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THE SEKECA OOUirrY JOTJBNAL, WEDNESDAY, JULY 8 , 1802 . AN OW L STORY. EHowlns: T j-rannoti* E ffect < H a b it f i io n a W lia A n im a l. An English publication tells this in­ teresting story of an owl: A vague figure appeared out of the r clouds, traveling against the wind ward the spire and looking more like a ragged piece of newspap about the heavens than thing. It.wJls a white owl watching him for some time I came to the conclusion that he trying to the vane of the spire. A vf ^ambition it seemed, he succeeded again and again in get- ards of the spire. A very ned, for, although ting to wdthin a few yai point aimed at, he was on each occa­ sion struck by a fresh violent gust and driven back to a great distance, often ! out of- sight in the gloom. But presently he would reappear, struggling to reach the vane. A perch could be. And at last, after so many defeats, he succeeded and gi-asped the metal crossbar with crooked talons. The wind with all its fury could not tear him from it, and after a little flapping ho was able to on the bar and flew away! This, then, had been his powerful, mysterious motive—just to wipe his beak, which he could very well hai wiped on any branch or barn roof i fence and saved him self t h a t trem e n ­ dous labor. This was au oxtromo in- it on a wild j bird liad been Doubtless this tonied after de­ vouring his first mouse to fly to the vane, where he could rest for a few minutes, taking a general view of the place, and wipe his beak at the same time, and the habit had become so strong that he could not forego his vis­ it even on so tempestuous an evening. T H E C O P Y R I G H T LAW . April 10, 1710, .is a noteworthy date in the history of literature. On that day came Into operation au act “for the encouragement of learning by vest­ ing the copies of printed books In the authors or purchas'ers of such copies.” This was the first measure passed for the protection of literary property. The word “copyright,” according to ■s not used before 1707. Dr. Murray, i In the preamble of the bill, which is to have been drafted by Dean i measure “to : learned men to write useful books” is dwelt: visions two terms upon. By its pro­ as of copyright, each 3, were created for ail future publications, one term to folk immediately nijon tlie other if the a thor were still living a t the expiration of the first term. According to a subsidiary clause, if any publisher issued a book a t a price judged too high by certain “d persons” bo was liable to a p The “discreet per.sons” included, among others, the archbishop of .Canterbury, the lord chancellor and the vice chan­ cellors of Oxford and Cambridge. On them devolved the souiowliat delicate c off fix!ing task o fix the book’s value. This clause was repealed in 1730, but the term of coi>yright remain >42,42, when it was e.xtendcd to the until 18 life of the author and seven years, or forty-two years from the date of publi­ cation, whichever may prove longer. England was the first country thus to protect the rights of authors. France followed suit In 1793, but in (lormany no copiTiglit law existed until 1870.— London News. MlHfled n Good P i n n e r . in a eertaiu conn ously fond of good ?epted an invltatior cuds, but as he dim] their steps he smelt venison cooking in the kitchen next door. The neighbors being also his friends lived to drop in on then rtuke of the i lim to share tl but when he up and lisli bis host began to he resolved to drop i la rtuke formal dinner, but when both soup and pectedly to partake of the venison. They pressed him to sharere theirheir t in- he roftised apologize for tlie simple fare. The doctor then confessed was waiting for the v« had smelt as he came ii iting to oblige our neighbors, who have n dinner party next door.”—London Answers. 