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Binghamton courier. (Binghamton, N.Y.) 1844-1849, May 28, 1845, Image 3

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M t immediately procure a buttle or tWo, o f that fi- ' & # m remedy, Dr. W jiUr’e^alm ra of Wild' Cheri^, yjy Which ie well known to be the moat speedy curaeVcr kho*t», ka- thousand* will testify whose, lives have saved by it. For Influenza it is the best medi- {j-'ciad in the World, as hundreds will testify, j'-. , f 3 \For sale by L s r r M. Rsxrofcbr* Binghamton. _ r,* . E T “ T h e Voice o f t h e PEOPX.B” ,has always been »f ia favor o f Sherman’s Medicated Lozenges. They have now been before the public for more than* five years, during which time they have been used by ministers and laymen, lawyers, doctors, old and v* ^young, rich and poor, frpm Maine to Georgia, and ,, from the chores of the Atlantic to the. Rocky Moun- . \ tains. Nor Jizre they been used i n . vain. Were all the testimony published which the Doctor has receiv- [ od concerning the good effects of his Lozenges, it / Would form many ponderous books. Cases of con- oomption, spitting of blood, and long continued coughs \i* h a v e easily been subdued and overcome by their cura- ' ” ‘tive properties; and worms have been driven s^vvay 7 the suffering in a way, .that is almost beyond belief. Dyspepsia, fever and ague, the diseases inci­ dent to females, rheumatism, weakness, &c., all have ; yieldedto their power; and the voice of praise is as fully expressed as it is possible for it to be, wherever •5 . they have become acquainted with their wonderful 1 powers. This is no fancy sketch—we have experi. ' ' enesd their good elfects, and can refer lo hundreds . a i d thousands who have been raised up from beds of -1 mekness and suffering by these agreeable preparations. And besides, who would not prefer taking medicine * in this form. 1 He who has ever languished upon a j sick bed, and been sickened at the very sight of a spoon with molasses and nauseous medicine he has been obliged to swallow, when he once becomes ac­ quainted with Sherman’s Lozenges, will always give .them the preference over every other nicdicine ever ? ^offered to the public. - ’ O 'F o r sale by Levi M. Rexford, Binghamton. M ARRIED. * Iii Greene, the 29th ult., by the Rev. C. Darby, l\lr. F rancis B illings and Miss A nnah H oughton , both o f Greene. D I E D . In Windsor on Friday the 9lh inst. of scarlet fever, Wm. Sidney, son of Hezekiah and Almeda Knox, aged ten years —and on Tuesday the 13th, Neely S tra tto n , son of the same and of the same disease, aged eight years. F O R S A L E , T h r e e v a l u a b l e B u i l d i n g L o t s , S IT U A T E D a few Lois below the Brandywine Hotel. Term s moderate. • F o r farther partic­ u lars, enquire of FR A N C E S E. BERRIA N . Binghamton, May 23, 1845. l0-4w f”CASH GROCERY! ( O n e d o o r w e s t o f t h e P o s t O ffice.') O B. & T . T H O M P S O N successors to E. & O. O . Field, have just received a new stock of .FA M IL Y GROCERIES, W ines, Liquors &c. &c., ’which they pledge themselves to sell as cheap as •ever, and positively as low as they can be brought in town. Binghamton M ay 27, 5845. ’ “Still They Come!!” ~ A N O T H E R lot of rich and cheap goods to be ■ seen this week a t the \ O L D C A S H ST O R E ,” « s one of the firm spends most o f his time in the city. W e shall continue to receive, fresh supplies , e v e ry week, Cash Customers will b e a r in mind that this is the place to find every thing nice atth e low­ est kind o f prices. II. A. FO R D & Co. M ay 27th 1845._______________________________' A few CA S E S o f those n ice and cheap P R I N T S just received F O R D & Co’s. T h e y open de­ cidedly rich, and arc cheaper than ever. May 27th ’45. UGARS, Molasses, Teas, Coffee and a ll other kind of Groceries cheapest in town at FORD’S •« Old Cash Store.” s B O O T S A N D SHOES, a big lot cheap at FO R D ’S. \ - V i BOOT AND SHOE STORE.; T H E Subscriber h a s j ust Opened, one Door wfest of C. Eld r edge's store C o u rt st., a heavy as-= sortment o f Boots and Shoes, w h ich he w ill sell a t W h o lesale or Retail, for reardy pay cheaper than have ever before been offered in Binghamton, j Also Leather and Shoe findings a tR e tail. j . - • J . D E H A R T ; Binghamton M ay 19.1845. ,, * n e w J & C. ROGERS would inform their friends and • customers that they h ave received their assort­ ment of * Spring and Summer Goods, which they offer as c h eap for C A S H as they can be purchased in this village. W e h a v e a large stock of DRY GOODS selected with, g reat c a re, also : CROCKERY, B O O T S A N D SH O E S , H A T S A N D C A P S , N A IL S , &c.