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Sag Harbor express. (Sag Harbor, Long Island, N.Y.) 1947-current, October 28, 1948, Image 6

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3,; %3;xru»g:s,¢,,.gIvIIp2§r, 20, mm ¥‘i3IJrlach:r£can.ato.6~.£‘~;M¢« ' v « « _'.‘ Qloskey Jr]: wqzaxcél W g-Yrhree VILLQGEQOF HAMITGH ‘ “$3 §§‘;r§é‘§ ,, E;*‘,,;;\“‘a%°0‘ E§S§£:*§§;°“ Vgg .. ~ . 4 Q A_ _ -_‘_ .1\-\,> 9.33“? Iiamptgn, $1909. ‘giectian V‘k Geargica grhosi F Wisnac to G S Dxsprow, lats 39, resident? this siumznetr pe1;2tioI2’e;i~ 40, 19115 374.. sec G, Pine‘ Neck ‘Park, for its znqlusion within the ‘incur-‘ 'Noyac,g £53500‘ g ;‘I_1a§o;; is -now a . * .yaVp ...>o evi-age. , 1031:‘ gg As- a result of the veryclose rei- Nmgéh gem ’ ’ ‘ L nom_erendxg;1dan igpviimbgr ngice; :' V-. 4 .. ‘wer e Wi é ouny er. W tgigig 19 2 ‘pdggili ‘and. th.e_ Department of State and in ‘C Bhmbaci‘ W P R’ Blrmbach’ its nott of of recogni- lots rise 10 inc Southamptcin Tar» W\ the Department °5 state‘ 3”“ meg‘ Southampgon ‘ nom * nczunced that in anus}:-zing this sec- (;M’omauk geach ‘CO Inc to L tion 73 residents w.ere.a_édezi tn the Abrazia {lot}; was 351046 see 1 P°9“1a*i°“ 0‘ that Vi\-age- This in‘ Hither mus Monmuki ’ ‘ S59‘; eiu adults only. There are also _a: G '1‘ Thprrxaéjio .1’ M Grother «S: w, fegzch We}: 9:; °°“n‘ed-_ arse! e a Penny lane, Hampton .3“? ° ?*‘e \35’ 53“ are ”°\\’ gays , $1960 signzzég a pféztion askmg tfrzllgat t1:_e G Iwzerbury 5; w to M H Bradley .3» ?°\. ~ A3 59°“ 35 A 13 P9 1' parcel 11 s Shizmecock Beach r gm‘. 35 ‘§‘3°’*Ve.‘1 9”‘: .3933‘! b“P°n ‘E Shinnecocl: Hills, 5500 °3“t‘§1_ vf,§‘“!‘$—~';:°'E.“\‘ . .9 ff- J Russet 8.; are. to F W Hess, par- mm b an ‘.7 9 » °mm‘s$°\ 3.5 cel n 5 Hill vi‘ Southampton $9009 th°m\gmy Studied the matter 1‘ c ‘W Luca: é; ow to N ‘nubbén, .Wi11..m3k¢ ?°°°”“.m9”d3*‘°”5 and‘ “- parcei an Mecox rd. Mecox, pub“: hearmg “'1” ‘ha hem’ LEGAL Nf3‘§“!5 P1113 ?§IIxxc;.£=ar Eur M_g§n~ .St., Sgg Hnlrhorg 1., ‘N. Y. NOTICE TO BYDBERS ‘ The Heard of Trustees as the Freehotders and’ Commonalty of the Town of Southampton wiii re- ceive bids for the dredging of about 5480 cubic yards‘ of maierial. with in «an area a ! 920 lin- eal feet in Peeonic Bay at i:he,en—o trance to North Sea Harhom, about 55888 cubic yards of material 1}vith~ an area of approximateiy 930 Iineal feét in the channei Ieading to. .North Sea Harbor; about 2320 cu- bic yards ‘of material within an area— approximately 50% feet in length in Shinnecock Bay at the entrance of’ Old Fort Pond. all in ‘ the Town of Southampton, Suffolk County, N. Y., at 2:00 5>.,»m., on the 7th, day of December.’ 1948. All bids are to be in Writing and are to ., be submitted to this Board at its omcev in the Town Hall, Southamp- ton, Y. The proposed work is shown on maps prepared by Theo- dore F. Squires of Southampton, N. Y. Plans_ and ‘speci may. he obtained at thewoffice of Theo- dore F. Squires, upon payment at $10.00 which will be refunded up- on the return of :.1‘&1e plans and speci The completion date ‘thou 8;: mun scum»: our 31%; when can explosion camphtaly ! isheé! the new Michigan Ball Tahgphone