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New-York Advertisements. . Drugs and Medicines, Paints, Dye Stuffs, Glassware, (fee., (fee. H H , S C H I E F F E L I N & CO ., IM P O R T E R S 4- WHOLESALE DRUGISTS . 104 & 106 JOHN STREET, N E W YORK, W IS H to call attention to their extensive and heavy assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES PA IN T S , DYE STU F F , GLASS-WARE, CHEM ICALS, SURGEONS’ INSTRUM E N T S, PA T E N T MEDICINES, PERFUMERIES, W IN D O W GLASS, SH IP FURNITURE, &c., ■which they offer for sale very low for cash or ap­ proved credit. 3 Cs= A m ong other articles they offer 200 Barrels Castor Oil. 35 Cases Turkey Opium. 120 Bales Honduras Sarsaparilla. 80 Cases Shellac. 10,500 Mats. Cassia. SO Cases Aloes. 100 Bales Liquorice Root.' 20 Drums Alleppo Scanmony. 50 BalesPink Root. 80 Bales Bottle and Vial Corks. 30 Bags Cubebs. 1000 Packages Vials, Bottles &c. 140 Casks English Epsom Salts. 60 Cases English Refined Borax. 150 Boxes Castile Soap. 30 Barrels Blue Vitriol. 50 Boxes Calcined Maghesia- 150 Kegs Emery, assorted sizes. . 30 Cases Cantharides. 25 Bales Nutgalls. 60 Kegs Sup. Carb. Soda. 20 Cases Chinese Vermilion. 500 Oz. Sulph. and acet. Morphine. 40 Bales Sponge. W hite Lead, Dry and in Oil, at Factory prices. Madder in Ca§bs, Barrels and Kegs. Logwood, Nickwood, Fustic, Camwood. Indigo in Cases. Ceroons and Kegs. Copal, Boach Japan, and Black Varnishes. Coup eras, Venetian Red, Yellow Ochre, Putty. Paint Brushes, Smalts, Bronzes, Frdstings. Spirits Turpentine, in barrels at Factory prices. Orders by Mail will receive every attention. H. H. SCHIEFFELIN & CO. I9m3 104 & 106 JohnStreet, New York. 40 Ceadar Street, New-York, E LY tf’ W ILCOX arereceiving their F all stock of seasonable Dry Goods, which for cheapness and completeness of assortment they do not mean shall be surpassed in this city. Mr. E. devotes his entire time to making himself familiar with the market end thepurchase of goods, and his long ex­ perience in connection with one of the largest Auc­ tion Houses in the city, will enable him to secure some rare bargains. - Their friends-and country merchants generally, are respectfully requested to call and examine for them selves. L iberal term s w ill be allowed to such as reqnirecredit. * L. W . CHAPIN, formerly at 117 Pearl street (H anovsr square,) will be happy to see his friends as above. B I R D S A L L & C O L V E R , X V H O I i E S l l b E a i O C E E S AND Produce Commission Merchants H ira m B i r d s a l l , j> N o . 214 W a s h i n g t o n S t . James D. Colver, ) NEW-YORK. Personal attention given to the sale of Butter, Cheese, Lard &c. &c. and the highest market price obtained, LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE. REFERENCES: Hon.. D S. Dickinson, Binghamton, Messrs. Strang, Towner & Co. Elmira. Messrs. Bowne, Towbridge & Co., Poughkeepsie,C.Murdock,Esq. Hudson, Messrs. Lee, Brothers & Co. N. Y. Messrs. Crook, Foowks & Co. N. Y. Messrs. Lew­ is & Co. Oswego, B. Isaac & Co. Oswego. New-York, August 1 , 18-14. QUEEN’S WARE. China, Glass and Earthenware, S OLD at Wholesale to Country Merchants, cheap for Cash or city acceptances, at lO l Broad St., between Pearl and Water sts. THOMAS F. FIELD. New-York, August, 184-1. 22m3. 'J 'O PRINTERS.—M. P. PROUT, Priniing- Ink Manufacturer, Number 63 Spring-Street, New-York, still continues to manufacture a superi­ or article to any other in the United States, and upon as reasonable terms as it can be purchased irom any other Establishment. He also manufac­ tures Ink of various colors, as red, blue, green, yellow, &c. N . B .—Publishers of Newspapers copying the above advertisement four times, and forwarding one copy containing it, and by enclosing 1 a ten dol­ lar bill (New York money) in a letter, shall have sent to them fifty pounds of good News Ink. Please mention what Press you make use of, New-York, 1844. 21w4 PACIFIC HOTEL, 102 GREENWICH STREET, (N e a r Courtlandt Street,) E. FIELD, ) G. FA R N tlA M . { January, 1844. NEW-YORK. 45 BINGHAMTON ACADEMY. T HIS Institution located'in- the beautiful & heal­ thy village ofBinghamtonhas-been thoroughly reorganized and will commence its next term-on-the first. Monday in May 1844. The patronage which the public has heretofore extended to it, encourages the trustees to renew their efforts to afford facilities for acquiring a thorough and systematic education, equal at least to any similar institution -in the stale. And no pains will be spared on the part of the trus­ tees and Principal to make the Academy worthy ol an increased confidence and support in. both its de­ partments. Competent a?sd successful teachers have been employed who will be permanently connected with thelnstitution. The Chemical and philosophi­ cal apparatus will be immediately increased, and lectures on Chemistry, Natural-Philosophy, Astron­ omy, and Phisiology, will be given to classes study­ ing those sciences. During the autumn term spe- ciaZ attention will be given to teachers of common schools, particular notice of which will b f given be­ fore the close of the summer term. The academic yearwiZZconsistsof threeterms. The first term will commence the first Monday in May and coutinue 14 weeks. The second wiZZ commence on the fourth Monday in August and continue 15 weeks'. The third on the fourth Monday in December, and con­ tinue 15 weel-s. TEACHERS. E. M. ROLLO, A. B. Principal. M ILTO N W ALDO, Assistant. M iss m a r i a h y d e , P r in c ip a l o f F emaZe De­ partment. Mrs. L. W . ROBIE, Teacher ot Music. N. S. DAVIS. M , D. Lecturer on Chemistry and Physiology. TU ITIO N PER TERM. For Latin, Greek, and French Languages, Natural PhiZosophv, Chemistry, Astrono­ my, and Botany, ' $6 00 For Mental andMoral Philosophy, Rhetoric, Logie, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and. Surveying, 5 00 Common English Branches, - 4 Ot Drawing and Painting, extra, 3 00 Music on the Piano Forte and Organ, extra, 9 (M By a vote of the Board of Trustees, tuition is in all cases required in advance, except by specia' agreement with the Principal to do otherwise. BOARD. Good board maybe had from $4 25 to $1 50 per week. O ’ It is earnestly desired that pupils intending to enter this Institution, should be present at the com­ mencement of the term, a s their interests will there­ by be- greatlj' promoted. MYRON MERRILL, Pres’t. B. M arvin , Sec’y. N E W At the Old Favorite Store Corner of Court and Washington Streets (formerly occupied by R. A. Ford § Co.) T HE subscribers have jusl received the Largest New stock of goods to he found in this vicinity Consisting of a L arge choice stock of Dry Goods . Groceries, Crockery, GZass ware, Boots & Shoes, Hats and Caps &c. &c. SALES, to suit purchasers—A L L kinds of pro­ duce taken in Exchange for goods. „ • S. A, N E W T O N A Co; ^Binghamton, May 29, J844. Q U M M E R STUFFS7~L>rap de.ete, brown linen, do. Drills, do. pZaids, stripe lines, York mix­ tures,blue drills, allselling very cheap at U .M . S OPE RICH GOODS.—Printed, Lace Stripe and Balzarine, Muslins, beautiful goods lor summer dresses^ also, a new lot of French and Scotch Ginghams, just received at the cheap cash Cfz-kMA A f f A 1 1 Tl 1 n / % n w - *- _ _ 818, AND C H AN - GES OF TEMPERAMENT.—W alterrnusfbc ad­ apted to the n ature ofthe flsb, or ’ h e rew ill b e ho propagation ofthe species. The soilmust be ad­ apted to the ‘seed, orthere will ben*> increase, The climate musthave those matters in i t -which will unite and keep alive epidemical er contagious poisons, or they will become extinguished, as a lamp that is unsupplied-with oil. So it is likewise with the Human Frame it cannot be materially afiecfcd by epidemic or contagious maladies, un­ less there be those matters floatingin the circulation which offer the appropriate soil. By purifying our bodies with the B randrktu P ill *, Which have af­ finity with those impurities upon which contagion feeds, we may always feel secure, whatever disease may rage around us. True, we may have it, but it will soon be over, cur sicA'necs will be the affair eot a da or two, while those who have been too wise to use this simple and excellent remedv, either die, or have weeks, and perhaps motnhs of sick- nesse Sudden changes Irom very hot to ohilly weather ry unfavorable to health; and i .is a fact univer­ sally admitted, that heat and moisture are powerful agents in producing disease, and that constant d r t and costaut w e t weather are both iavorableto its generation; it does not signify what w ecalllit: it may be a g u e ; it may be bilHous fev e r ; it may be yellow lever; it: may be dysentery ; it may be rheu­ matism ; it may be bronchitis; it may be cholic; it may be constipation ofthe bowels; it may be in­ flammation. o f the bowels; it may be inflammation ofthe stomach; it may be a nervous affection; but strll it is disease, and a disease curable by the Bran- derth Pills, because they remove all impurities from the body, all that can in anv manner feed the fur­ ther progress of the m a lad y n o matter how called; thus these pills are ?tot only the most proper medi­ cine,but generally the only-medicine thatneedor ciight to be used. At the present time it is every man’s duly who wishes to secure his health to use them ; itis the duty o f every one who knows any­ thing of their health restoring powers, to make it known in his immediate circle. For there are some alarming signs, which tell of the approach ot disease. The sudden changes of temperament are more to be feared and guarded against^ thanayn contagious malady. Ti e influenza 'has left many in such a state of weakness that there is in them a g reat susceptibili­ ty to affected by these changes qf the atmosphere and contagious maladies; but by he timely use of Branderth’s Pills, evan now this susceptibility can be in a great measure removed, and power given the system to resist those morbific poisons, and the sudden changes of the weather with which it may be brought in contact during the next fifty days.— Nature has formed the bowels for the evacuation of all unhealthy humors, and if man would, but use common sense, he would »ake care they perlormed this office faithfully. If the bowels are out of order: if too slow. 01’too fast, a few doses of Branderth’s Pills win bring them to order, Ask the mam who was dying from constipated bowels what cured him; he tells you, Branderth’s Pills. Ask him who had bad dysentery for six months, and every remedy had failed; he will also tell you the Brandenh Pills cured him in a week. So with other diseases.— Twelve Brandreth Pills rubbed down in half a pint of molasses, cured a little boy of an ulcer of fhe face, which was rapidly spreading to hiseyes; and which a dozen doctors had tried to cure, but could not; the poor pareuts would have given half they were worth to have had it cured, but every thing they tried did no good, until they gave it a teaspoon­ ful of molasses every day, in 4 a pint o f which they had rubbed town twelve Brandreth Pills ; before ihe whole of the molasses was ta£en the ulcer was cured. And yet some foolish people call Bran- dreth’s P ills a quack medicine. It would be well il there were a lew more suer, quack medicines.