&c. .W e invite the attention of those w ishing tot p u r­ chase, to examine our stock of goods, a n d even if w e d o n o tp r o f e s s to s e l l “ Cheaper th a n the cheapest we w ill try and give satisfaction to a ll who may favor u s w ith theirpatronage. J. & C. RO G E R S . B ingham ton M a y 7.1845. r i O D F I S H , M a ckerel and Shad for sale low by J. & C. ROGERS. ! ! ----- S U M M E R stuffs o f a ll kinds can be found cheap at'the Store of J. & C. ROGERS. B AREGES, Balzorines, M u slins, Ginghams. &c. &c., some b eautiful p atterns, for sale by J . & C . ROGERS. N e w - Y o r k C i t y A d v e r t i s e m e n t s , T O C O U N T R Y M E R C H A N T S . CROSBY’S N E W Y O R K C H E A P C A S H S T O R E . TO T H E PUBLIC. ryiJIE subscriber would take this opportunity to I . inform the citizens of Binghamton and those who may visit this village, that he is offering a large assortment of D R Y GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, IRON, NAILS, STEEL AND H ARDW A R E All of which have been purchased in New York, for Cash, this spring, and ■will be sold at axtremdy ’ low prices, in the Eagle Store, corner of Court and Franklin-streets, and lately occupied by S. Cary & Co. Ladies and Gentlemen are invited to call and ex­ am ine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. C. H. CROSBY. Binghamton M ay 2 1 , 1815. __________________ C L O C K S . W A T C H E S & J E W E L R Y . I NTENDING to make it his permanent location, the subscriber announces tn the residents of Binghamton and parts adjacent, that he is ready at all timesto exercise his skill in correcting the dis- ' orderly habits of every variety of time pieces, from ihe Yankee Clock to the Chronometer, and with his practical magic make them ’♦•Point w ith unerring finger t o t h e march o f tim e. W ith his knowledge ofthe recent improvements in the art of Clock and W atch making and repairing, he feels confident in giving those who may extend to him their patronage, the assurance that he can give entire satisfaction. H e keeps constantly and is receiving by month­ ly expresses direct from tb e importer and manufac­ turer the latest and most approved styles oi Ameri­ can and Parisian JEW E R Y , not excelled in beauty of design, or brilliancy of finish in western New Y o rk—togetherwith an assortment of selected with tbe design of suiting tbe taste of his patrons. H e also keeps Silver Spoons and Specta­ cles; Brass. Wood and German Clocks, all of which will be sold cheap for cash or exchanged for produce. OLD GOLD and SILVER taken in ex­ change for goods or cash. t RICHARD SQUIRES. Binghamton May 2v, 1845. B Y ORDER of Robert Monell Circuit Judge of the sixth circuit, Notice is hereby given, that an attachment has issued against the estate of B ar­ ton P . Ticknor,late bfthe town of Triangle county of Broome, an absconding or concealed debtor, on dfie prbof made to the said circuit Judge, pursuant fto the directions o fthe statute concerning “ Attach­ ments against absconding, concealed or non-resi­ dent debtors,” and thatthe same will be sold for the payment o f his debts, unless he the said Barton P. Tickner appear and discharge such attachment ac­ cording to law within three months from the first publication ofthi> notice—And that the payment of any debts, and the delivery of any property be­ longing to the said debtor* to him, or for bis use, And the transfer ol any property by him, for any purpose whatever are forbidden by law, and are void. Dated May 22nd 1845. D W I G H T H. CLARKE, 10-w7 Att’y;for attaching creditor. C O T T O N Battirg, Cotton Yarn, Carpet W arp and W icking, in any quantity, by ______________ J . & C . ROGERS B roome C ounty B ank , 1 . • Binghamton M ay ID. 1845. y T HE annual election for Directors o f this Bank, and Inspectors o f the next annual election,will be held at the Banking House on Tuesday the lOth day o f June next. The polls will be open from 2, to 3 o’clock P . M. T . R.M ORGAN. Cashier. M E D I C I N E S A N D D R U G S . A fresh stock of p u re (M edicines and D rugs Is now offered by the subscriber a t wholesale or retail. * P rices very low. , RO B ’T C. T R I V E T T , Opposite the “Phenix Hdtel/’ G L A S S , G L A S S . ^ \ •fT Y lN D O W and Picture Glass o f a li sizes by W the box or light for'sale'chdiftt a t < / T R I V E T T ’S “Cheap Drug Store.” ^ S p r i n g F a s h i o Q ^ f c Q r H a t s ) 1 8 4 5 . Store north side of Court St., iwo dpors ,W$st ,of ™ _ S. H. P. H a lts, ' ' *v ‘ ' ^ __ r C P H E s ® s c r|ber!! r I i n | o r ^ their^rietifds ' apct .custo-; n(| w. etf£ble<T td* €&nibit*a * T £ u m p t f > & & U 5 J A subscribe dfc merS-tfcat^thnJ m assortment of H A T S O F T H E SPR IN G STY L E S , of very superior quality, and w h ic h in are n o t equaled-by any o ther establishment in this place, a n d in point of Economy; we p ledge o.tfrselves to sell <a better tieietat L ^ S f P K l C E F.O.R C A S H or- approved crednf41ja.u can,h$bcqght elsewhere in,this v illage. y^W.elha.ye ,4 OU Jtand,; a.. large..assortment.!pCPalm L e a f Hat's at wholesale or retail as low as can be purchased in New York. Also a large assortment ! of Double and Single b rim Leghopu; Panam a an.d W illow H a ts, Mend and boys Cloth- G lazed and V e l v e t Caps of jail fhe.ne.w Styles, also ■'■Youth and Children’s F a n c y .Caps in g reat variety.' - R E ^ L . S I L K G L A Z E D C A P S very .