Gomyunyhy community dial cities «at Flat“ Roosk, Mich», recentfy, all of the t0wn’s nearly 1,000 dial‘ telepimncs were kmucked gut. Kat in less than 14% hours--—b€t§,€ora the next sun upm- ovary one of, tho. telephones was back in service, thanks to the close coordi- nation and skill 051 telephone repair forces mad the Vtiurubiiity of the tele- ‘yhonei equipment. ‘ ' The explosion, whieh was attribute to gas a.eoping‘in$;o the building from an nutsinit) saurte, ahactemd the winter quiet of the community about 1:30 pan. All four walls were blgwn nut. and the roof was blasted akyward; aantiona of it damaged a. nearby éweiling. Some windows as. far as two blocks away were broken. several persons woro slightly injtgrad by glass. But when the dust. named, the azuzdy switching equigment still atom} - It was «one at those things: that just , couldn '1: happen-—-but it did. Teleplnonoiorces immediately cleared away the dgbris and enacted temgorary framewoytk for gstotection of the equip- ment and workm. They quickly :5» stated, the brokan.1ines,. and inside the temporary structure, began rehuiidinz the ‘permanent atmctute. SHOP AND. SAVE IN SAG HARBOR 9- .B”ANK.- ‘THE D! FT‘-FERE‘N CB1! The number of our depositors is steadgily ;grov{in»g_. More and more the iusers of a PERSONAL or BUSINESS‘ CAHECKTNGA ACCOUNT are learning how CONVEN. ENE‘ and SIMPLE it is to pay by C.HEC.K. Your can- celled _chéck is a legal receipt for each bill paid. Open an account TODAY and pay your bills the EASY Way. Minimum \balance requirement is $100. Applications for BUSINESS and PERSONAL LOANS for any sound purpose will receive prompt and cour- terms attention, and your inquiries will be treated as CONFIDENTIAL. We are willing and able to serve you in any banking capacity whether it be Loans, Checking Accounts, Safe Deposit Boxes, Travelers Checks, Bank Money Orders or Government fSa.vings Bonds. '. . $10030. G Bitterlich ta L Ash, parcel w 8 Riverhead ~ Hampton. Bays rd, Hampton Bays, mm A M Thoman to H Hillman, 2 parceis .3 5 Monica}: ‘hgwy and fran on Ocean, Montauk, ENGAGEBIENT The engagement of Miss ‘Rose Shirley Nasca, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Nasca at ‘East ‘Hampton, to Eris: B. Johnson, son 02‘. Mrs. Arvid Johnson, also at that viilage and the late Arvid Johnson was recently announced. for this work is to» be’ April 15th,. I-943. A11, Tbids are to. 3::ef”ac<;om- panied by ‘a «c_erti check in the amount of (5.) per cent of. the bid p,r.ic.eT. Any ‘ch‘_e;:k tendered with a bid will ‘be.px,-qngzptly return- ed to all unsuccessful bidders. ‘T'he- Board of Trustees 0! the Free- holders and; Commonalty of the Town of Southampton reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Dated V.OctoberV19th, 1948. BOARD 95* TRUSTEES. TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON. ROY P. DIPPEL,, Clerk T $40000 Peekskill Iiilltop, Inc, to W L Brewster, 15 acres :1 s Riv'erhead- Hampton Bays :25, Hampton Bays, , 310$!) Rt. Eev. Thomas E. Molloy as bishap or the ‘Emma Catholic Dio- cese at Brookiyn to F E King. about 2 acres 9 s Frospect st, South- ampton, . $3580 Kaiwxndersan &. ‘w to. P B Blanca lot 15, subdivisicn of Kamai, Noy- ac $530 ‘..