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«hk Im ilirtlMr f d i n n l j end earnestly protect against tbe creation of a National B a n k ; an institution whieh experience has proved, by its expansionand contrac­ tion#, swells the tide of speculation and manufactures panics a t pleasure,—'by monopolising domestic pro­ ductions. sets competition at defiance, reverses the laws of trade, and controls both demand and simply; —by its measureless political power j^nd corrupting . influences, has justly filled the publio^mind with ap­ prehension and alarm, and which the people Have re­ pudiated as ho«t:lo to the genjus,of our^governmcnt and subversive of public morals.’^ “ And the people of the State of New York through their legislature, do further solemnly protest against the depositing of the publie revenues in the State ’ Banks: institutions which have within three years twice failed to discharge their ordinary obligations; which in 1837, with millions of the public money in their, keeping, were unable to furnish sufficient to de­ fray lhe current expenses of government, and which, In most of the States, in 1839 failed, when specie was below the usual premium, and now stand with their notes at a ruinous depreciation, with forfeited char­ ters, at the mercy of legislation and courts of justice,” The above were offered previous to the final dis­ graceful failure of the late United States Bank, in which I saw much to confirm opinions there express, cd, and will add, in conclusion, upon this subject,' that I regard a National Bank as unauthorized by the constitution, and much worse than useless for any purpose except mischief. I regard revenue as the primary and only justifiable -object for levying a tariff, and hold that no greater ‘amount should be collected, under any pretence, than ■is necessary to defray the expense of administering 4he government in tho most economical manner ; but, lhat in thus collecting the revenues, incidental pro­ tection may be extended, so as to place all branches of domestic industry, as neasly as may be, on equal ground. The public domain is lhe property of the people of the Union, in common, and should be disposed of for their common benefit only. I know of no rule of right, or even of e x p e d ien c y , w h ich ju s t if ies a distri­ bution of the proceeds of the sales thereof among the states. And, in connection with this subject, I will add, that in my opinion the General Government has no more constitutional power to assume the debts of all or any of the several states of the confederacy, under any pretence, or for any purposo whatever,than it has lo take upon itself the obligations resting upon the governments of Europe, or upon s given number of individuals. Upon the subject of internal improvement by the GencT«i“f5D v c rnm c n t, I su b s c ribe fully to th e doc. trin e s o f G e n e ral Ja c k s o n upon lhe M a y s v ille road. I havo no recollection to have witnessed tho exer­ cise of the veto power when I have thought it abused or misapplied; but on the contrary, I have regretted that it has not been resorted to more frequently. It has moro than once preserved the Constitution from violence and the country from dishonor, and I would cling to it to the last as the sheet-anchor of our puliti. cal safety. I sin in favor of the immediate reannexation of Texas to the United States, from which it waa, to say the least, improvidently severed. It is a homely adage, that it takes “ two to make a bargain,” and when tbe two assent, both being capable of contract­ ing, I see no objection to its consummation. These are my views upon the general proposition merely, for I cannot now command time enough to eousider details. The Territory of Oregon is as much our* as the city s n d c o u n t y o f N e w - Y o r k ; and I w o u ld as soon yield one as the other upon a claim of right. A longer neglect to provide for the prompt and efficient occu pation thereof, would justly be regarded as truckling to a pow e r w h o se g o v e r n m e n tal la n d m a r k s show how far her courage and ability have carried her, for by these only is she limited. Repeating my apology for the hasty aud imperfect tnannur in which I have been compelled to answer your inquiries, 1 have the honor to remain Your friend, and obedient servant, D. S. DICKINSON. L kvi D. S lamm , «gq. procured solely with the view ofinjuring the feelings of an amiable and inoffensive girl. Such conduct is only worthy of a brute; ahd had we not been confin­ ed to our room by sickness, we should ere this have ascertained whether our laws do not afford redress for such wanton acts of depravity and cruelty. HWiitJIa. SSaWiaaiiUM— asa T h r e e o f t i i e m o s t w e a l t h y b u s i n e s s m e n o f N e w Y o r k . — It is stated in Hium’s M c c h a n t’s M a g a z in e , lhat Preserved Fish commenced life as an apprentice to a blacksm ith arid his n ex t situation was that of a s e a m e n on hoard a ivhaling-ship. F r o m being a h a n a b e­ fore the mast, h e rose to be a mate, a n d finally commander, and in this hazardous 'pursuit he amassed the foundation of hip fortune. Saul A l ­ ley was bound, w h e n sm a ll boy, a p p re n tice to a coachm a k e r. D u r i n g his a p p re n ticeship his fa ther died; a n d left h im totally d e p e n d a n t on his own exertions. T h e v ery clothes he w o r e - h e was obii(jed to e a rn by toiling e x tra hours,,after the r e g u la r time o f le a v in g off w o rk had passed. T h e foundation o f his fortune he acquired biy th e exeercise of frugality and prudence w h ile a journeym a n mechanic. Cornelius W.. L a w rence, late M ayor of N e w Y o r k , was