1 that he was waiting for the voiiison, which be mountain climber. One man who did Sir Martin Conway, the explorer t not know tlio guest asked another: “Who is liore*touiglit?” “Sir Jlartin Conway.” “Conway? IVho is he? I can’t place \The mountain climber.” “Oh, yes! But what New York?” “Merely traveling from climb to Climb.” _________ t is ho doing In One of the most extraordfiiary gifts made on the coronation day rdfiiary y of Edward s that of 500 horses, which had used by the royal princes and oth- n-sonages in the procession to stmiiister abbey.ibbcy. Thesehese horses,orses, all er personages ■Westminster al richly caparisonedod andnd harnessedarnessed just T h m a h ji .‘i-o let loose into the j mob after the ban- er hall that always ition’ln those days succeeded a coronatu The people in the streets were permit­ ted to catch the animals, and to him Who cai ■t ■orse o catch the animals, and to hit caugh a h it and its appoiul s belonged.—London Chronicle. inentonH Game. “That will be decided by the poker game I ’m going to play this evening,” said the gifted author. “If,I win, the story will end with the hero and hero­ ine marrying, and everybody happy. If I lose, I shall kill off the hero, send the heroine to a nunnery and filt the last chapter just as full of misery as It can stick.”—Chicago Tribune. H is O n ly Cfcamoe. Kindly Old Gentleman—Why do you carry that umbrella, little boy? I t ’s not raining. “No, sir.” “And the sun’s not shining?” “Then why do j-ou carry it?” “Well, when It’s raining pa wants It, and when the sun’s shining ma wants it, and it’s only this kinder weather I t all.”—St. Louis ■Winnlnpr H e r Papa. She—When you go to ask papa, the first thing he will do will be to accuse you of seeking my hand merely to be­ come his son-in-law. He—Yes? And then— “And then you must agree with Mm. He’s a lot prouder of himself than he T ile Chief E n a . “What,” inquired the student, “do you regard as the chief end of man?” “Well,” answered the professor, “It depends upon what you want the man for. If you want him to do brain work It’s Ms head, and if you want hitn-td ^errands It’s Ms feet,” 'c i Ihauncey M. ley M. Depew the humorist. ind Samuel D, ocean on the same steamer. evening after dinner it was suggest that, following the time honored cus­ tom in the United States, the diners make speeches. Mr. Clemens made a characteristic address, such as might have been expected from one whose writings are so well known under the nom de plume of Mark Twain. “It was undei-stood,” said 1 Depew when called upon to speak, “that Mr. Clemens and I should write out our speeches for this occasion in advance and then exchange manu­ scripts. We have done so, but I regret to say that I have forgotten Mr. Clem­ ens’ speech.” The senator then took his soi auditors roared in appreciatioi Clemens on deck. “I say,” he remarked, “I have always d t h a t Senator E epew w a s rem a rk­ ably clevei’, but what wretcbecl drivel of his th a t w a s which you w e re obli.ged to fccite last night!”-N w FonnaUnsB. For the liiunanity of parents let it be said also that the police records show the percentage of foundlings incri other intcres 'Sting fact that hard tin foundlings,undlings, andnd thishis may mean iiioro fo a t m corroboration of the the- e taken as a ry of one of the oldest and iptains In the > would never nano eaptai nent, who ^ police depar r believe thi many mouths in the uuusc m rccu. This particular police captain would look a t the foundling when the patrol- brought it in from hig then say: “Get it to post, grunt the hospital quick. They can afford to feed It there. There’s too many mouths in the house where that came from—God for­ give ’em.” But in this charitable view the old police captain is not support! by many of his fellows.-Ainslee’s. irily plodding through a pile ( isitions! brought from school fi compos corrections, this to: Into boisterieroiis laiight is it?” askc r suddenly burst I hi.s wji □ will be able t who was engaged in a similar task. “Listen,” said the amused pedage “and perhaps you i between the lines. “I asked my class yesterday to write a brief composition on their favorite author. Here is uTiat one boy says: “ ‘Henty is my first choice among story writers. I like Mm very much. One of Ms stories In particular pleases It tolls of how the hoys gave their ofl tar and feathers!' teacher a coat o W Ueu ‘W o m en W e r e £xtravfij$a» Such a hue and cry as is