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THE SBHBOA COUSTTY JOURNAL, WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 1902. Seneca County Journal .SENECA FALLS, N. Y. Tha best AdvartisinsMediTiin intha County FREE EXCURSION TO CAYUGA LAKE PARK. Every day after May 30th until further notice, car will leave Davis’ Drug Store. No. 75 Fall street, every half hour. The way to get this free excursion is to buy from Geo. B. Bayis’ central Drug store any of the ONE DOLLAR PATENT MEDICINES, named below, he will give you 30 cents back:k andnd youou canan go to the Park six a y c go to tl mes on that free money. The more Patent Medicine you take, the oftener you can take the trip. Perhaps the Medicine and fresh good. NOTICE THESE PRICES: Peruna..................................................... 70 c Swamproot, large........................................70c Swamproot, small... .................................... Pinktiam’s Compound................................70c Pierce’s Discovery and Prescription, each.70c Allcock’s Plasters ........................................ I Sc Paine’s Ce^OT Compound.. Williams’ Pink Pills ............ Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets.. Doan’s Kidney Pills ........... Malted Milk.......................... At a recent meeting of the town board, Patrick Reagan was appointed a mem’oer of the constabulnry f( The selection is a good one and Mr. Reagan will mnke a zealous and pru­ dent official. The board of village trustees will meet next Monday evening to listen to the request of the new water company, who have asked for a formal consent to incorporate before commencing to lay their mains in the village streets. The Seneca river is a very quiet and well behaved stream and while other rivers and creeks have been on a i page it has pursued the even tenor of US way giving evidence of the heavy rainslorois only by the m u d dy color of Its usually clear waters. The New York Central will run a low rate excursion to New York to morrow which should be taken advan­ tage of by those who wish to visit the metropolis. Only the fare one way one dollar is charged for the round ip of nearly 700 miles. , the old reliable CENTRAL DRUG £ Seneca Falls Post Office. Way Mall, all polnta East,also West of Rochester more. Was Closed P< vvesi, rrea ?ton, etc., 11:30 A. M, O, Rochesterchester andd West. 3 Pouch, Ro an West. 3 ;00 p. M. Way Mail, all points Eastand West, 4:30 r. M. Closed Pouch, West of Buffalo, 6:13 p. M. All points East and South, also all points Wes* of Rochester, 7:30 p. m . Cnnoga, East Variek. Tyre and Fayette at 2 p. M. Journalings. The days are visibly shortening. The picnic season is now at its height. The Ideal Club had their annual pic­ nic at Cayuga Lake Park, July 3d. A want ad in the columns of the JouitNAL always brings good results. The vaudeville entertainments at Me Cue’s pavilion, Bull’s Grove, commenc­ ed Monday. j ______ A machine has been invented for laying brick which will lay from 400 to GOO per hour. The annual picnic of Trinity church Sunday school will bo hold at Cayuga Lake Park this afternoon. Forepaugh and Sells circus will ex hibit in Geneva next Wednesday July 23d and iii Auburn July 24th. The newly ole'cled and appointed officers of Powhatan lodge No. 310, I. O. O. F., wore installed last Friday evening. The Cayuga lake Steamers make excursions every Sunday to Ran wit dt Park aud Ithaca which are very pleas’ ant and enj lyable. Mankind is never contented Only recently it complained that the weather was too cold and now grumblings are heard because it is too warm. The accounts of Marvin Burrouj as executor of the will of Ruth Ch late of Seneca Falls, have been judiei- cally settled by the surrogate. We have at last been favored with a few summer days aud the farmers have been taking advantage of the weather and making hay while the sun was shining. Mrs. Grover Cleveland accompan­ ied by her children and maid, visited at Wnlkins Glen Salurihty. From Wat­ kins the party wont to Havana Glen by trolley. A stage has been erected in front of the pavilion at Cayuga Lake P.ark where the usu.al vaudeville entertain, ments to the patrons of the trolley line will be given. David K. Dean, who has been .spend­ ing some time with his step-son,D.arwin D. Gibbs in this vill-ago, has been ad­ judged insane and committed to Willard State Hospital. An entertaining lecture was given in the school house at Bridgeport, Satur­ day evening by Mrs. Emma G. Deit- rick of Lockport, under the au.