a farm er’s boy, and worked m a n y a long d a y in rain and sunshine on L o n g Island. T h e r e werei few lads w ithin twenty miles o f him that could mow wider s w a r th or turn a n e a te r furrow. T h e s e men h a v e been the architects o f their o w n for tunes; they h av e earned them by the sweat of their b r o w s ; and their v e ry wealth, besides the other means o f d o in g good to their fellow men which it puts in their power, is, in itself, a per­ petual stimulus to the m e c h a n ic and an i z n i to parn a sim ilar reward by sim ilar frugality, in­ dustry aud perseverance. Extract of a letter dated Grafton, Mass. Feb. 24, 1844. • “ D e a r S ir : ----- T h e r e h a v e b e e n a g r e a t n u m b e r o f cures effected by VVistar’s Balsam of Wild Cherry in this vicinity— many of them of severe coldsi and coughs. There is also a number of cases of long standing Consumption in which the Balsam is being, and more benefit is derived from it than from any medicine ever tried. There is one striking cure of a young lady, in this place, who has been sick for ten fears to my knowledge— she is now taking the sec­ ond bottle, and has received great relief from il—and I believe, ere long will be entirely well.” Such accounts are almost daily received from every part of the country. The array of testimony is so strong that all must believe that Dr. WistarV Balsam is the best medicine m the world for all diseases of the Lungs and Liver. No matter how old and in­ veterate your disease may be this Balsam will core it if a cure be possible. The vast popularity of this in­ estim a b le rem e d y has caused co u n terfeits an d w o rth ­ less imitations to spring up in the country, of which the public should beware. Be sure to get the genuine Dr. Wistnr’s Balsam of Wild Cherry. ILF For sale by LEVI M. REXFORD, Bingham­ ton, New-York. N, Y. Legislature. The Legislature of this State have as yet, of course, perfected very little: considerable ground, however, has alread y b e e n laid ou t. The Assembly convened at 10. and the Senate at 11 A. M. on Tuesday the 7th. Hon. Horatio Seymour of Oneida was elected speaker of the House, and James R. Rose of Albany, clerk. Lieut. Governor Gardiner and the Speaker, both acquitted themselves well in their remarks at the opening of their respective Houses. Aside from the voluminous message of the G o v e r n o r , the b u s in e s s of in t e r e s t has been mainly confined to various resolutions which have been brought before the Houses. C ask or T hos W. D orr .— Mr. Barlow of the Sen­ ate, on the first day of the scsrion laid before that body a series of resolutions, declaring tho right of tha majority in tbe several states, lo alter at pleasure their constitutional law, and declaring in the opinion of the State of N. Y., the imprisonment of Thos. W, Dorr on the pretended-charge of treason, a cruel sac­ rifice of his natural and political rights. On Thursday Mr. Emmons submitted counter resolutions, declar­ ing it inexpedient &c. to take any action whaiavar on the case of Gov. Dorr. OREGON AND TEXAS. On Wednesday Mr. Clark introduced into the Sen­ ate a series of resolutions, asserting our unquestionable right to the whole of Oregon, and declaring its occu­ pation and the re-annexation of Texas at the earliest practicable period, great American measures which ought to be accomplished as soon as compatible with national honor: That the latter measure is important to the security of our southern border, and that in the opinion of the Legislature the people of this Stale would prefer the annexation of Texas as a territory, leaving the qestion of slavery to be sctttled by Con­ gress hereafter, when application shall be made for tha admission of states from her territory, and “ after such question shall have been calmly discussed and decided by tbe intelligent freemen of the country.” POSTAGE. On the same day two sets of resolutions were intro­ duced to instruct our senators and representatives .in Congress to use their exertions to procure a material reduction in the rates of postage and the abolishing or restricting of the franking privilege so as to make it a more equal charge upon the people. A bill providing for holding a special Circuit term in the county of Columbia, for the immediate trial of the.persons engaged in the anti rent disturbances, had passed the Senate and through its second reading in tbo House, and ere this is doubtless a law. U . S . S E N A T O R S . The Governor by special Message on Friday, called the attention of the Legislature to the duty incumbent upon it, of electing U. S. Senators. On the same day Mr. Putnam introduced resolu- Yiobf in the senate, against the annexation of Texas. BETTING ON ELECTIONS, On Friday Mr, Niven introduced in the House, a bill to preserve the purity of elections; making wagers unlawful, and betting a-misdemeanor, and punishing those who make bsts and those who hold the stake# by fine and imprisonment, the fine to bo equal -to the bet and one- half to go to the complainant and the Other to the support of the poor. “ How rich, how poor, how abjeet and how mean. How complicate, how wonderful is man.” Trie last link in the chain of creation, snacte the m o ral g o v e r n o r of th e u n iverse, and y e t , w ith all his varied powers of wisdom, man is helpless still ; some there are who have stood as beacon lights, and con­ ferred lastin g benefits on th e ir rsco. It w s s said of H ip p o c r a tes, t h a t th e eou r s e of his long life w a s ibut a single action—tho relieving of the sick, and iri soul but one prevailing sentiment —the love of doing good, lie who can, by deep research and