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Ithaca weekly journal. (Ithaca, N.Y.) 189?-19??, December 26, 1907, Image 8

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... - - . _ re^eTj iitt- igj^m' ttB^re sBall be ne end.” - ©an** t > u se«jtB§i-^;breast heaife? ©an E i;eef^e^^D 5^1th enad* ^ticp. aud- ^ e n ' De yo«,,|tlib|^ f ijarifcDd w m ^alxtMtfer D.'J>. | I'tds r; i;.eeraaon ef iofig past Cliristn^?e^Sf«ee iftcdited -mSL tlife nni-; , 3^«>rsal.0Mr>e^e$- a ‘new afad foril- lext Is Lnke'li, JP,\ &*But |i^k^Rt;^U';tIiesp 1 ^ 0 and -'\ponde^ntSHieaa'Wnbif lieart’\ sr.: TUelMlMMaj;^^^li^Yii:gin*nptotUe period ||,jtne^anf|rs visit, -bad proba- ,th ^ ot-aBQtJier gr^ t event ^Uiftu %^esqe i se^Ba^ to a ^ e a t atray 'of , .tliem,. Wiff «be should be singled obt, :from an the rest .of tlie liuman rape as- the GhQseBf one <jf.God-she, could not understand., -^ShW was only a,,pure. her that-bbe v^ais ^ 4,1 'become Ithe’ Daofh^ pf the l^roioised - Jdany. .©hrisjfemagee have cbide land i > 2 > 5 a p l , ' .<MhS -asHtre :diriir V e regelvpf pV^edfs and could ealt ~ t ^ idfee wh(( manifestations, not fidly aM« But she stored ory. She. people may ha* elate., their , meaning, lem Away-in her pem--- ‘H.fth^m up. Other e. heard .the story of that vifeary. jgutuey »feom Nazareth to ■:Beiil'ehgin,'of the crowded .inp and the ^ ' Mrth in the staple,.ahd/.after a word’ or tv a of pity-for ,^ e young mother,* ‘YvSuld dismiss the story,ifrom their* minds. But not so the '.chief actbh In the scene. Mary .pevgr-: forgot any of those scenes whieh^ppebeded^ and. suc­ ceeded the night-J^US vf:as;hQtti. :'The.' Bible , distmetly t e i p s , , i h y ,' '•J'Bat Jlary 'hept all these apd ,p<Mi”i ■mdt talk of 1 them ^thfeU, but • she stored those/testimonies' h® iu her, memory i‘‘]^a^f'h:epb all hh|se things land gon, defe^,.them,^ ’ li . tx*i. her iheart. Bul^Mhere .was I another flfeeling, ol ‘i^riib& g .and' 4 ui-c 0 ed!ing .that first, Cirnistmasimbtn. ^‘hafc was the ^ a i ' fum^S inlher ' :. heai^ t pecause God' h ^ * probebtg^ her and he'i h-Ing; all those days Oi & ahddSb§iny.‘, Nbver wafe^the^^* \3 »cjre, v^as not water far ; listening^ ' Sighi ,0 » »a,uuujij^ WB«r, the. meanb of-Mln^ng her to BetMer' hem bf'^(»b!^,*-^|vhere* iesus ,w 'pfilar of^reyihahe^ guided, . ' ' Pffe|ehts^f5lo¥ All,..*■ : \ yd?hns on thls^Sthhath precedhig ohr. faicmd guiding thto„ aay tpink thaf.Mjy^ A M forge ttten of ^ o d memlp •n tim \ \ '.angel.'Gabriel -dSliTOfejl tb it said;- ‘mristmad ii hot s l u f e ^ / ^ ^ e •for fun. cmriStmas^fccthe'dat Wh<iel^ ebrate .the bftth of Jeshs hx .B e # c of Juaea,-thmrwe, tirr&h' h l T 'become one with God.””* Oh, thOi “different were the Christmas • tlons with WMch we''gibe1 trtfhdsr Oh; them how d i f f e r e - . , — .thO^hopes with Which We' 10%ed for­ ward to our sacred Christnaasesi fitSS* the angelic messenger appeal^ ib you? If he has not, wfil you nob, pray ^fhat he may appear to you nOw, &s'i^ oucir time whm ^id > ihg them and^ G< Nhetu and God’s :*5gj6iEe.’Of us ma: ‘^hat. is n 4 tiiab. GodAvas, barfiia; . Mary just'the* same as ©od on |:hU! Then, agaim jthe/re w^^thataedond hl^eflc* messfehgOr'^b®?.appeared unt< Joseph at*;Mthlehom, sayring, “Aids* rsUnd^tphe the yodng child and Mary, * his, mother/ ahd &ee Into Egypt,. 