“W h ite a n d b lack Wo'ol Flats, F u r ahd wool S por­ ting H a ts o fall colors, together w ith all other arti- tifelesjrit o u r line of business, a ll of which h ave been purchased thi.s spring-*WITJ3. C A S H and w ill be sold at- very, reduced,pTlfees-foV -ready pay. ' M E R R IL L & RO O T . • vBirigliamton A p ril 15.1845. W H O L E S A L E H O U S E S , N E W - Y O R K T H E undersigned M erchants, M anufacturers and W h o lesale D ealers in- the City of New- York, being provided with full stocks of Goods, re­ spectfully invite the attention of Country M er­ chants, to a n exam ination of their respective as­ sortments. T h e y trust that the prices and terms w ill prove satisfactory, as they are determined to meet the reasonable expectations of purchasei's, and with a view of com m u n icating directly with them, have embraced the facilities ofthe Country Newspapers, to unite in an invitation to call a t their establish­ ments. , . Staple and Fancy Silk Goods. Eastman, Sheldon & Townsend, 28 Exchange- P.lace, next Store from W illiam -sl., opposite the Exchange. Peck, • N ieolson & W right, 139 Pearl-st. and 90 Beaver-st. 4 x Mabbett^ M u lligan & Co., No. 219 Greenwich-st. corner Barclay street. Im p o r ters a n d D e a le r s in F a n c y a n d S taple D r y G oods. Bates & M asterton, 26 Liberty-St., between W illiam and Nassau-sts. Cutters & Phelps, 59 Csdar-st. between Nassau,and W tlliam-sireets. H a ll & Parsons, 49 W illiam-street. Ely & W ilcox, 40 Ceder-street, one door from the corner of W illiam -street. Importers and Dealers in Ladies’ Dress Trimmings , Hosiery, Gloves and Haberdashery , in every variety. Lopes & Cluackinbush, 20 W illiam -street. 1 « Importers , Jobbers and Manufacturers o f Suspenders, Gloves, Cravats, Scarfs, Hosiery, tpc. Caps , Stocks, Linens, Oil Silks, cf-c. <f-e. John M. Davies & Jones, 106 W illiam -st., corner ofJohn. Importers, Dealers and Manufacturers in Dye Stuffs, Dye Woods, Acids, tf'C. W illiam Parti'idge & Son, 27 Cliff-street. Shepard & M organ, 47 Fulton-street. China, Glass and Earthenware. H e n r y Stevenson, Pearl-street, two d o ors from Ful- ton Bank. Importers and Dealers in French and English Drugs, Chem icals, E s s . O ils, P e r f u m e r y , B r u shes , tf-c. A l ­ so, Plalina Wire, Plates and Foil. Johnson, M oore & Taylor, 81 Maiden Lane, (up stairs.) W h olesale D e a lers t n B o o ts and. Shoes. B. W .& C. F. How, 151 W a te r-strectjone door from M aiden Lane. Importersand General Dealers tn Hardware , C u tlery , E d g e Tools, 4 ''C., German and American, compris­ ing every Hang in the line. Osborne & L ittle, 33 F u lton-street, opposite the United States’ Hotel,between P e a il and W a - ter-streets. Wood, Folge’r & M esser, No. 219 Pearl st., (near John street.) Manufacturers and Dealers in Camphinc,Solar,Pat­ ent'Lard and Hall Lamps. Also, Sperm, Whale, Lard, and Chemical Oils , Camphine and Burning Fluids. Dietz, Brother & Co., 13 John street. Manufacturers and Importers of BrilanniaWarc,and Dealers in Block and Bar Tin. Boardtnan & Hart, G B urling slip, between P earl and Watcr-streets. Horn’s Patent Glass Fountain Lamps for Camphine , manufactured wholesale and retail. Isy J. O.Fay, 136 Fulton-street, Sun Buildings. Also, W ebb’s superior Double Distilled Camphine. Mela,lie Tablet Strop Manufacturers. Price, &4, 6 , 9, 10 and 13 per groce.—Portable Shaving Cases, Pen Knives, Perfum ery. <pc. G. Saunders & Son, 177 Broadway. Manufacturers of Perfumery , Cosmetics, Fancy Soap, <j’£- Alexander & John Ramsay, successors to N. S m ith Prentiss, sign ofthe Golden Rose, 45 M aiden Lane. Importers an d Manufacturers o f Fringe, Gimps, Cords and Tassels, Coat Cords, Zephyrs, Worsted, q-c. D. A. Booth, 100 W illiam stree'i. Mabbet, M u lligan & Co. 219 Greenwich street cor­ ner B a rclay street. Importers , Manufacturers and Dealers in Blank, Books, Foreign and Domestic Stationery, <$ c. ■ Francis & Loutrel, 77 M aiden Lane. 1 1 ’ » * - Carpets, Oil Cloths, Rugs, Mattings, Druggets, dfc. Reuben Sm ith, Jr., 254 Broadway, (opposite the c i­ ty H a ll.) L. W . & F. A. M iller, 48 Canal street and 447 Broadway. Joseph GillolVs Steel Pens. A complete assortment of all k inds ot the above well known Pens, on cards and in boxes, together with a large stock of cheap Pens inboxes constant- l,r on hand. H e n ry Jessop, Im p o rter. 91 John-st., c o r. o f Gold. Window Shades. Richest choice designs, Unsurpassed by a n y in the city, p rices varying lrom SI 25 to $20. Chapin, W e ld & Co., 40 Cedar-st., u p stairs. L. W . Chapin, G. C> W e ld, M. W . Bennett. Watch Maker, Jeweller, and Dealer in Diamonds. H a s on hand and is constantly receiving all de^ scriptions o f W atches and Jewelry. Second hand W a tc h e s and old Gold and Silver taken in ex- . change or bought for Cash. Amos R . Thompson, 3091 Broadway. Fancy Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery. ,. Im p o rter and dealer in French, English and* German Fancy Goods, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Scissors, Brushes, Combs; Fancy Boxes, Jew elry, Toys, &c. W illiam Noyes, 21 Cedar-street,up stairs, between P e a rl and W illiam streets. Importer and Dealer in Cloths,Cassimers, Vestings d-c. A t the old established City Cash Tailoring es­ tablishment: Edward Fox, 202 Broadway, between Fulton and John streets. n7-6m H . E . l ’R A T T . r Commission Lumber Dealer, ( Corner W e st and \Zih Streets.) T H E subscriber having established himself as. above hopes by detroting h is time exclusively’ tb the lum ber business, and prompt returns o f sales, to receive the p atronage of the pttblid, Advances'ihade ih dohsignthehts* \Waw \ Y A nvi ‘1 o/i i Ai£ ^*^Qlr ;; CHEAP AS T H E CAEAPEST, A T T H E OLD, N o ; I & 2 E x c h a n g e B u ildings, (First Door-'East ofthe Canal Bridge.) T H E Subscriber-intend^ tti k eep h is present large Stock fully replenished from time tq tim e, and will sell as low as ^any-other establishm e n t-in this village.