<vpice3 of the W. U. T. U. The operations of burglars in this village Monday night are a \\ il citizens to use every preeauti ird ag! guard against the visits of those light fingered gentry. Ontario and Maniton beaches reached by the New York Central railroad are more beautiful and popular than ever this season aud the low rale of fare enables all to visit them. Monday was the warmest day of the season, the mercury standing at 95 to 96 degrees in the shade during the afternoon with very little breeze to temper the extreme heat. moonligoonlight church will have a m excursion next Tuesday on Cayuga lake. The Steamer Mohawk which has been chart­ ered for the trip will leave the park at Black raspberries and huckleberries , have appeared in the markets and the t next to come will be blackberries. ^T h e berry crop is unnsually large this and the berries are finer than ^rs. S. Smith of Anbnrn has dispos- ■ farm opposite fhe Hill farm J. Qnevier of Cort- The Democrats are remarkably sen­ sitive over any criticism of the tax rate this year and insist that they have done their be it to keep it down. We do not doubt the last assertion but still there are a great many tax payers who are far from satisfied. The church base ball league of this village has awakened fresh interest in the national ure of the games lacking plelives and warm English bestowed by professional coaches and players on the umpire after a bad decision. 1 game. The only fcat- doption ( by the board of trustees meets willi general approval. There are altogether too many children roaming our streets without restraint and the village author­ ities are properly justified in regulating this matter if parents will not. At Cayuga Lake Park ball grounds last Wednesday an attempt to play a Presby ud Mel ibyterian and Methodist churches but rain stopped the game at the end of the fourth innings at which lime the score was 7 to 0 in favor of the Presby- 'The practice of closing the stores of the village at 6 :30 on four nights in the week during the summer months gives a little time for recreation to a large number of men and women whose hours of labor are usually so long as to shut them out of the ordinary pleasures The cases of small-pox at Mac Dou gall that were the cause of consider.able excitement when the infection first made its appearance have all recovered, the h( uses occupied by the patients have all been thoroughly fumigated and disinfected and the quarantine has been removed. The will of Margaret Sheridan, late of Fayette, which was contested on the ground that it was not properly oxa- cuted and that the testatrix was in­ competent to make a will, has been admitted to probate and letters of ad­ ministration have been issued to Wil­ liam Sheridan of Fayette. Work has been commenced near Canandaigua on the Rochester and Gouova o’cc.rie railway which will connect with the G. W. S. F. & C. L Cos. line in the latter city. It is not expected that the line will be completed this fall. The section between Roches ter and Canandaigua will be built first. The ladies of the Order of Eastern Star of Geneva, Waterloo and Seneca Falls will join in a days outiu< Cayuga Lake Park, Thursday week, and an invitation has been ex­ tended to the members of the two Auburn chapters to meet with them and p.artioipale in the pleasures of the occasion. The raising of wormwood for the essential oil is a comparatively now industry in which many farm>rs of Waterloo and Jumus have recently en­ gaged. 'The crop is cultivated very much the s.sme as cabbage. The oil substUiUe for liops in the manufacture of beer. 1 ready market at five dollars per id aud v/boii distilled is used as a The moonliglit excursion of the Ep- worth League next Tuesd.ty evening should be well attended and will no doubt bo enjiyable if the weather proves favorable. The stermer Mo­ hawk which has been chartered is a fast b\at and everything pos“ib!o will be done by the officers of the League all a good time. The cost of the boat ride I be twenty-live cents. The L C. B A., of this village g.ave their members anti friends a pleasant trolley ride to Geneva on Monday even­ ing where they met the Geneva branch of the order. The party then returned to Cayuga Lake Park whore an hour was spent socially. The cars were brilliantly illuminated with electric lights and a number of musicians from this village and Waterloo accompanied the ple.ssure seekers. The local dog catcher has a very thankless task and those whose canines are found without tags usually pul up a louder howl than the dogs themselves. Nevertheless the ordinance is a salutary one and its enforcement is proper aud right. The number of worthless curs running about our streets is large and many of them can bo spared as well as not. Those who have valuable dogs will not grumble at the small tax imposed. The annual meeting of the Bridgport W. C. T. U. was held last Friday after­ noon, and the following officers chosen: president, Miss G. M VanDyke; vice president. Mrs. L. Whitlock; corres­ ponding secretary, Mrs. L. Travis; Mrs. C. M. Story Twining; a tendents of department work: s recording secretary, treasurer, Mrs. A. 3 temperance