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■ 1 THE JOURNAL HAS FACILITIES FOR FINE JOB PRINTING Cill or Write for Prices. f'4 THE JOURNAL ....IS THE.... FAVORITE PAPER wltb rttdtrt H i tdvtrUitrs. DEVOTED TO THE TEUE INTEEESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF SENECA COUNTY. VOLUME 18. SENECA FALLS, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 1902. NUMBER 19 S e i^ e e a Q D .J o u rr ja l PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY BY THE JOURNU PUBLISHING CB. (MStll-BD) PARTRIDGE BLOCK, SENECA FALLS, N Y. T J E ilM S ; Ornnty BnbBcrlbere, $1.00 when paid In advance; Subacribera outeide the county, $2.00 por year, postage prepaid; Subscription for all months, $1.00 In advance. ‘\spEoiaL NoTtcss.-i’lfly per cent, in addition to '^PomLau'Charitable, Religions and like notices, o ho ehargod at regular rates Jf'usII¥E S S ^ CABI>S. ERNEST Q. aOULD, A ; ^ B f o ^ K i e b L k ? s K L.. F O S T E R CROW E L L , SsNECA F alls , N. Y. m^aT^^-i? r“e'- ceive prompt attention. SHELDRAKE HOUSE. and for pleasure parlies. Good order and home coaiforts guaranteed. A, GOODMAN, Prop. Fholdrako, Soncen Go., N. Y KELLOQQ’S LIVERY. i l f i i l s s C. B. HOWE, M. D. NE.WYORK ( e n t r a l & HI & HUDSON RIVER R. R. THE FOUR-TaAGK TBONK UN£ r a “ '; , s . £ ^ s ™ , T a Gra'id CVntni! .hntloa, ‘Uh Avenue niul 42J Street— the very center of the cUy. S;;iis:S..sa \ o K I n t . Burra,O.N.Y. A. If. a SMITH. Gen, Supt., New York. 3STO A t Hyan’s Furniture Store. Our large .slock was purchased before the manufacti'rers raised their prices. For that reason we can give you better value foi’ your money than can be had else­ where. Come and see our Veranda Chairs, Carpets, Hugs, Pictures, Mattingmgs, Window Shades, Shadei Hammocks and Go Carts. E. J. RYAN, 27 STATE STREET. EYES THHT U n p T A-W. COLDER, liuni Optician. Tired eyes are Nature’s tvarnin\. Sight is priceless and its presrvation should be a matter of earnest consideration. J.H.McDonald Buooessor to William HllU General Fire Insarance Y. T . Q lo $ i9 ^ 0 u t3 al^ Only a few more days left to procure these goods a t less than man­ ufacturer’s cost. All goods must go at some price. O LOSINQ O U T , STDWELLS BAY O f QUINTE ROUTE T O T H E 1,000 ISLANDS. Steamers iVIORTH KSNG and CASPIAN Leave Summerville (Port of Rochester) daily, except . Sunday, at 8;30 P. M. A com^iicte review of all scenic beauties of the Bay of Quintc and 1,000 Islands, reaching all points of interest. Also dai!}- trips to Cobonrg and Port Hope, leaving Summer­ ville at 9145 A. M. The shortest route to all Canadian fishing and sporting resorts. E lectric cars convey pa.ssengers and b a g g a g e from railw a y station to steamboat landing. For information and tickets appl}’ to F . J. AM.SDEN, Pow e rs B lock, L e u u ’. u V a l l e y R . u l r o . vd O f f i c e , 13 E. Main St., L e w i s & Co., 167 Central A v e ., opp. N.Y.C. station, Rochester, N . Y. R a irds ^ tore Is now at its best. Stock is complete with new goods for Spring and Summer selling. Tailor Made Suits in the most desirable styles. Separate Skirts in silk, wool and wash materials. White Goods are shown in large variety including Madras, India Linen, French Lawns, Pique, Organdies, etc., etc. This week we open our new stock of SHIRT WAISTS which excels in variety any assortment we have heretofore shown. Priced 50 cents to $3,001 each. Our Carpet Room contains the best things in Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, etc., etc., which we oflFer at the lowest prices. 