— W ill all your pretended Sarsaparila Compounds cure like the Branderth'Pills? Can they send yon. to persons wired as Dr. Branderth can? Can they point out to You people who had been helpless for yearslrom Epilipsy and St. Vitus’ Dance whohave been curedby their remedies? If they cannot, Dr. Brandreth can. Can they point ourtoyouap-rson who far twenty years hadnever had a stool without having used medicine, or mechanical meanr, and whom the Brandreth Pills cured, ii» a month, and gave him as healthy evacuations as he had when he was a child. I f they cannot, Dr. Brandreth can. The BRANDRETH PILLS not only do cuie, all curable diseases, but it can be demonstrated, that by their timely use, they must infallibly cure. In a very short time, Dr. Brandreth will bring before the public a concentration of the virtues of the Branderth Pills, both in the lorir of Pills, and in a fluid form, and then he will explain the recson ofthe cures that must necessarily be the result of using the BRANDRETHIAN REMEDIES, whether they be internal or external I have just received the case of a medical gentleman, who resides at Sherbraok, Canada, who for twenty years was sorely afflicted with a disease, which came out in blotches and scabs ail over his body. This gentleman so far forgot his prejudices which too often curse his profession, as to apply personally to Dr. Brandreth, and his course proved a happy one, within six months he was en­ tirely cured of his miserable and tormenting disease by theuse of the Branderth Pills. The use ofthe Brandreth Pills can in no case do injury, because they are made of those herbs and roots which experience has fully proved always harmonize with the human body. T h e omission of purging with them in eases of sickness, is often the cause of a long attack often endingonly by a cessa­ tion eflife. How important it is that this course shoulm be pursued—it will hot only be the surest means, of restoring, but it will in a great measure prevent the recurrence of constitutional maladies—it will sure­ ly weaken the malignity ofthe attacks and in time secure rob st health. As with all valuable medicines the Brandreth Pills have been shamefully counterfeited, b ut I ha ve succeeded in having executed THREE LA RILES (and which are appended to each box) of such in­ trinsic workmanship as to bid defianee ta all future imitators. N o v however a new evil presents itselt. My advertisements are taken verbatim; and uscdbJ all the medicine mongers of the day, who merely talremy name out and insert the name o f their med­ icine in the place Brandreth Pills occupied in the advertisement thus stolen from-me. Time will prove how,these speculative gentlemen sustain them­ selves. M y F rif . nijs may rest satisfied that 1 shall, so long as my life and energies are pennitted nie, by an OVERRULING PROVIDENCE, attend person­ ally to the Brandreth Pills, and that these properties which has thus far rendered them so popular will be still continued unimpaired. B.BRAN D R E T H , M .D. The Brandreth Pills are sold by one agent in ev­ ery place of importance throughout the world, each agent having a nertificae o f agency from Dr. Brand reth, having fac-similes of lables on the Brandreth Pill boxes engraved thereon. b r a n d r e t .H’S PILLS are sold at 25 cents per box, with full directions, attlie P rincipal O ffice 241 Broadway, 274 Bowery, 189* Hudson st N. Y. The following are duly appointed agents for the sale of the Br ait dr el it Pills in Broome Cousty. B inghamton , J. R. O rton , Harpersville, H. A. Olendorf, Windsor, G. <fc. H. Dusenbu ry, Birdsall & Wheeler, T7? GO P h W O i QO © GO H f t NH 1-3 P i s o © 04 H > P U I I I F T T E E B L O 'O T> : M O F F A T ’S • a n d ••*-»': p x x o b : m [ I 7 K The high and envied celebrity which these pre-eminent Medicines have acquired for their invariable efficacy ia all the diseases which they profess to cure, has rendered the usual practice of puffing not only unnecessary, but unworthy of them. They are known by their fruits ; their good works testify for them, and they thrive not by the faith of the credulovs. “ CASES OP •* - -f •< s * ■■ » « .- * s r > • '.3 >-a • m « CO g m s a ? ©F* P O P U L A R * M E D IC IN E S ; F o r 'Saleby- - * - - 3 L. M £ *■& p *3 <3 CO o W Aifitma. Jleutt and Chronic Rhtumatitm. JIJfoHiont of tho Bladder and JZidney*. B I L I O U S F E V E R S and L I V E R C O M P L A I N T S . Ia tha south sod weit, where theie dieeuei prevail, they will he found invaluable. Planter*, ferinen, and others, who once use these Medicines will Mver' afterwards be without them. Bilious CWit and Serous loose - wets. Bats. Costiveness. Cold* and Cough*. Cholic. Used with the greatest success is this disease. Corrupt Humor*. Droftit*. No peraoB with this distressing disease should delay using these medi­ cines immediately. > . E ruption* o f the S k in . Erysipelas. Flatulency. IN ALL . F E V R R db A O U S S . For this, scourge of the western country these medicines will be found a safe, speedy, and certain remedy. Other medicines ltais the system subject to a return of the disease—a cure by these medi­ cines is permanent. Try them be satisfied, and be cured. Foulnet* of the Complexion. G E N E R A L D E B I L I T Y . Gout. Giddinets. Gravel. Headaches, of every kind. Inward Fever. Inflammatory Rhtumatitm . Impure Blood. Jaundice* Lou of A ppetite. 