instructor, Mrs. E. C<^ei parlor meetingSf,Mrs. J . J . B u rro^hs; Sunday ^school, The trolley oar advertising the Gene­ va races this week attracts considerable attention and calls forth many compli­ ments on its passage through the vil­ lage. It made its first appearance Monday evening carrying a band which played as it passed slowly down Fall Street. The car, a closed one, was handsomely decorated with American flags and on each side appeared the word “ Races” in large letters brilliantly outlined aud illuminated with iucandos- ceiit electric lights. An anonymous letter writer in the Reveille seems to think the present board of tirnslees exempt from critic- isiii no matter what they do. He takes it hard because the JouuXAl, objecls to the high tax rate, and says there is very little encouragement for good isiii no matter what to give their time and ability to lervicervice cf be true but he overlooks the fact that the se o the people. This may if it is to cost so much more for local government under “ good men” the taxpayers are very apt to turn around and vote for the other kind. Peter D. Post and William 0. Howell have leased the bank building at Ovid and will lake possession of tho property on the first of September. Ic is g.iiio- rally understood that they will engage in the banking business, for which both the gentlemen named are especially well qualified by many years of busi­ ness experience. Mr. Post was for several years county clerk of this county and through his long public service won the respect and confidence of the public by his careful and thorough methods. Mr. Howell is also widely and favorably known in the south jury district for careful and consistent methods in ‘bnsiuess aud tho new bank will merit and enjoy the esteem and respect to which such an institution under conservative and prudent manage- ment is entitled. ft is claimed by the Democratic members of the board of trustees that the high tax rale is accounted for in part by the fact that it was necessary to mnke appropriations for fourteen months instead of a year and that tho balance of the increase goes for the extra expeiiso under the new charter, iidewalk apprepriations, the fire alarm system and other improvements. Tlio necessity for making appropri! tions for fourteen months i^istcad < thirteen is not apparent when wo con- charter ondled January 81st and under aider that the fiscal year under the old lanuary 8 tho now charter ends February 28tli.‘ Under former boards the total tax levy has averaged about $25 000 a year oven while we were paying $1,000 per year on bridge bonds, building sewers, paying for road roller, etc., and the levy this year in comparison seems ex- eo.ssive and i.s, moreover, a heavy bur- property owners. eelnred An enthusiastic meeting of tho vet erans of the Civil war was hold in Grand Army hall, Saturday evening, to consider plans of organiz.ation of a lociation of veterans. It was 'e that the association was dis linct from and entirely independent of other organizations and that all veteran soldiers, sailors and veterans’ sons are eligible to membership, the purpose being broader than has characterized any movement made to organize here­ tofore. in this county. It was decided to appoint a ccinmittee of two from each township in the county, to secure members and arrange the details for holding am annual encampment. An informal meeting was hold Saturday afternoon in the Stanton house parlour, which was attended by a number of old soldiers from the south end of the county and all present manifested great interest in the movement. Another meeting 1ms been called to be hold next Saturday afternoon at Grand Array hall IVaterloo. Miss Laura Phalon of this village, performed an act of heroism last Friday which showed groat presence of mind and resulted in saving the life of a child. She was riding clown Adams street in the fouriii ward on her bicycle to make call, when in passing the house occu­ pied by the family of John Hamilton, her altentiiiu was called to cries of dis­ tress from ehildren who Implored her to come in and save their li'.Uo brother from drowaiing. Miss riialon left her wheel and was directed by the excited and frightened cliildrcn to a cistern at the rear of the house, in which she found a liule two year old toy so ex­ hausted with struggling in the water that he could no longer cry out. There was nearly six feet of water in the cistern and tho child was supported by a piece of board but for which he would have been drowned. Miss Phalon with the assistance of one of the older child­ ren rescued the little boy, who was thoroughly saturated with water and chilled so^that he could not speak. Mrs. king away fi at the lime and the five children, one of whom a b 03 ’ was confined with a broken leg, were at home alone. Miss Phalon deserves great credit