labored skill, al­ leviate the p a n g s of human, wo, has the meed of praise and the peace of mind of good old Hippocrates*— has exceeded the pleasure of the monarch on his throne. Among the numerous discoveries of the present age one has recently been made having for its object the relief of suffering and disease. Sands Sarsaparilla has brought health and renewed vigor to thousands throughout our land, who have given ample testimo­ ny to its real worth, and all those who are still suffer­ ing from diseases of the biuod— vitiations of the hu­ m o rs gen e r a lly , such ss S c r o fu la or K in g ’s Evil. Rheumatism and Incipient Gout, Sail Rheum and otiier cutaneous diseases, Fever Sore. Internal Ab­ scess, Fistula, Chronic Catarrh, Ulceration of the Throst and Nostrils, painful Affections of the Bones, C h r o n ic in f iain a tio n of the K idney*, F e m a le De rangemcnts, General Debility and Prositation of the System, and variousolher maladies will, by a tlimdy use of this valuable remedy, bs completely restored to h e a lth . For further particulars and conclusive evidence of its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained of agents gratis. P r e p a r e d and sold, w h o lesale an d retail, by A . B. S a n d s & C o ., D r u g g ists an d C h e m is ts, 27 3 B roadw a y New-York. Price §1 per bottle: six bottles for $ 5 . U* For sale also by LEVI M. REXFORD, Bing­ hamton, New-York. “OH! MY HEAD,” exclaimed a friend of ours the other day, “ it will split.” —VVe advised him to try Sherman’s Camphor Lozenges—he sent at once and got a box, and one lozenge gave him entire relief in ten minutes. We have often been surprised at the quickness of their operation. Palpitation, sea-sickness lowriess of spirits, and the “ horrors,” so well known by those who dissipate, areas speedily cured by them. This is the ago of doing things—Dr. Sherman givea us lozenges that are pleasant, and at the same time more effectual than any other medicine. His cough lozenges break up the warst cases of coughs ini a few hours—even consumption, whooping-cough, and asthma, yield to them when nothing else ever allevi­ ates. So great has become his reputation, that man*' have attempted to make medicated lozenges, but they cannot make them like Sherman’s, therefore they cannot sell them except to the unwary. Dr. Sher­ man’s warohouse is at No 106 Nassau st. N. Y, O ’ F o r S a l e by L. M . REXFORD, Binghamton, New-York. /\'I R O Q E R IE S . Just received 10 h h d sugar 30 v X hhd m olasses beside* a n y quantity of coftee aad tea v ery cheap by __________ S. C A R Y A C O . B E A U T Y ! B E A U T Y ! ! N O B L E S M e d i c a t e d E x d e b m i c S o a p , a beautifying' Application which w ill r.emove all P i m p l e s , B l o t c h ­ e s or F r e c k l e s from the Skin and le a v e it soft a n d free, from blemish nr disease , for sale b y L . M . R E X F O R D . M arch 2, 1844. H H A R D W A R E . A L L keeps!eps: a good and cheap, stock of Hard- ware,, Looking glasses, nails ofall kinds, window glass and sash, wooder ware spinning wheels, Iron, Grindsrones, &e ____________________* ______________ H A L L S N O T ICE is hereby given that the Notes, Beaks and Accounts of Benjamin Jones have been as­ signed to the subscriber. ’ They tvilZ be found for the present with Joseph White at the Office ofB . N. Loomis Esq., All persons having unsettled accounts with the said Jones a re requested to call and settle them immpdiately ISAAC V. W H IT E . Sept. 25 .1844. 27 tf. T O \P O S S E S S I O N given im m ediately—The\room s hereto- -I- fore occupied as the office o f tho Binghamton C o u rier For term s, enquire of C . J. Orton, or of II. M. St J . H . CoZlier, at the office of John A. C o llier. ^Bingham ton Aug. 24, 1344. TA ILO R IN G A T REDUCED P R I C E S . F ^ s u b s c r i b e r takes this method of inorming _t. his friends and the public generally that he still continues in the above business at his old stand inthe Eagle buildings and makes garments at a cheaper price than is don in any other shop in town for cash or produce. All work warranted to be well made and in the latest fashion. Cutting done at the shortest notice and warranted to fit. . J.N . RING, Junfe 20,1844. • t Noland's Emporium of Fashion, S O U T H side ol C o u rt-street, second door above the Birish arnton H o tel. TO T H E \LADIES.— T h e sub- seriber begs leave to inform the Ladies o f Binghamton that be has ju s t returned from N ew York with a new an J beau tiful assortm ent of P E R F U M E R Y AND FA N C Y GOOD ofthe best quality and latest style, selected from some of th e b e s t a n d m o st e x t e n s i v e im p o r tin g h o u s e s In t h e c ity ; comprising German, French, English and American goods o f a lm o s t e v e r y d e s c r i p t i o n , w h ich h e will offer a t 'v e r y low prices. The ladies will here find almost every thing' in this line they m a y desire. I a * A la d y w ill.b e in a t t e n d a n c e tn w a it-upon th o s e L i ­ llies who may be pleased to call and exam ine the goods. W. H. N O L A N D . Bingham ton, Aug. S, 1844. Ladiesf Ladies! Ladies! L O T S of New and desirable Goods to be see this week at Ford & Go’s. Now opening, a large lot of Silks, Alpacas, Cashmeres, Affghan Satins and Crapes,-Calicoes, shawls, cravats, gloves and hosiery, Ribons and Laces, and all the new styles of worsted goods, wool plaid &c. at low-' er prices than ever. Ladies wili find almost any day a' continued addition of New and navel goods at this establishment, and always cheaper than the cheapest, Jj* Re member the store. Oct. 29,1844. R. A. FORD & CO. SH A W L S ! SH A W L S !! F ORD & CO. havejustreceived a few Cords of shawls of every description, from the ni­ cest 10-4 Broeha to the cheapest Rob Roy, among which are many new styles. They will be sold at the right kind of prices. Oct. 29,1844. . ' .. C LO T H S , CASSIM E R S —It yon want to see a big lot o f cloths, at the lowest kind of pri ces ; just drop in a t Ford s-C o ’s. Just received some new slylesof f and 6-4 F ancy Cassimer very desirable goods and very cheap. Oct. 29.