- • • - Drugs & Medicines, a gpneral assortment of family M edicines .whole­ sale, and r e t a i i r * '* ’u P a f f i t s & O i l . T a n n e rs Oil, Sperm'Oil-, Linseed Oil;Boiled and unboiled o f I ra Summers well known, m anufacture. W h'ite Ldad dry and g round ih oil, Chrome green, P a rjs grpeq^andjY frdigris.'C h rom e Yellow, 'Spt. Turpentine, T a r , Pitch, Rosin, Okum, .Copal,,Var- nish, Paitit -Brushes. ^ ; ■' ■ fNails, a geheraLassbrtin.eiit o f cut and wrought nails: Window Glass, from 7 ^ 9 to 12 ^ ,18'by the box or at retail. ■ ■ ■ ^ .EapeB-Hangmgs. > T h ^ ^argsst assortment, ever offered in this vil­ lage for sale a t N e w Y o rk retail prices. Groceries. H e w ill challenge a n y establishment in this vil­ lage to produce an assortment of better Sugars, Teas, Coffee, Molasses, Ginger, Pepper, Spice, Starch, Saleratus, b a r Soap, Tobacco, Snuff, Vine­ gar, Sperm candles. Stone W are> a general assortment. ' Pure Wines, Maderia Port, Tenncriffe and Sweet wines for Medicinal pu:poses. Dye Stuffs. Logwood, Fustic, Nicwood Camwood, M adder &c., wholesale and Retail. Books & Stationary, a general assortment of School Books, District L i­ braries and mecellaneous works, Drawing paper Bristol Boards Note paper Letter and fools cap do. Blank Books, Guills and steel pens &c. , Flour & Salt. Coarse and fine salt in bbls. Dairy salt in Sacks T a ­ ble do. in Boxes, Flour by the b arrel or retail. A p ril 14th 1845. , D. M c A R T H U R . R E M O V A L . T H E Balance of my stock of Goods- saved from the late fire is removed to No. 2. “ELY PL A C E ,” where I will be happy to sec a ll my old customsrs and others who w ish to buy goods a t cheap rates. W IL L IA M M. ELY. Binghamton A p ril 1 st 1845. C O P A R T N E R S H I P . f P H E subscriber having associated with him his JL Brother Joseph. E. Ely, the business will h e re­ after be conducted under the name and firm of W . M. & J . E . Ely. W IL L IA M M. E L Y . Binghamton April 1st 1S45. New Y o rk A p ril ? 0 .1845. H A T A N D C A P S T O R E . REMOYAL, A B. ROGERS has removed to the store oppo- • site his former location, now occupied by W m . Pratt (2 .doors west of R e x ford’s corner, Court-st.) where he will be happy to see his friends and Customers, and ivhcre may be found a hand­ some assortment o f H A T S , C A P S , and a llarticles in his line of business^ a ll of which will be sold as usiial cheap and on the most favorable terms, - Binghamton, M arch 2G. 1845. S TO P ! ! STO P !!! at H a ll’s, Head Quarters for Fashionable and cheap‘Dry Goods—such un­ common cheap rates cannot be found in Bingham­ ton. No mistake in this, call andsee. Oct. 8 th, 1844. I )R O V IS IO N S . Pork, Beef, Flour and Mack- 1 erelby the barrel or less quantity. Codfish &csold at cost and charges at the favorite corner by S. A . N E W T O N & CO. M OLASSES, Teas, S u g ar. Coffee &c., all war­ ranted good and sold as Cheap by us as at any store in town. All kinds of G rain, Butter, Cheese &c., bought at the highest price at S. A. N E W T O N &Co. O N H A N D . * L O T S o f R ich N e w S p r in g G o o d s to be seen this week at FO R D & CO ’S. A p ril IGth 1845. T EAS, TEAS. S. Cary & Co. can say to the public that they have teas as cheap as ever at the n ew store!! That Tea at 4s. is on hand yet!! W OOL.rr-Cash or Goods will be paid for Wool at (May 1.1845.) H A L L ’S ■ V A L U A B L E M E D I C I N E S , F or S ale at this O ffic e . B R A N D R E T H ’S PIL L S , and tlie only place where the purchaser can rely on finding the GENUINE. - Brandreth’s Liniment. Bishop’s Pills, 1 * ' Goodman’s Pills, M iles Tom ato Pills, Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaster, Longley’s Great W estern Indian Panacea, Roof’s Ringbone Cure* R o o f’s Founder Ointment, K ittrage’s E a r Ointment. s ^ N e w - Y o r k C i t y A d v e r t i s e m e n t ^ . Mfessrs. Mason & T u t t l e , 38 William Streely if. York, * V. B. PALMER, 30 Ann Street, New-jYork, j * V. B; P almer , 59 Pibfe Streeti Philadelphia, , are authorized agents for this paper. N O T IC E is hereby given that the Notes, Bwks and Accounts of Benjamin Tones have been as­ signed to the subscriber. They w i \l be found for the present w ith Jeseph W h ite at the Office of B. N. Lfl^misEsq., A li persons h aving unsettled accounts with the isaid Jones a re requested to cail and settle 1 them immpdiately ISA A C V. W H I T E . > Sept. 25 1844. 