raised abc the extravagance of the women of our t he extravagaiic day, and yet a t in a dress of V( the court of St. Jami velvet embroidered iarie de’ Medieis bad personages, cliecrfully expended more than their incomes on gowns so laden with clous stones that their wearers c( scarcely move about in them. JIme. de Jlontespaii, tlio beauty who reigned at the court of Louis XIV., wore at one groat court festival “a gown of gold on gold and over that gold frieze stitclied with a certain gold which makes the most divine stiilf that has ever been imagin panegyrici de Sevign Old Times at the C'ni)itnl. In recalling the lively and pictu c.sqiic incidents whieb the old tiinei enjoyed in AVa.sliiugton one is move almost to tears over the commonplace the Potomac every iiing at daylight because they bad jathtub In the W h ite Hoin President Tajior used to walk about iid chat with ) one ever pulled a kodak on lii at Taylor e town and stop met, like a policeman. A recep- tho IVliito House in these ds )iiy onlj' by who trample another’s backs. An­ other president set up in the cast room a six hundred pound cheese and in­ vited the multitude to come in and help Itself, which the multitude proceeded i these days relieved of monotony onlj' by the jrcat crush of guests. he period of man’s wliole history is sufficient for an express train to iver.se lialf the distance to Neptune im the earth. Thought wearies and fails in seeking to grasp such dis­ tances. It can scarcely compreheiul 1,000,000 miles, and here are thousands of them. 'Whoa we stand on that, the outermost of the planets, the very last sentinel of the outposts of the King, tlie very sun grows dim and small In the distance. A Stern CUase. The Youth—Yes, I ’m in business for be able to yself, but I don’t i Qcet with any succes The Sage—Nobody ss, young me .—Philadelph “How?” Free Press. piece of hers.”—Detroit The Dinner Pan Of the American working man is gen­ erally well filled. In some cases it is too well filled. It contains too many kinds of food, and very often the food is of the wrong kind-—hard to digest containing little nutri- tion. ^ As a co n s e ­ quence many a work- ' ing man develops some form of s to m a c h trouble which inter­ feres with his health and reduces his work­ ing capacity. Where there is indigestion or any other indi­ cation of dis­ ease of the stom­ ach an d its allied^ o r g a n s of digestion and nu- “ion, the use of Piercers Golden dical Discoveiy .vid almost invari- ably produce a per­ fect and perman- This Is The Test. The Testimony of Seneca Falls People S t a n d s t h e Test^ The test of time is what tells the tale. \A new broom sweeps clean,” but will it wear well ia what interests most. The public soon find out when misrepresen­ tations are made, and merit alone will stand the test of time. Seneca Falls people appreciate merit, and many months ago local citizens publicly en­ dorsed Doan’s Kidney Pills; they do so still. Would! a citizen make the state­ ment which follows unless convinced that the article was just as represented? A cure that lasts is the kind that every suflferer from kidney ills is looking for. Mr. Mathew Esmack, of 23 Johnson street, says: ‘Tn the Fall of ’95 I made a public statem ent a b out my experience with Doan’s Kidney Pills. I contracted a severe cold which settled in my back and limbs. I ached all over and if I sat down I could hardly keep awake. I was taking medicine right along but untilntil I wasas inducedduced too getet Doan’soan’s Kid­ ney Pills at George JJ. Davis drug store u I w in t g D I was unsuccessful in procuring any­ thing to help' me. They speedily re- moved all the aches and pains and the feeling of drowsiness passed away. Since that occasion 1 have never had attack and I have recommended the remedy to a gyeat many people. I nm only too pleased to corroborate my first Statement.” For sale by all deab price 50 cents per box. Fosler-M ilbiirn Co., Buffalo, N . Y ., sole agents for the United States. Itemember the name -Doan’s—and take no substitute. F r e d M a ier Wholesale and Retail Dealer IN THE BEST COAL AND WOOD AND ALL KINDS OF BUILDING