1 I V E R C O M Leproty. Looseness. e s . N e v er fails to eradicate en­ tirely a ll the effects of M e rcury infinitely sooner than the most powerful preparation o f Sarsa­ parilla* N ig h t S w eat*. Nervous Dthility. Nervou* Complaint*, of all kind*. Organic Affections. Palpitation o f the Heart. Painter'* Cholic. ■ ! ' PILES .—The original proprie tor of these xnedxcinss was cured of piles of 35 years standing by the use of the Life Medicines alone. Patnl in the head, side, back, limbs, joints, and organs. R H E U M A T I S M .-T h o se afi Dieted with this terrible disease will be sure of relief by the Life- Medicines. Ruth qf Blood to the head. Scurvy. Salt Rheum. Swelling*. S C R O F U L A or K I N G ’S E V IL , in its worst forms. * Ulcers o f every d e s c r iption. WORMS, ofall kinds, are effec­ tually expelled by these medi­ cines. Parents will do well to administer them whenever their existence is suspected.—Relief w i i l b e cer t a i n . f , fc*a co ■ O 0 Q C l ' ' 3 H J—4 e izj < © •< A n d th u s rem o v e a ll disease f rom t h e system# A single trial wili place the L I F E P I L L S a n d P H CE N I X beyond the reach of com­ petition, in the estimation o f every patient. __ . _ _ _ _ _ . _ OOE Prepared and %o]d, wholesale, and retail, by ]>H s W X I s I s X A V I B . M O T P A T , 3 3 5 Broadway, corner o f Anthony street, New York. • The Genuine of these medicines are now put up in white wrappers andlabels, together with a pamphlet, called « Moffat’s Good Sam aritan,” containing the directions, & c ., on w h ich is a drawing o f Broadway from W a ll street toour Office,bT which strnnren visiting the city can very easily find us. The wrappers andSamaritans are copyrighted, therefore those who procure them with the w h ite w rappers can be a«ured that they a re genuine. Be c a reful, eud do not buy those w tth yellow w r a p p e r s ; but i f you do, be satisfied that they come direct from us, or don’t touch them. « The above Medicines are for sale by L. M. R E X F O R D ; xn © is* © c5 Drugs, Dye-Stuffs, Paints & M e d i- U S H & HILLYER for sale M EDICINES, Opium Calomel Cream Tartar Jalap Rhubarb Sal Soda Epsom Sails Liquai’icc Castor Oil Jujube Paste Camphor Borax N u tm e g s Mace Sulphur Senna Oil Peppermint Quinine Morphine Sarsaparilla Oil Lemon Oil Bergamot, No. 178 Greenwich st,, between Fulton and Day Streets, New-York have P A I N T S & O I L S , W hite Lead Red Lead Litharge Spirits Turpentine Chrome Yellow Vermillion Chrome Green T a r tf* Rosin Gum Shellac Venetian Red Copal Linseed Oil Sweet Oil Sperm Oil Neatsfoot Oil Rose Pink Lamp Black Putty W h iling Alcohol Paint Brushes Prussian Bine, D YE-STUFFS Alum Copperas Blue VitrioZ Oil do. Madder Sugar Lead Cochineal Indigo Annato Pot and Pearl Ashes Nutgalls Ginger Glue Aqua Fort is Tartaric Acid Prui-s. Potash Chrome Potash Sumae Pow’d Blue Sal. Rochelle Red Tartar Aqua Amonia. S a n d ’s S a r s a p a r illa • Sftind’s. 8 aU Rheum Remedy „ Roman Eye Balsam Indian’s Panacea * McMunn’s E lixir o fO p tum 1 Phinney’s P ills ■ • - - Moffat’s Life Pills . , \ If, * “ Phoenix Bittefs Sherman’s 'Medicated-Lozenges “ Fever & AgueLozenge& “ Dinner Lozenges . “ Poor Man’s Plaster Jay n eV'Ex pectoran t H a ir Tonic Tonic Vermifuge Carminative Balsam Sanative Pills Dailey’s P ain Extractor Hay’s Liniment for Piles Washington Elixir for Dysentary, &e Cooler’s Com Salve M arr’s Com Salve Gridley’s Salt Rheum Ointment Dr. Rush’s Infallible Pills Phelp’s Tomato Pills, Restorative Bitters Mile’s Tomato Pills FaKne'stoek’s V e rm ifuge Cheesman’s Arabian Balsam AUebasi’s BZk. Salve , “ Cough Syrup “ P ile P ills “ Cathartic P ills “ , P lasters . “ „ Fever & Ague Syrup W inslow’s Balsam of Horebound Taylor’s Balsam of Liverwort Mother’s Relief ' Fosgate’s Anodyne Cordial W ister’s Balsam ol W ild Cherry Resurrection or Persian Pills Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaster Egyptian Balm ,, Fish’s L iiy Svrup Eongley,s Great W estern Indian Dutch Pills, or Lion ofthe Day Bishops’s Anti-Bilrous Pills Hitchcoelr’s B,alsam of Health “ W orm Tea “ Catarrh Snuff Magnetic Odontica “ H a ir Regenerator Parker’s Pulmonary Balm Gregory’s Pills Balm of Columbia Hitchcock’s Anti-Bilious Covert’s Balm of Life Michaux’s Freckle W ash Lee’s Pills B randfeth’s Pills ■ Post’s Poor Man’s P ills Badeau’s Plasters Libby’s Bitters Nerve and Bene Rheumatic Liniment Wilkinsons Tomatie W ound Salve Thompsons.Eye W ater Hills Bals. Honey Cephalic Snuff -Price $1 CO . 1 00 ‘37*- 2 00 25 374; 25 and 50 1 00 - 25’ 1 DO 50 12 4 50 a n d ! i anu Lemon syrup Domes, iritc Domes, irom n u o v i . raicm iucuit.iuc x-umisui cveiy uehenpuqu.- Dye Woods.— Logwood,Fustic, Camwood, Nic Wood, Hatch and Peach Wood, Ext. Logwood. W it a full assortment of W inJow Glass, Varnishes, and Paints, dry and ground in oil.—April 1. no 2 6; SIGN OF THE GOLDEN MORTAR Upper Lisle, Union, Maine, Yorkshire, Union, D. E. Avery, J. M. Chamberlain, G. H. Clark, E. Robbins Jr. 27 N E W a r r a n g e m e n t . - f a n c y w e a v ­ i n g AND DYEING. T O H N R. H A it V ET, has taken' shop formerly of occupied by Chas. E. Johnson, on Court street in McKinney’s Exchange Building, on the East side of the Canal, where he is prepared to Color and Weave. Flowered Coverlets; Flowered, striped and Rug CARPETING, and also_ P lain W eaviog, on as short notice arid asclioap as any other person.