27 tf. ! S CA R Y & CO., h a v e removed their store from • che corner of Court & F ranklin st. to the low­ er corner opposite the Bingham ton Hotel, wb’-re they w illbe glad;to serve tlieir old customers and the publicgeherally. T h e ir usual variety w illbe found by calling in their store opposite the Bing- hamtdn'Hoteh- ■ ' S. CA R Y & C o . A p ril 23 1845. - S U G A R 'S Cheaper* than can be bought in fhe city for sale a t Cary. & Co’s new Store. ♦, , More Late News; Pittsburgh burnt down and an appropriation made by the Legislature. CA R Y & CO. are now opening a splendid • ’assottiiientdf P rints, which have been select­ ed with great dare during this spring expressly for this m arket, we are bound to sell them—R e g u lar and Right. ’Also a few Bales of Sheeting just r e ­ ceived—Crockery canbe foiinddheap here. . S h e lf H a rdw a re, Boots, Shoes, and Slips, and al- m'o’st anjr a rticle Lhat isn e e d e d in a fam ily or by thfe Fartnet. . . , , , Hold Up’ at'S. Cary & Co^ and lcok a t their stock. . , Great Bargains in Crockery. S , H . P . H A L L has purchased the large and ex- • 1 .tensive stock of Crockery, Looking Glasses, Cutlery Jahd F u rnishing a rticles Of M r. L . Sanders, together w ith a large stock on its. way lrom Liver- poolnand I s iiow prepared to exhibit such a stock of w a re as is seldom found i n W estern New-Yofk; T o ;sucli as wish, to p u rchase great inducements will be offered as, this stock Was mostly imported by Mr.. S anders and Will be sold a t the -lowest marj- , * H . P . H A L L S . . , ; 'Blnghafttdii ^ a f cM l5 tk 1845. . ; 'ISffA lLbm n d Iron a t H a ll’s . • ’ 1 \ S P R I N G G O O D S — 1 8 4 5 . H A L L O C K , M O U N T & B I L L I N G S , 173 P E A R L S T R E E T , [One door above Pine -St.] NEW -Y O R K , A RE now receiving by late arrivals from Eo- , rope, and from M anufacturers, a ISfge assort­ m ent of FA N C Y and S T A P L E D R Y GOODS, adapted to the Spring Trade, w h ich they offer by the p iece o r package, on favorable terms: T h e ir Stock consists in p a rt of— Cloths, Cas im e rs, Sattinets, Vestings. A m e rican Prints of all styles. Brown and Bleached M uslins, various styles and prices. Irish Linens, Linen Lawns, Scotch Ginghams. Printed M uslins and Lawns—new styles. Balzorines, Alpacas, Lustres. Silk and Cotton W o rk. Silk a n d Cotton Velvets Fancy French and English Gambroons. Spring Tweeds—single and double width. Check Gingham a n d M erino Cassimere. D rab D ’Etes for summer wear. Am erican Pataloous Stuffs. Brown Hollands, Silesias and Paper Cambrics Cotton Hosiery—bleached arid brown. Fancy and S ilk H a n d k e rchief, Ribbons, Sewing Silk and Tw ist. Corded Skirts, T a b le Covers, L inen Thread. Jaconets, Cambrics, Gloves, &c. &c. U lr M erchants b u y ing goods for Cash w ill find it for their interest to buy of us. 50-4m B I R D S A L L & C O L V E R , W H O L E S A L E e - 3 a o € i s m s AND Produce’ Commission Merchants Hiram B irdsall, ) No. 214 Washington St. James D. Colver, $ NEW -YORK. Personal -attention given to the sale of Butter, Cheese, Lard &c. &c. and the highest market price obtained, LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE. REFERENCES: Hon.. D S. Dickinson, Binghamton, Messrs. Strang,. Towner & Co. Elm ira Messrs. Bowne, Towbridge & Co., Poughkeepsie, C.Murdock,Esq. Hudson, Messrs. Lee, Brothers & Co. N. Y. Messrs. Crook, Foowks & Co. N. Y. Messrs. Lew­ is & Co. Oswego, B. Isaac & Co. Oswego. New-York, August 1 , 1844. G E N T L E M E N S \ Furnishing Establishment. ' 0. B. HATCH, 9 7 W I L L I A M St., N E W - Y O R K . I NVITES tbe attention of Merchants, and others to his large and extensive assortment of Goods for Gentlemens’ w ear, consisting in part of Stocks, Opera Ties, Collars, Bosoms, Shirts, Scarfs, Cravats, Oiled Silks, Gloves, Hosiery, Suspenders, Under Garments, <f-e., <f~c. C. B. FI’s stock comprises all that is new and de­ sirable in hisline, for C ITY OR COUNTRY trade. His stocks &c., are manufactured under his own immediate inspection, and are warranted as good, if not superior to any offered in the New-York Mar­ ket, and at as low prices. New-York, April 2d, 1845. n3-8w MORE-TROUBLE!! The “Old Cash Store” yet Ahead. \jVf O T W ITH S T A N D IN G the great Excitement I t in the mercantile trade in this town R. A. FORD & CO. wish to inform their numerous cus­ tomers, and all who have Cash topay foijfggods that they are “ S tili. on hand” with the “ t a l l e s t ” kind ofa stock of goods, and as usual will continue to sell them lrom 10 to 15 per cent less than any es­ tablishment that ever has or eveb will be started in this county—and we wish it distinctly understood that we are not to be undersold on any article. W e know our lacIJij^i|jfc^|W rchasing will war­ rant these live up to them, let the consequences be what they may. Among our extensive assortment of Dry Goods may be found Rich Silks, comprising every style and quality—Rich Balzerines, Bareges, Printed Lawns and muslins, muslin Ginghams, DeLains andchallies, with all the new styles of Dress Goods. Prints, more than 500 different styles—good quality for G cents, and some beautiful styles chintz from 10 to 12 $ cents—Shawl es, Dress Hakfs. Cravats, S ilk P o c k e t an d L in e n C a m b r ic H a k f s . L a c e s , Muslins, Bonnets, Ribbons, Glovess H o stry &c. &c. with our usual large stock of F a n c y a n d M i l l i n e r y G o o d s , To which the attention of the Ladies is particu­ larly called. To the Gentlemen We Would only say, just drop in and examine the best stock of Cloths,Cassimers, Satinetts, Vestingsand Summer Stuffs of all kinds ever brought into Brqpme Co. and we will