for her coolness and promptness. —Mrs. Lucy Parish and daugi ighter Miss Anna F. Parish, who have been spending a couple of weeks in Seneca Falls left for Farmer last week where they will stay for some lime. —Assistant Paymaster John R. San­ ford 1ms been appointed by President Roosevelt to the rank of lieutenant in the United States Navy, a merited honor which is very pleasing to his many friends in Seneca Falls, his native —Joseph S. Simson of this village has recently returned home from a business trip during which he visited twenty-six states and traveled over 10,000 miles. In the course of his trip Mr. Simson visited every southern state except Texas. Kct lall at Knight’s and try his cigars. We have that same number of the French Balbriggan Underwear again this season. This’is the best value for the money that ever offered. 50o a garment, ALL & G odli visit with friends Personal. —Roy Rogers spent Sunday in Farmer. —Walter T. -Scott has returned from a trip to New York city. —Miss Lou Sweeting of Auburn, is the guest of Miss Flora M. Cox —Lansing S. Hoskins was in New York city on business last week. —Miss Jennie C. Viole left to day for a trip to Blue Moiiulaiii Lake. —Dr. Robert Knight is home from Rochester for the summer vacation. —Miss Jessie Wessell of Fall street, has been visiting relatives in Buffilo. —Miss Teresa MacDonald is visit, ing friends in Rochester and Batavia. — M r. and M rs. W illiam L ittleiohn have lieen visiting relatives in Toronto. —Miss Sophia S. Mundy Ims gone to Liljdale, Chautauqua county, for a —Fred Leach of New York is visit­ ing his friend, J. S. Gay on Prospect street. —Mrs. Charles P. Gould and son Theodore, are visiting her parents in Syracuse. —Mrs. Lauretta Coons of Buffalo is visiting Mrs. Frances Carter on Pleas­ ant street. —Charles Walters of Auburn, is visiting his brother, Frank Wallers on Miller street. —Miss Marion M. Eaton of Brooklyn, is visiting Miss Caroline C Bascom on Green street. — Miss Mary Farron left Saturday If a two weel Gloversville. — Mrs. Jennie B. Rumsey is visiting at the home of Weed Barnuin on East Bayard street. —Miss Bessie Arnold of Ballston Spa, N. Y , is visiting her aunt Mrs. Enos on Fall street. —Miss A. Chamberlain of Portland, Maine, is visitieg Mrs N. A, Smith- wick at the lake. —Mr. and Mrs. Dudley of Rochester are visiting at the home of L J. Avery on Bridge street. —Master Victor Shank of Niagara Falls, is visiting at the home of Mr. C. C Sanderson. —Misses Nellie and Fannie Simson e visiting their aunt Mrs. E. W. Cone at ciiff.ird, N. Y. —Prof. Charles S. Partello and wife arc receiving congratulations over the birth of a daughter. —H. II. Fry, wife and child of Syracuse, are visiting Mrs. .Julia Whit­ lock on the lake road. —Miss. Mary Watson of Canaan, Conn., is the guest of the Misses Anna and Florence Becker. ■Frank A. Warner, wife and son of Green street, are visiting at Yates Centre, Orleans County. —Tho Missies Knight of Troy are visiting at the home of Harrison Cham- rlain on Cajuga street. —T. W. Dunshee and wife of Now York City, are guests at tho home of Milton Hoag on Cayuga street. day for Chautauqua where slie is taking a course in the summer school. ■Miss Mabel Lyltle of Wolcott, wlio has been visiting Mrs. II. G. Brim has returned to her home. -H a r r y Crocker of Pittsburgh, Pa., IS visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irving Crocker on West Fall street. —Mrs. II. L. Hadley and daughter, Rliss Rose S. Hadley of Newark visited in town the latter- part of last week. has returned to her home in Wolcott after a visit with Mrs. Frances Carter in this village. ■James II. Gilmore, the well known horse dealer, shipped lifteeii fine liorses to New York Saturday of last week. — Misses Edna and Helen Gale, Miss Ella Drew and Miss Edith Holmes are enjoying a trip to the Thousand Islands. —Mrs. Schtffer and sister Miss Meade of New York city are visiting the Misses Cowing on East Bayard street. Winterton Day and wife of Schen ectady, are visiting at tlie home of Mr. I’s p.trenls, Mr. aud Mrs. W. 0. loag oil Cayuga street. 13 Blanche II. Daniels left Fri- L part 0 —Miss Ina Voght h Volcolt -M iss Mary L Webster of Bangor, Me., is the guest of Mrs. William Boiirs Clarke at her home on Cayuga — Leroy B. Smith, general secretary of the University of Wisconsin Y. M. C. A , is visiting at Rev. P. E. Smith’s —Mrs. Thomas Ellerby and son Harold, leave to morrow for Watkins, to visit her daughter, Mrs. Walter Yanderhoof. —Mrs. George H. Stull and daugh­ ter of Rochester, are guests of her parents, Mr. and ftirs. Michael Stull on Garden street. —Mrs. Herbert Goff and daughter of Rochester, have been visiting her parents, Mr. and .Mrs. B. S. Stevens Troy street. —Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Curran of Rochester, former residents of this