MATERIALS. Lumber, Shingles, Posts, Turned Work, Ver­ anda Rails, Mouldings, Sash, Doors and Blinds, riitent Wall Plaster, Akron and Portland Ce­ ment, Brick, Wire fence for Farms and Lawns; we are also laying the finest F lag Stone walks Out Onice and Yard is at the OLD STAND on WEST FALL STREET, where we have been doing business for over thirty-five years Companym; We have also a Branch Office in the P art ­ ridge B lock with the Gas Co with Telephone connection. All will receive prompt attention. O prices [are right, we cannot be- undetsold. See us before you buy and get prices and see what we F r e d M aier Foley*s Honey and Tav cures colds, prevents pneumonia. CAYUGA LAKE STEAHERS. Daily Passenger Service Between Ithaca and Cayuga. TIM E T A B L E -D A ILY . GOING SOUTH. Cayuga ............................ Cayuga Lake Park......... Union Springs .............. * Farleys................. . ... Levanna ....................... ’East Varick................. Sheldrake ............. . .. .... \■Cayuga Lake House.., Kiddets Ferry................ ’I’Atwaters. Trumansbu ... 9:50 4:20 . . . 10:00 4:30 : 1 : 4 s 'r&i;::;-::::;;} - 3 . =**GIenTvood............. .................... Ren wick and Ithaca ............... GOI>rG NORTH, Renwick and Ithaca ............... ■^Ladoga ................ . .. Frontenac Beach. . . . i s Aurora........................... *E.ast Varick ................ *Levauna...................... *Farleys ........................ Union Springs............. Cayuga Lake Park... ;S 9:00 4:00 9:35 4:35 io :i o 5:00 11:00 5:5s 11:10 6:00 X.40 6:30 12:05 7:2s L. V. fE. C. & i . of 20 at reduced rates. You will find all th comforts of home, with a ride upon thes modern steamers. Go where society goes. SENECA LAKE STEAflERS. Summer Time Table GOIN& SOUTH, p iiliiii \ \eifonlo aisoiol GOING NOKTH. Sunday Trip. T a l l i n “P” Indicates boatsi atop on signal only. 01 nd passengers. I e. A. hllCKBlNJJKItfl I General Offlcei, Qeneva^K. Y. GeMral Pass. Agt. NEW S AND OPINIONS N A T IO N A L IM P O R T A N C E . \ T H E S U N ALONE CONTAINS BOTH. Daily, by mall, - - - $6 a year Daily and Sunday by mail, $8 a year The Sunday Sun is the greatest Sunday Newspaper in the World. Price 5c a copy. By mail $2 a year Address THE SUN, New York. JCIX.TONOA0, H a . K. PAXrMEB, Fresldent. Caible S. S. Vice PreBident. CAPITAL - - - $100,000. ExcbangeNatioualBank OF SENECA FALLS, N . Y. WILGELMUS MYNDERSE, A. R. PALMER, CHAS. C’..'HAWLEY, S. B. QOUID, MILTON^HOAG, M. V. SEYMOO] C. A. W. BECKER, L. S .HOBKIKS, JOSIAH T. MILLEE, o t t r o = u 1 o K r \ M e t ^ r r r \ ' ° ” ^ appro?ed KJNTINO doiirablo buBlnofi paper a DlSCOf Specialty. tibirs French Periodical Drops Strictly vegetable, perfectly harm less, sure to accomplish DESIRED RESULTS. G re a test know n fem a le rem e d y . For Sale by GEORGE B. DAVIS, Druggist, Seneca Falls, N. Y. M IL E S FITZSIM ONS T h e R e l ia b le B o o t and S h o e D e a l e r h a s a fin e lin e o f Boots, Slioes and Rubbers for su m m e r w e a r w h ic h h e is s e llin g at p r ic e s th a t d e f y c o m p e t it io n . All the latest styles and shades in Tans. Agent for the Douglas celebrated shoes. a l l S t . , S e n e c a F a l l s , N . Y . The B e s t A d v e r t is in g M edium is th e Journal. MOTTOS PENNYROYAL PILLS = = o r and banish “ p lfes of menstruation.” They are “ L I F E S A V E R S ” to girls at womanhood, aiding* development of organs and body. No known remedy for women equals them. Cannot do harm—life becomes a pleasure. $ 1 . 0 0 PJER B O X B Y MAUL. Sold by d r u g g ists. DR. MOTT’S CUEMICAD CO., Cleveland, Oliio. For Sale by GEORGE B. DAVIS, Druggist, Seneca Falls, N. Y. LeMgh Valley System In Effect Nov. 3 \mrrru.0 io:3» . ^(5:80 A. M. ^ a lly for Uoohoater, Caledonia, 7:35 Kochcater Junction, BuUalo nm 9:34 e M. Dally except Sunday, Local tai Manchester and Intermediate stations. :t Passenger Agent riartin O’Neill REAL ESTATE FIRE, LIFE & ACCIDENT INSUR­ ANCE AGENCY. C O N V E Y A N C I N G i ‘/ouses for Sa/e and to Rent ALFRED QOODfllANf^gt. YayqrP sptjrias.