1 = 8 A T T ? . T ^ J c a < Dry Goods and Carpet Store, 73 Fall street. Detroit & Buffalo S t e a m b o a t Co, Queens of the Lakes 8TRS. CASTCRN STATES A WESTERN STATES O Q S A V E D B A N N E R SALVE I the most healing salvo in the world. We are Sole Agents In Seneca Falls for the American Importing Co.’s HiflD Grade CoflBBS Celebrated for their strength, purity and flavor. W e shall be pleased to have you call and get sam p le f r e e o f c h a rge. ;.A. M. SHEBJ Dddlson’8 104 F a l l S tr e e t, •neca Fal),s, N . Y , B r e a th of S c a n d a l By ELIAS LISLE Copyright, ICO:, hy A. S. Riclmrason Young Mr.s. VeiToll leaned on the rail of the yacht ami looked with dis- r.ppohitod siU'iM’lse at the approaching dingey, “There are only Hugh and your cous­ in in the boat,” she announced to her guest. “Mr. Cuthbert isn’t there. I’m :er intonation implied that the sor- ' was sympatlietic ratlier th soiial. Sibyl Beaeh resented it. Icn,” sli 'S V , odn’t be, ] ■ of her 1 telling ly, I Invited him to come, partic­ ularly on your account.” “And I wanted him not to, particu­ larly on my account,” said the girl. “Why, Sil>yl, dear, I thought you were such great friends or even more.” “So did I.\ Tlicre was a suspicion Of tears in the bright eyes the girl turned to her friend. “So did I until— until he disgraced himself. Oh, you’ll know all about it soon enough any­ way. I may tis well show you now.” She held out a elippiiig from a week­ ly publication which makes a business of purveying social sewage to its read- “It came to me iu the mail—anony­ mous, of course,” she said. Mrs. Verrcll took It with an expres­ sion of distaste. “You wouldn’t believe anything that wretched paper says, I hope,” she ob­ served. “Whenever I read it I feel as if 1 needed r. bath to get clean again.” “The Era had a little notice, too, say­ ing that Sid—Mr. Cuthbert-was there, and that Is reliable enough. I oidy pressed lips and frowning brow errell ran over tlie clipiiiugs. It comment, less veiled than Is coiiiniented iciet.v 1 > paragraph, “that he should have rne the expense of tlie funeral from wish it wereu’ Mrs. Yen was a comment, common with that paper, upon the presence of Sidnes’ Cuthbert a t the fu­ neral of a woman who had once been well known in that dim border of the theulrieal profession wliere people of a more dubious world claim habitation. “It will strengthen Mr. Cuthberfs reputation for generosity among his club and soeiet.v friends,” the paragraph borne the expi his own pocket. The woman who once known as Viola T’revannion was buried beside her son, wliose death two years ago was also the occasion of a hurst of mortuary generosity on the part of young Cuthbert.” “Isn’t that a nice tiling to read about a man you had thought you could— could at least respect?” said the girl bitterly. “I don’t believe it about Jlr. Culh- bert,” began the other indigiiantl.v when tlie two men came over tlie rail. After A'errell and young Dr. Dent had greeted tlie two women the latter turned to his cousin ami said: “Did I bear you speaking about Sid­ ney Cuthbert, Beauty?” “You may have if you were listen- said the girl. “And 1 do liiat you would dr< nickname. I’ve outgn “Weil, I don’t know about your o ’ said Dent, looking a t eks and shining eyes, ' i'own 1oi lildish gi'owing it,” said Dent, looking a t her flushed clieeks and shining eyes, “but certainlyertamly haven’taven outgiautgi'own beg pardon—your “ you e h t o y ebildish—beg par eliildhoc temper. But of course I’ll drop it, 1, if youyou don'ton’t likeke it,”t,” lie added s interested d li i lie good naturedl.v. “But I was intt in Sidney Cuthbert because I used to ow him when lie was Typh 7 and I bouse iu Sawgums.” “What’s Sawgums?” asked Verrell lazily from liis deck chair. “Lunatic asylum’; And was C’utlibert one of the numberednbered patientsatients andnd youou another? p a y t I understood you to say you house. Singular delusion.” “Sawgum.s is short for St. Augus­ tine’s hospital, where I disported my­ self as house physician whoii Cuth- bert became typhoid ease No. 7 ,” ex­ plained the young physician. “As all per day between a profaii matie ear driver and a eluirity con­ valescent.” “I'ery good lesson in economy,” ob­ served Verrell virtuously. “Ho couldn’t give many dinner par­ ties and send the kind of flowers he used to favor Sibyl with on that basis. Helen, If my feet are in your way I ’ll have ’em moved,” be concluded, bliss­ fully uneonseious of his wife’s savage glances. “Did Cuthbert like it. Dent?’’ “Seemed to enjoy it tolerably after he got convalescent. He got up quite a friendship witli another patient known as Tommy the Cod. presumably because be lived in an empty fish box down Fulton market way.” “Don’t remember having lieard Cuth- bort speak of the gentleman,” mur­ mured Verrell. “Did he ever bring Uim to call, Sibyl? Helen, if you kick Jhe only husband you’re ever likely to have on tlie shins he’ll rise up and de- 'he Cod’s real nami could tell, was Hauuigan,” continued the physician. “Cuthberfs'utliberfs previous him ivas purely a business one. Tommy used to sell Cuthbert evening papers on IVall street until one day a truck ran over bis ankle, and when we got him here wo found ho hud a very interesting ease of heart disease, so wo kept him. Well, the Cod used to give Cuthbert all tUo nows about the street that lie got from bis friends who used to visit him. It meant a good deal to Cuth­ bert, for he was keeping his illness a secret for fe.ar it would bring bis moth- H‘ back from Newport and consequent­ ly didn’t have any callers of his own. Tommy generously loaned him his vis­ itors, and one day the suporintendent, a pious old part3’, came in unan­ nounced and caught them shooting .craps on Cuthberfs cot. Tliej' had made dice out of lump sugar, and Cuthburt had won 8 cents, when old Barber raided tlie game. After that the two pals were more cautious. One other visitor the Cod had was a wom­ an who said she was his cousin, but Tommy had other ideas. Certain ac- quaiutanoes of hers h.ad told Tommy that she was his mother. At any rate, she had ‘treated Uim white,’ as he in­ formed me, on several occasions and had ‘staked’ him to a much needed dollar more than once when he was ‘up ag’ln it.’ “In those daj's we had a night orderly in our ward whom I always meant to poison, h u t somehow He wound up a carei .night by dro^iping a coraou and two mini / sr got ti binders n ight lam p into a mto.s later he drop-. ped the job of'lighting the flr'e and hustled to save our eases. .Tust as we were congratulating ourselves that all were safely out Tommy the Cod seized the night nurse by the neck and yelled; “ ‘IVliere’s m y pal? VTiere’s Tj-ph 7 ?’ “ Tn the inner passage,’ said the nurse, turning white. ‘They must have taken him out the other way.’ “The first I heard of it was when the nurse came erj-ing to “ ‘I tried to stop hill heart ease No. ID, hut ho broke the little from me and ran back into the He thinks Tj-ph 7 is in there.’ “I thougiit so, too. and ran for the entrance, and as I readied it a Avail of black smoke rolled out upon me, some- AVhere back of whleli rose tlie voice of Tommy the Cod, who was exhorting ills pal, and the rattle of a wheeled “ ‘Keep j’er head down, buddj’. Air’s fresher near de floor. Dere’s de door ahead! Blast de chair! It’s stuck!’ “ ‘Xever niiud me, old man Cutliliert say. ‘lilake a run f e.an send bade after me.’ ‘ ‘Xot on yer life,’ began Tommy, t the brave ivords ended in a pitiful, two patients out into the hall, uij' keeled over, and iv open tiir uneonseious. V to, his first Avords Avere: Strangling cough. “Groping hlindlj’, : the chair and Avith a I stiimliled upon rusii lironght 1113' d 3'cr get U13’ pal?’ 11 right liere, Tomms',’ matching the boy’s hr bert,' catching “ ‘D af s all right, den,’ said the Cod eontentedbv. ‘But I guess I’m done. Dey always told me inlialin’ wasn’t id fer kids,’ he added, Avith a faint ^ “Cuthbert looked lllgl.V, 1 ) Tomiii3’’s diagnosis bert climbed out of bis —and bent 0 pal,’ lie salt “Tommy waved the matter aivay air- IB’. ‘D afs all right. It Avas up to me. Between pals, yer knoAv, yer’d have 1 iqi at me apiieal to shake my liead correct. Cuth cliair—agaius pals, yer knoAv, y line tridv fer 1110.’ done de same 'GodGod knows,nows, I'd'd haveavetrii tried. And now “ ‘ k I li [lore’s iiotliing I can do,’ said Cuth- ‘Isn’t tliere cii’t 3’ou got lid help? bert, ills voice breaking, nnytliiiig. Tommy? Have any relations or friends I I’m rich, you knoAA-.’ “ ‘G’wan!” said Toininy dat riglit? I fought yer was a eharit3' patient.’ient.’ Hee ponderednd for a moment. H po ‘Tliere's dat fluffy liaired loidy dat came to see me last Aveek. • She was pretty Avhite to me. You might kinder look out fer her a bit. Dc3’ said she was me old AA’oiuaii, h ut I dunno. tVof s de dift’ereneo?’ said Toniniy the Cod Avoarily. ‘She Avas white to me any- iiiiy said no more. :libert buried Ti went to the funeral- terest. you I iiioaa '. Well. Cuthbert been paying his debt to Tomiii3‘ e since, looking after the ‘fluffy haired loidy,’ as Tommy called lier. She called herself Trevannion, I believe, on the stage.” “Trevannion.” interrupted Sibyl amiion?” ■WIi.v, do you U isin ill surprise ‘‘Yes—no; iioA-er mind,” said Sibyl tremuloiisB'. “Harve3-, I want 3’ou to go ashore tind teh'graph Jlr. Cuthbert that Ave—that I am expecting him and sign my name. You needn't stare so,” she added indignant^’. Then she turned and Inirricd helOAV. “Well, upon my soul!” mused Dent as ho Avoiit over the side to send the message. “I must have done that uu- eommoiily Avell.” of Roquefort, has de.stroj’ed there avio I have raised gi-eat. qresquenes.s. It has brouglit sjiecu- cliaraetei and somber tone ol Ai-ith tlie 'f the old a few alle3's, the more ancient dwell­ ings ai'C remarkable for tlioir iwight. It is surprising to see in a village lost among tlie sterile hills liousos three stories high. Tlie laet that there is only a ledge on Avhieh to build must be Ihe explanation. What is most curious In tlie place is the cellars. Before the cheese became an impor­ tant article of conmierce these were natural caA-erns, such as are ever3’- where to be found iu this calcareous formation, but uoav the3' are really cel­ lars tiiat have been excavated to such a depth in the rock that tli03' are to be seen in as many as five stages, where long roAvs of clieoses are stacked one over the other. The virtue of these cel- b’ A-ar3’ing temperature of about 8 de- restoratives kiioAvn in cases of weak­ ened vitalit3', AVlieii a large dose is gi\'- en. South America in general shoAvs a ter tciidonc3‘ to m adness be called civilized. Statistical autboxd- tics attribute this fact to tlic ignorance and tliouglitlessiicss of the population, ly themselves give the credit to A'anilla. At tlie first sign of mental dis­ turbance tliey ply tlie sufferer thore- The porcupine climbs the readily as a squirrel Avould, pros'ided you don’t slip up and cut his tail off wliile lie is going up. .Somehow or oth­ er he can’t climb the tree Avitliout his tail, and he AA-ou’t come down Avitliout it. If 3'ou catch one of these porcu­ pines climbing a tree and chop his tail off, he will stop riglit Avhere he is and will Stas’ there until he starves to death unless he is taken aivas’. soldiered half of the afternoon, and I guess I might as Avoll round it out by loafing the other half.” “Yes,” said bis friend, J. Wise, Jr., “but th e rounding out will be a lot easier than squaring yourself A\’ith the boss afterward.”—Los Angeles Herald. g Graftsky, rule ms’ house. Mrs. McCall-—^Aii! 11 I’ve often heard of “reigning cats and dogs.” These be the ones.