‘A Friendly Bank with Complete Banking Facilities\ Mt!!! S3085, hlalf 8131‘!!! ,1_' ל U. ]Þ৭îÞශ VJGLATQBS Member Fetleral. Reserve System Member Federal Degmsit Insurance Corp. Tel. 5. H. 6 11 M ‘Rick to C H Stall, 70 acres, map of Redwoori 8: fronting on (Java, sag Harhar, non: $1009 at talsqphono alarm system waa retent- ly worked out for quick coverage at tho 8?} drug stores in the Albany, N. 2., Phzgrmacueutical Asqociation, ta progcct them against drug -trn and nar- cotic addlicts. L Unbekant to B Gordon 8: w, one acre on Rampasture :6 es; Eider ave, Hampton Bays. nom. ‘E B Gale to J E Spauldirag, lot 14, Azure-st, sec 1, Sag Harbor, ' $1060 10-28-21’: Under the plan, if as fake nuraotiw prescription is detected, the druggist in- forms the key office of 9. local dwggist who originated the ulzmn aystem. This key store immediately relays tho mes- sage to fedora! narcotic agents, state onfarcement a and two other drug stores. Each dmggiat receiving the rc« lay of am mcssaga calls two pre.viousIy_ assigned. stores and so on, until in a relutivciy short time, all of the cats!!- lishments; have been warned. NORTH HAVEN VILLAGE - ORDINANCES Section 1 of ORDINANCE NO. 3 entitled “PEACE AND GOOD OR- DER” which states\ as 'foI1ows7 “Firearms: It shall be unlawful for any person to fire or discharge any gun, shotgun, ri pistol or other at any time within the corporate Eimits of the Village. without first obtaining a license from the Cterk o the Vinage; the “fee for such license shall be Three ($3) Dollars per pear for non-resi- dents, and One ($1) Dollar per year for residents oi the Vi1Iage.”,.is amended 1‘:o= state and read as fol- lows: G Powell to Montauk Beach Co, Inc, late 1854 to £857, inc. am} Iots 1893 3: 1894, Hither Hills section . of Montauk sauna } R .3 Gullette tn Ge Sohzns 3:1, nartherly 75 feet at lot 43. Pa-conic Bay Estates, Rose's Grovg, North Sea, mom I‘: S I’eIi1ls'to E S B Roberm, about 1 1-3 acres s s Skimhamptot} rd, Amagzmsett, $10503 J E Maier to C A Male:-, parcel n s Bay drive. Pine Terrace, Hamp~ _ton Bays, ’ mom ] F J Cferavolo 8: w to H Siiver, parcel s 5 private rd 8: treating on arm at Smith Creek, Hampmn Bays, $5560 The‘-%_Adjunct Carp to I E Ham- hurst, lot 5 but 139, ameudeé map of waste;-1y part at Shinnecack L W Johnson to J W‘ Johnson, parse! :1 s Sag I-Iarbar rd, Bridge- hampton, nom F Inganamarte to D F 0’.Brien. late 2 & 3, blk B1, westerly gart at Shixmecock Kills, SE50!) S W Murphy to H H\ Ryan about 6 1-3 acres w s highway “behind the \pend\ ami Erpszting on Hook Pane}, East Hamptba, S ஐfi W W Muhr 8.: W to P Bistrian, pascal an F1335)’ Hole std. East Hampton, , Rom. P »Bist.1rian to W W Mohr & W, parcei on same rt}, nom 3 315\ 1 :$ .‘ i \‘ More than 700,060 telephones serving peopte in mm) areas of the nation have been added to the natiozm Bell Telephone System since Va‘! Day. F A Walter to A Lang, Eats 36, 351, «S: 32, hi}: (3, Hor 523 Park, Narth Sea, nom “Firearms: It shall be unlawful; for any person to fire or discharge any gun, shotgun, ri pistol or,j other at any ‘time within the‘ corporate limits of the Village. without obtaining a license from the Clerk at the Village; the ‘fzw 5:\-§\f~:~.x:-;~.I': }I.