— He will keep experienced workmen, and hopes it® give satisfac’ion to those that will give him a call. Ca‘1 once and see. Stotk, found and made up to older, if requested. Binghamton, June 2 7 ,1-B44. . • ; R O B E R T C. T R I V E T T , DEAtjKR Iff DRUGS, MEDICINES PAINTS, OILS, WINDOW AND PICTURE GI.ASS, D Y E STUFFS, AND FAMILY’ GBOCEMES W OULD invite the attention ofthe inhabitants of Broome and the adjoining counties, to the assortment of all articles comprised in his branch ol business Having purccased the stock recent­ ly held by Frs. Eldridge tp Coo 7c, he will make large additions of such merchandize as the market may require. Persons wishing to obtain a superi­ or quality of anv the above articles, & at a reason­ able price, will find ir for ibeir interest to call. Physicians, manufacturers, painters, dyers and clothiers, supplied by the quantity at a small advance from New York prices. Stand, Court street, Binghamton, N. Y. CLOCK & WATCH REPAIRER. J AMES H. !ay TO R E N T l \ VERY Comfortable HOUSE in a pleasant A. part of-the Village. Enquire of BOYD & ABBOTT. Binghamton Marc 16, 1844. LUMBER W ANTED, 50,00ft. Good Cheiry 1 and 24 inches thick. 50.000 ft. lVhite woad boards. 50.000 lt. Curl and Pin MapZe scantling 4 by 4 and Plank H inches thick, at the Cabinet W are Room in W ater street opposite the Binghamton Hotel. ■ B. G. W A T K IN S . Binghamton, June 25,1814. B IN G H A M T O N F O U N D R Y . T 'H E Subscribers liaving fo rmed a co-partnership a and purchased the entire interest of H. Mathei tn this establishment, would res;pectful\y fo the citizens ofBinghamton ally, that they-are prepared to execute all orders for CASTINGS & MAC! res anrounce ana the public gener- TO PURCHASERS! A L L - Persons in'watit of GOODS of all any description, and know most exactly Dry Groceries, Hardware, Crockery, Pork, Fish Hams, Coarse & F ine Salt, Boots & Shoes, Ac.) in fact-a ZittZe o f every thing can be had of them. They have just received a'full stock of goods— Selected with the greatest care. All kinds o f pro­ duce taken in exchange: for Goods.—May l6, if8 S. CARY A Co., Corner o f Court and Franklin streets C HUSANS. A Ladies dresses. lias, Scotch Ginghams can ety, at new and beautiful article foi mourning de lains^ ditto mus- be 101 >un3 in all their vari- U. M. S T O W E R S . Store of - [Aug. 1 .] R. A. FORD & CO. CLOCKS! C L O C K S !! B RASS and wood Hocks With first yste Mahoga- ny cases and w arranted a r one half wh«t‘they were ever before sotckfor fa this oavmitf far sale at H INERYwith promptness. This establishment has been fitted up on an enlar­ ged scale with special reference to the increased de mand for castings and machinery and is famished with a superior STEAM ENGINE of sufficient pow­ er for the various branches of the estabiishment, en­ din g the proprietor to execute all orders for cast gs aiid Machinery upon very short notice. Connected with this establishment is a machine shop under the strict personal supervision of one Of the proprietors—Mr. Overhiser, who hasforseveral years been connected with some oftheheaviest man­ ufacturing establishments in the state As a machinist where machinery and other work can be fitted up in as good style as at any other establishment in the state. Plans and drawings of machinery of every description can be furnished at the furnace. In addition to the general assortment o f castings usually found at establishments of this kind, em­ bracing a great variety, can t>e found Caldron Ket­ tles of all si>e 5 . Also hollow ware o f eirerv des­ cription. Stove and stove castings, a general as­ sortment embracingdiffeientkinds of many o f th e improved patterns made fiom the best of Iron. A l­ so Durkeys recent improved water wheel. Also Hotchkiss reaction water wheels. Also Johnson’s recent improved wheels for flour and saw mills, and all* the ^cessary patterns for m illgearing of every description. Also Steam engines man u fac- tured of sufficient power to drive any machinery used in-this sectien. W anted in exchange 10 r cast­ ings any quantity o f old iron, stone coal and most kind of produce. Tb«f subscribers hope bystriat attention to this business to merit, and respectfulJv solicit patronage. THEO.A. THAYER, ' . „ B E N JH .O V E R H ISER Binghamton, October 25,1843.. 33 of Binghamton a store on Court T HE Subscriber being still engaged excluswly and permanently in the business o f Transport a' ion, storage and forwarding, gives notice to his riends, and the public, that he may at all time be lound at his well known STOREHOUSE, where herwjJi give prompt attention to anv, business in his line, with which he may he favored. ■*1 FLOUR, SA L T , W A T E R LIM E , &c., con­ stantly on hand, and'for sale by the single .barrel or by the q n r'tity, at ’he lowest prices. / Liberal Advances jade on any property left in Store for the purpose o f being sold ip New-York. Binghamton 1844. C. M e KINNEY. Panacea Pils CO 00 50 50 25 00 00 ,1-00 25 ' ‘ 25' 50 T 2 | 37i 25 50 374 50 and 1 00 50. 50 - 25 25 124 50 50 y 00 . • 2 00 t 34 1 00 3t and 62j 50 50 1 00 1 50 374 25 1 00 2 5 25 50 374 1 00 3“4 50 and 75 25 I 5Q 50 25 25 124 25 75 50 & i 00 374 - . 25 25 25 - B 0 © K B I N D E R Y , v v ,4 a ;- PO C K E T BOOK M ANUFACTORY. T H E SUBSCRIBER, having established him ­ self in the aboye, professions, takes this method in informing the iuhabitanm o f Binghamton and 'theSurrouhdingcountry,that he has taken a room of the Store occupied by J. R. Orton, where he in­ tends carrying on the business in all its br’anchefs. Hq flatteys himself, that from the long experience he has had, he shall be able to do as good work a*, can be goi west o f New York. BLANK BOOKS ruled bound to any patter n. OLD BOOKS JRebound — Pocket Books, Card Cases Backgammon- Boards, Fancy Work-boxes, Miniaiure- Cases, nnd Fancy Morocco W o rk, in all its varieties done in a n eat and substantial, manner. All descriptions o f binding neatly executed. Gentlemen’s Libraries fitted up and repaired. Musicrand Periodicals bound to pattern. Ladies Scrap tf* G uard books, Albums, and Port-Folios of every description made to order. N. B.' Gentlemen residing at a distance, and ex­ periencing difficulty in geitingtbeir binding done* wilffindit to their advantage to pack and d irect their books as above, stating style &c. They may. rejy upon their b^ing well bound, at the lowest p ri­ ces, and carefully re-packed and returned without delay. . G. W . DEVERELL. Bingham’on, April 5, 1842. 