—Philadelphia Press. Onr Lnclf. “What is the national air of this countrj’?” asked th e foreigner. “This is a republic and therefore has no national heir,” replied th e n a t i v e . - Pittsburg Cbronicle-Telegi-aph. ■ DOMINAfED BY WOMEN.' ' A Welsh Town Where the Feminlno Sex ReifgtiH Supreme. Away in a sequestered little nook on 11 reigns supreii iiig force of the t of trade tlie household financier, the fam ily ac countant, and, iu fact, fills all the po Bitioiis Avhieh in aii3’ other community lied precedent A’otoc Langum lias a race apart from the world in its laAvs iu its exclusion of the stranger and in its utter disregard of the A’ast area of Avorld and things lying beyond its borders. Its quiet life is dominated by two all poAverful factors —Avomankind and oysters. There are men in Langum, but they exert little influonce upon the affairs of the little We:lsh Langum [uict little We village. tends to be. He recognizes the right of womankind to oavi » and rule and is iier- fectly satisfied to be described as An­ nie Jones’ man or Mai'3' Williams’ man. He neither requires nor appreciates eonipassion. Sitting of an evening at Ids cottage, door, AA’ith liis faithful brood playing around him, his wife and daughter bus3' Avitliin reckoning the gains of the day’s Avork, he is vexed by’ no mental anxieties or perplexities. Divested of all responsibilities of life, ,s pleased as the oyster for which ids native place is famed.—Loudon An- TItc Short Step BetTveen. “I was oil an ocean liner Avhen she ran on the rocks off the English coast some years ago,” said a Philadelphia traA'cling man, “and in the panic that ensued there is one incident tliat stands out in my memory’, illustrating the slender thread between the tragic and tile ridiculous. AVe had a felloAv on board wlio had managed to keep pretty AA’cll loaded all the AA-ay across, and Avheii we struck tlie rocks he Avas in ids ’.Lsual condition. AVheii everybody’ thought for sure avc Avero going to the bottom , lie sat doAvn at the piano In the saloon, andnd AvliatvIiat do youu supposeppoi he 0011, a A do yo su began playing? ‘Homo, Sweet Home.’ Somebody wi'iit to 1 dm and begged him stop. Immediately’ he SAVitehod off iin tlie doleful strains of tlie old song to the rollicking melody’ of ‘D oavii Went MeGiiity.’ The absurdity of the tiling seemed to strilcc CA’crybody’ at once, and a The tension seemed to strilcc CA’cryl once, and a general laugh followed. Avas relieved, and there Rats and Mloe and Large Animals. IIOAV man:laiiy’ know that people t elephants, ;e thick skim le enemies ii: small, rascally lat the feet of tli o there who rhinoceroses and These small, rascally rodents have found tlial elephant are lien, owing to its confined ill gnuAviiig a t lies down, av I k condition, it is not very• defend itself against its puny enemies. To protec found neee.«’sary’ Avell able ; these vast ereati ?e in most menageries to keep terriers about the c.'iges. Tliese keep terriers itl.v discovered in a Avell known igerie that tlie mice and rats had little felloAA’s very soon dispos pachyderm’s tiny’ adversaries, recently’ discovered in a Avell meiiagt rrier, Fanny, was put into the cage of the huge beast, and in the first night she liad killed no few­ er than twenty-seven rats. In a few day’s there Ai’ere no nits left to nibble the hide of the poor rhinoceros. ages his name after tlie birth of his eldest son, assuming the name Avliich lias been bestoAved iiiioii the heir, Avith tlie prefix Abu, meaning “fatlier of.” Thus, if the son is called Fudle Allah, “God’s Bounty,” tlie fa­ ther Avill 1)0 Ueneefortli knoAvn as Ahu Fudle Allah, “Fatiierof God's Bounty.” In like maiiner the mother AA’Ould be- legal documents. Still more strangely’, even Avheu a man though married has no son the courtesy’ of oriental soci­ ety demands tliat lie should he ad­ dressed as Abu Salim or Abu Mah­ moud, after an iiiiaginary son Avhom politeness confers upon him. Xeelcluoe of Ants. A necklace made of black ants is an article of adornment of N cav Guinea. The Anglican mission there