<w'z:*‘4‘-, ‘~;'r-.:;’.:'; Tm“; {$!_O”}\D'0i1ars pen year, for non-res! idents, and One (31) Dollar per‘ year for residents of the village. The foregoing amendment shall take effect on the 8th day of Nov- emb-et, 1948. « Dated: October 25, 1943. By order cf the BOAR}; OF TRUSTEES , J. FOSTER PAYNE, C’leI'k.. Curious: Youths Of! Call President 6:: Rainy Days Osbarne Trust Co to A Zahn. parcei n 5 Lily Pom! Lane, East Hampton, $15000 Opaxamm an the Whit teln- yhona switchboard: dread rainy dsyl, nccording to a’ recent dispatch iron: tho nation’: capital ygriuted in the: New k'.'a2ji:. 'Vc';o‘rEzi,ff’r-§’e{;mm. I~_7::2rV 53;‘. V“-’»r,=::f“:.'£10r keeps Wmbmgton chifdren luxdoosa, and in moments when they have nothing much to «Io, they ates! their way to the telepixones and try to can the President. There are many such calls, iris said, and they are usually ma when the youngstez mother ‘is nwziy somewhere. We\'ve Been Wm-kin on ‘the Raiiroad 1' : =.' 4.‘. I \ Z, V C\ J \..‘f» ,. .L: _V I \ >. ‘/:5‘/' “~ / , fr‘ .4 ,? Rf‘. Li\ I But Louisa Kackmaister, the Wfaite Rouse chiief operator, usually solves the problem lby asking th youthfu} caller: “Put your mothe: on the, line anti I'll as-3!: her if it is all right for ya!) to ca}? the Preaivhnv ” That invnrinbiy causes the youngster to hang up: immediately. ““Hc:ck'ie\ a'?0f.mar Nev: York girl, energetic‘ cheery vQ,ic,e2i1‘ and Yf.3€H')UZ('.0‘ am, has been the No. 1 “hello git!” at the Whitto House since 1933. Formerly 9. supervising operator for the York Telteyhone Company, 3136 was the am woman pennittcd to work at the Whita House switchboard. 10-28-It “F MEETING‘ TO HEAR COMPLAPN’/I,‘S»IN RELATEON T9 TEE ASSESSMENT ROLL . TAKE‘ <‘~§O‘I'ICE:~ That the As- sessors of éhe Village of Sag Harbor have pre their assessment .1911 £qr!the__curr1'e!1t year; that a copy thergq ligéis been with the _ Village Clerk at ‘her e in Bait! village, where it may beseen ai1‘d“i:x’amined by any person at all times duringbusiness ‘hours until the third Tuesday of ‘November, 1948, and that on said “ third Tuesday of November, 1943, ‘between the hours of 1:00 and 5:00 the afternoon the Board of Trus« tees, as Assessors, will meet go: the _purpose of completing such assess- ment roll and at hearing and de- ‘tertnifiillg complaints sip relation ’thereto on. the application of? any _person considering himself aggriev- ed thereby. ' Under her 9. staff of eight opexatotl at the’ live-position switchboard keep it gcing (DR 9. 24-hour basis, and handlo about 2,090 calls .dgi1y. , _ tin. an Sang: cum‘ A tom of 100 sun sex’-viea far on campus; . in. tin. zecoréwf —a father and his two sons in emplayment of Western Electric tcompanyg ‘gxpnnfqcgnrigxg and 531991] unit of Tho father, I Chicago nu, Charla Lu- cutor‘, who_‘%ti:a& in 1p21;fg;s_§3 iéuu ofgaggvigo. H '5: ~‘T“\'g'§“ «xiii? miriri «til: the other nag. Buph, employed 8_). ¥.?”%?*9 1‘ L”i:“%‘,’%‘;»”°\ ‘“‘~ :9-:..BE V. R - ._ , ,10-2§_;:.::‘t3. ‘#9; f\ . 