5 PR IC E S FOR TH E TIM E S, (F O R H E A D Y P A Y .) T HE Subscriber anxious to enlarge his business,: (and w ishing to c o n sult the interest of h is cus­ tomers,)proposes for cash, o rjts equivalent in^coun- try produce, to do more, work-, better work, and for less prices than they have hitherto been accustomed to pay Tor T A I L O R I N G in this place. Please give me a call at my old stand over C., Eldredge’s store.. C utting done on short notice andwarranted to fif- • N. B. Building materials wanted in exchange forwork, if delivered' b y the first of April. ' J. E. T IT U S . \ with many others not enumerated. The subscriber is agen t for most ot the above MEDICINES and war­ rants every article genuine. : L. M. REXFORD. Binghamton, August 23, 1843. T ] X 1 TA ILO R IN G A T REDUCED PRICES. IHEsubscriber takes this method of inonning bis friends and the public generally that he still continues in the above business at his old stand in the Eagle buildings and makes garments' at a cheaper'price than is don in any other shop in town for cash or produce. All work warranted to be well made and in the latest fashion. Cutting done at the shortest notice and warranted to fit. J.N . RING. JuneSO, 1844. E ight Hundred packages of Phials and Bottles, 1 oz 8 oz P hials, Prescription Phials. Castor Oil and Lemon Syrup bottles. Ink bottles, from 1 to 8 oz. Patent medicine Phials of every description.-— _ — ' ~ ' ~T' ^ - W jth VI Dr. Segur’s Restorative Medicine. AMES H . HOES would s to the public,that he still continues at the old .stand, one door west of Wm. M. Ely’s store, where he is ready at all times to correct the improper habits of all disorderly dispos­ ed time pieces,and make them run and keep the correct time. Mr. Hoes is confident, from the several years practical, experience he has had in the manufacturing and repairing of various time pieces, that he can give satisfaction to all who will favor him- with their patronage. He also keeps and is constantly reciev- ing the latest and most Improved styles of both A- m e rican and Im ported Jewelry, not excelled in beauty, brilliancy, and cunning workmanship, in Western New-York. Among his a; sort ment may be found Fine gold finger rings, Ladies and Gent’s, breast Pins,Gold bracelelts, double guilt hairPins, silver thimbles, pencil cases, spoons, Gold Hearts and Crosses, slides, snapps, spectacles, and glasses to fit all ages, fine pen knives,razors needles, combs gold watch keys and seals, ear knobs, steel gilt and Jett beads, Jett bugles, hairpins, cuff pins, brittania Tea Pots, sugar bowl and cream cups,plated candle­ sticks, snuffers, trays, castors, Military goods, and various other articles too numerous to mention. O. G. Brass and wood Thirty hour and Eight day Clocks will be sold as cheap as the cheapest and warranted. Duplex patent Lever, patent Vertical, Cylinder, Horizontal, Alarm, Repeating, and all other time pieces Repaired in the Best manner and warranted. The subscriber returns thanks for past patronage and solicits a continuation of the same. JAM E S H . HOES. N- B. Old Gold and Silver wanted. N E W AND F A S H IO N A B L E M A T T FU R STORE AT Binghamton A . B. ROGERS, (lale of • Utica) would most re­ spectfully notify the inhabitants and vicinity, that he has opened St eet2 doors W est of W . M. Ely’s store, in Bing­ hamton,where may be always found on hand,a gen­ eral assortment in the above line, consisting in part of : Beavct Nutria, Brush, Moleskin, CasSimeir, Otter, and 'Muskrat, Hats—and Men’s Boy’s and Children's Caps, o f every v a r iety o f styZe and qual­ ity, all of which will be sold for cash or ready pay, as cheap, or cheaper, than they ever were before in this market. ■ A. B. R. being a practical workman at all of the abflve branches, flatters himself that he wiilbe able to offer an article superior lo any ever before sold in this market. N. B Cash paid for Hatting and Shipping Furs'. Binghamton, May 27. 1844. , Corner occupied C A S H F O R L U M B E R - r p HE .Subscriber Has opened ihe store, S -L of Court & Franklin St. (formerly occupied ’ R. A. Ford A Cp.Y'witb an entifc new Stock of RY GOODS, GROCERIES, BOOTS ® and fi«O E S , CROCKERY Ac. wMch w ill be “ id cbeigp ibr Cash or produce. Also godd PINE CfAlfl will be p n t e - S J i H i p ^ t t t e n ^ e x c h a n g e for Goods. i8 « . ' S A N E W T 0 N f T H E T E E T H ! T H E T E E T H ' W M . H . CARPENTER, SURGEON DENTIST, H AS opened an office opposite the Phenix Hotel where he will be happy to wait upon any-.who will favor him with their patronage. Dr. C. having been extensively engaged in hisprm fessiott for a number of years will be able to perforin all operations in the most modern and* approved manner. H e jias a superior qnaliiy of mineral teeth which he willset from one to a full set and warrant a porfect fit. H e will also cleanse, fill, and regulate the natural teeth. His long experience will klso ena­ ble him to treat all deseases connected with the teeth Mdmouth. Teeth extractedwith ffiekey miforceps D r. C . w ill w a it upon. L a d y s a t th e ir residence i f perferred. . ' Gn ts half hoots, Gaiter do, and: an endle&qh4i£ tity of- shdes 4'i slips. Y o u can find them a t t b e eU Place; U. M. STOWEftS? 