gives par- Avliich measured feet long and Avas compose! tieulars of us many ,S 00 bodies of ants. Three ) pieces c lish beads Avere Incorporiated and there Avas a natiA’e string lioldii little pieces of sliell and a dozen Eiig- beads Avere Incorpor into it, vas a native string holding it together, yet its Aveight only reached 2 drams 2 scruples 13 grains. These large black ants make big nests in the native gardens, and the native AA’onien and girls catch them, pull off their heads, bite off and swalloAv the other end and thread the thorax. A V e ry <luc« church entrance and as the gii out seize them one 1y ^cr Custom. A curious custom takes place in vil­ lages of the Luxembourg district, Bel­ gium, iu May. After Sunday service numbers of lads cluster rov b one, one lad grasping a girl by the shoulders and the other by the heels, the tAvo lifting her This Is done in the presence of the pt cuts, Avho themselves have pass through the same ordeal. The Way He Came. At the finish of a football match a youngster in his hurry to get out scram­ bled OA-er the paling that surrounds the ground. A burly policeman standing by iliouted to him as he was about to drop outside, “You young rascal, why don't you go out the way you came “So I am!” shouted the boy as he vanished into the crowd. The policeman also vanished, amid the laughter of the bystanders. A Little Roaglt on Ma. Daughter—^The man I marry must be a brave man. Father—He will be If he marries you While your mother is living.—NeAV York A Chine.se compositor needs a type qase a t least sixty feet long and has to walk about twenty-five miles a day up and down it. When we get what we want, v not enjoy It as much as we had a pated.—Atchison Globe. VOLCANIC REGIONS. s groups of the ccur in five wlde- The active A’olcanis western hemisphe ly separated regie F ir s t—The Andean group of volca­ noes of the equatorial region of west­ ern South America. Second.—Tlie chain of some t.weni five great cinder cones which stretch eastast andnd wosest the Jlcxicaii e a w across the south end of' le Central with its tbirt3’-one active crai tending diagonally across the western ends of the east and AA’est folds of the Caribbean corrugations, fringing the Pacific side of Guateinala, San Salva­ dor and Costa Rica. This is separated from the lilcxikaii group on the north b3’ a large iionvoleanic area, the isth­ mus of Tehuantepec, and on the south from the Andean volcanoes hy the isth­ mus of Panama, Avhere no actiA’e vol­ canoes are found. Fourth.—The chain of volcanoes of the 'Windward islands, marking the' directb’ Dastern termini of the Caribbean moun- easterii gate of the Caribbean tandiiig iu a line direct^’ across istern termini of the Caribbean ni tins, trending east and Avest and p ‘I to the Central Ainerieaii group :u'l3’ situated at the Avesterii termini. Fiftli.—Tlie A’oleaiioes of Alaska and -le Aleutian islands.— ert T. Hill in Century. Cireiimlooution. A j’oung York.shire collier, anxious pop the tiuestioii to a girl Avhom he h estlyly admired,dmired, Imtmt notot havingaving thehe co m ' a I n h t cour- ‘ to ask her straiglit out, adopted a method of sounding her Avhich roman­ tic people Avill be inclined to think rather too practical. \Jessie my lass,” he said nervously, fereiitl3’. an’ Ah’m tliinkiu’ Ah’m a fool for doin’ it.” “H oav ' s ta male th a t a rt?” “Why, supposin’ All get killed in t’ t’ money’ll )!