\ Conversations lik e the above are of daily occurrence.— The more the Balsam is known, the more it is appreciated, and the sale is constantly increasing, from ihe recom m en­ dation of those who h ave used it and proved its efficacy.— It is o n ly about a y e a r since this medicine was brought b e­ fore the public, and the sale of it has gone beyond our inoet sanguine expectations. H a rdly a day passes, but we obtain new e v idence of its superiority over every o ther preparation in u s e ; either by order? from distant p laces, or b y the testimony of those to whom w e have sold b y the single bottle. U n like most p reparations o fthe kind, w h ich co n tain a large quantity of opium, and serve o n ly to pal- liatf.) (not to c u re) tile disease, this m edicine gives perm a­ n e n t relief. I t not only is-sctn* to do good a t f i r s t , but a continued use of it shows plainly thal it is u valuable prep­ a r a t io n , a n d o n e t h a t u n d e r o r d i n a r y c i r c u m s t a n c e s w ill do more towards the c u re of consumption, and the coughs and colds th a t l e a d to t h a t d r e a d f u l d i s e a s e th a n can p o s s ib ly be effected by any other treatm e n t. In fact the d ay is not far distant when B A R C L A Y ’S A M E R I C A N B A L S A M will be the only m edicine used for pulm o nary disease in all i t s v a r i e d form s . S o ld i n S y r a c u s e by th e p r o p r i e t o r s HOUGH & B R ID G E S . F o rS a le by Robert O .T r ivett, B ingham ton; H. H em ­ ingway, W h itney’s P o int; Rogers & Hagaman, Chenango F o rks. 40-6m H o u s e k e e p i n g a r t t c l e s — 11-4 and 12 - 4 French Guilts, 5-4 and 10-4 linen sheetings --bleached and Brown do. of all widths and quali­ ties; damask and brown linen Table cloths, all si­ zes; linen napkins and towels, Scotch and Russia diapeis, crash &c., selling verv cheap at Oct. 29. ____________ R. A.\ F O R D & CO’S. M ORE BARGAINS —The way R. A. Ford & Co. are selling Teas, Coffee. Sugar, Molas­ ses and all other Groceries, cant be beat. Give them a call i f you wish td get great bargains. Oct. 29. ‘Every day brings something new.’ W H A T a full illustration of this old proverb can be seen by calling at Ford & Co’s Old Cash Store, where they are daily receiving all the novelties of the season, in the way of rich and cheap goods. They have just returned from New York, and are n -w opening decidedly the largest, richest and cheapest stock of goods ever brought into Binghamton, which they are prepared to offer and are determined to sell CHEAPER FO R CASH. than any other store in Broome county, without any mistake. This is no humbug—just call and examine for vourselves. Oct. 29, 1844. C A S H G R O C E R Y . T HE inhabitants of Binghamton and its vicinity are respectfully invited to call at the CASH GROCERY establishment, one door west of the Post Office, where may be found a general assort­ ment of Groceries, W ines and Liquors, at prices worthy of their attention. \TAVERN KEEPERS can be supplied wilh stock for their Bars at prices which cannot fail to suit. E. & O. FIELD. Binghamton, 26th October, 1844 J U S T received at the cash Grocery one door west of the Post office, 10 Bb's. Cranberries, and for sale cheap. E. A O. FIELD. HATS, CAPS AND FURS. FA L L FASH ION S FOR 1844. G R E A T B A R G A I N S . A T TH E Cheap Ready Made Clothing Store. fP H E Subscriber has on hand a good assortment of I R S 4 D Y MADE CLOTHING} w h iihhe will sell at A S T O N ISHIN G LO W PRICES much lower than ever before offered in this village, the Clo hiug is now Manufactured in the village under is own direction, and consequently much better made than those from New York. Farm ers and ihers wou'ddo well to call and Examine the goods before P urchasing their clothes. C L O T H IN G MADE TO ORDER in the Best and m u s t fashionable sty;e, C utting done at Jo * ' I c ha shawls, surpassingly b autiful. In addition rates an d « arrented to fit well. Orram and other she offers a large assortment of F u r Muffs and Col- roduee Received in Payment^ __________ | jarS) ai jQw prices SBA YIN G A N D ’ H AIR C U T T IN G in the Back Room A LA PARIS. W m. H. NOLAND. C o k k e c t i o n . — The marriage of Jane, daughter of Abijab Lewi* of Union, announced in our last, prove* erroneous. •Another member of that family waa ai the tiroein queatiori married to the other party named in the notice; and (be insertion qf the marriage in the ihape in which it appeared, .teem* to bar* been P I E D . January 14, at the residence of her aon, Mr*. D ili* M u n s e l l , aged 80 year*. e i H E R IF F ’S S A L E .