11 B y attending to a fam ilial fact, which others passed unheeded, Dr. Jcnner relieved mankind from one oj themost destructive diseases that ever.afflicted them. A BOUT eight years since Dr, S egur firs, dis­ covered and tested the properties o f this med­ icine, in a trial on himself, in a case of Dyspepsia. His attention was immediately attracted by parti •- ular influences and effects on the.system, which he conceived to be both new and important; and des­ tined to effect important results in fhe application of medicine. ■ • The public are invited to make a trial of this Medicine. It is beljeved that there is no Medicine offeredat this time equal to this, for the cure o f Nei’- vous Derangements in all its lorms—Hysteric- Af­ fections and Weaknesses and Suppressions peculi­ ar to females—Bilious,Complaints, Costive a n d re­ laxed habits,bowel comptaints in children as.well &s adults—dizzitmss arid genera! affections of the Head; Ears and Eves—coldhessahd numbness ofthe li mbs, and. want o f circulation in recovering from fevers,bodily injuriesj &c.—paralytic, indications and affections—Scroffula, local swellings, infiam- mati'ohs arid Eruptions, SoreEyes and other-effects of lm iure Humors. It is remarkably happy arid thorough in removing the lingering, effects of severe colds, tightness, ridd­ ling catarrhs, and other Bronchial ahd Lung Affec­ tions, so often leading to permanent disease. - T h e price of the above Medicine; which is in the form of P ills, is 25ets. & 50cts. per Box. Forsale by L .M . REXFORD, Agent. Binghamton. 31 tf FURTHER TESTIMONY IN -FAVOR, OF DR. TAYLORS BALSOM OF LIV E R W O R T . PA IN IN TH E SI DE & BREAST, ACCOMPANIED with a COUGH OF SIX YEARS STANDING, CURED-BY T H E USE OF DR. TAYLORS BALSOM of LIVERW ORT, READ T:-;E FOLLOW ING CERTIFICATES. I HEREBY Certify that for six years I was se­ verely afflicted with pain in my right side and abum ing sensa ion in my.stomath accompanied with a deathlike feeling, awo a. part of the time, I had a very severe cough and raised large quantities of matter. I was so debilitated that I was livable to walk more, than a few rods at a time, during the s ix , years that I was thus afflicted I was attended by dif­ ferent Physicians almost constantly but I received Bo relief, on the contrary, I cdntinued to grow worse allthetim e . One of-the Physician s'told my hus­ band, that he need not expect to take much more comfort with his wife as she could, not jive but a short time. During these.six years I ’have also made use of various preparation's wh'ich ere highly' re­ commended for'complaints like'! that with which’ I was afflicted. but .I,received norelief whatever un,- til I procured a Bottle of Dr. Ta vloi’s Balsom oi Liverwort which is prepared at 375 Bowery New- York and before-!had taken thewhoie of one bottle I was entirely cured of my complaint. Itisnowthree years since I was cured and I am now as well as ever was in rriy life, and have continued so ever since I was cured,' and fdo earnestly recommend its use toallwho may be afflicfed tvith Pain1ff i the side or Breast, Coughs, 'Colds, Consumption, &c. • .. . (Signed) - ELIZA B E T H P L A T T . Ca.tmaan,Wsyn.eCo, P a, Mayfl l 3 1844, N. B. The genuine now has'ari engraved wrap­ per around each-Bottle to prevent SduiUetliets with­ out which none is genuine. , m M i\\ Price'reducedY .^h m n to n Sm a ll^I ,C 0 s t o V e , - L I Y E . J .COFFIN return their'thanks, tothe public generally for tlipir liberal parron- age, they coritfnue tqieep at th'eir «dfd ^ StSnd, i gen- erabassortment of cooking stoves, Cqal and wood parlor stoves; B o x 6 l aqd9plate stoves at wholesale- .and retail}; alf>q a general assortment o f Copper,. T in and Sheet'Iron ware' Which' they 'will sell cheaper thftri.riyer-forrCash.orjjroduce. AU kinds ofrepair- ‘R the’shortestnbtice. TKeir stove estab­ lishment is in Centrje buildings .fieaj? thg -Cfienango bnage. ' h, ' 1 Oct. 23rd 1843. 31 R . The old Gash Store in full B last! I A FORD & CO., have atlast received the balance oi their Spring Goods and they would' raost-respeetfully invite their num erous custom ers to call and examine their stoci, which is now large and complete and it they wish to purchase we will assure them the price snalZ be no objection for wc aredetermined to keep o u r old motto good ‘*NOT TO BE UNDERSOLD BY ANY LIVE MAN,” and every article will be put down to the lowest cash • rice. A s one ol tiie partners of this firm spends most of his time In New Y orAm aling -pur­ chases, it enabZeS US to tafie advantage Of the mar­ kets and p rocure our goods generally at m u ch less rates than those merchants who only go at stated pe­ riods. Thereby enabling us to sell goods •A T L O W P 1 I 0 E B . and to always keep our assortment good. Among our large assortment may be - found every thing in the Stapleand Fancy Dry Good Line, with a. Large D 1 Lot of Boots and Shoes, Carpeting and hangings. Also a Large stock ol choice Family Groceries, Which we bind ohrselves to sell wholesale or ratal! cheaper for cash than any other •establishment in the county. Binghamton May 23d 1844.