^l^oms over Hostli tokicJmge^^atlonsI B»nk. A ■ploe Kerohant 'T ^ Store, next ^ Waolan Suits Msds'to Or'J WE h a v e a n i c e fresh a s s o r tm e n t o f w in t e r fru it s , in c lu d i n g O r a n g e s , F i g s and L e m o n s . OUR c a n n e d g o o d s are th e v e r y b e s t b r a n d s a n d at th e L o w ­ e s t P r i c e s .............................. BUTTER a n d C h e e s e are sta p le pro - ^F u ll C r e a m C h e e s e , D a iry y a n d ;ry B u tter o f th e first at r u lin g m a r k e t d ifferen c e in quality’. ~ D a ir ryy B uu ttette C r e a m e r B r o f t q u a lity WE su p p ly in g our cu s t o m e r s 1 fresh e g g s , o n e o f th e lu x u r ie s o f t h e w in t e r m o n t h s C o f f e e s , T e a s and S p ic e s a r e th e b e s t ...................................... la r g e a s s o r t m e n t o f B a k e d G o o d s , C o o k ie s ,J C a k e s , etc. A.M.Shepard THE RELIABLE GROCER. s t e e p L e c l i m b i n g . k n» W e ll a experts the first ascent and place the rigging at night. Tlion, wlien the townspeople ,wake, they are amazed at finding the the steeple conquered. Tlie man w’ho makes a success of steeple climbing must he determined, persistent and Ingenious. He must solve many a practiciil problem in lioisting great bodies aloft. He must know bow to fasten a book over the top of a sky­ scraping cliimney. He must have the raping cliimney. Tve to pain t a s , gild, paint, pltic many anotber task that would be jiroblem on the solid earth. There are many ways of getting up a steeple, and wlien all others fail the able to tear down, build up, gild, paint, pltice electric w ires and do m a n y anotber taf a rope round i t and tiieu, ’ith a coil on his buck, walk round entire steeple is and round it until eovGi’od with been round It fullyully rope and he has ; f 300 times t the mot traight, 1 t of all. to lift liiuiself inch by inch from tho Tsimer xo xneitnng a bargain w as made wbieli scourod Fielding, to Uis g r e a t delight, f200 for the story. Miller is said to have clear­ ed £18,000 by “Tom Jones,” out of W’hieh he paid Fielding from tim e to tim e various sum s to the am o u n t of j legacy. The Structure o l Ferns, When flowering plants usually make seed, that is generally tlie last effort for plant life. 'The seed is the begiimiiig of the life of the new plant. Ferns, however, only produce spores for re­ productive jnirposes. 'These spores ger­ minate and go througli the stime proc- )and w expand when the germinating time comes and form a flat, green mem­ brane. AVliat are then retilly the flowoi-s aiipear on tliis membrane. As a general rule after these fern flowers have ma­ tured the uieiubraue dries up and lly of ferns a dis- apiiear.s. In one fami ever, natives of New Holland, named platycorium, this green blade is ijerma- nout and continues to enlarge, becom­ ing really a iJortion of the plant, Kvery year a new bltide is formed which spreads over the old ones. The large plant is of a totally different character, having the fronds of ordintiry ferns. ground to the top. Som etimes the top is 300 foet high. Wlion it is reached, a hook Is placed over the edge,e, a ley is made fast, the swin;nging hauled up and 'v\ork o edg a pul- chair is aauled u p an d w begins. ■\Vlicii the chair i,s near tho top, it is easier to w ork, because the ropes are short; but wlien tliey lengthen, as the gTOund is approached, there i.s a tend- ciicy to swing, and tho iviiid gives The man’s safety depends upon tlie hook, and until ho has raised himself lost to tlie top it is impossible for > xvlietlier or not t has been leen properly adjusted. More tlian once ii steeple eliinber has .seen wlien witMn ten feet of the top tliat corro­ sion of the iron and tlie collection of soot Iiave so tliieUened tlie wall tliat tho hook is merely balauc'ing on tho top, SO tliiit the sliglitest pull in the w rong direction xvould drag it off. toil, and tho hook is likely to te a r tliem away. One of the n.ntural difficulties to con- is tile swaying of all liigli steo- loint xvill pies and cliimneys. In a gale a stee­ ple1 pointoint xvillVI11 swayway a foot ami a lialf. p X s a iually it sways froi Indies. Painting it Halilt.s of the -Wildcat, To