—By virtue o f one execution 5 issued out of the clerks office ofthe county of Broome, and to me directed and deli vered, against the goods and chattels lands and tenements oj'Free- man Randall,.in my bailiwick, I have levied on and shall expose for sale at public auction as the law directs, at the Phenix Hotel now kept and oc­ cupied by Isaac B. Gere, in the village o f Bingham­ ton, county of Broome and state ol New York on Saturday the 1st day of March next, in the year of our lord, one thousand eight bnndredand forcy five a’ 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day, all the rig h t , t i t l e , i n t e r e s t , c l a i m a n d d e m a n d o f th e s a i d Freem an R. ndall, of in and to the following de­ s c r i b e d p r e m i s e s , to w it. A l l t h a t c e r t a i n lo t p i e c e or parcel of land situate in the town ol Colesville and inthe county of Broome being\ part o fa tract of land patenled to Robert M orris and now miore us ttally known by the name of W a tts Patent known a n d distinguished upon a map ot the subdivision thereof made in tbe y e a r1795 by Mathew Carpen­ ter as the northwest quarter oflot No. thirteen esti­ mated to contain forty five acres o fland be the same m o r e or less; together with a ll and singular the hereditaments andappurtinences thereunto belong­ ing or in any wise appertaining. Dated at B i n g ­ hamton this 16th day o f January, in the y ear o io u r lord one thousand eight hundred and forty five. ^ 43w7 JO S E P H B A R T L E T T , Sheriff. IS O T I C E is h ereby given th a t application wil he m ade to the L eg islature of this state at its the to vn ofColesville H a r r y S qu ire’s i n the town Of Conklin i n Mid county,a d istanceof about twelve and a h a l f m iles —said road to follow n e a rly theline o f th e present road betweenthe-two points named. ... , Colesville J»n. 8 , 1 « 5 . M ERRILL & ROOT, wil! furnish their custo­ mers a superior article of Nutria, Brush, Silk and Fur Hats of their own manufacturing at Lss rices, than can be purchased at any other Store in roome County. CAPS.—Otter, Seal, M uskrat and Fitch-trim­ med Cloth Caps of new and fashionable style. Silk Velvet, Mohair, Clo h, Velveteen, Glazed, Silel and H a ir Seal Caps in great variety. Otter, Seal, NutriaL Muskrat, Fur Caps, very cheap. Muffs, Boas, Neck ties, C«nv Skins, white lin­ ings, &c. &c of most all kinds and qualities, at ex- trao-dinary low prices. Buffalo Robes of all qual­ ities, Woo), Tarpolin H a ts ; Buckskin mittens; Alcohol and. Shellac, and all articles in our line of business. N. B. Our Goods have all been purchased for Cash and w i l l b e sold f o r “ the Read}-,” cheaper than elsewhere. Cash and the highest price paid for all kinds of Shipping Furs and Sheep pelts. li* O u r Store is at present in E. H .Prince’s T a i­ lor Shop, one door west of C. Eldredge’s Store, south side of \Court street, but we shall remove to our old Stand (latelv destroyed by fire) as soon as the new building is completed. M E R R ILL A ROOT. Binghamton, Oct. 24,1844. M I L L I N E R Y , AND D R E S S AND CLO A K M A K ING NO. 7 BINGHAM T O N PLACE, H AS just returned Irom New-York with a large and elegant assortment of Millinery and Fan­ cy Goods, which she offers to her customers, for cash, at prices to >uit the times. Her winter Hats and trimmings are of splendid material and fash­ ion, and cannot fail to suit. H er assortment of ghorns is large. H er ribbons, velvets and silks rich and fashionable—and her Cashmere and Bro- L 1ST of Letters remaining in the Post Office at B i n g h a m t o n , N . Y ., J a n . l , 1845. Caroline Abbe H e n rj Johnson 2 iich a r d H . AnristrongA lfred K e n d a l l A r t h u r A r m s t r o n g J u n . W illiam K n a p 3d ward T . A r m s t r o n g B e n jnm in N. Loom is luftis K . A m o r y M rs A. C A n g e l C M Bixby VI. B u r k e T S B r o w n W il li a m B r o w n C y n t h i a B o w k e r ohn B l a n c h a r d T . B r a d ley ohn B n m a m jpwis B u e ll ames B r o w n Asenath S. B a k e r Julia Curtis O C. C r o c k e r Jam es H. Cagw in Albert Cole ^ aeob Doty eanor Davis Joseph H . Davis E l d e r s P r e s C h u r c h Castle C r e e k Sam u e l E d g c o m b G e o T . F r a z i e r Allen F u l l e r Sam a n t h a F i n c h C a r o line F i s m i n e Anthony G a v e n e t E b e n e z e r G a g e F a n n y G a b l e Isaac G r e e n Donald G r n n t H e n r y O ’G r a d y H i r a m G a l e M a r g a r e t H o g g E lias H a w ley . M a ry B Holm#* Alfnei in H u b b e ll 2 John La G r a n g e Caleb Lindsley John Lortgley T h o m a s M o rr o w W i n W . Minor Florence M c C a r t h y H . A. M o r g a n E M a n ly A. P. Mason O r tin P a r k s E Y P a r k John Perkins H e n r y P.tngburn P e t e r H R e l y e a A . G . R a n s o m Joshua R'izeil Amos Rocit P e t e r Severson Clarissa O. Stockwell H . VV. Shipm a n L u t h e r H . S a w t e l l W illiam Stimson Mrs. H e n r y Sturdevant H o r a c e Seeley T h e r o n T . Stouten- burgh T h o m a s Simmon* Sjeeper & Reed Joel W Scotl John Sampson D a m a n * Standley E M T 's d a l e Charles H T r e a d w e l l Sm ith B Thom p s o n M a rgar-1 T a y l o r C h arles S. Ttllotson W . M W a te rm a n Flnvelf W ells O ’ L eghorns and straws, cleansed and dressed -in th e n e a t e s t m a n n e r , a n d a l l k i n d s ol M i l l i n e r y work done in the most tastv-and fashionable style. ' Binghamton, Oct. 16, 1844. 30-tf. f j A L M L E A F H A T S — B o n n e t s &. P a r a s o l s a L good assortment at S. A. NEW T O N & Co. June 6th 1844. 3 S HOES AND BOOTS.—500 pairs Shoes and slippers, comprising a good assortment, forsale a; H A L L ’.S D EN T ISTR Y . Th* subscriber continues to perform every operation upon tbe teeth accor­ ding to the most modern and improved principles oi the art. Those who are desirous of repleting the vacancies caused by the loss of their original teeth are respectfully invited to call. Term s reasonable. Office directly over Mr. Saaders Croekei y store Door opposite the entianceinto the W asl <gt<?nian HaZI J. C. ROBIE. N. B. Dentists supplied with full setts o f instru­ ments. Turnkeys and other surgical instruments kept constantly bn hand and for sale. J. C. R. H O ! F O R ’45! O CARY & C D., ever ready to do a good deed, O # have taken this oppot.unity to inform their customers, friends a n d I no public in general, that they have a lull supply o f Dry Goods, Groceries.