1 ,C0 ”’ innxwfé to THE ASSESSMENT ROLL T 1-1 ‘ vow 5\ .-., t;,3\~. .,.‘. m;ga§%€%§%é%§£~‘M%F§.‘§2 10.3....“ n.,,,e' :. “the t1ns%¢t§I£dss}ia5?ga1Blsa.9§§.1'!§.:§$. her 'o§§ce_ mW§axd‘_;yx1} efgwii jnay bé\‘§;€;§*% _ eci-1;333fan3r? rsona T, S.=.%1'.1,\§ gczvurs ’u'nt‘11‘f“%he Novsmqihuergdl thir e as? o ovem Lr, . ‘between the hours of 1:00 apd 5,.j00, in the afternoon the.Board Jkees, as Assessors, will meet for the purpose lclaf ccampiegling guch a§sg:s- ment 1'0 an 9 . eanng an e- rmm ,in‘g c ণওહfi ‘i’ ' retatign Ixereto on the application so; any persan considegring himself aggriev- ed thereby. - i J. FOSTER PAYNE” Village Clerk. 10-28-3t. Thu, V hath» and non, ntirod, both anjgy leingaly til; at (Ann. “I'll ho buiiwroae xs“:aia*g;W‘..»;. lqipll. -c if; —- iv .6 v.’.\- _~.v - “ L v-‘an so a Q ,3 A L: ‘?9.'1.. ‘i \J' V F Iy3m9h;A=d!e!t’¥'k*h . in ' N AA‘ 77 «P — u‘»./ , Plunging this into. the in: usage: o1$..S9et!:. Urssola ..-99!, ..¥;¢v°**- Pi; an Eimifu, N. *Y., tetephom lin- man recently, in an attempt to are the» 333 .711 a tractor-trailer aeeident vie- ‘tixh,-hwam beneath the ice and brought tho body to shore. Dripping wet, and in temperature registering 15 degreu abqvoaxo. t§9 te1pph0n¢zJ3Qn::°b.:FF,3.!‘~ ‘E§”'Bi11‘e&d, t ed a u1‘ti teio wiaeféeeg .¥n.*i§ aea9‘.z99% bl . B_o.l1e.rd,. who is Scoutmutor o£.?'1‘roop 28, Elmix-ao.,.-.,wu. trg.veIin3,, on ‘the im'vere'8’3:IfgXwsy’ £0 iv.-1eit\& friezitlg il- Fassett, when he come, upon the scene o£_»the accident, 15,n:gi1pa, from The tractor-trailer had skidded on 3 gone through the of .as,J!1;§ into the ftrozeno creek, piiining the dfiver i'n»;3_,g5 cab; ,heg;e;gt§} theimgtace. ; '3e'm°v,ing. his overcoat. . Baiysrd plunged igto the watexzw but could Iiot extn-ic9.te—Ith__e. driver, until i fern}; tug- tor righted Tthe cab and releaoed we body,‘ whicqh gag wco.r_x-ileg _qndet’_the ice by ’thfe cnivrknt. Ac the\peri1\b1E his? ‘oh: life, Ballard swam under and brought the Vhqqg, «p;_;t.. .AlI,,ei£,9rtu’ go revize 531 i'ie'éim7 ifdxre vtiin. T ‘ ‘ ' » ' 8 of I5I;R:.R’-s 50 new double-deal: “dream” cars are now pasggnggzg (in adtlitian to .13 others already in service). emesare arriving each week. Seating a. total of passengers, and costing $7,150,000, these 50 new double-decks are another chapfer ‘in LIRR’s $17,656,000 Improvement Program. PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given that lic- arse No. RL~10870 has been issued ‘to the undersigned- to se11._..§peef, wine and liq at retail under the Alcoholic Beverage _Contro1 Law at a restaurant, West Side 0: Magin; St... Sag Harbor, Suffqlk County; Isliew York, for on-P1‘em.1,S‘eS _,,c’9n'sumpt_ion. JAMES REMKUS-, ‘ , - CHRISTINE MALONE, DEA \ , ' . sEAsr_m=.: .7RF}STAURAN'1‘ \ Sag Herbal‘, N. Y. . Lone ISIANJ 1:; Ram L ‘ ‘Rana in “All Aboarti?” 7-7:30‘ a.m; {Daily uxccpt Sunday! Vylf ‘yew: ,di¢,!!: f1'.'M9'.98,3_'rn,¢. <0-ea-mm. Mm;mI.I_-.-, PIZZA PIES AT mam 3:51’ Yau’ve Eaten Them Elsewhere ‘ NOW Enioy Them Here» TURNPIKE TAVERN SAG HARBOR . BRIDGEHAMPTGN TURNPIKE. Tel. Bridgehampton 564 ‘ ‘ saurm-zsonan BEER - WINES - LIQUOR

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