te to tim e; gud. will sell as.low aa a n y other .establishm ent' in this T illage. • • . ; . . . . . - 7 , Drugs <fe MeiJicifres, . * - 7 a general assortm ent of fam ily M edicines whole- ■ sale find r el ail..- - ' Paints -&. Oil.- ; : . ■ T .anners Oil: Sperm Oil,'Lii».seed Oil/Boiled a n d pnbojled of.Ira Sufnmers well known manulaelure.. W h ite Lead d ry and ground.in oil, C-hrpine green,; P a r is g r e e n a n d . Yerdigri-s’-Chrome Yellow, .-Spf.-, Turp^niin.e, T a r , Pitch, Rosin, .Okum, Copal, Yair nish, Faint .Brushes. / . ■ - .' Nails. • •• ■ *• • */ ’ a g eneral assortment of cqt ait'd wrought nails': . ’ : - . Win clow. Glass;, ' - -• from 7 ^ 9 to 1:2^18 by the'boX or at retail; Ea-per' Hangings. . . . The-larg at assortment* ever offered in this vil-! lage for sale at New Y o rk retail p rices., . • Groceries. * ' H e w ill challenge any establish ment in this/ yil; lage to produce an assoYtitfent' of better Sugars,' Teas, Coffee, .M olasses, Ginger, Peppef, Spiee, Starch, Saleratus,.bar Soap, Tobacco, Snuff,. Yine- gar, Sperm candles. - Stone Ware, - . : a general assortment... ' . . . - ' ' . . Pure Wines, - \ M a d eria-Port; Tcnneriffe and Sweet, wine? fo,r M edicinal pu:poses. .-. . DyeStui0rs. ; Logwood, Fustic, Nicwood Camwood M adder &c., wholesale and -Retail. - . Looks & Stationary, a general assortment of School Book? 7 District LL. brafies and m eceraneous works, D raw ing paper Bristol Boards Note pajier,Letter and fools cap do. ;B'lank Books, CXii Us a n d steel pens <fec.-. Flour iSalt/ Coarse and fine salt in bbls. D a iry salt in Sachs T a ­ ble do. in Boxes, F lour by the barrel or retail - - ' April 14 h 1845/ 'D /M c A K T H U R . HO! FOR !45! ■ O C A R Y & C J., ever ready to do a good deed, k J • have taken this oppoitunily to inXorm their euotomcrs, friends aiid tlie pamic. in general, that thev have a lull supply of D ry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, H a rdw a re &c., em bracing almost every article usual'y called for. Please cali and examine our goods before p u rchasing elsewhere, as we a re determined not !o be undersold. . ■ January 1, 18-15. ' . W IN T E R SPERM O IL —A superior quality of this a rticle now for sale by R O B T . O. T R I V E T T . -T ^ O f f i c e a t hisxesidence on: th e w e st.side of ih e Chenango, on F r o n t Strfefet. . . -7 ' - - Pi BY t i . '.Y, ' 7 - ' ./(N E A R T H E BRIDGE*) ' . * a 9' ' f 9 , u N IO N Spring W a ter for sale by L . M. R E X F O R D . Aug,-.25. ,,.v , P A L M L E A F H A T S —Bonuets <fc-Parasols a good assnrtm e n tat S. A .N E W T O N & Co. June 6 th 1844. 3 S H O E S A N D B O O T S .—500 pairs Shoes and slippers/com p rising a g o o d assortm ent, f'oTsale ’ H A L L ’.S. M A T C H E S ! M A T C H E S ! 50 gro, prime Friction M atches, just received and Will be sold cheap. . R O B T . C. T R I V E T T . <p.f \ Chests T e a , 15 hhds. Molasses, 15 hhds. Su- t i U gar, 25 bales Sheetings,- 500 lbs. Carpet Y a rn, 1000 lbs. Cotton Yarn* 15 bales Batting al wl olesale or retail a t : Oct. 15, 1844. s . H . P. H A L L S i. A T RED U C E D P R I C E S .” T p H E &ubscritre^-'takes this meihdd of inori»ing ' Ar.lri.