- | Crockery, Hardware &c., embracing almost every a r t i c l e u s u j l 'y e a led f o r . P l e a s e c a l l a n d e x a m i n e our goods before purchasing elsewhere, as wc are determined not to be undersold. January 1, 1845. . G r o c e r i e s , are selling Groceries very’ cheap. Call and see. Jan. 1, 1845. S. CARY & CO’S. their Pork and Beef. Jan. 1,1845. SIGN OF T H E . GOLDEN MORTAR DEALER IN .DRUGS, M E D ICIN E S , PAINTS, OILS, W INDOW AND PICTURE GLASS, DYE STUFFS,.A ND FAMILY GROCERIES, Qj O L lf IT S attention to his stock of goods recent- ly received, and for sale on terms that can not be equaled by any other establish'mejt. Drugs and Medicines, of superior quality and obtained fiom such a source as wili enable Physicians and others, to procure th e i r su p p li e s m u c h b e lo w - th e u s u a l iv tes PA IN T S .—Pure Extra No. 1 and No. 2 W hite Lead, Red Lead, Venetian Red, Spanish Brown, French Yellow. Chrome and Emerald Green, Ver- deg ise, Prussian Blue, Vermillion, Lampblack. W h i’ing, Putty, &c. d c. OILS.—Linseed, sperm, lard, whale, olive, &c., all warranted pure. W IN D O W GLASS.—Assorted sizes and vari­ ous qualities. DYE STU F f’ S .-Indigo, Madder, Cochineal, Logwood, Camwood, Nic Wood, Fustic, Blue Vit­ riol, Acids, Allum, Copperas, &e. &c. All persons in want of any ot the above named articles are respectfully requested fo call and con­ vince tne.nselves as to q uaiityand price. Binghamton, October, 1844. Cheap Eeady Made Clothing, J U S T received a large assortment of Ready m a d e C l o t h i n g , a t - NOLAND’S. V A L U A B L E M E D I C I N E S , F o r . S a l e a t t h i s O f f i c e . \O R A N D R E T H ’S PILLS, and the only place j_> where the purchaser can rely on finding the GENUINE. Bishop’s Pills, Goodman’s Pills, Miles Tomato Pills, Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaster, Long’ey’s Great W e tern Indian Panacea, Roof’s Ringbone Cure, Roof’s Founder Ointment, Kictrage’s Ear Ointment. __ Look to your Insurance. Q H. P. H ALL, as Agent of the Hertford Insn- ranee Company, will insure property at the lowest rates against loss or damage by fire. Nov. 25,1844. 36-tf. NOTICE. O CARY & CO. have just returned from New O * York and are this day opening a choice and well select d Tot of goods for the F all trade, consis­ ting of Dry Goods, Hardware,-'Crockery, Groce^ ries, Boots and SJio.’S, &c. all which will be sold as low for cash as can be afforded, or low .as the lowest.—Sept. 3,1844. 3Tj» Messrs. S. CARY & CO. would call the at­ tention of those indebted to them, that it is abso­ lutely necessary for them, to rttend to their accounts without delay, and tbose that calculate to pay in grain to do so immediately. ~N E W G O O D S ~ \\ T H E L A R G E S T A N D M O S T TJJ X T E NSIVE stock of Dry Goods and Groceries E j in B r o o m e C o u n t y w i l l b e f o u n d et H a l l s , th e y are selling at such uncommon low pricey as to in­ duce all to purchase at this store you will find near­ ly e v e r y a r t i c l e u s u a l l y w a n t e d by a fa m i ly , -C o m - prisingone of tbe most extensive assortment to be found. I f y o u w a u t goods be sq.re to call_ a t Bingbamtofi Oct.StK ’4~4 S. IL P. HALLS. S T O P !! S T O P !!! at H a ll’s, Head Quarters for Fashionable and cheap Dry Goods—such un­ common cheap rates cannot be found in Bingham­ ton. No mistake in this, call and see. Oct. 8th, 1844^ W INTER SPERM O IL—A superior quality of this article now for sale by ROBT. C. TR IV E T T . C L O C K S I C L O C K S !! C L O C K S 1! I A very superior article of bra? s and wood clocks, now offered at A. B. Rogers’ Elat, Cap and Fur store, at prices lower than they were ever of­ fered in this section of the State. Call and satisfy your elves. A. B. ROGERS. R ICH SILK S —The most, splendid assortment of Sijks ever offered in this market, have just been received at the old cash store —Rich striped ?md plaid Chameleon, Satin striped poult de’Soi’s, Satin striped Helleneens, rept satins, Rich Ombre Satins, a splendid article, with every, description of black, blue black, and col’d silks, selling very /vK/aoTY af\ Oct-. 29, 1844. FORD & GO’S. f '1 H E A P LAM P OIL—Only one dollar pergal- K j Ion for a first rate article. ROBT. C. TR IV E T T . T h e y do say. that CARY & CO. cheap. Call an ’ January I , 1845. Watch Repairing, Jewelry, <fcc. T H E SUBSCRIBER HAS JUS f R ECEIVED a let of Black & White Bugles Gilt . and sleelBeeds, Silver Pencils, SiZver thimbles Guards, Pens, Violin Strings, Spectacles &c. &c. He also M ANU F A C T U R E S and teepson hand Silvar Table, Desert, Tea, Cre,-.m, Mustard, and SaZt Spoons, Sugar t’ongs &c. all of which are war­ ranted of sterZing Silver, CLOCKS 4- W A T C H E S of every description Repaired and warrented . at the shortest notice by ALFRED J. E V A N S . Binghamton Sep. 16 1844. flm a l l Profits for C a s h . D OM E STIC Sheetings, shirtings, long cloths, ticking, cotton yarn and carpet warp, at less prices than any other store in this village. These goods are just purchased for cash at great reduction fron: former prices, and we shall sell them at s u 'h prices as cannot fail to tempt, the most economical and prudent to lay in their winter supplv. Oet. 29.h. FORD & CO. r FIND H A L L ’S STORE. ' JL very heavy slo.ck o f Dry Goods and Groceries will be found at H all’s. A paccis, B r o a d c lo th s , Domestic.Goods, Prints, with a great variety uf other goads, selling cheaper than rhe ch apest at Nov 25, 1844. S. H. P H ALL’S.. B OOTS & SHOES.