satisfy you that the prices are right. Domestics. Sheetings, Shirtings, Ticking, Checks, Cotton Yarn, Carpet warp, &c., in fact every thing in the Drv Good line, with a big lot of Boots and Shoes— Carpeting, Oil floor cloth, Paper Hangings &e. at the lowest kind of prices. Also Groceries, of all kinds proportionably low, a big lot of those good Teas at great reduction from former prices. Our stoc-k is unusually large and to one and all we would just say call and examine for yourselves and be satisfied that money can be saved by buying goods of R. A. FORD & CO. Binghamton May 7th 1845. NEW S T O RE! N E W S T O R E !! C. H. BULKLEY & CO., H AVE opened an entire new stock of GOODS, (one door west of M errill & Root’s store,) in Binghamton. BULKLEY & CO. arq determined to sell Goods cheap. Persons purchasing Goods are resf ectfully invited to call at- T H IS STORE, where they will find a general assortment of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY AND GLASS-W ARE, which will be sold at such prices as will satisfy all. TAILORING. In connexion with the above, they have estab­ lished a TAILO R ING ESTA B L ISH M E N T — have procured workmen from the city, arid will do Cutting or making up in the latest and mbst ap­ proved styles. S^pLoqkfor C. EL BULKLEY &CO*S. Store. Binghamton, May 6 , 1845, , n7 B O O T S A N D SH O E S . VERY large assortment of Boots and Shoes for sale, cheap by F. W . TOM PKINS; A M o l a s s e s a n d s u g a r . —T h e best ana cheapest in town iOr sale by _______________ F . W . TO M P K IN S . C O D F IS H A N D M ACKEREL, first qualitv for sale by F . W . T O M P K IN S . T O B A C C O . P L U G and Paper Tobacco for sale a t about h a lf the usual prices b y F. W . T O M P K IN S . B ALZARINES-, Bereges, M uslins; Lawns, &c. a beautiful assortment for sale b y F. W . T O M P K IN S . L INEN, Muslin; Cambric and Cotten Edgings, Linen Cambrie,Hankfs. and Irish Linens for sale very cheap by F . W . TOM P K INS. C A N D L E S . . qV T E W -Y O R K P a ten t m o u ld C a n d les l o r sale by IN ___________ F. W . TOM PKINS. P RINTS.-^-Th 6 best assohtmeht of Prints in tow n for s a le c h e a p e r than, tbe cheapest by F •fa’. TOM P K INS. M A R S f f t 8 U P E R M R PATENT T R U S S AND ABDOM INAL SUPPORTERS, for sale by 4 ______________ L .M . REXFORD. C A M P H I N E A N D T U R P E N T I N E . A N O T H E R lot of Superior Camphine just re- cieved, also Turpentine by pint, gallon or Barrel at RO B T C. T R IV E T T ’S, “Cheap Drug Store.’* 'ORIGINAL I CHEAP DRUG STORE REM O VED. R O B E R T 0 . 'T R I V E T T * Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Win&Olb and Picture Glo.ss: Dye-Stuffs, Patent Med- uines, Brushes, Essences, Family Groceries, tf'C. <Spc. W OULD respectfully inform his customers aiid tlie public that notwithstanding the interrup­ tion caused by the late fire, he has now completed an arrangement by which they can be accommoda­ ted as heretofore with every thing in his line, and they may depend as formerly upon obtaining supe­ rior articles at the Cheapest Rates. After the 1st o f April he will be happy to see his patrons at the Store recently occupied by Benjamin F. Sisson, Opposite the “Phenix Hotel,” two doors west pf “Canal Bridge ” On the opening of navigation his stock will be replenished with a most desirable assortment of Fresh Goods. The community at large will find i t greatly to their advantage to call at this establishment before purchasing elsewhere. Physicians can obtain a full supply of both mineral and vegeta­ ble Medicines, at New York pi’ices. Painters and others will be supplied with any quantity of W hite Lead, Linseed Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil, Tur­ pentine, Copal Varnish, Whiting, Baris White, Em­ erald and Chrome Green.' Verdigris, Glue,Brush­ es, &c. &c. at twenty per cent less than the usual prices. To Manufacturers. A large assortment of Dye Woods, also Cochi­ neal, Alum, Copperas, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Ex­ tract Logwood, Acids, Annatto, Borax Olive Oil, Comb Plate, Clothier’s JackSj Indigo, Tenter Hook’s &c. &c. for sale on the niost advantageous terms. N. B. All articleswarrante'd to suit, or the pur­ chaser has the privilege of returning. Binghamton March 2G, 1845. BINGHAMTON ACADEMY. T HE next term of this flourishing Institution will commence on the 21 st day of April next. It is very desirable that pupils ’intending to become members of this Institution should enter at the com­ mencement o fthe term. The confidence which the public hasWeposed in tlie Trustees and Teachers, will induce them to make increasing efforts to ad­ vance the intellectual attainments and promote thp interests of tnose placed under their guardianship and instruction. ' TEACHERS. E. M. ROLLO, A. B., Principal. M ILTO N W ALDO, Assistant. Miss H. A. HINCKLEY, Principal of Female Department. , _____ N. S. DAYIS, M. D., Lecturer on Chemistry. Mrs. J. C. ROBIE, Teacher of Music. TU ITIO N . For Reading, W riting, English Gramriifef, Geography, Arithmetic, and History of U. S., pet term ot fifteen weeks, $1- 00 For Physiology, Algebra, Geometry, Sur­ veying, Mental and Moral Philosophy ancl Rhetoric per Ternij ‘ 5 00 For Botany, Chemistry, Natiiral