-i.frfend^ a n d '’the - p u b lic generally that he iStill continues in the qbo.ve b u siness a t his old stand :Jn-the Eagle buildings Jancl-inake.s garm ents 'a t - a f e h e aper pricC\than is don;- jn any other -shop- in town far c a sh Or.produc-e.- A l l ‘w o rk warrante'd’:f 6 - be well m a d o 'a n d iti th d l a l e s t fash io n .7 1 C u tting done a t the Shorte.st.notice * ird w a f fan fed t 0 ? y ' k n- ^ : s f '■ j . N t f f l m June 20,-1844- ' / . ' - • . ' / . L I T E A N D L E T L I V E V . . ^ :/ BT'G.V :f , y . D VERHISE.fl. & C O F F IN refurri their'thanks .to the' p u b lic g en'eralty for their liberal -pat^wf- ..age:,they cpntinue tokeep a t their old. - 'stand; a gen^' eral assortment of. cooking stov.es, C o a l ahd woiid .parlor stovbs, B o x 6.-and9.plate stoves: at-w h o iesalu ‘and retail;, also-a general assortment o f Copper T.tft and Sheet Ifon ware .which they* will'gell cheaper .than e y erfdr cash or produoe. A]! kinds o f repaff- ing done At the, shortest notice. * Tlifeir stove estat- iifshraeirt isin Centre buildings near the Chenango -bridge. • . • ' - ■ 7 ' ■ 'T IJS T * R E C E IV E D ,rand for sale by tfie subsenfi- •J er, aii.assortment o f Jewelry and Fancy Gobds —ffonfisting »f Breast-Pins; Finger RiqgsV Silver' Pencils, Thimble's, Spectacles,-Sqap?: CWard 3 i&& :^c. . . 7 - - A L F R E D X. E V A N S . . Bingham ton Dec..23,1844-. - . M i l l s a w s a . 1 doz. Miil Saws for,sale by . M arch 1 :1845. SUPERIOR ARTICLED '>y. -. '* . S7H: P. H A L L ; D RY \GOODS' C H E A P —A Large lot ofSbdeN m gs, Alpaccas, P rints, Cloths,-Dies? Silks, ,Sattinetts and Shawls. W ill be' sold, a t reduced i ^ c e s a t '* / . d4K SA M . H . P . H A l L . M a rch 1 .1845.- , C LO T H S /C a s s i m ers Salti n etts, Vestings; Mdle Skin Drilling,&c. a good assortment a t Maffch. 8 . . -N E W T O R d t Go’s Store ‘ *' • ' For Sale. % ' - Q F iV E R A L Ho Mb Lots, Eligifitysihialetl in this >kD Village, With.or without Building materiatls for- sale on long c redit, A. DOUBLE-DAY : Binghamton Nov. I I , 1844. ■ 34 ! n ^ CKERY'. supplyof Crockery afh\f W^i.GJ3SS-ware, just received and forsale cheapbV J ^ ay31* ' S, C A R T & Go. * “ c l o v e r S E E D ; S C ARY & CO.* have J u s t received Fifty Ba- • she, s o f the Large kind o f Clover SeecfoX Su­ perior d u a lity fox-gale Cheap. Feb: 19th 1845. p S . Look to your Insurance. » H . P. H A L L , as Agent of the H a rtford Insm ranee Company, will insure property at the lowest rate's against loss o r damage by fife. Nov. 25,1844. ________ 36-tf. r* ROCKERY. Looking GZasses,- H a rdw ire W N a ils, Iron a»d W indow Sash selling uncom- monZy low at . S. H . P . H A L L ’S May 20th 1844. : H B U N T S Axes. A suppty of H u n ts celebratea A x e s just received and for sale bv ____________ p . M c A r t h u r . RTSTOLS, Sarsaprrilla. T h is well known M edicine is k ept for sale constantly bv , D. M c A R T H U R . | ^ : » ■ ---- B O O T S & SH O E S .—A n y quantity of Boots & Shoes, selling very cheap.at Jan . 1 , l845f, S. C A R Y & CO’S. A F E W Bushel of spring seed W h e a t on hand at C A R Y & C o ’ s C H E A P AS TH E C H E A P E S T 't 1.