vil- lage, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs Stephen Woods. ■Miss Clara Curran of North Adams, Mass., is spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Katherine Curran on East Bayard street. Rev. E. Warren Saphore and fami icuse are this week occupying Zacharie cottage, formerly owned by N. T. Wilcox, at the lake. ■Mrs W. H. Scollin gave a thimble party Tuesday, from four to seven oclock, in honor of her guest, Mrs. Jesse Fry Bosworlli of Cortland. —Mrs. James Plunkett .and fai of El Paso, Texas, are visiting at home of Mr. Plunkett’s mother, Mrs. Thomas Plunkett on Ovid street. —Jacob Crowninshield, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hoskins, Mrs. L. G. Ho.skins, Miss Anna IlawJey and Miss Laura Gay are enjoying an outing at Sheldrake. —Denham Waller is attending the annual tournament of the Now York Slate Chess Association which is held this week at Murray Isle in the Thous­ and Islands. —Mrs. H. L. Hall aud son of Roches­ ter, are visiting at j.be homo of her mother, Mrs. F. A. Norooit on State street. Mr. Hall atcib spent Sunday in Serte«taj;j\ 4S8 Ethel Bnrritt entertained a liuraber of her friends Tuesday evening at her home on John street Choice refreshments were served aud the even­ ing was spent in an enjoyable manner. ly of Syrai the Zachar Barbara George, vice president; Miss Anna L. Ward, secretary; Thomas In The Churches. Wednesday, annual picnic of the Sunday school will be held at Cajuga Lake Park. Meet at the church to take 1:30 car. Friday, evening sefvice omitted. Sunday, Holy Communion at 9 :30. Morning prayer with sermon at 10:30. Offering for Missions of the diocese. Evening prayer at 6 :30. WESLEYAN. Rev. and Mrs. George Clark.returned missionaries from the Vlfesleyan Metho­ dist mission in Africa, will have charge of Iho services next Sunday morning. At the recent election of officers of the Y o u ng Peoples Society. George B. Crowell was elected president; Miss lledolift, treasurer. Hull-Radford. The marriage of Sidney C. Hull of Seneca Falls and Miss Helen M. Rad­ ford will take place at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Radford at Fox Ridge, Cayuga county, this afternoon at four o’clock in the presence of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties. Mr. Hull is a well known business man of this village and has hosts of friends who will join in congratulating him on this happy event. Miss Radford who has been teaching at New Rochelle, N. Y , for several years, is well and favorably known in Seneca Falls and will be heartily welcomed to a home here. Mr. and Mrs. Hull will go to New York and other points on their wedding trip before returning to Seneca Falls. Church Base Ball League. Base ball teams have been selected from the Methodist, Trinity, Congre gational and Presbyterian churches of this village and a league formed. Looal interest in the game has been aroused and games will be played weekly at Cayuga Lake Park diamond. The standing of the clubs i s : Lost. Won. csbyterii Congregational 1 0 kiethodist 0 0 The game last week between tho Presbyterian and Congregational teams was called oil' on account of rain. To day tho Trinity and Methodist teams cross bats and to morrow, the Presby­ terian and Congregational:ationaI teaieams t ari le. Tlis faotrtha sclicduled for a gami tho games are free and that they, an conducted in an orthorox manner and usually with some clergymen present as a sort of chaperone or balance wheel, ensures a moderation in rhetoric upon tho part of the players and a sense of personal security upon the part'of the umpire that, to saj' the least, is novel and refreshing. The teams are doing excellent work and interest in the games is increasing. D. A. K. Outing. Sa go ye-wat-ha chapter Daughters of the American Revolution gave a very pleasant outing to their friends Monday. The party took the electric cars to Cayuga Lake Park where tliey boarded the steamer Mohawk for Fron- lenac Beach, 'riie day was all Ih.at could be asked for and a cool breeze over the lake that made the trip boat a most delightful one. An orchestra composed of some of the guests of the society rendered fine music and added to the sociability and gener­ al good feeling of all. The three hours run to the leach was altogether too ut did its work in giving every- rdveuous appetite. On arrival at tlie beacti the party were escorted by the Daughters to the Frontenac hotel short but did its work in giving every- Danghte; c the lat whore the land'ord had prepared a fine dinner consisting of broiled spring chicken, roast beef, fresh vegetables, fine desserts and the necessary emboli- ishmouts that go to mnke up a whol some dinner such as some of tors would have liked to indulge in. After dinner those who wished to go were taken in carriages to Taughannock Falls whore there is a fine hotel, fur