• doiil fhy, supposin’ All get k pit, Avliere does ta think t ’ “Wli.v, to tli3’ fe3’tlier, for sure.” “True enough, an’ it ain’t fair. It ought to be paid to 013- Avife.” ‘■To tiiy Avil’e! Why, tlia hasn’t got one, Bill.” “That’s just it,” cried Bill in a bur.st of confidence. “Tha’re a nice lass, Jes­ sie, ail’ All Avant thee to have tliat moii- “Why couldn’t ta say so at fust?” cried Jos.sic J03’full.v. Tlieu the happy couple embraced and break the noAvs to Jes- 11 a young : tlie tAVO Went Him One Better, A well kiioAvii GiasgOAA’ divine related :he folloAA’iiig anecdote, showing that :lie. ready wit of a countryman was nore tlian a match for liiiu: He AV11.S going to the country tor his lolidays and Avas in a railAvay train man entered. In a short eoiniiieiiced a coiiversa- iirse of Avliich the 1 11 asked tlie youtli Avliat lie v “I am a coupler, sir,” Avas the reply, “A coupler! So am I,” replied the 'lergyniaii Avitli a laugli. Tlie youtli loolced a t him for a min- ite or so, tlieii burst into a fit of laugh- :er and said; “Oli, I see; yc’r a nieeiiis- :cr. Yo marry folks. But I gang far- gaiig far- ouple and T h e clergym an laughed heartily a: acknoAvledged th a t the youth had t better of tlie sally. Man's Greatest Enemy. “Fatigue is one of tlie greatest ene­ mies of tlie liuiiiaii race,” says a writer in Aiuslee’s. -‘Modern physiology s I ioavs that it is the cause of iiearl3’ half and of the several liuntired led Ui.seases that prey upon Avitli its high porliaps catalogued 1. Tn our age. ', its hot .011(1 hitter eonipetitlon and the unreieiiling struggle for survival, its moral and ifiiysical ravages are steadily increasing. Cities, in Avhieh meiit prematurely and encouraging late hours and excitement and consum­ ing nerve and brain.” Corret‘<etl His Error, With the (Jcn*niniis the absentmind- ed college iirofessor is a stock source of witticisms. One of these deeply absorbed gentle­ men, sitting on a rear S(-at, thought he ; in front and was to speak to liim when, tl r by ehaiiee tui'iiing a little, tlie pro- “You Avill excuse me, not tlie person I thougiit j’ou Avere.”— Philadelphia Korth American. 3,” said the wlien lie comes and tAvo Avlieii he goes ‘Yes,” said the engaged girl, “Dick is ry methodical. He gives 1 “That’s always been his Avay,” re­ turned her dearest friend. “I’ve heal'd lots of girls comment on it.” Thus it happens that they cease to ipeak to eacli otlier. Ba.sy Diaguosis. Mrs. Foudma—801'ry to disturb you at this hour, doctor, but we can’t iin- agine what ails tlie child. Doctor—Cold, perhaps. Did j’ou have him out today? Mrs. Foiidma—Yes; hut only to his grandmother’s. Doctor-All! Overfed; that’s all.— Philadehiliia Press. ron is seven times as heav.v , bulk for bulk, and gold i Profitable Walnut Trees. The English walnut is said to be the lost profitable of all iiut bearing trees. Then in full vigor, tlie3’ will yield about 300 pounds of nuts to the tree. Beven trees are planted on an acre, 'The nuts sell 0 lourpenee per p income av London A ive j ’ust fallen upoi leei'ets of the diseaiise Avliieh trou­ bles the age we Ih'e in—the envious hatred of him who suffers want and. the selfish fox-getfulness of him Avho; lives in aflluence.—“Journal of a Hap-| py Man.” j A aiatclilesB Face. I Ida—Slie thinks she has a match-} less face. 1 May—I agree -with her. She will nev- sr make a match as long as she has I t.' | Birds Mafie « Slev«. In the mountains of Tennessee a stranger came upon a man who was shoveling coal upon a Avooden sieve. Upon Inquiry how on earth he got such a curious thing the old man replied: “Stx-anger, I don’t think you’ll b’leeve me If I tell you.” “Oh, yes, certalnl3’,” said the man; “I will believe 3’Ou.” “Waai,” .said the mountaineer, “it Avay: About five 3’ears ago lived doAvxi on the side of the n whar Avoodpeckers and other kind o’ tointing to 'the sieve—“xvar my door rs a I birds is poAverful thick. That ’ar tl —pointing tc to m3’ cabin. It ’ud mock an3’ bird that flies. I’d jest sit thar some summer evenin’ and jest moA’e it, and every bird came tliat Avar imitated. “Howsumever, one day I left my cabin to go huntin’ and Avent pream­ blin’ down the mountain. Waal, some wind come along and ni»de that ’ar door imitate a Avoodpeckcr. First one come and tlieii a AVliole ixilo o’ the critters. They lit in on the door, and when I come it Avar jest like you see The man thaiikod him and moved ou. “I declar’,” said the mouiitaiiieer, “I don’t b’leeve ho thought I A\’ar telliu’ the truth.” And he resumed shovel­ ing coal.