say that a dog can “whip his weight ill wildcats” is to pay about the highest tribute to Ms strength, courage and activity, and there are very few dogs that would care to earn such a tribute if they understood a ll it implied. Not that a Wildcat is of a specially ag­ gressive dlspo-sitioii. On tho contrary, he would sooner mind liis own business f time than figh a rule to keep oi lut of trouble tl has often been accused of cowardice, but he lias on so many occasions given evidence of the most desperate cour­ age that it is doubtful if the accusation e is perhaps as lire of bis size. nietins i to tlie riglit. Yet in spite of stant danger a born steeple e exults in bis work and is at borne only when high above tho world. Ho stand trinmpliant at any lieiglit if be can have two and a Imlf square indies to bear Ms weight. P IC K IN G S FROM F IC T IO N . - “The Gonq Slander is her people llTmk.—Max .'be Giant’s Gate but never (luero Slander is the crime of saying what other people llTm Pemberton, It is as ciisy to escape from deatli from a woman wlien once she’s after 1.— “Twenty-six and One.” sentence, “Thy desire shall bo unto him,” was laid on Eve as a curse, yet her daughters liave found tlieir deepest happiness therein.—“The V'ind- ing Bond.” Tho patron saint of bachelor girls a sai’it of expedients. He has to lie couldn’t hold down his job or halo if he w ere not.—“'The M isdemean­ ors of N ancy.” While xvith mathematical accuracy two and two always make four, by adding a certain amount of personality tlie result will very nearly equal five.- “Tho Gollogo Student.” Do moanin’ of courage aiT common sense m u s t bo understood. JIany a man have died f’om Iwvin’ too mudi bravery, but common sense never killi nobody.—“'J'bc Black Cat Club.” DA IRY N O T E S , rich milk must be good consumers. lu order to with a rich < foods. In small quantities cottonseed meal is a good feed, but in excess it in­ jures the butter. K icking a cow th a t is lying down may make her got up more quickly, but i t -tyili not induce her to give a n j’ If rock salt is kept in th e yard whore r and feed her rich lay, the is no danger that they will much at once. One of the most Important condi­ tions of churning is the temperature of the cream. No guess should be allowed, but a good thermometer used. Eqnal to tlie OccaNion. The author of “Across England In a Dogcart” once stoiJiied to examine a church in the little village of Enstone. The day was warm, and on leaving the church I rested for awhile in the grateful shade of the building and for the sake of the coolness still kept my hat in my hand. While standing there I overheard one workman ask of un­ do ’o0 keepep ’isis ’ati off like that “Why do ’ ke ’ ’ it of doors, mate?” plied tlie mate, churchyards.” Quaker, o’ course,” r< “Quakers alius do i r; I am an Episcopalian.” T h ere w a s a short, aw k w a rd pause Then the first workman, evidently o inquiring tu r n of mind, said 1 Bidered an authority: P o l i o ’S ' m m t a t i ' ' - E-piseopale one, ’e says ’e ia. Wot’s that. Bill?” “Oh,” replied the learned Bill, quite jqual to the occasion, “that’s one of them fancy foreign religions, sure!” Fieiaingr aud “Tom Jonies.’' Notwithstanding the good prices he received for his books, Fielding was always more or less in difficulties from his reckless mode of living. “'L’om Tones,” however, was nearly being sac- I'ificed in one of his impecunious fits for the sum of £23. The publisher for­ tunately asked for a day to consider if he could risk such a sum, and Fielding in the meantime met Thomson, the poet, to whom he told the transaction. Thomson scorned the idea of Fielding parting with his brains for such a sum and -offered to get him better terms, but Fielding felt liimself partly pledg­ ed.? Never did autiior wait more anx­ iously on a publisher hoping to be ac­ ceded than did Fielding hoping to be reused. He was refused! oyfully he carried Ms mtinuserlpt to imson to fulfill Ms promise. The ^ introduced Fielding to Andi'ew iller, \Who handed the book over t<v a wife to i'caj. She discerned its ] fterits. and u d v i ^ ^ ^ ^ r hn^Hm A F illet of Beef. For