Philoso­ phy, Astronomy, the Lattin, Greek and French Languages, per Term, G 00 For Drawing and Paintings per Term, Extra 3 00 For Music on the Piano Forte and Organ, per Term, Extra-, 1.0 00 Tuition bills payable in advance; and in all cas­ es to be paid to B. M arvin , Secretary of the Board o f T r u s te e s , on w h o m persons h a v in g business w ith llie Academv are requested to call. Good Board can be obtained near the Acade­ my Building for from $1 25 to $1 75 per week. M Y R O N M E R R ILL, Pres’t. B. M arvin , Sec’y. H O ! FOR 45! S CARY & CO., ever ready to do a good deed, • have taken this oppoitunity to Inform tlieir customers, friends and the public in general, that they have a full supply of Dry Goods, Gro'celies, Crockery, Hardware &c., embracing almost every article usually called for. Please call and examine our goods before purchasing elsewhere, as we are determined not to be undersold. January 1 , 1845. W IN T E R SPERM OIL—A superior quality of this article now i'or sale by ROBT. C. TR IV E T T . U NION Spring W a te r for sale by L. M. ‘REXFORD. Aug. 25. P ALM LEAF . H A T S —Bonnets & Parasols a good assortment at S. A.NEW T O N& C o, June Gtli 1844. S HOES AND B O O T S .— 600 pairs Shoes and slippers, com p rising a good assortment, forsale a ; _______ H A L L ’.S ATCH E S l M A T C H E S ! - ^ 5 0 gro. prime Friction Matches', just received and will be sold cheap. ROBT. C. TR IV E T T . Chests Tea, 15 hlids-lMolasSeSj 15 hhds. Su- U gar, 25 bales Sheetings,. 500 Ibg. Carpet Yarn, 1000 lbs. Cotton Yarn, 15 bales Batting at wholesale or retail at Oct. 15, 1844/____________ S. H . P. H A L L S . L o o k t o y o u r i n s u r a n c e . S H. P. HALL, as Agent o fthe Hartford Insu- ii ranee Company, will instlre property at the lowest rates against loss or damage by fire. Nov. 25, 1844. ______ ■ _ : _____________ 36-tf. C ROCKERY. Lookirff* .Glasses, Hardware N a ils, Iron awd W indow Sash, selling uncom­ monly low a t S. H. P . H A L L 'S M a y 20th 1844. UN T S Axes. A suppfy of Hunts celebrated Axes just reefeiVed and for sale by B . M c A R T H U R . H G. W. HOTCHKISS, L A W O F F IC E t G ORNER of Court and Franklin streets ovef ReXfotd’s store. BINGHAM T O N , BROOME CO. N. Y. t ) . S & J. R . I O N . e A T T O lfM T S A N D COUNSELLORS ATLAW, AND SOLICITORS A N b COUNSELLORS I N fcH A N C E ItT. E A G L E B t l L f l l f c f l S , B lN G H A K 'i’o t f . N . V / J O H N H. H . P A t t K . * * ATTORNEY AT LAW AND MASTER AND E X A M I N E R IN C H A N C E R Y . Office one door north of tbe Iris Office, Franklin St.; Binghamton, N. Y‘. J A C O B M O R R I S . ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, AND S tf tf ijlT O lt * AND COUNSELLOR.' in c h a n c e r y . O FFIC E on corner ol Court and .Franklin street, one door west of Rexford’s, Binghaffitdn, N* Yoik. ____________________________ n36:tf. M AY be found at his old residence,- (Jollier st., opposite E vans’ Basin. Prompt attention given to all who may desire h is services in the practice of Medicine and Surgery.- Binghamton M ay 1 st 1845. P. B. BROOKS j ‘ P H Y S I C I A N A N D S U R G E O N . W OULD respectfully give notice that he will as heretofore attehdto all calls In the line o'l his profession. Office at his residence on the west side o f tho Chenango, on F ront Street. _ B N l G H A M T O N H O T E L , BY (NEAR T H E BRIDGE,) _______ > t TAILORING A T REDUCED PRICES. T H E subscriber takes tins method of inorming hisfrieiids and the public generally that fie- still continues ifi the above business athisold stahd in the Eagle buildings and makes garments at a cheaper price than is don in aiiy other shop itt town for cash or produce. All work warranted ttf be well-made and in the latest fashion. Cutlingdone at the shortest notice and warranted to lit. J. N. RING Jitne20,1844. L I V E A N D L E T L I V E . S T O V E S . O VERHISER & COFFIN return their thank* tothe public generally for their liberal, patron­ age, they continue to keep at their old stand, a gen­ eral assortment of booking stoves, Coal apdwbod parlor stoves, Btix 6 and 9 plate stoves at whdlbsalc and retail; also a general aSsortifient Of Copper, T in and Sheet Iron ware which they will sell cheaper than ever for cash or produce; Ajl kinds o f tepdf- ing done a t the shortest notice; Their StoVC CStab- i:A. more esia lishraentis in Centre buildings near the Chfehan bridge I isro J U S T RECEIVED, and for sale by .the subscrib­ er, an assortment of Jewelry.and Fancy Goods —consisting of Breast Pins. Finger Rings, Silver Pencils, Thimbles, Spectacles, Snaps; Guards, &c. q-c. A l f r e d J. e v A N s . Binghamton Dec. 2 3 , 1844 . IL L SAW S A SUPERIOR A R T IC L E - 1 doz.Mill Saws for sale by March 1 . 1845. s. h . p . H a l l . D r y GOODS CHEAP—A L arge lot ofSheet- ings, Alpaccas, Prints, Cloths, Dress Silks, Sattinetts and Shawls. W ill bq sold, at reduced Priees at SAM; H . P . H A L L . M arch 1 .1845. C LO T H S , Cassimers Sattinetts,- Vestings, Mole Skin D rilling &c. a good assortmentat M arch 8 . ________ NEW T O N & Co’s Store' For Sale. S EVERAL House Lots-, Eligiblysituated ifi th'H village, with or without Building materials for sale on long credit. _ . A. DOUBLEHAY. Binghamton Nov. i l , 1844. 