—N oaa ’ York Herald. Thoughtlessness of others is nothing more than dOAvnriglit selfishness, AVhich is the curse of Uumauit3’. The man Who on leaving an elevated train pauses at tlie head of the stairs to light his cigar is selfish. He Incom­ modes all AA’lio are behind him. The Avomau Avho insists on passing up or of the c iudlff’erent to the h Avho pause regardless of tlie interruption of traffic is a brute in his family. I see all these things a dozen times a day and wonder Avliat kind of lives such jiersoiis lead in of tin? common lessiiess is seen in those Avlio stand in the middle of the sidewalk to cliat Avliile multitudes are forced to deflect or make an offset In order to pass them. The more I see of men the greater is my respect for asses, dogs and mules.—N cav York the faiuil3’ circle. One evidences of tliouglitles A Roman Dinner. A Roman dinner at the house of a wealtliy man consisted chiefly of three courses. All sorts of stimulants to the appetite Avere first served up, and eggs were indispensable to the first course. stance the iiigale and repute. Tlie Uomaii gourmands held letite Avere first served up, auc •0 iiidispeiisahle to the first e ong the various dishes Ave ma3’ iu- o guinea hen, plieasaut, uight- d the thru s h as birds m o st in locivs in great estimation, especial- :heir tongues. Maerot that they Avere first eaten by Horten- sius, the orator, that a single peacock Avas sold le denarius n by Hort or and acquired such t a single peaeoi for 50 denarii, the denarius being equal to about cightpence halfpenny of our money.—Cliiuiiber,s’ Journal. Ko Xced of AHsistanee. The fatiicr of tlie famil3’ had stepped into a bookstore to buy a birthday present for his fourteen-year-old son. “Wliat kind of hook Avould 3’ou like?” asked tlie salesman to Avliom he had confided his purpose. “Something tliat Avould he useful for the boy,” avus his reply. “Well, liere is a very good one on ‘Self Help.’ ” “Self .help! “Ben don’t need You’d ought to s table!” WUut He Wrote On. “Writing anything now?” “Yes, a book.” “What on?” h principally. 1 price of a dim great attention to 3’ouiig ladies and at very little expense. They are there­ fore quite eager to invite them to theaters, parties, etc. And no wonder, for it is the custom in tliat country for the lady’s fatlier to pay for the tickets and furnish the carriage, supper, etc. , The Lancet points out that fresh : contains a remarkably iimilar to een termed pineapple juice iietiveive digestiv(igestive d principle sim (Sin. This ixriuciple has been mielin,” and so poAverful is its a much as a thousand tim es its w eight w ithin a fCAv h ours. be girl who jilted a poet a a butcher did an eccentric “Not a t all. She recognized the great fact that beefsteak is more filling than blank verse.” The {HOOP Dag \Which the Avorking man has fought and succeeded in obtaining is'sojm fi the wife has no share in. Ker day 1 gins before bis.and e n ^ long after broken by ^ f r e t f u l n e s } healthiest a A m must wear out imder such a strain. What in be expected then of those women who are weaken­ ed by woman­ ly diseases? Women w h o a r o ~~~ worn-out and rxm-down w ill find new life and new strength in the use of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription. It establishes regularity^ dries weakening drains, heals infiammation weak women strong and sick women well. Sick p ^ p le are invited to insult Dr. Pier i S J S f c His profit is your loss. Refuse all lub- ® ^ ^ ^ e r c t f s Pl^^P-ejts^^-shoxild used with « Favorite \ Iphea- cv^ a laxatlYe i» • -

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