nished with valuable ami interesting itiquities of tho revolutionary period id of special interest to the members of the society whose object is to perpet­ uate the reverance for such things aud hand down to posterity the rich legacies left to us by our forefathers, who were nursed in the cradle of Liberty. On the return of those who went to the Falls the whole party met in the grove adjoining the hotel for the purpose of story telling, speech making and to express their thanks to the society and especially to Mrs. E. W. Addison, the Regent, whose untiring work and good management had been the means of giving so much pleasure to so many. Doctor Elias Lester w.as in hij usual humorous strain and told some very interesting stories of army lil'e and at the same lime m.ade some very fitting remarks regarding the object of the society and what if stands for and was loudly applauded. Mr. Carmer told a interesting bit of unpablished history about the American how, having been wrapped i form of a man unjustly condemned to death in Cuba, it had prevented the Span­ ish soldiers from firing the fatal shot. A few remarks were made by others and a rising vote of thanks given to the Daughters for their kindness and courtesy when the meeting was brought to a close owing to the sound of the steamboat whistle which signaled the party to get aboard for the trip home. The boat left ot five p . 3i , and the run was made in about four hours which gave all an opportunity to enjoy a short moon light ride on the lake, the moon making its appearance when the boat reached Union Springs. On arrival at the Park the electric cars were in wait­ ing and the party brought to the village where they disbanded and left for their homes all feeling that they had been most delightfally entertained and hop­ ing that they might again be the gue::t3 of this most worthy 'society. Burglars Operated. Our village was visited Monday night by one or more gangs of burglars. Their presence was first indicated by the discovery made shortly after eleven o’clock that the front doors of Mrs. R. S. Allen’s millinery store on Fall street were wide open. Mrs. Allen was at once notified and an investi­ gation disclosed that the thieves had entered the basement by forcing a door at the bottom of a stairway ing from the street. From there en­ trance to tho store was easy. The doors to all the show cases were thrown open and it seemed to have been the plan of the thieves to return at a later hour of the night and cart away the entire stock. A portion of the board partition between Mrs. Allen’s and Mrs. Peltus’ basements, the latter one door west had been pried oil and it is likely that Mrs. Feltus, who carries a large line of ladies furnishings would have con­ tributed to the proposed robbery. Mrs. Feltus says that a slick and well dressed stranger came into her store Monday and after making an inspection of some silk waists, made a five cent purchase laid down a ten dollar bill and tried to work the old flim flam game. But Mrs. Feltus suspicions were aroused by the actions of tho man, who then laid down a one dollar bill that he had in his hand took his change and departed. Mrs. Feltus very naturally connects the stranger aud his visit with the .attempted burglary. During the same night burglars entered the meat market on West Fall street of which Solomon Sisco is proprietor, by smashing out a front window sash. Three hams, a quantity of dried beef, a Zeno gum machine containing a quantity of pen­ nies and about a dollar in small change in the money drawer were taken. The meat market of Albertus N. Maxson, nearly opposite Mr. Sisco’s place of business was also entered. The bur- glers got in through a rear window us ing a long ladder to roach the window. They opened and left open the door to the ice box but missed the cooler door in the darkness. They were unable to get into the front store or salesroom, Mr. Maxson having bolted that door on the inside, and disgusted probably with their fruitless eflorts, clambered down the ladder and walked away with the gum machine that stood in front of tho store. The burglers left no clue except a trail of pepsin gum papers showing that at least a portion of the party had gone in the direction.of Waterloo. The Water Question. toie board of trustees of tins village will hold a special meeting next Mon­ day evening for tho purpose of con sidering a request that has been made by the new water company for formal permission to incorporate, so that the company may be given a legal status. Messrs. Freek and Johnson, the pro- raotors and proposed builders of the new system, will be present. These gentlemen regard with well feigned surprise the proposition that the board have made, exacting from them bonds for the proper fulfilment of the terms of the water contract and say that dur- iriod of