- ____________ ' _ EN T ISTR Y , The subscriber continues ta perform every operation upon the teeth accor­ ding to the most modern and improved principles oi the art. Those who are desirous of repleting the vacancies caused by the loss of their original teeth are respectfully invited to call. Term s reasonable. Office directly over Mr. Sanders Croeltn y store. Door opposite the entrance into the W a s I. igtanian HaZl ' J. C. ROBIE. N .B . Dentists supplied with full setts of instru­ ments. Turnkeys and other surgical instruments kept constantly on hand and for sale. J. C. R. W e g i m W n t a l N r d e r s . Binghamton, May 20 , 18-1-4. IN pursuance ofthe power vested in me, by Chap. X. 0 / * the Jst partoPtlie Revised slalutes of this slate, I Jacob C. Ttobie Colonel and commanding officer'of the 201 reg­ iment of Infantry ofthe mjlitia of the state of New York, do- hereby appoint, aregimcnlal Couri-Mai-fial,-for the trial of all delinquents and deficiencies in'lhe said regiment,lo con­ sist of thi eo members, v izM a jor Henry Bevier, as presi­ dent thereof, Captain Cliaoncey Parsons, nnd Captain An­ derson Spend/y, as members. The said Court will convene on the 71b day of Oct >ber next, at (he House\ of Wm. II. Muzzy in the town of Che­ nango,-and adjourn from tiine-totime, as shall become ucc essavy fro the transaction of basiness. •' J. C.KORfE, Colonel. C h e e s e m a n ?s A r a b i a n B a l s a m ^ F OR die pure of every kind of wounds, Sprains, Sores, Burns,Coughs, Sore Longs,Files, Rheu­ matism ; prevents Tooth Ache, restore!? Frozen . Limbs, Stiff Joints, Numbness,&c, and can he de­ pended upon to qtiietpain and relieve soreness in all cases. The justly merited reputation which this medi'eine has acquired in the crire of the above men­ tioned diseases entitles itto the attention of all. As there are many Spmions articles about the country called Qheesemana Arabian Balsam pur­ chasers are cautioned against buying any\ without the written Signature of E. Cheeseman across the printed 1 directions of each bottle. no 2 |3 r For sale by Eklredge g- Cook, Binghamton, N e w AT Z7ie BINGHAMTON CROCKERY STORE, fTAHE Subscriber has just received and is now J . opening, (of his own importing, and selected with great care and attention, at the mauufacturcsm England,) the-Iargest and most extensive assort­ ment of China, Glass and earl ban ware, and H ard­ ware of Housekeeping articles ever offered in this part o f the country. Also a large assortment of LO O K IN G -G L A S S E S of themost fashionable style of every variety of form and-size suitable to the market, which wiil be sold cheaper than ever before offered in this place- Young Married Ladies and Housekeepers will find it decidedly to their advantage to call and tpake their purchases of me, as large and liberal aliow- ences will bemade to those wiro purchase their en­ tire out set at my store. The citizens generally are invited to call and examine my stock. Country Merchants wishing to fill up their assort­ ment will'do well to purchase' of me, as I shalj re­ pack at New* York prices add ing transportation. /Store no. 4 Ely place directly opposite the Phenix Hotel ,—Binghamton , May 2 1844, L. SANDERS. A ' T r M-i H W D E N T I S T S } ebrated Incorruptible T e e th, w a rranted s u p e rior to t^ffrikfOjrils^or m x • fithfers.fn--use. f * A fu l l : s n ^ p l ^ f a i r fhe varieties c o h stantly onTiarid, for sale a t the L . M- R E X F ORD*-, W H A T A RUSH A T HALL’S T Halls you will find one of the largest stocks of Dry Goods in Broome-County and theyarc selling at such extremely low priees as to induce the closest buyers tagivi his store the preferenc ■. A ll in want of goods cheap will Zook for H all’s Store, Binghamton May-20 18-14. CLOCK AN D r W A T C H R E P A I 1 JHNG ’ fTAHE subscriber has the pleasure of annound- X ing to.his friends, that he- has re-coromenced (at h is old stand pn Franklin street, one door north of the Iris office,) the Clock and W atch Repairing busiries'sj in all- 'its branches; and is Also making arrangements to manufacture SIL.- VER S P p o N S , of every description. Any per­ son desirous of supplying themselves with. Silver w a r e , raay'be'sure ofhavirig articles of the best -quality.---Tire.-patronage of1 the public i-s respect-, fully requested.— UtrigAamlott, May 1 . 1844. a t l? R I ? i n T F V A WC* “ N. B. . T iie highest price paid for oid Gold, SiK ve'r, Pewter and Lead; Most kinds of country- produce taken in -payment. A . J . E. aratiu a ry , iS'44, Greedy €andyA.Sands A .BrlJtpls SUM M E R S - L I N S E E D O IL. n p H E subscriber as'sole agent,in Binghanffpn, for- T the sale p f .Ira Summers’ • superior Linsied OiL is ready.to sell by tfie quantity at the manufacturers, fi'holesale prices. ’March 14. D. McAKTHUiEL C L O V E R and TIM O T El Y SEED * . F U S T Received a,quantity.of prime white Timo-. J thy, also? the large style o f Clover seed. Farm­ ers Wishing to obtain p u ie seed, can have such by- calling at U .M ST O W E R S .' March 14,4844.-- • \Forw a rd in g • a n d Commission. *TVHE Subscriber fakes this method to inlc-m the- Pri bjie thatjrhe' has made arrangements ta spend the ^easpiijjp NeWfYork, where he will: giye has. .jpereOTal attention ip thp salie of Lumber, ' Stavpsv Shingles, Buttfer/Oats; and aft kinds of Country- fto d u e R ^ ■’»■*' - • ’V •- •*\ HavinghadseveraLyeam experience inthiskind' of bttsjpesStand^ayipgTdrmed.. extensive pcquainu ariete'xvttK dealers, solicits arid Ttdpes, by .stijct- afr tenlion, lo merit a share o f patronage'. Forwarding -»ade on, M i%i BROAD 'STREajT^NRw' Y O iik -a GSORGE N E W E L L .t 'im it COnsygnm I I I '

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