a fillet of beef, cut tv,-o pounds into I'ouml slices half an inch thick and sprinlclo witli peitpcr and salt. Fry in two ounces of butler .seven minutes at the most aud brush over each piece with glaze. Place a border of inaslied potatoes on a dish, lay the fillets on it with altoriiate slices of baked tomato and tho fried beef fat. Also have piece of maitre d’liotel butter on oat fillet. Ifill tUe center with nicely cook­ ed vegetaliles and pour around a little good beef gravy. Browne was accustom took an aii Clair counted, while Sir John Bennie when engaged upon any pulilic worlis never went to sleep until bis head had been combed and gently rubbed by a soft baud. A Hard Domestic Knot. ‘Tin in a deuce of a fix. My wife’s got the telephone craze.” \Well’T’ “If I put one in, she’ll swear I’m sweet on the telephone girl.” “Certain'ly.\ “And if I don’t, she’ll say it’s because I’m afraid tlie tliiug’Il expose plicity.”—Baltimore Xliibbiii^' It In* Borem (11:57 p. m.)—Wlien I was a child, my nurse made me afraid of the Miss Cutting—Oh, that accounts for Borem—Accounts for what? Miss Cutting—You are waiting till dayliglit so you can go home.—Chicago Misunderstood'. An attendant in a Lontlon business lioiise was recently approached I furtive looking stranger. Tliis suspi­ cious person, dressed in somber black, came quite close to the attendant and then, rai.sing his eyes from the ground, whispered tragically, “Are you pre­ pared to die?” 'Tlio attendant wasn’t, and he caught the suspicious one by tlie tliroat and lialf throttled him. When tlie invalid was recovering, it “transpired” that lie was au amateur missionary Inquiring after everybody’s spiritual needs. Vacation Oxfords AT Y08BURCH AND CORY’S CLEVELAND BUFFALO “WHILE YOU SLEEP” UNPARALLELED NIGHT SERVICE. NEW STEAMERS \Ci-TY^OF BUFFALO\ “ c i t y '’ o f E R IE \ «lm !ijj8P .M , B i S 6:301.11. Biiffain ft “ n pwelaiul R'Hn \ Gleveiand 6:30 turcSaycom- io f liiiiftl f i » r «t.CVKL«NO. o3 i » - I ^ E Q A - L N O T I C E S . Seneca County and Surrogate’s Court )8SAL0f office, thig 31flt ■ PATRICK SAVAGE, ^ GEnitoE W. P ontius , (Jeoi’se f'mlili, Mary Holt, Maud Lee, legatees, next of kin, heirs al law, creditor;, and persons interested in the estate of Kuih < hrist late of ilic town of ycncca I'alLs in tlie County of i^eneca, deceased, and the sureties of the said deceased, Greeting: Whereas, Marvin IhirrougUsof the town of Pcncca Falls in the county of Hencca has lately applied to the last will and leslanicnt of the said Rulh Christ You and cn ' ‘ In Tcsiiniony Whereof, we have be hereunto alTi.xcC. Witness, John E. Richardson, Surrogate of said Couniy of Seneca, at the village of W aier- loo, this 23d day of April, in 1!L s S JOHN IHN E. RICHARD; Ol : h ard ; on . Oflice mid P. O. A Notice to Creditors. your «lruggist Jor Kosn)o, 10 c. T h e q u ic K c s t H e a d a e l j e C o r ^ o i j earth* Foley*s Honey and Tar for children,safe,sure. No opiates. KENYON’S T h e co r f e c t th in g s in Gent’sFurnlsnmos W e h a v e at our sto r e a ll sh a p e s , a ll siz e s a n d a ll p r ic e s in Stra w H a t s from l o c to $ 2.56 e a c h . Boys’ rough and ready braid in Yacht and Panama shapes a t 25c to 75c. Men’s V'acht and Panama shapes, 20c to S2.50 Men’s Portorican Panamas, $ 12 . ^ to $ 2.50 Men’s Split Braid Sailors, gl.oo, $ 12 . $, $ 1 .$° and $ 2.00 Men’s Split Braid Panama shape from gi.oo Men’s 3-ply Jumbo ‘Youngs Braid” at S1.50 and §2.00 Notice our Panama shape Crash and Woven Hat. A swell looking shape, 25c, 35c, 50c and 60c Yacht. Cornell, Golf and Eaton Caps for men boys’ and cliildren. See ouf tw'o for one Cap for 25c J6®“We will give you special values in our entire cap line for a few days. T h e b e s t $ i . o o L a d y ’s U m ­ b r e lla in tow n fo r 75 c B a t h i n g S u its a n d S w f m m in g T r u n k s fo r m e n an d b o y s . ! S e e o u r lin e o f S h ir t s , la r g e s t a s s o r tm e n t s h o w n in S e n e c p ^ a l l s . O u r p r ic e s a r e in r e a c h o f a\^£ind g o o d s are as g o o d a s th e b ^ ;liabj«' Store', Y O l N J

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