34 EECJHES!—Fine healthy Swedish and Spanish i Leeches constantly on hand for application at REXFORD’S C ROCKERY. A lull supply o f Crockery arid Glass-wafe, just received and for sale cheap by M a v 3 l. 01 ~ \ ~ S . s. c A r y & Co. C L O V E R S E E D , “ G a r y & CO. have Just received Fifty Bu­ shels : 6 f the Large kind df Clover Seed of Su-* r\ i ' j — -v- « ’ ’ perior Quality for Sale Cheap. F e h . 19th 1845. C H E A P A S T H E C H E A P E S T I t L. M. REXFORD. D R U G G I S T A N D G f t O C f i R . K EEPS Constantly on hand a large and better se­ lected assortment of goods that! earn be found at any similar Establishment in the Country every artlele of which will be sold as C H E A P AS T H E CH E A P E S T . The subscriber assures the Public that be will not be U N DERSO L D . Attention is requested to the Jarge Catalogue of Patent Medi­ cines in another C olumn of tb is paper. L. M. REXFORD. Feb. 10, 1845. ________________________ - C HEAP LAM P OIL— Only one dollar p e r gab­ ion for a first rate article. _____________ RO B T . C. TR IV E T T , B RISTOLS Sarsaprrilla. This well known Medicine is keptfor sale constantly bv ____________________ , D. M cARTHUR. B OOTS & SHOES.—Any quantity of Boots & Shoes, selling very cheap at Jan. 1 , 1845. ________ S. CARY & CO’S. FEW, Bushel of spring seed W heat on hand a t . CARY & Go’s A S PRING PR IN T S , new Patterns, Also Delains, Cassimer.', Alpacas, Sheetings and Shirtings in abundance besides some desirable faricy Goods forthe season—allow prices NEW T O N & Co. NOTICE. “ * S CARY & CO: have just returned from New • York and are this day opening a choice and well selected Joldf goods for the F a ll trade, consis­ ting of Dry Goods, Hardware, Crockery, Groce­ ries; Boots arid Shoes, &c. all which Will be sold as low for cash as can be afforded, or low as the lowest.—-Sept. 3, 1844. jp r Messrs. S. CA R Y & CO. would call the at­ tention of those indebted to them, that it is abso­ lutely necessary for them to attend to their accounts without delay, and those that calculate to pay in grain to do so immediately: N E W Atthe Old Favorite Store Corner of Court dnd Washington Streets (formerly occupied by R. A. Ford dg Co.) T H E subscribers h a v e j ast received the L irgest New stock o f gdods to b e found in this vicinity Consisting of a Large choice stock of Dry Goods Groceries, Crockery, GZass w are, Boots & .Shoes, H ats and Caps &c. &c. ; • - KALES: tftsuit p u rchasers—A L L kinds of pro­ duce taken in Exchange for gpods. „ S. A, N E W T O N & Co. F U R S ! — F U R S ! ! T H E highest price paid in C A S H for F OX, M a f- tin, Mink and C o e n Skins, by the subscriber: Dec. 1 , 3lS44. ____________ L. M . REXFORD; H a r d w a r e a n d c r o c k e r y , low a t ' ' Nov. 25; 1844. H A L L ’S. P ARASOLS & SUN SH A D E S .- A laige lot ot Parasols and Sun Shades all qualities and p rices, to be sold 0 heap lor cash b y _______________________ N E W T O N & CO. H A L L Has a lot o f molasses, Teas, Coff.-e and Sugar which he will sell by Hogshead, Chest or Bag. If Groceries are wanted cheap look for M arch 1 .1815. S. H. P. HALLS Store. ARGE ARRIVAL OF DRY GOODS TH18 W E E K A T N E W T O N & CDs; L B OOTS AND SHOES, lower than ever at Oct. 15. H A L L ’S. A GOOD assortment of Goods for summer pants coats &c at N E W T O N & CO’s. . N AILS and Window Sash can be had in large or small quantities at H A L L ’S. Marcb I 1845. C A NOLE W ick and Cotton Yarn Selling cheap at H A L L 'S . March 1 . 1845. A LAGE lot o f small Nova Scotia Grind Stones •Saperior to the Ohio, for saZe at 2 cents per lbs, at ________________ S. A NEW T O N & C o . H ARDW ARE. Just received a good assort­ ment o fhardw a reandsellingcheap by May 31 S. CARY & CO. F “'T S H . C O D F ISH and M ackerel just received and iOr sale by __________ S. C A R Y tf* CO. R OPE Tw ine and Cordage; of different sizes and descriptions at R. C. TR IV E T T S . H i t e LEAD, 50 Kegs W h ite Lead. And 50 Boxes7by9 & 8 by 10GZass, o f a good quafityfor saZe cheap at S. I i . P . H A L L o . May 20tn 1844. _________ ~ ______________ B OO T S & Shoes of all kinds, a large assortment direct from the m antifacturers, selling cheap at H A L L ’S. A LARGE stock of Broadcloths and Satinetts very cheap at Oct. 15,1844. S. H . P. H A L L S . Fresh Spring Goods. T H E subscribers have just received from New- York afull stock of Goods for the Spring trade Consisting of Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, and some Groceries. Making their stock complete— which must be sold before the opening o f the C a ­ nal. Priees to suit purchasers—Corner of C o u rt and Washington, st. S. A. NEW T O N & Co. Binghamton March 8.1845. A L L ’S ASSORTM E N T of Goods is large for the Season, purchasers of Dry Goods Gro­ ceries, Crockery or Hardware will do w ell to look for Halls Store before purchasing elsw e re. M areh 1.1845: P URELAM P OILS, Sperm and Lard Oils o( the best qtiaZity. at ROBT. C. TRIVETTS. H E A P S T O R E —H A L L S is the place.—D ry Goods, C rockery, G roceries, H a rdw a re, look­ ing Glasses, D y e Stuffs,-Paints— a ll selling-cheap. O c t. 15,1844. S. H , P. H A L L .

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