thirty years, in which constructed a large number of water systems throughout Pennsyl­ vania and this state, that they have never been asked to give security and are inclined to the opinion that the village is the one that should give bonds. If Messrs. Freck and Johnson mean business they should have no hesitation in complying fully with this reasonable demand made by the board of trustees, and if the latter have at heart the best interests of their eon- sliluenls in the village, they will not waver in their demands or recede from the posiiiou they have taken, but will require a proper guarantee that the water company will live up to the terms of its contract, before it is allowed the permission desired. The contract it­ self which the trustees show a disposi­ tion to favor will not give us a system such as we should have in order to get any concessions in insurance rates nor is it as far as the domestic rates are concerned any more favorable to con sumers than that oITdred by the old company. In fact there is nothing to recommend the new company to the consideration of the board except tho fact that it is new and something differ ent. If the permission to incorporate, which is asked of the village by Messrs. Freck and Johnson, is necessary to give the company legal standing it should be withheld until a contract favorable to the taxpayers is presented and the two could then be signed at the same time. A franchise such as is asked for is of considerable value to the company getting it and should not bo granted without adequate •compensation in the form of a better service and more equitable domestic rates. If it is given away now we shall be cut off from any prospect of relief in this direction for another five years. Bishop ncQuaid’s Anniversary. Saturday was the thirty-fourth anni­ versary of the consecration of Bishop McQuaid of the Diocese of Rochester and services in honor of the event were held in St. Patrick’s Cathedral Sunday at -which a large number of priests were present. Pontifical high mass was celebrated by the Bishop and the preached by lich he paid tribute to the reverend Bishop’s charac­ ter, piety and services to the church. irs of age and still a man of remark- le health and vigor, and was ordained the priesthood fifty-four years ago. ing a perio they have i sermon was preached by Rev. Father Hickey in which he paid an eloquent CUT RATE DRUG STORE. Down go tne Prices GOULD’S DRUG STORE. Bishop^ McQuaid is now seventy-nine : his most important works was inding of St. Bernard’s seminary at Rochester which has become one of the most representative educational institutions of the Roman Catholic church in the country. V 'The new and late novel “ Dorothy Vernon” can be bought at Knight’s for 35 cents. Watch and Clock Cleaning. arry S. Palmer is prepared to < ail kinds o:f 8 o watch is prepared ind clock r e | Peruna.......................................lyoc Castoria.....................................25c Swamp Root, small ................. 35c Swamp Root, large ................ 70c William’s Pink Pills................35c Allcock’s Porous Plasters ___ 15c Pierce’s Favorite Prescription.yoc Stuart’s Dyspepsia Tablets.. .35c Paine’s Celery Compound... 70c Malted Milk ............................. 40c Malted Milk, large ................. 80c Pinkham’s 'Veg. Compound. .70c Sanford’s Liver Invigorator.. 70c Greene’s Nervura .................. 70c Pierce’s Golden Med. Dis’y. .70c Doun’s Kidney Pills ................ 40c Hood’s Sarsaparilla..................75c Talcum Powder......................15c All Drugs and Medicines at Lowest Prices. Try our Ice Cream Soda with pure Fruit Flnvors. OZO for Headache, 10 cents Our goods are all Strictly Fresh and Pure. No old stock. THE COULD DRUG CO. W a terlo o . The Historial library will be closed during August. The choir of St. Mary’s church is taking its summer vacation. St. Paul’s Guild will be entertained by Mrs. Diana Stuart Thursday. New cement crosswalks are being laid in front of the court house and county clerks office. The work of setting the nolos for the wires of the Home Telephone Company is rapidly progressing. The dry goods and jewelry stores close at six o’clock evenings, Fridays and Saturdays excepted. Leroy Garrett has entered the em­ ploy of the American Express Company in this village in the capacity of driver. Letters of administration upon the personal estate of Mrs. Mary E. Irwin late of this village, have been issued to Elias Vair, her nephew. A graphophoiie entertainment will be given in St. John’s chapel this Wed­ nesday evening by Martin Stowe for the benefit of the chapel. Miss Mary Queal will deliver an ad­ dress next Sunday morning at the M. E. church in the interest of the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. The hearing of Albert L. Childs, bankrupt, of this village, on