—Any quantity of Boots & Shoes, selling very cheap at F T HE CAM P A IGN OR 1845 has commenced, and Cary & Co. are on hand w ith a large lot of Goods and are receiv­ ing from New-York weekly - supplies, which they are now selling at very low prices. Call and see. Jan. 1. 1845. S. CARY & CO. A FEW Barrels of P A C K IN G SA L T forsale to those who wish to feel secure in packing L i v f e A N D L E T L I V E . S T O V E S . O VERHISER & CO F F IN return their thank* tothe public generally for their liberal patron­ age, they continue to keep at their old stand, a. gen­ eral assortment of cooking stoves, Coal and wood parlor stoves, Box 6 and9 plate stoves at wholesale and retail ; also a general assortment, o f Copper, Tin. and Sheet Iron ware which they will sell, cheaper than ever for cash or produce. All kinds o f repair­ ing done'at the shortest notice. Th'eir stove estab­ lishments in Centre buildings near the Chenango b r i d g e . l C A N D JE W T E L R Y . f p H E subscriber intending to make ithisperm a - JL nent location announces to the residents of Binghamton and parts adjacent, that he is ready at all times to exercise his skill in correcting the dis­ orderly habits of every variety of timepieces, from the Yankee Clock to the Chronometor, and withhi* practical magic make them “Point xoith unerring finger io the march of time\ W ith his knowledge of the recent improvem'ents in tl e art of Clock and W atch m aking and repair­ ing, he feels confidence in giving those who may extend to him their patronage, the assurance that he can give em irs satisfaction. He keep; constantly and is receiving by month­ ly expresses direct fro n the importer and manu­ facturer the latest a n d most approved styles of A - mer can and Parisian JEW E L R Y, not excelled in beauty of design, brilliancy of finish in western New York—which together with an assortment o f 1 selected with the design of suiting the taste-of his patrons. H e also keeps Silver Spoons and Spec­ tacles; Brass, Wood and German Clocks, all of which will be sold cliea^ for cash or exchanged for proauce. Id r O L D GOLD and S IL V E R taken in ex­ change fo r g o o d s o r cash . ' R I C H A R D SQUIRES. Oct. 29, 1844. [32J G. W. HOTCHKISS, L A W O F F I C E , C ORNER ol Court and Franklin streets over Rexford’s store. B I N G H A M T O N , B R O O M E C O . N . Y . D. S. & J. R. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LA W , AND SOLICITORS AND COUNSELLORS I N C H A N C E R T . EAGLE BUILDINGS. BINGHAMTON, N. Y. W . S. G B I S W 0 L D , M . D . H AS l o c a t e d i n U N I O N , B r o o m e County for the purpose of practicing M e d i c i n e and Sur­ g e r y . Having received his degree from one of the Institutions in Philadelphia, and also having had the advantage of the practice of a large Hospital, he feels confidence in offering his professional ser­ vices to the public. g j 3 Office at G. W . M ersereau’s, .Union Cor- n rs. M arch 20, 1844. vol 5 no 52. d o c t T s . d . h a n d \ ’ H A'S removed liis residence to Collier s treet,di­ rectly east from Evans Basin—the house for­ merly, owned by R. S. Close. Dr. H. will, as usual, give prompt attention to all who may need his services in the practice of Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry. Binghamtoh, July 3,1839. 14:ly H. M. & J. H. COLLIER. A T T O R N E Y S A T LA W , A t the Office o f J o h n A. Collier. S U SLAi & aA‘ (9 21 SI * • H . H . P A R K . A T T O R N E Y A T L A W A N D M A S T E R A N D EXAMINER IN CHANCERY. Office one door north of tbe Iris Office, Franklin st., Binghamton, N- Y. P. B. BROOKS, ~ \ P H Y S I C I A N AND SURGEON. YT7\OULD respectfully give notice that he will VV as heretofore attend to all calls in theline of- his profession, f V Office at his residence on the west side of th* Chenango, on Front Street. BNlGHAMTONHOTEL BY . (NEA R T H E BRIDGE,) J A C O B M O R R I S , ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LA W , AND SOLICITOR AND COUNSELLOR IN CHANCERY. O FFICE on corner ol Court and Franklinstreet, one door west o f Rexford’s, Binghamton, N . Yoak. -n36:tf. B E S T I N T O W N !! H A T , C A P A N D F U R S T O R E . —A. B. Rogers, would respect­ fully say to his friends and the public 'generally, that he has received, most of his F all and W inter stock o f goods, consisting in part o f the following articles.- every description, of F u r trimmed cloth Caps; Otter, Seal and Aiusk- T’at Caps ; hair, seal andsel let mens’ and boys plain and fancy Gaps: Also, a beautiful assortment of Ladies’ and Misses’ genuine L Y N X . M U F F S , Ladies’ Neck-ties and Fur trimmings of everv descriptipn—in short, any thing the ladies may call for in this line. Also, a first rate assortment of 3UFF A.LO ROBES, of superior quality, and se- ’ected with great care. Likewise a full supply of oi the best quality, and the latest Fall Patterns, warranted to be highly superior to eastern box, or “ wooden nutmeg” hats, for quality and durability, as any one will observe by examination. ' Persons wishing to purchase any of the abov* mentioned articles, will do well to call before pur­ chasing elsewhere, as all of them will be sold *x« tremely low for cash or ready pay. N. B. W hen you come, fetch along your S H E E P P E L T S a n d C O O N S K IN S , and every description of shipping Furs, as they wilLbe taken in exchaDgj^or goods, and sometimes fox cash, You will find us at the old siand, one door west o f R. C. Trivett’s DrUg Store, and nearly opposite L. M. Rexford’s, Court st. Binghamton. S. CARY & CO. Elizabeth W , HaUteadJos.ph W h ipple H a r d w a r e a n d c r o c k e r y , m Nov. 2 5 , 1844. ____________ ' ______ HALL’S. Look at This ! D R. JONATHAN T. KITTRAGE’S valuable EAR OINTMENT, which is an infa lible and immediate cure for the ear ache, and for sores gathering in the head. One application wiil cure ihe ear ache, and a few applications in the course of a few weeks, will effect a permanent cure of sores gathering in the head. It will prevent Deal­ ness, it used itiseason, and is an immediatecjire for humors in cuts, burns and hog bites, quelling the fever and humors and causing it to run and heal, and shin sores whieh so u e ate troubled ith for many years, and are beyond the reach of the skill of Doctors to cure, may be cured by one or two applications. It cures the ear ache and sores in the hea-i, without causing any pain. Price 25 cents lO F o r sale at this Office, also by H ag aman & Birdsall, Chenango Forks, ana Canfield & S-eele, Union. 