- -1 1 - HKXKOIU). D R U G G I S T A p t ) G R O C E R K EEPS Constantlyou hand a large a n d better se­ lected as ortment of goods titiau c a n forrihf .at any s im ilar Establishm ent in the G o u n tS S ? article ol which will be sold as C H E A P A S -T H E C H E A P E S T . The-subscriber assures the PtibliO •that he will not be U N D E R S O L D .-, AHehUon ty .requested to the Targe Catalogue of.Palefit Medi­ cines in another Colum n of this p a p e r - -* w m r t . L . M . R E X r O R D . C \ P\ *af- : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ R O B T . C. T f e lY E T f : lm T T r ( l F U f f s I— F t d R ,S i ! , T H . E highest p rice paid ih C A S H for Fox, M a r- ' U-n>, M ’-r'k and Coen Skiffs, by the subscriber. DeC- l i l 8 44. _____________ L . M. R E X F O R D ; H A R D W A R E A N D C ROCKERY* low a t Nov. 25,1844. _ H A L L ’-S. P A R AS OLS & SU N S H A D E S .- A laige lot ot P arasols'ahd Sun Shades all qualities and prices, to bespld Cheap for Cash by . ,, _ : / ___________ N E W T O N & C&. H A L L H a s a ]o.t o f molasses. T e a s },’Coff e find Sugar which he will sell by Hogshead,- Chest w B p S U 11 Groceries a re w a ited cheap look for _M a rch LJ845. ___ S. 71.-P. H A L L S Store. * iL « ' 1 5 - ,V A L N E W T O N & CDs, l O O T S A N D S H O E S , lower than ever at Get. 15. H A L L ’S. A GOOD a s sortm e n t o f Good\-for sum m er pants coa.s &c o r * , N E W T O N & C o ’s. A N D -A B D O M IN A L SU P P O R T E R S , tor sale by . L .M . REXFORD- C A M P H I N E A N D T U R P E N T i N H . A TTO T H E R lot o f Superior Camphin= just re- . cieved, also Turpentine b y . -pint, gallon or Barrel at - ROBT C. T R IV E T T ’S, , ' , . “Gh«*ap Drug Store” T EAS', TEAS, S. Cary & Co. can say to the public that they have teas as ehpap as evef 31 the new store I! T h a t Tea at 4s. is on hand yet.. - OOL.— Cash or Goods willbe p a u ^ o r W od1, at - -(May 1. 1845.) H A L L o, . -UGAR’S~C b e aper“ than'can be bought in the city lot sale a t Cary St Co’s new Store.' , A IL S and lion at H a ll’s M a y 1S15. 1 V I H D K J I N E S A N D U R H G S ; * A fresh stock of p u re M edicines and Drugs is ' no w offered b y tbe subscriber a t Wholesale or retail. Prices very low. KOB’T C. T R I V E T T , - 1 v Opposite the “Phenix Hotel.” ’ G L A S S , G L A S S . T _ D O W and P ictu r e Glass 6 f fill slizis'by the boX or' lig h t f o r satle e h eap fit -- n T R iV E T T ^ S ^ C h e a p D f u g B to f e .” S P R IN G P R I N T S , new Patterns, Also Helains, Cassimers, Alpacas, Sheetings ahd Shirtings in abundafice besides some desirable , fancy Goods, fo'rthe ddasbn— at low prices N E W T O N &.Co, NOTICE, S C A R Y & CO. have just returne'dfrom N rjw • Y o rk and a re thisA a y opening a choice,and well select d Zol o f goods for the Fall trade,.C onsis­ ting of D ry Goods, H a rdw a re, Crockery , Groce­ ries, Boots and Sho-Sj Ae. alt which w ifi be sold as low for cash as caff be. afforded, or lotf as the lowest.