'and 5 Be* thou there unGl.I bring thee word Ber^d will seek the young chile !tioy itim'.” God not only protect ed Mary omher journey to Bethlehem , 'bhUti'he^ aisoieonlfinned the divine ^ pro - - chile teetion over \ her (and the young < at Bethlehem to ward off the murder ■<ms desl^ s of a brutal king, laier ,and.thOftokeus .of affnelioa yoU afe to give to four ^ a r onfea; 'If you:#^ to, spend tMs oblhlhg 'Ghrlstmas aright, mgsidfe of lt alffthe ..’spend tMs ' obitoj you mu&t place' Other ©hristniaaes of your , pasfexdtfb.. YOU must * thanfcGod ■ espeei^y ■fof , that Christmas i when Jesuu firsts re- m - ’ - ------------- ■Si , , , has surrounded • you this Ohidsima(s^ with a great host ----- I\ ! r ' . .',5 ■!Eh§ puriw ,and wholesomenoss theiee %uppiy mave''heretOfore ■seemed ■' to be' a matter of-m.nch less- concern to botfi--*SaMtaiy engineers ^ d ‘ e|ajsum/ ,ers than the quality of the Water sup^ i pf^. Yet/itt view of the ineyeasing uses THE, etjp g W lC Q B W , ^ «t tfiat.obaiutK. While the chem. ' j . i'ical composition and th^ factors which ! water ,have re- resulp Of d tp a ip ,t^ h || lO'ebfmimprovement-cam- '■J^aS %een p f prog^ss for Jen years,Iff this country. ______ _ ^, fc ^ k ' ‘pald ff|: ■ auction for an'inaiattd ehr of ^liite corn sOld at the recent'Na©onal> Corn exposition in Chicago. This -grand champion white ear Gonlaihed^l,200 kernels, with an-as- sighed'’yalU6 of 20 cents- each'.. Sixty J'edfs ofitakind represent a bushel. 'ealed.htoself bo. you as a perioaal ; Suchfabulpus>rieqs #9r c o ^ are not iaviour. Youvmustifhank God that'ie an ohjeet of the .work which corn tas surrounded .you this OhrisImUa breeders have been .and are doing affect Ceil le purity of ved a'.l^ge amount of attention by the agi'lcUitUral experimen little study hbs been -made of ^ lSe sup- stations, plies In s t^ o n laboratories. • From, Shallow Ponds. The consensus of opinion is, that nat ural ice, formed tq a , reasonable depth is comparatively pure under usual cir­ cumstances, but tiiat it is very likely to be contaminated if it freezes to the fnll depth ^ a shallow pond or stream or if it ■ IS flooded, particularly with surface water. The Vermont experi- ( ^ouTt of. nurTarge Simply encouragmg in«dents ! sam^l^s of pond ice exam- le late James Ritey, ridiculed .^ere unfit for household use. The-following extracts from a recent publication of the New York state de­ partment of health regarding ice and ice supplies bear directly upon this .question: ' ^ In general there are a great many conceivable'Ways that ice and .ice sup­ plies may become infected. The dan­ ger from,^many of these causes of in­ fection may, however, so infrequent as to Ther'e^arc issoelated latural ice. .bnd' the harvesting -pf the ice sUppXfes d^'npw generally practiced Ly, x A ie f f do 'mferib consideration. Conditions. ' , - ; ^ ^ ^ |i ? ^ |(fe^e-Hdangdrs i s th'e one dubi^0^^^b^](^bsl§i% of ice'from pol- . luted\ sburffi^^rTiiis, fee .may be tak< ,'ffrom poi^^^p1l%|i4'‘w®^k-have pel pqllute(^^hy^Seyya^e and may contain\ th^^ gei^C.