36-1 v W illinni'H a m o n s M. Hogan Horace Hills 2 Alva VV. H o u g h Benjamin Hitchcock Jacob Halstead E u n ice H u n t Sylvester Jones T h o m a s YVa*hburn Isaac V . W h ite H a rv e y . W ilbur W alton W a r r e n S. A WestCQtt C a x iline W e lls W illiam . W e s to n , S en . S H E R I F F ’S S A L E .— By virtue o f oiie execution issued out of the clerk’s office of the county of Brocui: and to me-directed and delivered, against the goods and chatties lands and tenementsof Dan- [ielPurdv, I have levied <m and shall expose f o r ___________ _______________________ sale at public auction as rhe law directs, at the I q A L T , D j ' M c A rthur has just receiveda boat h o u s e n o w k e p t a n d o c c u p i e d b y Is a a c B . G e r e in j ‘O Zoad o f S a l t d i r e c t fro m S y r a c u s e , W h ich h e the village o f Bingnaraton, county of Broome and j w jj] sej] a t the manufacturers prieesadding trans, State of New York, on Saturday the 22d day of j portatjon February A . D. 1845, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon * ---------- of jthat day,—All the right title interest claim or demand of the said D a n ie l P u rd y , o f in and to the I following described premises to wit: being eighty acres, p art o f great lot No. seven in the portn di- visiori of fourth tract in Sidney, in the countv of B Rvfamish, RUSHES.—A general assortment of Paint scrub and W h ite W a sh Brushes, R . C. T R I V E T T S . OGKING-GLASSES and CROCKERY.—A Large assortment selling cheap at M ay 1 i 1844. H A L L ’S . _ „ . B roome, being the same premises . on which the Persons calling for any oftthe above letters Will I saj<j Daniel Purdy now resides, together with all please say advertised. T ROBINSON, P. M'. 1 and singular the heraditaments and appurtenances J T T N IO N Spring W ater for sale by ~' “. thereunto belouzins or in anv wise appertaining. I U L. M. REXFORD 0 . \ 77 ; 1 thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining. 500 lbs, Superior Herkimer comity 1 Date<1 at Bihghamton this 9th day of January A. L ID . 1845. C HEESE. ______ , , Cheese for sale by D . M c A R T H U R . A u g . 25. A R D W A R E . Just received a _ good ass#rt- 1 TOentofhardwareandsellingcheapby M a y 31 S.CA H Y &,CO. B O O K S , S T A T I O N A R Y . & c . 43 JOSEPH-BARTLETT, Sheriff. T H E O N L Y C A L L T IHE accounts, notes and judgmen s held by the _________ ‘ subscriber mast be settled without further po- A general assortment Of School, District Libra- j tice or delay. To avoid costs—and the calls of the , and^Miscellaneous Books! _ _ [Justice, all indebted must waifc up aod settle tmme- * C. ELDREDGE. ry P.ws Writing, Drawing and Note Paper, ttml toj jihetl j dlately. Ac., For sal* by D.McARTHUR: | -ib-wf* V B i n g h a m t o n , O c t. 15, 1844. A. B ROGERS. J UST RECEIVED, a u d for sale by tbe subscrib­ er, an assortment of Jewelry and Fancy Goods —consisting of Breast Pin-:, Finger Rings, Silver Pencils, Thiinbles, Spectacles. Snaps, Guards; &c, <f-c. 4 ALFRED J. EVANS- Binghamton Dec. 23, 1844. ATCHfeS! MATCHES!— 50 Friction Matches, just received and will -b’e sold cheap. ROBT. C, TRIVETT. FOR SALE~ S EVERAL House Lots, E.igiblvsituated in this village, with or without Building materials for sale oo long credit- A. DOUBLEDAY, Binghamton Nov. 11, 1844< 34 N OTICE is hereby given that application wilfbe made to the Legislator e of this State at its* next session for a newcounty to be Composed of the fol- 'owiug towns and part of towns viz.: Coventry, Bainbridge and .the south part o f Guilford in t h e county of Ghenango. Uriadilla, Otego and the south part of Butturnuts in the county of Otsego. Sidney, Masonville and Tompkins in the county o f Delaware, and Sanford and the east p art'of Coles­ ville in the county o f Broome. December 13,1 ’844. K f l Chests Tea, 15 hhds. Molasses, 15 bhds. Su- x j y j gar, 25 bales S heetings, 500 lbs. Carpet Yarn, 1000 lbs. Cotton Yarn, 15 bates Batting at wholesale o r retail at Oct. 15, 1844. ^ S. H. P. H A L L S ^ F U R S I — r P H E highest price p aid in CASH for F ox, Mar- J- tin, M ink and Coon Skins, by the subscriber. Dec. 1 ,1844. L . M. REXFORD. SPO R T M E N fetch in your FU R S ! F U R S ! .p H E H IG H E S T CASH PRICE will be paid, JL for R d and Cross Fox Martin, M ink, Otter, Muskrat and Coon Skins at A. B. ROGERS, H a t, Cap and Fur Store. Binghamton Dec. 1 0 . _______________________ A N O T H E R new lot of Judds* catent M ortice Latche?, Hinges and Blind Fastenings, just received at October 15. FORD A CO’S. T ARGE A R R IV A L OF DRY GOODS T H IS L W e e k a t n e w t o n & co*. B OOTS AND SHOES, lower than ever at Oct. 15. HALL’S. G ROCERIES—A lull assortment-cheap,?&t FORD CO » , B OOTSAND SHOES, selling low at Nov. 25,1844. “ * HALL'S.

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