petition to be discharged from his debts, will take place at Buft’alo, August 26lh. The Chrisliau Endeavor Society of the church of Christ will give a lawn festival next Tuesday evening at the home of Jay Selmser in Fayette. Prof. Harry B. Smith, assistant prin cipal of the Waterloo high school, ac compauied by his wife is spending his vacation with friends in Cortland. Letters of administration on the por sonal estate of Alonzo H. Terwilliger, late of this village, have been issued to his son, Charles P. Terwilliger. Mrs. Wellington K. Sayre of Phelps, gave a reception on Thursday after noon to one hundred aud fifty guests. Miss Clara Bacon of this village assisted her in receiving. The Waterloo Fire depar bo accompanied to Penn Yan on July 24th, the parade day of tlie C. O. S. Y,. S. convention, by the Waterloo cornet band and the Tyre city band. Rev. Louis A. Lambert, L. L D., of Scottsville, was a guest last week of bis niece, Mrs. Stephen A. Gilgan. He received many warm greetings from old friends aud acquaintances w hile here. The Seneca Kraut & Pickling Com­ pany, lately formed here, has begun tho erection of a two story 50x70 building in the second ward. Twenty live peo­ ple will be given employment and its capacity will be 250 barrels of kraut Judge Rufus B. Cole announces an address at the Four Corners, Saturday evening on “Important Facts in Relij ous History.” Judge Cole is an sr, wbose jligi- speaker, whos qualifications for eluci­ dating his chosen theme are profound and unquestioned. William Greenough of New York, who has been president of the Waterloo Woolen Mills since the death of Hon. A. M. Patterson, died at Lake Placid in the Adirondacks, Tuesday of last week at the age of fifty-nine years. His wife, who was a sister of the late A. M. Patterson, and five children sur­ vive him The funeral was held Satur­ day at Mount Auburn cemetery, Cam­ bridge, Mass. The Edson Crushed Stone Company of Waterloo, which was incorporated recently has elected the following officers: president, Herbert W. Edson; vice president, William U. Edson; secretary, Charles E. Opdyke, Jr., treasnrer, Edwin J. Slack. The com­ pany has a paid up capital stock of $50,000 and will have its office in the Academy of Music. Its first contract with the Lehigh Valley railroad com­ pany is for 500 cubic yards of stone daily for Sour years and is the largest ever undertaken in Central New York by any firm in that line of business. Delphian Lodge No. 751 I. O. O. F. installed the following elective officers ion, N. G ; Geoi P. Ide,,P. P . G; ; S. Townley,y, R.. S ;; B.. S. Logan,gai treas- half y e a r: E.. A.. Gaboon,o N. G ; George S. Haight, V. G; F. P . Id e G H, last Tlinrsday evening for the ensuing E A Caho V . G ; F. P le R S B S. Lo u r e r ; Theodore VanRiper, R. S. N, G ; Rev. F. F. Fuller. L. S. N. G: Henry Crandell, R. S. N. G .; Charles Selmser, L. S. V, G; Daniel Thorne,,R. S. S; -Authur Holben, L. S. William Batelle, chaplain; John E^iohardson, L. S. Hoskins We Have Re­ duced the Prices ON NEARLY ALL OUR STYLES OF Colored Shirt Waists The line of sizes in these styles is broken, not all sizes of every style, but some styles in every They are marked to sell quick­ ly. The of styles and few sizes of each makes it impossible t© quote prices. L. S. Hoskins Seneca Falls, N. Y. commenced business March 3d, 1902. O F F IC E R S ; WiLMOT P. E lwell , Cashier, W aldo G. M orse , Vice-Pres’t, T hos . W. P ollard , Cashier, ySJSSf: Fred L. Story, William S. Silsby. Real estate mortgages taken and notes and >ther commercial paper bought. Certificates of deposit issued bearing as high I rate of interest as is consistent with con- iervative banking. Letters of credit available in alt parts of the fore going on a vacation. We are leaders in Men’s Hosiery. Plain black lace hose, SOc. Fancy black lace hose, 5Uc. Plain black open work hose, 25c. Fancy black, open work hose, 25c. H all & G ould . VCall at Knight’s for a fine ice cold drink of Red Jacket Mineral water. Use the Mound City Dish-washer, the only soientifically construoted dish­ washer OB the market. No more drud­ gery; dish-washing miade easy. With the family Mound City D ish washer all the dishes for an ordinary family can be washed, dried and polished perfectly in two minutes time. E ukia B. T homas , Agent, 142 State street, Seneca Falla. ^Peruna and all standard patent med­ icines at Knight’s. -V Two Boarders Waated. Nicely furnished rooms. Enquire at No. 60 Green street. l^Try Bed Jacket Mineral water car­ bonated for sale at Knight’s. CI m « p Excursions. The Nickel Pjate road is selling very ^ low rate one way and round trip tickets ’ to points in Colorado.-Utah, Sonth Dakota, M innest^^ Wisconsin,’ etc. Three splendM foot J|Hna each way daily, finest 00 ' tonrist cars.

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