-:^j..tydnoid. fever and other Beepnd-*—fi?e ’-mayf?become contami- - nated darM#..tf|;p$'iod and'operations o/Jof hari^gtlhg^fy^mh which may have come from Infeeted sources. The hands and feet of laborers or the hoofs of horses may be the channels by which infection may be transmitted to the iee even after it has been taken from th^ water £md notwithstanding the purity % \the water. iThird. — Ice may become infected S la te Hiiplway BdHfifeg. PROBHESS m a d e .EACH YEAR. f^wP»ty*f6ar^^H^n^d^ed lyiila^ of Road . .^(voaiiy generally -Used For S^qj^aoin^-7-How the Work . Baul. D. Sargpnt, state highway com­ missioner of Maine, in a recent ad­ dress beforff''th©;^ood roads and legis­ lative coiventiofit, of the Automobile elqb of '^prinsfl^, spoke as follows Maine: The. con|^t'Enot4'Oli.fiJ@|'^/;^^^^. rpads in Maine preseiits a lit^o f ^ ^ ^ t prob­ lem from :itiAtln:Any.:£t^^^0be New Engtind states..- Thl#Jp|^^y*.,on ac- 'Wheh the late James Riley, ridiculect by his neighbors, u s e d 'to “monkey your trials and sorrows, :bywhich:;^tra ^ heart ‘has been rnadeimore, teijde^ to him ' and to'' your.teilqw^.jmen>»?T^! is right when you are \thirsty to drihls ' ■\ ■ \■ \at ■\^ept? ippeared to Mary to tell heif that the child who was to be boni^a^»th6jSon of *;C^? ‘<But Mary kdpt 'a&l things and pondered them In’ her There was another fact Which -'must have' pijeyed .much oh- Mmy's * heart and ;mind when she, thought of ,the us the' long jourm -again the d.angers of ley into Egypt travel.'^. i?pw, there was .again th( they certainly, had to journey aloini for they were.fugitives from the n^af tyrant (Then ,there was, tha/inoney which God sent them in presents^ ol the wlfee men to feed them aUd'topro ■ifidfe for them when they were extieb in the foreign land. .!^hus,, as M^rj loo^s, over the scenesp)f|the past,'Car of the w^ ev that fiqi(VS| y o u r /f^ stream^' Obri^t^as joy; we mtistias\ wis0'in% iBok up‘ *td the hills ffom w|iencp these streams 'come. ThP' bi^ds: bhthe their wingswiir* nme mouutam brooks, and as ithey hathe^ ,1hey ^ lift' their voices -and singvtheir*pralses.un- Ito the God who ^has sent; ,^'se, brooks gurgling down the moniimm^sides. Bo may we lift oui: voices oW^iS ©h'rist*;- •mas tice. (ve be so remote or hardly merit no- day.“;^ h d t;w a tk e fe^ n d ^ 'am gei, tfen^s and the m^UIffgsp df Bibri; * eompaniou and hushand. Joseph, |tk^; rcarE 0 nter, who was: to her ■what', no bmef human being was in her fijne ^ trial and distress. :^ e n e y e r i^ ; •fdl husband. -V\then..h.e: WCPt tp Bet&- linem ke could not; leave, her beMad^' 'because her djescept frosp more ihjporiant than Jiis-own.,. 'Then\ ^qoulffshe not sing,;‘|Bh|)^'prepai table before me Inl* the presence 4#-, ^neiMes; thou anPintest my .hdad ,!«dih ofi; my pop and, merey And, friends, have not'yet ptaisi who' become In the easha%ijSB iise^ S / 1 Mary and Joseph. ax fj Sernas Miary ttbinks of all thatiopg journey down to Bethlehem I think She-pictures Joseph as carefully lifting her on. ;;the. beast of tburden. Theff rht Cof^ea m n A ^ e ea ^ o d n e |s and^merpy 'd^e^ hi S ' tmuse^'oflihe Sord io r - : • ■ I if,,Mm;y p&d her dlvme,protec­ tion through the past Christmases, has fio‘©God 'b^*otecfed' and cared for ^ nl In the same way duifing the, m ^ ©hristmasea. that ate gq<he?'^ Bas iht: not led you and cloth^' yPu and Jitedtedyou? Has not'ifif light arm 2 vi.. , x-. x xu waySj.been about you?