—Sept. 3, 1844- ' , fC§r Messrfe. S. C A R Y & CO. \wonid cau at­ tention of those indebted to them , that it is abso­ lutely necessary for them to ZtteD d to their accounts without delay, ahd those that calculate to pay in grain to do sd imm ediately. N E W G O O A tthe Old Favorite Store , Corner of Court and Washington Striets (_form erly occupied by R . A. Fnrrl 'df Co) ; T H E subscribers have j usZ receive.t the Largest New stock o f goodS fo b e found in thrs v icihity Consisting of a L a rge efioice stock df Dry Goods Groceries, Crockery, G7as's v e r e , Bdots, .& ^fioes, H a ts a ^ d C a p s &.e, &c. . 7 \ L V - ! SA L E S . to.sintp.urchasers-f AJLL kinds 61 pf 6 - clu.ee taken in Excnange for goods, . ,- x . ‘ . • S’. A j.N E W T O N & Co . T 3 R O V IS IO N S .: Pork, Bhe.f, F lour:ai.tt Mah'k- J l - erel by t he b a r r e l ' 6 r less' q u a ritity.'- G'ddfish &c sold -at c o s tand charges at the-favbriteucirner by - : '-'S: A .-N E W T O N A -C O : M O L A S S E S , Teas; S u g ar. CoffeeAp-, all wiiy- iy.L ' ranted, good and solci a s Cheap by tis as^at any stOre/li!. fown. '*f f * “ * , ^ ! f \ A il kinds <.-f\Grain B u tter; CfieeSe &<>., bought at tttdltighest p rice a t . . S. A. N E W T P N j l C o . _ - . 7 • / O N H A i X D . 1 ' L O T S or- R ichN e h r Spriffg Gth-iffsna-be V e n h '• tHis'^eek/at, / -ty FO R D & C O ’S ._ 1 A ^ ty ] 6 th f l8 4 5 / j..'.-/«q 7 77,. 7 UGA'kSv/MolaSses,. TteaS; Goffefe/anff/alf ’ b'tKef k iad d f Grdceries-fcheipipsf iti-Ibim 0 , 91'1 - ‘ FO R D ’S ‘OldCash Store.” N A IL S ;arad W indow SaSh can be h ad Ri large or.srr.all.quantities at H A L L ’S: , March, i jh 45 . , ' . - A f 1A N D L E W ick and Cotton Y a rn Celling cheap at JHALL’S. , Marc h 1 . 1845. 7 LA G E lot ofshlaZl Nova Sqo'tia GTriHd Stones Superior to the Ohio,-fdrsaZe at ? cents per lbs. a t . . S. A N E W T O N A Co. A R D W A feE. Just rebejyed.a ^bdd as^«rt- fneht Bf h a rdw a re a n d sellingcn'eap by M ay 31\ ; , / g , C A P Y & 6 0 . i p i S H . C O D F IS H 'and MaeWri;] justi-eceived and forsale. by S. C A R Y ^ CO , R u P E T w ine} and CoVffaie, abd descriptions*®! ' R. ent sMtn 7R IV E T T S . W H I T E LEA D750/ j|> g s W h ite Lead. A n d I 50 Box.e? 7.by 9 & 8 b.y 10 GZass, o f a good •^ j f Z i |r f o r ,s^ cheap a f / 'S . H , P , H A L L rS. 1 • • y t *7* , . ; - *1 ... .. ' * B O O T S &* Shoes oLaVl^cihdSj a largejtssortm eut .direct Iropi th e mhriu'faCturers, selling cheap a t -- : ' H A L L 'S , — vrt - . rtt . ______ . _______ .■ .. stopk of Broad/cloths and Salinetts .ve.ryeheapat * O c t.45,1844. S. H . P . H A L L S . f S p r i n g G o o d s . F p HE'Subgeribers.linvo j ust M t i n d from New* A Y o rk a rutl.s.'ujck ol'Goods for the Spring trade Consisting o f ’D ry Goods, Bao'.s a n d Shoes, and jsdmo Groceries; M aking their stock opniplete—' w h ich'm u st be sold before the opening of tne Ca- nfil,.'r*-Prices, to suit purchasers^.C^jrner .of Court jand* W ashington,'sf. , * S .;A . N E W T O N S c . Co. Binghamton MaicK. B. 18-15. ; I T A L L 'S A S S O R T M E N T dl'Htteds is largefor JL ihe Seasqn- . P u-rgbasers o f D ry Groods Gro- jcenes,C rockery, o r H a rd w a r e w ill do w e ll to look foi. Halls, p to re be,fQre)nirclia'stng elsw e re. Mareh»L:j-^45. . - •' F fc i l E L A M P j O I L s , -Sperm ^ind L a rd-Oils-of the best quality, at R O B T . C- T R IV E T T S . ^ in*

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