*- # . w i t h Mffcyi hse to Christmas to tlmn t has not God* Cared, fibrydu In the mpslj That Iq^^to-^haye dur AOW birth m y s ^ d u s ways? r|’.^|d:'|fendx, nbrlstmas. On this daV. when aR 1 <gtea^ geottish' r e fsri& t i^ e d to .Jthls‘wonderful s t o i f l p ^ fears at p . .dinner hour he sat ab l | e p a d of tbt h '■‘table, trlth his back Itain ' '< One<night tbr“''' *> ^^asm ^ d ^ to.-. - ___________ mas mbtphig. ^.,1 expected ‘-.apothet^. present’' was coming, buff instead; a friend’s life waganuffCd out on Christ­ mas^ day. '\Wi.''&il i 6 ved him mncK When We iff and saw him we .-said, ‘^Cduld, ;^iman go tquneefe his\ God on a more heautlful day than Christ? around” in his cornffeld^electing seed ears ahd in rhe wintei 5 .sPtet and study ?hem 1 by-ihoe hour, , he: hactmo thonghl pf .what-has occurred m eojcp breedihi^^ as a direct result of his bobfey. .rllba^Jf good old Hoosier farmer didmpt know v * that'he was doing naore^\ ' - than for his own time. ; White and Riley’s'Favorite, two' of^ '-^tarfdard varieties, owe their«OJ‘ ahd 'imptoyement to his faithfnlnWo|| “Moreover; his lesults were the>scnr““ of no*,small part of the interest in e i improvement which- has been multil ins throughout the . country fov ,1 decadea. ,f Mr. Riley accomplished In M- here_ are, however, a few dan­ gers asspemed with the formation ol a far better: this,, aU peo-< irry, -will ly settled* a*ad our 1 l y . - f i j A A MAINE KO. 'el/Pi exaniple, our area is within 300 square miles of equaling that of al.I the other New England states. Our population , What Mr. Riley accomplished In In­ diana, was anile'paralleled in Ohio by^, the Learnings'and in HlinbSS by-JameK\ Is about 50 per cent more than that of \btee tCityCity of boutout one-tei In the m a tter of valuations l\ m ight th t of Bost ab one-tenth that of Massachusetts. loston and our valuation the Learnings\ and 1 -linbSS ____ _ It. Reid. VAs a result we have tiie j H by -JameK _____ , __________ — v e havetiie popu-* I'ar standard variety, known as* Leam^^ Ing and.the more cosmopolitan* Reid’s ^* Yellow Lent,-each of which Is lexfeen- ;sively grov^n in the Mississippi valley; -For exhibition purposes the latter is Without a peer in fhe races or varieties; ■bf cofn.'’* ' •• -’j ■ *rl -And-sflH’only i pfj. warning. irfectioh The -mobt impor- I ,'teht . work rpmainS'te be done. IV does not consist in producing $2D0 ears ,:^br ‘f- eMrihagiaipg the: §0 'Called 'hrti^tie* ' HueS'^ of: sCoMiig' igtpBsJ ' jits ■?pYime''bbject j#i-,tp secure a maximpin L-4rviisiravoT merf*^«tabie rioi\from evefy^ ■H^om.purface drainage from the adja­ cent lands during thaws. The water WmCh has thus flowed oyer infected ficids*^bat may have been fertilized or Pther^i%;mfected may be ,Carried on '•foy;fBb'W^hd settie- and be frozen ■When dry f^drtf^ ^ ttered ron tbe ground whereJt is wet pr muddy-theiSe Isf-'often mere or.*.| ' ', — - -------- il le^ waste!' ^ the'^rabi, AoM 'feedsavto|dl 0 plt m •ecalied bo:^., L_ tffgain ffud again'have lived pVer WondeyM time 'WhCn hCV binb- ; cence .'and purity were amaTOd and« p ; overwhelmed at the significaiiffe of his ^ mes|age, . She .knew; that s im w ^ pure.i 4 , in bod^ apdJn Sj^l,idh I itp be made J ^when nighi £ £ * ' ' and .mafveteus statemmit was^ .m^^ thaf'sfi^, ff Virglh, waS sefected from ■ .. n ..., 4... A -+|jg 'iitoiber of s all. •w 4 the cm ihpro't .^//Phan- ! Her father -kiM m.o%et• dead. Her bro^t^ibr^ # # slsfera'Wi*©' spired genius of a Raphael lo or a B a t f ic^ pr , half portrayed [aek hqir and ^A^.hJack eyes, ghei qt th.a? , 'a ^ When, .the t o n | d r t not: teir Whether, shWVa^s! A % ^ » k - .fhen hdW‘-'«are«Ul-ana 5 •ions he is .towaiSd ,the,ej 0 d oflthe*ixip. , Yes,. Mary, cpuld '^uever, thiult, o t ^the .eymits.whi.eh led Up to 2 thhtfflrst©hjigff ^^m-day-withput: picturing iToS 683 ii|iie Wendfer Joseph, ;tho Joying ,JpsB^,. 4 ke not.±m^e '.oheh-^lW inem|p^ees Jpseph are , tjipse we hffve of our'dear .oijeh tWJ^^^ ?ing, the^. me?ry...-jCybclslmasee’t‘ha.ve 3 c<^e and .gone, . > l i r ‘ ' EnlJosgpfta How '.kind nnd lovibs some TherpW'a!S,-your nre of your, cliildhot,.,,,- — >r enjoyed timi^er ChUtel -1 'U mother, the cefitralji•al|a'gr ,bqe 4 i! J 6 n*/fihs heeh’ rnanifbdted ffOt onlyj 'ione, but-In many, many ways. Gaif' -ybff nal, p man, on this Christmas ponder over God’iS love and, care as ^dld Mgry when she looked Wver*tii< scenes preceding and succeeding ,±hal Arst ern^gstmas ddW when JeSuk Was born in Bethlehem pf Jude'S? “A'\ Way Through THaW. 'Rut; A-JwoWd tumyonrrfftten' ViuB: tff tene!.-movef ;eael.> Whmt Ma^ ;thought Pvqr the scenes of her.pas|lJP^ she certainly most have thOffgMiOl: “^ ’•pirse^^^ and bitter, h d ^ l |i)uafn|!r-iTialSJ‘which made her mkf. BUVt today-* AU.T,A«A\.a,A^ 7 ■brated s ^ t ^ n e o n s iy in 900 cities and towns by the startit^- pf* public-Im* of lasting averagqi cost wementS—WMeh .wj benefit to tibe'e,immunities. It k estimated, that the a Of *$100,doo, find t h e ' total; -anfouh^ wMcir w i^ b e .’sqefit'On‘'M ‘'valfiobs'M t before completion \Will approximate. $ 100 , ^ 1000 ,; 'The municipal *affthori- Hes >are ^expected to:-be, prepared to be^n, on -the ©aid date: waterworks, Wkrd'.of . acre pi&nti ■ Never was^ iri any crop' as\^ ?dPPH.’ ’ It V 'fashion at^ Short time tributed e: cepresental tows:' Illim sin, Ghio^l 'Miehiganf-%-_ ta, dklahoma Reid’s Yellow .D< 100 ten-ear ehtriek Boone County White by 40 and s'il'' mine ^by § 2 . In '-the\ bbys’ \class .* 200 ' f-ntrles were exhibit^ in the ladies’ class 2 S 0 , In the girls’ 150 / in the freak-\ class' 150 . Altogether $ 16 ,pQ 0 in pash' prizes was awarded. f\ ^ - It! is highly profitable to shovr corn for prizes. -One man from Indiana* everj kest shown [ay-* in iefent Lcagb a* 53 C|' states con- >rding to their.' was as foi^' na. 'Wiscon*^ feuth Dakote,: say that we have onls^ sixty-three cities and'towns in the state which have a valuation of $ 1000 , , 000 .. We have 222 towns with a valuation less Than $ 250 ,- 000 each, and three-fourths of all our towns are less than-^lOO.OUp in valua- .tion. In many of our tov, ns, especially the smaller ones, highway taxes alone run from 1 to '3 qents, so you see when j these towns/m'ake-.^ps(H)i:hitions for gooci. road^|.they^^^^ rea 11 y 5 ,ii!trnggling .to inapro^eyi^eir' 'Wp haW,/;bow' the matte^i^,^ sh arp .makinj .190,1 a sta_ wi^lch j th^t.js, it pro- . . , .gmoimt whiPh affy'l a start in ilding and from American' Agripnjfcffrisk\; ' 8 ugg'ests*a* style*; wSJeh .can. bp., easily* um*adp from wopdf ,.at ■small i Wheff thempper-'lp^ - is empty - ’ * , .theq'lower' one cnoss section .or m'ayb 6 f i » t o ‘ ' sopfeb , remo't'e Whikt' feed has dropped into it, and this feed, being eleam may fie used again. This hopper is easy to construct and\ will pay for itself many times .iPiy^g with .oertaf .gmoimt* Which.ah .under thiSf origiR^sl^i^-vvi-wap^tey per, .jrear, 'and tffd itfaxl/nte^^ae . allq-vy«d on account of’ sCrcfi « was mom* fitted to bp. in/b«i*-tbaff- ^erpmsleep.^tit.you were-.not;; Hdvf ' §he ever got so^ much togethpr for t b ^ J ■blat qpuld 4p^ years’I 5 imb Mgiyen'tP'rM$e 4 he’te^^ M enterptiBeS^Phaadeb l^^phiffL-edgeff- \■■■'■ ‘ eanifihal For years past a hollow eii^'lfi''Ken­ sington gkYdnns'has. been pccupied pt-^ ery wlnter’lby'ff pair of braTro owlS. m t [■ 'less* it AW easier 'way *;hf get- 2 7 tM g T to'|l\dng. te Matehiffp' the 4 h- j ‘ (tuHbur b o r r o w as he sits/at TdOst r thafftp;himt every winter ip the open ! country for \birds concealed in the thicket and for field mice, which In frpsty Wealhef m -^ ^ r a ily “safely asleep. Bhstdes.fsujh i-reguiar visitors ......... . . , , OHAMrteKkV;p.VBS, %ir#':b 6 # , won more tl&ff iff p&ea pn 'g single fen ear exhibit. -iiiGludinglthe prizes; won' ^y-Ms family, he left the show* about-!$ 9 i 0 e 0 ^to the'-good.** *Amd .all -the corn* he: showed.; wj ' a little thirteen acre patcl exhibitor won prizes of a total valffff of about $ 6 , 600 . A South D.akota emm grower received nearly fl.OpO worth .of jitizes. Hundred^iJf others gained VaL grown pn itch. -An.iowa 'Weight of Lime Per Bushel. In •connection with ; a vpry thorough study of the* quality of various , kinds of J-ime used for agricultural purposes •tin 'New Jersey, L. A. Voorhees of the New Jersey station made careful esti­ mates Qf'the weight per'bushel of the diftercntm^^^MSi* . • , “teat: the weight of. stone Hmp,ppisb«^hpi teef^ed meas­ u r e is/quite variabl'^and ,-^ 1 hput any constant relation ^tp , the analysis of the, sampled Thp; aver^pc^s^ight per ■bushel of the t*^%# j M |p s ian limes The w e i g i i s l y ^ ^ h e l ' ^ s ^ ^ oyster 'Shell' limes 'm^^;^y'ar£e% 4 rpm thir- *$y-mne to* -averag­ ing ' fi£ty-onev*ahm^'® 4 l^lf?pounds. The prep^pd or so e^ei^? [^‘agricultural” limes examined [ were ,stiU more varia­ ble in weight ; _ Winter Losses In the''South. It is-a lameafable fact that more cat­ tle and sheep''^e lost from the effects Of exposure in .the south than in tee exi ----- ------ r— —- =— ^-*- 1 — ' The expla(natiQn'is not hard to aable prizes in grPat . Varlp;^, accord-| find. ,,In* the ffopth the winter weather Items are gleaned. town in fid ln..yom^. \ IS. The , .^--l^expend i^ $200 year, 'and th'e n aid . __ ,vyed on account of sCrcfi expeudi? .fureiwas $ 100 . ■ Sa£ceedliQg--legislatures _rah^o 4 the.amoiint,until at pret^,: 9 t $600 \.is the maximum,.amount a,.tpwn may expend ,tiHd be reimbursed by fhe stat 4 for half its expenditure. The first, year of ^le law only twelve towns took a’dyantage of its provisions, •V’hile last year; the sixth' year of its operation, 322 tow n s built their state roads and received state aid. This year 356 towns are buildihg sections Of State road. Our law provides that when a town makes appropriation and declares its intention to build state road the county commissidners shall designate in that town the main traveled thoroughfare, which shall thereafter be known as the state road, and that said appropriation shall be expended in improving some section of this road. TJndor this ] vision for d^vsiipatin'g state about 2 , 4 Q 0 miles 'of road have already been,laid out. Up to the close of last year about $ 450 , 0 pO had jieon exjiended 'by the towns and the state in this reconstruc­ tion work, arid nearly 300 miles of i-oad bad been'■ worked' upon. The rork cohsi^,s. iJiaiffy in cutting; down excessive 'graces, raising roads in swamps and low places, straightening crooked road^ taking odf sharp curves and .uuderdraihiii,^ quagmires. general om -^surfaping m a terial consists of gravel, but in many eases only the natural soil is used for this purpose, especially if gravel cannot be obtained, within t-wo iniles of the loca- tioff of the work. .^'Proibably In forty 10108.10 the state'the surfacihg mate­ rial is crushed stone. The work up to the present time has been under, the direct supervision of boards of count roads thp varions boar ’ county eommis- sxm m ^;§eem ta ’ iipmhtiQtttp ®Pndpr, oy^ 'Ike' ^'voa to you nmny .ide«S ^ I T i« Wis«; Mpn Frern tt|« E«ft. VR.#)Wb^ph . and ’the angellct meat, fpe^fia',»n*p . M**JC^’#ke»^sfep thought 'Win ot^ieemd^AMeJx^emrAv^^ dll* appeared, He knew; be pbat move oni -X ..._ X. ■•-I - n* [,&i_ to Lbtor ■■'* : **f f - I ' ^ . TOtOT o< „ t t , . , -A,ifoWoWte Not to lose any- <ff themr aaid bp. No fear. Why, when I pnt teat tea- A Coyer Crop* < A cover crop 'will cat«te lb the nitrates and other 'vMuablo' plant food which would oteerwise be ipst In the drainage system mdte^Id'lt bv^ until-the following'sprihg fdr:tee'«se,u •Of'ted trees. It a^so‘*•eateHes«tee'nl^^ trates in the springy [WMeh^*mrP ff^t^to; •leaebont,-and takeS'ffp teffexeessawa-.' tel* and* thereby pute tho -groafidijn ephi dition sooner for cultivatloh. -• ; C a n . \ , . \ r c S ^ C S ; & ' . for all Classes of stock,' but Pspeteally v or feeding vahfe than the leAWea i a j i ^ ^ is ^ mangels or rutabagas. , ^ south ffe brag of om* mild, open wm- ters and herald tee so called fact that we do not need to to the .expense, teat ffOEtepEn,people do tn bnfldmg fx: isiyei baited*'bffd*akeds^ W e'form„ .t vShelte?' is. heeded' eveu [ thottgh^yf need*. np^vhe.ia^.ffxpeaslye 4 s a Apl^dt ter A colder cll.mntev--*Te?aSi ■fate? Ranch,.*-* 3 ,*men prairie was fe^|! «ien, tt i i a'f^i^Ing lnTltiftld*to rata ./.n a i i i r a . .:_•* - _ _ e - - *■ ' - '[*, ,;•-,* :'w.,-i ■■ ’ ■ ............... sioteers. As the'^'lhl# provides for in- bpeetion of the #ork after it is com­ pleted and tee commissioners have not in general insisted on one Standard of roads, 1 year, and We'are grad . ing something in the line ojf uhifOrni Ity.^- The standard which wp dsk to 'have maintaiired is for a ’road ''^eaty- one feet wide.'wMch aWir*hav« at least twelve feet of harden^ Jtraek, witehdrtb shoulders to .^k o ,tiP tee rem a tog t^dth- . ; ; .y : sur- teick faclh\g material to be eight,thches l

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